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For @blooming-stars​: ‘rukia as a sassy bartender that ichigo has a crush on ; )’!

This is loosely based on the idea that they would find each other in any universe and both just know that they were meant to be. (So, soulmates, I guess…) Enjoy! Thank you for your patience! 1286 words.


Work is good.

Work is that kind of monotonous printing-press process, right now, and it’s good. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s getting him money. It keeps him busy - keeps him up at 6 AM every morning and until 12 at night - and really, that’s all he could ask for.

Other things? Less good.

The feeling that his one-person apartment was a two in a past life, and that the cupboard in his bedroom used to be full of dresses and sunhats and some colour, and maybe something artsy - not like his monotone business suits and dress pants (and that one old t-shirt from his childhood that reads nice mood, or something).

Work is good for the next few months.

Then, even work begins to feel misplaced. As if for all the daily routines he does he’s still missing 5 hours of something that should have been there next to him to begin with. And, yeah, Kurosaki Ichigo has never been a man of fate (or faith, for that matter). But he did grow up seeing ghosts at 3 AM cowering underneath his bed covers so, yeah, he thinks that he can handle a little bit of…

Déjà vu, he could call it. Yet he has a feeling it’s a little more unavoidable.

(Maybe, a little more catastrophic).


Déjà vu is still the only explanation he has for why he finds comfort in the wooden beams of a bar a few blocks from his workplace.

It’s on one of those days where the rain mixes with the scent of asphalt to create a heady, warding concussion, one of those days where he feels the burden of something inexplicable. (One of those days is becoming most of those days, but he doesn’t want to title the unexplained just yet).

      He breathes.

There is a tingle of embers under his skin as he walks through the doors, so he thinks that, maybe, the downpour has drenched his nerves, too.

(Or rather, until he catches sight of a 4”8 figure of regal lethality, he realises that he has previously had few embers to compare it to).

She starts a wildfire.

      He sighs.

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Semi-hiatus notice! I guess this has been a long time coming given my lack of writing the past few weeks, but I was sick for a good two weeks and I’m really quite swamped at work because of it. That said, I’m trying to get back into my drafts little by little, so please bear with me a little longer? I’m not dropping any of my threads, I just need to find a little free time to write, that’s all.

Also: to the anon who sent me the prompt quote– that is lovely and I shall definitely fill it soon! :D

Thanks so much for the patience and I hope you’re all enjoying jalecmonth! <3 My dash feels like Christmas, haha.


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England, China, Russia, Germany and Prussia reactions to meeting 3 girls wandering around and when confronted they tried to attack them but then they let the countries go. Later on they found out that the world conference used to be their home but then it was torn down and that they were cursed. Like for example they were forced to be bound to the building forever which caused them to become immortal. I hope this makes sense, I forgot what else I put.

So dear anon, thank you so much for your understanding and patience! I really appreciate you re-sending in the ask and once again, I’m terribly sorry. It’s a bit late here and so I hope that I read your ask right and interpreted it to your liking! It’s a pretty interesting and creative idea and I did have fun doing it! Have a wonderful night doll and may this finally answered ask bring a smile to your face. <3 

England: Well Arthur wouldn’t be alarmed at the beginning, because he would honestly think they were spirits from their strange demeanor. So he’d be more curious than anything, but as soon as the girls try to attack them, that would quickly melt into annoyance. He’s dealt with quite a few spirits in his time and he just doesn’t get scared easily. Plus, he’s a country so it’s not like he can be killed. He’d try talking to them and explaining that they aren’t there to hurt the girls, getting a bit frustrated when they disappear. When they come face to face again, he would be overjoyed. He wants to help them, he wants to know why they’re wandering this building! He also knows a lot about curses, so after talking to the girls and understanding the situation fully, he’d get to work on trying to figure out a way to help them escape their imprisonment. Eventually once he figures out that they’re actually alive but immortal, he would work even harder to help them.

China: It wouldn’t even occur to him that these girls might be more than what they appear, so he’d see them as being normal and simply lost when they first meet. It would shock Yao to the core when they attack, since they looked fairly harmless and cute. He would fight without hesitation though and when they disappeared, be even more irritated than England. What the hell was that about? He’d try and figure out another reason that those girls suddenly became so vicious, and it would take some convincing from the others to get him to believe that it might be more supernatural. Of course, this would turn out to be true and it would upset him greatly that these girls were forced to continue staying in this building that wasn’t even their home anymore. He would have a lot of questions, like why they were cursed in the first place. He would try to keep them calm and talk to them about who they are, while occasionally throwing out rude comments towards Russia and England about their slow pace. 

Germany: Ludwig’s instincts tell him something is up when they first meet the girls. Why would there be three random girls in a building that is specifically reserved for countries? There’s no way they would be able to get in there, and that would make him instantly suspicious. He’d be more ready for the attack than the others because he’d been watching their body language. When they leave, he’d be confused and surprised. However, he’d quickly turn his mind to trying to figure out who they are but he wouldn’t believe it at all when they learn the truth about the girls. He’d assume they were lying for whatever reason and get angry and demand the truth. Seeing the others acceptance though would calm him down, but along with his brother he’d keep an eye on the girls while the others focus on helping the girls. He wants to make sure they’re not going to pull any other stunts like earlier. 

Prussia: He would at first completely agree with his brother that these girls are unusual, though he wouldn’t necessarily view them as a threat. When they attack, he fights back but acts as if everything is a big game. He figures that they gave up because his awesome self was too much for them. Later, when everything comes out in the open, he would be wavering between wanting to believe them and thinking they’ve lost their minds. He’s seen a lot of crazy stuff in his lifetime though so, what’s one more? Gilbert would accept their words quicker than Ludwig but would still watch them to make sure that they weren’t going to try and sneak attack the others while they were trying to help the girls. When he finds out they’re also immortal, he’d tell them that if they could break the curse, they should come chill with his awesome self. West and him would update them on the modern world! Germany doesn’t appreciate this. 

Russia: He would be intrigued by these girls just wandering the building. They weren’t supposed to be here and yet they acted like they owned the place. He would wonder what their story is  but wouldn’t be fazed at all when they attack. Why should he be? He knows he’s strong enough to take whatever they can throw at him, though he does hesitate to deal any actual damage to them because he still wants to learn the truth about them. When they later explain the truth, Ivan would accept this immediately and would offer to help with figuring out how to break the curse. Well, more like he would force England to let him help, reminding him that these poor girls were stuck here for who knows how long in this building and that they should work together (with an intimidating expression on his face). In the end, he would be the one to crack the curse and set the girls free. He’d tell them to visit him on occasion. :3 

-Mod Lily

element-104 replied to your photo “I’m trying to teach myself how to draw. This is the first one that’s…”

That you are up for the learning curve and managing to self learn is already greater than any result! I cannot even draw a stick figure and have no patience (or talent) for the learning. So keep it up! <3

I’m not very patient, haha, and I’ve driven myself to the verge of tears several times already! I don’t have much talent, but I’m hoping that I can get a little bit better. There are many DA characters I’d like to draw, after all ;) Thank you for the encouragement <3

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I just want to say that I am complete hetalia/dennor/Nordics and marvel trash too and your fanfiction Friction gives me life I hope you update again soon ❤❤❤❤

Hello there fellow trashian! You are very welcome here :D 

And thank you so much eiurghuerhg ; A ; I’m delighted you like it so much omg <3 <3 <3 Hopefully I’ll be updating again soon, but no promises - the void is still giving me hell, but once that’s out of the way (and once uni goes away for the semester) I will hopefully have something to work with/update. Thank you for your patience! c:

painted-bees replied to your post “how do you harness train your birds? i have an aviator harness for my…”

Man, I got so close to harness training Milly. She was great about it, but I’m a clumsy baboon with shaky hands, sausage fingers, and poor confidence towards my own motor skills–and _that_ stopped us from going all the way with it ; u; If you’re not a clumsy oaf like me, anon, you can do it!!! <3 patience and consistency

That’s basically where I’ve been with Mia, she’s a super skittish bird so it’s going to be a VERY long process with steps backwards all over the place.  My slightest movements cause a lot of fear so I’m having to work out ways around holding the harness in the hopes of getting her more comfortable with it.  Had to take a long break from the training so we’ll be starting from scratch again soon.

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I've noticed that it's been a few months since the last update. Im hoping to see more from you though even if it takes a while!

[Ah! Thank you very much for your patience! <3 School’s been kicking my butt (though I suppose by now that sounds like an excuse orz I’m sorry). I do have a page in the works, I just haven’t sat down to finish it quite yet. I still have a bunch of requests from the last follower challenge in my inbox as well.]

[Again, thank you for your patience. I’ll do my best to update when I can <3]