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Heeere’s my secret shallura valentine’s gift for the wonderful and fantastic Dragons, aka @shiroallura! Forgive me that I added some angst, but per your request I also added a friends-to-lovers trope ^^;). This is based on an au story I plan to write, and I kinda went overboard with this little scene after listening to this song . Hope you like it, lovely!! <3


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Fanart of the week by @goldendragonsflower!! Thanks for giving me a wonderful dose of creepy!! There’s no way Frisk can get out of that situation now… 

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[TRANS] BTS Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st Term - Interview (P6)

(the interview is from 2014)
scan © love_as_hobby
do not repost/screenshot without credit.

Q: You all know everything about each other, that’s why you now got used to the others’ habits. Just like how 7 members are close, BTS and ARMY are slowly becoming closer too. During this not so short but also not so long period of time, you have met a lot of ARMYs, so what thoughts does each of you have when thinking of ARMY?

Rap Monster: I really want to meet them like ordinary people meeting each other, but I know to some, it wouldn’t be considered attractive. “He’s like the next door guy,” these things can be unattractive, but I want to talk to fans as a person to another person. When I talk to them, I can find inspiration and bring that inspiration into my music, so they can enjoy it. That would be great.

Jin: I want to meet each of them and just casually chat, but it’s actually not an easy thing to do so… Too bad. I want to show them how we’ll continue to grow so they can look at us and confidently say, “That’s my singers right there.”

Jungkook: I’m really grateful to our fans. I want to do something for them but I just don’t know how to, or maybe my method of expressing would cause misunderstanding, that’s why I don’t talk much. But seems like they think “He doesn’t express it out” so I’m a little upset. I think I need to keep working harder and get closer to them one step at a time.

Suga: I’m like Jungkook, I can’t express it out well. I have to tell the fans how I feel but it’s hard. I want to talk as person to person like Rapmon too. It’s just awkward to me, but I’m not gonna say that I’m like this and please spare me. I need to change myself and talk with many people, sharing sincere stories with each other and express my feelings.

Jungkook: It’s easy and hard at the same time.

V: I think the fans’ love are amazing. I’m getting this much love but it’s so frustrating that all I can do is saying “Thank you” or “I love you.” It’s hard to reply to all of them one by one and I can’t give them something more… You know because obviously we need to bring them cool performances. So finding a way to repay their love has become my assignment.

Jimin: I think the best way to repay is to not let the fans down. That’s why I want to show the best and the coolest of me.

J-hope: Just same old story but the fact that there are people who like me, who like our group is amazing. I always want to repay that. It’s nothing big but like, using the gifts they gave us, or reading messages on Twitter or fancafe during free time everyday, reading fan letters after coming back to the dorm…

Jimin: Right.

J-hope: I’m doing my best read and see all the posts and the love they gave me, but expressing this is not easy at all. I really want to express it out as much as possible. No matter how many times I say “thank you” and “I love you”, it still wouldn’t be enough.

P1 | P2 | P3 | P4 | P5 | P6

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make me choose

Cor or Ardyn requested by @ofpaddra.
Fanart Monday!

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Nah but here I am, ready to drool over the nice fanarts people do for me with all their love. My weekend is gonna be filled with sketches and many trials and armors, but I’ll be fine! I hope!!

Fanart of the week by  @blanky-bloo! Crossover with Zombietale?? Heck yeah!!! My poor child is so screwed

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Really fast sketch for the amazing @zippi44 ♡ (*´꒳`*)

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anonymous asked:

hi!! how are you?? your writing is incredible!! i was wondering if you could do a scenario where jungkook falls for a very very shy girl?? or a drabble about what jungkook dating a shy girl would be like?? i'm a very shy jungkook stan so i always imagine what it's like for him to date someone shyer than himself. thank you!! i hope you're having a good day!! xx

and i hope you’ll like my writing too, knowing that rose truly was a lil bit gifted (lmao she’ll kill me). i chose to do a list type of thing because i’m not good with drabbles or scenarios. i might try to do a tiny drabble later, though. :3
i hope you enjoy this, anonie~

(it’s kind of short, sorry for that e_e)


  • first of all, only god knows how you two got together because he’s also a shy bean-
  • wait
  • what’s that sound…? 
  • oh
  • oh nO
  • ok i’m sorry
  • but really though, jungkook is a dipshit and the fact that you are shy would make his ego jump over the roof. someone should put him down that’s why i want him to get a confident girlfriend/boyfriend
  • but yeah back to the drabble
  • first of all (for real this time) jeon jungkook will tease the hell out of you
  • and not cute teasing
  • but annoying and stupid teasing
  • and sometimes he will hurt you by teasing you too much, but it’s okay, jungkook is also very sweet and caring, so he will comfort you and cuddle you and tell you cute things and he won’t tease you for a long time
  • i’m already weak hold me
  • enjoys watching you blush, so will do anything to witness you blushing
  • he will do things like “oh wow look at smol/tol you lemme just get real close so that i can look down at you/see if we are at eye level hah”
  • i hope god is on your side because the smirking galore is literally never ending and you might pass out 
  • i would pass out 
  • he??? smirks every time he catches you looking at him??? AND EVEN BEFORE HE TURNS TO LOOK AT YOU BC HE’S THE GOLDEN MAKNAE AND FEELS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING 
  • (i hate him)
  • will subtly try to feel you up in public and whispers dirty stuff in ur year and then laugh at flustered you (ONLY IF YOU’RE OK WITH THAT OF COURSE) 
  • if you were very shy outside too, don’t worry. he’ll order for you stuff and also pay :)
  • i’m in actual pain jesus christ 
  • he will find you cute nonetheless because he finds your shyness adorable and the faces you pull make his day and he’s fucking lame and whipped 
  • will make you tiny gifts just so he can see your reaction 
  • hopes that you will get over that shy state but doesn’t mind if you don’t
  • introduces you to his friends and when you act all cute he’s literally ‘awww'ing and pulling you into a side-hug, all bunny smile and shit 
  • if you are a smol he will stand tall when you want to kiss him that jerk 
  • if you are a toll then he would run away from you (like, in a playful way. probably wants you to see how shyness looks like idk he’s lame)
  • he’s melting for you anyway, doesn’t matter if you’re tol or smol, because you are so cute he thinks his heart will explode or implode or both when you act all shy and stuff and sometimes he wants to tell you that your cuteness makes his heart do the thing but even if he’s cocky nochu, he’s also shy 
  • like, he would convince you to cuddle, and when he pulled you closed you made this tiny giggle or hid your face in his chest or something and wow he’s in fucking lovE
  • don’t get me wrong 
  • he’ll be cocky like 80% of the day 
  • but he’s also sweet like 5% and memey 15% 
  • so he’s forgiven 
  • btw you either get that killer smirk or that big big big bunny smile but it’s good anyway i guess
  • god, please love him i swear he loves you even if he acts like an asshole he’s super cute and scared so protect that tiny lil human bean

sorry for being so aggressive but i get full of emotions when i write about kook and i wanna explode bc bruh he’s perfect wtf

~ admin alexa


I’ve been working on this project for about 3 days or so and hours of work have resulted in such great results!
This is gift for the
@ask-sadisticdark blog! Congratulations on the 1k milestone! So proud of you. Thank you for putting up with all my floundering and bothersome questions for the fics. You are amazing and even if I haven’t been with you since the beginning. I’ll follow your blog to the end 🙏🙏😊
(Psst. Their admin is so nice ❤️❤️❤️😭😭)
Anyways… I hope you like it.
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Love- CV

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