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jackgilinsky: i don’t care what anyone says, this girl is the love of my life. i can’t imagine a world without her. it doesn’t matter what i’m going thru, she somehow knows exactly what to do to make me smile at any given moment. she is my very best friend & knows literally every little thing about me. i’m telling u this girl is special. not only is she the most gorgeous human being i have ever laid my eyes on, but she has the kindest heart of anyone i have ever met. she’s the type of person who puts herself second to everyone else. i’ve only known her for about 3 years, but those 3 years feel like a lifetime. she has taught me so much & i continue to learn from her every day. madison elle beer i love you with all of my heart & pray that i get to call u mine forever. you are the reason i go to sleep with a smile on my face. please never ever change. i can’t wait to see what u do over these next few years & u better know i’ll be there for u every step of the way. no matter how rocky the road may get. you are my soulmate. HAPPY 18TH. hope it was the best one yet. p.s. i’m sorry i posted a video of you sleeping. i hope u can forgive me. i love you. i’m gonna spoon u now. goodnight.

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Romantic prinxiety Where Roman and Virgil don't get along but the theater needs another singer for there musical legally blonde ( if you haven't seen it before you can change it I just love that musical ) Virgil does it because he needs his grades up in theatre class. Virgil winds up playing Emmett and Roman plays Elle ( he's the only one who can hit the right notes and they don't care he's a boy ) they have to rehearse the kiss and turns out that they like it more than they thought they would

I love this prompt and it took a while to get enough time to sit down and write this, but I like how it turned out.  My school put on Legally Blonde last year, so I was familiar with it, but still needed a little refresher.  I also changed up the prompt a tad, but hope you enjoy!

Stick to the Script

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairing: Prinxiety, platonic Moxiety and Logince
Warnings: physical injury (nothing graphic)

Summary: Someone must’ve said Macbeth because they’re going to need a new Emmett.  Virgil is volunteered for the role and neither he nor Roman are too happy about it.

Tagged: @existental-crises @jordisama @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @novagalaxy4real @thomas-must-get-to-sleep @emo-space-trash @evanisonfire @lollingtothemax @all-the-fand0mz

The stage was crazy this time of year, it wasn’t quite tech week yet, but the theater was bustling with students learning their lines and dance numbers. Virgil watched from behind a curtain on side stage as Roman and Logan performed their lines.

“Oh, and getting one of Stromwell’s daily quotes right is almost as important as acing the mid-term,” Logan recited.

“But you didn’t hear it from me.” Virgil finished under his breath.

“I still don’t get why you didn’t try out.” Virgil jumped and turned to face Patton, his heart racing. Damn, they really ought to get that kid a cowbell.

“Trust me, you don’t want to see me on stage,” Virgil said, crossing his arms. “I’m better back here as SM where there’s order and no surprises.”

As if on cue, there was a loud crash from the stage followed by a long, agonizing moan.

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His Brightest Star Was You - a missing Wish!Realm scene

AN: This wouldn’t leave my brain so I had to write it. For @acrobat-elle who I love a lot. I’ve been wanting to write you something forever and this is a gift for keeping it real about this episode and just generally being awesome and lovely. I hope you like it darling.

Word Count: 1198 



Even if the man sprawled, open mouthed and snoring on the bed before her was only barely recognizable, a grim shadow of the man she knew, Emma took comfort in the fact that his home was for the most part unchanged. He always took impeccable care of his ship, even if the same couldn’t always be said of himself.

There were new books lining the mantle, a few things replaced or slightly off from the Jolly she knew, but the feel of the vessel, the warmth and care shown on the spotlessly clean deck, in the tidy and efficient cabin, everything arranged just so, was exactly the same.

Emma laid his sword carefully on the table, and looked around, finally feeling some measure of peace in the day’s recent chaos. The palace she had called home here wasn’t a world she knew, the years of growing up there, of her marriage, and raising her son in the endless echoing corridors, elaborate balls and parties, were familiar in the way dreams are, intangible, fleeting, curling and fading around the edges with every moment after the dawn.

This ship however, she knew this ship.

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hello there, do you know of any good fics with ex-boyfriends (EX FIANCES OR HUSBANDS WORKS TOO) chanbaek? this trope is a guilty pleasure of mine lol it's like angst x1000000 😩😩😩😩 thank you!!!!

hey anon! omg i love this au too and i would love to recommend fics with this theme^^ 

i hope this would satisfy your craving sweetie! happy reading! 😘

- Admin Elle ♡

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May I ask for a scenario where Eren and his s/o are having an intimate moment (making out or something like that) in one of the barracks that for a strange reason there isn't other cadets around, that is why they are there. Suddenly Levi and Hanji opened the door because they were looking for Eren to do duties/experiments. Thanks you, I love your work! And this is just a hilarious idea that came into my mind. Thanks again!

I hope this is okay! I couldn’t figure out a way to fit both Hanji and Levi in there so I just picked Levi. c:

Lips, hot and fervent, descended on the dip of your neck as you were backed up into the frigid wall, the stone digging into your upper-back. “Eren,” you warned, voice coming out more breathless than you had intended. If he had heard your weak, lily-livered attempt at making him stop he paid no mind to it, his hands rubbing up your sides before they dipped in the waistband of your uniform pants. 

This was not how you pictured spending the free time that was allotted to you during the afternoon but, the minute Eren caught wind that the two of you would be alone for the time-being, he had backed you into a corner and practically pounced on you like a wild animal.

You gasped in the back of your throat once his teeth nipped at your pulse, the urge to toss all caution to the wind becoming more and more tempting with each and every move he made to seduce you. Before you could protest again, Eren’s lips descended on your own, silencing your efforts to stop this rendezvous before it escalated any further.

Damn him for being such a fantastic kisser.

Defeated, you sighed, coiling your arms around his neck before mumbling against his lips, “This is a bad idea, Eren. What if we get caught? I don’t—”

“You worry too much,” came his response, breath fanning out and tickling your skin. Eren drew back enough so that he could look into your eyes, his electric gaze causing you to melt. Every argument was seemingly lost on the tip of your tongue once his hand held the side of your face, his gruff voice quelled into a whisper. “Besides—no one is around and we haven’t done anything in weeks. I want you.”

You hated how easily he managed to crawl underneath your skin and persuade you into doing things you’d never do in a million years.

When you didn’t respond, Eren leaned his forehead against yours as he questioned quietly, “Do you want me?”

“You already know the answer, you goof,” you huffed, arms unfurling from his neck in order to cup his cheeks, pulling his mouth into yours. Eren smirked into the kiss, arms snaking around your midsection in order to tug you flush against his chest. His smug attitude was nearly tangible as his tongue swiped across your bottom lip, yet a piece of you felt resigned to tease him, if only a little.

Breaking off the heated kiss, Eren whined your name and playfully poked your side, forcing you to gasp and squirm in his hold. His intentions were obvious; the glint in his eye only confirmed your initial suspicion. Just as you were about to reconnect your lips with his, the door to the empty barrack swung wide open, revealing the last person on planet Earth who you wanted to see.

Standing there with a furrowed brow and a look of evident disgust was your captain, Levi.

You wanted to melt into the ground and die right then and there, but it seemed as though nature wouldn’t give you such a luxury.

Levi’s eyes swept over you and Eren’s disheveled appearances. “I let you go for a few minutes and you run off to mate like a wild rabbit. Let’s go you shitty, horny brats.”

As Levi turned on his heel and marched out of the room, expecting you both to follow suit, you swore your entire face was on fire. Lips parted to speak, Eren held up his hand, effectively silencing you.

“Don’t,” he asked, clearly mortified by what had just happened. “Do not say I told you so.”

You sighed, slipping your hand into his. “Well,” you began, fumbling for words to say, “at least we can spend quality time together when the Captain assigns us to clean the stables for however long as punishment.

It took him a moment, but Eren eventually glanced your way, a faint, barely-there smile on the edges of his lips as he said, “Yeah…I guess that isn’t too bad. There’s always the supply closet in the stables, anyways.”


soooooo i just hit 4k followers on this hellsite and i thought to celebrate i would do my first follow forever !!! why any of you follow me is a mystery to me bc im obnoxious as fuck but thank you anyways !!!!

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omg i did not even know you would write a thing if asked?? that is maybe the sweetest thing ever and i don't even really know what to ask for except something where ferre is being particularly gentle? he is my favorite. something really horrible happened to me recently and i'm trying so hard to keep moving but have mostly just been scared and hurt and lost? but i am trying to hold on very tightly to the stuff that cheers me up.

oh gosh of course i’d be happy to- i’m sorry you had to go through something that’s making you feel like that but i’m so glad you’re concentrating on your happiness during rough times and i hope things get better soon- moving forward is all you can do sometimes, and i wish you all the best

here’s a little courferre for you, and anyone else who might need it right now :) [inspired by You Can Sleep While I Drive by Melissa Etheridge, which happened to come on when i started writing and is a song very close to my heart]

Combeferre finds Courfeyrac where he left him, curled up in blankets on the sofa, not really watching tv, just sort of staring at it. Things have been… hard. On all of them. But Courfeyrac has been worse off than anyone, and Combeferre’s never felt more distant from him. Courfeyrac doesn’t ask for help when he’s hurting, Combeferre knows this. He’s spent so much of his life being the one others lean on that his impulse, when things get rough, is to isolate himself, so as not to burden others, and can’t be told that he isn’t a burden. He’s pulled away from everyone closest to him, and Combeferre doesn’t know how to fix things, but is resolved to try.

“I need to get out of here.” He says, mind made up, and Courfeyrac turns to look at him. “Some new surroundings might provide a different perspective.”

Courfeyrac nods, slowly, unblinking and blank. “It’ll be good for you.”

“For us.” Combeferre clarifies. “I think you could use a change of scenery.”

Courfeyrac frowns. “‘ferre, I’m not- I won’t be good company.”

Combeferre shrugs, pulling on his coat. “You don’t need to be. I just- we both need some air, some time away from this apartment. We don’t have to talk about- anything. We can just get away from things for a while.” 

“It’s the middle of the night.” Courfeyrac murmurs, but stands, slowly, and wraps his blanket tighter around his shoulders.

“You can sleep while I drive.” 

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BTS Reaction: When they hear you speaking slang in your native language for the first time

Hi ^.^ Could I possibly get a reaction for BTS? When they hear you speak your native language for the first time? (You’re welsh btw) Thank you! - Anon


Thank you so much to the lovely anon for this request - It’s my first one! Wishes unite! This is so different and I really enjoyed creating it! Finding the words and writing out the phonetics took forever though… XD Hope you enjoy! 

- Admin Elle

(Gif credit to original owner)


Originally posted by bwiseoks

(Tipyn bach: A little bit - pronounced ‘tip-in bahch’ the ‘ch’ is pronounced like the Scottish ‘ch’ in loch)

You were on the phone to your Mum who was calling from home. You were discussing a new Korean recipe you had just learnt and you were sharing it with her. 

“Y/N, how much salt do I put in?”

“Mmmmm… Tipyn bach” You said indicating a small amount

Jin walked into the kitchen “Babe, what the heck does ti-tip…yn…” He trailed off not able to pronounce it. “Are you swearing at me?”

You giggled, “No, tipyn bach means a little bit.” Jin nodded slowly

“Ohhhhhh…” He smiled, “You’re so cute Babe”


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(Dwt: Small and cute/sweet - pronounced doot)

You were sat with Namjoon and the rest of the members watching TV when a really cute puppy appeared on the screen

“Awwwwh!” You cooed, “He’s such a dwt!” All the boys turned to look at you including Namjoon, confused as heck.

“Sweetheart, what the hell are you saying?” Namjoon laughed as he asked you

“What?” You said not realising what you had said 

“Dwt?” He raised his eyebrows

“Oh it means like ‘small and cute or sweet” You said before turning your attention back to the TV. Namjoon just smiled at you before face palming at your cuteness 


Originally posted by jeonbase

(Ych-a-fi: Disgusting/Ew that’s gross - pronounced uhch-ah-vee. ‘Ch is pronounced like in Scottish ‘loch’)

Yoongi had just gotten back from practice and you were sat on your bed scrolling through Instagram. He threw himself down onto the bed and rolled over to rest his head on your stomach. You put your arm round him and felt how sweaty he was. 

“Ugh, ych-a-fi!” You exclaimed loudly, pushing him off the bed.Yoongi looked up at you from the floor. 

(gif) “Babe, what the heck?” 

“Oops, sorry!” You covered your mouth with your hand 

“What did you just say?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ych-a-fi? It means like gross or disgusting.” You explained

“Gee thanks.” Yoongi rolled his eyes


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(Popty ping: Slang for microwave - pronounced pop-tee-ping)

You and Hoseok were sat in the living room, preparing for a movie night. You had everything you needed; blankets, pillows, lots of films and plenty of snacks. The only thing missing was the popcorn which was almost ready.

You heard the microwave beep to signal that had finished. 

“Popty ping!” You exclaimed before skipping into the kitchen

“Pop who?” Hoseok frowned as he followed you into the kitchen.

“Popty ping means microwave Hun.” You said retrieving the popcorn 

“Popty ping…” Hoseok said trying out the word, before dancing back into the living room singing popty ping. (Which quickly became his new favourite word.)


Originally posted by bangtangirl-cutennes-v

(Fel rhech mewn pot jam: Like a fart in a jam pot. It basically means something or someone is useless - pronounced ‘fell rhech mehwn pot jam’. The r is rolled and the ch is pronounced like in Scottish ‘loch’)

Taehyung was sat watching you try an complete a group assignment that was due tomorrow. You were on FaceTime with one of your friends who was also  in the group and between you both, you were doing all the work. You were gossiping about the other people in the group when you suddenly exclaimed 

“Fel rhech mewn pot jam!” Both Taehyung and your friend stared at you weirdly. You bit your lip a bit embarrassed before Taehyung burst into laughter.

“What?” He struggled to sit upright as you realised exactly what you had said.

“Ummm… It means like a fart in a jam pot. It means useless.” You admitted, giggling a bit yourself. Taehyung continued laughing before asking you to teach him how to say it.


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

(Mewn cachiad: Literal translation means ‘in a poo’. It means to do something quickly - pronounced mehwn cach-yad. ‘ch’ is pronounced like in Scottish ‘loch’)

Jimin was led on the bed waiting for you to finish getting ready so the to of you could go out on your date. He’d been waiting for about 2 hours and was starting to get impatient. 

“How long are you gonna be baby?” He whined “Please hurry up!”

“I’ll be ready mewn cachiad” You said sticking your head around the bathroom door. 

“Huh?” He sat up and followed you back into the bathroom.

“Oh, right. Mewn cachiad means in a poo. I basically just said I wouldn’t be very long.” Jim laughed and went back into your bedroom. 

“You’re so weird baby, but that’s why I love you!”


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(Lllanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch: Is the longest town name in the UK and translated into English it means ‘St Mary’s Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel Near to the Rapid Whirlpool of Llantysilio of the Red Cave’ - pronounced ‘Llan-vire-pooll-guin-gill-go-ger-u-queern-drob-ooll-llandus-ilio-gogo-goch’ the ‘ch’ is pronounced the in the Scottish ‘loch’)

Jungkook was used to you saying random things in your native language and he often wanted you to teach him little phrases. Today though, he was becoming particularly cocky about being able to pick up what you were teaching him. You smirked to yourself as you thought of a phrase he would never master saying. 

“Alright then babe, say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.” You smiled at him victoriously and he looked you (gif)

“What the hell does that mean?” You were used to this reaction from foreigners so you smiled before explaining that it was the name of a town and telling him the story of why it was named like that.

(I know the Jungkook’s was weird but I couldn’t help it. Being able to say that town name is a talent in Wales. It took me forever to learn how to pronounce it…)

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hi! i was wondering if you could help me, i was reading a fic a while ago where baek really liked grocery shopping and chanyeol lived on his own, and he got really mad at baek for buying him stuff and changing things in his apartment, do you know what it's called? i'm sorry if it's vague! thank you so much !!

hi anon! i’m not really sure but this pretty much sounded like Night stands which is one of my fave fics of all time 😍 i just love everything in this fic so much and would definitely read and recommend this a million times hehe 🤣

anyways, i hope this is really what you’re looking for! but if not, then pls let us know^^

- Admin Elle ♡

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Hey, may I request an aesthetic idea? Tamara, who has a secret crush on ell and also has to deal with anxiety and "depression days".You can add anything you can think that would fit this theme, however I'd like it if you could add pills in would make my day if you could. It's okay if you need a bit of time to do this, I'll wait. (Sorry if I seemed a bit rude, I have trouble with speech sometimes.)

Here it is! I really hope you enjoy it! It features the lovely work of @sempato and I think it turned out nicely. ^^

-Mod Lily

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hey i've never really read any romance novels, but seeing some of the stuff you've reblogged i'd like to maybe give them a try. i was wondering if you happened to have any recommendations or personal favourites you could share to get me started...?

Oh, you have come to the right place *rubs hands together in anticipation* 

So, I’m going to give a wide variety of authors and subgenres, because they can be very different. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head; I’m away from my bookshelf to see what’s there. And these are just the ones I know (which skew hard towards the books I worked on)–the joy of romances is there are so many for every taste. 

Julia Quinn writes fun, witty Regency romances. I’d advise starting with the Bridgertons: my personal favorite is Romancing Mister Bridgerton, but The Duke and I is also really good. 

Lauren Willig writes a little bit more upmarket historical romances, heavier on the historical part of the historical romance but also really really funny. I’ve literally laughed out loud when I read her. I’d started from the beginning of her Pink Carnation series, with The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

Eloisa James writes a little sexier Regency romances–I don’t like her as much, but a lot of people love her, and she’s a classic in the Regency world. 

Joanna Bourne writes really lush, angsty, beautifully written spy novels–it’s a very different mood from the other ones here, but they’re all really good. 

Julie James writes smart, fun, bantery romances mainly about professional women (she started with mainly lawyers, then moved onto lawyers and FBI agents, then FBI agents and non-laywers, and now she doesn’t really have a theme). Any of hers are great, but Suddenly One Summer is maybe my favorite. 

Samantha Young writes more New Adult (so slightly younger), more angsty, internal, and sexy novels, but they’re really heart-wrenching and great. I’d suggest starting with On Dublin Street

Kendra Leigh Castle writes adorable small town contemporaries that are just so sweet and sexy and lovely. For the Longest Time is the first in the series but they’re all lovely. 

JoAnn Ross also writes small town contemporaries that people love, though she’s not my favorite. But she’s a very solid writer! 

Nora Roberts is the Queen of romance novels. She can admittedly get a little repetitive if you read too many of hers, but she is romantic and reliable. I’d start with either the Inn Boonsboro trilogy, or the Bride Quartet. 

Elle Kennedy writes romantic suspense, and she does it hot and well. You can’t go wrong with any of her books. 

Rainbow Rowell is probably a name you know, but she writes some romancey books too! Attachments is adorable, a bit more chick-lity. 

Lucy Parker writes cute and light modern romances about West End actors. I’m a big fan of Act Like It

Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game is an enemies to lovers office romance that is super cute. 

Lorelei James is good for if you want something sexier–her Bound series is some well-written BDSM erotica (by which I mean, not 50 Shades of Grey). 

Penny Reid writes more romantic comedy-style, smart, quirky, and adorable romances. My favorite is probably Beauty and the Mustache. 

Annabeth Alberts writes really sweet, feelsy m/m romances about video game nerds. I’d start with Status Update


My dear Ali, @lithialetheia, I heard you had visited Ge’els for some evening supper and… tea? 

How did it go? Did you meet someone interesting? I heard you behaved exemplary, sometimes too afraid to speak even. And that Ge’els insisted he’d paint you for your extraordinary beauty. 

Much much love ♡♡♡

candy-and-constellations  asked:

Ok, so I know it's kinda really early but...I had kept this pent up all day yesturday. UF/US/SF skelebros who have a short and chubby S/O who is always smiling. Always cheery and kind to others. One day the S/O comes home crying. They had been bullied all day because of thier hieght and weight and just couldnt keep a fake smile on anymore. Sorry, I know it's early, and that this ask isnt very happy. You dont have to do it if you dont want to, but thank-you either way. ILY, Bye. ~Elle

[ Oh my gosh you cruel person
xD No, just kidding – this is a good level of angst because it involves cheering up and I love cheering up! ^ ^ Anyways, hope you like it :) 
Sorry it took so long! ] 

UF! Sans: Out of all skeletons, this guy is the most surprised at first about your cheerful self because he needs to keep reminding himself it’s normal here – people being kind to others and such. People say it should’ve been normal where he came from, but it wasn’t. Not to him, at least. If you didn’t hurt others, you were one that got hurt. At least, in public, anyways. But because of this, he didn’t really think much about what was behind the smile nor how others treated you; of course if someone directly bullied you in front of him he would probably not hesitate to threaten them at the very list, but outside of his sight? He never really noticed very much. If you’re smiling, you must be happy, right? Well, maybe not, but Red doesn’t much assumptions very often. He knows that smiling means you should be happy, so he wouldn’t understand why you would do so when you’re not happy. Once you come home crying, he’s honestly a little surprised, but his anger quickly takes over as he glares forward, taking hold of your wrist gently. “Why are you crying? Who did this to you?” His voice is stern, but you can tell from his eyes he’s pissed. If he could, he’d beat the crap out of the person who did it right then and there, but he manages to calm himself down for your sake, so he can help you. Of course he still hates whoever made you cry with a passion, especially once he finds out why, but in the end he’s honestly not in the mood to deal with someone who’s a complete waste of time he could be spending with you.

UF! Paps: He’s cherished your kindness. More than ever. Just like his brother, he doesn’t get how you can do something just for other, but he’s grateful for it. He wonders if you’re really feeling the way you look, but the fact that you put on a smile, every day for others is incredible to him. Especially since he would never be able to muster up the amount of kindness he gives you to strangers he’s never seen before. Admittedly he’s tried, mostly when you haven’t been around, but he only has so much patience for people and doesn’t want to accidentally up snapping at them. Of course, when you come home crying, he immediately sits you down and asks you what’s wrong… and then he’s angry. More so because he can’t believe that there are people cruel enough out there to treat someone so hard working and kind this way… of course, he’s not going to be happy at you for keeping it all hidden, but now that he knows, he’s going to make sure you’re feeling loved and happy every day that he can. The people who hurt you? They can go f*ck themselves. He’s not interested in anyone else but you.

US! Sans: So this little ball of energy is pretty similar, and although he notices that you’re very helpful and kind to others (and loves it too), kindness has never been a rarity in his world. He’s really just glad to see you happy. So when you come home crying, his expressions admittedly changes to worry and sadness as he rushes up to you, grasping your arms gently. “Human? Are you alright?” he asks, his voice soft for once even as it rings with concern. Once he knows what’s up, he feels his soul sink with sadness. Was this happening the entire time? He feels terrible, that’s for sure. Regardless of whether you try to assure him that it was your fault, he still feels terrible. Expect loads of warm hugs and cocoa that evening. Plus a small speech on not hiding your feelings from him anymore because he wants to make sure you’re feeling as happy as you can whenever possible.

US! Paps: He knew something was up. From the beginning, mostly. There was always something he would notice – an off smile, a shaking hand, eyes lowered slightly down. He noticed. And yet, he kept it to himself, on the slight chance maybe it wasn’t true, and that by speaking up he would ruin your mood. He’s asked if you’re okay, and all he’s gotten is a “great!”, so it’s hard to say anything. Even if he’s sure something’s up. So he’s not that surprised when you stumble home with tears in your eyes, though he’s obviously not happy. But he doesn’t ask. He makes his way over, shutting the door behind you gently and kneeling down to give you a hug. “Come on, it’s okay. Deep breaths.” He doesn’t know exactly what happened, but for now, all he cares is calming you down first until you can say. Though he’s not letting you out of this one, not now. But even once you say, he’s not willing to let you go in the slightest.

SF! Sans: You make him smile. More than he has ever. Just seeing you bubbly and happy and cheerful makes him wish he was the same, almost. But he can’t help but just smile every time he sees it. He knows this world is full of kindness, but yours is different. Aside from the fact that it’s his kindness, and he loves nothing more than to see it. So to hear that some f*ckers came and took it away from him is enough to issue a frown. He strolls back and forth, trying to keep himself calm enough so he doesn’t stroll out the door and kill a random person on the street, before turning to you as you continue to cry. What is he doing? He hates himself for not thinking of trying to comfort you first, and then heads forward and gives you a gentle hug, not caring whose around even if they’re inside. He’s still angry, but he knows killing whoever even thinks about it would only make worse problems. No, he just wants to be there for you. He’s pretty sure you said at some point getting arrested wouldn’t help very much.

SF! Paps: Just like the others, he’s adored your kindness to bits. He loves seeing you happy and smiling and just overall looking adorable that you make him hard to not hug and kiss you in public if you’d allow it. Your kindness easily filled up the remaining hole in his heart, and now he’s even trying to spread some of his to others like you do, and help them out when they need it, but none could do it as amazing as you. And yet, at the same time, none could hide the sadness as well as you, either. Because he doesn’t notice. So his first reaction to you coming home crying is confusion, even if he doesn’t waste a second in holding you close and rubbing a hand down your back. Once he knows what’s up, he just feels terrible. Terrible that he couldn’t pick up on it or be there for you when it happened. He continues to hold you close, pleading that next time you let him know what’s up so he can help you. Because for you, he’d do anything.


Ashton: fucking rough. We all know he tries to be gentle every time out of the bedroom. So I see him going rough on you. His favourite position would be doggy style but he’d also like having your leg on his shoulder so he can go deeper as his fingers leave bruises on your hips with no complaint from you. He’d have lots of Boob grabbing and slapping, constant spanking if you don’t do what he says and also as a reward 😉. Also lots of ‘oh god right there’ ‘that’s it kitten/baby that’s a good girl’ you’d definitely feel it in the morning and have hand shaped bruises for which he’d apologise for but secretly love that he marked what’s his. And he wouldn’t go unharmed either. He’d have scratch marks down his back and possibly front. A bite mark on his shoulder from where you’d bite down when you’d climax. You’d know when he was going to climax because he’d he’d go really fast and he’d be moaning high pitched and it’d be so hot it’s almost like a whimper. He either hold his head up with eyes shut tight or have his head in the crook of your neck while whimpering in your ear ‘oh god I’m coming’ . You would most definitley have some mind blowing orgasms as in multiple times when you two have sex. He also secretly loves when he can have you in places where he shouldn’t (as in public restrooms, friends house parties, clubs, and your parents house a few times) he would bring out the animal in you that you never thought you had. Don’t even get me started on those fingers, he make you climax three times before he even entered you, just with his fingers. He’d stick in one finger at a time and then enter two and then slowly slide them out to lick them clean. He’d also be quite cocky with that too he’d say ‘mmm who made you this wet baby’ ’ do you like that baby, you want me to go faster?’. And boy would he love to spank that ass, he’d love when he’d have you on top of him that he could just spank you while you grip on his arms. After everything’s done he would not stop smiling you’d ask what he’s smiling at and he’d just say 'I love you’ and he’d cuddle you until the morning comes

Michael: Michael would be very sensual and hard. His favourite position would be missionary or on your sides. He’d love to look at you when he’s pounding into you to see how good he’s making you feel. His hands would be massaging and holding your boob mostly for the fact he wouldn’t really know or feel super confident with them anywhere else. You’d probably be the one to make him or teach him how to touch you. He would leave love bites and hickeys all over you. Some where you can see and some where only he can see. You can tell when he’s about to climax because he’ll pull almost all the way out and slam back into you with so much force you’d wonder if you’d be able to walk the next day and then he’d go really fast while screaming out multiple lines of profanity and I could definitely see him being a whiner when he climaxes it’s almost a high pitched moan but quiet to where only you can hear him. On a few occasions he’d be rough just like ashton, this would most likely happen after an amazing show when he can still feel his heart beating in his entire body and anyone around him can feel his adrenaline; he would want to take you as soon as possible he’d kick everyone out of the bus or the dressing room if he had to just to be able to feel all of you. Or if your at home he’d want the whole neighbourhood to hear you and him moaning and screaming. He’d also secretly like you to ride him or do a reverse cowgirl. I can see him having a bondage fetish or even a Dom fetish. But let’s just say whenever you two got together you’d always feel like it’s the first time but you’d feel so comfortable with him and trust him with every part of your body. After everything done he’d hug you so tight while trying to regain his breath and he’d smiling into your shoulder and give you little pepper kisses, and giggle, when you’d ask what he’s giggling at he’d just respond with 'I can’t believe I’ve found someone like you, I love you’

Calum: Calum would be quite casual or really spontaneous. You’d probably have to initiate the first times because he wouldn’t get what you getting at right away. But once he catches on quickly you’d be in for the ride of your life, he could surprise you with where he’d want you, it could be in a club, out with his family, in the ocean when he took you surfing, on the beach basically anywhere where he can get you two alone…. Sometimes even when your not like when he’d secretly finger you under the table at dinner with friends or family, or when you are having the boys over for a movie night. His favourite position would be you riding him, your leg on his shoulder, 69, against the wall, or you lying on the bed while he’s standing.(honestly he’d love any position as long as it was you. He’d surprise you with how many positions he knew and could pull off) he’d be one for spanking and using toys. I don’t see him as Much of a talker during sex I see him more of a grunter. He’d constantly be moaning into your ear 'that’s it baby girl’ 'oi right there’ 'fuck I’m close’ and things along that line but sometimes it’d be so quite you would question if you heard it. Cal would have a schoolgirl fetish or a rocker chick fetish. He’d be a quiet climaxes you just see him look up with his eyes closed tight with his mouth wide open with no sound coming until you hear a low growl and his collapse on you. He’d be catching his breath still when he’d look up at you still sweaty and kiss you so passionately you’d feel like it was your first time doing it. And he’d whisper in your ear 'i love you so much my love’

Luke: luke would be very sentimental and sensual. I could see him planning everything out and have the room covered in candles or light bulb candles and he’d want to make you feel so special. Once he’d get you in the bedroom his whole demeaned would change from shy guy to a whole new person who knew exactly how to please you in every way. He’d pick you up and kiss you hungrily and leave hickeys all over your neck. He’d have you a moaning mess before he even took off your clothes. I see luke as a guy who’d definitely love to eat you out before he did anything, he have you completely naked on the bed while he sticks his fingers inside you and teases your clit with his mouth. This fucker would be such a tease and it would drive you crazy but you’d know he’d please you so much after he’s done. His favourite position would be him on his knees and you on your back, doggy style and against the wall. He’d be fast paced in the bed, and he’d be a little rough. He’d love to grab your hips and pound into you and love hearing the sound of his skin against yours. He’d be a moaner and you’d hear lots of 'oh god’ 'ugh ugh yeah, right there oh fuck’ and lots of him biting his lips and yours 😏. You can tell when he’s close because like the others he’d go faster and he be much louder and you could hear him grunting and see his chest muscles flexing while he grips tight to your hips or the headboard as he pounders harder and deeper inside you. Secretly he’d love when you took dominance over him or dressed in leather and tied him up, but at the end of the night after your done teasing him tortuously slow you’d let him go and he’d flip you so fast while telling you'you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into kitten, i think you need to be punished.’ That’s when you knew you’d probably have to call into work because you were too sore to even walk properly. Throughout the night you would be pushed to your limit and climax multiple times and luke too. Once you were done he’d fall next to you and shower you in pepper kisses and make you giggle and he’d tell you 'I’ve never had someone like you, I love you so much you are my world Y/N’ and he’d cuddle close to you (you’d switch off on little spoon and big spoon) and every once in a while you’d be woken up a little after cuddling to luke getting up butt naked and heading to the bathroom for a shower, you’d admire him walking away as his butt would move and his broad shoulder swing with his arms ever so slightly. And he’d turn around and ask 'want to join me?’ 😏 and you’d get up and already feel yourself getting wet again and prepared for round two…

Ok so this was my first preference/blurb here on tumblr.
I’m hoping to do more soon and I hope you guys will like it, so please any feedback would be awesome :)
Love you guys

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OH MY FLYING SQUIRREL!! THE ASK BOX IS OPEN O.o Could you please recommend some incest fics? I thank you and applaud your hard work ( ̄▽ ̄人) Is it on the same line...? I do not know. But I thank you. AND IIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOUUU!! (-□-)︵*

hello anon ((and to ur flying squirrel as well!))^^ here are all incest!baekyeol for you hehe bc we all need incest!baekyeol in our lives otl enjoy! :))

There were others ((like patrilineal and stockings ugh my fave)) which are gold but they were taken down im just crying ((authornims pls bring those back));;;; btw THANK U FOR ALL THE LOVE BB! We really appreciate all the love from you guys and it also gives us the motivation and inspiration to continue giving your daily dose of baekyeol fics. I hope you’d continue supporting this blog hehe WE LOVE U TOO ♡

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Stranger Danger: BTS Series Intro

genre: just wait and find out ;)

Stran·ger-a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar.

In life you’re bound to come across many things. Things such as places, foods, hobbies, music, objects, cultures, good things, bad things, and most importantly, people. You were bound to meet two types of people: one was people who you knew like the palm of your hand and the second was people who you knew nothing of. The second type of people were the ones you were warned of by friends and family.

These people were called strangers and when crossing paths with one, there were rules you had to follow through. Not following them could result in serious consequences, or so you were told. The more you were introduced into the outside world, the more rules you were told.

  1. “Don’t talk to strangers”  They said.

Growing up you would hear various people telling you over and over again those same exact words:  don’t talk to strangers. As a small six year old girl who loved wearing pigtails and smiling at anybody you saw, you would always meet many new people who would smile back at you, greet you, ask how you were, and telling you that you were an adorable little girl. Hearing and meeting so many nice people, you always had the urge to talk back to them, to just be able to greet them and thank them for such kindness, however your parents would always give you this mean glare and tug on your hand to signal you to just ignore them, as to which you would always respond back with a small frown. You were only a child, confused as to why you couldn’t talk to them, they were nice and friendly, so why couldn’t you just say a simple hi back

      2. “Don’t let strangers pet your dog.” 

Big dogs, small dogs, indoor dogs, outside dogs, black dogs, brown dogs, and so forth, dogs all come in different types of ways, but even though they differ, they all have something in common, they are all so cute and precious! Ever since the age of seven, you had gotten the urge of owning a dog, most of your friends had one, so why couldn’t you? Your parents promised they would consider getting you one, if you became more responsible and did well in school, and by the age of nine, it could be said that you were more than ready to finally own and care for one. One day after school, you expected to come home to a dog waiting for you at your door, but you were more than wrong. Upset, you took a nap and were then awoken a few hours later with the feeling of something scratching your foot, that something being a baby pit bull to be exact. You were full of glee. Grabbing the puppy, you went over to your parents and gave them two big smooches on their cheeks and thanked them for fulfilling your wish. They both smiled at your happy state and then proceeded to give you a few words which you would have to follow, “With great power comes great responsibility, this isn’t just anything you can treat as if it were your toy, you have to care for her and treat her well. You’ll have to feed her, bathe her, love her, and take her for walks, okay?” You nodded your head right away, still smiling of joy, when your mother decided to add on their previous words, “When taking her for walks, remember to be careful and never let strangers pet her, it is a dangerous thing to do.”

      3.“Don’t open the door for strangers and don’t let them inside your home,”  you were told.

After turning eleven and your sibling turning fourteen, your parent’s finally decided to leave the both of you alone at home, without the need of a babysitter. They would finally be able to go on date nights without paying someone to take care after you. Your sibling and you could finally watch tv and play games all night while eating junk food. All sounded great, you were going to be parent’s free for the night, but with one condition, don’t open the door for strangers and most certainly not let them in. It doesn’t matter if they seem nice or if they say they meant no harm, never open the door for someone you don’t know. You don’t know what their intentions could truly be, so no matter what, don’t open the door for unknown people.

      4.“Don’t talk to strangers online,” they warned you, “ And don’t meet with people you meet online” 

Technology was improving day by day and people began interacting online more and more, which sounded great since people could finally be able to talk to their friends who might have  moved across the country now in a matter of seconds, instead of the hassle of having to write letters that took days to come. You were finally fourteen and your parents decided to give you a laptop for your birthday so that you could do school work easily, as well as to interact with loved ones. Your friends would tell you about these different social networking sites they used to communicate with each other. Caving in, you decided to open your own profiles, posting pictures and updates of things you would do everyday for your family and friends to see, however, they weren’t the only ones who were able to see it. Millions and millions of other people were able to see your social media too since it was out in the open. People of all backgrounds who you didn’t know were able to send you friend requests or follow you on your pages and were even able to talk to you. Just because their profile picture shows them to be a person around your age, doesn’t mean they truly are. They could simply be an older person, disguising themselves as someone else just to reel you into their trap and do cruel things to a minor like yourself or maybe they were someone your age with good intentions, either way, your elders always warned you: don’t talk to strangers online, you don’t know who they truly are.

       5. “Don’t answer the phone to strangers”, “Don’t give a stranger your phone number,” and “Do not let them ever use your phone.”

After begging and pleading to your parents for a phone, you were finally gifted one by none other than your grandmother on your sixteenth birthday. You could now go out with friends and not have to worry about your parents embarrassing you by calling your friends every hour of the day to check up on you, as well as not having to talk to your friends using your home phone and having people eavesdropping on your conversations. This had to be by far one of the greatest gifts you received, since now you would be able to have a little bit more of privacy and somehow signified that you were growing up. Hugging your grandmother as a way of thanking her, you hear her whisper something in your ear, “Remember sweetie, don’t hesitate in calling or messaging us if you’re ever in need, don’t let people you do not know borrow your phone, and never, ever,  give your phone number to strangers or answer the phone to any, you never know what dangers they could bring.”

      6.  “Don’t accept things from strangers”

“In ‘Girl World’ Halloween is the one night a year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”, as said by Mean Girl’s Regina George, was the quote that mostly everybody lived for at your age. You were finally eighteen and no longer had to use a fake ID in order to get into the hottest club in the city, “The Bangtan” as people liked to call it, for their big annual “Halloween Bam Bam Bash” or the “HBBB” for short. Your parents agreed on letting you stay out with your friends and party until daylight for the first time ever, and you were going to make sure this would be a night you would never forget. Dressed in a very tight red dress, which just so happened to be the perfect amount of revealing, with some red pumps, along with your devil horns and tail, and a subtle amount of makeup, you head out with your friends for the start of one of the wildest nights you’ll ever have, looking hot as hell as ever. While riding in your friend’s car to the club, you have a sudden flashback as to what your mother once told you when giving you permission to go out for the first time: never, under any circumstances, accept anything from a stranger.

     7.  “Don’t go inside of a stranger’s car”

Rain, a person’s worst enemy when wearing a white shirt. As a twenty-one year old, you should have learned by now that carrying an umbrella would be best fit for a day with a chance of “light showers”. There was nothing light about this, extremely heavy rain that began pouring on your way walking home from work. Your shirt was now extremely soaked and your black bra was visibly showing. Sighing, you continued walking home, not caring enough to stop at a store and wait for the rain to stop. On your way, many cars, with families, friends, and or couples, stopped and asked if you needed a ride, seeing as you were not in the best state at the moment, and numerous “no, thank you” and “I’m fine, thanks for asking” escaped from your lips each time. Every single rejection, reminded you of what Mrs. Park, your elderly neighbor whom you loved ever so dearly, once said to you at the age of nineteen, “You’re a beautiful young lady and because of that sweetie, do not go inside of a stranger’s car, ever. There are cruel people in this world whom take advantage of beautiful girls like you.”

      8. And most importantly of all, “Don’t fall in love with strangers.” 

AN: Hellooooo, I’m Elle and “Stranger Danger” is a series of different stories, with the same concept , that I have been planning for a while now and I am so happy that it will finally be introduced to other people. I am not really good at writing, but I try my best and with time, hopefully I’ll improve. These are just introductions to the stories that will come in the next few weeks and since I like to take my time, I will probably post one each week(?) Please anticipate each and I hope you guys enjoy reading them.