i hope you like my doodle


I know I’m a couple of days late (Irma knocked out my Internet!), but I really wanted to post a doodle celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Kingdom Hearts game’s release in the US.

Celebrating 15 years of my favorite sunshine dorkupine in his many forms! 

\o\ \o/ /o/

tohsurakei  asked:

I'm in love woth the mod's art styles (mod yuki you da mvp but i still like you mod neysa) but i wanna see you both meme,,, draw any komaeda meme,,,

OMG THANK YOU!!! That’s the kindest thing anyone ever said to me in a while lemmeluvyou (ToT my anatomy can get really crappy but I try my best. Thanks for the kind message TvT) -Mod Yuki

Komaeda dabs at the haters. -Mod Yuki

Komaeda://screams to the sky// “WHAT IS HOPE!!”

Komaeda is shook -Mod Neysa

Todoroki Satoru & Mahô Shindou //OC’s by cutie @r95irth ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Today, Melie uploaded a drawing about my todomomo child Mimi – for me //dunno I deserve this (it’s so freakin’ adorb pls KLICK HERE and look at it her art is cute), and this drawing is a return gift for her. 

But I was blessed twice because @littleroundpumpkin drew my three babies as well. – Pls KLICK HERE, she made them even cuter! 


You want to see more of my drawing stuff? Just click on the tag “myart” / “my art” <3 (More is coming soon ❤)

Officer D.Va in Pursuit!


Sorry I know it’s kinda crappy, but I did it between classes at school so don’t judge me! ;_; Thank you @thebrisingamen for the request! I hope you like it! :3

But seriously, come on, he would totally break out just to get her attention though.

(Oh and let me know if any of y'all still have trouble with my ask box and I’ll see what I can do to try to fix it)!

KBYE~ xoxo

Les Chevaliers…

🍖( ´ØwØ`)„ 🍟(ôuo )

(Chad belongs to/was drawn by @blesstale!!)

Got a pins order from the beautiful @aminoscribbles recently and I simply had to draw a little something to thank her for all the extra love she sent along! <3
Thank you for everything, my dear! <3

Imma colour this in later! I made this last night, had friends over and I haven’t slept in two days. ;v; My eyeballs hurt.

I literally can’t keep up with all these theories, gosh darn it!! October will be my death, like– there’s only so much time to drawwwww. Wish I didn’t have to sleep, man. I could make so much more cool shit. ;v;

Anyway, hope you enjoy this doodle! It’s been a while since I doodled some non comic related stuff! :0


more Ducktales drawings!! :D

the first one has Dracula Duck from the capcom Ducktales game (the remastered music is awesome btw)

then is a Magica De Spell, i don’t know how is she going to look in the reboot but anyways XD, then is Donald from Kingdom Hearts

and then is Della and Donald doodles also Duck family with the “? Duck” redeisgn i did  and finaly Sailor Fuku Donald XD

hope you like it!