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Haunted House (MONSTA X)

“Hello Hello there! Can i request a reaction sort of thing of monsta x how it would be like to go to a halloween fright night at a theme park with each member? ❤️ I hope you understand that lol. thanks in advance!!💕”

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Only one word can epitomise Shownu’s reaction and that is stoic, on the inside and outside most likely. Whilst you’re clinging to him for dear life or hiding behind his thicc body, he’s probably thinking about what he’s going to eat later. He’ll just acknowledge anything that jumps out with a nod, continuing to power through saying “(Y/N) this is so lame, wait, are you scared?

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Bless him, for such a tough-looking guy he sure is the biggest softie alive. That extends to the haunted house for sure. You’d jump ever so slightly in shock whilst he’d be squeezing your hand so tight throughout the whole thing and yelping at every slight movement. He’d giggle cutely each time, only to be scared again. Once you’d made it to the other end, you’d be laughing your ass off.

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(his lil’ hair flick - this is so soft)

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B.A.P’s reaction to you nailing Zelo’s part in Warrior

(A/N) So hey, since I’m more of a scenario writer and less of a reaction writer, this is going to be like a little hybrid between both, as well as a first experience for me. Hope you like it! ❤ 

You were alone in the room, listening to music, when suddenly Warrior came on and you couldn’t help but drop everything you were doing in order to go and jam to it.

Ahh, the song you could never resist, as you were still confused on whether you should feel impressed by the singing and rapping ability, the amazing choreography and the solid stage presence that the guys had while performing it, or whether you should consider taking their warrior faces seriously or not. After all, the matching blonde fringes and the trying-to-look-tuff-and-failing-miserably simply because they’re too cute (for you, at least) getup didn’t really give off an actual warrior image and vibe.

You decided to attempt mission impossible, just to get a good laugh out of it and to see if your hard work of trying to learn it would actually pay off.

Yes, we’re talking about Zelo’s verse.

Too caught up in the moment, you didn’t hear the floor creaking right behind you, and didn’t notice a familiar silhouette standing in the doorway and quietly observing you. Taking a deep breath, you thought “now or never”, and went for it.

“Simjange ullineun nae mari nimalgwa dareuni hwaganani deureo 4madi jansori..”


“Rest in peace,” you’d hear a low voice say, and after turning around and blushing tons, you would be met with nothing more or less than a gummy smile.

“Babe, there’s still more to the verse,” he’d quickly add after seeing your embarrassment and how you suddenly got quiet, not continuing the verse. He wouldn’t be able to hide his smile and his heart would be overflowing with never-ending love and affection after hearing you. He’d keep bugging you about it, which is so non-typically him, but he’d just want to make sure you knew he though you actually did well, and that his smile wasn’t from laughing at you, instead being from admiring you and your ability. He wouldn’t be able to tear his gaze off of you, taking in all of your cute embarrassment while he still could.

“Junhong’s going to have some tough competition.”


“Nonono, it’s “raspberry”, not “jansori”, you’d heard him say, and, upon turning around, you’d see him chuckling quietly before approaching you.

“Jolmange neupeso.. SAARA BONJOGINNAAAA~~” he’d make you laugh with a dramatic interpretation of Youngjae’s line, and would make you join in to do a little cover of the song together with him, passionately mimicking little bits of the singing and the choreo as well as laughing tons and genuinely acting like little kids again. In the end you’d somehow end up in his arms (as you always did), and he’d tell you that he was actually pleasantly surprised with your talent and proud of you. Himchan would be the least hesitant of all to tell you how you made him feel surprised and warm at heart, as well as a little embarrassed, because he hadn’t been able to do that verse perfectly during all of his years spent being a part of B.A.P yet. Like ever.


“OOoooOo,” is all you’d hear before he would casually run up to your phone-and-speakers set up in order to go a few second back through the track and bring that part of the song back.

“Do it again!” He’d say, and even though you’d feel slightly embarrassed by all of the sudden attention, you’d try it again and nail it perfectly, just like the first time.

Daehyun would laugh a lot, and make a lot of cute, surprised noises like “ooh” and “aah”. Oh, and he’d probably try to join in by doing ad-libs (and failing quite miserably, but at least he’d get a good laugh out of it and make you laugh too). Nonetheless, your day would turn 5 times brighter because of how hyped and happy this boy would be about your little hidden talent.


“Really, (Y/N)?” He’d ask, and eye you up and down a few times with a raised brow. He’d maybe try to sound unimpressed, or as if it wasn’t anything big at first, but in reality he’d be quite surprised and in a cheerful mood, hiding all of those feelings underneath a layer or sarcasm and jokes simply because he was Youngjae, and he had to maintain his title of “the king of sass and sarcasm”.

“So when I lovingly ask you to, let’s say, come quick and take a look at something of first importance, for example, a video of Daehyun falling in the parking lot or something, you’re "too slow”, but when it comes to rapping Warrior you’re suddenly the Flash.“

Eventually he’d stop the sarcastic torture for a bit and chuckle, telling you that you did great and that he couldn’t do it that fast himself, so he admired you.

"Next time I want to walk in on you singing my parts though, understood?”


Hell, you wouldn’t even notice him until you’d turn around by yourself for some reason. His presence might trigger a little jump scare, as he’d just be stood in the door frame with an awkwardly cute facial expression on, and when you’d try to call his name or ask the casual “you heard all of that, right?”, he’d quietly interrupt.

“That was cool. What else can you do that I don’t know of?”

You’d genuinely get him curious about your tiny hidden talents he didn’t know of, and he’d bug you about it, walking back and forth after you like a lost puppy until you gave him exactly what he wanted to see and hear. And in case you wouldn’t have anything else in store and would tell him that this was it, he’d tell you how he thinks it’s cool and how you sound a little too cute to be a warrior, but are amazing nonetheless one more time before wandering off somewhere else for a while, just because he’s Jongup. He comes and goes.


You’d hear him laughing out loud, and, as you turn to face him, he wouldn’t be able to keep his smile hidden away from you. It would be plastered all across his face as he’d question you in surprise to how you were able to do that. And, after receiving a reply that said he wasn’t the only one who could rap fast, he’d playfully do it just a tad bit faster than the original.

This may or may not turn out into a little challenge or competition of who can do it faster. Speeding the rap up until none of you can keep track of the words anymore or understand them at all, you wouldn’t be able to determine who’s faster and would simply laugh it off, giving up on the challenge. Agreeing to be placed both first wasn’t a bad thing or idea after all, right?

“Start thinking of a rapper name already, I want to make a mixtape track with you at some point just to battle you out on this.”

You Drive Me Crazy - Mafia Au with Youngjae

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This was completely written for @lulumonnie as a revenge. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This also turned out a lot longer then i originally planned. 

Warnings: Mafia Au,Smut,Swearing
Word Count: 4068

Crumbling what felt like the millionth paper you got up throwing it in some random corner.
Your room was filled with many papers laying around. You had tried to write something for uni but somehow nothing was working. Your brain just wasn’t giving into your plead. Wishing for more luck after a shower, you disappeared in the bathroom. Still your brain refused. It might be because you’d been attempting to write this paper for a total of 4 days and were running out of things to put. So far only a small amount was done. It didn’t help writing the already finished stuff down on your computer. With a sigh you grabbed your phone. A friend had offered to take you out to party if you needed and maybe that was the right thing.
2 hours later you were in a packed club barely able to move. Too many people had decided that this club was the best for the night and all headed there at around the same time as you and your friend did. There was no way this would help you relax a bit. Excusing yourself from the small group of remaining friends that had tagged along you made your way to the exit.
Breathing in the fresh air helped getting a single straight thought. Maybe you didn’t need to go clubbing but just needed fresh air. A small walk wouldn’t hurt and it may take a few more hours till you were able to get home unless you got a taxi early.
Not thinking much and just enjoying the semi silent night you walked into a random direction. All went well until a random person grabbed you and held a gun to your head. You wanted to scream for help until a few men in black clothes came near that is until you saw each of them taking a hold of their guns training them on the guy holding you. At this moment you were sure that it wasn’t supposed to be your week. First you weren’t able to finish a simple paper and now you were being killed by some random dude. Great. Just fucking great. 

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Sometimes I wonder
What’s the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye


“this is perfect.”

I finally got my shit together and managed to write a korean drama recommendation list. Under the cut below, I added a description of the dramas along with a short comment on what I thought about it. If you like my recommendation list, please like and/or reblog. it means a lot ♡

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Phone Wallpapers - Goblin pt.8

Requested by anon, @bellamalik and @alliffia-rahma22 - I hope you like them guys ; v ; <3

Preference; I’d Understand

Alec Volturi and Paul Lahote preference requested by anon! “Yoo hows my favorite blog?? I’m doin’ alright. Can i get a alec or paul imagine where they’re scared about reader leaving him. Due to alec being a vampire that likes human blood. Or if you do pauls about him being a hothead. Hopefully it makes sense” Hope you like it!


In truth, you’d never been wholly comfortable with the meal-plan served in the Italian villa, given your awkward position as would-be appetizer. Despite your position in this so strange, vampiric court, despite your knowledge of the binding law protecting you from intentional harm, your stomach continued to twist and knot in fear. This discomfort, this terror stemmed not from your relations within the Volturi; no, even Aro had been kind, welcoming even, whispering about how overjoyed he was that his darling Alec had found such a promising mate. It was clear that he had a handful of particularly advantageous plans when the sunrise of your immortality broke the horizon, and thus took an affectionate liking to you. The subject of your mortality was a bit of a taboo, especially considering the diet of choice your new companions favoured, but your never felt discriminated for the beating of your heart.

It was never about your pulse, your necessary breath, the blood flowing through your veins, protected only by a thin layer of vulnerable flesh. Politically, you were fine. You were practically one of the guards, your transformation date set for sometime in the summer. It was never about you. It was about the thirty tourists you saw enter the throne room every week, it was their screaming that haunted your dreams, their horror that plunged the knife into your abdomen, churning your insides until you were reduced to nothing. It was your mate’s participation, his willing participation, that struck fear into your still-beating heart. If you had wandered into the villa, expecting a tour of Italian architecture, a history lesson on pillars or portraits, would he have slaughtered you as he slaughtered the others? Would he have spared you a second thought?

You were doubtful.

You stood with your back facing the entrance to your bedchamber, your eyes dissecting the intricate carvings laid into the marble of the walls. Though you had been distanced from the heart of the Volturi’s society, you could hear the echos reverberating down the hall nonetheless. Alec had noticed your discomfort and suggested a change of scenery, though you understood that even his residence in Verona would carry the weight of Volterra’s infractions. You were chewing the edge of your fingernail (a nervous habit you hoped would be kicked, finally, when you were torn from your human life) when your ears picked up on the subtlest wisp of movement, announcing the presence of your silent lover. Soon after, his hands were cooling your elbows, folding over your crossed arms, his honeyed breath polluting the air you inhaled. His lips pressed to your neck, your mind jumping from affection to unease as you noted the placement of his kiss. His voice, so soft, so sweet for so experienced a killer, sang against your ear, his hair brushing against your cheek.

“Darling, you’re troubled,” he observed, his icy fingers ghosting over your hands, lacing his fingers through yours, a tender gesture you were not expecting to be accompanied by the surprising warmth his frozen fingers carried. He’d fed recently, more recently than you cared to dwell on. A stranger’s blood warmed his frigid tissues. You flinched away from his touch, untangling yourself from his fingers, avoiding contact with his violent eyes, his angel’s lips parted in wounded confusion. “Y/n, what’s wrong? Is something the matter?” He extended his hand, and you once more slunk away from his touch. He ducked his head, slipping his hands into the pockets of his slacks, exhaling lowly. When he spoke, his voice had changed drastically, harbouring an injury you had yet to notice on his physical form. “Aro warned me this would happen.” You did not speak on the matter, but recalled easily the moment you had departed from Volterra, your hand sliding from Aro’s papery skin, his eyes reading your most recent thoughts, likely painting vivid imagery to accompany your internalized terror. Of course he would mention this to Alec. Your inability to cope directly affected him. “This is about the blood.” His voice did not lilt in inquiry; there was no question, no confusion muddying his understanding. You lifted your face to address him, his eyes a blazing crimson, burning from within with the glow of his most recent meal. Your words clung to the insides of your throat, scratching their way downward, refusing to surface. Alec’s jaw clenched, his gaze lowering to the floor’s mosaic, his brow furrowing the silken plane of his forehead. It was almost inhumane to witness, to cause, distress in so beautiful a creature.

“If I could avoid… the way that I feed, I would do it for you,” he continued, his voice softer, quieter than before, his words dripping with sorrow like an open wound, his tone ringing with a melancholic tenor. “Once you’ve turned, I believe, I hope, that you will understand the difficulty we face. This is not a choice, the way that we feed. Our thirst is not a decision; it’s a compulsion. I have very little control of how I ensure your safety… If I were to refrain, I’m afraid I would be unable to keep myself from causing you harm.” Your breathing grew shallow as he explained to you the honest truths behind his so frequent feasting, his plump lips downturned at the corners, his eyes projecting a most uncommon weakness in one of the most powerful man you had the pleasure of knowing. He pursed his lips before exhaling a broken sigh, his chest heaving unnaturally. “If this is not something that you can live with… I’d understand.” His voice, usually so determined, so confident, now drifted into silence. The only sound available to your feeble ears was your steady pattern of breathing. You turned your face away, unable to hold his gaze any longer, your heart breaking for the angel you’d reduced to ash and cinder before you. After a moment, Alec broke his uncharacteristic silence, his voice illustrating a heart, an organ you knew no longer beat within the chiseled stone of his chest, breaking. If he was capable of producing tears, you had no doubt they would have fallen freely from his scarlet eyes, painting glimmering trails against the alabaster of his complexion. “Will you leave me?” You turned, shocked by his inquiry. How was he able to fathom a universe where you did not see yourself at his side? Had your affections fallen flat? Were you unable to illustrate to him the depth of your love? You crossed to him, your fingers angling his chin upward, forcing him to meet your eye, his irises blooming dangerously beneath a broken brow.

“I could not leave you if remaining by your side ensured the end of my life. To be parted from you would cause me unbearable pain. You are not what I despise, and your thirst… I can’t blame you for that. It’s the executions, Alec, that bother me. You’re herding people to their deaths by the hundreds every year. I can’t help but be bothered by the deaths. I’m only human, for now. If there is another way that you can live, tell me, and we can pursue that path. Together.” His eyes softened, his breath flowing over your face. Though his brow remained furrowed, his lips formed a cautious grin. He glanced at the position of the sun through your veiled window, his eyes returning to your face. He lifted his palm to cradle your cheeks, his face alight with the force of the words he spoke next.

“There is a coven in America, the Cullens. If we leave now, we could reach their home by tomorrow. I never thought I would say this…” His thumbs stroked over your cheekbones, the weight of his decision weighing heavily on his shoulders. “I believe they may be able to help us.”


You had been warned of this very scenario from the moment Paul’s realities had been revealed to you, the moment you became involved in the fiery universe that he was so ingrained in. You’d seen the evidence of a destructive temper on Emily’s face, scarring her for life, a warning sign to the other members of Sam’s pack: don’t get too close. You hadn’t had any issues as far as trust went; Paul was relatively calm when you were around, incredibly cautious to the point of over-protectiveness, and as kind and loving as the day you’d met him. He was well-prepared to prevent injuries similar to Emily’s, or worse, and handled his rage better than he had before you stumbled into him. According to his pack, he’d been a bit of a loose canon before imprinting, but your presence acted as a sedative to his usual rowdy, unpredictable nature. You’d been assured that his mannerisms, specifically his impulse to phase, had been quieted after he imprinted, but his actions spoke to combat the promises his brothers made.

Their observations had not been entirely false; Paul was, without doubt, a changed man, but he carried with him a fire that even you could not put out. While he wasn’t explosive, his fuse was relatively short. You hadn’t had the chance to argue, given the amount of time you’d known him, but you’d be witness to his quick temper. You’d never felt threatened in any way other than the typical back-away-if-he-starts-shaking, but that applied to any of the wolves. They all had off-days, but Paul was never someone to be feared, never someone to be wary of. He treated you with the utmost respect and care, but even he couldn’t put a stopper on the floodgates when you’d been approached by a group of men on First Beach. Their salutations had been more insult than greeting, their words slipping like an oil slick from between their unwashed teeth, their faces gleaming with a drunken sweat you could smell radiating from their bodies as you passed them by. Paul, of course, was not about to stand for this ill-treatment. You’d felt the vibrations rolling from his body through the hand that held his, heard his laboured breathing by your ear. You had enough time to extract your hand from his and press a palm to his chest before turning to the trio of vulgar men, warning them to leave before someone (here meaning them, but you couldn’t help but wonder if you also spoke in your own defense) was hurt. One look at Paul was enough to seal your threat in concrete. There was no question about his anger, and his bare torso was promise enough that any retribution would be undeniably painful. They fled, joining a throng of townspeople vacating the beach. Your eyes locked on his, his lips curling over his teeth. You’d attempted to whisper a few calming words before realizing how far gone he truly was. You backed away from his trembling form, every visible muscle tensing on his body as he too backed away from you.

“Y/n,” he snarled, his eyes flitting around as his convulsions intensified, watching the last of the beach’s crowd fade into the night. His unspoken plea was clear: run. You turned your back on him and joined the masses abandoning the darkness of the waters, their voices nearly masking the tear of clothing as Paul exploded from his skin. You turned in time to watch his tail disappear into the tree line. You headed for Emily’s place, hoping to find Sam or Jared holed-up in her kitchen. One of them must be willing to talk Paul down from his heated precipice. You knew they’d all done it before. Your trek was short-lived, and the harmonies reaching from Emily’s open windows carried promises of aid in the form of two, possibly three werewolves. You helped yourself in, your eyes finding Sam’s in the crowd surrounding Emily’s table. His face, lightened by Emily’s company, went dark when he met your gaze. It seemed he already knew. You cleared your throat, running a hand through your hair, watching as Jared, Quil, and Emily focused their attention on you.

“Anyone willing to track my boyfriend for me?” Jared cursed aloud, damning Paul to Hell as he dropped his half-eaten muffin onto his plate, clearly irritated with his friend’s lack of control. Quil offered an apologetic grimace, clapping you on the shoulder as he made his way to the door with Jared nipping at his heels. Sam said nothing outside of asking for Paul’s last-known location, departing with a a final glance at Emily, his fists balled around a pair of jean shorts. Emily’s hands fluttered about her table, sweeping crumbs from the surface, her eyes on your face. She nodded you over, inviting you to sit as she prepared her dinner, promising you that Paul’s episodes never lasted more than half an hour, and that was before you came along. She was almost certain he’d be back sooner. You chatted with her for the next fifteen minutes, your mind preoccupied, replaying the fading image of Paul ducking into the woods on the blank expanse of your eyelids. It wasn’t until Emily offered you a cup of tea that you noticed your hands were trembling. “Maybe I’m a wolf too,” you whispered, your voice failing your attempt at humour, Emily’s arms wrapping around your back as your body shuddered. She, of all people, knew the fear that now pooled in your stomach. Another ten minutes passed before you heard their approach, the sound of footsteps crunching against soil paired with Sam’s low, angry whispers. The three members of Paul’s rescue party had returned, and all three entered without a word, sitting at the table in absolute silence. Emily’s eyes focused on the doorway before finding yours, shooting you a sisterly glance you understood to be cautionary.

“Y/n,” your name was soft on his lips, a gentle tone meant to exhibit his level of calmness. You turned in your seat, abandoning your tea, your eyes falling on his form, propped-up against the open doorway. He gestured for you to join him outside, his hand running through his shorn hair. They did not tremble. You excused yourself and followed him onto Emily’s lawn, watching his shoulders heave with as he sighed, his back gleaming beneath the light of the moon. His hands were swinging at his sides, his muscles tensing and releasing as he paced. When he stopped, you were a good distance away from the house, out of earshot, you assumed, and away from any scrutiny. He turned, slowly, his every movement calculated, the effort behind his actions obvious. He was going out of his way to eliminate any perception you could have of him being a threat to your safety. He kept his distance, addressing you in a whisper from a handful of feet away, his bare feet digging into the earth as he spoke. “Y/n, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. That was… I put you at risk, and I’m so, so sorry.” His eyes lifted to the stars, his head shaking with frustration. “And, you know, I can’t even promise that it won’t happen again. I’m not in control, not like that. This can happen again, and that…” his voice dropped off, his sentence hanging open, fluttering in the breeze. When his eyes returned to yours, his face was broken, his lips pursed to keep them from quivering. “I mean, I’d understand if it’s too much. As much as it kills me, I can understand if you need to go.” He raised his hands, surrendering. “I want you safe, that’s all. I can’t promise you’ll be safe around me. I can’t.” You shook your head, closing the distance between you, continuing even after he mirrored your first few steps, eager to keep you out of harm’s way.

“Paul, if anything, you went out of your way to keep me safe tonight. You warned me that you were losing control, and you backed up, and you gave me time to step back.” He opened his mouth to speak, but you refused to let berate himself further. “You are not a threat to me, and I’m not going anywhere.” He exhaled deeply, relieved, and closed his arms around your back, pulling you to the warmth of his chest.

B.A.P Cuddling Styles


He’d love cuddling with you so much. He’s the type to engulf you in his arms and hold on to you tightly as if he’d never want to lose you. If he had had a bad day, just coming home and getting to hold you, would instantly make him feel better.

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He wouldn’t be able to resist having his hands all over you while the two of you cuddled. He’d also kiss you a lot, sometimes those kisses leading to something more intense….

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Cuddling with him would be playful. He’d kiss his s/o a lot and just love having his hands on them the whole time. He’d be constantly commenting on how much he loved them or how beautiful he found them.

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Similar to Daehyun, cuddling with Youngjae would be very playful. He’d probably tickle you a lot and have the two of you laughing the whole time. He’d probably love cuddling in the morning the most.

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Cuddling with Jongup would be so sweet! He’d hold his s/o closely, always making sure they were comfortable. He’d give them forehead kisses every now and then. He’d feel so at peace having you in his arms.

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Junhong would be everywhere istg. I don’t think he has a specific cuddling style I feel as if he’d just hold you however he felt like holding you that day. You’d most likely feel small compared to him considering he’s so tall and end up waking up in a completely different position.

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Thank you to admin koko @lowkeyseunghyun for helping with these! I hope you enjoy<3

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