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Hi Ro!!! I hope you're having just a fantastic day today 😋😋😋😋 I'm so glad you're up and active again 😋 I missed you 😊😊 I didn't know you had a secondsona!! That's their name? What are they like?

Thank you! I wish the same for you sweetie! 

And yeah, my secondsona was actually my fursona until I created Rokhiel, Fisk the bombay cat. I love him lots even though he’s kinda on the background~

Here’s a decent picture of him

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Hi, I like you, and I am sorry about all these stupid anons, if you need anyone to talk to I am here, I know I will not have the same experiences as you, but I will do my best to be helpful to you. I wish I could tell you I know what you've been through, but I haven't... I will to my best to be supportive and caring, I hope even the little support I can give will help ((sorry this is redundant))

Sweetie, don’t be sorry! It’s totally fine and you just saying you support me is just enough! Thank you so much

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For being so nice and cute, send this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the GAME going and make others feel beautiful! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

omg thank you so much *^* you are wonderful and beautiful and talented and just amazing uwu

for making my day so much better, here’s a little something for you sweetie, hope you like it :3

“I wish you the clouds I see in the day,
I wish you the moon I see in the night,
I wish you the breeze that keeps me warm,
I wish you the drizzle that calms my storms,
Because whenever I think of them, 
I think of peace, of happiness,
And you, love, deserve all of it.”

The Fall

A/N: I don'tclaim this story is real. It’s all fictional. I hope you like it, anon, and I’m sorry for taking so long to write this and giving it the most stupid title EVER, but it was a lot of fun to write! Here goes your hurt Phil and guilty angsty Dan fix! Enjoy! :D

Words: 2,3K

Genre: Comfort, Fluff, Angst (not a lot of it, though). Hurt!Phil


“Would I die if I jumped down all those stairs?”

A loud squeal left the man’s mouth as he felt Dan’s hands playfully push him towards the staircase. Any regular person surely could have found their balance again and remained on the top step, laughing gingerly about the possibility of falling down the stairs.

Except that Phil was not regular by any means and his balance was nowhere near normal either.

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EXO Reaction To Having A Dream Where You Passed Away

Requested: Can you make an exo reaction (ot12) where he dreamt that you passed away but then he wakes up and you’re sleeping peacefully right next to you? Thank you :)

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting this. I love anything EXO because I’m so trash for them. No problem sweetie and i hope you like it~


Panic would go through his body. He sits up with sweat on his forehead. With wide eyes he looks at you, sleeping right next to him. With a huge sigh he would pull you closer to him, holding you while he tried to fall asleep again.

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 His heart beating a million miles an hour he might even jump out of bed from terror. Closing his eyes a moment with relief, he would crawl back in and kiss your forehead before falling back asleep.

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kris would wake up and stare at the ceiling, attempting to comprehend what just happened. Looking to the side of the bed he smiled seeing you were there and the dream wasn’t real.

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This boy would wake up with a scream, causing you to wake up and cling the him. His eyes would be wide, looking at you. “Oh thank god” He would say, wrapping his arms around you. He woulnt tell you what he dreamed about but for the next few days he would cling to your side.

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This precious man would wake up in tears. For the time he didn’t see you next to him, he felt his whole world collapse. Feeling warmth next to him, he looked at you, and pulled your sleeping form to him, tears still in his eyes.

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Fear would wash over his body. Laying in bed with his hands over his face, tears would run down his face. His felt like it was ripped from his chest, leaving an empty place where you used to be. That’s when he began to sob. One hand over his heart and the other over his eyes, he couldnt control the crying and his body from shaking. He jumped when he felt a hand on his arm. “Hyunnie?” You called. Moving the hand away from his face he grabbed at your body, holding you while he sat up. “I thought you died… I thought you died…” He would whisper while you comforted him. 

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Waking up from his nightmare his body would sprawl out quickly with his breath heavy, his arm accidentally hitting you rather hard. “That the hell Jongdae?” He would  turn to you with fear then confusion on his face. “Oh thank God” He would mumble before kissing a sorry on the spot he accidentally hit you.

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His normal happy self would disappear completely. Almost jumping out of bed, he would pace the room, silently crying to himself. A feeling of pure sadness and despair washed over him. Losing focus on what was happening in his real word he leaned against a wall until he fell to the floor, his back against the wall and his knees to his chest. “Why are you crying?” His head perks up at the sound of your voice. “Its nothing” He would say with a raspy, dark voice. He got up and laid next to you, his face still full of worry. 

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Kyung isnt an emotional by any standard, but waking up from his worst nightmare and personal hell, tears ran down his cheeks. Sitting up quietly and leaning against the headboard, he looked at his hands in his lap, letting the tears drop onto them. He didnt know what to do. All he wanted to do was cry and cry, letting the sullen darkness overtake him. Then he felt the sheets tug. Looking next to him, you tugged at the sheets while tossing. Quickly wiping his tears he pulled you to him, caressing your hair. In the morning expect food to be made for you and him treat more princessy than normal.

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None of the gifs i want are loading

Being his emotional self, he would wake up sobbing loudly waking you up instantly. “umm… Zitao?” You would quietly call to him. Seeing you next to him, he would poke you , just to make sure you werent a ghost. Sighing loudly he would hug you and stay up telling every detail of his dream. Warning, his tears wouldnt stop there. 

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Laying in bed after waking up abruptly, he would stare at the ceiling letting his feelings take over his body. He felt like drowning. Like he was sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean and no one was saving him. Tossing his body to lay on his side his eyes found you fast asleep. His life saver was sound asleep. with a smile washing over his face, he pulled to you him and fell asleep.

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Jumping out of bed his hands will run through his hair, groaning. Not day! Not today!” He would say under his breath. His heart would be beating a million miles an hour. Looking over to the bed his eyes looked at your sleeping form immediately. “Thank you…” he thanked some upper being before rushing to your side. He wasnt tired anymore. “Jagi! Wake up! Lets do something!”

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Admin ryu

Bashful Fansign

Group: BTS

AN: I hope you like~~~


“Oh, am I making you nervous?”

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“Sweetie I won’t bite, well I will if you like that.”

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“I’m hot, I know,it makes people nervous.”

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“Smileeeee~~ Lets have a good time~”

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“I looooove you, but I would love you more if you talk to me!!”

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“You’re too cute!! I bet your voice is cute too let me hear!!”

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“Ahhh sweetie talk to me~~”

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BTS Reaction to You Falling Asleep Mid-Sentence

I honestly think it is really funny when I fall asleep mid-sentence. If I am talking and start to drift into slumber, I will dream that I am still talking, so when I wake up I will be on a whole new topic. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: “Yes, and then I was trying to add the sauce to the duck meat… but… then… too soft…” Your words started to trail off as you spoke. Jin nodded his head, dipping his head down for a moment as he ate his ramen. When he looked up at you on his computer screen, he found you lying with your head on the keyboard. He chuckled, knowing it was late already. “Okay sweetie, I will just sit here eating in case you wake up. In an hour, I will turn off the call,” he said to your sleeping image.

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Suga: It was normal for the two of you to have a skype call or FaceTime chat late at night. During these calls, he would usually be working on his music while you tell him about your day or while you are reading. While you were telling him about some of the things you were working on, he worked on his own stuff. It took him a moment to realize that your silence was lasting longer than it typically would. When he looked over to the screen, he noticed you deep in sleep. He smiled softly, letting you sleep while he continued to work on his music.

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J-Hope: He knew that it was sort of his fault for coming over to your apartment after dance. It was already near three in the morning when he came by and tried to hang out with you. You did your best to keep up a conversation with him. “I think your newest dance was…” you were in the middle of talking when your eyes closed and your words trailed off. Hobi looked down at you, feeling bad for having kept you up, and cared you to your bed to tuck you in.

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Rapmon: It was nothing new for him to have one of you fall asleep during a call with one another. When he heard you talking about a new book you were reading, he watched you as you slowly began to fade into sleep. Your eyes slowly fluttered shut, making you look absolutely peaceful. He didn’t try to keep you awake. “Sweetie, maybe we should hang up so your battery doesn’t die,” he suggested as he started to hang up the call so you could sleep well.

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Jimin: “I am not tired. I just needed to close my eyes for a second,” you insisted as Jimin tried to hang up on the call with you. He rolled his eyes, letting you know that it was okay if you needed to get some sleep. “Trust me, Jiminnie, I know when… I am…” Your eyes began to close once again as you started to fall asleep. He chuckled to himself. “Hey!” He yelled in order to wake you. When you looked up at him, he was smiling teasingly. “Told you that you were tired. Now hang up and get some rest so we can talk tomorrow.”

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V: Taehyung was always super lively when he called you after a concert, no matter what the time was. When he called you after the concert in Osaka, he hadn’t realized how late it was for you back home. You struggled to stay away and talk to him, but you continuously closed your eyes and took a brief, two second nap. “I just spent the day mostly-” your words stopped abruptly as you fell asleep. “Hey! Jagi! Jagi, you were talking!” Taehyung yelled to you over the call; instantly waking you.

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Jungkook: Jungkook was used to you falling asleep on him while the two of you were talking, but every now and then, he got into the mood to tease you playfully about it. You were in the middle of talking when you started to drift off. “Hello? Hey! At least let me know if you are going to start falling asleep. I don’t want to be in the middle of…” he teased you, mocking you as he began to pretend to fall asleep while scolding you. You laughed, sticking your tongue out at him.

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“Remember that days, when we went to school? All the thinks whe learned and all the thinks we do together? They were a beautiful days… But that days are gone forever. I belive that maybe, in another place, in another time,in another live, we could be together and happy again.” -Chisa Yukisome.

AAAAND ANOTHER COMISSION FINISHED!! This is special, is for my friend @ministarfruit (if you don’t now her, look in her tumblr because its really cute and her art is gorgeous!).
Thanks for ask me to do this three! I hope you like it sweety~!

“Can I kiss you?” - Sam Drake x Reader

for @notcrazytobeawesome - thank you so much, sweetie! <33 I hope you like this one!

Words: 1350

Nate and Elena always invited you out to dinner with them but most of the time you felt like the third wheel. You explained this to Elena and her suggestion shocked you to say the least. “How about we invite Sam this time and it can be like a double date.”

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Are you stunned by my beautiful banner yes this is my masterpiece. its unbelievable. I feel like I need to do this before Seventeen Asia tour start because im gonna be hella busy and I just reached 4k yayyy!! *heart confetti*. Thank-you for the consistent tremendous amount of supports, especially lately I’ve been receiving it every way <3. Sending all my gratitude to all my sweetie<3. I wish i can give all of you shout-out….. I hope that I can continue giving you joys, laughters, and a bit of jihan everyday <3  

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Joker x Harley Quinn: Patient

“How’s my favorite patient?” A voice sounded behind Harley. Harley turned around, smile shinning on her face, she fixed her hair and straightening her clothes as the Joker walked into the room.

“Great, sweetie!” Harley beamed, walking up to him and hugging him around the waist. She would be content to stay in this position forever, staring at his tattooed chest. But alas, there were people to torment and a bat to catch.

“Fantastic.” Joker pat her head, removing her arms from around his waist, “Is there anything daddy can do to make it more comfortable for you in here?”

Harley glanced around. They were in one of the many labs in Arkham, her home for the past few days, as Mr. J put his “final touches” on her mind. She wished her Joker and herself could go someplace private. Still, she was happy to stay here, if it meant Joker would be visiting her like he did.  She had been sleeping on one of the surgical tables. Harley supposed could ask for entertainment a newspaper, television, a couple magazines, anything. She wanted to ask to go with him wherever it was he went during the hours he wasn’t with her but she figured that wouldn’t work out. There wasn’t much to the room, except for the two henchmen in the corner playing cards. She suspected they were her guards, as they never left her alone. Did they think she would run away?

The Joker moved until he was in front of her, wanting her attention back on him. She smiled, touching his wrist.

“I don’t like him.” Harley said pointing to the henchmen on the right. The henchmen looked up from the card game and gave Harley an evil look. Harley sneered at him. 

“Him?” The Joker asked, flicking his eyes to glance at the henchmen.

“Yes,” Harley nodded, “He’s always staring at me.” The Joker swiftly put two bullet holes into the chest of the henchmen Harley was pointing at. She snickered, Harley couldn’t help it - what a funny sight - as the man fell to his knees then slumped over awkwardly, dead. Harley started laughing, the Joker turned back to her, his hand moved up under her chin he stroked it once and dropped his hand. Harley’s pulse jumped.

“I don’t like him either,” Harley pointed to Frost who was standing by the door the Joker had come through.

“Harley,” The Joker kept his eyes on her, smiling, “He has valuable information, after that runs out…” He kept the sentence open, “Anyway we have to keep my army strong.” 

Well at least she got rid of one of them. 

“Harley, daddy needs to talk to you about something rather serious.” Joker said as the other henchmen scurried from the room, the dead body forgotten by the two clowns. “Our time together might be coming to an end.” Harley looked stricken, “Listen to me. Harley, we suspect the police will be invading soon and you will be perceived as a hostage and taken away.” Joker said, keeping his eyes locked with hers.

“B-But Mr. J,” She was shaking her head, “I love you. I want to stay with you.”

“Yes, of course you do.” Joker straightened his clothes, “I’ll come find you when I see fit.”

“But puddin…” Harley was staring at him, she felt the lump starting to form in her throat.

“No ‘but’’s,” The Joker kept her eyes, “Harl, this is the fun game I’ve been telling you about, remember? One that you’ll be apart of very soon.”

Harley nodded, still not happy but if it was what the Joker wanted then she would do it.

“Remember?” He asked again, bending to her eye level.

“Yes, puddin’.” She smiled for him.

“Good,” Mr. J rubbed his hands together, “Now, time for your daily treatment!”

Thanks for reading! 

(I’m not that happy with this. It’s missing something but I don’t know what. Sorry if Joker and Harley seemed weird this is my first time writing them. Who knew they would be this hard to write?!?!?)  

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GOT7 reaction to seeing their girlfriend sleeping half naked.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:
Can I get a reaction for got7 when they come home after practice and see their s/o sleeping half naked since it’s summer and it’s hot. Please and thank you!!

here you go sweetie, i hope you like it.
The next profile will be announced shortly, remember to send in profile ideas over the weekend!
there maybe not be any reaction over the weekend, ill try and get some out, but I’m not sure of the schedule. 
~ahgase Omma 


at first he just smiles at you sleeping there, but then before he knows it he’s eyes are trailing up and spotting your underwear showing slightly, not enough to first notice, he’s smile grows larger. he would love to come home to this view everyday.


he’s eyes are instantly on your bare skin, he smiles at you sleeping there with the blanket splayed allover the bed. he wonders how you’ve even managed it, but he can’t stop thinking about how soft your skin is right now


he smirks at how unbelievably cute you are right now! he loves these hot days so much for this one thing alone. you being half naked sprawled out on his bed, he just what he needs at the end of a long day.


as much as he loves he, he has to make sure your ok, not too hot, he gets the thinnest blanket in the dorm and places it over you. he gets water and places on the bedside table. once he’s happy that your comfortable, he then takes the time to enjoy the look of you peacefully resting.


Deep down he absolutely loves it! he can’t stop smiling, as hard as he tries not to show it, it just breaks through. he would cover his mouth in a way to ‘silence’ he’s smile, he doesn’t want to wake you up, he wants to sit, stare and get inspired.


What a surprising turn of events, one minute he’s tried from training, now he couldn’t feel more alive! he finds it so sexy and adorable all at the same time. he tiptoes around the room trying not to trip over, he gently slides into bed. its literally the quickest he’s ever gotten changed.


he can’t help but smirk at the way you sleep when its hot, the outfit choice he loves, your starfishing all over his bed is the funniest thing in the world, how could someone so small take up 90% of his bed! however he's favourite thing is having to man handle you out the way so he can get into bed and smother you in kisses.

Gifs are not my own

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hey there! I'm having a really rough night atm and I actually cried over stupid shit, so could I request my favourite edgelord Reapsy and some HC/imagined for comforting stupid little ole me haha. I basically got blocked for doing nothing at all to the person, and earlier my mum scolded me for my opinions online. I actually struggle with a lot of issues and tonight's shit actually gave me insomnia. I'll shout you out tomorrow on my OW imagines blog as a thanks for the imagine/HC :")

;-; sweetie! No need to fear, I am here, I’m quite queer, Let’s get Reinhardt for some beer, and try to have a nice rest of year- yeah okay I’ll stop, but I’m here for you and I hope you’ll feel better soon!


- If Reaper finds you in a state of sadness, he’ll try to figure out who the hell did this to his lover. He’ll be standing there, like, doing the Sherlock Holmes thing, thinking really fast, while you’re just looking up at him, looking really miserable.

- About 2 minutes later, he’s like “Shit, should I do something?” and stop thinking so much about who he’s going to torture. He’d gruffly clear his throat and asked if everything was alright.

- Which is dumb, he realises 2 seconds later, because you’re clearly not.

- So, if no one is around, he’d softly huff, take off his mask and just pull you into a one armed hug, his other hand lightly carressing your jaw as he tugs your chin up to look at him. Reaper’s face holds a lopsided frown and he gives you a gentle kiss on the nose.

-Then he’ll plonk you down on a couch or a chair or something

- Go to the goddamn kitchen and make you some comfort food.

- He gets so generous, he allows you to rest your face on his lovely t h i c k thighs. They’re really soft.

-If you want, he’ll lovingly fuck you. Not make love, he’s to edgy for that. And rough. But it’ll be slower and he’ll be trailing kisses all over your face.

-And then he goes to find the sick fuck who made you sad and destroys them.

-If something else made you sad, like a movie, he promises to kill the director of the movie.

- No, Hot Topic, No

-He honestly tries so hard to make sure you’re alright, he makes you food, you cuddle, you get to watch a n y t h i n g you want with him without his complaints, slow sex, hell, he’ll let you do his nails (only in black of course) if it makes you happy!

ayokoreans  asked:

Nash, Haizaki, Hanamiya and Imayoshi where they see their girlfriend who's the completely opposite of them (shy and really nice) talking to a guy who shares their girlfriend's personality and the boys get insecure that their girlfriend will leave them for someone kinder? I love your writing btw

Ah! Thank you sweetie! I’m glad you like my writing! I hope you enjoy this! :D

Haizaki: “What did that nerd want?”

Startled, you looked at him, teeth digging into your lip. There was a bit of fear in your eyes, wondering if you’d made him mad in someway. Shaking your head, you pushed back a piece of hair, hesitantly reaching for his hand.

“H..He just wanted to ask about class..” you whispered, not meeting his eyes. You knew he was angry, if not by how his eyes glared daggers, it was how he stood, ready to pounce. You were shocked when he actually reached for your hand, a thumb rubbing your skin tentatively as he grunted, walking with you out of the gates. 

You didn’t dare mention the blush on his cheeks or the way his fingers slightly shook in your hold. Instead, a tiny smile curled on your lips, realizing he was only acting this way because he cared.

Hanamiya: He told himself he didn’t care. He didn’t own you, or control what you did. If you wanted to interact with other males, that’s fine with him.Yet, there was a tiny flicker of pain when he saw you laugh shyly at another kid in the class. 

Maybe you were better off without him.

He frowned at this, shaking his head and clicking his tongue. Hell no. If he couldn’t have you, no one else could. So.. maybe getting you a flower here and there wouldn’t be a bad idea.. if it meant you would smile at him like that.

Imayoshi: He watched with fox-like eyes as you played with the hem of your skirt, a gentle smile curled on your lips at the equally shy boy in front of you. Imayoshi wasn’t one to worry too much about other boys coming after you, but he did have a few doubts once in a while.

He wasn’t exactly a nice guy.

However, when you ran back to him, placing a tentative kiss to his cheek, before you blushed heavily, he knew there was nothing to worry about. So he continued his teasing, making sure to wipe away the couple embarrassing tears you cried when it got too much.

Nash: A frown curled on his lips, almost turning into a sneer as he waited for you to hurry up. He didn’t know why you were busy talking with that runt, not when he was a much better person to talk with. Then again, he looked down at the ground, maybe you’d be better with someone like that brat.

He wouldn’t blame you if you had left him for someone kinder.. someone less intimidating.. He would hate it.. and probably throw a fit for a while.. But ultimately, if that’s what you wanted, he couldn’t stop you.

He scoffed again, almost jumping when you grabbed his hand, giving him an apologetic smile. He looked around, noticing the guy was gone, but before he could ask what he wanted, you brought his hand to your lips, a blush painting your cheeks at the gesture in public.

He let out a sound between a grunt and laugh, holding your hand in his as the two of you headed home. Why he felt insecure was beyond him. But he wouldn’t lose to someone like that. He then laughed at his own weakness.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Spencer x Reader where reader is dating Spencer. She's very idealistic and hopeful and just really tries to see the best in people. Spencer is protective of her outlook on the goodness of people and kind of tries to keep details of his job and stuff from her, because he knows it will upset her. One day, she's somehow exposed to how awful the world really is and then comes comfort and fluff from Spencer? Thanks for reading and possibly writing this request

Absolutely sweetie, hope you like it.

Ignorance is bliss

Spencer x Reader

Word count: 1,760

Song: Save you by Simple Plan

Warnings: Home invasion, violence, and knives

Originally posted by aglassofwhiskey

You and Spencer met when you were hired by J.J and Will to watch Henry when they went out. You had the job for a few months when J.J invited you to come to dinner, and meet her team. You and Spencer were both shy, but towards the end of the evening you were more relaxed. Then when it came time for you to go he walked you to your car, where you asked him out.

You started dating, fell in love. Eventually you moved in together. But to you, no matter how hard you tried to get him to open up, it felt like he was always holding back. It even felt like J.J was hiding things back from you. You could only assume it was because of your idealistic view of the world.

When you were little, your parents always taught you to see the good in people. It was a quality you carried with you through your life. You kept it through years of being bullied. You even kept it with you when your parents died. But that all changed on that one, horrific day.

You and Henry were hanging out, watching a movie. Will was running late. Spencer had texted a few hours ago, letting you know that they were on their way home from a mission. So it was just the two of you. Or at least that’s what you thought.

Henry was asleep lying across the couch with his head in your lap. You were on the verge of unconsciousness yourself, when some shuffling came from the back of the house. Shaking yourself awake, you gingerly lifted Henry’s head from your lap and put him down on the couch.

You made your way to the kitchen where you thought the noise was coming from and called out “J.J? Will? Is that you?”

There was no response. You were about to call out again but then you remembered, Henry was asleep. So you closed your mouth and went to look for them.  You came up empty and returned back to Henry, shaking off that strange sense of foreboding.

He was still asleep, snoring a little making you smile a little. You were still watching him when the unease returned making you slowly turn around. Behind you was a man you didn’t recognize, coming right at you from the kitchen.

You let out a bloodcurdling scream and ran to Henry. You shook him and half carried, half dragged him towards the stairs. “Henry wake up!!” You shouted.

He looked around confused, then he saw the man and his eyes popped open in fear and his eyes filled with tears as he looked back at you.

“Henry run! Go upstairs and lock the door. I’ll be right behind you I promise.” Your heart was pounding in your chest as you raced up the stairs after him pushing him towards an open door.

But the intruder was faster than you were. He quickly caught up to you and grabbed your ankle causing you to fall and shriek. Henry paused at the top of the stairs and looked back at you. You tried your hardest to look strong for him as your body banged down the stairs. “Run” you mouthed when his eyes met yours. And just like that he was gone.

Once he was out of sight you let the tears fall. You tried to fight back twisting away but his hold on your ankle only tightened until there was a crack, causing you to whimper in pain. “If you don’t do as I say that will be the last thing you half to worry about.” He said reaching the ground floor and letting go of you for a moment so he could walk around and tug your hair so you were kneeling before him.

You looked up at him with defiance in your eyes. “Feisty one aren’t you?” He asked reaching into his pocket and pulling out a knife, running it down your face “And pretty.”

“What do you want?” You asked cringing away from the knife cutting into your skin.

He sighed “Like you don’t know. The fucking B.A.U killed my brother. So I’m here to return the favor. I was planning on taking the kid, but when I watched the house I found out that you have a connection to two of them. Not to mention the attachment you have to the kid. Killing you will devastate them all.”

You felt a shiver roll down your back as you looked up into his cold dead eyes, thinking maybe you could reason with him, appeal to his humanity.  “Your brother wouldn’t want you to do this would he? Besides I’m sure that they didn’t mean to kill him. It was probably just an accident. They don’t kill people.”

He huffed with disbelief “Oh sweetheart you are so naive to think that bringing what my brother into this.” He said pausing to consider something. “Actually, knowing my brother, he would be glad that I’m doing this. I know that he would do the same for me.”

You shook with fear hearing how unfeeling his voice was. He wrenched your hair, sending agony through your body, so you were standing up in front of him. “Now don’t move or I might change my mind and decide to go after the kid.”

You stood still. There was no way you were going to let him get to Henry. You would rather die first. So you did as he said. Even when brought the knife down so it was kissing your neck, you stood there. He pushed down on the knife until the slight pop of skin breaking echoed in your ear, and slowly began to drag the knife across your neck.

The door crashed open and in walked Spencer, his gun trained at the man. Your captor quickly pulled you In front of him so you shielded him from Spencer’s aim.

“Put the gun away or I’ll kill her.” He threatened pushing the knife deeper in your neck electing a cry of pain from you.

The tears from before began to fall faster as you looked at Spencer with a mixture of relief and fear.

When he looked at you, putting away his gun, you read anguish in his brown eyes. “Okay. Just, please don’t hurt her. It’s us you want, not her. Take me instead.”

Spencer was distracting him in order for J.J and Hotch to sneak in through the back door. J.J walked closer to him as he considered Spencer’s offer and banged him over the head with her gun, making his grip on you loosen allowing you to break free.

He fell to the floor in a heap while Hotch grabbed his cuffs to arrest him. J.J ran towards the stairs were Henry was seeing that Spencer had you, and gathered him into her arms.

You stayed huddled in Spencer’s arms while the adrenaline fled, leaving you weak and tired. He held you while tears of his own escaped with relief that you were okay.

When he had gotten the call from Henry terror had seized him. You were his only thought as he raced through the front door not knowing what the plan was. But you were safe, although he knew you couldn’t live through something like that and come out unchanged, you were alive and that was all that mattered.

Once the paramedics had looked at, and bandaged the cut along your neck plus your broken ankle, Spencer took you home. You were lost in your mind while he drove, watching you from the corner of his eye. His concern for you was radiating off him in waves when he finally pulled up in front of your house and carried you inside.

He sat you down on the bed you shared, and then moved about the room getting things ready for bed. You took the time to gather your thoughts and think about what you wanted to say. When there was only one lamp on he sat down next to you on the bed and waited for you to talk.

“You know I wanted so badly to believe that people were good. I wanted to believe it for my parent’s. It was last thing I had of them. But after today, witnessing all the evil a person can possess up close, I don’t believe that anymore. I think a part of me always guessed but it was nothing like today.” You said staring at the wall in front of you.

“He was going to kill me. He was going to kill Henry. And I saw in his eyes, he felt no guilt, no remorse for it. I just can’t keep doing this turning a blind eye to the bad in the world thing anymore, and you need to stop trying to protect me from it.” You finished finally turning to look at him.

“I know y/n. I know.” He sighed “I just wanted so badly to protect you from everything. You have such a beautiful way of looking at the world. I was afraid telling you the details of my job, telling you about all the monsters out there, would ruin you. So I kept some of it quiet and I asked J.J to do the same.”

He gathered you into his arms “I’m sorry this happened to you y/n. I wish I could save you from all this but I know I can’t, and it kills me.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and breathed in his sent, letting the tension that still lingered fall away from your shoulders.

“You know when we got the call from Henry I was picking out a ring for you?” He said pulling away just enough so he could wipe away tears from both your cheeks.

You smiled through the tears “Of course I’ll marry you Spencer. I don’t need a ring, I just need you.” You said kissing him. He pulled away grinning at you and reaching into his pocket.

“Well I guess we won’t be needing this.” He said holding a small white gold ring with a diamond on it, out to you.

You laughed holding your hand out. He slipped the ring on to your finger, and then tugged you down enfolding you in his arms. You hummed with delight burrowing further into his arms, drifting off to sleep. Even though the world was an awful place you knew that you would be able to get through it with Spencer by your side.

Truth or Dare-Pietro Maximoff Imagine

Requested by @mylittlefandomfanfictions. Thanks sweetie. Hope you  like it. Si eu te iubesc!

“Pietro Maximoff fic? He’s been denying his feelings for the reader for a very long time but the others notice the way he looks at her so the come up with a plan to get him to confess? Then maybe a little time skip and they’ve been together for a few months? Lots of fluff but ending with smut?? Thank you doll! Te iubesc ❤️❤️❤️❤️ “

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Smut

Words: 1,886

A/N: Well, I kinda skipped the time skip, but still hope you like it doll. English isn’t my first language so you might find some grammar mistakes. Enjoy!

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You were currently stood outside with Clint. You were both shooting arrows, as usually. After joining the Avengers, you and Clint befriended really quick. He was always willing to train with you and he soon enough gained your trust.

“Shooting from one hundred feet? What do you think, Y/N? Can you handle it” Clint challenged, full aware that you could do it.

“Bet your ass I can” You said, lifting your bow and pulling at the string. Suddenly, you felt a strange breeze behind you and a palm on your lower back. You lost control for a brief moment and the arrow flew directly at Clint, who fortunately caught it with ease. 

“Told you you couldn’t do it, Y/N.” He said, a smirk plastered on his face. “Oh, and hi Pietro.” He said, nodding to the man behind you.

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Anon asked: Can I get the iwatobi boys and samezuka boys head cannons: what chubby reader-chan does that makes her more sexy?

Sure thing anon!~ Here ya go, I hope you like it and remember sweeties, no matter your size - strut your stuff honey!~

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——> Iwatobi:

Haru: The way you move in the water, doesn’t matter if it’s in the tub or in the ocean. Haru loves the way your chubby physique looks gliding through the rise and fall of the water, and the way it drips and slides across your plush skin and into the dips and curves of your body. “(y/n)-chan, why don’t we stay in a little longer, you need to get wetter.”

Makoto: How confident you are when you’re around him. You’re not afraid to wear clothing that clings to you or shows what you’re not so happy about. He adores you chubby form and loves the confidence that radiates off of you when you’re together. He’s not complaining about the view he gets either. “(y/n)-chan, I like the shirt, it fits in all the right places, you should wear it more often.”

Rei: Your intelligence about topics that he thought he was only an expert in. You surprise him to no end with your knowledge and your views on certain things. Not only did you have a wonderful body, but you had a wonderful brain too. He loves having deep conversations with you daily as he enjoys your company. “(y/n)-san, you’re exceptional, how about telling me your view on the oil spillage?”

Nagisa: Your cute cosplays that you make and show off to him. He likes to see how creative you can be  when making them and how it shows off your beautiful body. The way the clothing clings to you and how adorable you look. He has a thing with bringing them into the bedroom too and each week it’s a different cosplay that you show off to him. “(y/n)-chan, show me the one, with the little skirt, that’s my favorite.”

——> Samezuka:

Rin: The way you sleep like you don’t have any cares in the world always gets him going. How you’re on your side - your wide hips and the soft rolls of your body on display for him. He likes to hold you when you’re asleep like that, caressing your soft sides and planting sweet kisses on your exposed skin - things he’d be embarrassed to do if you were awake. “You’re so perfect (y/n), never change.”

Nitori: Your unique laugh that sounds like bells to him. He always tries to make you laugh just so he could hear it and when he does, he just smiles and and holds you close. When you’re cuddling he likes to tickle you to hear your laugh and you’ll let out the occasional snort which he finds adorable. He loves how your chubby cheeks light up and your dimples show when you laugh or grin. “Don’t hide your face (y/n), it’s too cute to be hidden.”

Momo: The different underwear you wear around him. You usually go to his dorm to stay the weekends with him and his roommate really isn’t there so you prance around in a tank top and undies. He loves the way your thighs and legs look -so thick and scrumptious. He likes to pick different pairs out for you to get, his favorite are lace and frills. “(y/n)-chan, these are my favorite, you know I can’t help myself when you wear those.” 

Seijuro: Your support for him makes him smile with pride for you. You attend every practice and competition and motivate him to the end. He loves looking up at you as you wave your adorable chubby form around and yell praise down at him. It makes him work so much harder and afterwards, you get an award as well. “Don’t worry (y/n)-chan! I’ll win this one for you babe!”

Sousuke: The way your chubby form looks in his T-shirts. He likes the way the material clings to your form and outlines your curves so well and it’s a bit short on you, making your undies peek out a bit. You just look so cute especially when you blush when you realize the shirt doesn’t really cover some parts. “You look great (y/n), but I think it’ll look better on the floor.”