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Three parts of a whole - Batman x Reader x Superman (NSFW)

Summary : The Batman, Superman and You are in a polyamory relationship, and it couldn’t be better. Well…Maybe it could.

I wrote this in twenty five minutes, and FUCK it’s a long story…Anyway, hope you’ll like it, I’m going to hide in a cave now :s :

WARNING : THIS IS SMUT ! Like there’s cute and sweet feelings in the mix, but also sex scenes, like super graphic depiction of sex, so if you’re not comfortable with that and all that blahblahblah, this story ain’t for you ^^’. I have tons of other very SFW story, for averyone to read, and if you wanna check those out instead, it’s right here, on My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com.


“What’s normal to the spider is chaos to the fly” was a line in one of your favorite TV show, The Addams Family.

And oh it kinda ruled your entire life !

You knew ever since you were three, and attending your first day of school, when you realized not everyone had two dads (some had what they called “moms” !) that what people called “normal”, would never fit you.

And oh as you grow up that fact only became more and more obvious.

It didn’t help either, that so many people would point out your differences constantly, like your two gay dads, your little birthmark that went from your forehead and over your eyes, your obsession with some unconventional things, the fact that you were a “nerd” etc etc…Oh everyone always made so many comments about how weird and different you were !

Everyone…but them. They never judge. Hell, they even understood. Because they weren’t “normal” either.

Come to think of it, it was probably what made you fall for them. Fall for them, hard. You smile at the memory of when you met them when a sound brings you back to reality. A rather obscene sound really…

Right. This is what sprout your mind thinking about how you weren’t “normal” compare to most people. What was happening right now.

You smile at the source of the sound, shaking your head slightly, and kiss it on the lips. Kiss him.

Clark Kent aka Superman, one of the love of your life, with whom you were talking about the Batman’s “O” face. Totally normal right ?”

Your kiss unfocused him from imitating Bruce’s orgasm face (and sound) and he tries to catch your mouth back with his, his tongue darting out of his lips, but you escape his grasp, crawling to the other side of the couch.

He pouts like a child at the loss of your warmth..it was so comfortable and cosy, to have you snuggled against him !

You wink at him and he melts a bit, but before he can chase after you or anything of the like, you say :

-I’m sorry Clark, but his “o” face isn’t quite like that. It’s more like…

You scrunch up your nose a little bit and clench your jaw tight…before rolling your eyes to the back of your skull, scrunching up your nose even more, and opening your mouth to let out a guttural and very unlady like growl of pleasure.

Clark was intently looking at you, from his side of the couch, and, clearly, was on the verge of bursting into tears of laughter.

-Hahahahaha yes ! Yes that’s it ! Even the little sexy groan !

You both start to laugh and imitate the mighty Batman’s face when he has an orgasm and…you don’t really know why it’s so funny really. Maybe it’s the fact that the two of you know him in another light than his usually so stoic and emotionless self ? You don’t really know…but it’s damn hilarious ! (And a bit sexy).

Clark high fives you after your amazing and so truthful to the original performance, and…it’s like you both can’t help it. As if all it takes is a single touch of each others’ skin and…

The high five never really stops, as Clark tangles his fingers with yours and pulls you on top of him.

Your lips connect instantly, as his free hand goes to settle on the small of your back and yours go flying around his shoulders. As often between the two of you, it turns heated, as his tongue brush your lips and you grant him access to your mouth.

The hand that’s on the small of your back creep under your shirt and slowly removes it, as you unbutto…

-I know it has been two months since you two last saw each others, but you could have waited for me…

You tear yourself off of Clark and turn your head to the side to see the other love of your life…Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

There was a reason, you and Clark knew his “o” face so well.

And that reason was another proof your life wasn’t situated anywhere on the “normal” spectrum.

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Venus: We’re actually getting married this Saturday. We’re having a reception at our house. You’re welcome to stop by if you’d like.

Papaya: Oh my! I’m honored. 

Monarch: We would love to celebrate with our new neighbors. 

Helios: Well I have to go open up the restaurant. 

Venus: Sorry, but we hope to see you two again soon! 

Papaya: You two are welcome here anytime! 

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your edits are always so unique! I wish I had like, a quarter of your skills lol. can't wait to see what you come up with next 🙌💕

oh my gosh this is so sweet (;´༎ຶ۝༎ຶ`)!!! tysm love !! I hope I don’t disappoint ahsbsjdbdnd& ily 💞 hope u have a great day :+) *sprinkles my half ass skills on u*

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Hi! Thank you for making lovely comics and art with skill and care, it really shows! ^-^ I had a question about P. Crane. Does his height change at all when he adopts the look of an au's local Sans, or is it purely a color/face thing? I know he's somewhat tall, but say there's a particularly short Sans in an au. Does he get a bit shorter too, maybe by an inch or two? Thanks again! You have been, and are, very inspiring to me on my own artistic journey. Keep up the good work! ~Q

That’s a pretty interesting question ! The answer is no, Crane cannot change height that easily. For that he need to lose matter AKA get injured like lose an arm or something. He would reform into a much shorter version of himself until he gather back the material he lost.

Your nice words are so sweet… I’m really glad to be able to inspire people and I hope that no matter what, you’ll keep draw and grow, keep it up too~<3

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Thank you~! 

I’m so thrilled to hear you like my art as well as Once a Thief. Both of which I work so hard on, and it really makes my day to hear things like this. 

Have some flattered and shy Chat Noir, because you are so sweet. I hope your day is just as wonderful as you have made mine. 


@delightfullydecadentlight Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! Thank you for being you! So grateful for our friendship, that we met and became such great friends & lucky/blessed to have such a sweet amazing friend like you in my life!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! Wishing you an amazing year ahead filled with lots of love, happiness, laughter, Aaron and Tveit Adventures!!! Here’s to another year of friendship and adventures!! Love & Hugs!!😘🎉🎂🎁🎈💕

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Hey Dark, before I go to bed, I'd like to say, "I love you." Have a wonderful night!

How sweet of you. I’ve enjoyed our conversation tonight, not many are brave enough to come off of anon, let alone speak to me more than once. I do hope you’ll pop by again in future, Blue. 
Have a gentle night yourself. Sweet Nightmares~

-Cerevire Darkiplier

Perfect Lie

Summary: sister!reader is married and has a daughter, living the normal life she never though she would have…. until something happens.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, sister!reader, reader’s daughter, and reader’s husband.

Reader’s Age: 28-29

Word Count: 935

A/N: This will probably be a short series, I thought of this in class (I daydream in class and always come up with ideas to write) Hope you guys like it!

Being a Winchester, you grew up in the hunting life. You and your brothers Sam and Dean ended up moving into the bunker when you were 13 years old. You always dreamed of growing up, marrying someone and having kids. But since you were a hunter, you thought you’d never have any of that, but you did.

You ended up meeting someone in college. Yes, you ended up going to college, which you never thought would happen. His name was Michael and he seemed sweet. You started dating him, and falling in love. You two were perfect for each other. After you two graduated college, he found a job and so did you. Since you two had been dating for two years, you bought a house and moved in with him. Later on, you guys got married. What was even better, was that Sam and Dean like the guy.

One day, you stopped by the bunker to visit your brothers, since you felt the need to catch up with them, and since you had to tell them something. 

“Sam? Dean?” You called out after knocking.

“Hey! Y/N, what’s up.” Dean greeted you with a hug, followed by a hug from Sam.

“Just wanted to stop by because I missed my brothers.” You said cheerfully.

“Awwww.” Sam teased.

“Why’re you so bubbly?” Dean asked. 

“Com’ere, sit down.” They followed you to the library.

“What is it?” Sam pried, getting impatient. “Well, Michael and I have been together for a year now….” “And….” Dean said. “I have some exciting news.” “Jeez, Y/N, get to the point!” Sam joked.

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Dear Marshall, I like you. I have retyped this a thousand times in hope of expressing my feelings in a poetic and beautiful way, but every attempt results in the cheesiest shit I’ve ever read. You do not know me. I wish I could know you. But I fear I am not that lucky. Much love, The Sad Boy

!!! this is sweet omg message me off anon if u wanna?? if not i hope u have a swell day

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I'm one of your recent commissioners (my friend showed me your art at A-Fest and I fell in love) and I knew about your squids but I didn't KNOW about them. I just spent the last hour reading about them and dear god I'm in love. You do such amazing work I'm so excited to see mine and my friends characters brought to life by you!!

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hello teacher, I am the young witchling who asked you to be her mentor. I was wondering if you could give me basic information on altars, ex. How to use it, how it works, how to build one whether real or virtual, etc. I was also wondering if you could tell me basic info about grimoires and books of shadows. Thank you :) Btw your blog gives me the feeling of the home I always wanted but unfortunately never got to have

greetings, sweet one! :-) firstly, i would like to apologize for my very belated reply. i hope that you still see this answer, and that it offers you some helpful advice. 😌

i’ve been building altars since i was a little girl. i think it’s always just been a natural fascination of mine; i see them as sacred spaces that provide hope, inspiration, and calm. 

altars are, in general, areas you create to inspire just those things i have listed. an altar can be centered around pretty much any theme - a season, a god/goddess, a holiday, yourself, something you love, something you would like to have more of in your life. they can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. the physical form of an altar (which sits in a room) contains objects that go along with the theme (of course)! for example, if you were to create an altar to draw more money into your life, you may wish to include green candles, a few coins, the color gold, currency symbols, citrine stones… the works. once you have created your altar, you may add anything you wish along the line, or keep it one certain way. this is really up to you! come to your altar in times of confusion, when you wish to meditate, etc… and feel free to boost its energetic powers by lighting incense or candles or adding little personal notes in a jar that rests on it! c: check out this guide i created a few months ago for some extra inspiration: An Altar to Yourself. <3

virtua altars are something i don’t have as much experience with, but am still intrigued by nonetheless. in our modern world, keeping an altar may not be so easy for everyone due to time, space, and privacy, so  they may resort to creating an “online” altar instead, just as some choose to make virtual Book of Shadows.’ you may want to consider creating your own virtual altar by keeping a themed moodboard on Pinterest (or as a private document in Google Docs), filled with images that inspire you and chants or spells that match your desired theme. 😊

as far as keeping a Book of Shadows goes, it should be just as personal as your altar! it’s a sacred space for you to keep track of your practice, write down lists of crystals, herbs, oils, and magickal correlations; journal things you have accomplished and things you wish to accomplish, and generally pour all your creative energies into. decorate it how you wish. write in it what you wish. and don’t ever feel like it has to be compared to anybody else’s - what makes a grimoire special is that it is *yours.* :-) and, of course, it can be kept online! - Google Docs is a wonderful place for this, as you can paste images, color code, and alter is to your liking. cx 

i hope this helps, angel. and i am so happy to hear that my blog provides you wish such wonder and content. 😌💕

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Im sorry, are u aware that u r my favorite person in the world??? ur art??? Exquisite. ur keith cosplay???? Delightful. Just being on ur blog make me think 'damn, i want to lay on my bed and listen to music with them. Or something.' bc ur such a cool dude. I like u. (Its 2:24 am rn im sorry)

UUUUUUUHH wow okay I’m dying?? this is too cute it killed me rest in pieces?

Thank you sososo much oh my god ;-; this is so sweet and u know what. 11/10 would lay around and listen to music with you too. I hope you have an incredibly fantastic weekend babe,,

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katie, my sweetheart! ♡ since you've told me that jimin is your bias, whenever i see him, i remember you. two cuties who i love with all my heart. anyways, i am curious as to what's your top five jimin mv looks? sending you lots of love xx

naz, my sweet bean! I’ve missed you, I hope you have been well ♡✧˖° awee, that makes me soooo happy! I love you to the moon & back! ahh, and that’s such a difficult question! I love any Jimin (//ω//) but I guess if I have do choose then :

  1. Serendipity ( I know, I know, not surprising at all! But soft Jimin is my favorite kind of Jimin he just looks so ethereal, I think half of the views on youtube are mine… ) 
  2. DNA ( I love this style, not just for Jimin but they all look so aesthetic!! V made me swoooooon so bad!! I love Jimin’s hair here it looks amazing! )
  3. Blood Sweat & Tears ( this video was literally everything, Jimin had me crying with his little hair flip and ahhh )
  4. Run ( boy is wildin’ and so free yee! ) 
  5. DOPE ( he looks so classy in a tie wow oh wow )

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You are my main inspiration when it comes to animation, and I hope to some day be as good as you at animation! Every day I look at your art and you, yourself as an inspiration to what I strive to be like! Thank you for being in my life!

oh my thats so sweet…thanks for saying so…

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I wanted to say something about your premium Snapchat but I hope it doesn’t come out wrong. Some of those snaps are very beautiful and artistic. Don’t get me wrong, all of them are sexy as hell. I just look at some of them and it’s amazing how someone like you doesn’t do print modeling. You are an absolute dream girl and I thank you for sharing your beauty with the rest of us.

Honestly, I would love to do modelling. However, I don’t think anyone would pick me up on that haha I don’t even know how to get into that, if I REALLY wanted to. Pinup work would be right up my alley though, that’s like a dream. Also, thank you so much for saying that, you’re always so sweet and thoughtful with you comments/asks/messages. I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday 😊

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Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^