i hope you like it sal :'d

The Doctor telling the Master it would be an honour to travel with him.

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Who’s the better poet?

Sal: look at those eyes, though. is that the girl that I know? maybe, maybe not.all I know is that she’s hot. she has green eyes like a flower and oh if she wanted to do anything I’d allow her, including things from front and back. I know, it’s like a romance attack.

Q: Blacca, Blacca! You in my way, gunshots, yo, I ain’t no hoe, you talk to me like that, I hope someone’s got your back, cause’ I’m here to say, I’m not scared of Ray Ray, also who forgot to fill icecube tray?



Sal is so cute

Ending from the game Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea for my friend Lunacy :D

I hope you like it!

PV : Clauhatena

Music : Kikuo

Vocal : Hatsune Miku

Cast : Wadanohara, Sal, Samekichi

Program : Flipnote Studio dsi