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Back in the day part 2: But I’m not your friend.

It’s been long over due. I have re-written this part more then once. And I am still not pleased. But things will be explained (for a bit…) in the next chapter (which is almost done) and it will get interesting, just need this in here so we can move the story further. So please don’t abandon me or this series ;).

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Part 1


“I’m not gonna bother you any longer” Noelle place her empty wine gass on the dinning table “So you can get ready and I can meet my man.” Noelle wiggled her brows before pulling Alexa in for a hug.

Alexa had cooked some spaghetti, as she would do most Fridays. It became a habit and Noelle joined on more then one occasion. Most of the times they would go out after they finished their plates. They would either go clubbing or go to one of Alexa’s gigs. But tonight was different. When Noelle came over she could not stop talking about a new guy, Marcus, she had met last weekend. They had dinner the Wednesday after and she was excited to meet him somewhere this weekend. Alexa loved the bubble of excitement Noelle brought with her as it had kept her mind off of Harry.

Alexa had told Noelle to text her new guy and hang out with him tonight. Noelle objected at first but Alexa tod her there would be plenty of other times she would get to see Alexa perform.

“Have fun tonight.” Noelle’s smile got wider and lit up her face.

“Thanks.” She said before puling Alexa in another hug before walking out the door.

Alexa needed to get ready for her gig. Dancing wasn’t the only thing she was good at. It was one of the things. Besides dancing in music video’s or working on choreographs for others she sung. Alexa had a great voice and was talented on the piano.

If dancing was the air in her lungs then music was definitely the blood running trough her veins.  

Most of her performances it was just Alexa and a piano but some nights she would preform with others. Like Izzy. Izzy was Jamaican but moved to LA a couple of years ago. He used drums, djembe and every other object he could find, to create a rhythm. Alexa loved the way he could form a beat and there voices mixed well together. Then there was Louise, o the lovely Louise. With her soul voice hitting every note as always. Alexa could go on and on about the talented people she had met whiles living in LA but tonight it was just Alexa and she would be singing at one of her favorite places; the hangout. The place was a bit hidden, had an outdoor area and on a good day, as most of the days in LA were, she could preform outside.

Alexa kept her mind busy as she did her best not to think of Harry and their awkward meeting. She would talk to Jessy about in the morning or so she thought.

After Alexa had walked out Harry looked at Liam in confusion.

“What was that?” Liam questioned him. “You know her.”

Harry nodded “Yeah I do” he said as he pinched his lip with his thumb and index finger.

Jessy kept quit as he watched Liam and Harry.

“So?” As Harry didn’t respond Liam waked towards him, placing his hands on his shoulders. “You good?”

Harry got out of his mind and nodded.

“Yeah, was just…. just weird.”

Jessy scrapped his troath. “Want to take a break?” Liam turned around looking from Jessy to Harry and back.

“I’m good, I’ll hang around for a bit ok?” Liam looked at Harry before walking back to his previous spot. Not really believing the being ok part.

Jessy started working again and Harry got back to his thoughts.

What did just happen? Why wasn’t it like he imagined. Alexa had never really left his mind, he just got… He jus got busy with other things. Or so he told himself. His mind went over and over there short meeting earlier and he just couldn’t find what he did wrong. Or was she mad that he hadn’t texted… On the other hand she was the one who never replied after…

“Harry.” Harry looked up from his thoughts.

“You hungry?” Harry nodded “Jessy knows a great place.” Liam gestured towards Jessy who was putting away his camera.

“I will let you in on the secret, and I’ll show you a place you have never been before.” Jessy wiggled his brows before taking the boys towards his favorite Italian restaurant.

The boys had a great time and Jessy got to know them a bit better. He liked their company but couldn’t shake the thought of what happened with Alexa. He would talk to her about that some other day but maybe… Maybe he could get something out of Harry.

“So…” Jessy started as he whipped his mouth with his napkin before placing it on his plate “Seemed like you now Lex?” Harry’s eyes narrowed for a second before answering.

“Yeah… She uh…She is an old friend.”

“A friend?” Jessy quirked a brow. “Alexa has two friends, that’s me and miss long legs” referring to Noelle. “She ain’t got time for other because she works… A lot.” Jessy did not know why Alexa hadn’t told him about Harry. Thinking about it, she never really spoke about the past or people she had know before moving to LA. Harry tilted his had as he looked at Jessy.

“You mean she is lonely?” Jessy laughed.

“No she is not. There a lot of people who want to be her friend or boyfriend.” He almost spelled the word, looking for Harry’s reaction, but none came. “But she ain’t got time.” Jessy shrug as before taking a sip of his wine. “But you to know each other from where?” Harry wanted to get out of the conversation and tried to think of a way to do so.

“Home. And how did you two meet?” Home, the word echoed in Jessy’s head, Alexa talked about her mom, sometimes but never really about others. Jessy didn’t mind but he started wandering wat happened. He could fee Harry wasn’t about to say a lot more so Jessy started talking. About how they met. They way Alexa tried to get a couch in the elevator all by her self and how they became friends after the humongous piece of furniture finally got into her apartment. Harry and Liam listened as Jessy was a very talkative and charismatic guy.

“So.. that’s how we met. And now my loves ” Jessy got his wallet as he placed some bills on the table “ I have got to go because or subject is performing tonight and I try to never miss a show.” Jessy got up but Harry stopped him. “Can we come?” “Yes that would be great.” Liam chipped in. Jessy looked between the two men before he nodded “Sure.”

They arrived when Alexa had already started. Jessy got his usual spot in the back as he knew that she would come over during her break. Harry loved the relaxed atmosphere of the lounge bar a place he had not been before and he loved hearing Alexa’s voice. He saw her when he sad down. She wore a simple yet white dress and her hair hung loose as it rested on her back. She put on a head which he liked. Though he knew that she would look good in anything.

He had always been intimidated him with the amount of power she could put into a song. He loved it and hadn’t really noticed that he had missed it so much.

“She is good.” Liam elbowed Harry as he gestured towards the stage.

Alexa hopped of stage and walked towards the table were Jessy usually was sitting.

A smile came across her face until she saw the other people up close, she stopped mid track. Alexa contemplated walking away but decided against it. She would talk to Jessy real quick and then go to the bar to get a drink and disappear. She took a deep breath before moving again.

“Hello love, you were great!” Jessy had called her love from the beginning of their friendship, he was almost 10 years older and thought of her like his little sister. He would come to as many of her performances as possible and would be beaming with pride. Though Alexa knew that Jessy was proud of her he would never be that open in front of her but she had heard from her fellow dancers, after occasional hook-ups with one of them from Jessy’s part, that he spoke highly of her.

“Hey you.” Alexa hugged Jessy.

“Noelle busy with Marcus?” Alexa nodded.

“Of course she is, someone is getting laid to night. “ Alexa quirked a brow at Jessy’s as she heard the irritated tone in his voice.

“Where is Jerome?”

“O don’t get me started…” Jessy’s dramatically whipped his head to the side and used his thumb and index finger to tilt his glass of wine. Alexa mouth turned in to a smile.

“So you see him tonight?”

“Of course.” She giggled at Jessy. She never really understood Jessy’s relationships. But Jerome was in for the long run as they were together, or somewhat together, for over six months.

“Come sit with us.” Liam gestured towards the empty chair next to Harry. “You were really good out there.”

“Thanks” Alexa gave Liam a shy smile.

“Better then I remembered.”  

Alexa turned her head towards Harry. He looked at her with his emerald eyes. His curls hanging loose on his shoulders. Alexa glanced over to his arms as he had rolled up the sleeves of his button up shirt.

“Wanna…. Wanna sing together? Alexa looked at him confused. “As a celebrations of our friendship” He encouraged, leaning forward, one arm on the table. Alexa sighed. He just didn’t get it. How was it that he could just pop up here and pretend that everything was peaches?

“But that’s just it Harry, were not.” Alexa’s sharp words hit him. The look on his face was a mixture of shock and hurt feelings. Jessy and Liam looked between Harry and Alexa. As there was an awkward tension before Alexa scraped her troat.

“I’m gonna get myself a drink before I get up there again.” She gave them all a polite smile before walking over to the bar.

You’re My Evil Pt.7 (Negan Fic)

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Summary: Noell meets the good doctor among others. 
POV: Third Person
Characters: Negan, OC(Noell), 2 OCs, & Dr. Carson
Warnings: language what else lol
Authors Note: So I edited the crap out of this and rewrote a lot. Hope y'all like where I’m taking this!

You’re My Evil Master List

Going down the long hallway, actively avoiding a few rooms until he reached the end of the hall. Stopping in front a large wooden door, he pushed it open and let her go in first. Closing the door behind him, Negan looked over at the two men currently sitting on the leather couch against the one wall of his office.

“Now I’m under the impression that either one of you is capable of picking locks, correct?” He asked sternly as he loomed over them. Both men nodded, clearly both nervous. 

From what Noell observed, Negans presence alone seemed to put the fear of god in anyone he happened across. It was absolutely fascinating. Shit, there was that warmth again. Focus! 

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Noelle: OMG Hi!! Sorry to just barge into your yard and everything. I just noticed while I was walking around the town that you were outside. I kinda just moved in and would sort of like to meet new people around the area. I hope that’s okay!!!

Willow: *burning intensifies*  I don’t know what’s killing me more rn.. The sunlight or her nonstop babble.

k-noelle  asked:

Can I get a scenario where the GOM are proposing to their S/O and they get help from their respective team members because they are too nervous. I love your blog by the way, it makes me smile when I see you updated. :)

Hi sweetie! Thanks for clarifying for me! I hope you like this :)

Akashi: “Sei-chan is nervous? This is… different..”

He frowned, hearing the words from his old vice captain and scoffs. 

“That’s easy for you to say.. You’re not proposing to your girlfriend.”

He sighed, giving a tiny smile, “That’s true.. But.. I’m glad you’re asking me. It’s nice to see you being so..”

He watched as Mibuchi pauses, and feels a tiny smile curling on his lips, “nervous?”

“I meant to say ‘open’. But if you think that, it’s your call.” he rubbed his back, “Either way, you made the right choice coming to me. Now, here’s what you do!”

As Mibuchi continued to explain his ‘plan’, Akashi could feel the nervousness only deepen.. He was probably better off asking Mayuzumi.. After all, no response is better than this.


He tugged on the collar of the suit, shaking his head several times as he waited for you to meet up with him. Why he actually decided to go through with this, he didn’t know.. But it was all he had, and he wasn’t going to doubt Mibuchi..

But.. was the dog suit really necessary?


He felt himself freeze when your voice echoed through the park, but he swallowed what saliva he had in his lungs, turning to meet you. Right away, he saw the confused look on your face at the get up, but before you could say anything, he put a hand up, a blush hitting his cheeks as he got on his knees.

“Before we go on our date.. I have something to ask you..” he mumbles, getting the tiny box from his pocket, He then meets your shocked face, taking a couple more breaths before smiling softly.

“I know the outfit makes no sense, but.. Mibuchi said it’d be the best.. like I was submitting myself to the commitment..” he tries to explain, barely able to keep his gaze on you. “What I mean is.. We’ve been through so much.. and.. I want to continue.. as your loyal.. partner.. so..” he pauses, feeling the heat disappear as your eyes started to water,

“Will you be my loyal partner, Mrs. Akashi?”

Kise: “How stupid are you?!!”

He pouted, rubbing his back as he held onto the ring in his hand. He decided to meet up with Kasamatsu before seeing you, because he needed advice on how ask you to marry him.

“Senpai!! Don’t be so mean!! I’ve never felt this way before!!”

He sighed, scratching his raven hair, “It’s not that hard..” he takes the box, before Kise can do anything, and shows him.

“Look. you get down on one knee.. Just like this,” he’s on his knee, opening the box and shows it to Kise, watching his reaction, “And then you say, ‘I love you ____, Will you marry me?”

He squealed then, hiding his face behind his hands as he gushed, “S-Senpai!! You know ___-cchi has my heart! How dare you ask me that!”

He whines when a foot hits his face, noticing the blush on his old captain’s face, a scowl present on his lips. He crawls to Kise, placing the open box in his hand, and smiles at him.

“You’ll do fine Kise. Just say exactly what I said, and she’ll definitely say yes. Stop overthinking it, idiot.”

It was at that moment you walked in, witnessing what looked like Kasamatsu proposing to your boyfriend, a smile on his usually serious face. Kise was blushing, and you weren’t sure how to react. it wasn’t until Kise crawled to you on his knees, dirtying his expensive tuxedo, and actually proposed to YOU, that you understood what was going on. 

Through the tears and laughter at both the males’ expenses, you shook your head ‘yes’ and felt him place the ring on your finger.

Murasakibara: Why was he even nervous? It was a proposal.. It’s not like he was asking you to have his child or something.. He was.. He was asking you to be his wife.

Honestly, Murasakibara didn’t think he’d ever get to this point with someone, let alone you, so he was completely clueless.

“Ne.. Muro-chin.. How do.. I ask ____-chin to marry me?”

That question shocked Himuro, who’d been scanning the shelves for the giant’s favourite snacks.

“Y..you want to marry ___-chan?”

He nods, scratching his head, “Hm.. I’d been thinking about it for a while.. But I don’t know how to do it..”

He’d never felt so proud of his giant friend, and he grabbed the bags, placing them in the basket before moving on.

“Alright.. This is what you do Atsushi..”


“____-chin.. Come here for a minute.”

You blinked, looking up from your laptop upon hearing his voice. You placed he laptop down, getting off your comfortable spot on your bed, and headed to the living room. However, at seeing him on his knees, you stopped, eyes wide as your lips parted in shock.

There he stood on his knees, a box outstretched with a ring sticking out, and you had to bite your lip to keep from crying. Is he serious? It was then you took another look, and upon seeing the glimmer from the ring, you felt your heart drop.

“A..Are you serious, Atsushi?! A Ring pop?!”

He nodded, blushing a bit, “Hmm.. I don’t have enough money yet to afford a real ring.. But I didn’t want to wait until I had it to ask.. So.” he took a deep breath, looking at you with determination you’d never seen him have before.

“Will ___-chin marry me?”

You couldn’t help the laugh from escaping your lips as you approached him, taking the box from his hand and slipped it on your finger.

“Of course I’ll marry you.. But..” you looked between the candy and him, shaking your head, “Only if you’ll share the ring pop with me.”

You’d never seen his eyes light up so fast.

Prince and princess | M.C

(I hope you all like this because I really enjoyed writing it! -Noelle)

Requested: Ages ago

Request: Can you write a roommate smut? Maybe like really fluffy and cute and Michael calls y/n princess and stuff? -anon

Rating: smut

You shoved the door open, stepped inside and slammed it shut. You angrily kicked off your black heels and took your coat off. You stomped angrily up the stairs and into your room. You slammed  the door shut again and buried your head in the pillows on your bed. Your groaned and tries to bury your head deeper in the pillows even though it was obviously impossible.

‘y/n? Are you okay?’ your roommate Michael said while he knocked on your door

‘No’ you said, your voice muffled by the pillows. You heard the door hinges creak and the sound of Michael walking inside your room. You felt the bed dip beside you and his hand rub comforting circles over your white blouse.

‘Would you like to tell me what’s wrong princess?’ he asked you in a comforting voice

‘Maybe’ I said

‘Well for that to happen, you need to get your head out of the pillows and sit up so I can see your pretty eyes and hear you princess.’ he coos. You groan and sit up, leaning against your headboard

‘Good girl. Now tell me what’s bothering my beautiful princess’ he said

‘The fact that you’re calling me princess at the end of every sentence is a major factor. We’re not dating Mikey.’ you groaned

‘Right. But I’m still calling you princess.’ he smirked

‘No. No you’re not.’ you said. 

‘Oh come on princess! Loosen up!’ he said

‘No! I’ve had a horrid day at work and I have to come home to a roommate that calls me princess against my will!’ I argued

‘Love you’re making a big deal out of nothing.’ Michael said calmly 

‘Look. Just stop calling me princess okay.’ you sighed

‘Fine.’ he gave up. You both cuddled on your bed, you talking about your horrific day and him making it better. Your head was nuzzled in the crook of his neck. The smell of his cologne was filling your nose, making you feel safe and at home. The only thing you saw was his  black rolling stones tee and his ripped black jeans that were way to tight, making you remember the first time you’d met him. He was wearing this exact outfit. You smiled at the thought and shivered when he trailed a finger up and down your spine unexpectedly.

‘You like that y/n?’ he asked you. You nodded and cuddled closer to him. His finger went lower down your back each time, stopping only when he was going from your neck to your tailbone. His hand suddenly stopped and rested on your butt. 

‘Would you like me to do something that’ll make you feel even better princess?’ he mumbled. You nodded, not even caring that he called you princess again. His hand squeezed your ass and ran down your legs this time. He stopped at your inner thigh after he’d done that a few times and started rubbing circles, moving closer to your core every time. 

‘Would you like me to go further or would that be against your will princess?’ he chuckled, mocking what you had said earlier 

‘Please go further Mikey.’ you moaned. He chuckled again and moved his hand to the button of your jeans. He slowly undid it and pulled the zipper down at a painfully slow pace. He slid his hand in your pants and lingered at your panty line. His hand pushed your underwear to the side and pressed his fingers on your clit. He started rubbing harsh figure eights and put his lips to your neck, leaving little hickeys everywhere. You moaned out at the pleasure which only encouraged him. His fingers rubbed harder and faster, making the knot in your stomach build up at an incredibly fast pace. He continued rubbing with his thumb and slipped his middle and pointer fingers inside you. He pumped them at a rather fast pace, making you approach your oragsm even fatser. 

‘Mikey I’m really close’ his hand on you and his lips on your neck making you moan out loud. 

‘I know princess, you don’t need to tell me.’ he mumbled against your neck. His fingers moved faster and his thumb rubbed harder, bringing you closer to the edge. You let out moans and profanities at the random, showing him just how good he was making you feel. He whispered dirty things in your ears sending you over the edge, a moaning mess. You whimpered when he removed his hand, feeling empty and cold. He pulled you closer to him and rubbed circles on the small of your back.

‘We should do that more often princess. Maybe take it a little bit further next time.’ he whispered in your ear. 

‘Yeah we should.’ you said quietly and snuggled closer to him.

‘I have a question.’ you said after a while

‘Yes?’ he answered

‘If you call me princess can I call you prince?’ you asked

‘Sure you can.’ he chucked

‘Goodnight princess.’ He kissed your forehead.

‘Goodnight prince.’ you answered as you dozed off

#Readwomen’s Month Wrap-up 

First off, I’d like to give a quick thanks to @ladybookmad for creating this challenge and hosting it. *bows to you* This was a really fun month and I read amazing novels (I gave them all 5 stars, I think. So there’s that.) 

 With that said, here we go: 

  • Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy: 5/5 stars (Review here
  • Nimona by Noelle Stevenson: 5/5 Stars  
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer: 5/5 stars 
  • Bone Gap by Laura Ruby: 5/5 stars (Review here

So there it is, friends. I hope you all had a good reading month, whether you participated in #readwomen or not.

Happy New Year’s! :) 


So I kind of have a hobby of making crappy trailers for books/stories that I love, and in an attempt to help support/promote this amazing story by @zenwisterias (AKA Taylor Noelle) I made her a movie trailer.

For more information about the story visit her blog @nessaandoliver and to see more of her gorgeous art check out her art blog @taylordraws

This story is absolutely amazing so far and I can’t wait to see what you have in store, I hope you like it Taylor, and thank you for continuing to inspire so many people to be their best self <3


Hey Taylor, so the past few weeks have been insane. I’ve seen you three times in concert in Pittsburgh and both philly nights and I also graduated high school. Your concerts have been the most incredible experiences of my entire life and I got to spend them with my best friends (seen in the bottom photo who are kelsey and Noelle). I just want to thank you for everything you have ever done for me. You will never realize how grateful I am to have someone like you in my life. I start college this fall at temple university in philly and I’m so excited! I hope one day we get to meet and I’m so excited to see you again on July 14th in DC!
I love you so so much
Love, rachel


“Her nursery is beautiful, Alex. You’re going to make her so happy.”

“You think so?”

“I really do. I’m sorry that I won’t be part of it.”

“It’s not too late to change your mind, Noelle. You can still be part of her life.”

“My lifestyle is no life for a baby, Alex. Hell, look at the damage I’ve done to my little sister. She barely even talks to me anymore. I don’t want to hurt our daughter like that. She’ll live a much happier life without me in it.”

“I’m not going to hound you about it because I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you, but I really do hope you’ll be involved in her life.”