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HEY @klaviergaviin !! As your @drsecretsanta2016 pinch hitter, I’d like to wish you a very late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

You said you liked cute au’s so I present to you: KOMAHINA ICE SKATING AU! I’m sorry you had to wait so long to get something, but I really hope you enjoy this!!

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omg lily 👀 “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?” with jackson please? i need some cute shiiii in my life

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ahh hi nic, I hope you like this :)

It had only been nine months since you started dating Jackson, but the past nine months were probably your favorite because he was there to make you happy. It wasn’t that you need him to be happy but he just made your world a little bit brighter each day with his goofiness and his charm. He cared so deeply for you, all he wanted was to see a smile on your face every day.

However lately things had been starting to get a bit serious between the two of you, it was like you couldn’t do anything to stop from arguing with each other. As you sat at the table in the coffee shop, you could see Jackson walking in, a small frown on his face. You two had fought this morning, you were still a bit upset at him so why he had called to meet you, you didn’t know.

“Hey.” He said as he sat down, you looked out the window and crossed your arms. “I know you’re still mad at me,” He started, looking at you intently. “but I’m not changing my whole life just because you don’t like it.” You sent him a glare and sat up straight. “Jackson, we’re a couple. What you choose to do in your life effects me as well. I know it’s your job but I don’t like the way she looks at you.”

Yep, girls was the topic of discussion. Jackson was a naturally friendly person, he was outgoing and a nice person, he talked to practically anyone. You knew he had a lot of friends who were girls but this one in particular just made you angry. She was clearly always flirting with him yet he was still so oblivious to it. “I already told you, nothing is going to happen!” He looked around and apologized for being noisy before turning back to you.

“I know you don’t like jealousy but I can’t help it, I sometimes don’t think I’m to standard to being with you, like I’m not a good enough girlfriend.” You looked down in embarrassment because this had been the first time you had actually said something deep to him. He was taken by surprised but his anger subsided. “I didn’t know you felt that way.” He grabbed your hands and kissed them softly. “I love you, I wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt you.” You looked up at him and smiled.

“Fuck it,” he said getting down on one knee. “do you wanna get married?” You looked at him like he was crazy but he had this wild grin on his face. “What?” You uttered. “Do you want to marry me? I mean, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were the one for me, I love you. Let’s get married.” You laughed softly and looked down to meet his eyes. “You’re just doing this so I won’t be mad at you.” 

He cupped your cheeks and stared intently into your eyes. “I wouldn’t do that and you know it. I love you, I want to be with you. This is more than you being mad at me forever, I want you to be mine always.” You didn’t realize you were smiling until he pulled away. “Okay.” You finally said. He looked up and smiled, grabbing you gently and kissing your lips. Everyone in the coffee shop clapping and cheering.

“God, I love you.” 


So now it is time for our angel, our hope, an actual ray of sunshine with such a bright smile and so many different talents and he’s just a wo w person in general, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Visuals are up first bc I need all of this I’m so fucking ready for mermaid!hobi
  • He would have his BST hair bc damn it that was such a good look like every look on hobi is really fucking nic E bc it’s hobi and you could literally make him wear a trash bag and he’d still make that shit look good but the BST look was so fucking nice
  • I mean forehead!hobi is a r e a l l y (really really really) good look too so it’s highkey amazing BST hair was like hey here’s a hint of it while also having fringe!hobi so you don’t have to choose I appreciate that so much bc it’s like the best of both worlds
  • Side note shirtless!hobi that’s all I’m gonna say that’s all that needed
  • His tail would be so fucking pretty bc it’s hobi he’s a pretty person he’s got that nice face that’s just wo W but he’s also got an amazing personality so it’s double wo W
  • But back to his tail, it would be mainly blue but it’s also got a lot of greens and lighter blues and a few patches of purple and silver here and there like it’s not just one solid color he’s got a lot of different colors that all blend well together
  • Ight but if hobi is so fucking graceful on land what would he be like in the sea
  • Like hobi is so fluid when he dances and he’s got so much grace and everything is just effortless the transitions from one move to the next are so amazing he just makes everything click together
  • And that’s all on land so I’d be s o excited to see him in the water bc he’s gonna be amazing to just watch swim around with his tail and he’s got a smile on his face and he always seems to be talking to one of the fishes or one of the other mermaids
  • He sometimes like to go up to shore and see what all of the humans are doing
  • He doesn’t know why they’re building tiny castles in the sand or why some of them are just laying on the beach when there’s so much water to swim in but he wonders if that’s just a human thing and maybe they don’t all like to swim and just come for the peace of it
  • He befriends a human named Taehyung and he confirms all of it, that some people come to relax, some come for romantic dates, some come to just run through the sand and some come to go in the water it really depends on who you’re talking to
  • Tae is one of the people that likes the sand and the water so when hobi offers to go swimming through the sea, Tae doesn’t hesitate to jump in
  • Your parents are the rulers in the lil area you and hobi live in
  • You don’t know too much about hobi besides the fact that he’s really really nice and treats you like he’s known you all his life whenever he sees you
  • He always makes you feel at home when you see him, his arm always going around your shoulders and his laughter always making you smile
  • He had a habit of making you smile and laugh without even trying, just by his natural reactions to things and his comments
  • He was a guard at your family’s castle, he was in charge of guarding the door that leads into the garden so you didn’t see too much of him but you did see him whenever you wanted to go out that door
  • You maybe once or twice used that door just to see him
  • He’s always so nice and friendly and you two end up talking for a solid hour or two before you actually remember you were supposed to at least pretend to go out to the garden
  • Soon those weekly visits turn into every other day visits which turn into daily visits
  • Now you’re spending all night with him, talking and playing games and having fun 
  • He’s always hugging you and giving your cheeks/nose/forehead kisses and he gets so smiley when he hears you swimming over bc it’s his favorite part of the day
  • Every member of your family is so on board with the relationship bc they all love hobi bc how do you not love hobi he’s amazing he’s a sweetheart with so much talent who deserves so much love and he just wants to cuddle like how cu TE
  • Even hobi’s sister is dropping hints at the two of you to take that flirty friendship and turn it into something bc he likes you and you like him but both of you are trying to figure out the other person’s emotions
  • Bc there is a l o t of flirting and a lot of affection but like what if he’s like that with everyone what if you’re just a best friend (spoiler you’re not)
  • Hobi’s father is the one to give the both of you the final push you need to actually become a thing bc he’s like my son’s got a crush, you’ve got a crush both of you are feeling the same thing
  • “You wanna do something Friday night?? like just get away from the castle for a bit, go swim up to the shore, watch the stars?? I can get Tae to bring us some human food”
  • “That sounds amazing”

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i feel like i take advantage of how much i love your writing buuuuuuuut how about rocket by beyonce and namjoon... *eye emoji* its not v innocent pero like ya kno u can censor it lmao

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playlist: rocket by beyonce 

genre: angst

summary: we can be more than just hook up buddies 

ahh you’re the sweetest nic honestly, and I’ll try my best with this, hope you like!

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Check out my Snoopy pants,guys!oho ho?okay-okay,it was a joke..stupid joke)but actually I would like to show you my last drawings: these are watercolor sketches of my lovely pet Franz,sketches of Mutsuki (I really like how she/he looks in 31.5),Nic and Worick from Gangsta, doodles of Kuroo/Kenma and also pretty villain Harley Quinn. Hope you like this stuff!