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Mercedes Boy

Part One / Part Two

by FullOnLarrie

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson 

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: Part One 5374 / Part Two 3271

Summary: There’s a surprise waiting at home for Louis after he finishes his day on the tracks at the Mercedes AMG Driving Experience.

Happy birthday, Nic @louandhazaf! I hope you have a wonderful day and that your birthday month is very, very good to you. I’m so glad to know you. I hope you like it!

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omg lily 👀 “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?” with jackson please? i need some cute shiiii in my life

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ahh hi nic, I hope you like this :)

It had only been nine months since you started dating Jackson, but the past nine months were probably your favorite because he was there to make you happy. It wasn’t that you need him to be happy but he just made your world a little bit brighter each day with his goofiness and his charm. He cared so deeply for you, all he wanted was to see a smile on your face every day.

However lately things had been starting to get a bit serious between the two of you, it was like you couldn’t do anything to stop from arguing with each other. As you sat at the table in the coffee shop, you could see Jackson walking in, a small frown on his face. You two had fought this morning, you were still a bit upset at him so why he had called to meet you, you didn’t know.

“Hey.” He said as he sat down, you looked out the window and crossed your arms. “I know you’re still mad at me,” He started, looking at you intently. “but I’m not changing my whole life just because you don’t like it.” You sent him a glare and sat up straight. “Jackson, we’re a couple. What you choose to do in your life effects me as well. I know it’s your job but I don’t like the way she looks at you.”

Yep, girls was the topic of discussion. Jackson was a naturally friendly person, he was outgoing and a nice person, he talked to practically anyone. You knew he had a lot of friends who were girls but this one in particular just made you angry. She was clearly always flirting with him yet he was still so oblivious to it. “I already told you, nothing is going to happen!” He looked around and apologized for being noisy before turning back to you.

“I know you don’t like jealousy but I can’t help it, I sometimes don’t think I’m to standard to being with you, like I’m not a good enough girlfriend.” You looked down in embarrassment because this had been the first time you had actually said something deep to him. He was taken by surprised but his anger subsided. “I didn’t know you felt that way.” He grabbed your hands and kissed them softly. “I love you, I wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt you.” You looked up at him and smiled.

“Fuck it,” he said getting down on one knee. “do you wanna get married?” You looked at him like he was crazy but he had this wild grin on his face. “What?” You uttered. “Do you want to marry me? I mean, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were the one for me, I love you. Let’s get married.” You laughed softly and looked down to meet his eyes. “You’re just doing this so I won’t be mad at you.” 

He cupped your cheeks and stared intently into your eyes. “I wouldn’t do that and you know it. I love you, I want to be with you. This is more than you being mad at me forever, I want you to be mine always.” You didn’t realize you were smiling until he pulled away. “Okay.” You finally said. He looked up and smiled, grabbing you gently and kissing your lips. Everyone in the coffee shop clapping and cheering.

“God, I love you.” 

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Could you write a few headcanons about Worick, Galahad and Nicolas and their female s/o

[Sorry if these were all over the place! This request kinda lacked specifics! Still, I hope you liked these!]


  • Nic is surprisingly neat, but he’s terrible at washing stuff that needs to be washed. He favors a certain set of clothes and shoes so frequently, he’s probably numb to the stench that lives on them. You have to pester him to hand over anything that needs washing. When you do, he’ll be a little jerk and act like he doesn’t know which one of his garments need to be purified in holy water. He’ll hold it to your nose and watch as you gag. Nic, you pesty thing!

  • He has a quiet way of showing that he cares about you. If he knows you’ve been working hard, so much that you haven’t been able to set aside any time for yourself, he’ll throw something together for you to eat and leave it next to you with a note attached telling you to “take a damn break, sometimes.” Thank him for the snack and he’ll act like he had no hand in it. He’ll shrug,  prior to pinching your nose and commanding you to get back to work. If you need him, he’s there.

  • It’s difficult for Nic to open up to you, at times. Even when he is in a committed relationship with you, he can’t help the negative thoughts and anxiety about it. He feels like he’s baggage and you have to pick up after the product of his issues a lot and he doesn’t want to burden you with that. But with your reassurance, he’ll know that you’re here to support and listen to his woes.


  • Worick honestly tries too hard to come across as the best boyfriend ever in the beginning stages of the relationship. He commits himself to this idea that he has to be perfect and give you absolutely no form of opposition ever. In the event of any disagreement you have with him, he becomes a yes man – even if it’s no fault of his own. It’s like the guy you knew before quickly took a backseat.  When you confront him, it’s eventually revealed that he doesn’t want to lose you. He believes that asking you to be his partner was already too much to ask of you and is afraid that any wrong move he makes would be enough to push you away. Of course, that’s not true.

  • Once Worick fully accepts that you love him for who he is and not some front he puts on, prepared to be loved like never before. He calls you at least three times a day (on an off day, it’s waaaay more often haha) and refuses to hang up first (the only time  he ever did was when Nic hung up the phone for him). Every day is your birthday, as far as he’s concerned. His compliments vary from loving the way you sound when you greet him to how cute you look when you think no one saw you pull out that wedgie. It’s a little stifling, but man, he makes it clear how much he loves and respects you. Feel like being alone? That’s fine! Just call him when you need him. Don’t have enough energy to make any food? He’ll cook…or try to. Hopefully, you’re okay with him ordering some takeout. Need to rant to him about that one person at work? He’s all ears! Any way he can help you, he’s down for it! He’s smitten and at your beck and call.

  • Worick is gonna be insistent on carrying the weight when it comes to anything related to finances. He’s always the one to be lending money, paying bills, and the like. He kicks up a big fuss if you try to do so yourself. It has nothing to do with upholding traditional gender roles or anything. It’s just that his upbringing revolved around other people caring for him. He’s been independent since he separated himself from that life and he wants to stay that way. You have to drill it in his head that there’s nothing wrong with depending on you for help and that it’s unfair for him to keep you at a disadvantage if he’s the only one handling things.


  • He’s a romantic guy, through and through. Sure, he has some perverted tendencies, but once he devotes himself to you, he pulls out all the stops. Candy, flowers, money. Anything you want of his, it’s yours. He’s too generous, at times. He can’t help but spoil you! However, if things are tight, he’ll sadly inform you that he can’t give too much at the moment and to hang in there til he’s able to. You don’t get upset at him for it though because you understand that no amount of money could outweigh the love he has for you.

  • He’s the most sweetest and supportive boyfriend ever. If you’re feeling down or need to rant to him about something, he’s got your full attention. He’s so ready to be there for you, it’s easy to just rely on him for anything, even though you shouldn’t. Since Galahad puts his feelings aside when it comes to you, he’s not going to be the one to tell you that it’s too much. However, his body language will snitch on him and boy, it’s a horrible feeling to know that you’ve burdened him. Even as you apologize for dumping on him too much, he’ll insist that it’s okay.  

  • Under all of Gal’s confidence, there’s vulnerability and self-doubt. Gal tries to keep himself upbeat and fun, but sometimes, he just doesn’t have the energy to remain positive. As one of the oldest Twilights, he worries for you. Maybe even doubts you. Are you really okay with being with him? Why him? Out of all the people to fall in love with? He doesn’t know how much time he has left and you just had to keep once heart to yourself, huh? He loves you, but he doesn’t want your love for him to hurt you in the end when he has no more time on this Earth left.  There’s no way to predict when he gets this way. Just be there for him when he does.

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Is it bad that I ship Prompto with ignis

Are you pulling my legs? Bad??? Ignis and Prompto???

OMG! I ship them so muuuuch!

They have an extremely different nature, and that’s why I adore those 2 dorks together!
Ignis is a serious guy, Prompto is always happy and talkative.

Can you imagine how much Ignis can love someone like Prompto? Could you imagine they in the kitchen, working together? Or on the grass for a Pic Nic under a tree? Or watching tv romantically, holding each other’s hand?

the only bad thing is that there aren’t so much fanart and fanfic about those two, so I made something for you (and for me, of course ahahaha), hoping you like it, my friend!


Ivory walks away toward her bedroom but stops when she hears Nico talking quietly into his cellphone. She hides behind a wall, out of his line of vision, to eavesdrop. 

Nico hurriedly: Remy, it’s Nico. Listen to me. I need you to find a way into my bedroom and get the phone I use to talk to Nicole. It’s a black I-Phone. Have Lala distract Allison while you find it. I probably left it in a side drawer or in my dresser drawer or maybe my closet. Call me or text me when you get this message.

Nico puts a hand to his forehead, feeling agitated and stressed. How could he have been so stupid as to leave the private phone behind? He always made sure to keep it on him so that Allison would never discover it. But all the lying and sneaking around was causing him too much stress. He was getting careless. He quickly sends Remy a text message as well, hoping his brother would respond soon.

Nico sighs: Well, it’s not like Allison will find it before I get back home. I probably placed it in a drawer somewhere. And I’m here with Nic, so it’s not like she’s going to call it.

Ivory smiles to herself. 

HEY @klaviergaviin !! As your @drsecretsanta2016 pinch hitter, I’d like to wish you a very late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

You said you liked cute au’s so I present to you: KOMAHINA ICE SKATING AU! I’m sorry you had to wait so long to get something, but I really hope you enjoy this!!


TANIS Aesthetics: AU Friends to romance - Nic Silver & Geoff van Sant 

 6, iv) Somewhere along the way of getting into bar fights together, staying up all night with movie marathons, other friendship things, I’ve fallen in love with you but oh my god this could ruin EVERYTHING

@eleanor-3 I hope this is okay! I know I’ve already done an aesthetic with them, but I chose Nic and Geoff again because I just really like them.

The Falling Kingdoms’ characters as gifs



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King Gaius

Valoria and Cleiona

@lysbarbas @thejonasagallon @therealfelixgaebras @theprincemagnus @lucia-eva-damora @ashurcortas @amaracortastheconqueror @nicolocassian @cleoofauranos I hope you like your gif ;)

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This is a question.If that girl at pussy is Veronica how do you think that would change Nic about s/o?Like would he have them or how does he act around girls he likes.Sorry if this doesnt make sense my dyslexia makes it hard to put things into words

[Hmm…I’ll go with how Nic’s relationship with Veronica can affect his current one! Hope you enjoy!]

The Deal About Veronica + How That Affects Nic’s Current Relationship

  • Perhaps the pair had a bond only they understood. Maybe not. Or perhaps they shared common experiences and related to each other. Perhaps not. No one really knows, at the moment. However, it is known that whatever was going on between Nic and Veronica wasn’t really healthy. At least, not towards the end. The violent, bloody end. It’s implied that Veronica is similar to how Nic is now, overly dependent on Celebrer in a way she shouldn’t be and it’s that lack of control that’s forced Nic hand and caused him to gravely injure her.

  • As you can imagine, it’ll take a lot for Nic to open up again like that. The hurdles and barriers you have to break past are almost immeasurable. However, sometimes he’s the one to slip past the cracks you make and there’s moments where he’s not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you. In those times, he would give you a glimpse into his head and he’d tell you something vague about Veronica. And that’s as far as he’s willing to go.

  • Even when he’s opened himself up to you, Nic wouldn’t like having to explain himself repeatedly about his relationship with Veronica. If you try to pry, he’ll shut down the discussion and leave. This is obviously someone important to him and for you to pester him about her after he’s said time and time again that he doesn’t want to talk about her in deep detail is disrespectful to him. Especially after he’s made it clear that whatever they had is not happening now. His main focus is you and you should know that.
  • He’s fiercely protective of you and worries about you. So much so, that he thinks of about every worst case scenario in which this relationship could end. He might’ve chuckled when Gina said that he’s basically following in Veronica’s footsteps, but that’s one of his deepest fears. What if he gets out of control one day and never comes down? What if he hurts you? Causes you irreparable damage? He would never forgive himself for finally becoming the monster his father said he was.

just saying the book of mormon is the first fandom i joined where i just love all the cast members

“oh my i love the obc! if they would make a movie i hope they cast the obc! but it would still be cool if they put in like nic rouleau somewhere. but you know, aj holmes is a cool dude too! but that would mean brian sears to be left out… oh, how about pierce cassedy? oh wait, he’s in something rotten, but maybe stephen ashfield! let’s add grey henson and make a duet! it would be awesome if alexia khadime is here along with kim exum–”

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Can I murder the ones who are making this stupid video contest? CAN I? YEAH SURE THE HUMAN BODY IS NOT LIKE. NEEDS SLEEP. NAH. DUH. SERIOUSLY HOW THE FUCK COULD THEY DESIGN A CONTEST WHERE PEOPLE CANNOT EVEN GET PROPER REST? AND THEY ARE AWARE OF IT AND HOW FUCKED UP IT IS? Yes, I absolutely feel murderous and enraged. I hope you can get out of this soon, Nic, and you can finally rest properly. *hugs you tightly wraps you in a blanket and presses a kiss to your forehead*

*hugs tightly* I’ve been awake for 55 hours now. I’m so tired and sad and I feel completely out of place here. I know I’m not thinking straight because of the exhaustion but…well. I feel like garbage.

But we should be done soon. We just have a debriefing left. I don’t expect to win. I just…I dunno. I’m so tired. I don’t know why I’m even here

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Can I get young nicolas meeting his crush?

Style: Oneshot [Child!Nicolas x Child!Reader]

Notes: ANGST??? we all need a bit of smol nicu in our lives ((this was supposed to have a happy ending but idk how to write happy endings i am sorry))

Nicolas Brown is 10 when he first meets you. Nicolas Brown is 10 when his life changes.

He remembers it distinctively: that one gloomy day you’d showed up to help. In fact, his memories are so clear, he’s sure he could write a whole book retelling the tale, all in detail too.

He closes his eyes, reliving the experience.

Nicolas is 10 - the scrawny-looking, unkempt type of 10 year-old that has a thick layer of grime under his nails and is forever covered in bruises. He’s also lying face-down in the dirt with a scraped knee and bleeding knuckles (but that, of course, isn’t the main point). The young male makes no attempts to stand, only continuing to helplessly lie. He can feel it most intensely now - the stinging of his wounds as they meet with the surface of the hard, crumbling earth, and wonders if, by any chance, they’d become infected like many he’d seen. He hopes not - infected wounds make him uncomfortable, with their ever-oozing icky, sticky blood and clumps of contaminated looking flesh. Thinking about that becoming him is enough to make him forget how completely and utterly drained he is, and the boy hurriedly scrambles up into a sitting position.

That’s when you come along, dressed in your freshly washed and pressed white blouse, and a pair of very nice blue shorts (they had not only one tone of blue, but two, and being the simple-minded child you were, nothing in the world could be more glorious. You were proud of those shorts - so very proud). It seems as though your skin is glowing, and there’s a wide smile on your lips - you’d just taken a bath and washed your hair with that super-duper nice fruity shampoo you’d finally gotten Ma to buy. You couldn’t be happier. That smile of yours drops, however, the second your [e/c] eyes fall on him, and is immediately replaced by an expression of alarm.

You rush over to him as fast as your short little legs could carry.

“Oh my goodness, are you alright?” you exclaim (you’d tried to imitate Ma, wanting to sound like a grown-up, but weren’t sure how well that worked out). You quickly clasp your hand over your mouth, though, when you realise your mistake. Of course he isn’t alright. “Nevermind,” you drop down on your knees besides him, digging into your pocket to fish out a handkerchief. Also freshly washed and pressed. “Let me help you with that.”

“Hey, don’t touch it!” Nicolas Brown is shocked to have his hand smacked away. You point to injured knee. “Your hand’s dirty and you might get some bacter- bati- …germs in them!” you stumble over your speech, finding you’d forgotten that one word your father had previously used. You quickly brush it off, deciding to fill it up with something you did know. “It’ll hurt even more. Maybe even get infected.”

The ravenette knows nothing but to stare at you as you proceed to work, dabbing off the blood with the sleeve of your blouse (you’d explained that unlike his hand, it was clean - though after you’d finished, it most certainly was not) and carefully bandaging it up with a handkerchief. He finds himself wondering why you’re helping him. You were nicely dressed and squeaky clean, with tidy hair and a bright, happy aura. And then there was him - close to dressing in rags with grubby hands and unwashed hair that stuck out in all directions, almost like a toothbrush. You were the complete opposite of him. It’s strangely shocking, isn’t it? How you, a stranger he’d never met nor associated with, had rushed to his side, your expression laced with concern. It’s as though you actually cared for him. Nobody has ever cared for him before.

He continues to watch, and notices that there’s a small frown on your face. You’re biting your bottom lip in frustration as the handkerchief slips. Again.

“I messed up,” you say, removing the piece of cloth. He almost expects you to stand up and leave (that would make the most sense, would it not?), but finds himself being re-bandaged. Again. And again. And again.

You’ve been at it for a good ten minutes now, but the handkerchief still slips when he tries to move, and each time you’d take it off, and give it another go. Nicolas tilts his head. He wonders why you’re so persistent, why you even try this hard.

“It looks quite bad,” you comment, not bothering to look up. Your [h/c] hair is hanging down either sides of your face and beads of sweat dot your forehead. “What happened?”

I…fall…” the boy tries his best to speak, but it doesn’t end quite as well as he expects. You don’t seem too bothered, though, and that puts him at ease.

You shake your head, a sigh leaving your lips. “You should be more careful, y'know.” By now, you’d given up trying to talk like Ma. It’s more comfortable this way. “Why, what would your Ma and Pa say when they see you all hurt like this!” you scold.

Nicolas opens his mouth, wanting to tell you that his ‘Ma’ (as you’d called her) was dead and that his ‘Pa’… Well, he was the one who inflicted the wounds in the first place. He decides against it, though. It wouldn’t be wise to interrupt you - especially as it seems you were finally succeeding.

You look so gorgeously enchanting, your small, nimble fingers moving back and forth and a glimmer of determination in your eyes that he finds himself quite at loss at what to do. Of course, it’s not as though there’s much to do to begin with so the young male just sits patiently till you finish, his eyes wide in awe.

“There! All done!” you proudly announce, standing up and puffing out your chest. It seems as though all your hard work has paid off, and the bandage is finally secured. “You can borrow my handkerchief till it gets better!” you tell him, dusting yourself off (your knees were now brown from the mud and so were your shorts, but that didn’t matter). “My name is [Name], by the way! [Name] [Surname]!” There’s a short silence before you continue. “I have to go now, but please don’t get injured anymore. You have to clean it if it gets dirty, and wash the handkerchief, too. Do you promise?”

The boy hurriedly nods his head, and satisfied, you leave. “Bye, now!” you call over your shoulder, as you run back in the direction you came from. “We’ll meet again!”

Did you? Sadly, no.

That was the first and last time Nicolas saw you.

He never stopped hoping, of course, and even until now, a handkerchief lies neatly folded on his bedside table.

Someday, he promises, he’ll return it. 


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🌺 with Garnet, s'il vous plaît <3 <3 <3

garnet taking the time to do her own mindful education

this came out a lot prettier than I expected it to be but lol whatevs

hope you like!

on DA for better quality: http://nic-the-sweg.deviantart.com/art/Garnet-s-Mindful-Education-683260155?ga_submit_new=10%3A1496031329

lucky number thirteen (black tapes podcast fic)

quick fic written in accordance to all the Black Tapes Podcast canon I know, so the first ten episodes listened to with great passion over the last 48 hours 

In Strand’s life, he’s been punched thirteen times to the face (nine solidly connecting), seven of which were unpleasant but understandable. If you are compiling an account of more general attacks upon his body, the number would be closer to fifty, which sounds more dramatic than it is. Most people don’t know how to fight. Strand, by necessity, does—at least more than the average charlatan outraged at being debunked. As to how many attacks Strand deserved, it would depend on your metric. Without condoning violence as a response to indisputable science, some aggressions certainly more prompted than others. Strand understands human psychology, and the corollary to that is that he should act with some consideration of human psychology in mind. It’s small minds that believe in baseless superstition, and small minds get frightened when confronted with evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Humans on the whole prefer anger to terror, and so fear gets sublimated into aggression which in turn gets sublimated into a fist aimed at Strand’s nose. As he said—unpleasant but understandable.

“Wow,” says Alex. “If this is you being gracious, I get why people punch you so much.”

Keep reading