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Wanderlust AU

I’m going to have to start using the tag system? Like some sort of person who actually knows what they’re doing to start tagging all these fics I’m never going to write??

So one of my favorite youtubers has been living out of a bus for three months with some friends it kind of inspired this concept, that and all the wanderlust blogs I’ve been following

What’s your first thought when hearing Wanderlust vlogging au? (Yeah I can’t believe it either)

Just like practically every other freaking thing I’ve written, features Rodimus and Drift as the main characters, they go around in a van and explore, Drift is trying to connect with nature and Rodimus is running from responsibility, they support themselves off the money they make from vlogging and try not to use money from either of their bank accounts

Rodimus is also a half hearted part time cryptid hunter, buys all the ‘100 Weirdest Things in —-’ books and then goes looking for all of them, tries to scare other people but only manages to scare himself, let’s go look in this rickety shack/bridge/house, seriously it won’t collapse I promise… ok I can’t guarantee that but it probably won’t, eats mac and cheese every day to Drift’s absolute horror, wakes up Drift in the middle of the night ‘did you hear that?’ ‘You’re my best friend and I love you but if you don’t turn over and go back to bed you’re going to wake up in the river’

Drift just came out to have a good time and is honestly feeling so elated right now, didn’t really want to share their adventures but ended up finding out that taking the perfect picture is worth the social media, will stay in one place to take the perfect picture for two hours, drives because he doesn’t want to be killed by Rodimus’s terrible driving skills, caves waterfalls and mountains are his favorite places to visit, always getting bit by misquotes, has to take care of bugs/frogs/snakes, yoga next to a huge waterfall yoga in the mountains yoga in abandoned places where the sun shines and the dust settles just right, quinoa bowls for dinner, would date mothman

And on their adventures they meet other people/groups

Ratchets running around in his own van, it’s old and creaky like it’s driver, half running away half resigned retirement, vlogs and pictures but everything is out of focus and you can hear him tapping literally ever single button on the screen. Grumbles a lot, talks about the history of all the places he visits and kids these days, has a lot of other grumpy old guys who follow him and send him their own pictures of blurry landscapes and flowers, highest viewed video is called ‘how to not hike’ and features Ratchet pulling porcupine quills out of Rodimus, that video also includes a section on how to waste your evening and it’s a time lapse of Drift doing yoga and breathing exercises for like four hours it does include a very pretty purple sunset as the background and what Drift looks like with lighting from a fire while being slightly sweaty, no ones sure what got the video more views the colorful cursing or the 'hot yoga guy’, paints the landscapes and sells them for nothing despite Drift (who found them on accident) telling him they’re worth so much more then he sells them for, has painted both boys in front of a huge background that was filled with life, he gave it to them and they keep it safe no matter what, if anyone asks he would straight up deny it but he’s proud of them

Chromedome and Rewind are traveling around in a bus with all the good stuff, Aesthetic™, know all the best shower stops, have the most followers, super tol and super smol, Rewind told scary campfire stories and Rodimus couldn’t sleep for a week, both of them are afraid of bugs so if one gets in the bus Rewind threatens to just abandon it every time until Chromedome gets whatever it is out with a lot of psyching up first, kept a frog they found on the bus and it’s now their pet and mascot (they take good care of it I promise), the one time they did get a snake in their bus Ratchet got it out because Chromedome was also very much on board with selling it at that point, Chromedome still gets letters every time they’re in town from Prowl, constantly uploading those pictures where the partner behind the camera holds the hand of the person in front of the mountains and stuff, you know the ones right?

Lug and Anode vlog abandoned places and try to find the cool things in them, videos are full of snark and puns, zoom and enhance on the butt, creepy music and close ups of the spiders, video does not show Lug throwing the spider at Anode and laughing while she screams

Cyclonus and Tailgate are an odd mix, they travel for work and Tailgate runs the channel and reviews hotels and fluffy pillows, Cyclonus is on the channel when doing outdoor things like chopping wood, builds Tailgate a tree house but refuses to call it that, also teaches First Aid when Tailgate gets hurt, then Tailgate gets Buff and starts making his own projects and Cyclonus films but it’s very shaky gets distracted and probably ends up watching their Bees instead, also bee videos

Nautica and Velocity are true pros who do the shots from in the car with the fairy lights and everything, very aesthetic all the time, half their vlogs feature Brainstorm and Nightbeat the other half don’t, film themselves in water more then anybody else, seriously they have a whole series dedicated to exploring waterfalls and lakes, it’s also been said that Nautica believes in mermaids

YOU KNKW WHST WOULD BE GREAT??? Brainstorm and Nightbeat as cryptid hunters!! Then you could totally have that conversation between Nightbeat and the Necrobot over believing in stuff, like they’re out there talking about fake moon landings and Area 51 and all kinds of conspiracy theories and the history and stuff, Brainstorm helps but he also makes videos with titles like 'how to turn a potato battery into a toaster’

Rung makes videos that are just nature with music and inspirational quotes overlaid over it

Whirl makes videos of these really cool feats and then also makes the most click bait titles like 'jumping from the top of a waterfall *almost dies?!?*’ but it’s like a really tiny stream or something, also pranks the others when they meet up, pretty videos overlaid with death metal

Magnus films everything with a huge selfie stick that makes him look taller then Chromedome but he’s actually as short as Rewind, getting really tired about hearing how he’s so much shorter in person, drives around in a red and blue pickup, meets up with Rodimus and Drift all the time and helps them 'plan’ where to go next as plans are against the point Magnus so he just lets them know where the best views he’s run into or heard about are

Skids jumps around from group to group and barely ever uploads, but they’re absolutely the most breathtaking things you’ve ever seen with perfect lighting, most popular video has been of ice caves

Swerve also has a habit of jumping around but instead puts out a ton of content every day to all platforms, constantly doing fan meet up and art contests and giveaways, uses vlogging to hide his depression, writes stories on the side, ends up riding with Ten, big buff who doesn’t say much but is a pro with the camera so swerve doesn’t care, Ten also has a craft channel almost no one knows about which is super popular


Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Dylan O'brien x Reader

Words: 2871 

A/N: this is a promt request I’ve got from @nic–nack ❤️ I hope you like it!

It’s not edited and English isn’t my first language.

Thanks for proofreading Piggie 🐷💖💕 @golddaggers

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If you wanted, you could write a Solangelo au where one is a single parent? That'd be neat,,

Note: Lina’s full name is Carolina, and it is pronounced CaroLEENA.

Hope you guys like it.

Ari xxx

It was Lina’s first day of school, and Nico was having a breakdown.

The little five year old ran in circles around her dad, wearing her adorable Little Mermaid backpack. Her Uncle Percy started that obsession, and now Nico didn’t have a day without watching that movie at least twice.

She was so excited, but it made him even more nervous for her.

What if the kids are mean to her?

What if she falls and hits her head?

What if she’s alone for lunch?

What if they laugh at her for not having two parents?

He wiped his hands on his jeans for the millionth time.

“Carolina, did you brush your teeth?”, Nico said.

“Yes, papa.”, She nodded and bit back a smile.

“You sure?”, He raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…”, Lina’s face betrayed her words.

Nico waited a bit more and crossed his arms.

“No… I didn’t.”, She looked down ashamed.

“It’s okay. Now, go up and brush your teeth.” He watched his daughter fondly, as she ran up the stairs.

Nico nibbled on a piece of toast, not having that much of an appetite.

Lina was an exact carbon copy of Nico’s sister Bianca. The only thing different was her eyes, instead of the dark brown, it was a deep grey. Startling and clever.

It hurt everytime he thought of Bianca. She was the one who basically raised Nico, later their half sister Hazel. She was always the one who loved life and wanted to do something great, but then she got pregnant.

Whoever the father was, he was never around. Nico never knew him. The only remnant of him was Lina’s eyes.

Bianca was ecstatic. She wanted to be a mom so bad. She wanted to make sure her abby never felt unloved, unlike Nico and her growing up. But after she gave birth to the perfect Carolina, she fell sick. She was gone too soon and Nico was left with his niece, now daughter. He was a dad at 21.

He wouldn’t have survived that first year if it wasnt for his friends. Helping him with Lina and his grief.

And now 5 years later, here they were happy and content.

“Carolina Maria di Angelo, you’re gonna be late!!”, Nico yelled.

The sound pitter patter of small feet running started almost immediately. “I’m coming, papa! Wait for me!”

He soft shook his head, as if he could leave her.

“Let’s go, slowpoke!”, he laughed as she rushed to get her new shoes on.

“Don’t laugh, papa!”, She stuck her tongue out at him.

As the two exited the small flat, Nico handed Lina her lunchbox. “Don’t forget to eat, okay?”

“I won’t, papa.”, She took it in her hands.

“Don’t forget to drink water and if someone is mean to you, what do you do?”

“You kick them where it hurts.”

“Yes you kic- No! Who said that?”, Nico said, already dreading the phone calls he’s going to get saying that Lina kicked a classmate in the crotch.

“Uncle Leo and Uncle Percy.”, Lina flashed him an innocent grin.

Nico made a mental note to kick them where it hurts.

Lina’s school was a little public school around five blocks away from where they lived. Parents were already going to their children’s classes to meet the teachers.

Before they got out of the car, Nico took a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Darling, have fun, okay. Make friends, have fun, and try your best. If you do that, papa will be so very proud.”

“I promise, papa!”, she flashed him a brilliant smile.

As they walked to Lina’s cass to meet her teacher, Lina grabbed his hand. A small gesture that melted his heart.

They finally got to Room 112, and a man that Nico guessed was Mr. Solace stood outside the door greeting his incoming students and parents.

Holy Hell. Mr. Solace was the most beautiful person Nico has ever seen. He seemed to be around Nico’s age. Deep tan skin and golden hair that seemed to reflect sunlight.

No, Nico. Dont get distracted by your daughter’s teacher, for gods sake. Be professional.

“Hi! I’m Will Solace, and who would you be?”, The pretty teacher crouched down to Lina’s eye level.

The excitement in Lina was replaced with a sudden shyness. She hid behind Nico’s leg and peeked up at Will with curious eyes.

“Go on, darling. Introduce yourself to Mr. Soalce.”, Nico softly nudged Lina with his hand.

“My name is Carolina di Angelo, but my papa calls me Lina.”, Lina slowly got out from behind Nico’s leg and stood in front of Mr. Soalce. She held out her hand, just like how Nico taught her when she met new people.

“Nice to meet you, Lina. Go inside and find a seat, and we’ll start soon.”, He smiled warmly at her.

Lina looked at Nico, silently asking permission. Nico nodded, and she went off.

However, just before she passed the door, Lina abruptly stopped and turned and gave Nico a hug. “Bye, papa. See you later. Love you!!”

Nico’s eyes misted over, but he quickly wiped them away with his sleeve.

“She seems like a good kid, Mr. di Angelo.”, Mr. Soalce said to him, a shining glint in his eyes.

“You can call me, Nico, and I tried raising her the best I can.” Nic soft said, hoping the secret meaning of the words were carried along.

Mr. Solace’s eyes slightly widened, and he smiled even wider, if it was possible. “I can alreayd tell that you did an amaizing job, Nico.”

Nico’s heart skipped a beat. His eyes were a very startling blue. He was such pleasant sight to look at. The way he smiled and the way Nico’s name rolled off his tongue.

“Thank you, Mr. Solace.” Nico desperately tried to hid the spreading blush on his cheeks.

“Call me Will. I promise you I will take good care of Lina.”, Will’s deep blue eyes met Nico’s.

“Okay. Thank you, Will.”, Nico smiled. He then had to go to work and said his goodbyes to the captivating teacher.

Will waved at him as he left.

Nico didn’t feel scared for Lina anymore.

He knew she was in good hands.





Ari xxx


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Could you write a few headcanons about Worick, Galahad and Nicolas and their female s/o

[Sorry if these were all over the place! This request kinda lacked specifics! Still, I hope you liked these!]


  • Nic is surprisingly neat, but he’s terrible at washing stuff that needs to be washed. He favors a certain set of clothes and shoes so frequently, he’s probably numb to the stench that lives on them. You have to pester him to hand over anything that needs washing. When you do, he’ll be a little jerk and act like he doesn’t know which one of his garments need to be purified in holy water. He’ll hold it to your nose and watch as you gag. Nic, you pesty thing!

  • He has a quiet way of showing that he cares about you. If he knows you’ve been working hard, so much that you haven’t been able to set aside any time for yourself, he’ll throw something together for you to eat and leave it next to you with a note attached telling you to “take a damn break, sometimes.” Thank him for the snack and he’ll act like he had no hand in it. He’ll shrug,  prior to pinching your nose and commanding you to get back to work. If you need him, he’s there.

  • It’s difficult for Nic to open up to you, at times. Even when he is in a committed relationship with you, he can’t help the negative thoughts and anxiety about it. He feels like he’s baggage and you have to pick up after the product of his issues a lot and he doesn’t want to burden you with that. But with your reassurance, he’ll know that you’re here to support and listen to his woes.


  • Worick honestly tries too hard to come across as the best boyfriend ever in the beginning stages of the relationship. He commits himself to this idea that he has to be perfect and give you absolutely no form of opposition ever. In the event of any disagreement you have with him, he becomes a yes man – even if it’s no fault of his own. It’s like the guy you knew before quickly took a backseat.  When you confront him, it’s eventually revealed that he doesn’t want to lose you. He believes that asking you to be his partner was already too much to ask of you and is afraid that any wrong move he makes would be enough to push you away. Of course, that’s not true.

  • Once Worick fully accepts that you love him for who he is and not some front he puts on, prepared to be loved like never before. He calls you at least three times a day (on an off day, it’s waaaay more often haha) and refuses to hang up first (the only time  he ever did was when Nic hung up the phone for him). Every day is your birthday, as far as he’s concerned. His compliments vary from loving the way you sound when you greet him to how cute you look when you think no one saw you pull out that wedgie. It’s a little stifling, but man, he makes it clear how much he loves and respects you. Feel like being alone? That’s fine! Just call him when you need him. Don’t have enough energy to make any food? He’ll cook…or try to. Hopefully, you’re okay with him ordering some takeout. Need to rant to him about that one person at work? He’s all ears! Any way he can help you, he’s down for it! He’s smitten and at your beck and call.

  • Worick is gonna be insistent on carrying the weight when it comes to anything related to finances. He’s always the one to be lending money, paying bills, and the like. He kicks up a big fuss if you try to do so yourself. It has nothing to do with upholding traditional gender roles or anything. It’s just that his upbringing revolved around other people caring for him. He’s been independent since he separated himself from that life and he wants to stay that way. You have to drill it in his head that there’s nothing wrong with depending on you for help and that it’s unfair for him to keep you at a disadvantage if he’s the only one handling things.


  • He’s a romantic guy, through and through. Sure, he has some perverted tendencies, but once he devotes himself to you, he pulls out all the stops. Candy, flowers, money. Anything you want of his, it’s yours. He’s too generous, at times. He can’t help but spoil you! However, if things are tight, he’ll sadly inform you that he can’t give too much at the moment and to hang in there til he’s able to. You don’t get upset at him for it though because you understand that no amount of money could outweigh the love he has for you.

  • He’s the most sweetest and supportive boyfriend ever. If you’re feeling down or need to rant to him about something, he’s got your full attention. He’s so ready to be there for you, it’s easy to just rely on him for anything, even though you shouldn’t. Since Galahad puts his feelings aside when it comes to you, he’s not going to be the one to tell you that it’s too much. However, his body language will snitch on him and boy, it’s a horrible feeling to know that you’ve burdened him. Even as you apologize for dumping on him too much, he’ll insist that it’s okay.  

  • Under all of Gal’s confidence, there’s vulnerability and self-doubt. Gal tries to keep himself upbeat and fun, but sometimes, he just doesn’t have the energy to remain positive. As one of the oldest Twilights, he worries for you. Maybe even doubts you. Are you really okay with being with him? Why him? Out of all the people to fall in love with? He doesn’t know how much time he has left and you just had to keep once heart to yourself, huh? He loves you, but he doesn’t want your love for him to hurt you in the end when he has no more time on this Earth left.  There’s no way to predict when he gets this way. Just be there for him when he does.

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omg lily 👀 “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?” with jackson please? i need some cute shiiii in my life

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ahh hi nic, I hope you like this :)

It had only been nine months since you started dating Jackson, but the past nine months were probably your favorite because he was there to make you happy. It wasn’t that you need him to be happy but he just made your world a little bit brighter each day with his goofiness and his charm. He cared so deeply for you, all he wanted was to see a smile on your face every day.

However lately things had been starting to get a bit serious between the two of you, it was like you couldn’t do anything to stop from arguing with each other. As you sat at the table in the coffee shop, you could see Jackson walking in, a small frown on his face. You two had fought this morning, you were still a bit upset at him so why he had called to meet you, you didn’t know.

“Hey.” He said as he sat down, you looked out the window and crossed your arms. “I know you’re still mad at me,” He started, looking at you intently. “but I’m not changing my whole life just because you don’t like it.” You sent him a glare and sat up straight. “Jackson, we’re a couple. What you choose to do in your life effects me as well. I know it’s your job but I don’t like the way she looks at you.”

Yep, girls was the topic of discussion. Jackson was a naturally friendly person, he was outgoing and a nice person, he talked to practically anyone. You knew he had a lot of friends who were girls but this one in particular just made you angry. She was clearly always flirting with him yet he was still so oblivious to it. “I already told you, nothing is going to happen!” He looked around and apologized for being noisy before turning back to you.

“I know you don’t like jealousy but I can’t help it, I sometimes don’t think I’m to standard to being with you, like I’m not a good enough girlfriend.” You looked down in embarrassment because this had been the first time you had actually said something deep to him. He was taken by surprised but his anger subsided. “I didn’t know you felt that way.” He grabbed your hands and kissed them softly. “I love you, I wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt you.” You looked up at him and smiled.

“Fuck it,” he said getting down on one knee. “do you wanna get married?” You looked at him like he was crazy but he had this wild grin on his face. “What?” You uttered. “Do you want to marry me? I mean, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were the one for me, I love you. Let’s get married.” You laughed softly and looked down to meet his eyes. “You’re just doing this so I won’t be mad at you.” 

He cupped your cheeks and stared intently into your eyes. “I wouldn’t do that and you know it. I love you, I want to be with you. This is more than you being mad at me forever, I want you to be mine always.” You didn’t realize you were smiling until he pulled away. “Okay.” You finally said. He looked up and smiled, grabbing you gently and kissing your lips. Everyone in the coffee shop clapping and cheering.

“God, I love you.” 

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My headcanon for a Driftrod newspark is a figure eight shaped bean that develops into a sparkling with Rodimus's feet-and-calves and Drift's thighs, so the poor little thing is 80% leg. Rodi lets him sit in his lap in the captains chair when he's on deck duty and explains how everything on the bridge works, which leads to him being more productive so Magnus doesn't complain, and Drift wears the newspark in a sling so their sparks are close together and he can help the baby's aura develop


You know that kid is going to be all legs! Not only that but both Rodimus and Drift have huge shoulders and tiny waists, that kid would be the most adorable sparkbreaker to ever exist (wait is that cringe-y to say?)

Also I would love it if their First was an accident, I also would adore it if Drift carried I know, I know, but just think about how much Drift could absolutely annoy Ratchet talking about keeping it natural and such

And just… Drift talking about doing it like they did in the old days and Ratchets just like… they invented medicine for a reason you dolt! And it makes me happy

And to go back to the not knowing part, like I can’t imagine either of them would really start to consider kiddos at any point in time in the near future and like it’s not a bad surprise both of them are so happy! They find out and they cry, they hear the first sparkbeat and they cry, they start packing up a room for some space and they cry

Rodimus definitely cries for like the first three months, they’re just??? So cute???

Plus figure eight baby is perfect for chest cuddles, definitely adores being held, is also definitely a little terror sometimes

Rodimus and Drift would be the most caring empathic parents in the world, they care so much and love their kiddos with all their hearts

I know they’re often portrayed as hair brained parents who can’t control their kids but I’m not about that, I think they would care with everything they are and learn all they could, they also have a lot of friends who want them to do well!

Their kiddo would also definitely be super fast, you didn’t mention an alt mode so I’m just gonna with the :two speedsters: = :one speedster: human kinda thing because why not so like, I see the baby as a cute little light blue and white with some dark purple highlights? Probably has drifts little hip bubbles on both his arms and legs but a smoother hood like Rodimus in his alt mode but the little bubbles as wheel housing, also finials and a spoiler

Also I love the idea that Rodimus, despite his hatred for hats, gets his lil babe one to wear when he’s sitting up on the bridge, their own lil captains hat

Also he definitely calls the kiddo captain on the bridge and has definitely held them up to Magnus when he doesn’t really feel like answering something mundane and boring as the kiddo giggles and holds their arms out, even Ultra Magnus can’t resist the lil bean

Rodimus would definitely be more productive though, reads reports out loud to the kiddo and in doing so actually understands them better, also wants to prove now more then ever he’s a good captain, he wants his kid to be beyond proud of him one day

Drift on the other hand, is probably doing baby yoga with the kiddo, has read all the baby books 27 times, definitely does the sling thing that’s not even a joke, meditates with the babe in his lap, teaches the baby swords way to early, causally asks Ratchet 509 questions a day, whenever Rodimus does not have the baby Drift has the baby

Where I think Rodimus would be the ‘look at all this cool stuff you can do!’ Parent, Drift would be the ‘go have fun, here’s a knife’ parent, like I totally see Rodimus as the worrier and Drift as a more Primus will guide you where you need to go kind of parent

(Ok this is probably to much but I really like the idea of driftrod kiddos? I hope you didn’t hate this)


TANIS Aesthetics: AU Friends to romance - Nic Silver & Geoff van Sant 

 6, iv) Somewhere along the way of getting into bar fights together, staying up all night with movie marathons, other friendship things, I’ve fallen in love with you but oh my god this could ruin EVERYTHING

@eleanor-3 I hope this is okay! I know I’ve already done an aesthetic with them, but I chose Nic and Geoff again because I just really like them.

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I wasn’t even planning another part, but I like this a lot, hope you do too!
P1 P2

Nicole is sat in a small diner and her little sister, Danny, is settled across from her, happily munching on a large order of fries. “Can’t believe you paid to have your girlfriend’s mouse neutered,” the younger girl states, waving a limp fry in Nic’s direction. 

“Goob is getting lonely, it was the only way he’d be able to have friends,” Nicole defends, leaning her head into her hand. “And Waverly is not my girlfriend.” 

Danny snorts at this, actually flicking a bit of fry at her sister before she speaks. “You go on dates, buy each other flowers and sappy shit like that and I’m pretty sure you guys are fuckin’ regularly. What do you call that?” 

Nicole’s mouth falls open for a moment before she rights herself, shaking her head a bit. “Shut up,” she says lamely, raking a hand through her cropped red hair. 

“Make me, Haughty,” Danny snickers, knowing how much Nicole hated that nickname. 

Nicole lets out a huff as she straightens up in her seat, a slight smirk settling on her lips. “How’s Laura?” she asks, watching Danny blush furiously. 

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Danny fumbles, leaning forward to take a gulp from her milk shake, wincing at the sudden headache. “Brain freeze…” 

“Serves you right, brat,” Nicole snorts, pulling out her wallet to take care of the bill. “But seriously, how is that going? The whole Laura thing?” 

Danny gets quiet at that, picking apart a fry as she stares at the table. “I mean, we’re friends and everything, but I’m kind of afraid that’s all she sees me as,” she mumbles, biting her lip a bit. 

“There’s this new girl at school, she’s in my grade and Laura seems to be enamored with her and-” she stops, letting out a soft sigh. “-it’s so stupid.” 

Nicole smiles softly, reaching a hand over to rest against the younger girl’s wrist. “Hey, the best advice I can give, is to sit her down and tell her how you feel.” 

Danny’s brow furrows a bit as she looks up at her sister, clearly trying to figure out what to say next. “I’ll tell Laura, when you tell Waverly.” 

“That’s low, Lawrence,” Nic murmurs, a slight frown on her lips as she pulls her hand away. “But…I suppose.” 

“Score one for the half sibling!” Danny all but shouts, causing Nicole to lean across the table to slap a hand across her mouth. 



Nicole shuffles her feet a bit as she waits in the lobby, hands buried deep in her jacket pockets. She’s supposed to be meeting Waverly so they can go and see if they can find some friends for Goob, but the brunette was nowhere to be found. 

“Where is she?” Nicole asks herself as she glances at her phone for the millionth time since she had showed up at a quarter til four. 

She mentally decides that she’ll give Waverly another fifteen minutes to either let her know what’s going on, hoping that Danny never finds out she waited over and hour for a girl. 

“Shit, Nic, I’m so sorry,” Waverly’s voice sounds across the lobby, only the girl is coming from outside and she’s got a bruise blooming across her cheek. “I had to deal with some shit at the bar.”

“Waves, what happened to your face?” Nicole asks, moving to cup the smaller girl’s cheek gently to inspect the mark. 

“Well I was getting ready to leave and this guy grabbed my ass and I spoke before I could think and I don’t really remember what I said, but the guy slapped me pretty hard,” Waverly rambles out, waving a hand at Nicole in an attempt to dismiss the issue. 

“Waverly, that’s not okay,” The ginger hums, her brow furrowing. “I’m gonna kill whoever did this, just point him out,” she growls, molten rage climbing up her spine. 

“It’s fine, really, the owner took car of him,” Waverly says softly, reaching up to cover Nicole’s hand, keeping it on her cheek. “Can we just go look at cute mice?” 

It takes all Nicole has to nod, to shove the anger down into the pit of her stomach and allow the girl to lead her out to her truck. She insists on driving, letting Waverly all but drape herself over the center console so they can hold hands. 

They end up choosing two female’s from the same litter, having read online that they had a better chance of getting along once they got older. One is mostly white with a grey spot in the middle of her back, while her sister was nearly all black with only two thin bands of white across her neck and chest. 

“You should name one,” Waverly says as they head back up to her apartment, anxious to keep all of the attention on their pets. 

Nicole shrugs a bit, holding up the travel cage to look at the two mice curled up in the corner, sleeping. “Think we should name them Thelma and Louise,” she jokes, jumping a bit when the elevator comes to a stop. 

She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t scared to tell Waverly how she felt, the anxiety of the situation only getting worse with the news of how Waverly’s shift had went. 

“That’s actually pretty clever,” Waverly chuckles, fishing her keys out of her bag. “We should see how they act first though, don’t you think?” 

“I suppose,” Nic hums, watching Waverly as they step into the apartment. There’s a large tote sitting in the middle of the room, which would serve as neutral ground for the mice to meet. “Do you want me to stay tonight to help out?” 

Waverly smiles at that, moving to peek at a grumpy Goob who had been confined to his smaller cage the day before so they could completely clean and rearrange the large enclosure. 

“Kind of hoped you’d stay regardless,” Waverly says softly, reaching into the cage to pull Goob out. “I haven’t gotten to see you much this week and to be honest, I kinda missed you.” 

“Waverly Earp, are you getting sappy with me?” Nicole teases, helping Waverly get everything set up before they place the mice in the tote, carefully watching their reactions. 

“Maybe I am,” is all Waverly says before she’s crouching down to inspect their pets. 

They’re both pretty shocked to find that after a few little scraps, the mice seemed to be getting along, Goob even going as far as allowing the white female to crawl all over him. 

“Would you look at that,” Waverly chuckles, leaning away from the bin to stretch. 

“Yeah,” Nicole breathes, watching the way Waverly’s shirt rides up along her toned stomach. “Waves, will you be my girlfriend?” she blurts out in an attempt to get the whole thing over with. 

“I kinda thought we were already going out,” Waverly says with a grin, watching the way Nicole’s eyes linger on her body before they’re meeting her own. “I mean, we go out on dates all the time, among other things.” 

Nicole blushes a bit, shrugging her shoulders. “We never made it official and when I saw that you were hurt today, I was so mad…and I just…I really wanted-” she trails off for a moment, hoping her next words won’t come off the wrong way. “-I just want you to be mine.” 

Waverly is kneeling in front of her in an instant, fingers brushing against Nicole’s knee as she presses their foreheads together. “I’m yours.” 

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HEY @klaviergaviin !! As your @drsecretsanta2016 pinch hitter, I’d like to wish you a very late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

You said you liked cute au’s so I present to you: KOMAHINA ICE SKATING AU! I’m sorry you had to wait so long to get something, but I really hope you enjoy this!!

The Falling Kingdoms’ characters as gifs



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King Gaius

Valoria and Cleiona

@lysbarbas @thejonasagallon @therealfelixgaebras @theprincemagnus @lucia-eva-damora @ashurcortas @amaracortastheconqueror @nicolocassian @cleoofauranos I hope you like your gif ;)

Happy birthday @love-and-partner!!!!!! Sorry this is so late!! I hope this is ok - haven’t watched/read gintama for a while, I’m a little out of touch with the characters. I hope your birthday was amazing just like you!!!!


“I’ll be your general,” Gintoki says, maybe nine years old. His eyes, dull and steady and kind, are fixed on Katsura. “When I’m around, you can just be Zura.”

And that’s it. Some (most) part of him is Zura for the rest of his life.


Gintoki keeps doing that, worming his way into people’s lives without knowing he does it. Katsura asks Shouyou, once, where he picked Gintoki up; and Shouyou laughs, says, I’m not sure who picked up who, now.

He’s Katsura’s general and Takasugi’s rival. In the war, he’s a saviour and a killer, a hero and a monster. Salvation and damnation all in one bloodstained package, Katsura wants to laugh.

How funny, he thinks, that it’s Gintoki’s way of showing that he cares.

Never something as simple as you’re my friend. Gintoki doesn’t know how, the idiot. He says it in other ways - in the way he’ll face down an army to keep them safe, the way he stays up to pen letters to the soldiers’ families in shitty hiragana, careful not to get bloodstains on the paper. The way he snatches sake from the soldiers, snapping at them that guilt has no place on the battlefield, do they want to get killed?

But Katsura’s busy, too, being the a leader and general and strategist and warrior and, when there’s finally, finally breathing room, just Zura. They’re so busy all the time. There’s no time to be children, or friends. They’re thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and Katsura can’t breathe anymore. He doesn’t know how to inhale without tasting rust on his tongue. They’re sixteen and generals and they’ve fought armies, don’t know if they’ve won. Don’t know what victory is, when people just die, and die, and die.

They’re seventeen and Katsura messes up, makes a bad plan, fails. And they’re lying on hot ground and Gintoki’s knuckles are white around a shaking sword, and Takasugi screams.

Katsura doesn’t scream. Katsura doesn’t have the breath to scream. There’s ice in his chest, blood in his heart. The ropes binding him are tight enough to choke.

Shouyou’s head flies and Katsura presses his face against the rocky ground, teeth chattering even though the hard-packed dirt is hot enough to burn.

Three weeks later, Gintoki suggests that they split up. He smiles when he says it, smiles like shattered glass, like it hurts. Not Katsura, not Takasugi - Gintoki suggests it, Gintoki who should’ve wanted them to stay the most, them who he killed Shouyou to save.

(Just like he should have wanted to save Shouyou the most. It hurts to think on it, so Katsura doesn’t.)

But Gintoki smiles, and says that he’ll go. Katsura thinks, later - when he’s in a cold, dilapidated shack, wondering if Gintoki and Takasugi are alive or dead; wondering if he’ll ever be just Zura again - that the idiot was probably trying to be kind. Spare them the pain of looking at the boy who killed their teacher.

It’s pointless, though. Gintoki thinks he’s the murderer, but he’s wrong. Katsura’s the genius, here, he would know.

And he sees Shouyou’s true killer every time he looks into the mirror.


But time keeps moving, even when it feels like their worlds have stopped.

Soon, five years have passed, and Gintoki is doing Odd Jobs. Moving on, he calls it, even though Katsura never sees him with the same people for more than six months running. Even though it’s been weeks since he’s seen Gintoki smile and months since he’s seen him really laugh.

Doesn’t it hurt, Katsura wants to ask, but of course Gintoki wouldn’t give him a straight answer if he did. Why don’t you just join me? Revolution may be hard, but at least I wouldn’t just leave.

“Join us,” Katsura says instead. Over and over and over.

And each time, Gintoki says no.

His leaving back looks smaller, colder, more lonely each time.


Ten years, and there are children.

Shiroyasha, Katsura calls Gintoki, once, right in front of them. Because he is so sick and tired of watching people leave. Because so many people have walked out of Katsura’s life, and so many have left Gintoki’s, and Katsura can’t take it anymore. They should just get it over with, he thinks. Like ripping off a bandaid - do it fast, so that there’s no time to really feel pain. 

Shiroyasha, but the kids just look at them with wide eyes.

They don’t leave.

No matter how hard Gintoki tries. No matter how many times he doesn’t pay them. No matter how often he snaps, or complains, or bullshits his ass off. They stay.

Two months in and Katsura sees them on the street. Kagura, bright-burning brilliance and bursting at the seams with life, and Shinpachi, solid stable warmth, kindness a fierce spark in his eyes. Gintoki between them, looking content and warm, looking like he belongs.

And Kagura says something, Shinpachi nags, and-

-and Gintoki laughs.

Really, honestly laughs. His eyes go soft and bright and he doubles over, grinning like an idiot and shaking with the force of his laughter, and Katsura thinks, oh.



Kagura is a Yato girl whose family tore itself apart and Shinpachi is a samurai boy in an age where samurai are all but dead.

They’re not meant to keep going but they do, anyway, Kagura blazing like a war flag and Shinpachi surging forward, step by step, as unstoppable as the rotation of the Earth.

Stubborn, the both of them, and fierce, and heartbreakingly kind. And they’re just kids, but when Kabuki-cho is invaded, when Nobunobu takes over the shogun’s seat, when the Amanto threaten to blow up the Earth, they stand by Gintoki’s sides, weapons in hand, and fight with him against the end of the world.

Katsura wants to laugh, wants to cry. He thinks Gintoki wants to do more than that.

But Gintoki watches the children, and teaches them to live, and he heals.

Katsura stops asking Gintoki to join the joui. Gintoki doesn’t need that, now. He’s not alone anymore.

(And neither is Katsura. And the Amanto still rule Japan, and there are battles every other day, but…

…this feels like peace.)

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Is it bad that I ship Prompto with ignis

Are you pulling my legs? Bad??? Ignis and Prompto???

OMG! I ship them so muuuuch!

They have an extremely different nature, and that’s why I adore those 2 dorks together!
Ignis is a serious guy, Prompto is always happy and talkative.

Can you imagine how much Ignis can love someone like Prompto? Could you imagine they in the kitchen, working together? Or on the grass for a Pic Nic under a tree? Or watching tv romantically, holding each other’s hand?

the only bad thing is that there aren’t so much fanart and fanfic about those two, so I made something for you (and for me, of course ahahaha), hoping you like it, my friend!


Ivory walks away toward her bedroom but stops when she hears Nico talking quietly into his cellphone. She hides behind a wall, out of his line of vision, to eavesdrop. 

Nico hurriedly: Remy, it’s Nico. Listen to me. I need you to find a way into my bedroom and get the phone I use to talk to Nicole. It’s a black I-Phone. Have Lala distract Allison while you find it. I probably left it in a side drawer or in my dresser drawer or maybe my closet. Call me or text me when you get this message.

Nico puts a hand to his forehead, feeling agitated and stressed. How could he have been so stupid as to leave the private phone behind? He always made sure to keep it on him so that Allison would never discover it. But all the lying and sneaking around was causing him too much stress. He was getting careless. He quickly sends Remy a text message as well, hoping his brother would respond soon.

Nico sighs: Well, it’s not like Allison will find it before I get back home. I probably placed it in a drawer somewhere. And I’m here with Nic, so it’s not like she’s going to call it.

Ivory smiles to herself. 

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Can I get young nicolas meeting his crush?

Style: Oneshot [Child!Nicolas x Child!Reader]

Notes: ANGST??? we all need a bit of smol nicu in our lives ((this was supposed to have a happy ending but idk how to write happy endings i am sorry))

Nicolas Brown is 10 when he first meets you. Nicolas Brown is 10 when his life changes.

He remembers it distinctively: that one gloomy day you’d showed up to help. In fact, his memories are so clear, he’s sure he could write a whole book retelling the tale, all in detail too.

He closes his eyes, reliving the experience.

Nicolas is 10 - the scrawny-looking, unkempt type of 10 year-old that has a thick layer of grime under his nails and is forever covered in bruises. He’s also lying face-down in the dirt with a scraped knee and bleeding knuckles (but that, of course, isn’t the main point). The young male makes no attempts to stand, only continuing to helplessly lie. He can feel it most intensely now - the stinging of his wounds as they meet with the surface of the hard, crumbling earth, and wonders if, by any chance, they’d become infected like many he’d seen. He hopes not - infected wounds make him uncomfortable, with their ever-oozing icky, sticky blood and clumps of contaminated looking flesh. Thinking about that becoming him is enough to make him forget how completely and utterly drained he is, and the boy hurriedly scrambles up into a sitting position.

That’s when you come along, dressed in your freshly washed and pressed white blouse, and a pair of very nice blue shorts (they had not only one tone of blue, but two, and being the simple-minded child you were, nothing in the world could be more glorious. You were proud of those shorts - so very proud). It seems as though your skin is glowing, and there’s a wide smile on your lips - you’d just taken a bath and washed your hair with that super-duper nice fruity shampoo you’d finally gotten Ma to buy. You couldn’t be happier. That smile of yours drops, however, the second your [e/c] eyes fall on him, and is immediately replaced by an expression of alarm.

You rush over to him as fast as your short little legs could carry.

“Oh my goodness, are you alright?” you exclaim (you’d tried to imitate Ma, wanting to sound like a grown-up, but weren’t sure how well that worked out). You quickly clasp your hand over your mouth, though, when you realise your mistake. Of course he isn’t alright. “Nevermind,” you drop down on your knees besides him, digging into your pocket to fish out a handkerchief. Also freshly washed and pressed. “Let me help you with that.”

“Hey, don’t touch it!” Nicolas Brown is shocked to have his hand smacked away. You point to injured knee. “Your hand’s dirty and you might get some bacter- bati- …germs in them!” you stumble over your speech, finding you’d forgotten that one word your father had previously used. You quickly brush it off, deciding to fill it up with something you did know. “It’ll hurt even more. Maybe even get infected.”

The ravenette knows nothing but to stare at you as you proceed to work, dabbing off the blood with the sleeve of your blouse (you’d explained that unlike his hand, it was clean - though after you’d finished, it most certainly was not) and carefully bandaging it up with a handkerchief. He finds himself wondering why you’re helping him. You were nicely dressed and squeaky clean, with tidy hair and a bright, happy aura. And then there was him - close to dressing in rags with grubby hands and unwashed hair that stuck out in all directions, almost like a toothbrush. You were the complete opposite of him. It’s strangely shocking, isn’t it? How you, a stranger he’d never met nor associated with, had rushed to his side, your expression laced with concern. It’s as though you actually cared for him. Nobody has ever cared for him before.

He continues to watch, and notices that there’s a small frown on your face. You’re biting your bottom lip in frustration as the handkerchief slips. Again.

“I messed up,” you say, removing the piece of cloth. He almost expects you to stand up and leave (that would make the most sense, would it not?), but finds himself being re-bandaged. Again. And again. And again.

You’ve been at it for a good ten minutes now, but the handkerchief still slips when he tries to move, and each time you’d take it off, and give it another go. Nicolas tilts his head. He wonders why you’re so persistent, why you even try this hard.

“It looks quite bad,” you comment, not bothering to look up. Your [h/c] hair is hanging down either sides of your face and beads of sweat dot your forehead. “What happened?”

I…fall…” the boy tries his best to speak, but it doesn’t end quite as well as he expects. You don’t seem too bothered, though, and that puts him at ease.

You shake your head, a sigh leaving your lips. “You should be more careful, y'know.” By now, you’d given up trying to talk like Ma. It’s more comfortable this way. “Why, what would your Ma and Pa say when they see you all hurt like this!” you scold.

Nicolas opens his mouth, wanting to tell you that his ‘Ma’ (as you’d called her) was dead and that his ‘Pa’… Well, he was the one who inflicted the wounds in the first place. He decides against it, though. It wouldn’t be wise to interrupt you - especially as it seems you were finally succeeding.

You look so gorgeously enchanting, your small, nimble fingers moving back and forth and a glimmer of determination in your eyes that he finds himself quite at loss at what to do. Of course, it’s not as though there’s much to do to begin with so the young male just sits patiently till you finish, his eyes wide in awe.

“There! All done!” you proudly announce, standing up and puffing out your chest. It seems as though all your hard work has paid off, and the bandage is finally secured. “You can borrow my handkerchief till it gets better!” you tell him, dusting yourself off (your knees were now brown from the mud and so were your shorts, but that didn’t matter). “My name is [Name], by the way! [Name] [Surname]!” There’s a short silence before you continue. “I have to go now, but please don’t get injured anymore. You have to clean it if it gets dirty, and wash the handkerchief, too. Do you promise?”

The boy hurriedly nods his head, and satisfied, you leave. “Bye, now!” you call over your shoulder, as you run back in the direction you came from. “We’ll meet again!”

Did you? Sadly, no.

That was the first and last time Nicolas saw you.

He never stopped hoping, of course, and even until now, a handkerchief lies neatly folded on his bedside table.

Someday, he promises, he’ll return it.