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the bet || fuckboi!peter parker x reader

 oi, I don’t want to make this too long but…. IM BACK smh I’ve been so m.i.a. but that’s literally because I’ve been so busy and have bad writer’s block. Smh this probably ain’t even gon be good. But like I worked hard on it to have meaning and stuff and I rlly hope you guys enjoy it. I just want you guys to get straight to the story because you’ve waited so long for it and I’ve been teasing it sm smh. Just read it hope you enjoy muthertruckers😬

tags : @running-outta-time @i-just-wanna-run-hell @munalisax @themyscirahs @sammie-blogs @geeksareunique @violentlybarnes @geeksareunique

words : 11,197

warnings : fuckboi!peter parker, mild cussing, various mentions of sex, angst, ned needs a hug, peter needs a hug, you need a hug, everyone needs a hug



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”I bet you your whole Goddamn rep that you couldn’t get weird ass mcgee over there to sleep with you; you know, take her v-card. Before. We. Graduate.”

The words spoken smugly by one of Peter’s multiple friends at the lunch table caught his attention as quick as you could say, “Spider,” The statement challenged him, making him smirk at the smug boy before looking over his shoulder, almost savagely, at the fifteen year old girl huddled in her own little corner of a table in the back, her face morphing as she read through numerous pages of the thick book she held in her hands.

Watching the scene, Peter laughed and shook his head before turning back the group at his table, them looking deeply invested as to what would happen next, he spoke lowly, “Watch me.”

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“The deadly thing in my job is to attach too much meaning to everything. You have to have a sense of humour about yourself…I’m definitely trying to figure this all out as I go along, how to craft a career. As things get bigger, I have days of depression, sitting in the house and wondering ‘What are you doing? Is it even relevant?’

Happy 34rd Birthday, Adam Driver! [November 19th, 1983]

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What happened at the police department?

@asriellegoatboi: Oh, Cuphead is back!

@rainonarainbow123: So what did they say Cup? How long is he going to be in Jail?

@lizziethefoxdog: I hope dominic will get life in prision

Anonymous: Cups and Mugs are home, what sentince did Dominic get?

@stormgaze24: So what’s Dominic’s sentience for jail I HOPE IT’S FOR FRICKING LIFE!!!!!!

@askkarinaandfriends: YAY! CUP AND MUG ARE BACK!

@ragedfoxy13: Cuphead’s back

@skylerthecatyt: Phew they’re back!

@pugrandom: Yay!!! Cups home :D

@fennecmaster: Bekkah, I think the best thing to do is be happy that that life is over, And try to forget about it. And Hazel, You should Not let a man Ever hurt you like Dominic hurt your mom, As soon as someone starts to abuse you, You should leave them, Its the best thing to do.

@ask-infinite: i hope you feel better getting that off your chest bekkah

@squidgirl6: Hey cups and mugs are back

@kittykat-draws-stuff: Does cups know that Bekkah told hazel about Dominic?  -  (Nope, he was away with Mugs at the time. They just got home. (-Wolfie)

@robotgirl9: How does Cup feel about all of this and same goes for Mugs

Drabble Bakery / Yoongi

Yoongi / Angst+Fluff / Mafia!Au / 84+85 
Words count: 700
For @ughhhdaisyyy, I hope you like it cutie! 
- M.

“Let me go.. Please”  

Your plea was not heard and your wrists burned more and more because of the handcuffs that kept you tied to the chair. Your body was full of abrasions but it wasn’t the physical pain the problem. The problem was the idea of not being able to review the person you loved at least for one last time.  


“Shut up, would you?” the man ordered slapping you and the taste of the blood invaded your mouth, while the discouragement became greater every second.  

The tears ran along your cheeks, stirring the blood that slowly came out of a small cut just near your hairline. Yoongi’s name was in your mouth but after that slap, you couldn’t dare to say it. You just hoped that he somehow noticed your absence and had already started looking for you.  

You didn’t even regret being a Gangstar’s wife, you didn’t regret any of your choices that had involved you in that life. Yoongi never made you miss anything and like you, he thought the innocents shouldn’t be touched.  

Slowly your senses didn’t pick up anything, too blurred by suffering, and the pain that spread from your right shoulder kidnapped you, bringing you into the darkness of unconsciousness.  


The scent of your sheets, perhaps freshly washed, pinched your nostrils and forced you to open your eyelids slowly.  

The light pointed out to you that it was day and a light breath caressed your nape, pinpointed the presence of someone by your side. His right arm was resting on your belly and you felt the other under your head, both balances on your body almost as if he was afraid to let you go.  

“Yoongi..?” Your voice was hoarse and immediately the desire to pamper it with water increased your thirst, but your husband slept so blissfully next to you that you didn’t feel like waking him up.  

The shoulder pain had diminished but it was the most annoying one, perhaps because it was at that point that the bullet had been stuck. And you couldn’t hold a groan of pain that the trained ears of Yoongi picked up.  

Immediately he sat down, his gaze wandering crazy for the room in search of the source of that sound.  

“Idiot..” You whispered and he turned slowly towards you, shocked to hear you talk. His eyes were red and slightly swollen, he still had small drops of blood on his clothes but otherwise, he was as beautiful as ever. “Are you hurt..?”  

“You’re almost dead and you ask me if I’m injured..?” He asked you upset, starting to draw with his index and middle your cheekbone, holding in some way the tumult of emotions he had inside, “Are you really asking me?”  

“Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t ask..”  

“Damn you.” His gaze brought to him a concern that saddened you, so raising the non-sore arm you rested your hand on his cheek and moving him towards you. “Damn me, huh? Then no more kisses for you, Mister, ” you cooed, his lips strained in a grimace of sorrow, but he wasn’t afraid of you and without asking permission he lay his own lips on yours.  

The fire that a simple kiss of Yoongi unleashed began to flare and immediately you began to reciprocate that kiss, succeeding, however, to hold his vehemently for little. With fatigue, you were searching for air and he began to apologize because he had forgotten that you were wounded, the sense of guilt evident in his eyes.  

Stroking his cheek you began to smile, lifting his face so that he wouldn’t hide those eyes full of magic that you loved so much.  

“I’m fine..”  

“I almost lost you..”  

You nodded, ignoring the images of those moments that flowed fast in your mind and concentrated on him. He was clearly shaken by the incident and so you started to fill his face with little pecks. First on the forehead, then on the nose, on the cheeks and finally on the lips. He smiled slightly, though the smile didn’t reach his eyes.  

“Yoongi.. You almost lost me but it didn’t happen for one reason.”  


“You have saved me as always.”  

The Politics With Love (GOT AU! Suga)

Game of Thrones inspired!

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request:I would like to read something like action where he has power is a leader, babies, authority, feast with the other Kings (rest of bangtan) and there wives and kids. can it also be where another wife(who’s not liked by anyone and is a 2nd wife who married because the father’s dud it political wise ) starts a fight and the babies and children feel scared and we have direwolves and la Dee sah

~so I’m changing the topic a bit, I am going to make the reader the first wife I want to make her the second one. Hope you don’t mind. Also Suga will be a bit older than the reader. She’s younger around 18. Hope your don’t think it too weird as it was a common practice to marry young.~

Yoongi was a man who unlike many loved the woman he married. His first wife Dusca was his world along with his 4 children who lived. His father was still king and had power over him as his family line was going to end with Yoongi as the only son he had, passed away during the winter before his first birthday. And of course his father blamed Dusca for not being able to carry a healthy son for his line and that was why this second marriage was going to happen.

A young princess named Y/N was being dragged into his life not by choice of course but it was happening. The prince was in his 30′s while she was just becoming a young woman. 

“You know many men would love this correct?” Taehyung told him “she’s a child compared to me” he told his friend “my daughter Honoria is only a few years younger than her” he continued. “She’s got one job for my family and that is to have my son. And I do not want a person I will be meaningless fucking their whole life” he finished as he took a large cut from his meat and took it into his mouth.

He felt guilty as you had even looked at him, you weren’t a dumb child you understood exactly why you were here. You were glared at the whole wedding by Dusca and his children. You spoke when you had to and remained quiet the whole night. He did his business and when he was done you turned away from him and onto your side. He left right away and headed into the main bedroom “please do not be too mad at her my dear” he said to his wife “you fuck another woman and I’m supposed to be okay with at?” she hissed at him “I need a son” he spoke sternly as she gave him a look “I want nothing to do with her” she hissed. “Then don’t. If things go well you will get your happy life and she will just be here” he told her as he climbed into the bed.


“Prince I’m sorry to bug you” his servant spoke “what is it?” “your daughter got violent with your young wife” “how bad is it?” he asked. “She refused to even have the doctor look at her, I think your daughter knows something that we do not” he finished as Yoongi stood up. “Which daughter?” “Paxe” he was informed as his second eldest was more work than any other. “Bring her in to me” he spoke to his servant who nodded and rushed off. 

He sat down in his chair as he grew lost in thought until the door was knocked on and Paxe entered “you are not to harm her” he instantly spoke. “She will destroy our home father” the 10 year old told him “she hides all day. She does not eat with us. She does not-” “she is with child” she cut him off “what?” he spoke in shock “you got violent with a pregnant woman?” he asked her as he towered over her “that baby will ruin us” Paxe told him “leave” he ordered her as she looked at him angry “if you go near her again I will send you to your aunt’s” he told her as he pointed to the door. 


He knocked lightly on your door before he opened it. You sat by the window staring out “I do not believe it is safe to be by the window. It is getting cold” he told you. You got up and moved to the table as he saw the marks on your face “what happened?” he asked “I fell down the steps” he received “I know my daughter did this because you have my child in you” he simply spoke. “Forgive me for speaking out of term with you my prince” you started as you looked at him “leave me be. I do not want or need your help. I am meaningless to you, I am a nuisance, and all you have to do find out the gender. Take it and throw me out” you tell him as he looked at you in shock. “All I am is a political tool. A pretty girl who is been offered to the highest of people, that is all I have ever been. I do not need fake sympathy from you” you tell as you leave him there. 


Today was a day different from many others, you had an urge to go for a walk. You felt cramped and in need to move so that was what you were going to do. And it happened to be the wrong time to come out as Dusca had also been in the hall. “You have no right to show your face to me” she hissed as you remained silent. “I will make sure MY husband will never fully love that child” she told you. “He does not seem the type to do so” you comment back. 

“Just stay out of my family!” Dusca threatened as a unexpected shove hit your shoulder with force and before you knew it your head was colliding with the stone wall of the castle you had been living in. “Paxe did not shove you hard enough” she hissed as you had a very dizzy view of her. “You have been ruining my life since the moment you came here. We were happy. You were not needed” she told you. 

“Dusca!” Yoongi yelled as you were shoved again. Yoongi caught your arm before you fell, you were brought into his chest as his hand touched your head as a warm feeling covered it. You were practically passed out on him “how hard did you shove her?” he asked Dusca “she’s not balanced, I shoved her lightly” she spoke as his hand had blood on it. “Please get the doctor” he says to her “Dusca please” he spoke as she headed off. 


“Is she going to be alright?” he asked the doctor “I believe she is alright” he was told as he let out a held breath. He took a seat on the side of the bed as he looked at the bandage around your head as he smiled softly at how peaceful you looked. His hand lightly went to your belly, he was instantly greeted by a light feeling of something pushing on his palm. “I am so sorry, the two of you. You did not deserve this” he told your stomach “I will love you, no matter what happens. I do not care who you come from. You are my child” he whispered. “Just be healthy and live. I cannot handle loosing another” he told. “Be easy on your mother. She needs it” he finished as he got up. 

He left the room “you have no right to do that to her” he hissed to his wife “all of you. I do not care who the fuck you think you are and what you believe is wrong” he nearly yelled “if you kill my god damn child-” his jaw clenched as Dusca stood back a bit scared. “I do not wish to see you, until I say so” he then told her as her eyes filled with panic “no my lo-” “no” he finished as he walked away from her. 


“Why are you here?” you asked as he looked up from his book “I worried about you” he hummed as he looked back at the book. “You must have pissed your wife off” you told him as he shrugged. “Does the baby kick often?” he asked “yes” you tell him. “If it is a girl her name will be Valeriana and if it is a boy his name will be Wulfsy” he told you. “I have no say?” you asked “I have never named my child. Dusca always did” he explained. “You must have hit your head very hard. You are being rather nice” he joked. And that was the first time he actually saw you smile. “You can name the next” he told you as you froze at his words as he didn’t seem to catch it as his eyes were still on his book. 


“You should be resting” Yoongi’s voice came to your ears as you stood outside “this is my favorite time” you say as the land was just starting to be covered in white from the winter months growing close. You stiffened as arms wrapped around your waist, your stomach was being rubbed by him. “I have good feelings for this baby” he spoke as his head rested on your shoulder “why are you being so affectionate with me?” you asked him “your mouth is the only one who hasn’t challenged me too much” he told you “now come inside and we’ll have something warm” he spoke “no” you say as you received a look, your hands scooped up some snow tossing it at him lightly as his reddening cheeks were soon covered in the cold snow as he chuckled. “Do not be childish, you are to be a mother soon” he teased you as you smiled. 


“You have not spent any time with me in a long time” Dusca spoke to Yoongi as he sat in the library. “You tried to kill my second wife who is carrying my future child” he told her “I know, I can be better. I will start treating her better. The girls and I need you back my love” she spoke. He gave her a smile “as much as I would like to believe that Dusca, I can not” he told her. “You love her now?” she asked him as he looked at her “you walk on such thin ice at the moment, dear. Do not challenge me” he informed. “What happened to my loving husband?” she asked as her eyes watered “you showed your true self since Y/N came around and I do not have the same need I did before with you” he spoke truthfully “you are throwing away us for a young slut?” she asked  “I guess I will” he told.  


“My young ones” he told his daughters “though you guys have been challenging all I am” he stopped talking as he pulled a young dire wolf from behind his back as they all made sounds “they no longer have a mother so I believe the pups will do you all some good” he hummed as the girls soon rushed around the puppies all excited to see them. “Now I wish we can be on good terms. My love for you is not affected by my obligations with my wives-" “prince!” a servant called as the moment was ruined with his daughters “it is time, your wife has gone into labor” she told him as his eyes went wide. He got up quickly as he rushed off towards your room in hopes that you were okay and were going to be healthy and so will the baby. 

He stood by the door as he let the doctor and nurses have all the space that they needed to take care of all needed for your birthing process. Hours of pain and tears he had ended up by you holding your hand tightly as it was clear it was a lot going on with you. But it soon came time as your baby’s wails filled the room as the doctor instantly smiled “my prince” he calls as Yoongi looked up “a heir to the throne has been born” he told as Yoongi kissed your head “you gave me what I needed” he says as a cleaned boy came back nicely bundled. He could instantly see his newborn was stronger than his last. “Wulfsy, my boy. You will be king one day” he whispered.

tom blurb #1 💌

request: ‘#44 with tom’ by @sassykitten13

a/n: it’s kind of short & i was in a rush when i wrote this but i hope you like it

prompt/s: 44, ‘come here and make me’

you can find all of the blurbs i wrote for blurb weekend under the hashtag #cutehollands blurbs

tom was in his trailer, scrolling through instagram, as usual during his breaks.

he heard [y/n] open the door, and turned around with a smirk on his face.

he got up from the couch he was sitting on and opened his arms to hug her.

they rarely had moments alone, so tom started kissing her jawline and her neck, savouring every kiss.

“hey, slow down, movie star” [y/n] smirked, teasing her boyfriend who had been waiting to do this for a long time.

“are you denying my affection?” tom said, pouting like a whiny baby.

“babe, why are you so clingy today? we don’t have a lot of time and you know what making out always leads to…”

she was sitting on a chair in front of him, checking her texts. she didn’t want to get distracted by him. he always had to come up with excuses for having messy hair or for being sweaty. he had to be professional and think about his work only, but having his girlfriend on set didn’t exactly help his concentration. she was wearing a pair of black tight jeans and a top, but god, if he didn’t think she was hot. he had always found her hot, but he didn’t know what it was that made her look ten times more attractive that day.

come here and make me. i dare you.” the corner of tom’s mouth lifted, making [y/n] bite her lip.

“tom, baby…” she said, trying to resist him.

“come here” he repeated. she couldn’t help but get up and sit next to him. in a few seconds, tom’s hands were on her cheeks and he was kissing her like there was no tomorrow. [y/n], in that moment, remembered how good kissing her boyfriend was. they had missed each other too much to ignore their needs.

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You know, when I first started doing art, I had the hope I’d one day be able to draw My Little Pony characters like the big kids. Five years later, I’m drawing rococo inspired lingerie on a man  410-year-old man with the dignity of a pineapple.

Drabble #1



Prompt: Spencer and his father-in-law


You father and Spencer talking was one of the funniest thing ever. Even if you two were married for almost a year, Spencer was so scared of your father and you thought your dad found this funny too and he didn’t miss a chance to make your man more scared. In fact, while you sat down next to Spencer, he accidently lied his hand on your small back.

“Hey, even if she’s your wife now she is still my baby girl. Keep your hands in your pockets.”

Your father was kidding and even if he told Spencer he was, he couldn’t help but laugh at your husband’s scared face.

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The end has no goodbyes (overdose)

Speeding on the driveway trying to get home in time,
Monotony became softly hypnotizing,
As if I’m never in the present,
As if I always travel in between times.
But right now something is different,
The tall man to my right spoke my name today,
He made me take a shortcut to his home,
I happily complied with this escape.
Entering his mansion I know I’ve seen before,
The guardian dragons recognize me,
They promised they’ll spit fire to light this gloomy day,
I’m hoping and praying for the blue sky to see.
The view inside these clouds is outstanding,
One of those moments when you wish you could fly,
“What if you grow wings when you jump?” he whispered
“It’s not like anyone has ever tried!”
I’m falling in the present like a devious game I can’t stop,
Don’t know where I’m at but it looks like my bedroom floor,
I can’t move, I can’t breathe
And my whole face is covered in blood.
It’s the last time, I swear!
I don’t want to die!
I never meant to make her cry but it’s too late now,
Too late to realize the end has no goodbyes.

~Alex A. Roman

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Y'know what I would love to see if they get that celeb crush question again? Of course they're tired of it right, so they start to pull that answer Jin did one time by answering "rap monster" and maybe Jin starts it off again by saying J-hope or something and everyone's like "haha Jin being funny again" and then it pans to JK and he just goes "Jimin" looking directly at the camera while the other members laugh awkwardly in the background (queue namjoon's 'are you kidding me' face lmao)

ij;aeifj i would fucking die if this happened!!! like, them all laughing and joking around when jin does it like “ohhhh you funny man you!” and then jungkook being dead serious like “jimin” and everyone laughing awkwardly and exchanging glances in the background. a;eifjaef. 

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i can't understand bb fans like you who still support seunghyung. we all know he's an alcoholic and now we can add drug addict and coward to the list. not only was he selfish to smoke weed in the first place but then he had the nerve to try and kill himself and couldn't even manage that. how dare you say you like bb when you support the man who almost ruined them? they'd be better off if he just did them a favor and left

Please explain to me what it is like to live with your heart so full of hate for someone you don’t even know, I can not imagine what that must be like for you. Also, you call him a coward but you are sending this on anon lmao.
Thank goodness his suicide attempt was unsuccessful, I can not imagine living in a world without his kind heart.
I hope you realise that judging a person based on one action is foolish and will never give you a full picture of what they are like as a human being. Good people can some times do bad things and bad people can some times do good things.
Anyways I hope Seunghyun is healing and feeling happier now and I can not wait to see ot5 together again.

love is not a choice | uni!junhui au

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req: hi! this might be a weird request but um would you mind writing a fluffy, angsty, and maybe a tiny bit smutty junhui uni au where the reader is a guy but he likes wearing makeup and skirts cause “clothes are genderless and i look good in this dress so eff off”? thank you so much!! i really really love your work 💚

summary: you wiped the side of your face, turning away. “fuck you, i look fucking great.” “yes, yes you do,” jun replies.

genre: fluff, side angst

characters: uni-student!junhui/male!reader

wc: 1k+

a/n: oh man, let’s hope i don’t completely butcher this concept. also this req ain’t weird at all! it actually kind of serves as something different for me to write so i don’t mind! also i couldn’t fit much smut in here because it would have just looked really out of place so i hope that last part was ok,,, EDIT: im sorry this took so LONG, but i was trying so hard not to mess this up so i completely rewrote it aaaaaaaa

other notes: not really very much smut, just kind of suggestive, Forgive Me, also i hope i didn’t over-feminize the reader? idk this was really hard to write but it wasn’t stressful

Shivering, Jun ran inside the dorm’s building, rubbing the sides of his arms. It was kind of late, but he texted you he’d be late anyway. He clutched the side of his bag, checking to make sure the food hadn’t tipped.

“You better not come home any later than 11,” you’d warned him. Jun scoffs. “I’ll text you, I promise,” he held up three fingers.

In Jun’s defense, his phone died, and promises were made to be broken.

The lobby was pretty much empty at this hour, but having been your roommate for years, it wasn’t like Jun needed help getting his way around. 

The elevator dinged, and Jun sighed in relief, finding his way to yours and his shared room, sliding his card in the door handle which beeped.

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killing stalking’s most(......)scene tag game

I’ve been tagged by @beenbekossi​ , thank you!! ❤

Rules : tag ten of whoever you want to tag

Pretty much everyone has been tagged in this game so whoever wants to do this (in shia labeouf’s voice) just do it!

most shocking scene:

i was absolutely angry and jealous af

most wtf scene:

my hopes and dreams were crushed but then it got back together when woowoo-chan told bum to shut up because he kept telling him he likes him

most irritating/enraging scene:


the most disturbing scene:

most heart breaking scene:

i literally cried man i was so sad

cutest scene:

funniest scene:

most satisfying scene:



favourite bum panel:

favourite sangwoo panel:


favourite seungbae panel:

and this is the first time in 35 chapters i have ever fallen in love with seungbae. he’s officially one of my children now. i felt so sorry for him here but YEAH I DONT CARE IF HE’S BRUTALLY KILLED FUCK YOU BAE

lol im sorry all my fav scenes includes woowoo-chan in it (except for the clown. or is he the clown too?)

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stozier confessing their loves to eachother??

yes ! i hope these are alright !

- stan didn’t realize he liked richie, or that richie was quite infatuated with HIM, until once when the losers went out to dinner together.
- richie had just told another one of his comedically genius jokes, to which stan rolled his eyes and continued eating.
- “aw, come on, stan the man ! you know you love me !”
- richie let out a hearty laugh, a weird and new type of music to stan’s ears, before ruffling his curls affectionately.
- stan’s cheeks reddened before he glanced over to richie, who was still grinning like an idiot.
- and they just sat there, cheesily staring into one another’s eyes, before bill finally made some bright comment.
- they promptly went back to their food, both relatively quiet for the rest of the evening (uncharacteristic of richie.)
- later that night, stan dropped everyone off at their respective places, (purposefully, maybe) leaving richie for last.
- as richie was opening up the passenger side’s door, he felt an urgent hand on his shoulder.
- he quickly turned to face stanley, and, not long after, their lips pressed together gently.
- richie laughed quietly and in a much different manner than his usual loud, boisterous cackles.
- “yea, i like you, too, stan the man.”

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Headcanons for Henry being with a shy and sweet reader who has depression/self esteem issues? Or maybe like finding out they have an eating disorder even though they act okay and loving towards him all the time? I love your stuff by the way, it makes me happier.


I don’t mean to offend you, but I really felt weird writing this, because I highly doubt Henry would date someone shy and sweet. It’s just not my best work because I don’t think it would be his type. I’m sorry, but still, hope you like it!

  • first of all, he’s always saying how he doesn’t think he should be with you
  • showing you off (even if it makes you uncomfortable, sorry, but it’s henry, he’ll do whatever he wants)
  • people make fun of him for “going soft” by going out with you
  • they’ll probably leave with a broken nose, but whatever
  • so many people think he threatened you into a relationship
  • honestly, henry probably wouldn’t notice at first
  • he’d likely be too caught up in his own home issues
  • you two are on a date, he brought food for the two of you, and you wouldn’t touch it
  • he was a bit concerned, but it was brushed off with the “i’m not hungry” excuse.
  • after that, he started noticing more; you eating much less, smiling less and being a lot paler by the day
  • he’s worried about you, and confronts you straight up
  • he’ll grab your arm a bit harsher than intended, hurting you unintentionally
  • cause this boy sucks at controlling himself & his emotions
  • you’ll give into his intimidating and tell him all about your emotions (mainly because you knew he was trying, despite it coming off poorly)
  • like i said, he tries. he’s not good with emotions, he never was, never will be, but he tries. and to you, that’s enough. 

idk man this is might be so out of character im sorry

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i know youre dealin with a rude person rn but like... heckin thanks for being so sparkly and hopeful. some awful shit just happened to me, and ur glittery cheerfulness is totally cheering me up. thank you, Hero ✨✧I Cannot Stop Twinkling✧✨!!!! you're the best!!! (and thank you, mod, for your lovely art and silly jokes!!! they really lightened up my day!)

Im over the  ✨moon ✨ that I  ✨brightened ✨ your day!! Youre absolutely  ✨fantastic ✨ darling!!! Never ✨ Stop ✨ Twinkling!!! ✨ ✨ ✨


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i'm sorry if you are as mentally deranged as he is, i wish people like you would stop acting like mental health is an excuse to break the law. he is a grown ass man and yet he is weak enough to take drugs and then attempt suicide because he can't handle the consequences for his own selfish actions

Excuse me, but what do you mean by ‘mentally deranged’? If you are referring to mentally ill people then I hope you never experience such terrible things, and if you do, that the people around you are more understanding than you are. I don’t believe his struggles with mental illness excuse or justify what he did, but it is in no way uncommon for people with affective disorders to self medicate with illegal drugs and alcohol. I don’t see how he is weak when he battles with depression and anxiety very often and yet is in the biggest kpop group ever. I feel he is actually very brave and deserves respect for what he has managed to achieve. I do not know why you are sending rude messages about him to so many people, or at least I will assume you are the same person sending the messages about him to everyone.


Today’s Walking Photos: Hey, I promised you photos from beautiful Central Oregon, and I’m delivering photos from beautiful Central Oregon. Today my wife Liz and I walked around Black Butte Ranch at a point when the day was a really nice mix of lingering snowfall and bright sunshine. Cold and windy, yes, but still very pleasant. What a gorgeous place.

Click the photos to see larger versions and enjoy the captions I added for each one.

And if you’d like to see what Black Butte looks like when it’s not covered with snow, and get a much closer view of that fire lookout tower, just click here to enjoy previous Walking Photos from this area.