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How about Widow/Zarya/Tracer finding out their S/O was in the medbay recovering after they come back from a mission? (hope this is good practice for ya, writing different characters is good for the soul. Also writer's high five ✋!)

Sorry about the delay and the poor writing.


“Target down. Mission success,” Widowmaker spoke into her earpiece as she jumped from her perch. There’d be another notch on her rifle had she bothered with that silly tradition. She wasn’t made to focus on those she killed, just who was next. As soon as she boarded the jet she knew that there was something wrong. She was used to the nervous looks from fellow operatives. But there was a new tension in the air this time. All refused to look at her, to even whisper among themselves as they usually did. 

“Is there something someone would like to report?” she demanded, finger tapping against her rifle. The silence still hung until one brave operative could stand the tension- and the threat- no longer. 

“It’s (Y/N), t-they were injured. They’re alive! They’re in med-bay,” he confessed, squeezing his eyes shut and waiting for her wrath. They all knew that when it came to you, she was deadly and uncontrollable. 

“Why wasn’t I informed earlier?!” she yelled, marching to the cockpit, “Get us back to base. Now!”

The flight was quick, but not quick enough for her liking. The wheels were barely on the ground and she was off the jet and sprinting towards med-bay, pushing past agents and doctors alike. They didn’t put up much of a fight against the Widowmaker. 

As soon as she was in your room she dropped to her knees at your bedside. She grabbed your hand and pressed it to her cold lips.

“I am sorry, mon cher. I tried to get here sooner. I didn’t know, I-“

“Amelie,” you croaked, running a hand through her hair with your free hand, “It’s fine. I’m fine. You’re here, that’s all that matters.”

“Who did this to you?” she growled, grip on your hand tightening, “I will hunt them down.”

You let out a small laugh before wincing in pain. 

“No need,” you hissed, clutching your wound, “Already beat you too it.”

Amelie leant up and pressed a kiss to your temple. 

“That’s my Cherie.”

Zarya stormed through the corridors, parting crowds with a single furious glance. Her fists were clenched by her side and she could feel her pulse pounding. During her time fighting Omnics she had never felt fear like this. In her panic she nearly ripped the door to your room from its hinges. Her breath hitched when she saw you. Bruised and bleeding, but alive. She rushed over to hug you but stopped only inches away. Normally she would scoop you into a bear hug, but seeing you look so fragile… She thought she may break you. 

“(Y/N)…” she whispered, voice cracking as tears pricked the corner of her eyes, “You…I…I was so worried. Are you…”

“Zarya I’m fine,” you assured her, flashing a small smile, “Better now that you’re here!”

You reached out and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. She took a deep breath, only now she realised how tight her chest had been since she heard the news. She leant down to press a gentle kiss to a bruise near your temple. The tender moment passed all too quick. Zarya promptly straightened and cleared her throat before scolding you for your recklessness and disregard for your own safety. You let her rant. She needed to vent after the scare she received. After dealing with her lecture for a few minutes you just couldn’t stand it anymore. You grabbed her shirt and yanked her down, slamming your lips against hers to finally shut her up. Getting lost in the moment, her arms slid around you, brushing off one of your current tender spots. You pulled away, hissing in pain. Zarya immediately flinched and stepped back, her eyes wide. 

“Darling I am so sorry!” she babbled.

“I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine!” you quickly assured her, “But how about you save all those hugs and I’ll make them up to you when I’m better?”

“Ha! I will hold you to that,” she promised, beaming at you.


“Sorry! Sorry, love. Watch it! Oof- ‘Scuse me,” Tracer called, crashing and she blinked her way to the med bay. She skidded to a halt outside the door. Her watch beeped, reminding her of all the energy she had drained from her chronal accelerator in her rush to get to you. She ignored it, she had more important things to worry about. Lena wanted to burst through the doors but heeded the doctors orders. That didn’t stop her lingering outside the door as they treated you, face pressed to the window trying to see through the opaque glass. When the door was finally opened she stumbled through, almost falling to the floor. She quickly straightened and was at your side in a heartbeat. She reached out to touch you but pulled away, afraid she’d hurt you more.

“A-are you okay, love?” she asked, chocolate eyes scanning you up and down. You weren’t looking the best but you could have been a whole lot worse. She chewed her lip, anxiety practically radiating off her. 

“Lena,” you called, forcing her attention to shift and for her to lock eyes with you, “I’m alright, darling. Just…please slow down before you end up hurting yourself!”

Tracer went bright red as you giggled at her. She gave a sheepish smile as relief washed over her. You patted the bed beside you and Lena wasted no time in hopping into the spot. You rested your weary head against her shoulder. She responded by resting her head against yours. 

“You know (Y/N)…You ought to be more careful,” she told you. You couldn’t help but bark out a laugh. 

“Oh that’s rich coming from you, Lena Oxton!”



Summary: The reader wakes up in the middle of the night on the subway, and has no idea where she is. So she decides to call the one person she can think of…

Pairing: DeanxReader

Warnings: profanity, fluffish, talk of drugs, 

Word count: 2579

A/N: Hey guys so this is my first fanfic! I actually made this for @luci-in-trenchcoats Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge. I’m sorry it’s late! I actually wanted to expand on this but then it would be a wayy too long and I’m not necessarily good with words but I hope you like! My prompt was actually “I don’t care, I’m not going anywhere.” and it’s bolded. 

Keep in mind that

y/n/n = your nickname

y/n = your name

y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

y/h/c = your hair colour

and anything in italics is thoughts.


“Ma'am.” “Ma'am wake up.” The voice called you out of your sweet dreams with Dean and into reality.

You didn’t mind it though, it got really weird in your dream really fast. One minute you and Dean were having a picnic and he was asking for another sandwich, the next he started calling you “ma'am” and was telling you to wake up.

Your eyes burst open and the first thing you saw was bright lights. Your back ached slightly as you moved. Your eyes moved to face the man standing over you.

“Where am I?” You groaned as you cracked your neck, remain lying down.

“In the subway.” The man spoke. He was oldish, like in his late fifties, wearing a white button-up and blue dress pants. He wore a hat on his head also.

Your brows furrowed as you realized where you were, and then your eyes widened when you remembered the activities you participated in the last few hours.

“Oh my god.” You sat up on the subway seat. “What time is it?” You questioned eagerly. The man glanced at the watch on his wrist then looked back at you with a disapproving look.

“1:35 in the morning.” He responded. Your eyes widened. Holy shit. He noticed your surprised face and his expression softened.

“Sorry to bother you ma'am but you have to get off the subway.” He sighed with a sympathetic smile. You quickly picked up the open bag of Cheetos beside you and got up.

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Hanzo and Genji reaction when their s/o have turned their phones ringtones as prank to "Puff the Magic Dragon" - song? Something funny and cute? <3

(Yesss that would be the best prank ever!)


“Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea and played in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee~”

He would be so embarrassed that such an unprofessional song was coming from his phone! Hanzo always feels like he has an image to uphold, well less than he used to be, but he doesn’t really like being flustered in front of people; he likes making good impressions. He’d scramble for his cell phone, fumbling with it in his hands as he desperately tried to answer it.

When he picked up, he heard his partner sing the next part, “Little Jackie Paaaaper, loved that rascal Puff! Hahaha!”

Hanzo’s just sighed in annoyance and facepalmed.

“Do ya like the new ringtone I gave you?” they giggled.

“When did you do this?” he groaned.

“You leave your phone lying around all the time, Hanzo, it wasn’t hard! So are you gonna keep it? The ringtone?”

“No,” was his blunt response.

He could practically imagine the indignant pout they were making on the other end, “But Hanzoooo, it reminds me of uuus. I love you so much, you’re my little rascal-y dragon,”

“What about me says rascal?” he deadpanned.

“Urgh, you’re such a killjoy, Hanzo,” they grumbled, “Fine, change the ringtone back if you want, but if you leave your phone unattended again…”

“I can assure you that won’t happen,”


He’d be a bit of a better sport about it. Pranks were one of his favorite pastimes when he was younger, and he was probably attracted to his s/o because of their clever and fun pranks. Still, he probably might think that just because he’s their lover, they won’t ever prank him. But, oh, how he was wrong.

When he first heard the silly kids’ song, he thought it was someone else’s phone–maybe Lena or Mei’s. But then it just kept going and going, and nobody was answering it. Finally, Mei timidly tapped on his shoulder and asked if he was going to get that. Wait, was that his phone? Pulling his cell phone out of his jacket, he saw that it was in fact his phone singing “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Genji chuckled, knowing right away who the culprit was, and the culprit just happened to be the one calling.

“Hey babe,” he heard his s/o say on the other end.

“Nice ringtone you gave me,” Genji said.

“Ringtone? Oh, yeah!” they remembered, “I forgot I did that! I thought you would’ve noticed sooner that I changed it. Am I really the first person to call you since then?”

“I guess so,” he shrugged.

“Wellll, I hope you found it funny,” they giggled, “Cuz you’re like a little cutie dragon~”

It was times like this that Genji was thankful people couldn’t see his face.

“You’re not gonna change it, are you?” they asked.

“Ummm,” he mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

It was a little embarrassing for an Overwatch agent to have a default ringtone like that…

“How about I save that ringtone for whenever you call?” he offered.

“Aw, that’s so sweet~” they sang, “Thanks so much, Genji! I love you!”

“Love you, too,” he sighed dreamily.

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Hiya!!! I hope you're doing well today!! Can I request headcanons about the main four meeting their s/o for the first time either while on a mission, at the Order or however you'd think they'd meet :)

I am having a wonderful day thank you and of course you can lovely!!

Lavi Bookman: 

Originally posted by lilkisara

  • OK so I always imagined Lavi being a bit of a klutz and a horrible flirt so meeting his s/o is a chance encounter that start horribly but ends really well.
  • So I imagine him meeting his s/o at the Order’s library, and he’s trying to navigate around the corners of the library shelves because damn its a tight squeeze back to his desk with how closely everything is pushed together.
  • He doesn’t even know he’s going to run into someone until it happens and then its like “Oh shit.” and they both go crashing to the ground along with a huge pile of books, both his and the person he knocked into.
  • So Lavi is so caught up in grumbling about how he needs to get his work done by lunch or Bookman is going to kill him, he barely looks up until he feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns around ready to get angry until he comes eye to eye with literally the cutest person he’s ever seen in his entire life.
  • They’re just smiling at him and what they’re saying isnt even registering to him at this point because this boy is so emarassed and flustered that after they’re done he just ends up going “Huh?” really stupidly and making them laugh
  • So they repeat themself, “I asked if this was your book? It wasn’t in the pile of books I was checking out for the Science Division so I assumed it must have been yours.” and Lavi, without even thinking asks
  • “Can I just check you out instead?” So yeah that’s how he met his s/o and scored a date with them the next day, Can you say Strike?

Allen Walker:

Originally posted by josephinedisney

  • When Allen met his s/o, It was on a short mission with Lenalee in a town not far from the order.
  • Allen met them the first day he was in town, asking the locals if they had seen anything strange around recently, most of them refused to answer after seeing Allen and Lena with their strange hair and Allen’s deformed arm until they come across a small bakery and decide to try their chance at some food an maybe some answers.
  • So when they walk up to the counter, Allen and Lenalee are greeted by what Allen can only say later is the “most gorgeous human being on God’s green earth” who takes their order with a kind smile and laughs at Allen’s awful, awful jokes.
  • So when they sit down to talk about anything going on in the town, Allen is surprised to see that they’re more than willing to answer the questions they have since they have also been suspecting that something was going on around town. 
  • So after all is said and done Allen thanks them for the meal and they just smile at him warmly and say it was no problem at all, and when they go to shake hands, Allen sticks out his red hand on accident, but his s/o shakes it anyway, not a single ounce of disgust in their touch whatsoever. And it makes Allen’s heart beat that much faster and his smile so much wider.
  • After they complete the mission, before heading back to the order, Allen makes sure to stop in and talk to them one last time before they leave and gets their address, promising to write them as much as he can. 
  • Allen still goes back to that little town every chance he gets just to see them.

Lenalee Lee:

Originally posted by seieiryu

  • Ok first off, they would have to meet on a mission because you know that if they were at the order, Komui would be sending out droves of Komlins after them. So, it’s best if they’re outside of the order and not constantly facing his wrath.
  • But do you guys remember the town that Lenalee and Russell went into during the epsiode where Komui thought they were dating? Yeah that’s where she meets her s/o
  • She meets her s/o when she goes into their small flower shop to buy a nice bouquet for Miranda because the poor thing landed in the infirmary again after her last mission and Lena just wants to do something nice for her. So she tries to find help and after a few minutes is about ready to leave until someone comes rushing from the back, apologizing for not hearing her come in and Lenalee has to remeber how to breathe because oh my god they are so cute.
  • She ends up buying more flowers than she needs from them because she watches them just light up when they talk about what the flowers mean and its so cute and adorable and she just can’t take it. So she ends up having liek 12 bouquets of flowers in her room because she has a weakness for the cute florist in town.
  • Kanda, Lavi and Allen tease her mercilessly about it when they find out about it. She isn’t sure if she wants to laugh with them or kick them in the face with her dark boots. She’s still debating.
  • But after that first meeting, Lenalee ends up going into town a lot more often to see them and just talk with them about anything and everything and she enjoys spending time with them. Sometimes she’ll even bring them back little souviners from missions and such.
  • But god help them both if Komui ever finds out, but after a while I think he could see Lenalee is serious about this person and lets it go. Though he’s still protective of his little sister.

Kanda Yu:

Originally posted by allanimanga

  • Last but not least my favorite trash prince. 
  • Kanda definitely meets his s/o at the order, but they aren’t an exorcist like he is or at least that’s what I would think.
  • He meets them when he’s in the dining hall of the order, already at the counter knowing what he wants and is ready to order his usual until he looks at the person taking the order and his request dies in his throat
  • Because staring back at him has to be the most adorable person he’s ever seen in his entire life. Like someone help him I think he stopped functioning for a moment.
  • It’s not like it shows on his face very much, but he’s blushing just a tad as he places his order and even asks if they’re new there, because he’s never seen them before and Kanda never forgets a face. Never. He’s surprised to learn they’ve only been here a week so far because Jerry needed an extra set of hands in the kitchen and they needed the job.
  • After meeting them, Kanda spends a lot more time in the dining hall than usual and even though he’ll deny it until his last dying breath, he even helps them clean up the tables after dinner rush to spend time and talk with them. Though he did stop for a week because Lavi kept teasing him about his crush on the cute cook and he was embarrassed because “Dammit you stupid rabbit it’s not a crush!” 
  • But then he thought, so what if it is? And Started helping out again. 
  • He genuinely likes being around them because they make him forget about being an exorcist for a little while and to be honest he needs that from an s/o
  • Also they make his soba perfectly.

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That supercorp ellen prompt was great!! I'd love to read what happens next where maybe Kara meets Lena and asks her about the interview, which leads to Lena admitting her feelings for Kara? Only if you want to of course/ have time but all your stuff is great :)

For the purpose of this fic, assume that Kara and Mon-El stayed broken up and Lena knows Kara is Supergirl.

Gal Pals Pt. 2

The sound of boots on her office balcony makes her want to bang her head against her desk.

It isn’t that she’s been ignoring Kara, it’s just …

She’s been ignoring Kara.

Ever since the Ellen interview two days ago, she had been trying to avoid the ‘gal pals’ question. Just thinking about it makes her cringe with the awkwardness of it all. Even though she had completely scoffed at the idea of she and Kara being more than ‘just friends’; she’s still afraid that if Kara realizes that some of their interactions could be considered … well, a little more than friendly; she might treat Lena differently.

But Lena likes how they are.

She likes the late night donut dates, and the weekend brunches.

She likes the tight hugs and the flirtatious smiles, and the way Kara sometimes stares at her boobs when she thinks Lena isn’t looking.

The last thing she wants is for all of that to go away.

Kara is her best friend, and okay, maybe she wants something more; but she would never risk Kara’s friendship - she would much rather pine away in silence.

So she had thrown herself into her work, ignoring Kara’s texts and phone calls, hoping that eventually Kara would forget all about ‘gal pals’.

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Situation where 76, Reaper, and McCree's S/O is horribly injured during a fight?

These are way longer than I meant for them to be, but let’s just consider these actual imagines rather than headcanons. For future reference, I promise my headcanons will be much shorter. || 

When you’re struck by a bullet in the stomach during a firefight at Ilios, at first, no one sees it. You’ve collapsed on the ground and are gasping and shouting in pain, but to no avail. Everything is far too loud. When Jack realizes that he hasn’t seen your head poke up anywhere like it usually did, he starts to worry. You never get hurt, why would you get hurt now? But, where were you? 
He has Bastion focus all of his firepower on the enemy, running to where he last saw you.
Panic. The only thing he knows, for a moment at least, is sheer panic. Over the comms, he screams Mercy’s name, hoping she’s anywhere within distance. His hands are over the bullet wound, doing his best to keep the bleeding to a minimum, but there’s already blood everywhere, and he’s only got one biotic pod to keep you alive, so he throws it down beside your waist, hoping it will keep you stable for a little.
Mercy is fast to your side, doing her best to heal you while she can, but it isn’t until you’ve been transported off the field before anyone can really get to work on the injury.
Jack stays beside your head despite constant arguments with the medic asking him to leave, waiting hours until he’s assured that you’ll make it. 
The whole time, he plays the situation over in his head, angered that he didn’t pay attention sooner, angered that they managed to hit you, angered that anyone put you in this situation, just angered at everything that’s happened. 
When you wake up, he’s on his feet, looking down at you. 
“I promise you, no one will get away with this.”
And then he’s off, like the vigilante that he’s always been, to avenge your bloodloss. 

Gabriel was your groundsman, and you were his sniper, always watching his back for danger while he dealt with it. 
It always worked out well, as you made the best team. Until Volskaya, however. 
You were on an undercover mission to retrieve some files and (possibly, yet highly probably) threaten and/or maim a few foreign enemies. Positioned at the top of a barrier, the scope of your rifle between two close-knit pillars, you watched over Gabriel as he stalked along the walls, keeping out of sight as best as he could. 
No one counted on the footsteps behind you, or the grasp of the bodyguard’s hand around your throat, or the gun to your forehead. Your screams startled Gabriel, who’d never heard such a noise before. He spun from his position, giving himself away to onlookers. But he didn’t care. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion, he hardly knew what to do.
Your elbow threw the gun away from you but didn’t stop a bullet from clipping your shoulder. You ran down the pathway from which you’d come, heart in your throat as you tried to ignore the searing pain in your arm.
Then, it hit you.
A bullet had lodged itself in your lower back, throwing you sprawling into the staircase in front of you. You landed on the platform with a groan, and then suddenly went unconscious, the pain too much for your body to handle.
Gabriel is fast, shotguns blazing as he shields your body off from the attackers. There isn’t much he can do, other than silently hope that he can protect you long enough for reinforcements to show up. He manages to drag you away from the Volskaya base and back towards the hovercar that he’d hidden in the woods, where Ana quickly met you both. She shoots you with healing darts quickly, chewing the inside of her lip as she hoped that it wasn’t too late.
Gabriel was convinced that it was, panic and anger rising in his chest. The last things he’d heard from you had been your screams of terror, the “help me! Gabe!” resonating in his ears. What if he hadn’t been fast enough?
Ana instructed him to get you back to base as quickly as possible, where you would receive proper help.
It was days before you were awake, and even longer after that before you were coherent. There was no sign of Gabriel, no one had seen him since he dropped you off. 
You began to worry that he’d disappeared again, like he did sometimes when he didn’t want anything to do with the others. But, he always took you. 
You were back on your feet the next week, walking slowly up the stairs to your room/bunk that you typically shared with Lena, though she was gone for the week. You had insisted that you go unaided, confident in your strength returning, but it was all too much. Halfway through the flight of stairs you collapsed onto your knees, body shaking from the pain. And then, the onslaught of tears came. You failed in the mission, you compromised yourself and Gabriel, and you were far too much of a complication. You should have found a better watchpoint. Besides, where was Gabe? Did you disappoint him that much?
It wasn’t long before Hanzo was at your side, gathering you up and helping you finish your walk to the bunk. You assured him you were fine and that you wanted to be left alone, and after you left, you saw it. 
Curled up in the corner of your bed, with a folded piece of paper at the edge of his fingertips, was Gabriel. 
“I left this note for you but I suppose no one thought it was important. All it says was that I was going back to Volskaya, unaided. I got the papers,” he mumbled quietly. “I’m sorry I put you into danger, mi amor.” 
You grabbed him, despite the searing pain in your body, and pulled him close, just happy to be alive. He’d been so angry for you that he’d terrified everyone in his path, even those that he considered friends. Told them off every chance he got, snapped like a time bomb every minute or so. He’d been so scared.

He refuses to leave your side no matter what the two of you do, whether it’s eating dinner, walking around the base, or fighting a mission in the middle of Dorado. He knows these lands like the back of his hand. 
The two of you were sent to take down the leader of a notorious gang. Having both been a part of Blackwatch, you were well accustomed to this style of fighting. Ana was positioned from the rooftops, Gabriel and Amelie waiting off in the distance in case they were needed.
It went bad. From the beginning, the two of you had been spotted and were swearing your way through repetitive gunfights. Gabriel had wriggled his way in, Ana and Amelie creating a path of crossfire above the enemies. 
It was almost going well, until a laser struck you across your abdomen, burning into your skin. Stunned from the pain, a bullet soon entered (an exited) your left thigh. You screamed in pain, leg wobbling beneath you until it gave out. There was so much blood so fast you were concerned that the bullet had hit an artery. You felt dizzy, everything spinning around you. 
Behind you, you heard Jesse announce his deadeye into action, taking out the last few men before sliding across the ground towards you. 
“Y/n?” He shouted, trying to get you to look at him. His calloused palms cradled your head as he lifted it up, moving it onto his thigh as he craned his body to carefully grasp the bullet wound, holding your blood in. You moaned in pain, before your body finally gave out and you went unconscious. 
Jesse McCree, the hard-ass, sarcastic flirt,
He was scared. Over the period of time that he’d known you, you’d become his life. His light, his happiness, everything he knew. And he couldn’t lose that. He’d already lost all the good in his life, and he couldn’t do that again. 
Ana was next to you in a moment, constantly feeding you health but it didn’t wake up. 
Jesse stopped speaking. Everything was too real for him to handle, and he was no longer his sarcastic, joking self. He’d become hardened, solid like a stone. He didn’t cry while you slept in your coma, but he also didn’t eat. 
Once, Jack had tried forcing him to drink, and it had ended with the soldier pinned to the floor, shouting coming from Jesse’s mouth in the form of swearing and threats against his life. 
He was a changed man.
When you finally woke up, it was two weeks after the incident. Still hooked up to IVs and monitors, you eased yourself onto your side to look at him as he slept on the floor. His serape was draped over your torso, which was gladly kept warm, but you couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable he had to be.
“Jesse?” You whispered quietly. “Jesse, wake up.”
His eyes shot open faster than you could ever imagine. 
“Why are you on the floor?” You asked, confused. “It’s gotta be cold down there. Come here.”
Jesse looked at you like you were a ghost as he rose to his feet, but nothing could stop his tears as they began to fall. You eased yourself over, making room for him. “Lay down,” you said. He climbed into the bed beside you, his face pressed against your throat as he sobbed. 
“I..I thought you were gone,” he whispered. 
And then, for the first time, he said it. 
“I didn’t want to lose you. I love you.”

a thing based on this ask and this related comic by @infinite-atmosphere because I just had to

2200 words of REALLY HASTILY-WRITTEN FIC ignore any egregious errors

McCree first sees him on the streets of Hanamura, not far outside the guarded Shimada property. McCree sits at the counter at the Rikimaru ramen shop, poking halfheartedly at a bowl of shoyu. A figure steps up to the counter beside him, and though McCree doesn’t look up at first, he can hear the cook greet the newcomer enthusiastically. So he looks up.

The newcomer is, quite possibly, the most handsome man he has ever seen. With long, dark hair tied back in a ribbon, piercing dark eyes, and cheekbones one could cut themselves on, the sight of him very nearly stops McCree’s heart.

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Language Barrier (ft. Sombra, D.Va, Mei, Pharah, Tracer and Reader)

( @lotus063 :Its random, its different and it’s so up my alley!!!! I hope I do it justice and sorry if I fail you, Lotus-San! ^_^ Mod Firefly)


-Would be surprised by the news and thought she was experiencing a real battle to happen but when they seem like a normal person, she would get upset until they tried to speak.

-She would look to the others, trying to see if they knew what they were saying but when no one understood, she would try to see to other means of communication.

-Surprisingly, the best way to communicate with her S/O was through the video game when she saw some familiar figures on the wall.

-Would ask her followers to help her understand what they are trying to say.

-cutest couple because of how they play video games all the time and just seem to get along perfectly.


-She would try to figure out what is going on as she is doing scientific research but all she can see is that they are other-worldly but kept trying to be professional.

-when she tried to communicate, there was a language barrier that was not going to be solved by traditional means.

-Would ask Winston for help and discovered their language.

-They would each try to learn the other’s language as a means to communicate.

-Honestly, they would have a conversation in a mixture of both languages.



-She was trying to defend the temple of Anubis when they met each other.

-When they saw each other, they knew that there was a communication problem because neither spoke either language.

-Would then see the hieroglyphs and used those to explain and talk to each other.

-Best thing about this, no one but them and Ana knew what they were talking about.

-So Freaking Adorable!!!!



-Would be after some information for Reaper when they meet.

-Thought about asking them for any information only to discover that they were rambling in some language she doesn’t know.

-She would use her computer to have it look up the language and would be surprised by what she is hearing but nods and lets her tag along.

-Would constantly use her computer now to look up what is being said and would reply using the computer in word form so she can do her work with ease.

-Not a traditional relationship but they make it work.



-Would offer to help them when they were first discovered, thinking they were a survivor from the bombings during an attack.

-Would continue talking up a storm until she realizes that they have not said a word.

-‘Is something the matter love?’ She would ask and then hear them talk in their native language.

-Asks Winston to invent a international language translator as a surprise for them that they can wear or that she can wear so they can have conversations.

-The look on their face, it would be one of love and pleasure when they can finally hold a decent conversation.

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Can we get some angst with Tracer sombra and widow who have an s/o whom needs to keep a special peice of hardware on the side of their head at all times or else they risk extream injury or even death, TY 4 EXISTING <3

(Oooooh angst tiiime >:D)


“What if it falls off? If I get shot there, I’ll be in a lot of trouble!” Tracer’s s/o fretted as they paced back in forth in the team base.

“C’mon, [Name],” Tracer wrapped an arm around their shoulders, “You were already up all night thinkin’ about this, give yourself a break.”

“But I can’t! Nothing’s changed since last night: I’m still scared something will happen!” they exclaimed, “This is my first mission since I started wearing this cerebral stabilizer, and I’m really nervous something will go wrong!”

“Don’t worry–” Lena started to say, reaching up to rub the small chip on the side of their head.

But her partner suddenly flinched away, covering their hardware defensively. Lena couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for them. They didn’t even trust their own girlfriend to touch their stabilizer.

“I-I mean,” Tracer continued, “It’s made of some strong stuff, it can take quite a few hits.”

“But what happens after those few hits?” they groaned, “What happens when I take one too many hits?! I’ll totally lose it! I won’t know where I am, what to do, how to act! This thing keeps me sane, Lena; a small chip on my head controls my entire mind and Overwatch still wants me out here risking my life!”

Tracer sighed sadly, carefully placing a hand on theirs, “But you wanna be out here, don’t you?”

They shifted uncomfortably, “I guess…I mean, I always liked being on missions with you and the others. I wouldn’t want that to go away.”

“So don’t let it go away!” Tracer grinned.

“But I might have to! I’m hopelessly disabled by this thing now,”

“You don’t have to let it hold you back, though!” she shook her head, “When I first got my translocater, I was scared, too. I was worried it would be destroyed in a fight or that it would malfunction when I was recalling, and…yeah, I had a few close calls. But we have to overcome those challenges, [Name], that’s how I became the Tracer everyone knows now. I got used to my new hardware and used it to my advantage, and I know you will, too.”

Her s/o was quiet for a few moments, thinking about what Lena had just told them.

They spoke up, “But I’m not you…”

“I know,” Lena carefully traced her thumb over their knuckles, “You’re you, and you’ll have to overcome this in your own way. But just know that I’ll be here with you the whole way.”

[Name] slowly reached up and felt the hardware on their head again, cringing as they felt where the metal met their flesh.

“Thanks, Lena,” they whispered, “Promise you won’t lead my side in today’s fight?”

“Scouts honor!”


Having hardware built into one’s body was something Sombra was used to. When she officially became the Sombra that Overwatch feared and Talon used, she had her whole body upgraded to be optimal for hacking. However, her s/o was a totally different case entirely. The glowing lines that ran across their head, through their hair, and down their neck was supposed to have enhanced their senses, even allowing them to scan a database by looking at it.

But after the procedure, it turned out to be a lot faultier than they thought. The worst part was that if any of the wires were ripped out of their head, it would shut down the brain, killing them. They knew the risk of inserting a prototype into their body, but they could have never imagined a risk so great. It made them very wary on their hacking missions with Sombra, more likely to hide from guards than take them out and move on to the next room.

Sombra tried her best to sympathize, talking about her own hardware, but it never seemed to help. If anything, her partner seemed more frightened of Talon itself, including her.

“Do you think they’ll fix it soon?” her partner asked one day.

“Hrm?” Sombra grunted, eyes still glued to her set of computer monitors.

“My built in hacking device,” they repeated, “My mental hacker. It’s still incredibly dangerous to use, so…it’s been a few months, and I though Talon would have found a way to fix it.”

“Don’t worry, [Name],” she shrugged as she tapped away at her computer, “I’m sure they’re working hard on it.”

Her s/o just sighed and gently felt the glowing wires that bulged from the back of their neck.

“Do…Do you think they’re planning something else?” they asked worriedly.

“Like what?”

“Like…Do you think they’re waiting on me to die? I am basically a failed prototype after all…Or do you think they’ll exploit my new weakness?” they asked worriedly, now scratching at the wires.

Sombra finally turned from her screens and saw them picking at the hardware, she reached over and moved their hand away.

“I won’t lie, [Name], Talon’s not the most reputable company. They could be planning something, but trust me, if they were, I would know,” she reassured them, “And I haven’t seen anything about you in their confidential files.”

That still didn’t seem to put her partner at ease.

They glanced up at Sombra weakly and asked, “But you would tell me if they were, right?”

She flinched back a bit at the sudden mistrust, “Yes, of course!”

“A-and you wouldn’t try anything like they would, right?”

“What?!” she gasped, “You mean–”

“You wouldn’t try to…hack my new hardware?” they clarified.

“Nunca! No!” she shook her head quickly, “[Name], do you not trust me?”

“I-I do, but you’re with Talon, and I’m scared–”

Sombra just put a finger to their lips and sighed, “No, [Name]. I may work for them, but they’re just a base of operations for now. I plan on leaving them eventually. My loyalty to them is strictly temporary and very loose. But I would never turn my back on you like that.”

Her s/o suddenly started to tear up, “I just…I’m just scared of everything now. I-it’s so dumb! One small surgery later and I can’t handle missions or briefings or even talking to new people! I’m just so s-scared the world’s out to get me!”

Sombra’s brow creased, and she gave her s/o a hug, lovingly running her fingers down her s/o’s neck wires.

“I would never do anything to hurt you,” she whispered.

But she only wished she were true. Sombra also had that same fear that everyone was out to get her. All hackers did, and they all had contingency plans…for everything. Hacking [Name]’s new device would be simple. It could be overridden to delete memories, control their movements…even kill them if she needed to. But she hoped she would never have to do that. Hackers always had a plan, no matter who their target was.

The Birds

A/N: Two months later and I’m back. Thank you to the two ladies who looked this over for me - Mona (@o-u-a-timer) and Lena (@lenfaz), I owe you my life. We’re picking up now folks - hope you enjoy. 

Summary: Meet Emma Swan: mother, detective, and angel. She’s just trying to get through her eternal afterlife in one piece. Naturally the universe has other plans for her. When a murder occurs in the divine community, she must enlist the help of angels and demons alike to help crack the case. Enter Killian Jones, a mysterious demon who has every intention of making Emma’s life a living hell. Angel/Demon AU. This has been done before and I’m sure other attempts are better than mine, but I thought I’d give it a shot. There is a depiction of a crime scene at the bottom so read at your own risk!


Chapter I/Chapter II/Chapter III/Chapter IV/Chapter V

Chapter V: All the Things Lost

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”  - Mitch Albom

Emma’s eyes snapped open at 8:15 on the dot. She’d somehow managed to fall back into unconsciousness a bit past five. She could hear Henry rummaging about in the kitchen. He normally took care of breakfast in the morning, given that she was almost always out late catching perps.

She’d taken off her shoes and jacket when she’d woken up from her dream, so she threw on a hoodie over her t-shirt and ambled outside. Emma tried to remember her nightmare, but felt as though she was grasping at straws. Everything had been so crystal clear before, and now it was jarringly murky. There was something else too, something else she was forgetting…

“Hello, Love,” he said, answering her question.

Her eyes took in his sprawling form on her couch. He’d ditched all the leather, and was wearing a black Henley and skinny jeans. He looked incredibly amused as his kohl-rimmed eyes darted over her body. She was slightly alarmed she hadn’t felt his presence sooner, was it possible to grow used to the feeling of a demon? She had been spending an inordinate amount of time with them…

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SuperCorp (for that more likely thing)

im about to roast the shit out of these two let me tell you

  • who is more likely to hurt the other?
    • lena, most definitely. she’s very reserved and kara, although having good intentions, can push too far at times. lena doesn’t mean to say some of the things she does, but it’s a reflex for her to throw up walls like that.
  • who is emotionally stronger?
    • on the inside, kara. on the outside, lena. while they’ve both lived their entire lives having to be careful and mindful about their images, kara always had the danvers as the best support system. she could always let her problems out and they’d listen and help her in every way possible, so on the inside she’s much better at reminding herself that things will be okay & etc. on the outside she can be very explosive, especially when as supergirl and it’s something she finds very difficult to control. lena has always had the ability to keep her outward emotions in check because she was always in the public eye. she knew she’d face consequences if the luthors ended up in the press because of her appearance or behavior and that’s something she never wanted to face, ever. unfortunately this left the emotional state inside her mind in turmoil a lot of the time, and like kara’s outward emotions, it’s difficult for her to stay positive up there. (please make sense lmao)
  • who is physically stronger?
    • i’d say the one with super strength
  • who is more likely to break a bone? 
    • lena, but only because it’s almost impossible for kara to break a bone. however, during periods where kara doesn’t have her powers, she’s like 200x more likely to than lena. 
  • who knows best what to say to upset the other? 
    • they are both really good at saying things to upset the other. lena’s used to making snarky rebuttals, and kara knows what’s hidden under lena’s exterior, so their digs at each other get really low at some points. 
  • who is most likely to apologize first after an argument?
    • kara. lena is usually about to (because who can stay mad at kara) but kara almost always beats her to the punch. kara will usually apologize within an hour of the argument. she can’t stand to have lena mad at her and she always feels really bad when it happens. 
  • who treats who’s wounds more often? 
    • neither really get hurt too frequently, but lena slices her fingers with the kitchen knives all the time. kara has to yell at lena every night because, “lena, you’re cutting the celery way too fast! you’re not on chopped. slow down, i promise my stomach can wait an extra thirty seconds.” (she tried buying lena dinosaur band-aids once in hopes that they would cause her to be more careful because, you know, lena ceo billionaire death glare luthor shouldn’t be caught dead with dinosaur band-aids, but, “oh my god, kara! look, it’s a t-rex!” followed by an entire wasted box of band-aids from looking at the other designs proved her wrong.)  (lena luthor has become quite notorious for her dinosaur band-aids.)
  • who is in constant need of comfort? 
    • usually kara, because she deals with a lot having the weight of the world on her shoulders at times. she needs a good week of hugging if she had a failed save attempt or just screwed up albeit trying her best. lena only needs major comfort when her family is back on the news or if she receives an unexpected letter from lex or her mother. 
  • who gets more jealous? 
    • lena gets so jealous. kara is really just nice to everyone and while she’s not flirting with them, sometimes that’s how it’s taken. so other people will flirt back (right in front of lena too) and kara, the oblivious pure soul that she is, just thinks that they’re being really friendly to her. lena also gets livid when she hear people talking about supergirl and how much they love her bc, duh, lena loves her the most!
  • who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 
    • lena is really good at all things Bitchy™ so kara will get frustrated to the point where she does her stuttering insult thing and just storms out of the room. lena usually laughs it off if was a minor teasing or something, but she knows when it’s time to chase after the girl.
  • who will propose?
    • lena will propose one night but like in a super impromptu way. she carries the ring around for a long time after asking eliza and alex permission to ask for kara’s hand. it gets to the point where alex is literally texting lena every night asking if she’s going to do it until one night, after alex grills her over imessage, she just slams her mug down on the coffee table and gets on one knee in front of kara. she all but demands kara to say yes, and later that night she promises a much more romantic proposal at a really nice restaurant with some really good food, but kara literally d o e s not c a r e she’s ecstatic that lena wants to marry her and couldn’t think of a better time for a proposal.
  • who has the most difficult parents?
    • definitely lena. both of their fathers are mia, and between the mothers, eliza is so much better. like, there’s not even an argument. lillian was hoping lena would marry a rich man who owned a fortune 500 of his own, so she’s not the most supportive one out there. 
  • who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 
    • surprisingly, lena. kara is always really nervous to, especially when she knows paparazzi are around so she holds off, so lena just takes charge. she doesn’t give two damns about who sees her holding kara’s hand.
  • who hogs the blankets?
    • they go back and forth through out the night. kara usually ends up winning due to super abilities, but by that point she’ll just pull lena in close and make sure they’re both under the covers together :’) 
  • who gets more sad? 
    • lena gets more sad. lena is pretty sensitive so even though she hides it well, the smallest of things can send her into a nasty funk. 
  • who is better at cheering the other up? 
    • they’re both really good at cheering the other up in different ways. kara will just pull lena onto the couch, hold her tightly, and throw on the kardashians & whisper dumb jokes about them into lena’s ear until lena feels better. it has a 100% success rate so far. lena will go to all of kara’s favorite restaurants and buy kara’s favorite dish from each one, and since she’s not the best with feelings sometimes, she always invites alex and maggie over to eat with them because if anyone can make kara feel better, lena knows it’s alex. 
  • who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
    • lena. kara’s jokes are SO. BAD.
  • who is more streetwise?
    • lena, definitely. her ability to finesse is other worldly. kara would know. 
  • who is more wise?
    • kara. she’s the younger of the the two, only by a few years, but technically she’s been around for much, much longer. lena has experienced a lot, but nothing like some of the things kara has endured, and she’s constantly learning things from kara 
  • who’s the shyest? 
    • they’re both pretty shy. lena morevso in the reserved sense, and kara in the socially awkward sense. 
  • who boasts about the other more? 
    • lena keeps copies of every issue of catco that has kara’s name in it on her desk. she always makes sure her reception area is fully stocked, and every break room has a hefty supply as well. she always puts kara’s work on display. (meanwhile kara just dones’t shut up about lena. ever.)
  • who sits on who’s lap?
    • kara will sit on lena’s lap first, but lena will just complain about how heavy kara is until they’ve switched places. especially when they’re at home and lena just wants to lay across kara’s lap.