i hope you like it guys *u*


All the everyone OC’s I know from the Pixelberry fandom!(and I made for someone too!) I had so much fun drawing them! And somehow I want this to make as a friendship gift (or valentine day gift but i was too late for that sniff) and somehow I want apologized. Really, really apologized if I was being a jerk, awkward and not replies on your chat/ask at the past. Also, please accpect this as a gift of friendship!

.:The first picture, from left to right:.

Tony, @ethanblakes ‘ OC, Reifai, @archie-artblog ‘s OC, Cyan, @grimdarkpixels ‘ OC, Piper, @sarcasticace ‘s OC, Samantha, my OC, @principal-mc ‘s OC (I somehow forgot their name again, sorry!), Aimee, @watermelone-n-chicken ‘s OC, Astra, @7stars ‘ OC.

.:The second picture, from left to right:.

Maus, (his account was gone, I miss him), Ivan, @rottenheartedchild ‘s OC, Amanda, @spacetravels / @jebsplayshss ‘ OC , Aro, @arowanathestudent ‘s OC, Penelope, @pixelberrygardens / @poppygardens ‘ OC.

.:The third picture, from left to right:.

Holly, @hollyashton ‘s OC (I made it for you, I hope you like it!), Molly, @molliartsie / @i-am-a-fandom-hoe ‘s OC, Ming, @robozombiepocalypse ‘s OC (sorry if i made her wrong sniff)

.:The forth picture, from left to right:.

Estella, @xiodorous / @askmaxwarren ‘s OC, Aeon, @aeon-hwuhss ‘ OC, Bunny, @cinnabani ‘s OC.

I hope you guys like it!

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hey! for a while now i feel really sad and unhappy for no reason.. do you have any ideas how to be happy again or feel more relaxed? love your page btw💓💓

anonymous said: These days I feel very down and I don’t feel like doing anything. I just can’t push myself to do anything eventhough I really try.

i got two kinda similar asks so i thought it would be more efficient to combine them into the same answer. firstly, i’m really sorry to hear that you guys are going through a hard time 😞  i hope you both feel better soon!! in the mean time, here are some links that may be of use for you. i hope they help~

additionally, i recommend you guys to talk to someone you trust/feel comfortbale with about how you feel, or even go to a professional if you think it will help. please don’t keep things to yourself or bottle things up inside of you. even if it’s through writing things out in a journal, i really recommend that you guys talk about what you’re going through as i’ve found that it’s v cathartic. also, please remember that you’re valuable people with so so much potential. don’t give up on yourselves!! as hard as it may be, please keep going. you’ll make it through this, i promise. you’ve already come so far and you’ve made it through 100% of your bad days - i know that you have it in you to get through this too.

Some still-open adoptables! If you’re interested hit me up ;u; They’re $10 each~ We have a Holly Blue Agate, a Sapphire, a Lapis Lazuli, and an Amethyst! I call this set the Blue Diamond Start Pack lol~ I’ve been away from Tumblr for a while and I’ve been doing a tON of gem adoptables while I was gone! I hope to post them soon enough~ And I’m planning on making more sets in the near future! But I thought I’d share these gals first since they’re all open lol~ I hope you guys like ‘em!

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hello lovely!! i know you're away but you can answer when you get back ;v; So, two things, one, do you also use paint tool sai? or medibang paint? i don't have a computer that is compatible with sai and want a good substitute :) also, do you know GalactiBun irl? u guys r so cute <3 thank you!

Aa ty! ❤

1. I use paint tool sai, but medibang paint works fine for both mac and pc. Ive heard fire alpaca works fine w/ both mac and pc, but as far as ive seen its much more like medibang over sai.

2. NOP ACTUALLY bUT i hope i get to meet them irl ❤❤❤❤!

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the 'jeon' vs 'jung' for kook's name is just a difference in romanisation (if it helps kook chose "jungkook" as the official one for his name in english) as the vowel sound 'eo' and 'u' in this instance is the same sound in korean (which is why you see some people spell his name as jeon jeongkook/jeongguk) if it helps his name in korean is 전정국 (jeon jungkook) with the ㅓ character = the 'eo' or 'u' vowel ... (ah i hope that makes sense for you!!!)

nhshdjh ok i appreciate you going into detail but like, i know. that’s why i said it could work for both the ‘jeon’ in his last name or the ‘jeon’ in jeongguk if that’s how you choose to romanize his name, whichever one floats your boat! as long as ppl get that my url is about this guy:

then we all good :)

hey you guys if you could follow my new blog @fornewarmies and maybe reblog this post that would be amazing!

Basically I just wanted to create a safe space for new armies to ask questions to a predebut army without feeling pressured or like they are asking anything stupid!

I’m also looking for maybe one or two other older armies (preferably before I NEED U era, but if you’re a newer ARMY with other kpop fandoms before bTS that’s amazing too) to help out! so PM me if youre interested!  

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(this is the donnie yen was my childhood anon!!! im still too sure to come off-anon so i hope it is ok that i keep sending u anons???) yen ji-dan in rogue one has obviously been a+ representation for a chinese hong konger like me, but what gets me most is his super gummy grin. and when i saw it in rogue one interviews it gets me bc....i have a heckin' gummy grin as well (also used to have braces) and i always feel self-conscious about it like oh my teeth is sticking out so much ??? [1/2]

– but then you get this guy, who’s also a chinese hong konger??? in a mainstream franchise??? with the same kind of grummy grin/smile and i SEE PEOPLE REALLY LIKING THE WAY HE SMILES—basically what i’m trying to say is seeing ppl like you be so Positive about donnie (and jiang wen!!!) just warms my heart and indirectly makes me more positive about myself as well. all the donnie yen + jiang wen love u guys have is just, such a nice thing and really brightens my day every time. [2/2]

of course it’s perfectly ok for you to stay on anon but i’ll live in hope that you reveal yourself one day so i can HUG YOU TO DEATH

THIS IS WONDERFUL! i’m just so happy that something as simple as us dummies crushing on these great actors can make you feel better about yourself. i’ve always liked gummy smiles, DONNIE’S IS CUTE AS FUCK and i’m glad that he and his fans can make you feel better about yours?? i bet yours is lovely, believe it anon, believe in ur gums

i had braces for years too, i know exactly how self-conscious they can make you. don’t worry, i don’t think we’re done loving on the pair of them any time soon. thank you!

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HEY. I just finished reading Wild And Unruly and like... I didn't think I could love anything more than LIARB but holy shit... WAU ended me. Like, it was SO beautiful !!!!! Every part of it. Louis and Harry's characterisations were probably the best I've ever read in any fic ?? And the story, it was so unique and lovely !! And there was just enough fluff and angst. Basically I'm saying thanks to u and ur writing partner for blessing me w this story. (Will u guys write something together again?)

Thank you so so so so much! I hope Addy and I will get it together to write another one at some point.

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ahh sleepover!! haven't sent a message in a while.. i'm currently recovering from a post-ochem-exam cold welp, my wrist injury hasn't let up, and my solo performance is next weekend o.0; but on a happier note, i'm dating the pianist/violinist guy i've had a mutual crush on...?? he's also been driving me back from rehearsals without fail and i'm so so thankful and when he held my hand (while driving sAVE me) i literally internally screamed in happiness he's so sweet ahh -snowflake anon

i was wondering how you’ve been doing my dude!! i hope your exam went well but gahh i’m sad to hear that you still haven’t recovered from your wrist injury 😓  i hope it gets better soon!! and oH WOW YAY!! THIS IS SUCH A LOVELY DEVELOPMENT i’m glad ur happy, it sounds like he’s a v sweet guy + i wish u both all the best!!

for @ladyliberty7476 who wanted some more usnavi and sonny,, aka the worlds best cousins who love each other very very much


Sometimes I wonder
What’s the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye


shinee + plant babe aesthetics


“when you feel like giving up, remember who you’re doing it for.”

I think we all need this after episode 11 and the upcoming episode 12. ಥ_ಥ I’m in denial that yoi is ending ok? let me weep in peace 

(also for anyone who’s tired/stressed out in life)


Yuuri definitely has the Viktor one plastered to his wall, nothing can make me think otherwise.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


shinee + aesthetics: s  p  a  c  e