i hope you like it em!

androidsfighting  asked:

are you still taking taakitz prompts?? maybe.... taakitz wedding? (i adore your art and fic so much!!!)

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like my stuff!! I wish I had unlimited time to draw and write unlimited versions of taakitz weddings bc just thinking about it makes me cry, but for now we’re gonna have to make do with this one completely inadequate doodle /__\ I hope you like it anyhow!

(The biggest concern - what on earth does Taako wear?? I put him in a simple suit because it’s past my bedtime on a weeknight and dresses are hard and I’m sleepy, but I usually imagine him in a big puffy gown?!!)

Thanks for the request! Please feel free to keep sending them in and I’ll get to them as soon as I can, cuz drawing these two and sharing em with people makes me so happy!

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can you name a couple of blogs for each member of knk? Say the first ones you think of for each member please? Love your blog and you kind of made me interested in knk >.<

AHHH!! Thank you so so much. And I am so sorry if I am late but I hope you see this!

Inseong : @furryseong 

Youjin: @hoe4youjin @youjinshands   @ kimsyoujin  @knkinky @keunxkeun

( i kinda follow more youjin stans since i am youjin stan) 

Seungjun: @ seunqjun @tiknkerbell

Heejun: @ oheejunsbf

Jihun: @ keunarikeun

In general: @knktookovermylife

i feel like there is more but here are some. And a lot em I know well through awesome mutualship and I can say all of these blogs are awesome and love knk a lot.

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I'm hella new to this website, do you have any art sharing tips?

umm, not really, my work barely gets any attention here too ^^

i guess you can just use the hashtags and hope for someone big to reblog one of em if they like it lol

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Mun mun, If you could even know the identity of the anon with a crush would you like to ?

Oh ah! Sorry I thought this would be rude to leave until next munday haha and I just… I hate being rude… Q~Q Ah well em anyway, I’m sure that we could talk or something! I love making new friends and talking to people on my blog, and though I’m mostly at classes or working, I’ll try my best to reply! My messages are actually open to everyone! :D I hope it’s okay that I’ll also delete this ask soon cause I don’t wanna bother people with messages haha, so em… Yeah! Just message me soon! :D


Hey friends!

Meg here for this week’s TUTOR TUESDAY! This week I go over just a little trick that I like to use when drawing and connecting arms/hands/legs/feet ect. This helps me with foreshortening as well. I hope it helps you folks as well! I have tutorials that talk more specifically about hand/foot/leg anatomy here. If you have any tutorial recommendations send ‘em in here or my personal. Now go forth and I’ll see you next week!

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i dont know if this is too late but could you please draw punk!remus with soft!Sirius?

Am I doing this right?


“One of the trickier things of the film as a whole was how to keep Moses alive as a developing character… because, essentially, he becomes a mouthpiece for his God in the original Bible story. And how to keep him alive, and have something going on dramatically within him, was a real struggle. How to keep him human. And the brothers’ relationship between he and Rameses really helped us with that — as well as his relationship with Aaron and Miriam.”

  The Prince of Egypt | Directors’ Commentary

for @thisonetraveler <3


Hints, hints! More hints! eXCITE! Drew these two together this time! I also put some green lights in there this time but I reaaaally gotta work on my shading with em! >:0

Also, I really wanna give Anti/ Jack a cool yet very shitty wardrobe in this comic! Hit me with funny ‘n’ offensive quotes y’all! This fictional character man dude bro needs ugly ass shirts! 

Also, listening to Imagine Dragons while drawing was a good idea! :D

Anyway, hope you like it! C:

Pls do not do the reposty stuff, thankers!


Sleight of Hand

They’re still staring each other down when the others shuffle into the room, a collective groan going up at the sight of them at each other’s throats once more.

“So,” Raven starts, conversational, “how do we think Clarke is going to murder Bellamy? Discuss.”

“Knife to the gut?” Miller muses, tapping a finger against his chin. “She’d want to draw it out.”

“She’ll push him off a high-rise.” Monty nods. “Messy, but satisfying.”

“I have it on good authority that she’ll disembowel him with nothing but a spoon and sheer willpower,” Clarke cuts in, dry, “but that’s just me.”

“You know, if you really wanted to get up close and personal with my body, all you had to do was ask.” Bellamy remarks, lips curling into a satisfied smirk when that pulls a scowl out of her.

Notorious criminal prodigy Bellamy Blake has been tasked with a seemingly impossible heist. Luckily enough, he just might have the right crew for it.

Read on AO3. 

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How about drawing the band wearing each others clothes!! All of em or just one of em or whatever you want!!!! Im sorry u feel sad

this make me feel so much better! I have to thank you for this, hope you like it dear!