i hope you like it brooke :)


I don’t know what it is about you guys as a girl group. I feel like you guys have been empowered to individually work on different things and not feel like “Oh my God, I can’t be creative in my own way, I can go to Dancing with the Stars, I could do whatever I want.” and it not be held accountable against me. This is exciting, what do you guys have individually going on?

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Rebecca Sugar, Kimberly Brooks and some other Crewniverse members went to meet with a kid (username is The Amazing Axolotl on Google+) as part of a Make a Wish. I’m very glad that The Amazing Axolotl was able to experience this and I hope they’re doing okay. Here is a link to their profile! (it does contain spoilers for Wanted as they were able to watch it early).

Reminder that there is a fun version of ‘The Return’ out there dubbed by The Amazing Axolotl and Kimberly Brooks. :’)

This was drawn by Aleth Romanillos (Character Designer) and it seems to be Jasper’s semi-corrupted form, like Centipeetles! You can see that she has the same sharp, spiky teeth Jasper had when she was fully corrupted. Though her eyes are fully back.

Here we see that Jasper’s redemption is something Rebecca actually wants and is something she considers a spoiler to talk about.

Aww!!!!!  :)

Damian ‘cockblock’ Wayne - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon - Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where Damian keeps cockblocking Jason and the reader (he sees the reader as an older sister/mother type of figure)


Summary - Sexually frustrated Jaybird seems to not be able to catch a break.

Warnings - swearing, make outs, reference to sex.

“God I want to kill Grayson…” Jason grumbled as he climbed through your apartment window, normally he would visit you during the day and take you out, but most recently he had been appearing in your apartment at ungodly hours of the night after patrol; he came over either just needing to feel you next to him as he slept, or just needing to feel you writhing beneath him, moaning his name as he showed you how much he loved you – he had been away for a couple weeks, patrol had practically taken over his life and all he was thinking about through those gruelling weeks was you, and how much he missed you and needed you.

“Baby? You better be ready to stay awake all night long…” He smirked to himself as he made his way to your bedroom, kicking off his shoes and throwing his leather jacket away in a random direction before swinging your bedroom door open. “Jay?” You whispered, eyes widening as you sat up and stared at him as he started pulling off his armour. “You have no idea how much I need you right now, if you thought you were sore the day after my birthday, god babe you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” He bit his lip, taking off the rest of the remaining clothing on his body, leaving him all bare before you. “Jay shut up!” you squeal, you did love his spontaneity but this was definitely NOT the time. “You won’t be saying that in a couple minutes…” He smirked, striding towards you and ripping the duvet from your body and revealing you and a certain someone else.

“What the-?! Why the fuck is demon spawn here?” He backed away, grabbing his boxers and pulling them on like the flash as he stared at little Damian, snuggling his face into Jason’s own pillow as he slept soundly. “Dami has been keeping me company since you’ve been gone!” You whisper-shouted, getting out of bed and pushing Jason out of the bedroom and closing the door behind you.

“I thought you weren’t back till morning?” you spoke “I couldn’t wait…” He spoke low, eyes darker than night as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist and turning you so you were now against the wall; he crashed his lips onto yours impatiently, not wanting to answer any more of your questions. “Jay-mhpf” You tried to speak, but Jason clearly wasn’t having it as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, your tongues now fighting for dominance as he slid his hands into your shorts as he began groping your arse, taking you to the lounge area and throwing you against the couch.

You laid there breathless as Jason went back to his original position between your legs, kissing your neck and sucking onto your sweet spot beneath your ear as he grinded into you, Jason Jr clearly happy to see you; if Damian wasn’t asleep in your bed right now you would gladly go all the way to welcome Jaybird back home, but, he was.

“Jay- Damian might wake-“ “I don’t care let me show you how much I love you..” Jason purred, tugging at your shorts as he kissed your hips. “Y/N?” A voice echoed in the hallway “Damian!” You gasped, pushing Jason off of you and turning to look at Damian. “Fucking cockblock…” Jason groaned as he continued to lay on the ground where he landed, earning a side glare from you. “You’re insufferable.” Damian rolled his eyes at Jason and then turned back to you “I thought you had been kidnapped, last time I saw you, you were in bed with me so I was concerned. Anywho, continue whatever you were doing I’m going to get some water.” Damian spoke, nodding towards Jason before returning into the shadows and back to your bedroom.

“Now where were we…” “No Jay!” you giggled, pecking his lips before getting up on your feet. “What? He said continue!” He whined, pouting his lips out at you; god you wish you got that as a picture, because if you told anyone the mighty Red Hood pouted his lips out at you to get what he wanted, well, he would indefinitely deny and no one would believe you anyway. You shook your head, smiling to yourself “Oral?” he pleaded, watching your magnificent behind walk away from him as you rolled your eyes “five minutes in the shower?” He raised his voice “good night Jay!” you chuckled “Jerk me off?!” he shouted out, he really needed you right now, soon after he heard your bedroom door slam shut. “God I hate you demon spawn…” He groaned, collapsing onto the couch.

He glanced down to his crotch, sighing, he was literally throbbing; “what am I going to do with you now?”

The smell of pancakes and bacon filled the air, Jason nose twitched, waking up on the couch in the same position that he fell asleep, a mug of hot chocolate sat beside him. “Y/N?” He called out, stretching out his body and sitting up, rubbing his eyes and running his fingers through his dark hair before glancing to the kitchen, expecting to see you in one of his shirts… and ONLY one of his shirts… bending over the island in the centre in order to get something, your ass practically inviting him to come in.

Although, much to his dismay, he looked over only to see Damian sat the island eating, and you, fully clothed.

He sighed, standing up, earning a few cracking sounds from his back before groggily making his way towards you.  “Todd.” “Cock block.” They nod to each other, as Jason made his way towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist he smiles “good morning” you giggle, leaning back into his warmth as he hugged you from behind, he began to kiss the spot beneath your ear making you bite your lip.

“AHEM” Damian spoke up, making Jason groan against your skin, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Why is he still here?” He whines “Because he wanted to spend some time with me! You’re lucky he didn’t wake up when you were all lusty last night.” You chuckled “It’s not my fault that I wanted my girlfriend after weeks and weeks apart. I have no idea how people can wait till marriage.” he smirks, resting his hands on your waist and turning you around to face him, he tucks a stray hair behind your ear as he looks down at you lovingly, leaning his head down towards your lips. Just as he was only mere centimetres away from those lips he has wanted to taste for weeks,  Damian’s head pops up next to the two of you and his hair brushed against your cheek.

“I know you two are a couple but I care more for my hunger rather than that so Y/N may I have 2 more slices of toast?” He asks “Help yourself.” You smile, ruffling his hair before turning back to face your beloved boyfriend “GO HOME DEMON SPAWN.” He growls, earning a glare from you as you slapped your hand on his very broad chest “Jason!” you gasp “oh come on! my balls are almost as blue as Dick’s nightwing suit” he complained, hands gripping a bit tighter onto your waist.

“Todd could you refer to your genitalia more subtly, I’m trying to eat my breakfast” Damian sneers, biting into a piece of toast. “BEAT IT DEMON” “Maybe that’s what you should be doing” “DAMIAN!” you gasped, surely something like that shouldn’t come out of the mouth of someone his age. “What? It would make him less of a challenge to be around” “Dami! Go get ready I’ll take you out for ice cream!” you couldn’t help but let out a laugh, you did not expect Damian to say anything of that sort out loud, let alone think of it. “Tt” he rolled his eyes, retreating back to your room to most likely get a shower.

Once the coast was clear, your attention was now all on Jason.

“Couch. You have until you hear the shower stop to do what you want, I don’t care whether if you’ve came or not, when the shower stops, we stop.” You smirk “Ooo I love it when you take control sometimes” Jason winks, slapping your behind before dragging you to the couch.

“Y/N your shower seems to need fixing so I took it upon myself to call a – TODD WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING TO Y/N”

Not my best of works I must admit but I hope you enjoyed and if you would like to request just message me! 


@darlingpeanut @brooke-supernatural16 @lostinspace33 @permanent-lines

  • Ally: Where are you going?
  • Camila: I'm going on a walk. I can still do that by myself. Watch.
  • Camila: [starts walking]
  • Camila: [sarcastically] Oh. I hope I don't get hurt.
  • Camila: [walks into the door jamb to prove her point]
  • Camila: [sarcastically] Oh, God. Who put that door jamb there? I didn't see it. I ran right into it.
  • Camila: [keeps walking and trips]
  • Camila: [sarcastically] Oh, no. I tripped. Walking is so hard.
  • Ally: That one didn't look like it was on purpose.
  • Camila: IT WAS!

So here’s the result of the post asking for character to sketch. Thanks to everyone that suggested, I had a really good time! Hope you guys like it too.

Tallstar – Feathertail – Cinderpelt – Heathertail – Nightcloud – You know that headcanon about Hollystar and her deputy Ivypool?! Yeah, I dig it! – Needletail (I really liked this one!) – A proud father and his daughters – Mapleshade – Brook – And last but not least Snowfur and Mosskit in Starclan!


Listening to musics and for every single swing I tought about a different BATIM oc mine included so that made me wanna draw some of my inspirations here

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend - Chrystal Cooperson - @eliana55226838

Ain’t she sweet - Candie - @rize54

Gimme That Swing - Brook - @hoobins (that’s me :D)

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Bonnie Bombay - @bonnie-bombay

Hope you guys like!

Escuchando musicas en youtube y para cada una, un OC de BATIM surgia en mi cabeza igual que la mia entonces quise dibujar algumas de mis sempais/inspiraciones aqui

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend - Chrystal Cooperson - @eliana55226838

Ain’t she sweet - Candie - @rize54

Gimme That Swing - Brook - @hoobins​ (that’s me :D)

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Bonnie Bombay - @bonnie-bombay

Espero que les guste!

To Love, Or To Kill?

Bucky Barnes x Reader (1/?) AU

Anon - Can you write one where Bucky and the reader were dating but they got in a huge argument and are ignoring each other so when they go on a mission together Nat has to go too so they don’t fight too much. But when something goes wrong Bucky has to decide on which one to save. The reader, the one he loved, or Nat, the woman who helped him escape. And out of loyalty he chooses Nat and the reader lives somehow and they go mute because the one they loved didn’t choose them… angst and drama plz

A/N So I combined this idea with a soulmate AU that was brought up to me by the wonderful @hollycornish so, since this was a request that people anticipated and the soulmate AU intrigued me, I combined both and created a series! Special love for the wonderful @littlemissacorn and @buchananbarnestrash for helping me out! 

Italics are flashbacks

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Inside Choices: LoveHacks Finale

After many jokes, clickbait titles, and San Francisco shenanigans, the #LoveHacks series finale has come and gone. The #LoveHacks story is one that many of us on Team Pixelberry relate to – that millennial life, amirite? – and we’re sad to see this laugh-out-loud story of friendship and love end. For a final behind-the-scenes look at #LoveHacks, read on…

This Series Finale Will Blow Your Mind! You Won’t Believe What These Writers Have To Say – ah, who am I kidding? I can’t do these clickbait titles. So how do you feel now that the series is over?

Megan: It’s definitely a bittersweet experience. We’ve been working on LoveHacks for almost a year now, and while we’re proud of what we’ve done, it feels weird to not be hanging out with Dani, Brooke, Cole, Horatio, Mark, and Sereena each week as we write new chapters.

Owen: Ditto to all of that. Writing LoveHacks felt really unique and was a lot of fun. It’s great to move on to different things, but #LH always will hold a special, ridiculous place in my heart.

What did you love about writing #LoveHacks? What did you consider the most challenging part?

Megan: I loved so much about writing LoveHacks, it’s hard to choose just one thing! Exploring the different relationships between Dani and Mark, Ben, and Leah was a lot of fun, but I think writing the friendships between the core group was my favorite. The biggest challenge for me was keeping things funny week after week (and trying to keep up with our resident jokester, Owen!).

Owen: I loved getting to write PB’s first foray into a sitcom-style story, and being able to push the jokes a bit further. The challenge for me was balancing unbridled tomfoolery with delivering the romance and drama that Choices fans love. Luckily, Megan’s an amazing Book Lead and kept us on track… Like, originally, I wanted Cole’s real name to be “Cole Minor”, so that I could joke that it sounded like “coal miner”… In retrospect, Megan was right to veto that one.

#LoveHacks was chock full of jokes, situational gags, and quirky characters. What was your favorite joke?

Megan: My favorite joke was one Owen wrote:

Owen: I loved the figurative “death” scene we did during the paintball fight! (Also I hadn’t written combat in a while, so it was fun to do a nod back to the action sequences and death scenes of Most Wanted and Cause of Death.)

Out of curiosity, who do you think you identify with the most in the #LoveHacks group?

Megan: I identify with our heroine Dani a lot, especially in Book 2. She’s at such a crossroads in her life, and there’s a lot of freedom in that, but also a lot of stress!

Owen: I like to think that Ben is essentially me, but much hotter and more Korean. This is wishful thinking of course, but I aspire to the ideal of a geek who is charming because of his geekiness, not in spite of it.

Where do you think the #LoveHacks crew is headed after the series finale? What’s your headcanon (or is it just canon)?

Megan: A sneak peek at our headcanon of the future… Flash forward to a year later. Dani, Leah, and their blog are kicking butt, and Andi interns for them after school. Ben is preparing to do a Solaris panel at the Seattle HeroCon. Mark and Isaac bond over Isaac’s success running Dopey Cat and the sequel, Dopey Cat Bros. Sereena has finally graduated, and Aiyana has moved in with her. The friends meet up for a drink at the Double Tap, and toast together just like old times.

Owen: …And also Horatio’s a cyborg now.

Give us one last #LoveHack. For old time’s sake.

Megan: Be picky. You’re worth it.

Owen: Be as strong as Sereena, but as kind as Horatio. And don’t underestimate a good cologne.

What’s next for the #LoveHacks team? Tell ussss.

Megan: Sadly, the LoveHacks team is splitting up! (RIP) But I’m really excited about my next project! I can’t say much more about it right now, but keep an eye out for something new in the coming months!

Owen: I am a wandering swordsman, going from team to team, wherever the people cry out for a hero. (I’m actually literally doing some writing on Hero with Keyan right now). But soon I’ll be teaming up with Coco from the Rules of Engagement team for a different TOP SECRET PROJECT that I am honor-bound not to disclose.

Like Brooke said, this feels like the end of an era. LoveHacks will be missed, but I’m sure the jokes, the friendship, and the spirit of Dopey Cat will live on in my heart and the hearts of many others. To everyone who took the time to read this finale post, thank you! We hope you’re looking forward to whatever’s next for Choices.



Vinny: [goes on a hunting trip] What about these pants I got on? You think they’re okay?

Lisa: Imagine you’re a deer. You’re prancin’ along. You get thirsty. You spot a little brook. You put your little deer lips down to the cool, clear water… BAM! A fuckin’ bullet rips off part of your head! Your brains are laying on the ground in little bloody pieces! Now I ask ya, would you give a fuck what kind of pants the son of a bitch who shot you was wearing?


Who do you think you are turning 21 just like that, huh?!?! Anywaysss, I will always be here for you. I will always love you and your amazing, beautiful soul. You’ve really made an impact on me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN! I love you nuggettt and I hope you enjoy your special day. @ssweet-dispositionn

Just a game pt. 2

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. But now her mind and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…Now that she knows what her dare is, the reader makes her way to the easiest entrance to the sewers the following morning with bitterness in her stride. She doesn’t even believe there would be a clown in the sewers. It was completely ridiculous. Wasn’t it?

Hey everyone and welcome to part two of this story! I wanna say thank you so much for the support I’ve gotten starting out, it really means a lot to me ❤. I hope people like this story and I hope that this chapter will be longer haha I just got fed up of restarting the first part.

Again, if you aren’t a fan of this sort of this content then please scroll away, it’s not worth hating on. I’m trying to keep out the main It movie tags.

“Stupid fuckin dare. There’s no fuckin clown in the sewers, surely.” You muttered in your head as you walked across the kissing bridge to a worn down area of the sides of the road where many other children had run up and down over the years to reach the brook below. You weren’t alone, all your friends were following on behind you, your best friend the most smug. She was so proud of her dare that she reminded you when she woke you up ever so early that morning. You were just about ready to have this over with so you could move on with your life.

The small trek down to the brook was easy but now you headed up stream for that was where the mouth of the sewer system was. You exhaled as you saw the opening in the near distance. There were several rocks of various sizes scattered around in the shallow water, some big enough to even sit on. Greenery hung over the entrance like a small curtain that had been torn in several places. You stopped when you were close enough to smell the putrid air from within.

“Alright, I’m here. You’re all coming with me, right?” You asked as you turned to the group. Your best friend smirked.

“I’ll come with you to see if you actually do it.” She said. You frowned slightly but turned your attention to the others.

“Anyone else?” You asked shortly. In the end, four of you entered the sewers whilst the rest were to be on watch and to come if there was trouble.

The water inside the sewers was a murky grey colour with old leaves and branches amongst various other strange things that you didn’t want to know about floated on or poked out from the surface. Your eyes had begun to water from the intensity of the smell so you grabbed your phone out of your pocket and switched on the flashlight. Now you could see the true horror of the tunnels. The walls were moist and grimy but the grey water wasn’t so deep surprisingly. As you walked round a bend, noting on the sound of the splashing of water of your friends behind you, you paused at the sight of a crossroad. You sighed.

“Where do you think we should turn?”

(Bf/n) shrugged.

“I don’t know, try calling for the clown or something.”

Your brow furrowed in slight irritation because she was the reason you were down there in a stinking sewer at a crossroad. But there was no other choice except being lost down there so you cleared your throat and huffed.

“What’s his name?” You asked

“Pennywise I think. Pennywise the dancing clown.” You heard. With a slight nod you stepped forward, closer to the different links.

“Pennywise, oh Pennywise the dancing clown!” You chimed feeling slightly stupid. There was a snicker behind you when there wasn’t a response. You turned to your friends angrily.

“Shut the fuck up! You’re the reason I’m here!” You growled. They seemed to pause their laughter and it was replaced with silent horror. You shined the light at them. “What’s wrong?” You asked. (Bf/n)’s mouth fell open.

“B-b-” She stuttered. And then you could sense someone stood behind you. You slowly slosh the water as you turn and your eyes stared frightfully as they settled upon a single red balloon slowly floating towards you all.

It was exactly the same as the one from the day before; the same shade of red, even in the dim light. You step backwards, slightly bumping into one of the others behind you.

“S-so someone lost the balloon down here, huh?” You tried to make light of the situation but the others said nothing. The balloon was very close now, blocking your view of the tunnel behind it. And then it suddenly stopped abruptly directly in front of you. You dared breathe and it wasn’t because of the air this time. You could see your reflection on the surface of the red latex but then it was gone with an obscenely loud pop which caused one of the others behind you cry out in surprise. But the popped balloon was the least of your problems because now stood in the tunnel exactly opposite you was a looming figure with hunched shoulders standing and most likely staring. Even though you had never known anything of the clown, you knew instantly that this was the well talked about clown Pennywise. You drew in a shaky breath.

“Are you P-Pennywise?” You already knew the answer. However, he didn’t answer you right away. Instead, a chilling over excited giggle came from his direction and then he was dashing forward, an animalistic screech coming from his lips. The water sloshed violently both in front of you from where he was coming from and behind you where you guessed your friends were retreating judging from their screams of utter terror. But you stayed still and your scrunched shut. You felt a gloved hand grasp your neck tightly and you were suddenly airborne, startling you. Immediately, you clawed at the clown’s hand and heaved in a feeble attempt to get him to let you go. You were able to see his face now and oh how you wished you had said truth last night. The first thing you noticed was a large forehead that was white like the rest of the face except the paint was cracking. And then were the red lines that slashed through the centre of his eyes and looped round to connect with the corners of his full, red painted lips. To finish off the face makeup was a painted red button nose which otherwise would have been adorable if it hadn’t had been for the way his eyes were cast in a shadow under an exaggerated frowning brow. But those eyes…something about them wasn’t right. Something about the way one was always looking the wrong way and the fact that they were an alarming amber tinged with red. You barely noted on the flaming orange hair that curled upwards on the sides of his head and a curl at the top, you could only stare at his face. You tried not to panic though despite your situation.

“A-are you P-Pennywise?” You tried again through struggling breathes. His full lips pulled upwards into a grin, exposing two large and slightly pointed bucked teeth.

“Yeeesss. How may I help you seeing as your friends just bailed on you?” His voice is so strange, pitching in odd places as well as being deep and rough. You continue to struggle slightly and curse under your breath.

“I-I was dared to do something that involved y-you and I don’t wanna back out.” You choke out. This amused the clown very much so as he let out a giggle.

“Well! What would this include, hm?” He asked, his face drawing near to yours. You close your eyes for a split second and exhale. There was no going back now.


Your hands stop gripping onto his that was choking you and instead you took fistfulls of his ruffled collar and pull him forward, your eyes scrunched shut. Pennywise let’s out a grunt of confusion but it was cut off when your lips press against his painted ones. It lasted only for a moment because the clown all but shoved you away sending you tumbling into the murky water below with a loud splash. You gasp and stare up at the tall figure. He was snarling and you noticed saliva was dripping down his chin. He hissed and then he was rushing away down the narrow passageways until you could see nothing more of the silver suit he wore. You took this as an opportunity to get to your feet quickly and all but sprint back to the entrance. At this point you were cold and wet and smelly and all you wanted in the world was a hot shower and the bed in the motel you were staying in. You didn’t pause as you rushed past your friends, even when they called out to you. This had gone too far for you.


It was a few hours and at least five showers later, you were snuggled on the motel room bed on your laptop for you had no phone at that point. Somewhere along the panic you had dropped your phone into the sewage water and you knew there was no hope in getting it back now.

You were so pissed off. Pissed off that you had gone along with the dare, pissed off that your friends had left you behind with a crazy clown, pissed off that your phone was missing and probably destroyed and pissed off that one set of clothes and shoes was now un-wearable and in the dumpster. You had music playing in an attempt to calm your mood and for a while it had begun to work but the knock on the motel door instantly turned the mood sour. With a huff, you pushed off the bed and stomped to the door and pulled it open, stopping it with security chain. Outside were your supposed friends, people you really didn’t want to see at that moment. You scowled.

“What?” You snapped. Your supposed best friend stepped forward.

“Hey, I’m sorry about all that happened in the sewer- I just wondered if you wanted to, you know, come out for a drink maybe? I’ll pay of course.” She suggested timidly. You scoffed.

“Oh sureee! I absolutely wanna go get a fucking drink with the one who dared me to do the most fucking dumb thing ever and then bail on me. You know what fucking happened, huh? I lost my fucking phone somewhere down there and my clothes were fucking ruined! But of course it doesn’t matter because I did the dare so I fucking win! But in answer to your question, no! No I don’t want to get a stupid fucking drink with any of you, I’m planning my trip home so kindly fuck off and good riddance!”

You were breathless after your rant and halfway through you’d noticed that (bf/n) had begun to cry, her eyes becoming puffy and pink around the edges as tears welled up in the corners. This didn’t phase you though for your blind rage had taken over. You didn’t even give anyone a chance to speak before you slammed the door shut and locked it. You closed the curtains roughly and stomped back to the bed, curling up into a ball within a nest of the bed sheets and pillows. And then you felt the tightness in your throat that burned a little and your nostrils flared. You wiped your nose aggressively as you felt your eyes begin to water.

“Stupid fuckin’ tears. Stupid friends. Stupid dare.” You muttered under your breath. You were a mess. The crying session lasted for at least an hour before you collapsed back, exhausted with a throbbing headache. You realised at some point that perhaps you had been irrational, cruel even and now you were feeling the after effects of your freak out. You were too tired to think logically at that point and so you decided that sleep would be the bed solution at that moment.

You sorted the pillows out and stumbled over to the light switch to turn it off, plunging the room into darkness. You hadn’t realised it was so late, a thought that made your head throb a little more. You settled down on the bed, the blankets wrapped around you and your head nestled in the pillows and your eyes closed. It wasn’t long before sleep took you and you were drifting.


Amber eyes, flaming hair. He was there, Pennywise. He was tall, 6"3 at least, and he towered over you, staring down. His red painted lips were open and drool was leaking out and collecting on his chin. He was grinning down at you.

“(Y/n)…. (y/n), wake up. Wake up little one.” He taunted in an eerily soft voice. You frowned and sat up in bed.

“How are you…” You couldn’t finish your sentence for he had pounced onto your chest, his body pinning you in place. You wanted to scream but you were frozen in fear. He smirked.

“Such fragrant fear…you smell delicious.” He groaned. His face was inches from yours and you watched in horror as his mouth opened and dislocated, hundreds of teeth being exposed to you. And then he was leaning forward, closer and closer. You could see lights in the back of his throat and hear the cries of hundreds of voices in pain. You just couldn’t scream…


You awoke abruptly, sitting up and chest heaving. Your body was covered in a layer of sweat as you guessed you had been tossing and turning throughout the nightmare. Nightmare. It was just a nightmare. There was no clown, you weren’t going to die. He wasn’t in the room with you. Your breathing slowed after a while and you were able to relax, laying back against the pillows with an exhale. It was a surreal feeling after a nightmare when you realised you were safe. An adrenaline rush. You smiled and chuckled breathlessly to yourself as you listened to the low hum of the overhead fan in the room. Then there was a creak. Your breathing paused and your body felt numb with fear. You dared make any sound. And then you heard him.

“(Y/n)…” He chimed. You feel panic settle in your whole body. He was there.

Wow it’s done. Much longer than the first part I think. This was a lot of fun to write, I love this story haha. I hope I wrote Pennywise realistically enough. Thanks for reading!

Neighbour Part Two | Jimin, You

Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

Part Two of my Father!Jimin AU! I hope you like it! :)

Originally posted by jjks

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

Every day after that was a new adventure, how was your body going to react when he smiled at you this time? Was it going to go into overdrive again and prevent your fingers from working? Or were you going to lose your breath and have a heart attack?

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A Luthor and a Super. A non-profit fan poster inspired by Beauty and the Beast (2017) movie. If you like, let me know! That motivates me. And if you use it, please credit me whenever possible :)

Other posters made by me here.

You can also follow me on twitter if you want.

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