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All He Knew - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt - ‘you broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friend’s and i should call the cops but my cat kinda likes you so we’re good’ (I changed it a bit but w/e)
Word Count- 1186
Warnings - nothing, not even a swear im proud of me
Notes- happy valentines day!! hope you all have(/had) a good day whether you’ve got someone or if (like me) you don’t. (and if you don’t, ill be your valentine bb don’t worry❤️) hope you enjoy this lil imagine


Long story short, he had no idea what to do.

Admittedly, it wasn’t something that anyone would plan for it to happen. What were you meant to say? Lin had no idea. All he knew was that there was a drunk girl kneeled at the front door of his apartment, gently stroking his dog.

His mind raced with questions. Should he approach the girl? Does the girl even know that he’s there? Why is the girl even in the apartment? Every question led to a new one and it was only so long before he had to clear his throat for her attention.

“Um…” He said as the girl’s head snapped towards him in confusion. “Hello? Um- could I- uh- ask why you happen to be in my apartment at 3am on a Saturday night?”
There was still no recognition in the girl’s eyes. “Your apartment?” she repeated.
“Uh, yeah. I live here?” Lin replied, trying to keep his tone as calm as possible.
She frowned, clearly confused. “Are you sure?” she asked him.
Lin paused. How was he meant to answer that question? “Yeah, pretty sure. I mean, I used my key to get in.” His eyes narrowed slightly as he realised another truth. “Speaking of which… How did you get in?”
Her head tilted sideways slightly, almost as if she were mimicking the dog still perched in front of her, before gesturing wildly behind her. “The front door.” She answered simply.
Lin mentally cursed himself. Obviously, he forgot to lock the door before he went to bed. He’d have to somehow remind himself in the future, as if he didn’t have other stuff on his mind.

He returned his focus back to the girl, who had since switched back her attention to the dog. He coughed once more to reclaim her awareness.
“Listen…” He said, pinching his nose in frustration. He had so been looking forward to his sleep. “Do you want to just sleep here tonight? I can give you some painkillers and water for the morning and then I can make sure you get back home safely in the morning.” He was expecting a simple ‘yes, thanks’ yet all he got was a vacant stare and a comment from the girl saying that her friend might be waiting for her at their place.
“Your friend will probably be more grateful if you don’t go knocking on their door at three in the morning.” He stopped her.
She stopped and looked at him for a moment before nodding, as though she were a nothing less than a small child. “You’re right. Thank you. Although, I don’t think you need to worry about the home in the morning thing seeing as I probably don’t have one anymore!”
She said it almost gleefully, hysterical from the thought. Lin’s ears perked up, curious as to though why the girl seemingly had no home to go to yet he knew that he should wait until she was sober to find out. If she wanted to tell him in the first place, that was.

“What’s your name?” He asked her, realizing he probably should have done so earlier.
“(Y/N).” She replied surely.
“(Y/N).” He repeated. “Okay. Got it. I’m Lin, by the way.”
“Lin,” she mimicked him by also repeating his name. “I like that. It’s interesting. Different.”
To his surprise, Lin felt himself blush. “Um, thank you? I could say the same about you.”
She giggled. He raised his eyebrows, amused, but asked no more questions.

He led her through his apartment, stopping in front of his bedroom door and gesturing for her to enter in. He gazed longingly at his bed. He’d been so comfy and he was so close to sleep. It would have been a relief after a long two show day. Shaking his head, he turned back to the girl.
“Stay here.” He told her. “Feel free to change into comfier clothes than what your wearing. I’ll get you some water for now and some aspirin for you to take when you wake up, okay?” She only nodded in understanding.

He made his way towards his kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard above the kitchen sink. Filling it up, he placed it back down on a counter and reached into a new cupboard for the aspirin he had placed in there. He suddenly felt two things. One: his shirt riding up slightly from where he’d stretched up, and two: a presence behind him. He turned quickly to find (Y/N) standing there again.
“I thought I told you to stay in the bedroom?” He asked her.
“You left.” She shrugged. “Also, I really like your dog.” He pointed to the mutt now circling her legs in appreciation.
Lin involuntarily chuckled. He couldn’t help but be amused by the friendship forming between his beloved pet and the girl who had disrupted him from his slumber, something he was beginning to not miss as much. “Her name’s Tobillo.” he told her. “Found her on a beach in the Dominican Republic a little while back.” He recalled the memory fondly. “It’s Spanish for ankle,” he hastily added, as though the meaning of his dog’s name was important. (Y/N)’s eyebrow quirked up but smiled as she pet the dog slightly before straightening back up so that she stood tall, level with Lin’s height.
“She’s cute. I like dogs.” she said earnestly, looking Lin straight in the eye.
“I can tell,” he chuckled. “Now, drink this,” he passed her the full cup of water positioned on the counter to his side. She gulped it down and he nodded in acceptance. “Okay, follow me,” he walked back towards his bedroom and she did what he said.

“You can sleep in my bed.” He told her as they approached the object. It was already looking slightly slept in but he was sure that it didn’t really matter to her. “I’ll take the couch. You look like you need a proper bed tonight than I do.” He said it almost reluctantly, but he knew that it would only be for one night. One cold night. Spent on a couch. He sighed slightly as he watched the girl climb in without hesitation or resentment. He grabbed a bundle of blankets that were safely stored on the upper part of his wardrobe and positioned them under his armpit.

He checked once again to see if the girl was okay, only to realise that she was already pretty much fast asleep on his pillow. He let out a small breathy laugh at the sight of her before turning around to his couch in the living room.

He didn’t know why he seemed to have an interest in the girl forming. After all, she had disrupted his sleep and would be contributing to the cause of him having an aching back from sleeping on the couch. Yet he still felt intrigued. It could have been for any reason.
All he knew was that (Y/N) was the last though on his mind that night as he finally fell asleep.

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I was wondering if you could do a HC where jimin and jungkook are dating but jimin's friends don't approve of jungkook because he has a bad past and think he's just going to hurt jimin but jungkook just wants to love and care for jimin // jimin getting into fights w his friends telling them he doesn't care what they say he loves jungkook .

sure bb, i will do my best! there will be mentions of drug addiction in this! be careful if stuff like that bothers you. 

+ jimin had hoped that taehyung and hoseok didn’t hear him leave his bedroom. but the gods weren’t with him. “where are you going?” taehyung asked, poking his head out of his room. jimin decided not to lie. “on a date,” he said. 

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winter break; dylric. part one of many.

for the past few weeks, i’ve been working on this concept with my really good friend @comradeklebold.
honestly bb ilysm and i hope you’re proud of me
also massive s/o to my main bitches @gaycoiumbine & @blackcombats for supporting me w writing and for other stuff in general like ily guys??? aaaaa???

summary: dylan klebold liked to base his entire life and his supposable love story off of mellon collie and the infinite sadness. this winter break, to dyl, proved a hell a lot of it to be true.
but it just wasn’t.

words: 1,473

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Self Insert affection asks! All of them! With all your boys! Spread the love ❤


(I just picked a few I hope that’s okay)

Sora gives the best hugs! (He gives the tightest hugs too)

3 👭 - Do they put their arm around your waist or your shoulders?

Lea likes to wrap his arms around my neck and shoulders. He likes to take advantage of my height (5′3) and lay his head on top of mine. He sometimes teases me about my height, but he says he wouldn’t have me any other way.

4 😘 - Do they kiss your hands, cheeks, forehead etc? What kind of not-on-the-lips kisses do they give most?

Riku kisses my hands. I get flustered every time!

5 💇 - Do either of you play with the other’s hair?

Roxas plays with my hair often. It really calms us both down. Him when he loses his temper, and I when I’m having really bad anxiety.

10 🌛 - Who is more likely to doze off on the other?

Ven ❤

30 Days OC Challenge!

Day 4: Cosplaying one of your favourite characters



well this is awkward. XDD I drew him in Ayato’s getup, and he’s so pouty and sulky about it >w< Dork~ but i love him anyways~


In Slothy’s AU, Alrick Rosenfeld is Ayato sakamaki’s uncle, related by Cordelia, Alrick’s half-sister. Alrick and his nephews are on bad terms, which is why he’s pouty >w<

I skipped two days because I wanted to take a break over the weekend, and I was dealing with an issue of art theft over on Instagram. Instagram and I sent emails back and forth, and the entire situation was resolved, but ya know. Motivation was gone :/ This also explains why I added a watermark up his leg >u<

Alrick Rosenfeld belongs to @the-sloth-woman. I do not own him at all. I am just piggy-backing Slothy’s OC for this thirty day challenge, and she has already given me the ok! ^^

a badly coloured zutara drawing for my bb dimoltiregni‘s birthday <3

sorry for terrible background and pic quality i have no excuses

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Jikook, 3 and 28 please!! <3

3: “no what the FUCK get that THING away from me!”

28: “don’t make me say it!”

a/n: just another number prompt thing. inbox me if you want!

insp by bb on weekly idol lmao i hope you’re ok w combining these??

the second that jungkook walked into this place, he should’ve known that it was a bad idea. granted, the funny feeling in his gut should have been some indication of the galaxy set out to personally victimize him, but like taehyung has always cackled to him, he’s a loser when it comes to both destiny and instincts. funny how it’s taehyung who dragged him here, anyway.

the second that jungkook saw jung hoseok take out the bottle, he should’ve known that it was a bad idea.

and now, here the bad idea is, grinning a cheshire’s smile in jungkook’s face.

taehyung is staring at him with eyes twice their typical size, jaw on the floor - no, everybody looks like that. jungkook’s best friend of four years is fixating his shock at the embodiment of the world’s conspiracy against them, jungkook is pale to the point where, if he were to want to, he can blend into the wall.

because the bottle is pointing at jungkook, and on the other side is park jimin.

jungkook’s blood is rushing in his ears, and his heart has launched itself into the bottom of his stomach by sheer will. he can’t feel parts of his face and his hands properly - maybe because he’s blushing too much, or maybe he’s too starstruck and horrified for feeling things.

(taehyung starts laughing.)

when jimin and he lock desperate eyes, jungkook feels ready to explode.

in the back, everybody has been gaping while being unable to form words, much less a real dare to give the two best friends known for being best friends (even if the eye would tell one something entirely different). jungkook doesn’t hear any of their whispers until kim namjoon, tall and sharp, perks up. “how about you two do the apple game?”

jungkook whirls his head to him, ready to emit a pterodactyl screech in protest, but his vocal chords won’t cooperate.

traitor! jungkook screams instead through his eyes.

no problem for the favor, namjoon smirks back.

jungkook hears shoes scuffle, and snaps his head up to watch jimin make anxious-looking way towards jungkook’s side of the circle. jungkook sweats buckets in those few seconds.

(holy shit, are they really doing this?)

hoseok hiccups and scurries off yelling that he’ll get the apple.

(they’re really doing this?)

jimin stands in front of jungkook and holds his hand out to him. jimin’s face seems different, and it’s not just the angle, because when jungkook accept jimin’s hand, jimin’s whole body now seems different.

(shit, they’re doing this.)

hoseok runs back and tosses the apple to jimin, who catches it hastily and turns even more hastily back, fingers shaky. jjimin looks really different like this, like a dream or a nightmare or something that will wake jungkook up in the middle of the night. shit.

“no, what the FUCK, get that THING away from me!” is what he means to say.

a small “oh, god” is what he squeaks instead. jimin hand drops the apple into his.

(namjoon actually had them do this, and they’re doing this.)

jungkook clasps it and leans down so that the fruit fits snugly between their foreheads. their noses can touch if he moves any further, and jimin’s familiar smell of plants along with the tang of the apple are intensified from the propinquity. jungkook is going to die young by suffocating in it, if the burn of jimin’s arms slipped closely around him doesn’t seal that deal.

(jungkook has concluded that he has officially made a decision, in that case.)

“you can move it.” jimin says to him, and his voice sounds on the verge on breaking.

“go, go, go!” namjoon cheers in the back. jungkook wants to shoot him a glare, but the apple is in the way. he agrees with jimin through his eyes instead.

(he is  going to kill kim namjoon.)

he starts to shift the apple with his nose, and it nestles next to jimin’s eye, under his jaw, and jungkook’s heart purchases a slingshot to shoot up into his throat from the weird intimacy, the whole weirdness of this. damn this game for making him feel feelings, he thinks in his head as the apple almost loses itself in jimin’s shirt and jimin’s breath catches funnily. jungkook can feel jimin twitch and shake. this is weird, so weird, shit.

(very slowly.)

the apple’s slippery against his skin, but jimin’s corners and gaps make this work. a little voice tells jungkook that they work well together, that they know each other’s ways and movements and bodies well enough to fit so well. jungkoo tells the voice to shut up, apple caught below jimin’s second rib.

(and very painfully.)

there’s either silence or chanting or giggling in the background. he can’t tell. relief floods his system as the sweater over jimin’s stomach finally meets the surface of the apple and he can finally let go, straightening like a plank board.

he breathes so hard regardless of the little amount of physical exertion required for the game, and all of his parts and insides and outsides tremble. they really just did that. he and jimin lock eyes again, electric. jungkook turns red and staggers back into his spot, and since jimin seems to blushing so much, jungkook lets himself believe that the tension he felt - feels - isn’t pure make believe.

“your turn,” namjoon says to jungkook once both jimin are back in the circle, eyes finding everywhere but one another. off to the side, taehyung still laughs madly.

jungkook spins.

taehyung laughs harder.

namjoon smirks at the look of despair jimin and jungkook share.

“so… how about the pocky game?”

(jungkook is going to kill kim namjoon very painfully, indeed.)

bonus: jungkook really needs to stop attending hoseok’s parties.

“no, don’t make me say it!”

“you chose truth, jungkook.”



“don’t make me.”

“i’m making you.”

“… fine, i did enjoy the apple and the pocky games.”




jungkook is going to kill kim taehyung very painfully, indeed.


H2ODelirious  -  Deliriously Blue Eyes

I needed to relive some stress so why not colour up this clowns’ eyes?


Also one w/ more green/purple (first image) and one blue with titches of green/purple (second image)


H2ODelirious Art -

Deliriously Blue Eyes

I know his eyes look blue/green/purple but ah it looks pretty alright lmao. 

His eyes look like galaxies //heart eyes anyway if you want a short process/tutorial then

click here [x]

I hope you enjoy it and

Stay you and Stay Hella rad and cute :3



I’m sorry sweet bab this is all I can get done tonight @w@ i’ve tried to stay awake as long as I can but gosh it’s almost 4am and I’m conking out ;w; I’m thinkin of doing it all fancy paintery style, like I did for nocturne, tomorrow, i hope you have a lovely day bb *smooches your face* Your deserve to UwU

;w; thank you very much, chicky.

it’s lovely.

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hello! I love ur blog so much ❤️❤️❤️ could you rec some fake boyfriend sterek fics w endgame sterek? thanks so much!

I’m throwing the fic that got me into the whole “fake boyfriends” trope in the first place.  :D  So thrilled you’re liking the blog bb, hope you enjoy these!  -Emmy

Originally posted by exactlydangeroustragedy

Before You Let Me Throw This All Away by hardbackheart 

(5,437 I Teen I Complete)

Derek just wanted Laura to leave him alone about dating. Not come to California to meet his fake boyfriend. So Derek goes to the one person he knows he can count on: Stiles.


Stiles and Derek pretend to be a couple and somewhere along the way they realize they actually should be a couple.

Into You by Anonymous     

(6,745 I General I Complete)

In a world full of werewolves, werewolf and human romantic relationships are frowned upon. Stiles doesn’t give a damn what people think, and Derek, an unmated alpha, just wants people to stop trying to court him.

Inspired by Ariana Grande’s Into You

Every Morning by Emela 

(10,943 I Explicit I Complete)

 Derek never asked for a research assistant. The ad supposedly placed by him for one is a practical joke of Laura’s when he is writing his first novel.

 'Erotic writer needs assistant to research sex blogs, watch porn (because there is only so much masturbation a guy can do every day) and interview people willing to discuss what turns them on.’

 He is going to kill her. He really, truly plans on killing her. First of all, he isn’t going to pay someone to do what he can do himself for free. Secondly, he isn’t going to pay someone to masturbate to porn in his own home, and third-

Third is lost when Stiles Stilinski shows up at his door.


The one where Stiles needs a fake boyfriend to take to his high-school reunion and Derek…is so screwed.

Stop By and Have Some Pie by gabby227 

(11,183 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek was done dating.  After several bad relationships, he adamantly told his family that he was not interested in dating anymore, and besides that, he hasn’t even met anyone that has caught his eye, thank you very much.

And then he meets Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles Stilinski, Boyfriend Extraordinaire by MereLoup 

(14,430 I General I Complete)

Stiles never imagined he’d be in Derek’s kitchen cooking a surprise dinner with Derek’s family while they waited for Derek to get home from work.

Partly because their visit was a complete surprise.

But mostly because Stiles didn’t have a boyfriend.

Or even know who Derek was.

But he’d already come this far and Papa didn’t raise no quitter!

Last Night’s Dress (Tiptoe Out Of This Mess) by hito *my fav!!!

(16,730 I Mature I Complete)

Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme.

TFLN: My dad just asked me if my booty call guy that comes over at 3am and leaves at 6 would like to stay for Sunday brunch next week. You in? 

There Will Be Love by Sarcastictilltheend

(22,874 I Not Rated I Complete)

Stiles and Derek hate each other, but when a stupid game gets them together, it seems as if they can’t control themselves.
A One Night Stand turns into something more and soon they find themselves pretending to be together.
What happens when feelings gets involved, and a lot of misunderstandings take place?
With a bit of help from their friends, will they eventually find their way?

- You drive me insane. That’s why I think I love you-

Do Me The Honor (Of This Favor) by Peasantaries 

(31,221 I Explicit I Complete)

Based on the 2009 movie, “The Proposal.”

Derek is a hotshot businessman, Stiles is his cranky assistant, complications arise, and they fall in love. Mostly all in that order.

 "We are, getting married.“
All three men at the desk blink.
Stiles frowns, “Who’s getting - ”
“Me and Stiles are getting married.” He says forcefully.

In a Straight Line Down by standinginanicedress 

(40,315 I Teen I Complete)

“So you want to go to Prom with me just so you can get a plastic crown and a fifty dollar gift card to Outback Steakhouse.”

Stiles sets his jaw. He wants to go to prom with Derek because he wants to go to prom with Derek. But, of course, he’s stubborn and prideful and can’t admit to Derek how it’s barely been twelve hours since they officially broke up and he’s already barely handling it as it is, so he just raises his chin in the air and says, “yes.”

(I Ain’t Scared Of The Fall) I’ve Felt The Ground Before by planiforidjit 

(41,055 I Explicit I Complete)

“You know what the solution is,” she says.

“What’s the solution?”

“You get a mate.”

“Thank you for that, Laura. I’ll file it away with the other idiotic ideas I’ve already tried.”

Derek is sick of being treated like he’s property and he’s sick of his family pressuring him to find a mate. So the obvious solution is to fake a relationship with Stiles Stilinski, the annoying lacrosse player and alpha that Derek may or may not be pining over anyway.

Well it Goes Like This by maybehonestly 

(41,112 I Mature I Complete)

Somehow Derek and Stiles have ended up close enough that Laura is able to stand between them and clap a hand each of their shoulders.

“Look happy, boys. Don’t you know you’re in love?” Laura teases.

Stiles rips himself away and is out of the room before Derek can even wrap his head around any of this.

Or: the one where Derek is a prince and Stiles is the one night stand who he has to pretend to date.

‘Till You Make It by standinginanicedress 

(46,088 I Mature I Complete)

“I’m saying – let’s fake it.”

Derek blinks at him. Hard. Stiles never knew that someone could physically make a blink look hard, but there Derek goes, slamming his lids together like he’s fucking exercising them. “Fake it.”

“Pretend, dumbass,” he backhands Derek lightly on his upper arm. “Pretend like we’re doing as well as our parents want us to and then they’ll be off our backs, right?”

“We don’t have to pretend anything, Stiles,” Derek says evenly, in a tone that suggests he’d much rather be yelling. “We’re literally soulmates.”

“That’s the beauty of it! It’s going to be so fucking easy. I can’t believe we never thought of this before,” he runs his hands through his hair and shakes his head in amazement, grinning from ear to ear. “Holy shit. I can’t believe I just solved all our problems for us, man.”

Heartbreak is the National Anthem!  by standinginanicedress 

(46,654 I Explicit I Complete)

This could turn out even worse than either of them could ever imagine, but at this point, every thing is a game to Stiles. He’s learned how to play his cards exactly right and get what he wants out of every single situation, maybe not always in his best interest, but scamming alphas out of their money and time is fun.

He scratches at the back of his head, takes a second to adjust his shirt, moving away from the railing he’d been leaning up against, and gives Derek a firm glare. Pointing one finger directly into his face and trying to fight off the smirk, he says, “just don’t go falling in love with me while you’re at it.”

Derek sneers. “I’ll pray for the strength to not succumb to your wiles.”

“Oh, that’s what they all say.“

I Breathe Disaster by TamzStripped 

(84,946 I Explicit I Complete)

"No. I’m not doing it. You can’t make me, Scott.”

“Don’t be such a wuss. You don’t want to die, do you? This is the only way to keep you safe from the Alpha pack.”

“Why not Danny? He’s actually gay, kind of adorable, and doesn’t look at me like he wants to shut me up…with his teeth.” Stiles threw his arms out in front of him, Scott shook his head for the thousandth time. “Why not?”


How Stiles went from hating Derek, to wanting to cuddle him, to hating him again, to kissing his boo-boo’s, to waxing poetic, then finally laying his life on the line to save him. Funny how things turn out.

Only Fools Do What I Do by CharWright5 

(110,423 I Explicit I Complete)

It had seemed like a simple plan, a way for everyone to get what they want: pretend to be Bond-Mates so Derek could get the teaching job he wanted, while Stiles didn’t have to face living with a total stranger at college and have it be known that he was suffering from night-terrors. Only things weren’t that simple. Because they were Mates, a fact Derek was hiding due to Stiles’ determination not to have one and his need for independence, as well as his Alpha-aimed anger at his lack of freedom. But the longer they live together, the more Derek finds himself falling for the Omega, and the harder it is for the Alpha to resist the alluring scent of his Mate.


H2ODELIRIOUS - W I N G H - Transparent


Time - 3 and a half hours Layers - 40

w/ Transparent back and outline in white


So I wanted to draw Del w/ wings. It’s probably incorrect on anatomy. I don’t draw wings on people @-@. But Thanks to my Boo for looking it over :)! (love you) But Hope you enjoy!

Redbubble {x