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"Salut bébé!! Hope your studies are going well! Just wanted to tell ya, I've recently met the lad you love, Louis. I thanked him for helping you come out to us. He's a funny boy and very sweet. Also got a whole lotta gay vibes from him. He told me to tell you that he's proud of u & to continue being proud &loud. He also said he hope you like his new song. Link me? I love you and miss you! See you soon." LISA MY DAD JUST EMAILED ME THIS AND IM A DEAD FUCKING BEAN (he won't tell where)+

(part 2) he won’t tell me where tho cause he said it’s an invasion of privacy which I completely respect. Also my dad is gay (I suffered from ppl thinking my dad is a bad influence bc of the school I went to. I’m a lesbian bb to a proud Gay dad !! (my mom (rip) & him were bffs & they wanted a baby so like hii, it’s meee lol) anyway my dad is gay and he sniffs fellow gays like a doggo. Lol, when I called him he said he’s wholeheartedly gay, bebe) I’m so happy, confused JEALOUS. ❤️ Ahaha


finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

you’re on your own journey of life, of self-discovery & self-growth. you’re going to make mistakes but you will learn from them. you will face hurdles but you will overcome them. you will get sad sometimes but it will soon be alright. your dreams may look like they’re on hold but you’re actually making progress. just keep going. it may seem like it’s pointless to, but just keep going anyway because despite all obstacles, you can succeed.


I did the thing! ; v; Took me all day but I did the thing! @cockismybusiness


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I wanna snuggle your Sans and give him a smooch to his forehead. He's so friggen adorable. He's a smol precious bean who needs to be protected.

ohboi, you made him blush. and now I’m blushing too. (*ノωノ) 

really glad you like him and send such a lovely message!  ( ´ ▽ ` )
you’re so nice! thank you so much! 💛

Evan on your birthday Headcannons (Evan x reader)

tw: lots of fluff bc i love my sweet sweet baby boy

a/n: ok so i did one of these with connor and ig everyone really liked it bc it’s currently my most popular lol,,, i hope u guys like this one just as much !!!

-ok so at this point you and evan have been dating for a little over a year now

-u guys were dating last year during ur bday but evan was super unsure of how to treat you, he feels like he disappointed you even though you always reassure him everything went perfectly fine he still feels like he needs to make it up to you aw evan bb

-ur birthday was on a saturday this year and he was happy that he could spend all day with you without the stress of being around everyone else at school

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smiling noodle for my precious oshean-s ♡ happy birthday bb ilysm ;;

Netflix and Chill (Grayson)

request: (anon) Could u do a Grayson Netflix and chill only if u have time?😬😊 ps your imagines r INCREDIBLE ❤️❤️❤️

a/n: hehe aw thanks bb, hope you like it xx


word count: 762

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“Okay so I was thinking, since it’s our three month anniversary and it isn’t that big of a deal that we could have a movie night just me and you and cuddle on the sofa and eat so much shit food and cuddle more.” Grayson said as I walked into their apartment that afternoon. I smiled at him. 

“Netflix and chill?” I winked at him.

“What? No thats not what I meant but like I mean I guess if it lead to that it wouldn’t be completely horrible.” He replied. I giggled at him, he was so cute.

“Sounds good to me baby.” I sat down on his lap and he pulled me in to kiss him. I could honestly stay like this forever he was so perfect. We both pulled back from the kiss as Ethan cleared his throat in the doorway.

“Hey love birds, what are you doing tonight?” Ethan asked and stayed standing in the doorway.

“We were just going to watch a movie and chill.” Grayson said which caused Ethan to smile immediately.

“Netflix and chill?” He asked just like I had earlier. Grayson and I both laughed a little.

“Something like that.” I said with a smirk.

“Yuck well I’ll go find a friend to hang out with then, I’ll be home late.” He said as he left the apartment. 

“Food Grayson, I need food asap.” I said once Ethan had left as I stood up from his lap. 

“Anything for my princess.” He replied placing a soft kiss on my lips, I smiled into it. We ordered pizzas and Grayson was in the kitchen making a pasta to eat with them. I stayed in the living room and set up for tonight, I grabbed every blanket and pillow I could find and threw them on the sofa. It looked so cozy. I walked back into the kitchen to see Gray, his shirt had disappeared and his massive arms carried the pot from the stove to the counter. 

“All done.” He announced. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist leaning my head on his warm back. 

“You okay baby girl.” He asked me as he turned around to face me. 

“Never better.” I replied, he smiled and lent down and placed a kiss on my forehead. We took all the food to the living room and sat on the mountains of blankets as we ate. Feeding each other and laughing until we were both filled to the brim. 

“What do you want to watch?” I asked him. 

“Is that even a question? We haven’t finished suits yet.” He replied looking horrified. I giggled and put on suits, we started watching it together one of the first times we hung out. Grayson flung one arm around my shoulders and I snuggled down into his chest. 

I almost fell asleep countless times, but knew I couldn’t because we hadn’t got to the ‘chill’ part of 'Netflix’s and chill’. Grayson slipped his arm back around and gave me a kiss on the cheek before going to the bathroom. Still without a shirt and my god he was beautiful. So tan and muscular, I could honestly look at him all day. He came back out and all my attention was on him. I smirked at him, he got to the sofa and I got up on my knees, grabbing his face in my hands to pull him in for a passionate kiss. He was caught a bit off guard as he stumbled forward causing us to both fall back onto the sofa, with him on top of me, not that I was complaining. He held both my hands above my head as he kissed me deeply causing me to let out small moans. He pulled back to reveal our deep and heavy breathing causing us both to smile. With both our eyes filled with lust and passion he scooped me up in his arms and carried me bridal style to his bedroom. He threw me down on the bed and got back on top of me kissing me more as he slipped a hand up my shirt.

“Yeah bro it was crazy.” Ethan said talking to one of his friends as he entered the apartment. We both pulled away from the kiss and Grayson jumped up.

“I thought you weren’t coming home till late.” Grayson said sheepishly.

“Bro it is late, Jack is staying over, have fun with y/n” He winked and slapped Grayson’s ass. Grayson walked back into the room and kicked the door shut.

“Now where were we…”

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Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can I have a scenario of hoshi? When his gf(y/n) and him got a serious argument and one day some of his/her friend called him because she pass out. Make it super angst but fluffy in the end ☺ TYSM! 😊

Hi bb and sorry for the long wait of this being written 💕 ;u; I don’t think this is anywhere near super angsty but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

Some months into your relationship with Soonyoung, you had started noticing something about him that you didn’t like; something that made you feel very uneasy.

He was possessive - overly so.

At first you didn’t think much of it, as it only felt natural that he wanted to spend time with you and didn’t necessarily want you to dress too revealingly and so on, but when he started getting upset whenever you couldn’t see him because you were seeing someone else - on a friendly occasion - and trying to limit who you could see and when as well as how you should be dressed, alarm bells went on in your mind.

That Tuesday, you and Soonyoung were out for coffee after taking a nice walk by the beach, and it had all been nice. You had talked and joked as per usual, holding hands and making plans for the near future, and even at the café you were caressing each other’s hands on the table.

“I was thinking we could go see a movie on Saturday,” Soonyoung smiled while rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. The smile on your lips faltered.

“I’ve already promised to go look for a birthday present to my friend’s boyfriend with her,” you said as softly as you could, only hoping that he would be understanding. There was nothing wrong with making plans with someone else and you knew that, yet you couldn’t shake the anxiety off your shoulders.

Soonyoung’s expression darkened a little. “Aren’t you seeing her a lot?”

“She’s my best friend,” you defended yourself and pulled your hand away from Soonyoung’s, the anxiety inside of you growing before slowly mixing with annoyance. “I have every right to see my friends, Soonyoung.”

“I’m just saying,” he grumbled and ran his fingers through his hair, recently dyed bright orange, which you loved to tease him about, and frowned. “You should spend more time with me.”

You stared him dead in the eye. “I see you every other day at least, isn’t that enough?”

There was a quick hint of something in Soonyoung’s eyes that you couldn’t quite identify yet sent chills down your spine, and he let out a heavy sigh as he sat better in his chair and stirred his drink with the straw in it.

“Is it that wrong to want you all for myself?” he asked in a mumble.

You were fuming. “Uh, yes?” You sat back on your chair and crossed your arms by your chest. “You don’t own me.”

Soonyoung’s eyebrows knitted, and his face seemed to turn sour altogether, as if his mind immediately went to “I wish I did.” Your heart was racing in your chest as feelings of anger and upset mixed together.

The man in front of you was barely a shadow of the loving, friendly one you had fallen in love with, the one who wished you had a good time with your friends whenever you went out with them and didn’t check up on you every hour and get upset if you were too busy to answer within a few minutes.

Silence hung over you for a moment, only broken when you grabbed your bag from the floor and stood up. “If you really think you’re entitled to tell me what I can or can’t do, I don’t want to see you again.”

Soonyoung remained silent as you left the café, and only continued moving the clear straw in his iced coffee while biting down on his lower lip.

How had he ended up there?

After the date that had turned into a disaster, you didn’t talk with Soonyoung. You refused to contact him until he apologized, and since he wasn’t contacting you, either, you decided to just let it be. If he loved you and realized that there was something wrong with the way he acted, he’d contact you sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Soonyoung was too ashamed to send you a message, much less call you, and instead spent time repenting on his actions and feelings, using dance as therapy of some sort.

It wasn’t easy on you, however, as much as one might think it’s only nice to not have someone as possessive around you. After all, he was your boyfriend, and the uncertainty of where you stood as well as having been hurt by him yet not receiving an apology pained you.

As much as you loved him, you could recognize an unhealthy relationship, and didn’t want to be a part of one.

You didn’t want to break up with him, but you also didn’t want to be with someone who was as possessive and controlling over you as he seemed to be, yet you had no idea where your relationship was going with the silence between the two of you.

And so, you lived with constant anxiety.

It was difficult for you to focus on anything, as your mind kept going back to what had happened - the date and the days before it - as well as the fact that Soonyoung didn’t seem to want to apologize, which you thought meant he had yet to realize the errors of his ways, which in turn only made you more anxious and upset.

The anxiety was eating at you fast, and as it made it difficult for you to sleep or eat anywhere near enough, it only grew, and so the vicious cycle was born. You were overly tense and alert throughout the day, whether it was 12pm or 3am, and did your best to do everything you possibly could to get your thoughts elsewhere, as long as it meant you didn’t have to focus on the root of the problem.

Whenever your phone buzzed, your heart jumped to your throat. You were nervous it would be Soonyoung, and whenever it turned out that it wasn’t, you frowned as a mix of feelings wallowed inside of you. On one hand you were happy you didn’t have to deal with the situation, but on the other hand you were sad that he still didn’t have it in him to contact you and apologize and talk things out.

As days passed, you felt weaker and weaker and the bags under your eyes only reached lower, and somewhere deep down, you knew you missed Soonyoung, a lot.

Some days over a week after your last meeting with Soonyoung, the concept of sleeping a full 8 hours or eating 3 meals a day felt oddly foreign to you, as you could barely sleep for two hours without interruptions or stomach much of anything.

The week after your argument, you had spent days looking forward to an outing with your best friend on the weekend in hopes of it helping you relax and think about more pleasant things. And frankly, it did work, if for a moment at a time, and you had a good time, although you had felt weak and even a bit dizzy every now and then.

You were on your way from a clothing store to one of the restaurants in the floor above, but when you reached the top of the escalator, you stopped and got your hand to the side of your head, your eyes falling shut and your legs feeling wobbly as everything started to look and feel blurry and surreal.

“Y/F/N, wait, I need a mo–”

Suddenly everything blacked out, and by the time your friend was kneeling down next to you, trying to get a response from you, you were already unconscious.

Soonyoung had been dancing a lot more than usual after your argument, and had more or less only left the dancing studio to eat and sleep during the past two weeks. He was mid-dancing when his phone started ringing, and he sighed while turning the music off and reaching for his phone. His heart jumped to his throat when he saw that the call was coming from your number, and hesitated a little before answering the call.

“Y/N?” he asked, voice a bit shaky, but his eyes widened when the voice didn’t belong to you.

“No, it’s Y/F/N, and I have something to say to you.”

“…Go on,” Soonyoung mumbled and sat down on the floor, ready for whatever was going to come at him.

”How much of a jerk can you be?! When you began dating, I was so happy for Y/N because they were so bubbly and so in love and I really thought you were a good guy, but based on the past few weeks, I’m not so sure. Do you realize what you did wrong the last time you saw Y/N?”

“Yes,” Soonyoung said quietly, remorse clearly audible in his voice, and fiddled a little with the hem of his top. He could hear your friend taking her breath.

”Then why on earth have you not called them? They’ve been feeling terrible and I’m so damn mad at you for making them feel that way when you’re supposed to make them happy! I didn’t want to meddle in this too much, but Y/N passed out when we were out, and that’s just… that’s the last straw. Man up, Soonyoung. Y/N needs you, and if you really know what you did wrong and feel remorse, I think you need them, too.”

Soonyoung processed your friend’s words for a moment, but there was mostly one thing that clung to his mind, which had his heart racing in anxiety, his eyebrows furrowing and breath nearly hitching in his throat. “Y/N passed out?”

”Yes, and if you want to make things right, you better drag your ass to their place soon.”

He only had time to mumble something before your friend hung up on him, and he had quite likely never been as fast to leave the studio as he was then.

An hour or so later, your friend opened your apartment’s door to Soonyoung, who smiled sheepishly at her, carrying a simple bouquet of your favorite flowers as well as a self-made card that said “Sorry for being an idiot” on the front of it. Your friend laughed at it and shook her head.

“Great choice of words,” she noted, and Soonyoung nodded with a quiet chuckle.

“Can’t disagree,” he admitted, and pursed his lips when he had closed the door behind himself. “Is Y/N okay? Where are they?”

Your friend pointed at your bedroom door that was almost shut, and then lifted her forefinger before her lips. “I got them to drink some chamomile tea, and now they’re sleeping. I don’t think Y/N’s gotten to sleep that well in a while.”

Soonyoung’s smile got a sad hint to it. “I’m so sorry…”

“Save the apologies,” your friend whispered and patted Soonyoung’s back before pointing at the living room area. “Let’s go sit there.”

They sat down on your couch and talked quietly: Soonyoung asked about how you had been doing, and your friend told him the full miserable story of it, and by the end of it Soonyoung felt like he was being suffocated.

“I’ve really got a lot to improve, don’t I?” he asked rhetorically and ran his fingers through his hair, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment and his eyes nearly watering. Your friend smiled a little, but gave him an honest nod.

“I’m sure you can do it. The fact that you realize you need to change is a good start,” she said and chuckled softly. “If you hurt Y/N, I’ll kick your ass.”

Soonyoung snickered, but regained his seriousness fast as he thought about you, his chest feeling pleasantly warm at the memory of your good times together. “I’ll do my best.”

“Good,” your friend hummed, and perked up when your voice could be heard from your bedroom.

Soonyoung stood up quickly, the flowers and card in his hands, and was about to bolt to your room before realizing that it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. He turned to look at your friend. “…Could you ask Y/N if they want to see me?”

Your friend smiled warmly at him and nodded, patting his shoulder as she came to your room. Soonyoung tapped the flowers with his fingers anxiously while he waited, and looked hopefully at your bedroom door when your friend came back out.

“You can go.”

Soonyoung nodded in understanding and walked to your room when your friend had come out.

“Hey,” he said softly from the door, and you looked at him blankly with a hint of sadness on your face.

“Why haven’t you called?” you asked, your voice breaking a little as tears began falling from your eyes. Soonyoung’s lips formed an automatic pout as his eyes welled up with tears, too, and he made his way to your bed to sit down next to you. You were half-sitting against the wall, and wiped your eyes with the backs of your hands, too tired and exhausted to fight the emotions that desperately wanted to be shown.

“I’m sorry,” Soonyoung said softly, placing his hand on top of you on the blanket once he had put the flowers and card next to you. “I should’ve called, I just… I was so ashamed…”

“Still,” you mumbled and looked at him, your eyes a bit puffy and your lips quivering.

“I can’t change the past, but I want you to know that I regret it,” Soonyoung said, his voice as steady as he could keep it, and looked into your eyes. “I regret behaving the way I did, feeling the way I did, not calling and apologizing when I really should have…”

You nodded as he apologized, and dried your tears again. The anxiety inside of you was slowly easing down, and the feeling of relief was starting to take over - you were infinitely grateful.

“Do you think you can forgive me?”

Looking into Soonyoung’s eyes, as candid and warm as ever, you nodded slowly. “But you need to change. We can’t… We can’t go on if you act like you own me. I need a life of my own, too.”

He nodded determinedly and took your hand into his when you had placed it on your lap. He caressed it gently. “I’ll change. I know it’s not right, and I don’t want to be like that. You deserve so much better.”

You let out a relieved sigh. “I’ll call you out if you cross the line again.”

“Please do,” Soonyoung said with a soft chuckle, and raised his eyebrows when you pulled your hand out of his and stretched your arms out.

“Come on and hug me, you dummy,” you pouted, your lips stretching into a happy smile when Soonyoung snickered and leaned down to hug you.

As you inhaled his familiar scent and felt yourself be embraced in his steady arms, you could finally feel yourself relax.

You finally had your loving, bubbly Soonyoung back.

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Thank u for seijou bb trio i m weeping the 3 of them getting past that last kitadai match and becoming closer I M FLYING AWAY GOODBYE I HOPE IN THIS VERSE THE COACH GOT CALLED OUT ON NOT ADDRESSING KAGEYAMA AND HELPING HIM UNDERSTAND BETTER I

I’m really happy you guys like it, I’ve read the tags and some comments are really interesting!! 

I know I drew Kageyama in Seijou but his character development was post Kitagawa Daiichi, I don’t know what would have happened to him if he had not gone to Karasuno, but maybe if someone had been there to him (while he was in middle school) to make him realise what was doing wrong , things had gone differently… maybe these three could had have a better relationship, we would never know… BUT I CAN IMAGINE (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/


These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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Got7 Showcase (and me)
  • JJP praises maknae for raising the mood compares jjp showcase vs got7 showcase
  • Talking about bambam videography
  • Bambam got inspired on youtube
  • It’s YOUNGRISH TAIMU!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Words he learnt in nyc: ‘thanks a lot’ in a very ny accent
  • Yj went for vocal lessons in ny
  • Jackson – talking about papillon g6 goes aite aite aite aite loool
  • Yugie – learning a new genre of dance OMG SMTM6 TWISTED BY JUNOFLO I AM DYING
  • *cry* why do I love yugyeom so much
  • Yugie does more sexy dancing
  • OMG THEY’rE GONNA PERFORM PARADISE I AM DED and its not even begun yet omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  • Hahahah they all holding mic for yugie hahahha so cute
  • Youngjae giving us all the vocals yesssssssss
  • Vocal7 dance7 my soul feels blessed
  • OMG GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS YASS awwww that was so long ago
  • They look so cute doing this dance now I wonder if mark and js will do the flips omg
  • O shit I had missed jackson’s hip thrusts more than I thought
  • OH HERE COMES omg markkkkkkkkkkkk shitttt still killin it
  • Got6 cheers for Mark haha
  • SHITMARK I  missed that ‘every lady wants a piece of me’ <3
  • Jackson dougieing oooooooo flips oh babies I love you
  • Hahha omg mark looks so done
  • Album spoiler beautiful songs
  • OMGGGGGGG they look soooooo gooooooooood in their casual outfits OMG
  • BAMBAM being praised for lyric vid hahah BAM DONG NIM
  • You Are MV bb starts explaining story… ahgases says not to say more hahahha ahgase basically saying they don’t want to be spoiled. Hhahahhaha
  • Bambam making fun of other members in the video
  • Yugie says bb was a pro – bb spent all night editing. Bb makes a bad joke
  • Aww bb
  • Talking about JB writing you are
  • Jb: about someone that we’re thankful for…expresses relationship with fans, parents, etc
  • As I was writing the song…. He watched animation that had beautiful skies.  Beautiful Sky was the title but suddenly it was called You Are  - JYP DID THIS LMAO
  • Teenager – once u like someone you feel young oooo chorus is by rappers in this aww jb so cute… hahha bb saying they got more parts,that’s why bb asked for it to be title song LOL yg and bb chose teenager
  • LOL YJ made a joke no one got it
  • bb first time doing a song Remember You. Director n producer bb ahahha ‘I wanted to kill it this time’
  • senti lyrics… it was meant to be in arrival but didn’t get included
  • he didn’t want it to be like a foreigner wrote it so he made many many edits
  • yugs – hahahaha so cute he’s so shy lol at got6 picking on him he is so embarrassed
  • to me – uses a different beat, latin influenced beat ahhahhah JUNOFLO COMES OUT AGAIn  OMG I’m dyin why is he so darn cute
  • hahahhahhahah omg yugie pls
  • amerithaikong wrote face :D
  • hahahha got6 making fun of bb
  • missing your face isn’t just for gf bf it can be anyone you miss like your friends
  • hahahha mark is quiet
  • mark: LA gangsta coming out hahahha
  • ‘the song is old’ ‘recorded this a while ago’
  • Theyre abt to play remember you
  • Bb: I think I need to go to the bathroom after this
  • Ommmmggggggh
  • Jackson singing OMG
  • You can tell it’s v emotional… everyone is feelin it
  • They just performed FOREVER YOUNG <3
  • Bambam really went to the bathroom LOL
  • BB is back hahha
  • Jb: I was surprised, he wrote it well
  • Bb: I KNOW
  • Jb: im proud
  • LET ME <3
  • Rap line singing the chorus is the best thing ever
  • THANK YOU JB for this beauty teenager certified bop
  • Bb: this is why I wanted this to be title.. this is the bright concept u wanted
  • OMG over 250 mil hearts.. members are happy
  • Bb: sings teenager
  • Memebam came out while singing his own part in remember you
  • Jy yj: makes bb dab
  • LMAO they’re making the host do aegyo OMG DED
  • Jb: does ‘chic’ aegyo
  • Yg: rap LMAOOOOOOOOOOOoo o god hahahha im already laughing
  • Yg too hyped by himself. OMG :’D
  • Got6 making fun of papillon hahha aite aite aite aite
  • JS does papillon everyone cheers
  • Ahgase: JINYOUNG!
  • JY: waeee~ *so cute*
  • Jy: talks about how happy he is that the title was by a member… I saw things I couldn’t working as 7 rather than 2
  • Got5 pervs: what did u see
  • LMAO
  • Mark: worked really hard on this, I hope u like it 
  • Mark: love you
  • JB: pretends to read from card (lol him and his gdad jokes honestly)
  • Thank you for coming aww he asked ahgases if they could see alright from far away
  • Jb starts recoding yj… yj poses whilegiving speech hahaha
  • Yj recording bb now hahhaa
  • Aww bb dnt worry we love you no matter what
  • Js: I’m got7’s Jackson, thank you for coming *cutie*
  • Bb: now recording JS
  • Js: more than words i will show with my actions of working hard (I CAN ALREADY SEE IT BBY)
  • YOU ARE coming up next
  • I AM DED

Pairing: nicomaki
words: 4.8k+ 
adult nkmk, friends with benefits, M+

for @myonmukyuu​ and @bcheddar13

Chapter 1: You’re twenty-three Maki

It has been weeks since her phone last lit up with a text from Maki, a doctor now, yet still a child who couldn’t fix her own problems. Weeks,since Maki’s last major update with her very busy adult life, not that Nico cares that much. Not really.

‘Are you still up?’ Maki’s text says, sent at 1am on this night. Nico reads the text and rolls over on the bed, contemplating her choices. Pros? Nishikino Maki. Cons? Literally everything else. The way that girl stinks of antiseptic and expensive perfume, a combination that chokes. The way Nishikino looks at her and expects Nico to fix her state of mind.

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