i hope you like it bb ;u;

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


the moment i heard this in @cursetale‘s stream i haD TO DRAW PT AND DRE SINGING IT!!!

im still trying to figure out how to draw the greatness that is ♡Dre♡

and a bonus version with an adorable newton drawn by @yuki-akamura

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I wanna snuggle your Sans and give him a smooch to his forehead. He's so friggen adorable. He's a smol precious bean who needs to be protected.

ohboi, you made him blush. and now I’m blushing too. (*ノωノ) 

really glad you like him and send such a lovely message!  ( ´ ▽ ` )
you’re so nice! thank you so much! 💛


I did the thing! ; v; Took me all day but I did the thing! @cockismybusiness



These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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Ungrateful Part. 2

Requested: No

Summary: Peter Parker found his soulmate in kindergarten, and started dating them at age 11, but he still can’t seem to shake his feelings for a certain Gwen Stacy.

Word Count: 1,826

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3

A/N: I really hope you guys like this, and I worked hard on it! Im going to dedicate this to @sailorkeann , she wasn’t feeling well last time I talked to her, so I really hope she’s feeling better! 

(Im working on the Damian fic for u don’t worry)

Also I plan to make an epilouge where the reader and Peter meet when they’re older, so stay tuned!

Y/F/N = Your Father’s Name

Y/M/N = Your Mother’s Name

F/BB/M = Famous Boy Band Member 

Y/N was a total wreck. They trusted Peter with all of their heart, and thought he did too. Apparently, they were wrong. 

Sobbing loudly, running through their house to their room, their parents nearly had a panic attack. They followed Y/N into their bedroom, and once they heard what had happened they instantly became more sympathetic. While their mother went to the store to get them snacks, junk food, and anything else they would need during their mourning period. Their father made their bed with the warmest blankets and comfiest pillows as Y/N was taking a shower. 

It was sad for the next few weeks in the Y/L/N household. But Y/N’s parents stayed supportive and let them stay on the couch, even though it was spring break, and in any other situation they would have told Y/N to go out and do something

But, this isn’t any other situation. 

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Thank u for seijou bb trio i m weeping the 3 of them getting past that last kitadai match and becoming closer I M FLYING AWAY GOODBYE I HOPE IN THIS VERSE THE COACH GOT CALLED OUT ON NOT ADDRESSING KAGEYAMA AND HELPING HIM UNDERSTAND BETTER I

I’m really happy you guys like it, I’ve read the tags and some comments are really interesting!! 

I know I drew Kageyama in Seijou but his character development was post Kitagawa Daiichi, I don’t know what would have happened to him if he had not gone to Karasuno, but maybe if someone had been there to him (while he was in middle school) to make him realise what was doing wrong , things had gone differently… maybe these three could had have a better relationship, we would never know… BUT I CAN IMAGINE (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/


WELP he finally found them, and just in time for @ichosim‘s birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TAURUS BB I LOVE U MORE THAN SANTIRAT MISSED HIS SPEEDOS. i hope you know i’ve literally been planning to do this ever since i found out ur birthday and now it’s time. *pretends like i didn’t spend literally all morning making this abomination of a gif* 

but really you are such an amazing, talented, sweet person and i can’t believe you ever even noticed me on here lolwut i admired you for ages and now i’m making you a gif of santi’s butt in a cheetah print speedo what is my life. ok.




Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Pairing: Ohmtoonz
Word Count: 1333
Summary: “‘I’m a firefighter and you started a fire in your kitchen but you’re still flirting with me even though you’re not wearing pants and I’m carrying you down a ladder. Stop complimenting my muscles for fucks sake au’” Requested by @hammeredarmie (STILL ACCEPTING REQUESTS)
So as I started writing this, i realized that I don’t know a thing about firefighting so I just kinda winged it as best as I could. Also, there’s a lot of flirting in this and I suck at flirting so maybe it won’t seem too awkward!! Enjoy!! - Crest <3

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i hit 1k!

so i just noticed the other day that i passed 1000 followers so i felt kinda obligated to do this follow forever and mention a couple of people that have been great to me on this site!!

so whether you knew me when i was plaidoldsam, mininiladd, liljerenemy, or know me as talonva, thanks for making my 3-ish years on this site pretty good. 

some of you are inactive or don’t even follow me anymore but whatever love u guys

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I will literally suck your dick if you do this I've been asking every tcc blog but no one has done it can u do an imagine where you're Brooks little sister and he throws a party and his best friend eric is there and he has a crush on you and makes a move?

Hope you’re ready to start suckin bb ALSO I NEVER GET IMAGINE REQUESTS SO AHHHHHHHH

It was a typical Thursday night, you and your brother were in his room watching some bullshit movie that he liked that you didn’t really care for. Even though your brother Brooks was only a year older than you, he was super protective of you, but still treated you like one of the guys. 

“(Y/n), Brooks?” Your mom knocked on the door, opening it slightly and poking her head out, “Can I come in?”

“Yeah sure mom, whats up?” You said, Brooks was too zoned out into the movie to notice your mom was there.

“Well, your father and I have been talking…And since we both trust you guys, we were going to so to a concert out of town, so we’ll be gone this weekend, can I trust you guys?”

Brooks immediately tuned in as soon as he heard “we’ll be gone”. You two looked at each other, thinking the same thing; party

Yeah mom, we can totally handle it,” Your brother said, trying to give off a responsible big brother vibe

Your mother sighed in relief, “Thank God I have you two,” she said, pinching your cheek.

“Well I’m going to start packing, we’ll be leaving after you two go to school-”

As your mom kept talking, you and Brooks were focused on each other, basically reading each others minds until your mom closed the door and went to pack.

“Duuudeee, y/n, you know what this means right?”

“Well no shit Brooks, you think people are gonna come? This is a little sudden.” You tried to play it off cool, but in reality you were scared shitless, you’ve never thrown- or even been to a high school party, the only “party” you’ve been to wasn’t your style and ended up bailing.

“Don’t be a pussy, go email your friend, I’mma email the dudes, especially Reb.” Brooks nudged your shoulder, knowing how big of a crush you had on him. At first he flipped out, after all you’re his baby sister, and no matter how much he’d tormented you, he only wants the best for you. But he knew Eric, he knew Eric would treat you the way you should, and Eric knew Brooks would kick his ass if he ever hurt you.

“Okay, let’s do it!” You ran into your room, eager to get the message out.

Logging into your email, you began typing frantically;

Party @ my place Friday night 

(Your address)

9pm, be there ;)

You read over the email almost 20 times, and clicked send to all contacts

“You sure you’ll be okay? You have the hotel’s number, my number, poison control, da-”

“Yes mom,” Brooks laughed “We’ll be fine.”

Your mother looked at you, and then kissed both of you on your cheeks.

“Okay, well, don’t be late for school, I love you!”

Your mom closed the door, and your heart began beating fast. 

“What time did you tell your friends to come over?” You asked your brother, jumping up to sit on the table, beginning to peel open a banana. “I told them 8 or so, Reb said he’d help us set up so he’s coming over early.” He said, winking at you. “Stop it!” you laughed, trying to hide your blushing face.

5 more minutes you thought, it was the last class you had, with only 5-make that 4 more minutes until schools out for the weekend. Since Brooks drove you to school, you didn’t have your car to drive home, so you were gonna meet up with him at the smokers pit, hopefully seeing Eric along the way. 


The moment the bell rang you got up and went straight for the door, stopping every few seconds to reply to the “hi y/n!” in the hallways. As you reached the smokers pit, you saw Brooks wave his hand, signaling you to come here, he was standing talking to Nate and Dylan, you knew them pretty well, Nate has always been hitting on you, which oddly enough grosses you out, but Dylan on the other hand was always kind to you, giving you a ride home on occasions, listening when you need to vent after a long day, he was like another big brother. 

“Hey guys!” You gave Dylan a hug, and shoved Brooks, which he returned the favor. “What’s up loser,” Brooks said, taking your baseball cap off your head and placing it onto his “We’re just waiting for Eric, then we’ll bounce.”

Your began smiling as the boys exclaimed their “oooos” at you, and you began hit each guy on the shoulder. “Shut up guys!”

You saw Eric in the distance and began waving at him, as soon as he noticed you, he smiled and sped walked to you.

“Hey y/n” he said, giving you a bear hug “Hey Reb”

“Alright love birds,” snickered Brooks, “let’s get going, y/n my cars full so why don’t you ride with Reb.”

Although you knew that was complete and total bullshit; knowing only Nate and Dylan were the only ones riding with him, but you smiled and accepted to offer.

Eric opened up the passenger door for you, and then got in and began to follow your brothers car to the local grocery store. Since Brooks had a fake ID, it wouldn’t be hard for you guys to buy alcohol. Eric turned on the radio, blasting some KMFDM.

“Ohmygod Eric, I love this song!” You turned up the volume and began singing along to Stray Bullet, “Wow y/n, I didn’t know you liked this shit,” he yelled over the radio. You looked over and smiled at him, he’s just so perfect. 

After about 10 minutes of singing along and bullshiting with Eric, you guys pulled in along side Brooks’ car at a grocery store, and walked, immediately being stared at by elderly men thinking you need Jesus.

“Just get a shit load of vodka bro.” Said Dylan, who was pushing the cart.

“Y/n why don’t you and Eric go get some chasers and food, we’ll meet you here in about 10 minutes.” And again, your big brother made you blush.

“Sounds good with me,” Eric said, as he picked you up and placed you in the cart, laughing his ass off as he pushed you to the chips isle. 

“Ew no, don’t get that Reb! Okay get some Dr. Pepper, and Slim Jims!”

After 10 minutes of goofing around with this boy you met your brother and the guys and began to check out. You noticed the cashier was a young teen boy, who was fairly attractive. He looked at you and smiled, you didn’t think much of it, but Eric was about to destroy him just for checking you out.

You and Nate put all the bags into Brooks’ truck, while all the other guys smoked and talked about how wasted they were about to get. “So y/n, you thinking about hooking up with any guys at the party?” Nate asked, getting oddly close to your body. You turned around to the cart to get more bags “No, not really,” as you turned back around Nate was inches from your face. “Well, you should come find me at the party then, we can chill, if ya want.” You pushed passed him and put in the last of the bags into your brother’s car, ignoring Nate’s offer. Sure, he was attractive, but you liked Eric, you liked him a lot.

“Alright, just put the bottles on the counter and put the chips in some bowls, this is gonna be epic!” Exclaimed Brooks, you looked over at him and laughed, as you and Eric brought in alcohol bottles and set them neatly on the counter. You weren’t paying attention to all the commands your brother was making, you were just thinking about Eric, you looked nice already, a black crop top and skinny jeans, so you didn’t feel the need to change. Dylan came into the kitchen holding a screwdriver, being already slightly buzzed 3 hours before the party has started.

It was 8:43 p.m. and no one was here yet, just you, Brooks, Nate, Dylan, and Eric. you all sat on the couch, drinks in your hands, and began to worry.

“Brooks are you sure people are gonna come?” questioned Nate. “People are gonna fucking come dude,” sassed Brooks, “Y/N invited all her friends and I told everyone I know, even random people in the hallways.” 

“No jocks though, right?” Asked Eric, beginning to tense up.

You heard cars coming up to your drive way, loud tire screeches and loud music being turned off, and talking coming closer as there was a knock on your door.

Brooks gave a toothy grin, “Turn on the music! Lets get this party started!”

prom night // a mileven HighSchool!AU

this idea was created by the lovely sydney, who has given me permission to bring her AU to life! thank u bb, i’ll try not to disappoint :’)

I feel like this one is self explanatory so I hope you all enjoy!! Let me know if you’re enjoying these oneshots and I’ll continue to write them!

(no nsfw, just fluff, even in high school these are innocent beans :)

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can I get a little scenario of having to spend a particularly cold night at camp, and Ignis's S/O snuggles up to him to keep warm? Maybe the other guys tease him? Super fluffy ;u;

It’s a bit different than I expected, so I really hope you like it!! You waited a while for this one - thanks for having the patience of a saint, bb ♡

Cold Night Cuddles

The campfire crackled merrily just outside the entrance to the tiny tent. Prompto and Gladio were sitting in two of the chairs beside the fire, occasionally shouting at each other over their game of King’s Knight. Noctis was sound asleep inside the tent, one of the blankets pulled up over his head, revealing only a small tuft of messy black hair. Ignis was finishing cleaning the dishes from dinner, humming softly to himself; his girlfriend was sitting on the floor between Prompto’s and Gladio’s chairs, sipping a cup of tea he had prepared for her.

Once the dishes were finished, Ignis disappeared inside the tent without a word, leaving his partner outside with the two who were fairly close to finishing their game. She heard him open the tent entrance and turned around, just barely catching sight of him as he slipped inside.

She quickly sipped down the end of her tea and took the cup over to the other cups that were to be used in the morning, making a quick mental note of which one was hers before slipping into the tent herself. Ignis was already under a blanket, placing his glasses into the safe corner of the tent where Gladio’s feet were sure to not crush them.

Silently, his girlfriend stepped over Noctis, smiling slightly at the sight of the prince’s hair, before slipping under the blanket with Ignis. “It’s freezing,” she whispered as she made herself comfortable.

Ignis sleepily wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. She rested her head on his chest and felt his fingers running through her hair within seconds, sighing deeply to show her appreciation. The two snuggled in closer together, Ignis not saying a word due to sheer exhaustion.

The air outside was extremely crisp and frost was beginning to form on the top of the tent. Ignis pulled her in closer still, sighing in contentment. They couldn’t get much closer at this point. And wow, he was so relieved to have her there beside him, wrapped up in his arms. The thought of her being in Insomnia as chaos ensued in the world frightened him greatly; he wasn’t sure what he would do if anything ever happened to her. His fingers gently played down her spine and he felt her shudder though he didn’t blame her; it was freezing outside and his hands always felt like ice. He laughed softly, which was met by a giggle from her as she pressed her face into his chest, drinking in his warm, familiar scent.

The silence was ruined within moments though as Gladio came bumbling into the tent, Prompto behind him. Neither of them were as graceful or quiet as Ignis, causing Noct to stir slightly under his covers. “Aw, Iggy’s got his baby,” Gladio teased quietly as he tossed a pillow into his microscopic sleeping area.

“What of it?” Ignis replied sleepily, shooting daggers at Gladio. Gladio laughed jovially at the look, and it was apparent he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

“You never could sleep alone, could you? Need your girl to keep you warm, eh?”

Prompto fidgeted uncomfortably behind Gladio, a nervous look flitting across his face. He wasn’t as scared of Ignis as he was of Gladio waking Noctis. Ignis’s partner snuggled in closer to him, peering over her shoulder at Gladio. “You couldn’t keep a lady if you tried, Gladiolus” Ignis responded, stifling a yawn.

Gladio opened his mouth to respond, but was immediately cut off. “Gods above, shut up!” The voice came from the blanket that was Noctis. They had woken the prince.

Prompto retreated to his corner of the tent, fearing what was to come from waking Noct. Gladio sat casually beside the blanketed formed, staring at it. Ignis’s arm tightened around his partner’s waist in anticipation.

“I really don’t care who’s cuddling and who’s not. I want to sleep, so shut up!“ Noctis rolled over onto his side, pulling the blanket down from over his face, adding on, as he grumpily glared at Gladio, “And that’s a royal order.”

Gladio couldn’t help but laugh at the sleepy, disheveled, grumpy prince who groaned deeply in disgust before pulling the blanket back over his head. Silence filled the tent once more as the brothers situated themselves to sleep comfortably, extra careful to not disturb the sleeping prince.

Ignis’s girlfriend giggled slightly when Ignis sighed, returning his hand to her hair. His other hand was resting gently on the small of her back, his fingers slowly and lightly making small circular patterns on her skin.

“Thanks for putting up with their teasing for me,” she whispered softly, looking up at him. It was dark, so she couldn’t see much, only the outline of his figure.

“I would do anything for you, darling,” he replied sleepily. She knew she could hear the smile that was playing across his lips. He kissed the top of her head before resting his chin gently upon it.

She nuzzled her smiling face back into his chest, her eyes fluttering closed, her heart swelling with love and adoration for him. How did she ever get so lucky?


Im very sorry i dont have time to message u or talk to you syrkrhksfskhrsjrysk

Hope you like it !!! 🎄🎁💕

((Also, i was thinking abt dogs too so why not add a fluffy doggo- 🐕😍))