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modern ; helga hufflepuff x rowena ravenclaw // the sun whispers for the stars

for my pottersecretsanta ; this is very messy yikes but you said you liked helga x rowena and i wanted to cheer you up and show my appreciation for you somehow, i love you lots and hope you feel better soon darling, i 🐝🍃  in you, chin up bb! 


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prom night // a mileven HighSchool!AU

this idea was created by the lovely sydney, who has given me permission to bring her AU to life! thank u bb, i’ll try not to disappoint :’)

I feel like this one is self explanatory so I hope you all enjoy!! Let me know if you’re enjoying these oneshots and I’ll continue to write them!

(no nsfw, just fluff, even in high school these are innocent beans :)

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hi diamond :')) it's me, biba! i hope you're having an amazing day!! i opened your ask because i wanted to let you know that people kept treating me like shit on @yu-gyummy, so i made a whole new one, to make a fresh start. and since you're my friend i wanted to let you know ^^ ♥ *sends lots of hugs*

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18, 31, 37 and 53 if you'd like!!! 💘💘

Realized I didn’t put a character lmao can you do either Kylo or Ben, probably modern would fit the setting best!! Thank u bb 💘💘

Of course bebe! I hope you like this :)

Modern AU Triplet Ben +  “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?” + “Hold my hand until it’s over?” +  “On a scale of one to ‘holy crap’, how bad is it?” “Holy crap!” +  “I want you to fight for me!”

Warnings: Minor description of injury/blood

Anxiously your knee continued to bounce as your arms crossed tightly across your chest. You had pictured your weekends going many ways but had certainly not considered you’d be sitting in a hospital waiting room. Hanging out with the Solo-Organa brothers however, anything was possible.

Catching your attention a nurse suddenly came through the double doors, a warm smile gracing her features.

“He’s ready to see you all now.”

Instantly you were out of your seat as Matt and Kylo followed behind you. It had been hours since you had brought Ben in, and though he was surely not going to die, he was definitely in critical condition. Your nerves had been wrecked since the moment you looked at his injuries. The image would likely haunt you for days.

Ben’s usually unblemished face was certainly far from its usual perfection as the cut at his hair line began to bleed. His skin was already bruising with the tint of purple coming around his left eye. His bottom lip was busted with his nose adding to the red liquid running slightly down his face. Stumbling slightly he looked up to you as you gasped at the sight of him. Truly if you hadn’t known who he was, you would have likely screamed and ran away.

“On a scale of one to ‘holy crap’, how bad is it?”

“Holy crap!”

Now you couldn’t help but to silently hope they had repaired Ben back to his usual self. Given how severly he had been hit, you weren’t sure. If he wasn’t, you were definitely going to be hearing about it. Soon enough you walked into his room and heard the familiar sound of a heart monitor. Just barely propped up was Ben, his hairline along his forehead wrapped in gauze. Unlike the night prior his face was no longer red, his forehead was no longer bleeding and his lip looked far better than it had in your memory. Though his eye was still faintly purple, it was far less swollen and far more normal in appearance.

Ben groggily spoke as he mustered up a smile, “Hey guys.”

You sighed with relief as you placed a hand over your heart, “Thank the maker you’re patched up.”

Ben’s brows furrowed faintly, “Patched up?”

Kylo snorted faintly, “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?”

Ben paused for a moment, seeming to look off into the distance before he turned back to Kylo shaking his head.

“Nope nothing.”

Matt’s brows arched, “Nothing at all?”

“Not even buzz words like what (Y/N) said.”

“What’d (Y/N) say?”

“I want you to fight for me.”

You felt your cheeks grow warm as you quickly looked to the floor. Though you knew Kylo wasn’t blaming you for the current situation, you knew he presented a good point. Ben would have likely strayed from a lot of trouble had you saved those words for a time when Ben was sober and you weren’t fighting.

Ben shook his head, “No…I remember yelling but that’s it.”

Seating yourself beside him you gave him a smile as your hand rested over his.

“Well we can talk about it later. I’m just glad you’re ok.”

Ben smiled as he ran his thumb over the back of your hand, “Me too kid.”

Suddenly a soft knocking tapped at Ben’s door, catching all four of your attention. A nurse peered in, sheepishly smiling and waving at you all.

“Hi, sorry to interrupt but we need to replace Ben’s bandages one last time before he’s discharged. We might also have to touch up his stitches.”

Ben looked to you with his puppy eyes as his grip on your hand slightly tightened.

“Hold my hand until it’s over?”

You nodded, “Of course.”

Jikook Internet Friends AU 30


here u are :)) (((sorrysorry for the long wait))) (helloo brazill ppl oeoeoeo)

warning: a sexual joke (oh my god why am i like this)

Where Jikook are going to a Bigbang concert

ayyyyy fanboys!!!! sorry for that last part sorry i m gross but whats a relationship without sexual jokes rlly okkkk yoonseok (kinda a continuation for this chap) coming tomorrow bbs! requests for jikook are closed for now but if you want to request for yoonseok or just hmu, u can do it here!

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!

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Open ask box! Okay, so we were talking about spreading the Wakamatsu love so if you're still taking requests, could I have something small (scenario or headcanons is up to you!) for him, Susa, Haizaki and Mayuzumi in a long distance relationship? Feel free to cut down the amount of characters if you feel like it! Thank you and I hope you have fun with the other requests!

anything for you bb and i rlly hope you’re doing fine <3


  • the type that makes you text him 24/7 about whatever you’re doing “babe reply me” “what are you doing now” “don’t u dare cheat on me”
  • will also be very very jealous of ppl around you who get a little too close for comfort and may resort to making threats jfc dis boy
  • also very into phone sex and webcam sex and all that jazz because he loves getting you riled up even in class. expect dirty snapchats from him with his wicked smile and tongue and maybe some dick
  • sends you the weirdest and most useless gifts (tho i guess it’s the thought that counts), and some are even too sexual (you have to admit that that app controlled vibrator does come in handy)


  • he will text you like once a week because he’s a shit texter and is terrible with technology but tbh he’ll be low-key keeping track of you through social media like fb/twitter/etc.
  • starts up convos with song recs because he feels a little awkward at times even after you guys start dating 
  • he used to think he liked the long distance thing because he needed space but then he missed holding you
  • expect him to come visit at least once a semester because he’ll be craving your touch way too much


  • sends you postcards and pictures from back home because he’s very sentimental that way and likes handwritten things
  • he’ll skype you at least once a week to check in on you and update you on whatever’s been going on. instead of talking about himself, he’d love to listen to you talk about your day and your friends
  • he will never ever forget any important event. he’ll plan a birthday surprise for you with your friends and calls in a delivery for flowers on valentine’s day
  • he’s the type to surprise you with a trip (but def not during finals or midterms cause he knows how stressed you get)


  • awkward patootie is always calling in to make sure you’re doing good. calls you even more often when he sees you hanging around other dudes on facebook “im just checking on you………who’s that guy you’re with”
  • he likes to brag to his friends there about you and how cool you are so when you come to visit, they basically know everything about you
  • is really shy and he’ll definitely ask before he comes visit just to make sure that you’d be okay with that (and also scared cos the idea of staying in one room with u or sleepING IN BED WITH YOU)
  • the last time he tried phone sex, you fell asleep cause of the time difference and he just cried a little inside

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Okay, like, i was supposed to be asleep years ago, but i wanted to read the rest of ur shifters au's first bc im trash and...OML i love them sooo much💖💖,you and ur writing is freaking amazing and i can literally FEEL the emotions the characters go through, its so goood😍😍 and the bunny shifter kookie is soo cute, im screeching. I had to rant abt how much i love u and ur writing, like i couldn't not, haha. Anyway, ill go to sleep after reading ur whole masterlist AGAIN, dont mind me 😄

Oh my goodness XD go to sleep, bb, now!!! XD (this was hours ago, I think, so you’ve probably already finished the next morning) thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy the shifter au especially the bunny kookie fics XD thank you for this, I smiled so much  <3 I hope you keep enjoying my fics!

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hi hi this is a bit random but i saw your hermione edit and it's sooo perfect so came over here and now i'm stalking you and your blog it's lovely! i hope you are having a nice day xx

(!!!!!) (me rn) ahhh just thank u sm for all these kind words - you’re so incredibly sweet omg?!!! 💕💕and eeep glad u liked the edit!! 😭 i hope you have a wonderful day too bb! (i feel like I may have overused !!! in this and sound like I’m on a sugar rush lmao but honestly I’m just ??! aidjaksjak ur too nice ily okay)

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Hello bb! I hope your Valentine's Day was amazing!!! I'm Polly and I'm your clique companion!! I enjoyed sending u messages and I hope you enjoyed receiving them!! 💕

You were a great companion😘😘 thank you bb! And you like Harry Potter! So do I! I’m a Slytherin!

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Good morning sweet BB. You're so cute. It's like, surely impossible to be this cute? You're so precious I love you so much <3333333333 You outshine the sun in the sky ! <3


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hello it is i again 😂😅 i was wondering if i could get a collage ship (selca included please) with astro :^D hope this is ok ! i hope u have a great day, and thank u again!! (p.s i apologize for submitting the same pics as last time, i dont take selcas that often ;;;;;)

Hello cutiepie!!~ @jihozh thanks for requesting bb~ it’s okay to send in the same pics i don’t take alot of selcas either lol. have a great day and i’m sorry this took soo long TT ! in ASTRO i ship you with : Moonbinnie!!~

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i hope you like your ship!!~

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hey there! i've been following you for a while now but somehow tumblr unfollowed you for a few months :( but anyway, i just wanted to say that i was rly glad to see your posts recently! i know you've been going through a hard time and probably still are, but it seems like you're doing a little better now and i really hope that's the case! i wish you all the best!!!

cjsfdgsd omg… i didnt think anyone would have even noticed that i wasnt as active ahh ihsugisfd thank you bb ;;; i really appreciate you sending me this and ahH i’m trying to get my life together (it’s hard lmao,,,) but things are still better than before!!! THANK U <33