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Can I say you're an amazing person? Because you are! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Your texts are so cute! And I love how each member has their own themes (Like Jungkook with the Kermit memes and Yoongi and the custard bread) (I'm actually tempted to ask what themes each members has but uhhh im nervous /w\) Not only that, the way you answer asks with so much love drowns my heart with cuteness, I look forward to your texts and hope you have a lot of happiness each day because you deserve it <3

omg thank u babie ❗️❗️❤️ and reoccurring themes yes !!!

guk: kermit, RIPPED, who’s the best jeon?
moomgi: custard bread, stop saving his fansite pics, demonic possession lmfao + RILAKKUMA VS KUMAMON
joon: selfie wars, when will y/n’s sister stop hating him?, ryan
mini: snow app thirst traps, secret shinee thing, apeach, tiny………..park jimin………tears………..
hoseok: my mom told ur mom to tell me to tell you/family events/basically all stuff implying that they were childhood bffs turned Best Couple, lee taemin

omg i can’t think of any reoccurring themes i do for taehyung (besides emojis but i think that’s more of texting style than a theme !) and seokjin ❓they say some pretty new stuff every time !!

oh! reoccurring nicknames

guk: frog girl (he calls y/n this) babe (usually it’s hot babe lmfao and he never calls y/n this directly only when he’s talking abt her……..to her?)
yoongi: brat (he calls y/n this usually followed by ;( ) demon (they call each other this lmfao) yoongz (y/n call him this) mim moomgi (y/n call him this)
joon: baby (he calls y/n this)
tae: wifey (he calls y/n this)
jimin: mini (y/n calls him this)


i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open

Types of SD Messages; A Comprehensive Study

The Level One Starter: Heyyy there sexy lady ;) how u doing tonight? Got plans for the weekend? Loved your profile, was hoping we could chat more xxx

The Midlife Crisis: Hey beautiful :p I am a professional man living in a city who is looking for a naughty partner in crime. I give generous gifts and dinners as well as tickling and kisses :p I can spoil you any way you like if you can spoil me :p I have a place in XXX and you can CUM by and we can have some adult fun :p :p message me back, I don’t bite…unless you want me to :p

The Scrapbooker: Got any more pics? X

The Google Translate: hello there sexy, i can spoil and am gentle man. can give kisses and lots of spoils. message back with sexy pics in bikinis xxxxxxxxx

 The Dad of Three: Hi :) I’m David and I already know I’m a bit old for you. I guess I’m wondering what a nice girl like you is doing on a site like this?

 The Straight To The Point: Hi, I love your lovely round breasts I can’t wait to squeeze and lick them and stimulate you in every way you’ve ever dreamed. I’m looking for someone very fun and naughty!!! I like anal and various roleplays. Have you ever used toys? xxx

The Chicks Dig Doctors: Hi, I’m Sam :) I’m a medical professional living in the city and I went to university to study medicine, I am working in my medical practice, seeing to my many patients, and that’s why I can’t meet during the day.

The Done This Before: Hello, I’m Michael. I’m 52 years old and run a successful firm in the city. I read your profile and have to say I’m intrigued. I am currently staying at the XXX and wondered if we could get together during my stay. I will compensate you for your time.

The Didn’t Read Your Profile: Me and my wife are looking for a young hot thing to spice up our sex lives ;) Must be sexually submissive, into rape fantasy and costumes xoxo

The Definitely Not A Rapist: Hi there :) I liked your profile, was wondering if you’re free tonight? I have a nice place overlooking the river and could wine and dine you, and also some lovely gifts to spoil you with :) I love making ladies smile. Let me know if you’re free, I could buy you dinner and we could go back to mine xxx

The Conversationalist: Hey ;) x

The Talking Clock: Hello my fair lady :) I loved your profile and have messaged you once before but you didn’t seem to reply! If you’re going to take this seriously, you should reply PROMPTLY to the messages that people send you. I sent you a message on the 4th at 6.30pm and even though you were online you didn’t reply so I am trying again today on the 6th. I hope to receive a warm and friendly and PROMPT response as soon as you see this!!! xxx

The College Student Who Wandered In: Hey, you’re pretty hot :) wanna grab a drink tonight?

The Mother Didn’t Hug Me Enough: Hello, Mistress- i am looking for a beautiful woman like you to dominate me. i want for You to choke me with your high heels and stick huge black dildos up my asshole until i cum over your boots and You have me lick it all up

The One In A Million: Hi, how are you? I’m looking for a young lady to spoil and am prepared to negotiate a pay per meet fee or a monthly allowance, dependant on whether we like each other or not. My email is XXX and please let me know if you’re interested after reading my profile. I’m staying at the XXX until the 10th and we can talk about it over champagne if you’re free this weekend?

EXO Reaction ~ Biting Them On Their Shoulder During Sex To Keep Yourself Quiet

Request: Hiya, not sure if you do this kind of thing, but could I request an exo reaction to you biting them on the shoulder whilst trying to keep quiet during le sexy time
A:N: Sorry I haven’t posted in two days, I’ve been extremely ran off my feet because of college and just uGH


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“It looks like a dinner for two tonight then baby girl” *suggestive wink as he goes down on you* 


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“Water u doing…??” *Gives you a disapproving look*


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“So… Now that you’ve tasted me, Is it my time to taste you?” 


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“Why are you muffling up your moans baby girl? I wanna hear my name spill from those pretty pink lips of yours” *insert an attempted sexy wink*


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Well hello there, gorgeous~~” *reks u with his lip bite*


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“Oh shit, that’s going to bruise…” *plasters shoulder in contour hoping no one would notice*


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“yE-FUCKING-HET BABY! I Get to tAsTE YoU NOW RIghT?” *Looks at you like you’re a piece of meat*


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“Nothing we can do about the bite mark on my shoulder now, I’ll just have to teach you a lesson or two”


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*Pins you down and starts marking you all over with love bites* “My Turn!”


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“Shit… Right on the sensitive spot Jagi…” *Instant sub*


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“What the fuck… Why is there tooth marks in my gucci ass, expensive skin?” *looks pissed but turned on*


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“Next time I want to hear your dirty little moans, Princess, Don’t want to make Xiudaddy mad do you?” *#xiUDADDYMODEUNLEASED*

How the XNXPs I Know Deal with Negative Emotions

INTP - *Whining intensifies* 

INFP - * Cries laughing at everything that could be considered even slightly humorous and rambles incoherently* 


ENTP - *literally dying inside* Lol have u ever touched a baby’s ear iTS SO SQUISHY EREREHEHREH  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Person: “ How is your day going, ENFP :)? I sure hope it’s great! ” 

ENFP: “STFU YOU EFFING * insert said person’s extremely sensitive insecurity here*” 

*Describes how they’d murder someone in uncomfortably graphic detail*

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Hanzo baby talking his dragons. All 3 act serious as someone (Genji, McCree, or anyone) walks past. Only to go back to baby talking when the person leaves.

Hanzo:Whos a good boy? Hmm? Did you enjoy the snack?

Hanzo: Whos a good noodle that likes to cuddle?
Door clicks

Genji: Aniki time to go!
Hanzo: Alright thank you Genji

Hanzo: Alright alright I’ll get you sillies something too
Dragons: Melp Melp

[[I don’t think this is baby talk? ;u; but I hope its okay too]]



i hope you’re having a great time, even if you don’t celebrate halloween. 

But anyway, i drew my two beloved babies keith and Lance in crossovers with my favorite horror movies

the movies from left to right; Scream,Friday the 13th,The Exorcist,Saw, Dawn of the Dead, and The Thing!

so i hope u like these space babies! Happy Halloween!

any questions

Choose Something

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, pure fluff. 

Word Count: 528

Summary: Y/n takes her boys Christmas shopping

A/N: Part two to The Only Woman We Need. Just a random idea that I thought was cute. Hope u like it. 

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“Dean Winchester! Get your ass over here!”

Y/n heard a little giggle, looking down at Sammy who was smiling up at her.

“What’s so funny baby?”

“You said a bad word”

Y/n hissed out loud, making the boy laugh even more.

“Sorry. But you know not to say that. Ok?”

He nodded, his hair bobbing.

She looked back over to Dean, seeing him walking alongside John.

“Took you long enough.”

John rolled his eyes, not wanting to hear a lecture on how he was meant to be keeping an eye on the boy.

“Now, Dean. What do you want?” she asked, kneeling slightly in front of him.

“I don’t need anything. I told you. Just buy Sammy more stuff.”

The little child’s eyes widened with excitement and glee, but fell flat when y/n responded that Dean was getting something, whether he wanted it or not.

“Ok. Come on. We’re going into here and you’re gonna pick a present for Christmas!”

Dean objected again, but y/n just picked him up, not caring that he was slightly heavy or that he was wriggling around in her arms.

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chanyeol phone wallpapers requested by anon
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Elizabeth of York aesthetic for @margarettudor

   Endearingly called “the Gracious Queen” by her subjects, one clear demonstration of the English people’s love for her can be recalled: while progressing over a carpet of woolen cloth that watching crowds were permitted afterward to take as a souvenir, a riot ensued and some died in the ordeal, all to obtain a piece of the cloth the Queen had tread on.

   After her premature death, the Tower – where she had died – ceased almost entirely to be used as a royal residence. Her family and subjects genuinely grieved her loss.


(happy birthday i hope u have a good 22cd pal)

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Hello, how are you? I LOVED the baby headcannons and was wondering if you had any headcannons for the Shimada brothers and their dragons interacting with their s/o? Please and thank you!

Hi! I’m doing pretty good! Thanks for the compliment!!! I’m gonna write the dragons in a smaller form, because I love that headcanon. I hope that’s ok :3

> his lil noodle LOVES his s/o
> it’ll be wrapped around their neck, their leg, their arm, whatever it can grab onto
> if his s/o carries a bag/ purse it’ll hide in their. Many, many disasters have occurred because of this
> steals his s/o’s clothes and makes a sort of nest out of them
> sneaks into his s/o’s bed and sleeps it’s them
> when genji meditates his dragon will be very calm. When this happens his s/o will cuddle up with it and just chill

> Hanzo’s Dragons love pilling around his s/o’s neck like scarves
> sometimes one will just disappear. Hanzo finds it later snuggling with his s/o
> they like to hide in his s/o’s shoes/boots
> they also like to steal his s/o’s blankets to make a nest
> they sleep with his s/o all the time. Even little ten minute naps will be accompanied by the dragons

Can I Join?

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Pairing: Kenny Omega x Adam Cole x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: S M U T…yeah just that…

Rating: Explicit 

A/N: This is so bad and you guys will all now know why I don’t write threesomes. So I hope there will be some pity taken on me. 

“Adam, stop,” you hissed at him, slapping his hand away from your shorts. Pausing, you listened to the other person in the room’s breathing, well more like snores. Kenny seemed to still be asleep.

“Come on baby girl,” Adam cooed in your ear, lightly nipping it. He slipped his hand into your shorts, letting out a low groan at how wet you were. “You like the idea of me fucking you while he’s over there huh?” You bit the pillow as he slips two fingers into you, trying to keep your loud moans and whimpers down. Both you and him are the farthest from being quiet when you have sex. On more than a few occasions, neighbors would come and yell at you to keep it down. You guys never did. It was impossible for you two.

His fingers curled and started to pump, quickly. He knew just how to finger you to make you a moaning mess in seconds.

“A-adam,” you panted as quietly as you could. You heard Kenny shift in his sleep, his breathing hitching.

“Yeah baby girl?” His fingers got even faster. The sound of him fingering you was getting louder and louder. You gripped his forearm, your nails digging into the skin.

“A-after this w-we’re d-done…n-no m-more sexy s-stuff while K-kenny is right there,” you moaned, way louder than you wanted. Adam chuckled in your ear, his thumb going to lazily stroke your clit. Your legs snapped shut around his hand. You could just tell the grin on his face got bigger.

“Maybe we could ask him to join? He said you were really pretty one night when he got a little too tipsy. Said you have nice lips.” Adam pushed his hips against your back, his cock was harder than a damn rock. You let out a soft whimper, pushing your hips against him out of habit. “You know, I wouldn’t mind sharing you…he would take good care of you.” Your lidded eyes widened at his words.

“A-adam why would I w-want to?”

“Cause you once talked about it in your sleep.” It felt like your face was going to melt off it was so warm. The idea of having a threesome with Adam and Kenny was so…delicious. You had a few dreams about both of them having you at once. It would be a bold face lie if you said that you did not find Kenny unbelievably sexy. There was something in the way that he handled himself in the ring that made you want to rip your panties off. Of course when you and Adam started dating you got to know him better and that attraction grew even more. He laughed so easily and that is exactly why you fell for Adam just over a year ago.

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- Song Drabble  - We The Kings - Sleep With Me -

jungkook x reader

fluffiest of fluff

425 words

@sarraemo nymph wished – “Baby sleep with me..will I see you when I open my eyes..I want you to want no one else other than me” Can u do it with jungkook :3

This golden maknae will be the death of me. -.- Why am I so cringey!!! ?? TT lol! I hope you like your gift love! ^^

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hi babies. i didn’t make packs but now i’m going to start doing it. people ask me all the time so i decided to start! :D i’ll only do lauren packs with random headers, don’t ask me nothing besides that. hope u like guys!!! love you.

icons are mine!!! click in the headers to see the credits.