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Gift is inspired from those ‘ai-ai gasa’ that always shows up in hunterpedia (>w<


If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

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Sirius Imagine 6

Request: Hey it’s my birthday and I was wondering if you could do a Sirius x reader but it includes all the marauders and it’s just really fluffy and sweet but Sirius is I dunno he’s just the best

lol i 100% agree he is the best. and happy bday!!! sorry this took so long I’ve been super busy and i have to do my requests in order :( but anyways i hope u like this!!! 


You looked around, trying to find whoever was shouting.


You looked around the Great Hall again.

“Over here! Over here!”

You saw James Potter waving his arms frantically. Remus was sitting next to him, his face red with laughter as he and Peter were watching Sirius with his head in the hands, like he was trying to hide from the world.

You walked over to the Marauder’s slightly confused. You could never be too careful around them, and prepared yourself for a prank as you approached the table.

“Hey guys,” you said, sitting down slowly next to Sirius.

James, Remus, and Peter were giggling like idiots and Sirius was trying to hide in his cloak.

“Y/n,” Remus said laughing, “Gue-guess what Padfoot just said.”

Sirius groaned and you got a glimpse of his beet-red face when he wiped his face with his hands.

“What?” You asked, suddenly curious.

“H-he, h-he- Oh Merlin I can’t,” Remus fell over.

“He said-” Peter began but James cut him off, howling with laughter.

“You, and I quote, make him ‘feel like the sun is always shining on his heart.’”

Sirius let his head fall onto the table and groaned. 

You laughed, “Aw, how cute. Someone’s got a crush!!”

Sirius lifted his head up and glared at you, he was still blushing furiously and trying not to laugh from embarrassment, “You’re my girlfriend!!”

“Still..” you winked at him.

“Ughhh!! I hate you,” Sirius put his head back down on the table. 

You put your head on the table next to his and he moved his so that the two of you were looking at each other.

You both remained silent for a moment and then both exploded into laughter. 

You both sat up and after you quit laughing you smiled at him, “Do I really make you feel like that?”

He moved his face closer to yours and winked, “All the time.”

ok so this is short but its super cute!! happy birthday!!

HEY @tfwhxh!! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MY PRECIOUS FRIENDO!! I drew your favorite boys since I know how much you love them! Save the cake before Killua eats it in one bite haha But anyways, I hope your bday was great and that you received lots of love and wonderful gifts!!

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this is a Baz bday fic sorry I got lazy at the end and i was rushed anyway I hope you like it!!!

“That’s the last one,” I say to myself as I tie the ribbon on the last present, stacking it on top of the rest. I step back and survey the pile of shiny boxes and misshapen lumps of wrapping paper and ribbon.

The oven beeps a loud staccato, bursting me back into action. I slide into the kitchen on slippery sock skates and pull the cake out of the oven. Are cakes supposed to be flat? It should still taste fine.

I hear a key rattling at the door to the flat. So that’s where my key went! I stand still in anticipation as i hear the door swing open.

“Snow….? What is all this?” I hear Baz step forward into the adjacent room. I nonchalantly go to him, setting his groceries down for him and wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

“You’re home early.” I press a firm kiss on him, but he pulls back after only a few seconds.

“Snow-” His eyes ghost over the birthday decorations all over the living room.

“Happy birthday, Baz!” I beam at him and pull back to let him walk around.

“Did- did you do all this yourself?” There are banners over each doorway, a confetti tablecloth on all the tables, a pile of presents, and a wide selection of new movies spread out by the TV.

“Thank you, love.”

I assumed that by “cake”, Simon meant a cake he had bought. It’s never safe to assume anything.

I put the first movie in, and then he’s setting a large, flat, obviously homemade, chocolate blob that is apparently a cake, in front of me.

“Snow, you know cakes aren’t supposed to look like that.”

“I know, but it should taste fine. It-it has red velvet filling.” My hungry eyes prickle back to the blob like I’m trying to look inside it.

“Red velvet, you say?”
“I know you like red velvet, I hope this is okay. “
I scoop out a giant piece of cake and take a large bite, refraining from attempting to stuff the whole slice in my mouth at once. Snow sucks in a small breath, waiting for my verdict.

“It’s wonderful, love.”

Two movies and too many cuddles to count later, Simon leaves my arms and stands up.
“No, come back!” I mumble to the cold air between my arms.
“But, Baz, it’s present time!” Reluctantly, I let him pull me up and drag me to the kitchen entryway. He pulls me to a small mountain of sloppily wrapped parcels, topped with three cards.
Simon pulls a beanbag over for me, and as I sit down, something thin and green slips over my eyes. It’s a paper crown.
“Simon-” He shoves a card in my face, leaving me no space to continue. The card is from Dev and Niall. The other cards are from Simon and Bunce, who is visiting Micah in America. She signed as Penny, continuing her attempt to get me to call her by her nickname.
Then Simon hands me a misshapen lump wrapped in swirly green paper. Inside is a new pair of jeans; they are black and just my size.
The black, shiny package contains a black shirt, sporting the red words, ‘bite me”. I put it on immediately.
The red chevron box contains a tea maker and a box of Royal English Breakfast Tea, my favorite.
Soon, the pile has dissolved into torn paper and empty boxes.
“Simon, none of the presents had tags on them. How will I know who to thank?” i turn towards him, to see a rosy blush glowing on his cheeks.
“Simon, did you get me all these presents?”
“I’m not done giving you presents yet. You get a kiss for each year of your life since it is your birthday. “
“I only get twenty?” I pout. His brow furrows.
“Well, since its your birthday, I will also grant you a wish. You can ask for more. But you start with 20.” I lean in first.


I said I wasn’t going to post anything but, I couldn’t help but do it.
I’ve been thinking of trying to draw Delta!Sans as a gift for his owner cause damn, this AU is brilliant! I love it!

I’ve done something before that one, but it wasn’t that good. So I decided to redraw it like that, but I wasn’t satisfied so I thought of redrawing it again, but when I started to, I gave up and kept with this piece.

Despite everything, there must be 1 or 2 months that I’m working on the gift, and damn it was just in time and what a coincidence cause I didn’t even know it was his birthday haha~ (is knowing about it just now hehe) It wasn’t supposed to be a bday gift but, it can be considered as it.

Anyways, I really really hope you like it (or at least see it)! I enjoyed doing this thing and I’m kinda proud of how this came out!

Keep up the good work, and your AU is awesome! You’re amazing! Also, Happy (belated) Birthday!


sorry if its crappy and short anyway happy bday

“Hello, my love,” The black-haired boy mused as had in his hands a well-wrapped present, “sorry if I was late but I was too busy preparing this gift for you.”

As you accepted his gift to your hands, he wrapped his arms around your waist, sending you closer to him. From this proximity you could smell the musk that he wore for the evening with a hint of coffee beans and curry.

“I hope that my gift is to your liking-”

He tugged your head closer to his lips, breath fanning against your ear. “And that isn’t the only present I’m giving you.”


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Hi!! First off I absolutely love your head canons, they're so fricking cute all the time ahskfkfjshjsjahdk anyway, if you're okay with genderbends, could you do fem victor and fem phichit going on like a shopping date with a female (or gender neutral, whatever you're more comfy with) s/o? Like trying on clothes and stuff. If you're not okay with it though that's fine, and I hope you have a nice day! (And happy victor's bday/christmas XD)

thank you so much x

happy v v v v v belated christmas/viktor’s birthday !

i hope you like them ♡



  • would inSIST on paying for evErything
  • any food or goods that his s/o wanted, she would be heLLBENT on paying for it
  • she just loves to spoil her s/o
  • reAlly wants to try on matching or coordinated outfits with her s/o
  • sO many photos together
  • honestly they try on clothes in every store and they’ll take cute pictures in mirrors where they’re wearing the same outfit and she’ll post it and caption it with #twinning
  • will defINITELY gather sO many things that she wants her s/o to try on bc she thinks that they’ll look absolutely goRGeous in them
  • and whilst going in to look at stuff is fun, most of her purchases are made in expensive high-end shops bc rich
  • tbh every shop keeper and worker guShes over her and her s/o 
  • they hold hands thE ENTIRE DAY
  • they’ll take a lunch break in the best looking restaurant they can find
  • if they find any nice snacks or coffee shops along the way they’ll also take a break there for some nice nibbles
  • honestly she has the absolute best time


  • honestly she’s like bouncing off the walls in the morning bc she just wants to go and raid aLL of the shops
  • sUper smiley and cheerful
  • the moment they step inside she’s already spotted something she wants to check out
  • gushes at everything cute and honestly has a hard time not buying half of the store
  • especially at toy stores where they have the most adoRABLE plushies
  • she and her s/o honestly have limitless energy supplies
  • also lOves to try on clothes whilst getting her s/o’s opinions on it
  • honestly shopping with her s/o is her favourite bc trying on clothes together feels like such a bonding activity for her
  • loveS to see her s/o dressed up in weird outfits that she normally wouldn’t wear (and probably won’t buy) bc it’s just so amusing
  • like they’re so chipper and excited the enTIre day
  • will find sO many nice outfits that she wants her s/o to try on bc she thinks that her s/o would look adORABle
  • will justify paying for it as ‘it’s a gift,’
  • she and her s/o will find the most bizzare gadgets and items and they’ll spend sO long just toying around with it
  • they spend sO long there