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If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

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Gift is inspired from those ‘ai-ai gasa’ that always shows up in hunterpedia (>w<

Sirius Imagine 6

Request: Hey it’s my birthday and I was wondering if you could do a Sirius x reader but it includes all the marauders and it’s just really fluffy and sweet but Sirius is I dunno he’s just the best

lol i 100% agree he is the best. and happy bday!!! sorry this took so long I’ve been super busy and i have to do my requests in order :( but anyways i hope u like this!!! 


You looked around, trying to find whoever was shouting.


You looked around the Great Hall again.

“Over here! Over here!”

You saw James Potter waving his arms frantically. Remus was sitting next to him, his face red with laughter as he and Peter were watching Sirius with his head in the hands, like he was trying to hide from the world.

You walked over to the Marauder’s slightly confused. You could never be too careful around them, and prepared yourself for a prank as you approached the table.

“Hey guys,” you said, sitting down slowly next to Sirius.

James, Remus, and Peter were giggling like idiots and Sirius was trying to hide in his cloak.

“Y/n,” Remus said laughing, “Gue-guess what Padfoot just said.”

Sirius groaned and you got a glimpse of his beet-red face when he wiped his face with his hands.

“What?” You asked, suddenly curious.

“H-he, h-he- Oh Merlin I can’t,” Remus fell over.

“He said-” Peter began but James cut him off, howling with laughter.

“You, and I quote, make him ‘feel like the sun is always shining on his heart.’”

Sirius let his head fall onto the table and groaned. 

You laughed, “Aw, how cute. Someone’s got a crush!!”

Sirius lifted his head up and glared at you, he was still blushing furiously and trying not to laugh from embarrassment, “You’re my girlfriend!!”

“Still..” you winked at him.

“Ughhh!! I hate you,” Sirius put his head back down on the table. 

You put your head on the table next to his and he moved his so that the two of you were looking at each other.

You both remained silent for a moment and then both exploded into laughter. 

You both sat up and after you quit laughing you smiled at him, “Do I really make you feel like that?”

He moved his face closer to yours and winked, “All the time.”

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Keith Being A Jellyfish But Without The 'Fish'

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Read the rest under the cut bc damn, 6k kinda? So, pretty long.

Disclaimer: Voltorn doesn’t belong to me.

It’s the laughter that draws Keith in.

He leans back from his hunched position, ignoring Shiro’s murmurs as the older teen continues to study. Instead, Keith turns his head, shifting on his seat to look behind him.

The sight of two students greets him, both of them giggling and snorting like mad men, trying but failing to keep their laughter contained.

They are Lance and Hunk, largely known in their generation as the Dynamic Duo, or at least that’s what Keith heard earlier in the year from his classmates.

It didn’t took long for Keith to realize the reason on why they were called that. They had this kind of chemistry, an invisible bond that seemed to be older than the time they have known each other. Keith knows for a fact the two just met this year, being both of them freshmen on the Garrison, and yet the two moved with such a synchronization with each other that it’s hard to believe otherwise.

A clear example is how they lean to each other right now, hands flying to pat and touch and it just seem so natural. Lance’s hand wouldn’t leave Hunk’s shoulder, reaching for support as he leans closer to the floor after another fit of laughter shakes his entire body and Hunk’s hands are firmly on Lance’s back and hip, trying to keep the brunet up as he tries to control his own giggles.

It makes him frown slightly, lips pursed as Lance leans closer to Hunk’s side. Sure, he has never established a conversation with neither of them but that doesn’t mean his teenage hormones know this.

Keith’s no stranger to feelings, no matter what others may say about him and his poker face. He has desires, urges and yeah, crushes, because that happens in life.

Keith Kogane is not afraid to admit to say that he finds Lance’s McClain attractive. Just not out loud.

Or in the shower.

Okay, one time in the shower, but the point being; Keith find it perfectly normal that he feels a small spark of jealousy to see so many touches between Lance and Hunk and he can’t help but want to be in Hunk’s place.

It’s ridiculous, though.

Because Lance is still Lance, despite his deep blue eyes, strong jaw and long legs. He’s still loud, annoying and obnoxious Lance who pushes Keith’s buttons every time he has the chance to but -

Then blue eyes would focus on him and Keith curses every fiber inside him as his stomach flips under Lance’s gaze and that blush he feels on his cheeks better be because the damn AC is off.

“Yo, Kogane!” Lance calls cheekily, standing straighter in his seat, making half of the cafeteria to turn around and stare at the sudden show, “Ready to get crushed on the simulator today?”

Keith blinks, suddenly confused because excuse you, Lance, but I was very busy staring at your eyes, before the words process inside his head and then he’s scowling.

God, why did he had to have a crush on this guy?

He goes for the easy road, shouting back a quick come back before turning around and ignoring the way Shiro sends him a knowing look, eyebrow arched in a teasing manner.

Keith flips him off and buries his face in his own book.

Keith had to admit, despite him not being a fan of water, the Frozen Planet was gorgeous and now he understands why neither Lance or Hunk would shut up about it the following weeks after they were found.

It’s a nice stop for them to visit, establishing the alliance that was promised and it’s a good down time for them to finally relax and explore the planet now that it was out of danger.

The team quickly dissolved as soon as they arrived. Shiro and Allura following Queen Luxia while Pidge and Hunk went…somewhere, Keith doesn’t know because his attention was stolen by the way a mermaid, ‘Plaxum’ Lance had shouted earlier when they landed, tugged at Lance’s wrists to pull him towards the castle and the brunet had only laughed and grinned happily as he let her guide him.

Keith had quickly stormed off to his assigned chambers, grumpy that he couldn’t stop his feet on the ground and complaining about stupid frozen watery planets with mermaids.

Shiro once told him what seemed like ages ago, that the right way to go when wanting someone’s attention is to fake that you have little interest in them.

And boy, oh boy, Lance did not like that.

Fair enough, asking ‘who are you’ to your crush when you haven’t seen them in a year was not the best way to go, but no matter, because Keith is still blaming Shiro, and he told him so a month after they started their Voltron trip.

Now here’s Keith, trying to fix it and mend himself, to show that hey, dumbass, I like you and I kinda really wanna put your mouth on mine.

Lance sure doesn’t make it easy. Forgotten Bonding Moment aside (something that he’s still salty about, but whatever), Keith dares to say that they have become friends.

Keith’s determined to make amends and win Lance’s attention. Surely there’s something he can do that doesn’t involve his hair because that’s the only thing Lance seems obsessed about.

Maybe if he wore it on a ponytail?

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[1D] tell me there are things that you regret

Title: tell me there are things that you regret
Ship: Ziall (Zayn Malik x Niall Horan)
Genre: angst with happy ending
Rating: T
Word count: ~4,4k
Summary: “I bumped into Niall yesterday.”
Zayn was so busy carrying two cartons of milk to the fridge and he almost missed those words. Almost.

Because whenever that name was mentioned, he still felt like a little spark was going over his whole body.
A/N: ok, i’ll try not to babble for too long, promise. I’d like to dedicate tht fic for two incredibly special and lovely people. @lepetitcomte aka my lovely mum who gave me the request. I have to say that I hated her at first, because I can’t and I didn’t want to write angst. But then she told me to fixt the whole thing. So I did.

The second person I want to mention is @farfromthstars DID U GUYS KNOW THAT IT’S PIA’S BDAY TODAY?! I thought that today will be a great date to post this fic so I can provide you with some new Ziall content and (hopefully!) make you smile a bit ;’) ‘m sorry I haven’t managed to do anything just for you, promise to do better next year djasdjak Anyway! I love you so much, you deserve the Universe and then some more, I hope you’ll get all the hugs in the world, including an one (or more) from Niall ;’) I wish you the happiest birthday, love <3

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the fic wasn’t beta’d and all mistakes are my own. you’ve been warned, i’m sorry dakjdak

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