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Haikyuu!! | karasuno + extra phone wallpapers | asked by anon (540x960)


The Lady Catherine is a proud, stubborn woman of very high courage. If she took it into her head to take her daughter’s part, she could quite easily take the field, muster a great array, and wage against me a war as fierce as any her mother Isabella ever waged in Spain.

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Cute like in anime/shounen-ai blogs please!

Oh I see! I don’t have a lot on my follow list thinking about it but some blogs that come to mind that have good content are:

@sudonim-mcphaykneighm / @rue-mint / @kohakuchan / @youngbloodedboy / @killuas-and-gun / @pkboydream / @twotailedmoon / @pkpoof / @monkey-d-law

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The three stages of Kamiya Kaoru fangirling: Kenshin edition

↳ Because that’s obviously what’s going through his head

(Based on this post by nuttashako)

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Can I get a fluffy scenario of Wisely having a sleepover with his S/O? I live for this shit & he doesn't get enough love <3

decided to go with cold winter shenanigans 

The room was freezing as Wisely pulled the blanket he shared with __ closer.  The (h/c) snuggled closer to him, wrapping their arms around his middle.  

The embers in the fireplace were nearly dead and in no way helping to warm the room. Wisely grumbled tiredly as he tore the sleeping masks from his face and attempted to leave the bed, only to find out he couldn’t.  

Wisely attempted to slip out of the (h/c)’s grip without waking them. Yet despite how he tried, he still found himself cemented to the bed with __’s sleeping embrace.

“__, wake up.” Wisely whispered harshly, pushing at the sleeper’s shoulder. __ hummed tiredly and hugged him harder.  

Wisely sighed in defeat and slunk under the covers once more. he rolled over and looked at their love’s sleeping face. after thinking things over for a moment or two,he had finally decided on a course of action.

he scooted as close as he could to __ and gently placed a small kiss to their eyelids. in a matter of seconds he could feel the (h/c)’s eyes begin to stir beneath his lips. he leaned back as the (e/c) eyes he loved so much opened to look at him.

“Wisely?” __ asked,their voice still heavy with sleep “what time is it?”

“late.” he replied as __ sat up and ended their embrace. 

Wisely  swung his legs over the side of the bed and walked towards the fireplace. he added a few more logs to the fire before crawling back under the covers,curling up near __ once again.

“was that all?” __ asked laying back down beside him.

“almost” he replied rolling over and pecking __’s lips lightly before covering his eyes with his arm.

__ smiled at him and closed their eyes for a moment before reopening them. 

“hey Wisely?” they said,knowing it was the perfect time to say it.

“yeah?” he asked uncovering his eyes.

“I love you.”

“I know.” he replied smugly before he finally drifted off to sleep, with __ following not too long after.


Cute Ten and Rose moments

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I made Jack look like he has a prosthetic or robot body, giving him an echo eye so it seemed that rhys gave him a body and they are together/ruling together. Idk, I like the thought of it <3 

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