i hope you like it anon :3

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Hello! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your IW Steve! I have it saved as my desktop and every time I tab through my open windows (I have two screens) I see him and die a little at how gorgeous it is. Thank you for your fandom contributions - they're bringing a lot of happiness to others. <3

Hi anon ^^

Thank you so much for the great feedback about my art and for taking the time to send me this very kind message ♥ Glad you enjoyed Steve in his Infinity War suit! ^^

I LOVE his new suit and his beard and I really hope that Hot Toys is going to release a version of Steve like this!

Speaking of IW and of Cap’s suit, Ryan Meinerding posted on his tweeter the final poster and we can see Steve’s suit a bit better. In fact, the uniform has the red and white stripes on his stomach. I reworked my art a bit and it should be closer to what we should see in the movie next year:

(Left: the artwork I posted yesterday. Right: the updated version after seeing the Infinity War poster at Ryan Meinerding’s Tweeter. More colors and I added some pieces of fabric on the chest)

Thank you for your fandom contributions - they’re bringing a lot of happiness to others.  <3

It’s an amazing compliment! Thanks again! :D Now I wish I could draw Natasha but all I can see on the concept art from Marvel is her face! I don’t even know what she’s wearing in the movie so I have to wait a bit ^^;;)

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Hi! :D is that okay if I ask for a little scenarios where MC brought two dragon plushies (one for her(of them I don't mind neutral pronouns!) and one for V? he need love :'3) please? ^^ PS: I'm pretty sure you probably know who I am XD

hey, hun💛 I think I know who you are too haha(ゝ∀・)

I hope you like it! and take it as my attempt to make up for all the V angst..well the first attempt

  • mc was out shopping for new party outfits
  • they refused to let jihyun wear his typical cardigan and shirt, last time was the second time jfc
  • side note: did yall notice i use ‘jihyun’ more often? idk why i do but i do. and i mostly use ‘v’ when it gets Sad idk why but anyways
  • so mc was looking for Fancy Clothes, and even a little something for themselves
  • and while they were at it, grocery shopping
  • well…might as well go through the whole store lol
  • mc was walking towards the stationary when they noticed a box
  • it was a clearance box! and in them were some Cool Looking Things
  • they were blankets. mc just wanted to look pfft
  • but what’s this? There were plushies in the box too?
  • they were…dragons?! 
  • ok mc, you’re not going to impulse buy this dragon plushie, you came here on Business
  • wait wait, this one matches Jihyun’s hair color 
  • now they had to get it 
  • Jihyun had taken an interest in dragons lately - he saw a painting at this little museum they visited 
  • so they could totally..get this for him
  • or they could buy it for themselves and have a little jihyun dragon
  • decisions, decisions 
  • or - third option: buy two. mc started digging through the box again
  • bonus: this one matched mc’s eyes. they could keep the jihyun dragon and jihyun could keep the mc dragon
  • now they were really excited to go home!
  • “jihyun!” mc called after walking through the door. “I have a surprise for you!”
  • “Angel, an outfit isn’t a surprise - you’ve been pestering me for a while now” he said, smiling while walking up to them
  • “no no no, close your eyes. right now!” they put the bags down for a sec, too excited to put things away first 
  • “alright, alright!” he laughs before closing his eyes, putting his hands over them for Emphasis
  • mc digs out the plushies and holds the two on either side of them
  • “open!”
  • jihyun uncovers his eyes and sees mc holding the dragons and gasps
  • he’s so cute smh
  • “mc!! those are adorable!” mc nods and hands him the dark green one 
  • “this one’s for you! this one is for me~ it’s a jihyun dragon!’
  • “because it matches my hair?” he laughs again while mc nods
  • “so is this one an angel dragon?” “jihyunnnn” “but you’re my angel!” 
  • they have too much fun with those dragons oh my god
  • you bet that they go to sleep with them
  • sleeping arrangement: jihyun dragon hugged by mc, mc dragon in the middle being hugged by jihyun while he also reaches for mc
  • they talk to the plushies, fight me 
  • it also comes in handy when jihyun travels!
  • you know those flat stanley things?? that but with the plushies
  • it becomes a cameo in jihyun’s exhibitions
  • there’s always at least one photo that features the mc dragon in it somewhere
  • some people think there’s a big extensive reason
  • the real reason is that he just likes to put it in the background of what he knows will be his favorite
  • so that mc is also there, making it his Ultimate Favorite 

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I still doesn't feel real, I never imagined it being so hard like seriously I feel like I can't get over it.. Also, any idea what happens to the band now? Without Chester it's never going to be the same, I think we all now that but I also just can't imagine that there will be like no Linkin Park anymore. Stay strong everyone, x

i feel the same… when i go back and look at their interviews and all the videos where he has a great time with the band, it just doesn’t make sense how he isn’t here anymore… it breaks my heart. for their future, i have no idea what is going to happen and i think it’s too soon to speculate about that. but i will support the band no matter what their desicion is. i hope you’re okay anon, stay strong as well <3

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hi skye!! i've been following you for a little while now but i haven't really had the guts to come talk to you. i love your gifs, they're always so pretty! but on top of that, i've seen your interactions with other users, especially anons, and you are so sweet!! like you seem so genuinely sweet and kind, and it's so nice to see that. you've quickly become one of my favorite blogs. i just wanted to share some love since you're always brightening up my dash. i hope you have a great day <3

wiesnccmvnvjkndfjkf omg… idek what to say to such a sweet message! im just so happy?? thank you for taking the time to send me this, it really means so much to me. i will undoubtedly have a good day bc of your message! thank you again ;;;; ily, and i hope you have/had a wonderful day yourself 💖

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6,10,14,17,28,37,41,51,54,68,74,96,102,107 for lovely Raphael

6. How many siblings do they have, if any?

he has three! José (20, male), Sofía (9, nb female) and Miguel (3, male)

10. Does your scholar prefer to confess or be confessed to?

answered that one already, but he prefers to confess

14. Does your scholar have a place that they like to go to often? (a shop, restaurant, park, etc.)

he likes rooftops of any building, but he loves the one from a local cinema in mexico

17. If your scholar could have a different hairstyle, what would it be?

an undercut, but he’ll get that hairstyle when he’s 20-ish?

28. Does your scholar sing in the shower?

yes he dOOOO and he’s not bad at it at all!

37. Does your scholar have any silly secrets?

i’m very sure he does, but right now I can’t really think of something. it might come with time!

41. Does your scholar have a middle name?  If so, do they like it?

nope he doesn’t

51. How did your scholar meet their crush?

buckle your seatbelts kiddos, this will be a wild ride. soooo young raphael tries to experiment with his current abilities of doing remixes and downloads axel’s new song. he doesn’t ask for rights or the separated files (voice, bg music, effects, etc), he just takes everything he needs off that song. his remix is L-I-T A-F, you can’t even hear that it’s directly ripped off the whole song and not made by separated files. raph, proud of his work, uploads it to his soundcloud and it very quickly gained popularity!
everything changed when the fire nation attacked when axel’s manager wrote him an email. he said raph should take it down because axel hated it. raph was really petty and didn’t back off. “just because you think it’s ugly? bitch try me” and there was a huge dispute. raph lost the battle and had to take it down
when raph met axel at arlington and axel asked for his name, he was super nervous 24/7 because fuck if he recognizes my name i’m fucking dead. after he had introduced himself (almost whispering, duh), axel was like “wait a minute, that sounds familiar”. raph was in the mittle of a fucking mental breakdown, internal screaming and such, when axel suddenly blurted out “wAIT YOU MADE THIS GENIUS REMIX OF MY SONG” and raph was already apologizing like crazy when he realized. “wait what”, he said. “what did you just say??” - “i said you were the one that made this sick remix of my song!!” and raph was,,, such a confused bby, lord help him. “but your manager said you hated it?? so bad, i even had to take it down??” and axel was like “what

i know this is like, super unrealistic but fuck it

54. Where was your scholar born?

mérida, méxico

68. What do they enjoy dressing up as on Halloween?  If they don’t dress up or go trick-or-treating, then what do they do instead?

apart from the teletubbie costume, he loves the partner costume he got with raquel (team rocket!!). he rather dresses as something unusual than goign as a vampire, etc.

74. Is your scholar a wallflower or the center of attention?

center of attention

96. Does your scholar like anime?


102. How tall is your scholar?

hmm as far as i remember correctly he got my own height so that’s 1,68m / 5′6″. to have a comparison: raquel has the same height

107. How would your scholar react to their crush finding out about one of their secrets? (silly or big) (bonus question: how does their crush react to it?)

okay let’s go with the gasolina rap thing with this one. to quickly summarize: raph decided it was a good idea to rap gasolina completely off-key with his mouth full of tomato sauce in front of his old school in mexico. rip son. embarrassment of the year. so of course his brother josé still has it in perfectly good resolution.
so yeah axel was sent this email by tegan and tyler out of the blue without any context and then he just lost his sHIT because oH MY GOD THAT WAS SO FUNNY, he almost forgot to breathe. raphael can’t take axel seriously for about two days until he breaks. axel decides it is a brilliant idea to perform it again, but this time the both of them

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Hi dear Suhaila, so glad to know a bit more about you and what you sound like! I loved your It Has Always Been Forever and often wondered if you'd write again. If there were other fics, then I don't know about them! It would be such a pleasure to read more of your works if you ever get there again. Thanks for sharing your talent & love of Outlander with us! Love, a friend & a fan ☺🌷

Heya, anon!! Thank you so much, sweets, you’re too kind <3<3<3 I hope I can start writing again soon, it’s been too long lol

I have a few other fics if you’d like, you can find them here on my Master List. Much love, anon! <3

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I saw you were getting some idiot anon and i just wanna say that your art is the best?? The colouring is so amazing and youve got such a distinct art style (if that makes sense) like, you would recognize your art anywhere and i love it. Also the freckles!! <3 hope you have a great day!

Thank you so much! ❤︎  I’m always so happy to hear that people genuinely enjoy my art and like my style, it makes my day a little bit brighter.  ❤︎

Yeah, I’ve been getting those anons for some time and I guess they are pretty determined, because blocking did not help. They’ll get bored sooner or later. :-)

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Hey! I'm the one who gave you my idea of lance being a piano prodigy and to answer your question, of course you can write it! Your writing is so good it would be a waste other wise!

Thank you so much <3

Original Prompt Here! 

Growing up Lance had always watched his grandmother play the piano. Whenever he stayed the night at her house she would play piano long past his bedtime. 

Lance always found himself mesmerized with how her fingers glided across the ivory or how certain chords clashed together but never ruined the song. 

Lance learned the basic of piano when he was around five years old and from there he learned more skills. Around the age of nine Lance found himself “performing” in front of his family almost every night. 

When Lance turned twelve he started to perform in music festivals in and around his community. Lance loved it, he thrived off the attention and his family always came out to support him. 

Lance became a master by the time he was thirteen. There was nothing Lance couldn’t play and his siblings requested songs nearly everyday. 

Lance played piano for any reason. Someone was sad? Lance would play a happy song for them. Someone got their heart smashed? Lance would play an emotional song. No matter the what the person was going through Lance always had a song for them. 

Lance’s favorite songs to play were songs that had lyrics to them. Lance would play and his siblings would sing, it was a perfect thing. It brought all of them closer and gave them something to do in order to bond. 


A few weeks after Lance joined the Garrison he realised how much music meant to him. He found his fingers playing notes along his thighs throughout his classes. He found himself humming the songs he used to play every night with his siblings. He could still hear the chords and see the music notes whenever he laid his head down to go to bed. 

It made Lance homesick and he found himself calling his family more at night time just to see if it would help fill the gap that was left when he left home. 

Nobody knew about Lance’s talent, not even his friend Hunk. Lance didn’t tell them because it wasn’t important. After all how can paino help Lance pilot an aircraft? 


The longer Lance was in team Voltron, the more he missed the instrument that grounded him. Missing this instrument resulted in Lance missing his family which resulted in him being homesick. He couldn’t avoid it, it consumed him whenever Lance was left alone or everyone was silent. 

Lance would find himself playing the notes along his leg or on the arm of the chair in Blue. He would hum during missions and whenever he was in the shower. Lance would also walk on nights he couldn’t sleep. The nights where he would wake up with his family’s name on his tongue. The nights where he would give anything to be home. 

Lance was in a new part of the castle, he was slowly exploring the castle on his midnight walks. It was a long hallway that was lit up by lights scattered along the floor. There weren’t many doors but everytime Lance encountered one he would open it and pear inside. It was around 3 in the morning and Lance opened a door and stuck his head inside. The room was dark but as Lance walked into the room anyways, lights turned on one by one illuminating the room and revealing the objects in the room. 

Lance nearly cried when he saw what was in the middle of the room. It looked just like a grand piano, just slightly different shape. Lance slowly approached the piano, his heart beating louder every time step he took. He reached out and brushed his fingers against the smooth material and cleaned off the seat that had collected dust from not being used. He opened the lid and stretched his finger over the keys. After a few moments of making sure he was awake he began to play. 

Lance was shocked, he couldn’t believe it. It sounded just like a normal piano. It sounded just like living room on a normal night or right after school when he practiced the most. His fingers flew over the keys with ease and Lance played a little bit louder. He wasn’t sure how long he was playing or when he started to cry but Lance ignored his new audience that slowly filtered into the room. 

He snuck a glance at is friends who were watching from the doorway. The only way to describe their faces was utter shock. Keith’s and Shiro’s mouths were hung open, Hunk had a small smile and Pidge was rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Allura and Coran were mumbling about the memories that they each had in this room. 

Lance closed his eyes and imagined his family sitting around him and singing with him. Yet when he opened them he was met by people that weren’t his family. Lance shook his head and stopped playing, he lowered his hands and looked at his team that had grown to be his new family. Sure he still had his blood family but who were to say that he couldn’t have two families. 

Lance took into everyone expression, wiped his tears and broke into a huge smile, “what did I surprise you all?” 

I love this idea so much tbh 

Thank you for letting me write this! I hope I did it justice!!!!! 

I hope you like it!!!

Thank you <3333

Hold Me Tight | Pt. 1

( can you trust me? )

Part 1 | Part 2

Anonymous requested: Hwarang AU + Royalty/Servant AU
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff; Royalty AU + Soulmate AU (in which you know they’re your soulmate when you touch them for the first time + share extreme physical sensation after you meet)
Word Count: 5,930
Author’s Note: The original request… did not call for a Soulmate AU but I thought to myself hey what would make this more interesting and 10x more painful and thus, this concept was born. I actually got around to watching some of Hwarang before writing this, so I feel a little more qualified for this—but you don’t need to have previous knowledge of the show before reading this. Thank you @cheymint for dealing with my initial worry over the world building, I hope this satisfies!

Summary: Kim Taehyung is expected to spend the rest of his life within the company of nobility after joining the ranks of the kingdom’s newest royal guard. He anticipates alot of new experiences, new people… but the spark of a touch more powerful than anything before in his life is definitely not one of them—from the shadows of maids and housekeepers nonetheless.


The morning greeting comes has it always does within the household: a pounding fist against his headboard as the blanket is ripped off Taehyung’s body. His natural instinct is always the same, which is to curl in upon himself as he lets out the faintest groan of dissatisfaction. “Must you always do that hyung?” The boy inquires, barely offering a side glance to the culprit of his current state of further exhaustion.

Standing above him with the edges of the blanket curled up underneath fingers, Kim Namjoon grins wickedly, already dressed in his robes for the morning lessons. “You know that without me, you’d be late to all your lessons. So step on it. Or do I have to call in Hoseok to help—?”

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m up,” Taehyung interjects, internally cringing at the thought of Hoseok being called in for assistance in trying to get him out of bed. The boy may have been older than both himself and Namjoon, but more often than not had the tendency to act like a child and Taehyung did not wish to start the day with Hoseok jumping on his bed.

Namjoon laughs at that, throwing the blanket off to the side. “Hurry up alright? You know Master Wooreuk won’t be happy to see you late again.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” Taehyung dismisses with a wave, sliding to the front of the bed just as Namjoon slides open the door separating the bedroom with the long hallway before his footsteps become the only thing he can hear along the Hwarang household. With a grunt, Taehyung straightens up, laying out his robes for the morning lesson as he gets to work dressing.

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Ur art is so good,, like so so good can u draw saihara I haven't seen him in ur art style

aaaaa thank you! i haven’t really drawn saihara before (i think i have drawn him once? but it was ages ago)) mainly bcos i’m avoiding v3 until the english translation comes out so i can play it spoiler-free

but i have high hopes for him and want him to be okay


I don’t know what it is about you guys as a girl group. I feel like you guys have been empowered to individually work on different things and not feel like “Oh my God, I can’t be creative in my own way, I can go to Dancing with the Stars, I could do whatever I want.” and it not be held accountable against me. This is exciting, what do you guys have individually going on?

requested by anonymous