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Mike kissing Will's moles

When it happens, it’s not something that Mike plans - it just sort of happens before he realizes it’s happening.

It’s like this: Mike is holding a comic book above his head, just out of Will’s reach. It’s something he does often these days - teasing Will lightheartedly about their increasing height difference, because he’s not really sure how else to deal with the way his heart can’t seem to keep steady in his chest when he’s next to Will. Will never minds it, though; he’s laughing as he stretches up, attempting to grab the book from Mike’s grasp.

They scuffle playfully for a moment before Mike grabs hold of Will’s wrist and, instead of pushing his arm away as he intends to, he pulls Will closer and presses his lips to the inside of Will’s wrist, right against the mole that sits against the thin skin there. He doesn’t realize it’s happening until he’s already pulling away, Will’s skin a tangible memory against his lips.

Will’s eyes widen and his laughter catches in his throat, coming out as a startled sort of gasp instead.

“I -,” Mike starts to say, but he can’t seem to form a coherent thought. He drops Will’s wrist from his grasp. His palms are sweating.

“Mike,” Will says. He takes a step closer and Mike feels dizzy.

“Yeah?” Mike whispers out.

Will steps closer still, standing up on his tiptoes and looking directly at Mike with eyes that are clear and bright and just slightly unsure. Mike finds that his eyes flutter closed without his permission, and he can feel Will’s breath against the sharp of his jaw, warm and pleasant in the cool air of Mike’s basement.

It’s then that Will reaches up and snatches the comic book out of Mike’s slackened hand with ease, a satisfied laugh cascading from between his lips.

“Got it!” he declares, stepping back just a bit and clutching the book in his fist triumphantly.

Mike opens his eyes and tries to laugh too, but the sound gets stuck somewhere in his throat and the only noise he manages to make is some sort of strangled sigh.

“Guess you win,” he says after a beat, and wonders what it means that Will’s smile goes a little softer, that he steps closer to Mike once more, shoving the rolled up comic book into his jacket pocket like it doesn’t really matter.

“Guess so,” Will replies absently.

He reaches up with a hand that hesitates only slightly, brushes his thumb over the ridge of Mike’s cheekbone, across the line of freckles that live there like a star system littered over warm, pale skin.

And this moment is not the first time that Mike notices the moles at the hollow of Will’s throat, or the one sitting just above the line of Will’s lips - far from it, in fact; he’s noticed them plenty of times - when Will laughs cheerfully with his head thrown back against Mike’s shoulder as they watch a movie together, when he smiles his almost-shy smile as Mike catches his eye from across the lunch table - there’s rarely a time that he’s not noticed them.

But it is the first time that Mike presses his nervous, shaking fingers softly against the skin of Will’s neck, resting there as if to measure if Will’s pulse is racing just as frantically as his own (it is), and it’s absolutely the first time that he leans down and kisses that single mole above his lips - short and sweet and just the slightest bit awkward.

Will giggles happily and starts to say, “you missed,” in a playful sort of voice, but Mike moves down those last few centimeters and cuts him off with a kiss to the lips that shuts him up and distracts him just long enough for Mike to pluck the comic from Will’s pocket.

He pulls back with a mischievous grin and says, “you lose,” in a childish little sing-song voice, bopping will lightly on the nose with the rolled up paper.

Will’s smile doesn’t falter in the slightest as he says, “doesn’t feel like it.”

As Mike grabs Will’s arm and leads him toward the nearby chairs (they do, after all, actually want to read the comic at some point), he rubs his thumb softly over the mole there and can’t, for all the world, keep the smile off of his face.

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I know your blog is to do with Miraculous Ladybug (tysm for all your hard work), but you have any ideas when Zak Storm come out?

Hey anon!

Zak Storm premiers in the UK in a week! Air dates outside of France for other countries is yet to be announced, although it will probably be airing soon :)

The English trailer for Origins aired on Pop today for the first time (I believe). Scheduling is only done a week in advance, so more episodes are likely to be announced in the upcoming week. 

Hope this helps :3

This blog gives me strength so i wanted to contribute a sketch I had drawn of this beautiful waifu, gave her a heart tid sweater and no hat because this was initially for a friend who asked for that specifically~ nonetheless i hope you like this, my art style isn’t the best but I hope I did her justice B) also it is a bit wonky but l will probs have some more less sketchy stuffs later :^) enjoy

-AWESOME! (submitted by @anonymously-anonymous-anon-chan)

For the Best Part Two - Auston Matthews Imagine

I accidentally deleted this request because I am a terrible person. Basically it was an anon asking for part two of the “For the Best” imagine with Auston.

So, this is kinda sad. Like sad that it made me tear up but that just may be me being y’know, me. Anyway hope you all like it you all know I love validation so tell me what you think!! Love you guys, enjoy! -Accius

Part One

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Congrats on 4K followers! Your blog is one of my favs. Also Shallura childhood friends AU plz


and thank you i can’t believe so many people want to follow a loser like me

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so here we go. altea and earth are in diplomatic relations. alfor visits with allura. shiro’s dad is one of the top military people. the kids meet.

  • shiro is seven and allura is five
  • she’s still trying to figure out her shapeshifting but one of the things that helps her learn is making funny faces that make shiro laugh (like tonks from ootp)
  • shiro shows her the ocean and teaches her how to make sand castles
  • he gets used to introducing himself as shiro bc other kids can have a hard time pronouncing his name, but given how complicated altean is allura has no problem so she always calls him takashi and is one of the only people outside his family to do so
  • when another kid makes fun of allura’s ears shiro goes to give them a stern talking to (as much as a seven year old can) when allura beats them to it and absolutely annihilates them and that is the day he falls in love tbh
  • they teach each other their languages so by the time shiro is 10 they’re both trilingual more or less
  • as soon as they both know how to write somewhat decently they write all the letters to each other. or skype through comm-link. both? both is good
  • when shiro is taller than her he’s really excited at first and then when they see each other in person she shapeshifts and he’s like “oh, yeah”
  • shiro’s family loves allura ofc and tease him knowingly about her. 
  • they see each other every few years or so. earth is allura’s favourite planet to visit
  • one day alfor comments on this. “you like the earthling boy” “what no NO takashi is my friend that’s all” coran and alfor share knowing looks
  • puberty hits them both like a ton of bricks. like they see each other when allura is thirteen and the next time they see each other actually in person they’re sixteen and holy shit you’re hot? commlink cameras didn’t do you justice what the-
  • save them
  • allura being so excited and congratulating him when he tells her he got into the garrison
  • shiro teaching her earth games like rock paper scissors and learning altean equivalents and other games.
  • shiro being jealous whenever allura talks about having suitors
  • allura finding out months after anything happened that shiro had a girlfriend and then they broke up and she’s like “you didn’t say anything??” 
  • reunion. hugs. of various kinds. spinny hugs. tight hugs. i’m so glad to see you but i think i’m holding you too long. you’re not letting go either oh thank the stars i missed you so much hugs. pulling away to smile at each other, with light and dancing eyes and hands on each other’s shoulders for like a long time before they remember other people are around them and letting go.
  • and then finally, shiro gets sent on a diplomatic mission to altea. and it’s the best summer of this life.
  • and after that mission, well
  • reunion kisses. enough said

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hi hello :,) i'm the sad audition anon and idk probably like some daddy newt praise imagine or something :/ i'm just like self loathing rn whatever really don't stress out about it haha thanks for responding

Im so sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. Either way, I hope it helps you feel better in some way. ❤️

Master list

Imagine: Receiving praise from Daddy Newt

Newt’s green eyes screwed tightly shut, his tongue poking out to lick across his lips as he grunted out in pleasure. It took every last shred of his control not to spill his seed into your warm mouth just then. But, damn…the way your lips slid up his length, sucking down on him and slurping like that. It was far too naughty, but he was more than happy to continue this little session.

“That’s it, my darling…just like that…” The wizard sighed out, brushing his fingers through your hair as he bucked his hips up. Your fingers gripped the hem of his waist coat, trying to gain some leverage as he fucked your mouth.


He chuckled at the muffled moans spilling from your lips, his eyes opening up again to gaze down at the top of your head as you bobbed up and down in his lap. It was a heavenly sight, that much he could say.

“You’re making Daddy so bloody proud.”

His words only served to fuel your desires, making you want to please him even more as he leaned back against his chair. You applied just enough pressure on the underside of his cock that he growled out your name, thrusting forward and spilling some of his cum inside your awaiting mouth. Newt pulled back, his length falling from your lips. He gripped around it, stroking himself to completion and looking down at you as his seed clung to your lips and cheek.

You happily, and eagerly, lapped it all up wanting to make him happy with your work. Newt smiled down at you sitting obediently between his legs, and he leaned forward his finger brushing against your cheek and wiping some of his seed off.

“Come on, then. All of it, for daddy…”

You giggled softly, parting your lips and holding your tongue out as he placed his fingers in your mouth, watching proudly as you licked it all up.


Dayummmm son. 🔥

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Hiya hiya! Could you do RFA's +minor trio reactions to their crush doing the "can you hold something?" and puts their hand in theirs and keeps it there trick? Thank you! (*˘︶˘*)

I gotta try that trick at some point !

But of course anon !

I´m sorry these getting short and I hope you see this anon !


  • You had for a while a crush on Zen but you had no idea how to get him to know that you like him that way.
  • The someone told you of this tactic so you are doing this in a very desperate attempt in order to get his attention.

  • So you go over to him and while he is not really looking at you you ask him : “Can you hold this for a moment ?”

  • Zen is looking at you and waits for the item but instead you just put your hand in his hand and smile at him.

  • For a second Zen is a bit confused but then he get´s what you are doing and he finds it funny and then he asks what the meaning of this is.

  • So you confess to him that you are trying to get his attention since you really like him and you figured that was good way to show it.

  • Zen is taken back by your sudden boldness but he likes that and he admits that he likes you too more then just as a friend.


  • You make a bet with seven to get Yoosung to hold your hand with this cheap trick.
  • Little do you know that the poor guy has a crush on you – seven knows though and he plays matchmaker-

  • You like him too that’s why you even agreed on this silly think.

  • So you go over to him and have a normal conversation with him you say : “ahh my bag is so heavy can you hold this for a moment.”

  • Yoosung thinks you mean your bag but you give him your hand instead and then you just don´t take it away.

  • Yoosung is blushing really hard while seven is laughing really hard in the background.

  • Yoosung gets sad since you pulled such a prank on him he really likes you after all and you are being mean to him.

  • He realizes he just said that out loud and now he wants to die but you just smile and say it´s okay since you are liking him too.

  • -sevens master plan succeeds but he will be still getting payback for this-


  • You are at a RFA party and get a bit drunk and you feel like this is a great way to make Jaehee loosen up a bit.

  • So you go to her and start a conversation with her she sees that you are slightly tipsy and you are in a giggly state.

  • Jaehee sees you are up to something but she is willing to play along as long you are not going to far.

  • So as you are saying to her : “Can you hold this for a moment.”

  • Jaehee thinks you are giving her your glass to hold and agrees and you give her your hand instead.

  • You expect her to pull away and you already find it really funny but Jaehee does not pull away.

  • Because even when this was meant as a joke she still likes it that you are holding her hand.


  • You lost a bet with Zen and somehow this is your punishment to trick Jumin with this just to a silly reaction from him.
  • So you go up to Jumin and talk with him for a while what makes him not really suspicious.

  • At some point you casually ask him : “ Could you hold this for me?” while holding a glass up in his direction.

  • Jumin agrees but instead of the glass you give him your hand to hold and he is looking a bit confused to why you do this but he does not let go of your hand either.

  • Actual it looks like Jumin enjoys holding your hand.

  • You swear you see Zen in the background somewhere between being confused and happy.

  • Later Jumin admits to you that he realized that he really likes you , while you two where holding hands.


  • He had tricked you multiple times before but you could never pull anything on him and also you wanted a cheap excuse to hold his hand.

  • So you just go up to him as casual as possible and talk with him but he picks up that you have something up your sleeve.

  • So he is waiting while pretending to play along.

  • As soon as you ask him if he could hold that he knows what is up and instead of playing along he just grabs your hand and smiles at you.

  • He tells you if you want to hold his hand you should just ask next time.


  • You are at the Rfa party and you get the brilliant idea to trick V into holding your hand.
  • Of course you don´t want to be mean to him and its more cute then anything anyway.

  • You just go up to him and ask him : “Could you hold this ?”

  • You hold up your glass and he is reaching for it but you just give him your hand and you dont let go.

  • V finds this really cute how you pulled such a silly stunt just to hold his hand he tells you to just ask him next time and then he smiles.

Spoilers for these


  • You really wanted to get closer to Saeran but you where not too sure how he will feel about it.

  • With all of his issues you where not sure if he would like to hold your hand or not.

  • But with little trick you could see his reaction without too much consequences.

  • So you use a chance one evening while you over by him and his brother.

  • You get your chance while getting drinks you go to him : “ Hey could you hold this ?” You smile at him and he looks a bit annoyed but agrees and then you give him your hand.

  • And Saeran thinks you are toying with him but you not let go and neither does he he is actual blushing.

  • To your surprise he seems to enjoy this at least till his brother comes around and Saeran lets go.


You made a deal with seven if you dare to do this with Vanderwood no jokes for a entire week.

So you had to do it even when it was risky.

Vanderwood was a really hard to read character so you have to strike a conversation what is hard enough.

Seven in the background tries to sabotage your plan as well what annoys Vanderwood greatly.

Since it´s clear that you are up to something so you just go for it before it´s too late : “ Can you hold this for a moment ?” You ask and make it look like Vanderwood should take a glass.

Then Vanderwood agrees and then you give him your hand instead.

He thought you might would pull a different prank on him but this is well actual not even that bad.

You not let go either well in the end Vanderwood does not really mind this you are only half as annoying as he thought.

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Did Kazuichi and Alter Ego end the New World Programme for Hina? I hope she will wake up soon with this...

Yosh, this should be okay. You ready too?

Yes !

*turns toward the FF members* Everything is ready. I just have to push this button to start the processus.

I see…

*looks at Hina* She really do looks like she is just sleeping and could wake up at any moment…

If you ignore all the cables around her.

A-Are you sure this is a good idea? M-Maybe we shouldn’t do it after all.

We need to have hope Fukawa, I’m sure things will be fine.

D-Don’t adress me so familiarly, I still haven’t forgiven you, you traitor…

I-Is that so?

Hmm…Sorry to interrupt you but what do I do then?

You can do it.

Okay. Alter Ego, I will monitor everything from here but you will have to do most of the work. So be ready.

Good luck Alter Ego, once again you are the one coming to our help. Thank you.

You are welcome ! I won’t be able to communicate with you all a lot when I will be inside the Neo World so I will see you later ! *waves before slowly disappearing as Souda starts the Neo World*

No laughing Matter

This is a Haikyuu! fanfic.
The manga/anime and all the characters doesn’t belong to me.

This is just some silly pre-KageHina fanfic but I hopy you all like them.

“I wasn’t laughing!” nr 6 (Pre-KageHina, hope thats okay)

Word Count: 1919

Summary: Kageyama and Hinata being stupid dorks who don’t know they are in love with each other. That’s all tbh.
Warnings: This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling
Based on this prompt from anon:

“Ha! Got it!”

Hinata grinned as he returned the serve back to the Setter who stretched his hands out to catch the ball.

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for the 'i want anons' thing: i feel like i'm the odd one out. i feel like i can't be in a relationship because i can't stand to be touched by my s/o unless i've known them for a long time before dating them. idk it just makes me really depressed and then i cry.

aww don’t feel bad nonny! i’m actually like that in a lot of ways! not everyone is comfortable with the same things and that’s okay 💕 do what you’re comfortable with, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!  and i feel like any s/o who’s worth being with, would understand your feelings and you support you! 

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So a little birdie told me if I had an itch to scratch (a kastle prompt) you were the person to go to? So here's my shot in the dark. Karen & Frank are caught by some gangster or something and the bad guy is smart hurting Karen to get info outta frank (info frank actually doesn't have)

I’m sorry for the delay, anon! I do have something - I dug up something old and finished it just for you :) It’s more working with the prompt, rather than the direct scene itself - but I hope you still like it!

Frank finds Karen trussed up in the back of a van in Queens.

He doesn’t really remember much about how. There is skin crammed under his fingernails and blood slopped down his front. He is panting, braced somehow against the bumper with a knife in his hand but all he can see, all he remembers, is the expression on her pale, dirty face when he’d pulled open the door.

He hauls himself into the back. His left leg threatens to crumple beneath him, trembling and wobbly and weak as shit but he makes it in and he kneels himself before her, taking the knife to the zip ties.

He tries to go carefully, slow. He doesn’t know what they’ve done to her. He knows it only been a few hours, he knows that they’re dead; he knows that he slaughtered them but he doesn’t know what they’ve done and that thought lodges itself in that thick skull of his, and it scares him more than anything.

He tries to cut the zip ties, but his hands, they just won’t stop shaking.

She’s pushed herself up to meet him. She moves, presses against the knife, and she’s saying something, saying his name, he thinks – but then the ties around her ankles give and he has an armful of warm, alive, Karen Page.

It’s jarring, the sudden, intimate touch. Her head tucks beneath his chin, her arms like steel bands around his chest. He breathes her in, the smell of her shampoo and the dirt and the sweat and when he absorbs that through the haze of his heartbeat and the fear he drops the knife and holds her against him, tight.

“Frank,” he hears her saying, finally, through the storm in his head. “Frank. Frank.”

“You’re okay,” he mumbles, his hands following a pattern down her back. It’s automatic, familiar. He feels her shake in his arms, although whether she’s crying or laughing, he can’t really tell.

Eventually, after a second or a lifetime, she pulls away and tugs him from the van. They half-fall out of it and further into the alley, away from the bodies, her legs wobbly from restricted circulation. As he steadies her he can see the welts left around her wrists, the bruise just visible beneath the sleeve of her blouse. He seems to get stuck again on that, a moment.

There is a rushing sound in his ears. It’s blood, he thinks; it’s familiar, it’s his state of calm, the one that’s carried him through his wars and he needs it now, because this isn’t done, it isn’t close to fucking finished.


She’s asking him another question.

“…are you ok? Are you hurt?”

He looks back at her. She’s moved closer. She’s waiting for a response, he remembers.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah,” he manages, after a moment. “I’m fine. You, how are you? Did they-?”

“I can handle it.”

He finds himself laughing. She could, yeah, she had a way of dealing with shit even when it scared the hell out of her, when she should be running the other way. He’s fished her out of a van and the evidence of what he’s had to do is all around them and she’s still looking at him, trying to get a hold of his gaze.

She panting, still, and there’s blood blotched on her blouse - from him, he realises, and he’s got blood on her face too. She’s pale and trembling. Christ, she’s still here.

The itch is still there too. It’s growing stronger: it’s not finished, Frank. This is not finished.

He hears a groan from back towards the van. He’d left one of them alive; he’d forgotten that.

“Down the street,” he croaks, forcing the air through his throat. It feels like he hasn’t spoken in a week. She frowns at the non-sequitur, still trying to catch his eye, to read him, but he looks away. He nods down the street. She needs to get out of here. “Red truck, scratch down the left side. Lie low with a friend a while, alright?”

He swipes at his nose, fishing his keys from his pocket, and she doesn’t move.

“Without you?” she laughs, but it’s forced, hoarse, and her mouth tightens after it. “Frank,” she tries again. “It’s over. It’s-”

He cuts through her tumble of words. “Not over. I need – information. I’m going to get it.”

Her eyes flick back towards the van almost unwillingly, and her expression changes, a cycle of emotions that pass too fast to read. “Then I’ll stay until you get it. We’ll bring one of them with us. We’ll go through it together, but Frank-”

I don’t want to lose you again, she doesn’t say, but he hears it anyway.

He shakes his head, running a hand through his hair. He starts to get it; she needs him now, needs him to be present, but he, he’s got to see this through, he needs to see it through.

“What do you think is going to happen here,” he states, and it’s not a question. She understands what he means. Of course she does. She hardly flinches, though, and he’s not sure if that’s new or not, or if that’s something that’s broken in her, that he helped take apart, all of those months ago in the woods.

Frank.” She says his name again. Without the excuses, the attempted reasoning: simple, honest emotion. “Please.”

He remembers the last time. His little girl, she asked him, she fastened herself to his hand and pulled him towards her room and she didn’t care that she wasn’t twelve anymore, she waved that book in his face and she begged him to come with her.

Regrets and almosts. He almost did it. Lisa almost made it. Karen Page almost didn’t.

He stares at Karen, dumbly, and his words fail him.

“You need to go.” He manages, eventually. He’s repeating himself. He doesn’t know what else to say.

She looks at him another long moment. There’s that multitude of emotion crossing her features – too many for him to read, but maybe something in his voice gets to her because she takes the keys from him with shaking fingers, and then she leaves.

She leaves.

He looks at his hands. He clenches them, watching the way the knuckles stretch the skin, before he fetches the knife and strides back to the alley mouth. He glances back down the street when he reaches it, checking, but Karen is gone from sight already. Good. That’s, good.

Another groan, weaker now. The survivor, half-slumped over the bumper with his hands pressed over his ribs and when he turns towards it the groan becomes that little more strained, that little more panicked. Good - he steps forward, he takes it slow, each step calm and precise and the survivor tries to scramble away. It’s one of the ones that had been in the back with her, that had got the knife and not the bullet. Frank feels that chill sink back into place.

The piece of shit was not going to last long. The man’s breathing is already a bit wet; he must’ve nicked his lung earlier, but they didn’t need much time, did they?

Frank’s at the van now and the man slip-slides onto the floor, squeaking as he lands – he has cracked ribs as well, Frank could use that. The man tries to pull a knife and he kicks it away and stomps on his sternum, feeling good when he hears the scream.

He presses his knee into the man’s chest and bends down, close enough to see the whites of his eyes reflected in the knife.

No, he doesn’t need much time at all. 


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(A/N: I am so sorry for your loss, nony. :( I hope you like this and I hope that it helps, even just a little.)

It hurt. Every breath you took turned into a jagged sob, stinging around the lump in your throat. Every beat of your heart seemed to make your chest ache as you trembled, wrapping your arms around yourself in a vain attempt to keep it together. Your muscles felt sore from exhaustion, though the only thing you’d done was cry. Every fibre of your being was in pain.

Beside you your phone lay face up, the screen displaying your favourite picture, one from a much happier time and a moment you would never forget. Your dog was gone and  now memories were all that you had left.

You sniffled, wishing the pain away as you heard a soft knock at your door before it creaked open.

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice called out to you gently as you heard him enter the room.

Looking over at him with tears streaming down from your eyes, Sam immediately knew what had happened and he came over to you, pulling you up into his arms as he hugged you tightly.

“I’m so sorry” Sam whispered, holding you close to his chest as a new wave of sobs burbled from your chest.

“They’re gone” you whimpered, the words tearing open a fresh wound as it was the first time you’d said them aloud.

“I know, I know” Sam comforted, holding the back of your head to his as his other hand absently ran over your back.

He held you close and let you cry, being that immovable rock that you needed for support without even saying a word. Your eyes spilling more tears than you could have thought possible until they felt gritty and dry and your sobs turned to short hiccups.

“It hurts, Sam” you mumbled against his chest, digging your fingers into the fabric of his shirt as you silently pleaded for him to not leave you, though you knew deep down he never would.

“I know, Y/N. They were a great dog, and you should let the memories you have with them bring a smile to your face, not make you sad” he soothed, holding your shoulders so he could pull back and look down at you.

The kindness and warmth in his features helped to calm your remaining gasps for air as your breathing returned to a steady pace, and your heart rate slowed enough that your chest no longer hurt.

You knew it would be awhile before the very thought of them no longer hurt, but with a great friend like Sam at your side, reminding you to think of the good times, that it would definitely make it a lot easier.

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Uh- I-I hope this hasn't been asked yet but um can you do how the main three and Pitchit act around their crush? Please and thank you!! ^.^

((I wanna write a lot, so I’ll only do Phichit this time around!))

-He tries his best to act as normal as possible

-But at one point, he gets a bit overly affectionate with crush

-Like, before, it was casual touches and occasional hugs

-But now



-Crush gets a bit creeped out

-Not to mention suspicious

-Once he does realise what he’s doing, he gets all blushy

-And actively starts avoiding them

-Now crush is both sad and weirded out

-Eventually, he’ll try to get himself together

-And confesses

-It’s so out of the blue (the confession)

-He wanted to make it something grand

-But at one point, when he was walking around with crush

-(Yes, he’s not avoiding them anymore)

-He’s like

-Oh, btw, I like you

-Way to be straightforward, Phichit

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so... Do you hate ace ppl or just the word we use for non-ace folks?

Lmao of course I don’t hate ace people!!! Why would I? I’m somewhere on the ace spectrum myself but I just don’t label myself that way. I don’t like the term “allosexuals” because in my opinion it’s unspecific and groups LGBT+ people with their oppressors. And almost every time I’ve seen it used it’s been in a derogatory manner. “Allo” means different or other so like, who is allosexual? How sexual do you have to be to be “allosexual?” Hypersexual? What about demisexual people? What about ace people who still have sex? What about celibate people? It’s just not a good term in my opinion and I’d never use it to describe myself or anyone else. People don’t know and don’t need to know how sexy I am haha