i hope you like it and this blog reached 1k so thanks to everyone!

if someone told me, on the day that i started this blog, that i would have over 1k followers within a month and a half, i would instantly laugh and say, “no way! that’s crazy. you’re kidding, right?”

well, here i am. a month and a half later with over 1k followers. i’m beyond SHOOK.

thank you everyone for all your kindness and support!! it truly means so much to me. you have no idea how happy i am. ;;

before i list everyone for this follow forever, i have a few special shout-outs (get ready for some extreme sappiness lol).

@jinstudies: jin, you were the first person that followed me and that i reached out to. it’s always a joy talking to you and sharing our struggles that come with being a music student, ahaha. thank you for being a lovely friend, and good luck with your phd studies! hope you can come to cal! :)

@sktjihoon: josh, you were the first person who messaged me personally and asked for my advice about how to get into uc berkeley! thank you for reaching out to me, and i sincerely hope that my tips helped you. even though we don’t always talk, i appreciate you for sticking with me since i first started this blog and for being so nice and friendly! hope to see you around at cal someday! ^_^

@hqstudyblrnetwork: i can never forget about my fam - @bokutodiscovers, @studytaken, @stvdybuddies, @jiyeonstudies, and @witoko. bokuto, aida, christy, kat, ji, soraya…thank you for being there for me and for being among the first few friends that i made in the studyblr community. you’re all such absolutely wonderful people, and i’m so glad that i met you guys and that we all share a love for haikyuu!! <3

@mango-studies: helen, you are such a kind and lovely friend. you’re so nice and smart and sweet! i genuinely appreciate you for reblogging my original content so frequently and leaving me such nice comments. it really means a lot to me! ^_^

@bionctes: lily, i probably wouldn’t have made it this far without your support. thank you so much for promoting me! you’re so cute and sweet, and i always enjoy talking to you and fangirling with you about yuri on ice, ahaha. you are a literal ray of sunshine. :’)

@astralwritings: alli, i’m honestly so grateful that we are friends and that you often reach out to me to talk about life, among other things. you’ve dealt with so much, and i’ve enjoyed seeing how strong and resilient you truly are. i know that someday you’ll go far and accomplish great things! keep on keepin’ on! ^_^

@kikkistudies: kiki, you’ve told a few people that they’re an angel, but in all honesty, YOU are a true angel. you are so sweet and thoughtful and too pure, you leave the nicest replies on my posts, and your overall kindness makes me happy to think that there is still hope in this world. you deserve all the best. :’)

@lavistudy: henry, oh gosh…where do i even begin? you are such a lovely and wonderful human being. you are so kind and sweet and friendly and pure, and i never would have imagined that someone like you would reach out to me and want to be friends. thank you for being there for me whenever i needed to talk to someone. thank you for cheering me on whenever i slayed my exams. thank you for all the music and anime recommendations. thank you for the late night conversations. thank you for all the memories that we’ve shared. just…thank you for EXISTING. honestly, you deserve all the flower crowns in the world. no need to wait for a cellist to notice you. kiki is right. you are a literal angel. <3

and now, time for my long list of studyblrs that i will follow forever! everyone is listed under the cut. since i follow back most studyblrs who follow me, i have quite a lot of mutuals, so my non-mutuals that i admire from a distance will be bolded instead! :D

thank you everyone once again! i still honestly can’t believe that there are literally over a thousand people following me. that’s incredible! i wish that i could give all of you a hug in real life, ahhh.

much love,

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so i reached 2k yesterday and am still 100% shook. i only hit 1k two weeks ago and now i’m here,,, like wtf guys ily thanks for thinking that me, the queen of trash, was worthy of your follow :’)

to celebrate this super cool occasion i thought it was a good time to do my 2nd follow forever! i only did my first one a month ago but i feel like this blog has evolved enough to do another one (also i had no other milestone ideas lol)

this will include both my mutuals (bolded) and non-mutuals (normal) because honestly, i love seeing every single one of you on my dash! hopefully i included everyone,,, i probs missed somebody so i’m gonna apologise in advance (i still love u, don’t worry).

0 - 9

@1ester @2009z @42minuites

a - d

@acurlyphil @aforeverhome@akilahthegreat @alinaispandi @allbantsnoangst @alittledizzy @amazedhowell @amusedan @analester @angelicboylester @antiphannie @articulatehowell @arcticlester @australiaditl @awoohowell @awrfhi @bakingvidz @bakingvideo @birdphil @boncasphan  @burlesquephan @cappuccinohowell @cappuccinophil @charmphil @cityofdan @colourbandjts @conphansed @cookiephil @creamphilled @cringeattack@curlyboydaniel @curlyfringe @cutiemarzipie @cyxical @daintyhowell @dan-and-phils-moon-shaped-house @dan-socks @dancestz @dandromedas @danfanciesphil @dangoghs @danhowellscurl @danielbear @danielcringe @danieldaily @danielhowellsbooty @daniellesterrs @danielesters @danisthirsty @danlands @dansfloof @dansnotnfire @danspeach @danstellations @dansucc @danyphil @darkness-howell @dayphil @deathlyhowelter @demondannie @dimpley  @dnpeas @dnpsb @dodiesboye @doinganap @doitmore @domesticbanting @donthavetobebrave @ducklingdaniel @dxntasies 

e - j

@elessar-undomiel @energeticwarrior @eros-howell @etherphil  @fireworksphil @floralhowelllester @floralesters @flosculushowell @forcechokedaniel  @fondnp@formsprings @formsprinq @fourandahalfhourskypecalls @frecklydan @freetheknee @frickingdan @frightphil @fringeboyes @fringez @gamingmas @getadog @gleephil @glitterboydan @glitterrlesterr @glowinghowell @golddustphan @greenworlld @griffphandor @guccinof @gxldenboyphil @hearteyehowells @heckdan @heckinhowell @hellcrafts @hellapj @hobbithair @housephlants @howclls @howellldareyou @htmlpinof @huphilpuffs @huwull @imfilmingyou @instarbuckswithdan @intertwned @ironicallythough @ithurtsnotolaugh @itstooearlyfortiramisu @jaimewareham 

k - p

@kickkthephan @kingofcomedy @kissdjh @kryptonianlester @latte-howell @leftfringe @lestercurls @lesterdreams @lesterlocks @lesteropalescent@longtrainislong @loversphan @lovlester @madhurphil @manchesterz @marysjanes @melancholydan  @memeboydaniel @moonbeamphil  @moonchair @mostlyphil @moveimgayy @muchdan @nihilist-toothpaste @nostalgiclondon @orlandophan @othersentencesbyphil @paganlester  @panaceaphil @panfriedaces @pastelcrafties @perhaps-trees-and-tea @petaldan @phanatic-phantasies @phandomaunt @phandomme @phandomsub @phansterdam @phloridas @philester @philfreckles @phillybeans @philmings  @philscurls @philwhy @philtea @phiru @pinoffs @pjliiguori @prettyphil @pseudophan @punklester

q - z

@queerofcups @ratinof  @ravehowell @rosegoldan @sadistdan @saturn-dnp @saturnphan @sayzeebra @scorpiocats @sexyrats @sharkdan @shinyphan @skybarz @sleepwalkerphan @sleepyfleurs @sleepyphil @sleepyphilip @snowbunnylester  @softandneatdaniel @softhearteddaniel @space-boy-dan @squishowelester @starcatcherphan @stardustliguori @stormydaniel @sunburnthowell @sungminova @tabinot @tallboyes @talldads @teddy-bear-howel  @teddybearlamp  @terrarium-daniel @themostfuniveverhad @theunsocialmelon @tinyplxnetexplorer @trashcanielhowell @unhugme @vegasphan @vesselphil @vloggery @wallflowerlester @whiteroselester @wisehowell @wispyphil @wokingdan @writerdan

hey everyone!! so just a few days ago, i reached 1k and i’ve decided to make a tumblr awards to celebrate, and also to say thank you to all my mutuals and followers — ily all!! ♡ ♡


  • must be following this marauders trash
  • please reblog this post; likes do not count
  • optional: check out my creations and multifandom blog
  • this much reach 30 notes, or this never happened
  • ends on 25th june and winners will be announced at the end of june
  • there will be one winner and two runners-up for each category


  • hermione granger award: best url
  • sirius black award: best icon
  • neville longbottom award: best desktop theme
  • luna lovegood award: best mobile theme
  • ginny weasley award: best rising blogger*
  • lily evans award: best harry potter***
  • james potter award: best multifandom
  • nymphadora tonks award: best creations**
  • harry potter award: best overall

* submit a screenshot of your follow count — it must be below 500
** please put your creations tag in the tags below
*** your blog must be at least 80% harry potter



  • a follow back from me (if not already) 
  • a spot on my hall of fame
  • a spot on my updates tabs for a month (july)
  • 2 edit requests for a month (july)
  • unlimited promos for a month (july)


  • a follow back from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my hall of fame
  • a spot on my updates tabs for a month (july)
  • 1 edit request for a month (july)
  • 5 promos for a month (july)

and that’s it!! i hope you all have a lovely day, and once again, thank you so much for 1k!!  ♡ 

(im srry im a writer not graphic designer :3)

anyways, i meant to do this for reaching 1k but then more ppl followed me nd here i am at 1.2k almost half of what it was after my first ff, and it’s almost my nine month anniversary of this blog so i wanted to do this now !! i wanted to say thank you all for following me, and sticking with me even after i decided reader fics werent what i wanted to write anymore and to the people that always support me !!

i lov all of you sosososo much, and im so greatful to everyone!! i never thought id get this far nd it still baffles me what people read my fics and actually like them ?? anyways, i’ll get on with it now. since tumblr sucks, if we are mutuals from a side blog then im srry it doesnt show up :/// also sometimes it doesnt show some mutuals ?? just know i lov u !!! ((nd if any of u wanna talk pls come message me !! chances are if were mutuals i wanna talk 2 u but im too shy :’)))

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I just reached 1K omg!? This will be my first FF since before I deleted my blog by accident. That was a huge tragedy of course and I nearly lost my mind when it happened but now I realize I needed a fresh start and it also made me appreciate my followers even more! So thanks so much to everyone who’s following me!! And a special thanks to my dear mutuals for making my dash so pretty and being so nice ilysm<3 Honestly you are all so precious, inspiring, beautiful and so lovely!! I’m gonna try to keep this FF pretty short (I’m so sorry if I didn’t list you!) cause I follow SO many beautiful blogs and it would take two years to list them all up lol xX

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Hello everyone ! Welcome to my 5k+ Follow Forever (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I reached 5k followers two weeks ago (i’m almost at 5.1k now) even though I haven’t been really active this last month (I was working…). Sorry about that >w< I didn’t expect to reach 5k one day (and since it’s almost time for me to go back to school ;;w;; I made a “back to school” FF ! featuring my baby Killua ♡ yes, AGAIN) Thank you so much to all of you !!!! For those who started following me a few days ago, I hope you’ll find my blog interesting enough to stay, and for those who have been following me for so long, I couldn’t thank you enough. Thanks to all of you for liking my edits, for reblogging them, for tagging me, for sending me asks, for trying to know more about me… It motivates me to create even more edits and try making better edits each time.

 I’ve met wonderful people here, even if I don’t talk to you much, I really do appreciate you, and love the fact we’re mutuals. I love fangirling in the tags a lot, you might have seen it haha. When I reblog edits I always try to put some comments in the tags or even “wow this is pretty”, because maybe if you see this little comment of mine, it’ll make you smile or feel good for the day :) And for my dear mutuals, being followed back by such talented people makes me feel great ! Thank you so much ! I love you all ! ♡

Here, I will list awesome people with great blogs. You should check them out ! ♡♡ Some are really talented graphic/gifmakers, some are amazing artists, some are people I really love seeing on my dash because they seem so nice and caring… ♡♡ I hope Tumblr didn’t mess up my italicized and bolded urls bc it always does… >w<

|| Bolded : Mutuals || Italics : fav graphics/gifs makers and fav art blogs ||



@0u0b @8ay @a-sakuras @ackermanss @aizawashoutta @ahmajikis @ahristotles @akaashixkeiji @akahshi @akirakurussu @akutagawah @akvshi @allenswalkers @asuuna @ayumiko @bakugoh @bohkutos @chibishi @chitouse @cosmic-artsu @daburupurei @daiizume @daisyhio @edasshuu @elriccs @estearisa @fluffykillua @fudayk @fujivvaras @fuyutsumi @ghostbunniesart @haiyun @hanae-ichihara @hyodo @ichimatsus @infiniterhapsody @itsclowreedsfault @jetzui @jolynecujo


@kagariis @kageyamastobio @kanariiya @katsvki @keiid @keijis @kenmai @kiramekii @kirisakicarnival @kirschtein @kishibe @kitsukkis @kiuroo @klaince @koi—kun @komaedas @kovuku @kudous @kurorolucilfer  @kvet  @l-e-v-i-ackerman @lalesath @larimii @lawliex @laynce @lehvi @lordzuuko @madeki @makotozz @matholts @micaelis @miobukii @mitsutada @mitsukamis @miyukei @mizuyaks @myetie @nagittos @nikiphorov @nitsumii @noctiscxelum 


@ohreigen @oizumi @okita-senpai @omomoe @plisetski @preciousghouls @reishikiz @reizakis @sarukui @sasukeeuchiha @seiirins @sesukes @sexpai @shizukku @shotous @sourpio @sukerokus @sweetrina @tachibana–chan @taylordraws @the-whitebambi @the3j @timcanpy @tobeiru @todorokih @tomura @tsukimiis @tsukis @viria @yumejiu @yushiyuki @zeino @zetsueen @zyglavis


Blog Appreciation Post 1K

Guys I reached 1k. 1000 people are following me, like it’s a dream right? When I first started this blog, I had no idea such amazing people like you would end up liking my stuff and follow me. You are all awesome; it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. And to celebrate it, I’m gonna do a blog appreciation thing, in which I’ll thank everyone that helped me in some point in my life, for the writing and for personal stuff I’ve been through. Writing in English and posting my stuff on Tumblr was a dream months ago, but now it’s a reality and I can’t be happier.

(There’s a lot of people. Maybe there are people I’m forgetting and I’m super sorry, but I really tried thanking everybody. I wish I could talk with single one of you but I’m so shy and awkward!)

Also thanks to all my followers. The shy ones like the active one. I wouldn’t be there without you, all of you. If your name is not listed don’t worry, I still love you! I love all of you!

Blogs-I-kinda-stalked-because-I’m-such-a fan-of-their-writing-that-inspired-me-and-gave-me-courage-to-post-my-writing-on-my-blog-as-well:

@writing-obrien : Your writing is book level. When I read your work, I need to reread a sentence more than once to understand every word. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s so well written I need to read slower to taste every word. And damn your smuts are hella tasty.

@sincerelystiles: Your passion for your favorite characters is amazing. You seem like a calm and sweet person, and I can’t get enough of your writing. So soft and sweet and well done. You’re amazing.

@mf-despair-queen: You’re like the queen of smut. A lot of writers are beasts at smut but I don’t know yours seems to be the best? Like I feel hot every time I read one of your work? You are amazing and so sweet.

@ninja-stiles: 1. Your works are amazing. 2. You’re so kind and sweet I wanna be your friend and talk with you but I’m too shy! You are the best and I can’t wait to read more from you.

@make-me-imagine: Even if I only discovered your blog not long ago, I really admire you. You write for so many fandoms and you’re so productive, your stories are amazing and I am always so happy to read any new piece of work you post. You are awesome and an inspiration to keep going!

@minhosmeanhoe: You’re like so good I can’t find the courage to send you a message! You’re like an inspiration and I can’t thank you enough. Your writing is an inspiration. It lives.

@were-cheetah-stiles: Okay, it’s a shame, I’m still not done reading your series. I want to have full time to concentrate on your amazing series, the one with the vampires and the one with Mitch. I want to taste every word! You are so talented and also inspired me a lot!! (and you’re the funniest XD)

@stilinski-jpeg: I once told you by anon you were amazing and awesome at writing. Actually I told you more than once but only by anon because I’m too shy damn XD… well here I am, anon love squad supporting writers forever.

@dumbass-stilinski: I participated to your contest and didn’t win, but it really doesn’t bother me. I had so much fun writing for you, it was an honor to write something for you. You’re so sweet and talented, I had to express my gratitude trough that fic. You are truly an inspiration for me.

@sarcxstic-stilinski: You are the sweetest. The funniest. The person I wish I could talk with all day long but I’m too shy for. You are the absolute kindest and your writing really looks like you. They’re the best.

@fillthevoid-stilinski: I love all of you. Nine to Five was the first series I really enjoyed, the first I asked to be tag in and the first I wanted to read more and more about. Your other stories are amazing as well, a real work of art. You truly are an inspiration.

@sarcasticallystilinski: You are the strongest. I message you about it, when you came back after a while, how much your strength inspired me. You gave me strength when I really needed it, without even knowing it. And above all your writing is the best. Wonderful, true, sentimental,  I can’t stop reading your works, you’re so talented.

@sassysweetstories: The first time I have read one of your stories, I was only amazed by your talent. It was so constructive and well done, I wanted to be as good as you. And kind like you.  You are so patient and talented.

@iliketoimaginestuff: When I started my blog, you were the second person I asked a request too. In that time, you were not at your best and you were worried about your writing. I didn’t know about it, because I found your writings more than amazing. I was amazed and only wanted to read more, that’s why I sent you a request. And it was just as amazing. You two was an inspiration for me at the beginning of my blog and you still are.

@teenwolfimagines101: You are litteraly the first blog I sent a request. I was new on tumblr, I didn’t know how it worked and I saw your blog. It was the beginning of my passion for writing. I sent request to a lot of blogs (most listed in this post) but you were the first. You started my passion, and thank you for that.

@fullmoonimagines: I’m so fan of your writing. Like too much fan. You always succeed to make the story so alive and full of sparkles. You’re so awesome, like keep up the good work!

@teen0wolf0imagines: Your love for Derek is life. That’s the first thing I think of when I see your username. Then I remember how devoted and talented you are and I just smile while reading your fics.

@just-jordie-things: You are so precious. I also discovered more of your blog only recently, sadly. Because damn you’re so talented? Like really? I love your writing so much and you seem like a really funny and adorable person. I wish I could talk with you!!

@stilinskiimagines: I also discovered your blog only recently, but I really love your writing. It’s unique, special, and I can’t stop being amazed by everything you write, especially three for one deal. You’re also an inspiration for me!

@dylanholyhellobrien: At first I discovered you with your amazing gifs. Then I first read one of your works in dumbass-stilinski contest. And let me say it was just amazing. You’re a lovely person and a truly inspiration. Please post more of your writings because they’re excellent!!

@rememberstilinski: You’re so precious like your writing? It’s gold, it’s pure, it’s refreshing, and it’s everything! And I plan to read everything’s that in your masterlist because hell it’s awesome.

@maddie110201: You belong to both categories. When I was searching for a kind soul to help me with my writing, I was far from expecting someone like you answering with a big yes. My favorite story of you is the one with Stuart, like I died inside? Like you’re so talented and funny? Like you’re a life savior? I also love every other fic your wrote. And I love you the most.


@maddie110201: So, like I said, you belong to both categories. You are the nicest and the most patient person I met, always there for me, always up to help with my fics, I love talking with you about everything, you’re like the friend I always dreamed of having. I wish we could meet in real life someday. I love you so much.

@fxrnwxhx: You and your questions I like so much to answer! Like seriously, it’s the best way to know each other and to talk! It makes me feel comfortable, you are so nice and sweet!! Don’t forget Canada when you’ll go visit the world, I wanna see you!!

@5sospoplikerock: Youuuuu are so kind. Like super mega kind. Another awesome follower and friend. I love you because you always make me smile and always leave a comment on We don’t believe what’s on Tv. Never stop being so awesome!

@xcastawayherosx: You. You send me a huge and sentimental message when I was feeling low. I was really touched; it was so nice of you. And then you never cease to make me smile with your feedbacks. You are super kind, I love you.

@banshee23122015: You were also one of the first to message me. One of the kindest that never let me down, always there. And so human. You care and ask me often how I feel. You are the absolute sweetest.

@forevermieczyslaw: If I remembered, we started talking because we were both some lonely and awkward people that didn’t know what to say? XD Even if we don’t talk a lot, I love the chats we have. I feel understood. Thank you!

@jashin-dragon: Okay I can’t tag you but I’ll notice you myself about it. Gaby, my friend since god knows when, you always been there for me. You cheered me up even when I was just complaining. You’re awesome and I love you.

@firefang96: You and jashin-dragon were the first to kick my butt and encourage me to follow that dream, writing in English and post my stuff on tumblr. I had no confidence in myself, but you gave me and you helped me in ways you don’t know. Thank you, I love you.

@marbles-main: The first time you send a message to me, it was to say you admire me. You were the first person to tell me that and I just smiles, because usually I’m the one admiring people and now someone was admiring me? It was super sweet. You are super sweet. Always follow your dream, look where I am now!

@levitateanxiety: You’re literally the first person I actually talked with, more than just one hour. We talk often, not every day, but it’s awesome all the same. You are an awesome bean and I love you!

@megajules3: Hey you! C’est toujours un plaisir d’avoir des conversations avec toi. Talking French with someone is always nice, especially when the person is awesome like you!

@mca-attack21: You send me a message once, but a message so beautiful I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was a short but so amazing message that helped me getting better. You’re a ray of sunshine, and I would love to talk more with you !

@hufflepuff-and-feminist: (You changed you url I was looking for you XD) Ah, you. The person who sends me tons of hearts, we literally have a conversation of hearts XD I love you!!!

@reganf: Hey, another awesome follower here, you’re always super nice with me and your feedbacks always appreciated! You’re super awesome!

@kwien-cee: YOU!!!! You are my most and kindest follower and fan of We don’t believe what’s on TV! You’ve been there since chapter one, always there to cheer me up with big and nice feedbacks! You deserve so much more than just this message, thank you so much!!

@standalls: Even if I haven’t heard of you for so long, I needed to put you on that list. You were one of the first and most active follower I had, commenting on each chapter of we don’t believe what’s on TV. I hope you’re doing well and that you’ll come back soon!

@quit-it-stilinski: You cute little cinnamon roll who gently gives feedbacks, I love you ;)

@apollogirl13: You, I love you. We should talk, you seem like an amazing person and you never cease to make me smile every time I got a notification from you, tagging me in such sweet post. Always makes me smile!

@dylan-trash-tbh: You! You mysterious person that is everywhere, active on the things I wrote and reblog, writing like a boss!! You are the little bee, the cute and only bee I’m not afraid of, I would love to talk with you as well! (I didn’t in which category to put you in lol)

@thiscuriouslymiss: When I reblogged a post about suicide, you messaged me for the first time to ask me if I was okay. You didn’t have to, but you did and it was very kind of you. I love you forever. And also thanks for all the feedbacks!

@peculiarpotterhead04: You’re one of the people I wish I could be friend in real life. Attend the same school, do pyjama parties together. You’re like the friend I never had, like the sibling I wish I had. I really love you.

@misha-is-a-ray-of-sunshine: You messaged me when I wasn’t feeling well. And it was super kind because you didn’t have to and it helped me. Not only Misha is a ray of sunshine, you are as well.

@redstringlovers: I only started talking with you recently, but you are very funny and I love to talk with you. Plus you are a super kind person! Why didn’t I meet you sooner? You’re cool!

Wow, hello everyone!

So I hit 1k followers not too long ago, and honestly I’m pretty floored! 

*Hobi voice* TIME TRAVEL… (back to last summer)

I made this Tumblr in June of last year after my bff Heather finally shared her love of Bangtan and k-pop with me and my other bff Arielle. I didn’t care if a single person followed me; it was literally just a place for me to dump all of my BTS and Hobi finds to go back and look at. I know it’s been almost a year and I’m just now reaching 1k, but I didn’t even intend for this blog to be followed by anyone and, seriously, I’m so so glad that all of you are with me in it now :’) So thank you guys. I’ve met some really cool homies on here, and I’m really grateful for the follows - it feels like I’m in a big warm community of likeminded people and that makes me happee :-)

I’m not gonna waste an opportunity to hype up my lovely mutuals and other awesome blogs I follow, so, without further ado…

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Shit, I legit can’t believe it. I made it to 1k followers? What the fuck?!!!! God, it was barely two months ago when I was basically drinking my Vodka out of the bottle in celebration that I got 250 people to follow me. And now the number’s quadrupled and I’m in awe! Thank you all so much for putting up with me and my blog-everything-that-catches-my-fancy ass. You all rock and I love each and everyone of you. I do hope I keep putting out the same content that brought you to my blog and that in some way, you will always find something you like or can reblog or just want to save for a rainy day on said blog. Really, you all are awesome! Thank you.

I just want to give compliments to some of my favourite blogs (they are a lot and I tend to wax lyrical about people I like so you’ve been warned). I wish I could give personalized compliments to all my mutuals but as you would soon read I am a geek when it comes to people I like and I will be writing compliments into the New Year if I decided to compliment everyone. So not everyone’s gotten a personal compliment, but know I love you all.

It’s a long post so the compliments begin after the cut.

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Recently I hit 1000 followers and that’s truly amazing. I never thought that I would ever reach this number, let alone 100 followers. The number alone is great, but the best part about all this is that there are people who are actually enjoying the writing that I put on this website. I started this blog in October of 2016, and at that time, I only did it because I’ve always wanted to write my own works. I tried writing on wattpad before, but only now have I found more interest in it. 

To my mutuals: I’m sorry if I don’t talk to you that much. I really do appreciate every single one of you. You inspire me every day to keep writing and whenever I see you guys succeed, I feel happy. A lot of bad things have happened this year, but I will always be here for you. We are a community, a family, and I hope it continues to be that way. 

To my followers: I really do appreciate every single one of you. I know I’ve been really inactive recently, but I’m going to try to change that. I’ve had a tough year thus far, but I’m grateful that you guys still stuck with me. I do read all the comments you post on my fics and I really do wish that more of you would come talk to me so I can get to know you better. Please don’t be afraid to send in a message whether it’s a simple “hi” or if you need someone to talk to. I’m here for you ♡♡ 


I don’t follow many people, but here they are: 

💕- mutuals 

@art–min@babykooks@bangtan@bangtaninspired | @baxngtan 💕 | @berrykookie 💕 | @boymeetsfiction | @breakingdownphysics | @btskimtaehyung@btssmutgalore | @bts-lab | @bts-trans | @bt-yes-network 💕| @byul-baram 💕 | @bwiyomi | @ceiste | @celestialjoon | @chimchams | @crying-whales 💕 | @day6nerds | @dailydoseofdia@day6network | @dearseok@floralseokjin 💕 | @flowerbov | @fuckyeah-kard | @fyeahkard | @fykangdaniel | @fykimtaehyung@godsavemefrombts 💕 | @gujoonim | @hellosarang | @hobibliophile | @hobuing | @hoseoks-kitten  💕 |  @hraeths | @ice-tae 💕 | @idekwhatsgoingonanymore 💕 | @iminterstellar 💕 | @into-the-new-w0rld 💕 | @jeylovestoblog 💕 | @jiminslolli 💕 | @jinswings | @jiwooi | @jjkfire |  @jmins | @justakpopfan4 💕 | @kainks 💕 | @kangnuest | @kmlyrics |  @kookiemonstershope 💕 | @kookie-bby 💕 | @letmesuga | @luciditae 💕 | @mangaetteok | @miisstok@minsbugi | @mirai-miri 💕 | @mochimim 💕 | @namhobs 💕 | @naplikeyoongi@nochutae 💕 |  @noir0neko | @ohnananotmyjiwoo@ohsuga | @pasteljeonggukk | @peachesjoon@pinkforyoongi | @playboyjungkook 💕 | @plumsoda | @scholarrs 💕 | @sugamonstae 💕 | @summertae 💕 | @sweaterpawsjimin | @taechubs | @taecup 💕 | @taeguk | @thedrawingscometolife 💕 | @tiny-taepot | @writtenyoongi 💕 | @xcookiemilkx 💕 | @yoaveragepotaetoe 💕 | @yoongsigh

I really hope I didn’t miss anyone and once again, thank you so much! I would also like to add a special mentions section for the people who I don’t follow, but have consistently given me so much love and support. 

To @elemenoose @im-that-chesire-jax @neouz @blackandwhiteloner, you guys always give me so much support and I’m so grateful for that. Also to my other followers who give me a lot of support, I thank you guys as well. Every like or reblog means a lot and I really do cherish those things :) 


🎉 | Nunchiwrites 1000 Followers | Appreciation Post | 🎉

Wow… I’m not good with words you guys, but suffice to say that I never in a million years expected to make it to one freaking thousand followers… I’m-… You guys just deserve the world, genuinely. So, without further ado, here are some (if not all?) the people I would like to personally thank. They are the ones who deserve the credit for allowing this little derp blog to come so far. I’m sorry if this is a little rushed! If I could I would spent hours on this, but I have to pack soon ;~; Just know that I could never put into words how my heart is overcome with joy whenever I interact with you all~

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A quick shoutout to my Shy, Tough, Octopus, Bunny, Clover, and Sekai Anons, as well as everyone who has ever sent me an encouraging anon message in the past!!

Beautiful Authors/Artists

That I look up to on a daily basis and love, as well as fangirl over miscellaneous talented works

| @baekhyuns-abs | @besternatexo | @chanyeolspout | @dream-exo-fantasy | @fairyscribbles |

|  @forexcapism | @kimjongdaely | @kpoppantydrop | @onlylovekpop | @pabosontheloose

@pandabearlikes | @pebble-xo | @writings-by-cl | @xiustories | @xiuminsm

@exosmutxoxo | @lovesehunright | @soowritings | @gwaenchanhajagiya | @oh-beyond

@yeol-stole-my-soul | @mini-minhyuk | @writing-bout-you | @musicoverlove | @exosmuttytalk

@ask-kimseokjin | @btsxexoxtrash | @oh-so-scenarios | @xiumin-on-this-shit | @rolliepollieyeolie

@kollectionn | @infiressi | @kpoppsluff | @sountouchableman | @exo-smut

@daewritings | @yehet-sebooty-ohorat | @pixelbyun@kaori-yuki-chan | @the-porcelain-doll-xo | @kittcatdoesartstuff | @sooberri

Amazing Readers And Friends

The people I owe the credit of 1k to; the ones who took one look at my trash and said “Yes, I need more of this.” (For a reason I have yet to grasp)

|  @mashirokuma | @melyyexo | @elvencantation | @minimilkiway | @empress-chianti | @aleaexo | @fangirl-aka-maniac | @seattleite—exo-l

@princess-ellaxo | @lxrixna | @pcy-cupid-me | @night-n-sky | @lexy4020 | @chanyeolsabs | @chibijk | @baekhyunslightsaber | @vinnythecorgi |

@rivaereforlife | @fillmybrokenheart | @seattleite—exo-l | @markmeevil | @nevertoomanystuffedanimals | @mariomarsmari | @wildd-dreamerr |

@rogue-writer14 | @thenight-can-bedeadly | @vivianhuynh77 | @didiknowyou | @yeollieollie | @xarmytrashx | @li-forshort |

@cuestory | @misstakenbyme-1134 | @ohmanholychimchim | @hyamori | @k-reativewriting | @eluquence | @taemins-dolphin

@alwaysinfoodmood | @lottotrash | @tousdae | @li-forshort | @sebootyforlife@got-7bangtan-boys | @paark-haaraa | @lottotrash

I apologize if I listed anyone twice, or not at all, and if I didn’t PLEASE LET ME KNOW I WILL GIVE YOU LOVE AND CHOCOLATE AND HEARTS AND FLOWERS TO MAKE UP FOR IT OKAY??

But in all seriousness, I don’t take a single one of you amazing people for granted.

I couldn’t have asked for a better stay here on tumblr thus far, and it’s my hope is to keep this blog running for as long as I have fingers to type and an active brain to think. Here’s to more jokes, memories, tears, laughs, and a butt ton of drama-filled chapters~

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🌻 studyplants’ 18k+ celebration!!

hi, everyone! i recently reached 18k followers, which is somewhat mind-boggling. i am absolutely awestruck, and i’m so grateful for all of you. 

to celebrate (partially inspired by the amazing @obsidianstudy​), I thought i’d do a blog awards thing to say thank you! 

all the winners and runners-up will get spots on my faves page and my updates tab, in addition to my undying love + friendship 

🌻 rules + info

- follow me 
- must be at least 80% studyblr
- reblog this post / likes only count as bookmarks, not entries
-after you have a look @ the categories, put #seedling or #sunflower in the tags if you want to be considered for either of those in addition to the other categories

ends august 29 / results announced august 31 

🌻 the categories

since my url is studyplants, i thought it’d be fun to have plant-themed categories! 

daisy - best theme

iris - best url

marigold - best posts

tulip - best icon

sweet pea - nicest blogger

lavender - best overall

seedling - best small studyblr (less than 1k followers) 

sunflower - best big studyblr (more than 5k followers)

thank you so so so much, and I hope you have the best day !! love you all xx


sorry abt the weird ass banner I’m still not using photoshop rip at least I tried hey hey hey!!! this is a lie guys I’m rly sorry I only have 980 followers but I’m too excited to wait until I get to 1k tbh and I already wrote this all out so why not~ anyways I can’t believe ive almost reached 1k already, its like I’m living the dream tbh :’) thank you guys so much for following me and my trash blog through the times, I have no words for the amount of love I have for you all <3 i’ve decided to celebrate (as I haven’t been for the past milestones rip) by creating a fandom family! blacklist #ganj celebrates 1k if you don’t want to see this


what you’ll get:

  • a tag to post in (#ganjsfam)
  • my eternal love and friendship
  • a safe and supportive family
  • possible friendship from everyone else in the fam!
  • I might be making a discord chat for the family, i’ll update y’all later :) (please be tracking the tag so you can see the update)

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Hello my dearest most wonderful friends! 

So, the absolute unthinkable happened. I reached 1k followers. 1k.. That’s a thousand people. A thousand and trust me when I say I have an incredibly hard time wrapping that around my head, because how that happened, I still don’t know. What I do know is how incredibly grateful I am for each and every single one of you. I truly do believe I have the kindest readers/friends on here. You all give me so much love and trust me when I say all that love is absolutely mutual! When I first started this blog, and I’m not kidding, I was hoping for, you know, maybe 10, max 20 people would read what I write and actually like it. But no, it turned out there was heck of a lot more who did and seriously, I cannot thank you enough for that. 

Thank you so incredibly much for all the love you give me and the fics I write. You inspire me and encourage me to keep writing! All the love and hugs to each and every single one of you!! 

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OH MY STARS WHERE DO I BEGIN  ??      wanda’s face in the banner is quite literally my face rn  !! i started this blog two years & nearly three months ago.    i was 17 years old & a junior in high school.      flash forward & i’m now 19 & studying at university.     but all throughout,    this blog survived the highs & lows of being an upperclassman,    the college applications,      & freshman year.     never in my wildest dreams would i have dared to hope that so many people would not only be interested in my portrayal,      but stick around long enough for me to reach this milestone  !!     this one goes to all the amazing people i’ve met along the way.     the ones who challenged me to be a better writer.     the ones who watched me grow in my personal life.     the ones whom i have an unconditional love for.      thank you for these past two years !!     i cannot put into words just how grateful i am to have you in my life.

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salem’s 1k follow forever (and other stuff too)

hey all! i’m salem, and i’d like to thank you for 1k! 

let’s take you on a little tour of my tumblr life, shall we?

i joined tumblr in december of 2015 as a lunar chronicles blog, in 6th grade! i found hamilton months later, and became, you guessed it, a hamilton blog! there were a few small phases along the way, i suppose, but after hamilton came stranger things in seventh grade and my discourse began. but we’ll get to that later. i’m shifted from stranger things to IT primarily, but stranger things is still a special love and i am so glad i found it when i did.

i’ve always been, first and foremost, my whole life, a content creator. i made little books when i was as young as 6, i drew for about as long, i love singing and dancing and making up songs. i still do. i love the act of creation, i love making things come to life under my hands. writing is my main focus, but all forms of art run in my family’s veins and i feel them in me. i have tumblr to thank for giving me a platform to post my things- they started off as dumb chat posts, no writing, not yet, but i soon transitioned into writing joint hamilton fanfiction with my friends (i know, embarrassing, but everyone starts somewhere), and then to writing my own independent works in the stranger things fandom. i have too many piece of writing just from my years on tumblr for me to count- only 26 works on ao3, but there are many more on here and in my drive, i promise you. i have never been that great an athlete. i’m not a people person. and i think that goes for most people on tumblr, really- we’re a bunch of anti-social weirdos who can’t make friends anywhere else. but on here, i can always do what i love the most- create. that’s what got me to 1k, and i promise you, i’ll never stop writing. it’s in my blood to write, it’s a passion. my favorite thing to do besides talk is write, because i suppose writing is just talking but you don’t have to do it to people, which is one of my favorite things about it. skill level aside, my work has gotten me to 1k, and hopefully one day, it’ll get me to 2k, and 3k. these numbers matter to me- people see my work. people see me on here, no matter how small the number of people are. reaching people is what i do best, whether it be for better or for worse.

not everything on here is great, though, i’ll give you that- i may love it on tumblr, but some of the stuff that i’ve done on here is not so great. and some of the messages i get on here are not so great. here are just a few of the highlights:

anon hate becomes like an old friend once you get it enough, especially when it’s blatantly a lie like the second one! 

anyways, i’ve been on this site for a lotta things. i met millie bobby brown and got a shitty picture with her! i got a signed st poster from the duffers, personally signed out to me! i got noticed on here by one of my favorite comedians, john hodgman! i’ve made heaps of pals! i went to a ton of places in the states! and maybe most importantly, i had my bat mitzvah! so many good things have happened to me while i have been using this site and i just feel like i now have a way to document that sort of thing thanks to it. 

so thank you tumblr, for being a shitty gritty hellsite we all hate to love and love to hate. you sure are really awful sometimes, and i’m sure my icon is default because i just changed my url, and you have really shitty user interface, but you bring me a lot of happiness and emotions in general and i owe you that. 

now, for the actual follow forever:

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Hello, Operator?

a lot of people have been asking for a part two to my operator fic so i’ve gone ahead and i’ve written just that! im glad that you guys like that fic so much that you requested a part two! (its 2.6k words btw)

i apologize if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes i finished this at 10:55 pm and i’m sleepy and almost delusional! i still cant end smut fics right goddamn i need help on that…. (this is also very nsfw so i suggest you read this alone under ur duvet or something)

also, i’m slowly creeping up on 1k followers and i’m very excited/nervous/scared but thanks everyone who have stayed from the beginning to see my blog grow and grow! thank you all so much and i love you all very much!

[Contains: very very very dirty talk (you guys asked for it to be kinky so i tried my best), v light bdsm (only hands being tied up), a fuck ton of name calling (like a lot im not even kidding rn), just rough and kinky sex, begging/crying (dan begs so hard he cries), phil calls dan a bitch wowie!!!!]


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HOLY SHIT BALLS 2K ?!!?!!!??! 

WOAH THATS INSANE thank you guys so freaking much!! i never thought that i would get this many followers, let alone reach 1K in itself. there are a few people, however that i would like to thank, specifically:

@marinedempsey : jordan!! you’re the first person i befriended after i created this side blog, and i’m so grateful! you are kind and intelligent and beautiful and have an amazing heart, and i hope that maybe one day you will be able to admire canadian men with me! (also KEEP SENDING ME YOUR HEADCANONS THEY ARE BOMB) thank you bby for supporting me, and just know that i’ve always got your back :) love you lots! <3 <3

@jxffatkins : EMMA!! MY STEVE CARRELL HOMEBOI! we haven’t been talking a lot, but you literally hype my day up so much and i absolutely love that. talking to you is acc a pretty lit time and i have founD THE ONE PERSON WHO LOVES THE OFFICE AS MUCH AS I DO! <3

@hollandrdoen : stav, you are amazing and i love you and i know that we only started talking like two days ago but i don’t care because i love the fact that i can rant to you about school! and your tumblr is amazing and you share two of my main interests; 13 reasons why AND teen wolf! thank you for supporting me! <3

and ESPECIALLY, thank you to all of you guys! each and every one of you are super important to me, and since my blog seems to be pretty popular, i’ll try to post more original content for everyone :) i’m sorry that school gets in the way of my presence on here, and thank you all for being so patient with my super slow ass lol. LOVE YOU ALL TO INFINITY AND BACK!

- vi <3


seeing all the reblogs where people tag other people to see my posts feels really nice. It’s so nice that you would think of your friends when you see my art so you would tag them to show them my art too. that feeling of friendship and sharing is really heartwarming. I kinda miss having a personal blog on tumblr now but I guess that’s why I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I get to talk to friends and so many people who enjoy my art so easily and freely there. This tumblr blog is supposed to be just an art blog so I don’t really wanna put text posts here but I miss having a personal blog on tumblr to just reblog my friends art, things I like, talk to people and other stuff.
I’ll probably make a personal blog on tumblr again in the future but hey, if you have a Twitter account feel free to tweet at me @ cactuskhee (my main twitter) or @ cawoshin (my dr twitter). I love talking and meeting new people especially when I get to thank the people who enjoy my art so much. It’s really motivating and I love talking about the things I love with others
Anyway, thanks everyone for following! Reaching +1K followers on tumblr already so quickly is a little embarrassing but I’m really happy so many people have found my new tumblr and like what I draw! I’ll keep doing my best so i hope that you’ll continue to support me! -khee❤️

Thank you for 1000 followers!!!

Earlier this month I was super happy to find that domestic-hisoka has reached the 1K milestone!!!

I made this blog as just a bit of fun a few months back… and it turns out a lot of people really want to see hisoka doing the housework!

Even though I don’t update as regularly as I initially planned and have quite a few asks piled up, I appreciate all of you lovely people so much for making running this blog a fun experience!!

(I decided to do a little drawing for everyone instead of the usual silliness cause I felt that pasting hisoka’s face on a shutterstock image wouldn’t quite get across how much I appreciate all of you ♡♡♡)

Thank you again and I hope you all stick around to keep hisoka busy in his domestic life ♡