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request by anon:

 I’ve got some incredibly important exams coming up in two weeks and the pressure is getting to me a little bit, could you please write a scenario of Jungkook catching me (girlfriend a year younger than him) overworking and stopping me to calm me down and pamper me please? 


Jungkook twisted the doorknob and pushed the door – lights from living room shone at his face. He turned around, the weather outside where dark, only a few lamppost were shining at the road. It was night. He looked at his wristwatch, 2:00 a.m, it says.

He let out a sigh, “jagiya. Are you still awake?”

Hearing his voice, you jolted your head upwards, away from the book. “Yeah, I’m right here,” you replied as you got up and searched for Jungkook, your boyfriend.

Just as I had expected, Jungkook said to himself. “’You’re still studying?” he asked and pulled you into a hug, like he always does. You nodded in the hug. You heard him sigh softly.

“Let’s go to sleep. I’m tired,” he pulled your hands, guiding both of you and him towards the bedroom.

“I can’t. I need to study again tonight. You know how important my exam is,” you spoke softly, letting go of his arm, turned and walked back toward the living room, where you books were scattered everywhere – the floor, the table, and even the chair. This showed that how much you tried so hard to study to pass the exam.

“Aw, jagiya. You’ve been sleeping late for the past few weeks. And the exam is like one week more. What is there to be worried?” he walked lazily towards you while whining.

 “Oppa, you don’t understand. This exam is important,” you emphasised the word important. “If you want to sleep, then go. I’m not tired yet,” you continued. You sat on the chair, picked up a book, and start studying again, ignoring the fact that Jungkook is still standing there with a frown on his face.

This is why you don’t like Jungkook coming home late. He would always tell you to sleep early and think about the exam and others things. But you still neglected his nagging and continued your revision.

You heard a screech sound from a chair being pulled. Looking up, you noticed Jungkook sitting in front of you, across the table. You gave him a questioned look, which were replied with a shrug and a just-do-you-thing face. You rolled your eye in annoyance and continued reading although you felt Jungkook eye looking at you, piercing a hole.

A few minute past, when you felt that Jungkook would be sleeping on the table, you pulled you books down and almost had a heart attack “The hell,” you cursed, shock seeing Jungkook is still staring at you – wide eye, not to mention it was red right now – he looked like a ghost.

You almost fell from your chair, but manage to hold the end of the table at the last minute. You let out a sigh of relief, “Thank god that was close.” After finishing putting yourself together, you glared at Jungkook - the person that responsible from your slight fall.

In your mind you were thinking: who the hell thought him that, being weird and scary. Oh wait, there Taehyung oppa. Yeah, he’s the cause, teaching the maknae weird things.

Again, you let out your breath and told him to go to bed without you but he sternly said no. At this point, you were starting to get annoyed at his stubborn behaviour. You’re already stressing about the exam and were pressured to study, and well, Jungkook is just making thing worst – putting fire onto the flame.

You slammed your book shut and gathered the things around you harshly. Without saying a word, you stole glance at him while getting the book. Jungkook was blankly staring at your action – as if he doesn’t care. You huffed loudly, wanting him to notice you.

Seeing the emotionless him, you turned around to go to another room to study alone – away from him. You movement were stopped immediately. Jungkook had grabbed onto your arm, softly, but firm.

“Oppa, I need to study. Can’t you let go of my arm.” You tried to pull away, but it just made him gripped tighter. “Yah, I said let go- ,” your words were left hanging when Jungkook, who was standing in front of you, pulled you into a hug, soothing your back and played with the end of your hair. He knew by doing this, it would melt you, making you flustered and a lot more relax.

“Your hair is always beautiful,” he mumbled, giving compliments while still in the hug. You didn’t reply. “I love you. You know that right? That’s why I’m doing this. I don’t want you to be tired or me worrying about you,” he confided and pulled away, looking at your eyes, trying to convince you.

 “I know. And I love you too.”

He smile and you mirrored his action. You reached out your hand and touch his cheek, “I love your smile. It’s beautiful.”

“Now, let’s go to bed. We got a long day tomorrow.”

You nodded and followed him toward the bedroom, hands intertwined together. Without noticing, your lips curled into a sweet smile. This is why Jungkook oppa always stay by my side. Being the hero of my life, you mind tell you.



i hope i’m not too late to post this. Anon, good luck on your exam. i hope the best for you and everyone else. Hwaiting!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ikon B.I and Bobby. they are just so special, idk, but i like them and the other Ikon member too. i’m thinking about writing a scenario for them, but had run out of idea. anyone, please help me!?! BTS is still got a place in my heart though.

see, they look so cute and charismatic together. Double B!