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Thank you so much for sending this and I’m sorry for taking so long!!<3 5: Things you didn’t say at all.

Anakin crowds him against the wall and kisses him with everything he has to offer and with his heart on his sleeve. Obi-Wan is surprised and he wishes that this moment didn’t have to end.

And, for a moment, Obi-Wan lets himself imagine it, and he kisses him back.

He lets himself imagine what their life could be like for a moment. He imagines that he is that they could have this. Anakin Skywalker young and in love Imagines that he could give Anakin everything he wanted and deserved. He lets himself imagine what loving him could be like.

And for a moment, everything is perfect and they are blissfully happy.

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I love spooky shit all year round, so to all of my followers answer this: Do you believe in ghosts? If your answer is yes, why? It can be a fun little thing we have if enough people participate. If you have a ghost story send it to me. I’m always in the mood for a good scary story. I will be sharing these stories on my blog unless you tell me otherwise.

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


NEW VIDEO: “A Matter of Life or Death: LGBTQ+ Refugees”: Being LGBTQ+ in the United States can definitely be difficult, but in some countries around the world you can go to jail or even be killed if you are out of the closet. For part 5 of my Pride Month series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience,” I met two incredible members of our community, Shadi (from Syria) and Sharifa (from Uganda) who went to incredible lengths to flee their home countries to avoid persecution. You’ll love them.


The Adventure Zone Episode 67 Animatic

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