i hope you like it ( ; ᴗ ; )


★ It’s finally done! Yay! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧* I hope you like this video!

we-anime-trash  asked:

I FUCKING LOVE YOUR ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE HOW CAN U BE SO good, i wish that one day i can aspire to have your abilities tbh! lit my goals, I love your Drrr!! animations / art / anything you draw tbh, and you need to know how freaking cool you are, pls keep on making art

Thank you very much! I really enjoy animating and drawing, so of course I will keep on doing that. I hope you’ll keep on drawing too (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ 

your-local-sassy-gay-eridan  asked:

((its sad because i cant find a submit thing on your page so i have to tag u, and hope you find it))

Ah. YEA. dah submit stuff? ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

in fact, is a bug on mah blog but….

it’s blank.. BUT THERE. :

dunno why. wahn day dah submit stuff just. disappeared. like ok. bye?! can i click on it tho’?

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I just wanted to give you my thanks for running this blog in the way you do. Your responses are always so positive and regardless of the character/ships you always leave nice tidbits in your tags about fanart of them. The DSP fandom is a really negative environment sometimes but people like you who dedicate themselves with a positive outlook make everything worthwhile. Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Hi!(˶′ ᴗ ′˶)
Honestly, thank you so much!! I really appreciate that you were taking your time to write me this kind words! (´;ω;`)
Even more now, since lately I often struggle with myself if I should keep running it. But lovely people like you make me stay!  (ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ)
So thanks again! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day/night as well! (*˙︶˙*)ノ   

anonymous asked:

lol idk if you're still answering but what are some countries you would like to see personified next by himaruya?

Very good inquiry, anon! (´ ᴗ`✿)

It would be great if we were to see the rest of Europe (as it has been Himaruya’s major point of focus for the last decade or so) 

It would be very nice if we would see more of the supposed Croatia, as well as other former-Yugoslav countries that haven’t been designed yet!

I wish Himaruya would pay attention to South America and the rest of Africa as well…(╯︵╰,)

60 countries is never enough, Hima.

I have high hopes for this man and I know he’s capable of doing it right and accurately, since he’s qualified to handle historical, cultural (and sometimes political) matters in a way that shouldn’t be deemed offensive - he’s doing all he can to be correct in all he says and writes, and had gradually changed the aspect of Hetalia from stereotype (The original webcomic and the Axis Powers manga volumes) to solid fact (World ☆ Stars serialization) which to me seemed like the wisest change that Himaruya has done to his most popular work.

Keep at it, Hima!~ We love you for what you do for us, and your striking intelligence is what we admire most.

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hi Dani! This is going to seem weird probably, but you've kind of become my idol. I'm a 15 year old girl in my 10th grade year and I aspire to be so much like you. Thank you for being such a positive inspiration and influence always! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

that’s not weird at all! i’m actually insanely flattered my god… i never thought i’d hear that from somebody. i’m so glad you think i’m a positive influence! i hope i can keep it up and be somebody who deserves what you just said! thank you.

also good luck in grade 10! i remember those days… grade 10-11 really were the years i came into my own and became who i am today. everything changed for the better. i’m so excited for you, have fun this year! i’m here for you and wishing you so much luck.

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hello!! sick anon from earlier today!! I'm feeling much better now 😊 I loved all of those gifs. they were super precious and made me smile 💕💕 thank you so much!! 💕

aww i’m glad you’re feeling better and that you liked the gifs! ♡♡♡ hope you have a peaceful rest of the day, and any time! (﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡) take care!