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If you want some details,it’s not only an indie game. Like i said, it’s made by students of my school for their last year .It’s kinda their  final graduation project .

  it’s only a 20 minutes demo/prototype.   (sorry 8A8 )  (i guess, i’m pessimistic) There may not be anythin’ after this game. They certainly found a job now and can’t work on it together . 

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( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )


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Forever pt.3 (Saeyoung x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Saeyoung/MC -you
Summary: All of the desire that Saeyoung feels for MC leads to SMUT and SIN∠( ᐛ 」∠)_. 

And! He reassures Mc that he likes her just the way she is! (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)

Author’s Notes
: Ok so this took me a while to write, like look at it, it’s so long…(that’s what she said) but..god..I hope you guys like it. This is actually born from a request (the desire from Saeyoung -> SMUT) + a new request I got (MC feeling insecure because of her body). So I really hope you guys enjoy reading this! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Pt 1 PT 2  PT 3

The room was beautiful, bright and big. Let us change one thing though, the brightness – I dimmed the lights and set up the room while you were taking your long shower.

We arrived at the hotel a couple of hours ago and honestly it took me all of my strength not too take you in the car and I do think you noticed. Because you were playing the whole ride in the Limousine with your dress – pulled it up over your knees and started to take of your shoes and showed me your sexy legs, which looked stunning in white stockings. The hairdo you wore was now – because of all the dancing and your slight drunkenness disheveled, so you undid it and your shiny locks fell naturally and seeing you so messy yet seeing the whole you, made me uneasy, it made me feel unworthy. But I promised myself that I would prove to you that I can be the man that you deserve and need.

You looked at me, through all that messy hair and gave me a goofy lopsided smile and poked my cheek.

“I love you, you know?” you lulled, but I don’t think you even realize how much I love you, my sweetest. My body aches because off all of the love that I have stored up for you, it might be pouring out of me, if it was… would it heal the world and patch up all of its flaws? Would the love I feel for you save the world of all the pain?

Because that is how you make me feel – saved, healed and loved.

The messy, yet beautiful you leaned on my shoulder and you let out a small laugh. “I love you and all of your silly remarks, I love you, I love you so much Saeyoung.”

I let out a chuckle and tilt your head gently with my hand on your chin. Your lopsided smile is now gone and you are crimson red, your eyes are hazy and slightly glassy. Ah, look your eyes are completely swallowing me. You wait in anticipation and I pull you closer and give you a deep kiss, you moan sweetly in my mouth and leave me an opening. I softly and slowly prod my tongue against yours. Completely lost in all this lust, you melt into me. You are leaning against me, trying to be steady and you pull away.

Breathlessly you speak up “Your kisses always make me so dizzy.”

Beloved, you are the one who makes it so hard for me to hold back.

Finally we arrive at the hotel, we rush to our room, while holding each other’s hands. We are by now running, touching each other as we go, in your free hand you are holding your shoes.

My love, my beautiful space princess. While we are running the corridors you stop in front of the door and show me the number 707 and you start to giggle like a child.

»Was this your plan, cutie?« and you only nod and type the code and pull me inside.

But what you did next surprised me…you pushed me on the bed and smiled mischievously.  

Then all of a sudden you were on top of me, you came closer, slowly you were near my ear.

“Wait here, I need to prepare for this occasion.”

Dumbfounded you left me…alone on the bed.

Sometime later, I was still alone on the bed and I sighed to myself.

God darn it, she said she wanted some alone time, so that she could prepare for this night, but quite frankly I could take her with or without any preparations…No matter what she wore, how styled her hair was or how much make up she wore…to me she was perfect in every single way.
She said she wanted some alone time, so that she could prepare for this night, but quite frankly I could take her with or without any preparations…No matter what she wore, how styled her hair was or how much make up she wore…to me she was perfect in every single way. 
I often noticed how she fumbled with her clothes and hair, how hard she tried to look good…for me. It did make me happy that she worried but at the same time it pained me to see her that way, why wouldn’t she just realize that she didn’t need to worry about that.
Then I would even worry if maybe it was my fault, that she felt that way. 
Sometimes I even evaded touching her on the parts where she would flinch…but did she not know, how much I desired her?
Today and every day before that…I could barely contain myself, I always stopped myself before I could hurt her and make her hate me. But finally tonight she would become truly a part of me and I would be a part of her.
And then she makes it harder and wants to prepare herself?

I did know that it was her first time and I did want it to be special, that is why this hotel room is the way it is. Filled with flowers, the sheets made of silk and rose petal splayed on top of it, candles lit in safe distance…a sweet aroma filling the room.

I couldn’t take it anymore it has been 40 minutes and my groin is starting to hurt…what was she doing?!

In a frenzy I stood up and opened the bathroom door in which she stayed for all those painful 40 minutes

“MC, what is taking so long?!”

Then…there on the floor she sat with her bath towel covering her. She shuddered and seemed to be in tears?
Slowly I lean down to her and take her hands.
In a hushed voice and calmly I speak out “Hey, sweetheart, what is wrong? Are you alright?”

But she wouldn’t speak she only shook her head.
I came closer and she covered herself with her arms folded in front of her chest. Was she afraid?

I looked around to see if she hurt herself and saw….a bag from a negligee store and the contents of it thrown into a corner…
Ah…I understand.

In a second I came closer and picked her up and carried her to the bed.

“This ends now.” I exclaim as I put her on the bed.

A look of horror on her face.

“This. ” I point at her body.
“And this and all of this. And every small thing that makes you – YOU is perfect!”

As I yell the last part out I pull her closer by her waist then I lay her down, next I slowly hover over her. I gaze deeply into her eyes and try to say the next words with as much confidence as I can.
“You are perfect. In my eyes, every inch of you, your beautiful body, every small part of you, even those things you call flaws - you are perfect in my eyes. I love how you, worry about such things, but I don’t ever want you to think, that to me you are not enough. You are so much more, your body either with stretch marks, small rolls or whatever you call them, I love it all!”

By now I was almost yelling, but you, you wore such a goofy expression, your eyes were shimmering and you started to laugh and then you enveloped me in an awkward hug. Awkward, only because you were,…well for the most part naked.

Then you sighed out and pushed me away.

“Saeyoung, I do want you. I want you so much, my whole body is tingly and weird, but as I was in the bathroom all I could think of was how I wish that I was fresh and clean .That my body wasn’t filled with sin. So that there were no marks on my soul. My heart is crumbling and my lungs are heaving with every breath I take. And you pour all of your sweetness on my heart and it’s all sticky like caramel and soon my heart is covered with it whole. My brain is fuzzy and I can hardly think, all I see are my flaws and I don’t want to be like that, because before you I didn’t know what happiness feels like. But now, now I do.” As you finish you brush your hand against my cheek, but with all of those words…I can’t hold back anymore, I push your hands up above your head.

“No more words, no more explaining, I want you…NOW!”

At that I crush my lips against yours and you breathe me in, the passion has built up over the past few weeks. The longing we felt, how much we craved each other touch. I realize how hard I made it for you, to push you away, to make you feel like you were hated, but honestly I hate myself for it.

I release your hands and slowly kiss your neck, my sanity is long gone and I take a small nibble at your earlobe.

You are squirming underneath me, panting, begging me to continue.



Seeing Saeyoung above me, being dominant and his eyes filled with hunger, hunger for me … it awakened something in me. Something animalistic. As he starts to nibble on my ear, I can’t hold back anymore, I want him, I want him..I want him.

I push myself up and kiss him back, I don’t want to lead, I just want him to take of his clothes. I start to undress him and he only smiles against my lips. How cheeky, how adorable and sexy. He then gently pushes me away and in a painfully slow motion takes his shirt off. I don’t know why, but just that image of him on his knees above me, with his shirt off, made my mind go blank and my stomach make wild turns, it was starting to get hot and by now I was grasping the sheets. He bit his lip seductively and pushed me down so now he was only an inch away from me.

“Tell me, do you find me attractive, do you think I’m sexy?” He asked, while wearing the most seductive smile, I have ever seen. And as I was just about to answer, he let out a chuckle and started to laugh, which in itself made me laugh.

“This is going to be really hard.”

“You mean just as hard as you are?”

And then we laughed even more.

Finally we recovered from all the laughing and being us, we continued. But now, I wanted to lead. So I started to undo his pants and he helped me take them off, I kissed him and planted kisses from his neck to his belly. I slowly kissed him all around his stomach. AS I was just above his center I slowly kissed all around it, I kissed his inner thighs, I kissed near it but never kissed it directly.

Then I licked the palm of my hand and started to pump him, he was already wet just by himself, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurting him. I slowly went closer with my head to the tip of his member and smiled up at him.

“D-don’t t-tease meee, ppp-please.” I enjoyed him, being so weak under my touch but I complied and licked his tip, he started to shiver, his head leaned back and he let out a “f-fuck” moan/noise. By now his member was twitching as I licked it teasingly, then I licked him from top to bottom, mischievously I licked him and it made me feel so good, seeing him like this. Suddenly his hands were resting on my head, at first he was only petting me gently in a way as if he was praising me, how good of a girl I was. But as I was probably, being a little too mean, he pushed my head and his member was in my mouth, he started to move his hips at first slowly and after a while more daringly and deeply into me and I loved it, I loved how he moaned, how loud he was and how I made him feel. I could hardly breathe but, as he heard how I moaned in pleasure, just by giving him head, he started to moan even louder, he was saying my name over and over again, then he looked down at me. Those hungry eyes, that desire, I felt it in my core.  Just that look felt so good that my whole mind began to turn hazy.

I held on to his hips with one hand and with the other, I tried to pleasure myself. I was feeling frustrated I wanted to feel him in another hole, throbbing and hot. As though he noticed, he pulled out and smiled at me. “Good girl. Now my turn.”

He turned me on all fours and without a warning started to lick at my entering, his hands were grabbing my backside and with the sounds he was making, like he was truly enjoying pleasuring me, well that was the thing that made me go even wilder, I held on to the sheets and moaned out his name “Sa-saeyoung, please…”

I was trying so hard, to tell him to stop, it was a feeling I felt for the first time and It made me feel as if I was floating.

Only his humming noises of appraisal could be heard as he was eating me out and enjoying every minute of it, then he continued while using his finger, gently pumping in and out, I heard him take a deep breath and he spoke up “You taste better than honey butter chips, sweetie.” At that moment I had to bite into the pillow, because I was starting to feel something in me built up and I felt how my walls were clenching his finger and at that he only let out a low growl and bit my backside.

He pulled his finger out, I looked back at him and let out a moan of frustration built he only teased me more, by licking all of me off of his finger.

“Well are you ready? Ready for me to take you to see the stars?”

He didn’t wait for my reply, he only positioned himself near me and rubbed a few times against me and then he pushed inside, slowly and it didn’t hurt at all.

It felt like all the buildup I had inside of me was being released, we both took a while to get back to planet earth, since just by him inserting himself into me, felt so, so good, we both only let out a loud “aaaah”.

Then he took hold of my hips and started to move, as he felt that I was very, very wet for him, he started to pound harder into me.

With every thrust I felt him near, there where it felt as though I could finally feel my release, as if he knew he only teased me. I pounded my hands against the mattress, with ever thrust he made, it felt good, but my body knew exactly what it wanted.

So I turned to him and pleaded

“Saeyoung, p-please, harder.”

He was all covered in a layer of sweat, his muscles were now more visible and the way his hands were grabbing me – all of the veins being visible, how his muscles were flexed and how he bit his lip in ecstasy, my whole body shivered from my back to my head. He winked at me and pulled me by my hair. He was starting to get rough, he yanked me up looked at me and said.

“Tell me exactly how you want it.” At that his thrust were just one sudden movement, but I needed for him to thrust in motion, deeper to hit there.

“Fuck me, fuck me deep, please.”

At that he growled, took both of my arms and started to pound in me, uncontrollably, hard and with so much build up frustration.

It was wild, I smelled him and myself, all of it mixing up together, I felt how wet we were all over our body’s how my hair clung to me, how I heard the pounding of flesh and him moaning.

Then there it was, that sudden movement, that sudden motion he made, finally made my vision go white and I became numb, all I felt was this lightheaded feeling and this sudden, yet blissful relief. Right after me I felt how he twitched against me and how his hot fluids poured into me. He plopped himself right down on me and started to kiss my head.

Breathlessly he cried out with a big smile on his face “To infinity and beyond!”

I only laughed and replied “I love you too, you dork.”

you’re still my werepuppy (isaac lahey one-shot)

Originally posted by hottguycelebs

Summary: It’s mortifying when the boy you like suddenly can’t stand to be near you.

Pairing: Isaac x OC

Rating: cute (◕ᴗ◕✿) 

This second part was requested by kalajmic.​ You can read the first part here.

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Carry me (Saeran x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Rating : M
Mentions of abuse (nothing graphic!)
Summary: AU where all of the RFA are completely obsessed with MC the princess of the story, they become so very obsessed with her that they keep her in a golden cage. The RFA is the bad guy and the MC is tormented by each and every one in the RFA. Until her prince comes and saves her. Or at least tries to. 

Author’s Notes: Haaa…this is an idea I had for a while now (because Saeran always calls MC princess) - so I thought what if…Saeran was right and the RFA was bad and he was the good guy from the beginning? I really enjoy this Idea, I actually am really, really excited!(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ Small warning though, there are mentions of abuse, nothing graphic. I truly hope you will like this series and enjoy reading it!₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡


While you sleep, dream of me. I will be keeping all those memories, hidden deeply in my heart. No one can take away those moments we shared, no one can take away the memories of you beneath my body, your shivering body, your gasps and how sweet your voice sounded as you called out my name, over and over again.

Throughout the night you whispered softly to me “Take me away, free me from here. My prince, carry me to a better life.”

In your eyes I saw how strongly you believed that I was a prince, how you were lost in your own world, believing any word I uttered. And how stupid I was for trying to give you the world. But you know my lovely princess, I would say those words over and over again, if it meant that you would become mine.

So it was no wonder, that as I saw how you longed to flee from that gold cage they made for you. How perfect it all seemed to be, but how broken it actually was – it was all hidden so perfectly. Except, they never would have guessed, that their prize, their lovely princess would try to break free.

The princess … was never as naïve as they thought she was. Silly how they just declared her to be the new Rika, how quickly they obsessed over the little miss. How they never truly cared for who she actually was, how in the long run, she even forgot about who she actually was.

But the princess waited patiently, she waited and waited in the dark castle filled with lies and dark, twisted love.

Everyone in the organization, that she thought of as her friend … in the end turned out to be the one who controlled her and molded her to their liking.

The innocent Yoosung Kim, who tried so many times to change her into Rika, who was blind to see the person who she was, who tried to dye her hair, make her wear contacts and who never let her talk to other guys out of the RFA. The lovely Jaehee, who always wanted a friend that would understand, found someone she could vent to, a doll that never spoke back, someone who would only listen and nod and here and there give words of encouragement. But did she ever try to listen to the pleas of the small princess? Of course not, there never was time for that. So the princess shut herself down, she was merely a puppet. How about Zen? He loved how she only smiled and encouraged him, he loved how she would nod at his narcissism and how easily he could take her at any moment, she could hardly say no to someone as handsome as him, right?

Then Jumin Han, who took every opportunity he could to have her near him and the perfect plan was, to make him her home assistant, to insure that she was there where he could see her. He was lucky, for there were still small glimpses of her true self there, when he fell for her. Out of all of them, he saw the most of who she was. That smile she gave him was true, the words she spoke to him, how she believed in him and all those tasks she did, she did them because strangely enough, there she felt safe. Even if he was completely obsessed with her and even if he was so scared to lose her, she felt safe in his arms. Strangely enough she grew to love him.

But this story is not a story about them, so you might have guessed, something in Jumin snapped and he changed. His gentle gaze turned to a crazed one, his soft kisses grew to be hungry and rough kisses, those careful touches; that she loved so much, were now exchanged for bruises on her delicate body. It was only to discipline her, it was to keep her close. He trained her, he made her learn new things, he made her look a certain way, behave properly and like a wonderful lady, while also whimper beneath his touch and be his personal slave.

Well, dear ol’ 707 did nothing, he felt as if she was safer with all that abuse, he soon helped his friends out. He thought that she was brought to them for that reason alone, to be used by them, to give them some sort of comfort and well, since she never complained to anyone, she probably liked it, no?

Therefore it is no wonder that they decided to share her. But on the condition that she would remain in, well in a cage. It was for her safety, she was safe behind that big golden cage that resembled a bird’s cage, it was intricate with its golden details of flowers and birds, but the most beautiful creation remained locked behind bars.

And she believed, that they loved her, somewhere inside of them, they would know, they had to know, and that it was wrong what they did to her.

With time all of them grew to be more and more violent, they did not hurt her with just words, but with their hands, whips, what they could find. They stopped when it was too much, they held her close when she started to shed tears.

After a while the small bird, stopped to sing. She was only a shadow of her former self. She was always dressed beautifully, seated amongst the loveliest things money could buy. A wonderful doll she became to be.

She still smiled, even if her eyes were dead, she still smiled. But they liked her that way, she was safe and she was theirs.

At nights, when no one saw her, when they all left her to rest up, she couldn’t sleep. It was at those times, all of her came alive and started to gasp for air, she felt how all the pain she swallowed was hurting in her chest, how the weight sat deep in her tummy, how it burned to breathe and how she couldn’t even scream out. How she hated herself for what she became was something she never wanted to be. But it was too late for her, she would probably perish by the hand of one of them. Maybe then she would find peace.

Not one member knew of her grief, if they did, she was sure that they would hurt her and restrict her even more. Well, one was quite aware of what she was going through, and even if it did remind him of his childhood, he thought that she is at least…safe. Right?

She will never be safe. Not if she is to stay in a cage.

But ladies and gentleman, here comes the hero, the one who will save our princess.

She is a damsel in distress and I am the who will save her and punish everyone that made her go through so much anguish.

The night is still, not a mouse can be heard in this big estate, ah! You might ask, but where is the princess? You see, she was hidden in a castle. What a silly idea? Well a princess deserves a castle, doesn’t she, a castle where the golden cage wouldn’t look that out of place. The castle was safely hidden in the woods in the same woods where my hideout was. The one place I call home.

It took me quite a while to be able to go through the security they put up, but well I am no fool. There was a flaw in the system, so small and unnoticeable that it made everything possible. Climbing over the gates, opening the gates, while the cameras were frozen, and through the hall and just a few steps there was the huge cage and in the back, hidden with flowers and pillows were you, awake, simply staring at me. You truly looked perfect, your long silky hair, cascading like waves, your complexion was pale, your lips were rose red, but your eyes were far too dead. But I would soon change that.

With a simple pin I opened your cage and walked towards you, your eyes started to look more alive then. I crouched down and looked you in the eyes. “Princess, I am sorry that it took me such a long while to come and save you.”

You blinked a few times and in all those months of confinement and not speaking for such a long while all you could muster with your soft voice was: “Thank you.”

I stretched out my hand in a sign for you to lay yours on top of it. “Come, we must go.” But you wouldn’t move, you didn’t do anything.

Then you simply pulled up your dress, showing me your legs, which were wrapped in bandages.

“Broken.” You uttered.

Hate, hate, so much hate was burning inside of me. I was clenching my jaw, there was no way I could carry you over the gate. There was no way, you would be able to make it. 

Not today.

Not … today.

I sank to the ground and held my head, I planned it all, how I would save you, and how you would be free. But never could I have guessed that they would literally break you! Then I felt how gently you put your hand on my head and as I looked up, I swear by all the gods humans believe in, your smile was astonishingly breathtaking. You smiled with such serenity and spoke.

“You will save me, won’t you, my prince?”

I vowed then at there that I would save you and if it was the last I would do.

But until your wounds healed, I would visit you and at those times you told me, your story.

One day, as I came by and as your complexion was healthier, your eyes shone brighter and as you welcomed me with such joy, I instantly melted, but as you called my name, I was about to break down.

“Sa-saeran! Today, I will share with you my secrets!” So I sat there next to you and you began to tell me how you were made. You explained that in the beginning, you were a small dying star, soon to find their end. But then a man came, a strange looking man, he called himself the wizard. He told you of these people who wished dearly to be saved, who wanted to be free, happy and joyful. But their wishes weren’t pure enough, so he couldn’t make them ALL happy. So he came with a request, he would save you and make you a mortal woman. Well you were maybe stronger that the average, but human nonetheless. So, what you would do – you would make them happy no matter what. If you belonged to one, so be it. 

“Wait, but you didn’t gain anything so far. Or did you?” 

At that you simply smiled and looked into the distance. “You see, stars can live for a very long while, we see many things but we don’t experience them, naturally I welcomed the offer. But the wizard promised me, if it was too much, someone would save me.”

Someone? Was that meant to be me?

As I pondered that question, I suddenly heard a car outside. Oh no, if I would be found, neither of us would live. As I looked to my princess she didn’t look scared or frightened, she looked strong and with that she grasped my hand and said,

“Go, flee from here, my darling knight so that you can come back and save me!” With her last words for the day, I leaned to her and kissed her forehead.

“Be safe, princess.”

I ran into the night, this can’t be the end. For our journey has only begun and I vowed to protect her. I jumped over the fence, ran through the woods and I ran and ran as fast as I could, for the only image keeping me alive was her face, her face as she smiled at me.

But as a figure appeared in front of me – a figure that could mean the end for us, I wasn’t so sure, I could keep my promise anymore.

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Seeing as a lot of my followers want to learn Norwegian due to Skam, I figured we could kick-start the vocab-lessons with a list of common spices in Norwegian, in honor of oh-boy-you-know-which-couple. Sooo let’s just get right to it!

Krydder - Spice/spices

Allehånde - Allspice
Anis - Anise
Basilikum - Basil
Dill - Dill
Einerbær - Juniper berry 
Estragon - Tarragon
Gressløk - Chives
Ingefær - Ginger
Kanel -  Cinnamon
Kapers - Caper
Kardemomme - Cardamom
Karri - Curry powder
Karve - Caraway
Koriander - Coriander
Laurbærblad - Bay leaf
Muskat - Nutmeg
Nellik (Kryddernellik) - Clove
Oregano - Oregano
Paprikapulver - Paprika
Salt - Salt
Svart pepper (Sort pepper) - Black pepper
Rosmarin - Rosemary
Safran - Saffron
Stjerneanis - Star anise
Timian - Thyme
Valmuefrø -  Poppy seeds
Vanilje (Vaniljestang) - Vanilla (Vanilla bean)


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Be mine pt 2 (Saeran x MC)

So here is the FULL part 2! (Mine pt 2 was only a short teaser)(°◡°♡).:。

Be mine pt 1

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Summary: Part 2 of the Be mine series. This series is the Saeran’s POV and what would happen if he fell in love with MC.

Author’s Notes: I really love Saeran and I did almost cry while writing this. Hope you like it, sweeties! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) 

The plan was too catch you, to somehow – one way or the other convince you to go to the apartment. But … somehow, you didn’t play along. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sky was clear, I love such days… You were in a Café, trying to download some weird game or app, so I thought it was best to hack into your phone and deal with you in that way.

For someone like me, that was child’s play. All the years learning how to hack, all those boring books and torturous hours spent in front of the computer would now finally show some grand results.

Thankfully, I decided to be near you when I contacted you – that way I could make sure, that everything was moving according to plan.
I was sitting two tables away from you, where I could clearly see your face. Even if I saw it through all the pictures that the savior gave me, in person you were breathtakingly beautiful. You seemed so engrossed in your phone, it was as if you built up a wall or as if you lived in a bubble, so in a way no one could intrude. You wore such a carefree smile and the way you giggled at simple things was adorable. You noticing the small dog outside of the cafe, a song you liked playing on the radio and you beating a level on the phone, all these simple things made you happy.

Simple and small things made you tremendously happy. So I concluded, that you might be … a little dense or naive. Therefore I was convinced that my plan would most definitely succeed. But, I typed out the message, asking you for your help, but all you wrote was a simple “no”.
It took me so much strength not to burst out in anger, so when I calmed myself down I typed out. 

“Please, you are the only one who can help me.”

Your next answer surprised me.

“If you want something from me, why not ask me personally, white haired mystery guy?”

Then I looked up and our eyes met and you smiled. You wore such a silly smile and in the next moment you showed me your..tongue? So childish. How old were you? But if I ever had to confessed, your childish behavior did make me chuckle.

But, wait? Wait a second. How in the world? How did you know it was me that was writing you, I assumed that you were dense? I assumed my plan would work. It was SUPPOSED to work. How can a silly girl, such as you, trick me this way?

Then in the next moment the phone vibrated.

“Come sit next to me. Let us talk.”

Everything I had to endure, every time I had to take the medicine, go through extensive special training and all that BS. Nothing of that prepared me for this.
Nothing could have prepared me for – you being so insufferable and so childish.

While I stared at your text, I heard footsteps coming closer to my table, so I looked up – with as much hate as I could muster – and there was you. Standing in front of me and looking down on me. But I didn’t feel threatened or scared, neither annoyed. You were close to me and that was all that mattered.

“Since you didn’t seem to be moving to my table, I decided it was for the best to just, you know, take the initiative and walk right into your arms.” 

A small laugh escaped your lips and you seated yourself right next to me.
A sweet smell soon drafted towards me – it was coming from you. It reminded me of something familiar and nostalgic, my heart squeezed at that and I felt sick but at the same time it was comforting and soothing. I glared at you, I just couldn’t control my emotions very well, and everything was new to me. 

Going out was new, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to talk to other people – aside from the people in the organization.

“How the f*, did you know it was me, ugly?”

Your eyes widened at that. Did I offend you? I was already cursing at myself in my mind, but in the next moment, you burst out in laughter.
You were holding your stomach and you were in tears. 

What is happening? Were you suffering, did my comment hurt you so much, that you couldn’t control your body anymore? I was in panic, you were hitting the table and your knees, your head lolled back and your tears were spilling out, more and more

“Are you in pain? Did I hurt you?” I asked in a panicked voice, subconsciously I lifted my hand and tried to comfort you, though I did feel scared because– something like me, something as dirty and weak like me could hurt something as pure and delicate as you. Then you calmed down, instantly, you were out of breath but you just shook you head and answered.

“I am perfectly fine, it has been ages, since I laughed so much. Thank you …erm…Unknown?” I could hear you were trying hard not to laugh at my name in the app.

“I didn’t want to reveal my identity so I chose something ….ordinary.” 

You stared at me at that and poked my cheeks.

“Don’t need to blush so hard, sweetie. I was just teasing you a little. So tell me, what do you need me for and we should probably introduce ourselves. And I do mean our real names not some silly made up ones. If you want and need my help you should just come clean and tell me who you are.”

The audacity. Such rude behavior. You were rude, had no self-awareness, you didn’t know simple boundaries, you intruded into my personal space as if it was your own…. as if we were…friends.

I wanted to stare at you and make you feel scared, but as I did look at you, you were leaning on your hand and smiling in such a comforting way, I forgot my anger and I wanted…wanted to be kind to you. I wanted to be kind at least to you. Since I wanted you to be..to become one day, mine. You seemed so pure and so sweet. That is why I decided to speak up.

“Sa…Saeran.” I mumbled, while looking down. How I hated that name, how I hated being associated with him, but as I said it, as I said my name to you … it didn’t taste as bitter as it used to.

“Hmmm, Saeran.” And as you said my name out loud in that sweet sing song voice, my heart skipped a beat, I felt hot and weird. But I liked how it made me feel. It made me feel alive.
Then I felt a hand on my head. And while I peeked up, you ruffled my hair and giggled.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? I am MC, but you can call me whatever you like.”
I swatted at your hand but you were faster than me and removed it, suddenly as you removed your hand, I felt lonely?
I took a deep breath and tried to form words, how should I tell you to do something that might harm you. You would surely get attached to those RFA idiots and then you would destroy me and the plan. But I wanted you. I wanted you to want me and be with me.
Wanting you, let me forget all about that person. About him. How he betrayed me.

“I need you, to go to the address, which I send you. You need to join an organization.”
I heard you hum and how you tapped your feet and at the next moment you took hold of my hand and smiled.

“Let us go to the park and discuss it there ok? The weather is so nice it would be a shame to sit inside. I promise, after we can do whatever you want Saeran”

Honestly, I couldn’t care less for my plan at that moment, if it meant being with you. I could just escape from everything with you and start anew.
So I nodded and let you hold my hand and guide me to the park.
We sat at a bench, we talked. Surprisingly, I talked more than you.
I told you as much as I could and as I finished you smiled, but your face was wet from all the tears you spilled.

“Stop it. Stop doing that!?” I yelled at you, I didn’t know if you were teasing me or what it meant. But you just took my hand, squeezed it tight and shook your head.

“I am just crying, since you already have cried so much, you can’t cry no more. I am crying for you. Because, no one deserves what you lived through.”

A lump, a big lump in my throat and something clenching at my heart and stomach, it hurt so bad. At that moment you seemed so inviting so warm I just pulled you close to me and embraced you. Even if you said I could cry no more, I spilled tears and together we cried while embracing.

I felt your heart, your hot tears that you shed for me. I couldn’t let you go, not now. Not now that YOU seemed to heal me, make the haze in my mind go away.

                                                I NEED you to be mine.


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Only Mine (M)

WARNING: Jealousy, Language.

REQUEST: Jungkook’s gf (a 96 liner) still owns and uses things give to her from her previous boyfriend. Jungkook eventually gets jealous and shows her who “owns” her now.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Okay so the first time I wrote this my computer decided it wanted to crash on me, it hurts man. It’s so much better the second time to be honest. IT STILL HURT THOUGH.  ANYWAY Jungcock needs to stay in his lane, like honestly. Hope you all enjoy my first scenario <3 Tell me how I did!

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You had just returned to your shared apartment after a night at the bar with one of your friends from work. You only had one drink while your co-worker had several; you didn’t drink often but after hearing your co-worker had recently broken up with his girlfriend of three years. Simply put you felt bad for the big guy because losing your boyfriend, Jungkook, would destroy you too.

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Forget me not (V x MC) pt. 1

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: V x MC (you)
Rating: Fluff~ 
Summary: MC stumbles on V’s route~ they slowly fall for each other and they feel a certain attraction as though…they were meant to for each other. 

Authors note: I know, that I should publish Jumin’s pt 2. But I just felt like writing a new series with V ~, because he deserves love. 
This will probably have lots of parts and will probably turn into a long series. If the idea I have will turn out good~. 

Hope you like it!(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


To him, she was only a tool –»the chosen one«, something to help him get to Rika. She was worthless. He knew how bad that sounded, he knew that she would probably get hurt and he was aware, that during this path, she might get hurt and get her heart broken.

It has been a few days, since she was able to become a part of the rfa. By now she was supposed to get attached to someone, by now she was supposed to be someone’s sun, like Rika used to be his sun. Though she was kind, nice and understanding, there were no signs of her falling for anyone in the rfa.

He was sure it would be Jumin, his childhood friend. Because he slowly saw how through every chat, his old friend seemed to warm up to her and change. But she, was indifferent. He started to check up on her through the cameras, though his eyesight was bad, he could still see her. As he looked at her, watched her every day, he noticed the small things that made her unique.

How – even if she was strong and almost heroic in the chat room, she would still cry herself sometimes to sleep. How she looked scared, but pretended to be alright for these strangers that she knew only a couple of days. How she answered every call, replied to every chat and how quickly she stole everyone’s heart.

She was lovely. She truly was.

Every morning she woke up early, opened the balcony and stretched out her arms as far as she could. She was very diligent at everything she did. At exactly the same hour, she would exercise a little, then make breakfast. Afterwards she would go to the city, return home and work. She looked the most happy when she was cooking – though he noticed she always prepared too much for one person. At those moments – he saw how truly lonely she looked.

It was day 4, by now she should be on one of the routes.

But she wasn’t.

What she would do was, always inquire about him. Silly questions; “What does V like to eat?”, “What is V’s favorite colour?”, “How long has V photographed?”, “Do you think V is lonely?”.

One morning she called Jumin and she asked him all sorts of questions about V, how she wondered if there is something she could do for him. Jumin knew, that she started to develop feelings for him. He stepped back, swallowed his emotions and decided that it was time. Time for his friend to be free. Free from all the guilt he felt, free from grief and finally once again experience joy and happiness.

But how, how would he even let them meet? They had to meet before the party, but how was that possible? Her location was top secret and only Seven and V knew where she was plus V was harder to find than Waldo.

Would V care if she was in danger? Or would he brush it off and  as always and just disappear. A plan was made between Seven and Jumin. She was to be in desperate danger, someone was planing and attack on her. And all the while Seven could not get a hold of her phone, he could not see the cameras and how could he protect her, when all of the members went on a trip with Jumin?

Would he take the bait?

V received a call from Jumin, he sounded hectic, frantic. What is happening, what could make a man of steel - such as Jumin, sound so scared? At last he receives some information. No one can call her, her phone is dead, she is unreachable. Seven can’t see her through the cameras and they are getting threats from some organizations.

The name – is not Mint eye, so he gets worried.If it’s not Mint eye, who is it? What should he do? Does he even care for a simple girl – a tool for the greater picture?

While he is in thought, without noticing he is already running to her, he hung up on Jumin and just keeps on running. He waves at a taxi »Take me to this address, as quickly as possible! «. Frantically he says the name of the address, he starts to tap his fingers on his knees. He begs the gods, to protect her. Though he doesn’t even know which god to pray to and why he is even praying.

But he has no time to wonder, he just needs to see HER. No one else, but her.

 »Please be safe.«

Finally they are in front of the apartment. The taxi stops, he throws some money at the taxi driver and runs, no time for the elevator, he runs up the stairs. His mind is running wild, he runs and runs, each step is moving faster and faster. He comes to a halt, he is in front of the door now. Breathing heavily he starts to knock on the door. No answer, he hits on the door with his fist. Open, just open the door and please be safe. He thinks those thoughts all the while still hitting on the door. His breath is rigid, he can’t calm himself down. Why does he feel this way? Why does he care? Wasn’t she just a tool? 

“Ah, c’mon?! OPEN!!!”

When in one moment, suddenly the door opens and she stand there in front of him. She is fine. She looks ok, she looks safe.

She stands there in  a beige one-piece dress, her hair is loose and wild, her cheeks are red - she probably ran to the door, and on her face is a big smile.

And the he notices, her eyes –a honey golden hue. »Hello! How may I help you? Are you alright?« She chirps. Her voice is soft and sweet, filled with worry and hm, joy? He doesn’t even say anything, he doesn’t let her speak, he just grabs her by the wrist pulls her close to him and embraces her.

The breath he held in for so long, he finally lets out. He holds her close, he holds her hard.

He feels her arms envelop him and squeezing tightly. He smells her – she smells divine. Vanilla – and peaches? She smells sweet like a bakery. But why does she let him hold her?

»Are you V?«  A muffled question was heard, her head was nuzzled on his chest and he let out a small chuckle.

Slowly letting her go, he smiled down at her and nodded. »Yes, it’s me. I am sorry if I scared you, but you were unreachable on your phone?«

She smiled, took him by the hand and led him inside. »Why don’t you come on in?« She asked while slightly tilting her head to the side, slightly biting at her lower lip. Is that a sign of her being scared of rejection? How could he reject her offer? He did start to question her friendliness, how can she be so calm? But he just let her lead him inside.

He stumbled inside and he just couldn’t believe, how easily she wrapped herself around his heart. With such utter ease and with each smile she send his way, he felt himself warm up inside. From his clenching heart to every inch of his bones, to his toes and fingers. He was led inside the apartment, which he was used seeing from the past. But ever since she was inside it seemed different?

»Did you redecorate?« He asked silently while he was taking off his shoes.

A humming sound disappeared from her mouth and she gave him small a nod. »Ah, I did but only slightly. You see it seemed so bare and sterile in here. So I thought, some pictures, flowers and a nice fluffy carpet might help this place be more homely.« She turned around once, as though it wasn’t just the apartment that she was showing off, but also herself. »But, uhm, if you don’t like it, I can just, hm you know, put everything…« She started to wildly ramble and he could see a slight dust of pink on her cheeks, she was worried for his well being? Was she worried, that he might disapprove? How adorable.

Silly, silly girl. He took her hand to calm her down, but that only made her cheeks turn into a slightly deeper reddish colour. 

»I love…« he started and gazed into her eyes, a moment of silence passed, his heart clenched, and her gaze was directed at him – her gaze didn’t waver and he continued »what you did to this place, it’s very you, so refreshing and happy.«

A huge grin appeared on her face and she let out a tiny squeal. »That makes me so very, very happy! Ah, I made some lunch but I prepared too much would you, maybe, just maybe like to join me?«

Huh, so she did have a plan, did she? He wasn’t just invited inside without a proper reason. Ah, why not, what’s a small lunch between…..whatever they were.

»I would love to.« He replied as gently as he could.

In the next moment she urged him to the table, where he sat down and started to gaze around. She did an amazing job with the place. There were pictures of nature, of animals and…a cat? The carpets were colourful and fluffy. There seemed to be cushions everywhere he looked. It was all so cluttered, yet seemed so right. So colourful but so calming.

She skipped around and prepared all the dished in front of him. All were dishes he liked to eat. He looked at her, as she brought in the one thing he loved to eat the most and she grinned at him like a small child. He only chuckled and nodded. »So was the whole thing a scheme to get me to eat with you?« As he asked he tilted his head slightly and tried to look as angry as possible, might as well teach her a lesson. Yet, she did something he never expected her to do. She grabbed his face, defiantly looked him in the eyes and said: »Don’t you dare, lecture me V! I noticed how you squeezed my hand when I led you in, I saw how happy you were too see me. You ran to save me! If you did not care – someone else would be here and not you!«

She freed him from his grasp, sat across from him and pouted. He blinked a few times, tapped his finger on the table and started laughing. He laughed so loudly and freely, he couldn’t recall when the last time was when he laughed so much.

She was adorable, so child-like, innocent and stubborn. He could never imagine, meeting someone like her. As he laughed and as he was gripping at his sides, she too started to laugh. For the whole situation seemed so foreign and just silly. 

They did not even know each other – this was the first time they met. But how in the world, could they be so comfortable with each other, that they could touch one another, quarrel and just behave like they were old friends or even lovers?

At last they stopped laughing, she stretched out her hand on the table and he took it in his. It felt right, but it also scared him.

They enjoyed their meal, they talked, and they laughed. He even flirted with her and her rosy cheeks, made his heart swell up. After their meal, they cleaned up the dishes and it felt so right, to be standing next to her small frame. To see her humming and washing the dishes, to see her smiling and just being happy.

Oh, this was it wasn’t it?

He felt truly happy. Happy. Could, he be happy? Was it possible for him?

Their innocent moments were blissful and joyous, but for how long would they last?

For a danger not so far, was already preparing to rip them apart.