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a spirit au for @iwaizumi-hajiime!!! ⋋(◍’◊’◍)⋌

where oikawa is a forest spirit who iwachan hangs out with a lot. I can’t write so a mass drawing composed of them hanging out was created. hope you like it!! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

submission by strawhatparade
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AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

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( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )


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[ 13/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY • 09.10.16 ]
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DAY6 Reaction: You cuddle them in your sleep

Request:  Can I request how day6 would react to you cuddling them in your sleep? Thank you, I love seeing people write for day6 (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

A/N: Me too lovely, hope you enjoy! xx


Originally posted by lookwhaticreated

You and Jae had been having a late night movie marathon and somewhere between talking and trying to throw popcorn into each others mouths you had ended up asleep snuggled into his chest with your fingers idly tugging his shirt. He’d look down at your deeply sleeping face and slightly scrunched nose and heat would rush to his face, wondering not only how you ended up like this but how he got so lucky.


Originally posted by parksungjin

You and Sungjin had been resting after he’d had a long day of schedules that winded up with you talking on your bed briefly before you both inevitably drifted off into a settled sleep knowing you had him beside you. When Sungjin woke up however, not only had the sun set and tv programs changed several times, your leg was slung over his with your face buried shyly into his back. Peering over his shoulder he giggled at how comfy you looked before settling back down himself.

Young K:

Originally posted by charmsome

Okay but he already thought that you were the cutest thing to ever walk the earth so when you fell asleep next to him in the back of the car he was already a blushing mess. However, what his precious heart was not prepared for was when you leant your head on his shoulder and snuggled into his arm while yawning and somehow being effortlessly adorable. He would simply freeze, leading the other members to make fun of him for being so soft for you.


Originally posted by wonpilimiri

Wonpil would actually be pretty shy when it came to initiating PDA or anything like that so when you fell asleep on the couch next to him while you and the boys were watching TV he would immediately become a little cautious. But when your arms ended up round his waist with your head leaning gently against his shoulder he laughed to himself at how sweet you were, giving up and rubbing your arms soothingly.


Originally posted by thewonapil

Dowoon tended to show his relationship with you through PDA when he couldn’t quite put into words how much you meant to him and so when you reciprocated or initaiated anything like that, he’d be super proud. And so, when you wound up in the middle of the night, fast asleep with your chest pressed to his back and your arms wrapped securely around his waist he’d turn to face you, watching your peaceful face before gently kissing your nose and falling asleep with a faint smile on his face.


i’m that friend that probably wouldn’t get you something so expensive for your birthday but probably would try to package it up as aesthetically pleasing as possible ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

20—where are you hoping to be in 5 years? 10? 15?
in 5 years time, i’ll be 19—which most likely means i’ll be in a polytechnic. i hope to choose a course that i’ll enjoy learning about :-)
in 10, i would be 24—i think i’ll finish university around there so maybe—travelling around the world? or maybe thinking at home about what i’ll like to be in the future.
in 15—definitely having a stable job, but one where i can enjoy and relax. i’m not really interested to find a significant other so-


[TRANSLATION] HOSHI’s self-written profile 

Name: Kwon Soonyoung
Date of Birth (age): 96.06.15 (22 years old)
Unit: Performance
Position: Head (= leader)
Hobby: Eating delicious food
Specialty: Moving my ears
Nickname: 10:10
Habit: Playing with my lips

Motto: Live diligently with a thankful and humble attitude towards everything!
Things you like (3 things): CA. RAT. S
Things you dislike (3 things): Things. That. CARATs dislike
Recent big interest: Vernon and Dino’s growing process (fascinating fascinating)
Music that you have enjoyed recently: ‘Zero’ by Dino
A movie that left a deep emotional impression on you recently: ‘Cars’
A unit you’d like to try aside from your current unit?: A return of the A Team of Hoshi, Jeonghan and Wonwoo
If I express myself using one word?: Oh ~
If I express CARATs using one word?: Yat >ᴗ<
My goal for 2017: The best
A word to myself after a year: I’m curious about how I’ll look after a year, I hope I’m doing well
Instruction manual: Please be kind to me
Beware of: Incompetence with technology

credit: jina @ fyperformanceunit
picture source: ssy_svt17
© credit if taken out!


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Lucid Dream: A new chapter is up!

New chapter everybody ʕ◕ᴥ◕❀ʔ hope y’all enjoy it!

About the art cover, I decided I would draw one only if I have a clear idea. Otherwise, it will be a few doodles like I did previously, only based on the previous chapters and/or the new one. Hope no one minds that li’l system of mine!

Of course the doodle(s) about the new chapter will be hidden, so you can decide yourself if you wanna check it before/while/after reading the chapter, like this one below (๑◕ᴗ˂̵)૭

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