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Drunken Mistakes

Summary: Dean gets mad at reader one night when he has had too much to drink

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 6,048 (this one ran away from me a little)

Warnings: mentions of cheating, physical fight, implication of smut? or soft smut (idk what to call it)

A/N: Okay so this is my entry for ‘Michelle’s 2K follower challange’. Congrats @luci-in-trenchcoats​ on 2k and I hope you like this. Quote I got “Your problem is that nobody hates you more than you do”. I hope you guys like this, first time writing in this ‘x reader’ style so feedback would be much loved

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I Thought You Would Never Hurt Me - A Carl Grimes Imagine {Requested by anon}


Prompt: Carl grimes imagine, Carl doing something unforgiveable and at first she is angry when he tries to justify his actions (sleeps with enid or something cheating wise) I dunno and at first she says stuff like was she worth it? and stuff like she’s sorry she hasn’t done it with him for a few days but if he was so hormonally driven he could have use his hand or something like that hahaa, but then she says it doesn’t matter anymore not after this I hope she was worth it. y/n being so upset she turns to him with tears streaming down her face and says “ you know out of everyone in my life who has ever hurt me or left me (indicating her father daryl when she was little) you were the one who I believed would NEVER hurt me but yet here you are proving me wrong, its funny you know cause I tried to promise myself not to get to close incase it ended up in heartbreak but I had hope but I guess thats hopeless..Carl no one has ever cut me as deep as you have.. (can you put as requested by anonymous? Thanks Hun

Carl and I were invited to Mikey’s party and I wanted to dress up for Carl. He’s never really seen me in a dress or my hair done or makeup. Rosita had found some makeup and decided to help me. She did my hair and did my makeup. I put on my dress and some heels; I went to go look in the mirror and I was stunned.

“Wow” was all I could say.

“You like it?” Rosita asked hoping for my approval.

“I actually look pretty.” I confessed.

“Girl, you have always been pretty, but makeup just helps to bring out your features more.” She said as she smiled.

I walked down the stairs to find Carl sitting on the couch glued to the tv. To my surprise he didn’t even look up at me, and also to my surprise, I could actually walk in heels.

“Hey.” I said to my boyfriend who was still playing his video game.

“Hey” he said with his attention to his game.

“So….are you ready?” I asked.

“Lemme finish this level” he said still concentrated to the tv.

I groaned and rolled me eyes.

“Well, don’t you look extra beautiful today, Y/N” Michonne said loudly, hoping that Carl would notice.

“Thank you, Rosita did a great job.” I said complimenting Rosita who was coming down the stairs.

“Thank you, Y/N” she said smiling. “I’ll see ya guys tomorrow, have fun!” She said as she walked out.

Carl was still playing his video game and Rick went up to the tv and turned it off.

“What the hell dad?!” Carl exclaimed.

“Pay attention to your girlfriend, Carl.” He said to his son.

Carl looked at me and stood up.

“Woah, you look…different.” He said walking up to me. “But you’re the same height as me now” he said looking at me.

“Well, what do you think?” I asked as I spun around.

“Like I said, you look different.” He said putting on his shoes. “Let’s go” he said walking out the door.

Why was he being an ass? I looked over at Michonne and Rick who gave me an apologetic look. I walked outside and caught up with Carl.

“Why are you being so rude?” I asked him

“I’m not being rude”


“I just don’t get why you had to get all dressed up. It looks ridiculous.”

I stopped and just stared at him. He stopped and looked back at me.

“What do you mean ‘ridiculous’?”

“I mean, that dress makes you look a little slutty and the makeup is just too much.” He said

I was shocked and kinda hurt that he thought of me that way.

“You’re an ass” I said before walking past him heading towards Mikey’s house.

We got to Mikey’s without saying a word to each other. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Mikey.

“Hey guys! Wow Y/N you look stunning.” He said as he looked me up and down.

“Thank you Mikey” I smiled and hugged him.

Carl just glared at us.

“Hey Mikey.” He said as he walked passed us.

“What’s up with him?” Mikey asked.

“I don’t know, but when you find out, please let me know” I said rolling my eyes. I walked inside and saw a few people I knew. I walked over to Ron and decided to talk to him.

“Hey Ron! What’s up?” I said hugging him.

“Hey Y/N. Wow you look beautiful, well not that you don’t look beautiful because you always do” he said as he started to get red.

“Well thank you” I replied.

That’s when Carl walked up to us and pulled me away.

“Why are you talking to him?” He asked me he pulled me into the bathroom.

“Because he’s my friend?” I told him.

“Well don’t talk to him anymore.”

“You can’t tell me what to do, Carl.”

“Whatever.” He said and took off.
A few hours later, I saw Carl and he had a cup in his hand.

“Hey” I said walking up to him.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Enjoying the party?”

“I was” he rolled his eyes and took another sip.

“Are you drunk?” I asked.


“Carl, I think you’ve had enough.” I said trying to take away his cup.

“Get off of me!” He yelled.

“Carl, stop acting like a douche.”

“I will when you stop being a bitch”

“Whatever.” I said walking away.

I walked over to Ron and Mikey.

“Hey, will you guys take care of Carl, I’m heading home.”

“Why are you leaving?” Ron asked.

“I don’t wanna talk about it. I need to get away from Carl. ” I told them.

“Well, it looks like Enid is already taking care of him.” Mikey said as he pointed to Carl and Enid walking upstairs.

“Umm, excuse me.” I said to them and walked upstairs.

I checked all the doors and couldn’t find them. I was checking the last door which ended up being locked. I knocked but no one answered. Finally I busted through the door and saw Carl and Enid half naked making out on he bed.

“What the fuck?” I asked looking at them. Enid had a smirk on her face and Carl looked pissed.

“Y/N, I uhh” Carl said looking at me.

“Fuck you.” I said and walked out

I stormed out of the house ignoring everyone who was calling out my name. I got to the house I shared with Carl’s family. I walked inside and Rick and Michonne greeted me. I ignored them and walked upstairs and slammed it shut. I plopped on the bed and just started crying. After a few minutes of crying hysterically, I went to the mirror and looked at myself.

“You’re a mess” I told myself. “You’re a worthless mess.” I wiped my tears away and the makeup that had smeared because I was crying. I walked downstairs with my duffel bag and Michonne and Rick exchanged looks.

“Where are you going?” Rick asked.

“Home.” I said.

“Why? I thought you liked staying here” Michonne asked as she approached me.

“Why don’t you ask Carl, I’m sure he’d just love to tell you.” I said sarcastically.

“What do you mean?” Rick asked as he stood up.

“Well, for one, he was being an ass all night. For two, I caught him cheating on me with Enid, so yeah. You guys have a good night.” I said walking out.

I walked over to my dad, Daryl’s house. I knocked on the door.

“Hey, sweetie, you know you don’t have to knock, right?” He said pulling me into a hug. “Are you okay?” He asked as he took a good look at me. Me and my dad never had a good relationship, I mean, he abandoned me when I was little.

“N-no” I said before breaking down.

I told my dad what happened.

I’m going to kill him" he said clenching his fist.

“No, you ain’t.” I said said “but I will”

**the next morning**

We heard the door knock and my dad went to go answer it. It was Carl.

“What do you want?” He asked not letting him enter the house.

“Is Y/N here?” He asked.

“Grimes, get the hell out of here. She doesn’t want to see you.” Daryl said as he approached the door way.

They were arguing and I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked over to them and told them to chill out. He headed back inside and I walked outside with Carl.

“What are you doing here Carl?” I asked crossing my arms.

“Y/N I’m sorry I was being a jerk. I don’t even know why I was being an ass to you before the party. It’s just that I felt that you were trying to change yourself when I like you just the way you are .”

“You really think I’m that mad over you being a dick because of the way I looked? I am more hurt than mad. I could give two shits if you thought I looked a bit slutty or was wearing ‘too much makeup’, I’m talking about you and Enid. I caught you two almost naked making out” I started to say.

“I did?” He asked.

“You really don’t remember? Oh wait, of course not because you were too drunk!” I yelled at him.

“Babe, I’m sorry I-”

“Don’t 'babe’ me. Carl, you hurt me.”

“Y/N, words cannot even describe how sorry I am”

“Look, you know I’m a forgiving person, but this is going to take some time.” I said.

“I promise to make it up to you Y/N.” He said pulling me into a hug. I love Carl so much but he was not getting off the hook that easily.
A few days later, Carl and I were hanging out at my dads house. Normally we were never there, but my dad was on a run and we had the house to ourselves. I decided it would be best to hangout here so we could have some privacy.

“Are you hungry?” I asked him.

“Yeah, what you got here?” He asked.

“Let’s go check.” I told him. He followed me into the kitchen and I checked the cupboards for some Mac and cheese, his favorite. As much as I hated to admit it, I could never stay fully mad at him. I felt his hands wrap around my waist and he pressed himself to me.

“Y/N” he whispered into my neck and started to kiss me.

I met out an involuntary moan and moved my neck so it was more exposed. His hands started to explore my body and when his hands landed on my crotch and I pulled him off.

“What?” He said confused.

“I’m not ready for that” I told him.

“What do you mean?”

“Carl, we aren’t having sex.” I said to him.

“Why not? We haven’t done it in about a week.” He said pouting.

“You can use your hand or something.”

“Why would I when I have you?”

“Maybe you should’ve thought of that when you cheated on me with Enid.” I snapped.

“Oh my god Y/N. I told you I was sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing” he started to say

“Honestly Carl, I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“So you won’t have sex with me because of what happened? That’s stupid” he said.

“Oh it’s stupid? Ha, you wanna know what actually is stupid?!” I yelled, boy I was livid. “What’s stupid is that I took you back after that happened!”

“You act like I actually slept with her!”

“You probably did but you don’t remember because you were drunk!” I screamed at him. He just looked down. By now, you were crying. “Honestly Carl, it doesn’t even matter anymore. I really hope she was worth losing me.”


“No Carl. You said you would never hurt me and I was wrong!” I calmed down a bit and looked down at my feet. “You know out of everyone in my life who has ever hurt me or left me, you were the one who j believed would NEVER hurt me, but yet here you are proving me wrong.” I was about to break down and cry but I forced myself not to lose it and let out a chuckle. “It’s funny, you know, because I tried to promise myself not to get too close in case it ended up in a heartbreak, but I had hope…you cut me deep Carl and no one has ever cut me as deep as you did” I said.

He was speechless.

“I think it’s best if you’d leave.” I told him not making eye contact with him.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry..” He said before leaving. When I heard the door shut I lost it.

I don’t think I could ever forgive him. I used to think of him as someone who would never, ever hurt me. That night I was going back and forth thinking if I should hurt myself like I used to. Carl was the one who got me to stop cutting myself, but now here I was, razor in my hand, about to slice my wrist because of Carl..

****Hey guys! Hope you liked it! Let me know if you’d like a part 2! :) love you guys! Xx

Music and Astrology Tag

Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle, and from the first song that comes on, you have to pick lyrics that fit best for the first sign (Aries), for the second song lyrics for Taurus etc. until you have played 12 songs and picked 12 lyrics for each sign. Then tag 12 people 💖

Thanks @astrofairies​ for tagging us! This was a really fun one! 

Aries: Wrong Victory - MS MR
When your skin doesn’t feel like home, oh
And I don’t wanna break down and feel alone, oh oh oh
This body only knows, oh
How to hold back more than it shows

Taurus: Circumambient - Grimes
Oh, baby, I can’t do
Oh anything to help you
‘Cause I’m working to the bone
And you know, you know
We’re gonna have to play alone

Gemini: Modern Love - Mother Mother
She’s the language on the tongue of all the sinners.
She is the banquet serving up free love for dinner.

Cancer: What I Like - Charli XCX
Oh now I got a plan, I hope you gonna be my man
I can see us cushy in a house right by the ocean sand
And when I’m one to cry, I hope you gonna hold my hand
And when the shit goes down, I hope you’re gonna make a stand

Leo: Immortal - Marina and the Diamonds
I wanna be immortal
Like a God in the sky
I wanna be a silk flower
Like I’m never gonna die
I wanna live forever
Forever in your heart
And we’ll always be together
From the end to the start

Virgo: Lithium - Evanescence 
Don’t want to let it lay me down this time.
Drown my will to fly.
Here in the darkness I know myself.
Can’t break free until I let it go

Libra: You Are the Ocean - Phantogram
Cause you are the ocean
And I’m good at drowning

Scorpio: Free - Ryn Weaver 
You cast a spell on me
I was broken by the breeze
And runnin’ from the ones behind me
Just in it for the game
A wild thing to tame
But you took my hand and ran beside me

Sagittarius: Slow Love - Mø
Gonna have some fun and maybe
I’m gonna let you hold me for a while
You say, “Girl, you drive me crazy
Come with me to a place where the music plays.”

Capricorn: Little Pistol - Mother Mother
I think I might be scared
Of the world and the way it makes you feel afraid
And how it gets in the way

Aquarius: Fire - Austra
In the night I beg to hide my falter
And you’ll not beg to bear my offer to her

Pisces: Mouth Shut - The Veronicas
I kept my mouth shut from the start
I guess I left you in the dark
You thought you knew me but you don’t
You say you’ll love me but you wont
When you find out who I am

I tag whoever wants to do it :) 


Title: Cheating

Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Sharon Carter, Laura Barton

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 3,089

Request: So I know this might be quite crappy but could you do one where Steve and the reader are engaged but the reader catches Steve in bed with another woman but the readers pregnant and hasn’t told Steve and Tony is readers uncle. And like a few months later the little girl has been born and the reader is back doing missions and she is on one with Steve and reader can teleport and stands in front of Steve to stop him from getting shot, you could end it how you like, sorry if it’s a rubbish idea xxx

AN: I totally hate the idea of Steve cheating and I personally think he’s the last person that would cheat on his lover, but for the sake of this request he does. This is the first request I’ve ever done! I hope you like it!

Sitting on the bathroom floor you nervously play with the diamond ring decorating your ring finger, waiting for the minutes to pass. When the timer on your phone finally goes off you take a deep breath before you get up to see the result. Two lines. Pregnant.

You stare at the pregnancy test in your hands for a few moments before a big smile finds its way on your face. Pregnant. You’re going to have a baby. You’re going to have Steve’s baby.

Putting the pregnancy test into your back pocket you unlock the door and practically run down the hallways towards your and Steve’s room. You can’t wait to tell him.

Unlocking the door you walk inside and call for Steve. “Steve, I need to tell you someth-” You freeze mid-step when you realize what you walked into. There gracing your bed with Steve above her is the one and only Sharon Carter. You feel heavy tears stinging in your eyes, a painful burning sensation ripping through your chest as you take in the scene in front of you.

Sharon’s eyes widen as she pushes Steve off her, covering herself with the sheets. Steve turns to look at you, a look of pure horror on his face. “Y/N I can expl-”

“Don’t.” You interrupt him. “Just don’t.” Not giving him the chance to say another word you teleport yourself out of the room and straight into Tony’s lab.

Tony jumps, dropping his screwdriver, when you suddenly appear next to him. “Jesus, Y/N! What did I tell you about-” He cuts himself off as he turns to look at you. “Y/N?”

Shaking your head you drop to your knees, a desperate sob escaping your lips as tears start streaming down your face. Tony freezes for a few seconds, unable to process what’s happening, before he quickly sinks down to the floor next to you, taking you into his arms.

You wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his shoulder as he holds you. “Shhhh…” He tries to soothe you, gently stroking your head. “It’s alright, honey. It’s alright. I’m here.”

You don’t know how long you’ve been sitting on the floor, Tony holding you in his arms, but your hysterical sobs eventually fade into quiet whimpers and the tears stop falling.

“What happened?” Tony asks, pulling back to look into your eyes. “I.. Steve and…” You can’t seem to form a whole sentence, tears immediately rising in your eyes again. You look down on your lap and close your eyes.

“Hey, Hey…” Tony wipes your tears with his thumbs before putting a hand under your chin, forcing you to raise your head. “Look at me.”

You open your eyes and look into Tony’s chocolate brown ones. “What happened?” He asks again. “Steve and Sharon…” You take a deep breath, trying to stop shaking. “I was.. and they were…” You can’t say it. You just can’t.

And you don’t have to. Tony understands immediately. “He…” He stares at you, disbelief shining in his eyes. “He cheated on you?!”

You wince at his statement, the reality of the situation sinking in. Letting go of you completely Tony stands. "Jarvis!“ He calls for the AI.

“Yes, sir?” Jarvis answers immediately.

“Tony!” You grab his arm. “I…” You try to find the words to tell him what you found out earlier today.

“There’s more?” Tony snaps already red with fury. You know that this one is going to be an even bigger bomb, so you decide to get on with it and just say it.

 "I’m pregnant.“

His expression changes from unbelievably angry to absolutely deadly. “Jarvis! Hands! Now!” Seconds later his hands are covered in parts of his suit. "I’ll be right back.“

“Tony don’t!” Before you can stop him he’s already out the door, most likely on his way to kill Steve.

Closing your eyes you run your hands through your hair. You can’t stay here. You don’t want to. You know that Tony is going to be furious with you when he finds out that you left, but this might be your only chance. He will probably never let you out of his sight again.

Sighing you look at your engagement ring, remembering the promise Steve made you when he put this ring on your finger. Another tear runs down your cheek as you take the ring off.

Getting off the floor you place your ring on the table and head to the elevator and down to the garage. You grab your jacket and your emergency bag that you keep down here for last minute missions. Looking back one last time you place your hand on your stomach, whispering "It’s just you and me now,“  before teleporting yourself to Maria’s cabin in Canada, leaving everything and everyone you love behind.

"Have you seen Y/N?” Steve walks into the kitchen, frantically searching for you. “Not since this morning.” Natasha answers, raising her eyebrows at the Captain’s weird behaviour.

Suddenly there’s a loud crash and Tony rounds the corner, stopping in the door way. “You!” He yells raising his hand, repulsor glowing. Steve barley has time to duck behind the kitchen counter before Tony shoots at him.

“Tony!” Natasha yells, moving to stand between Tony and the kitchen counter. “Stop it!” Steve carefully peeks over the edge of the kitchen counter. He should have known that Tony would be the first one you’d go to.

“Get out of my way!” Tony glares at Natasha.

“No!” Natasha stands her ground, placing her hands on her hips. “Not until  somebody tells me what the hell is going here!”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Tony says, his voice dripping with venom.

Natasha turns around to look at Steve who’s now standing behind the kitchen counter. “Well?” She asks, waiting for him to explain the situation. Steve stares at her, unable to say even one word. He still can’t believe that he did this to you. He doesn’t know what happened. One minute he was discussing tomorrow’s mission with Sharon and the next she was kissing him. 

“He cheated on Y/N.” Tony explains, causing Natasha to look at Tony again, her jaw hitting the floor. "With Sharon.“

"You what?!” Natasha turns to face Steve, fury burning behind her eyes.

“I…” Steve runs his hands through his hair, visibly frustrated. “I didn’t mean to hurt her. It just happened and I..”

“It just happened?!” Natasha yells, interrupting him. "What do you mean it just happened?! I thought you love her!“

"I do!” He answers immediately. “I do love her!” He loves you more than anything. He can’t explain it himself.

“Is that so?” Tony raises his eyebrows at Steve. “And why exactly did she find you in bed with Sharon this morning? In her bed?”

“I don’t…” Steve sighs, placing his hands on the kitchen counter in front of him. “She’s been so distant lately. She had unexplainable mood swings and she was pulling away from me again. I thought she changed her mind about getting married and Sharon just…”

“I can’t fucking believe this!” Natasha snaps. “And you didn’t think to ask her? Un-fucking-believable!” Normally Steve would have told her to mind her language but right now he couldn’t care less.

“I always knew you were an idiot, but I have to admit this tops everything.” Tony says, shaking his head. "She told me about that. She said something was off, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.“

"So there is a reason she’s pulling away from me? Did she change her mind?” Steve asks.

“She’s pregnant, asshole.”

This time it’s Steve’s jaw which hits the floor. “She…Wh-What?” He stares at Tony and Natasha, unable to believe what Tony just said. “Why didn’t she tell me?”

“Oh my god!” Natasha yells, placing her hand over her mouth. “The bathroom. She left the training room earlier this morning. She found out this morning, didn’t she?

Tony nods. "That’s what I thought.”

“I can’t…” Steve feels like an asshole. He feels like more than an asshole. “Jarvis?”

“Yes, Captain Rogers?”

“Where’s Y/N?” He asks, barley keeping it together. He can’t believe he did this you. To you and his baby. “I’m afraid she’s not here.”

“Where is she Jarvis?” Tony asks, mentally slapping himself. He should have known that you would run off. “I don’t know, Sir.” And with those four words Steve’s world completely falls apart.

You had been hiding in Canada for almost seven months before you moved back to the states, to Brooklyn to be exact. You had been angry at Steve for weeks, months even, but you had missed him even more. Your anger had eventually faded over time, but your love for him, never did.

Tony, Clint and Natasha found you a few months ago, but you made them promise not to tell anyone, especially Steve. Even though had already forgiven him at the time, you hadn’t been quite ready to come back to your old life. They were all there when your daughter, Sarah Grace Rogers, was born and Tony and Natasha are also her godparents.

You started training again months ago and today is your first day back at work. Putting your hair in a high ponytail you give yourself a once over. You can do this. Walking into the living room you kiss your daughter one last time before you say goodbye to Laura, she agreed to babysit Sarah whenever you’re on missions, and leave for the Tower.

Standing in the elevator of the Avengers tower you feel your heart racing. You can already feel his presence. It’s amazing that he still has this effect on you after all this time, after everything that happened.

“Oh and one last thing.” You hear Fury’s voice through the door. Taking a deep breath you push open the door and walk inside. “Agent Y/L/N is back from her parental leave.” Fury finishes as everyone’s eyes turn towards the door.

Everyone’s staring at you, but you can practically feel a familiar set of blue eyes burn holes into you. Letting your eyes wander across the room you take in the feeling of being back. Being home. You freeze when your eyes meet all too familiar blue ones. You immediately feel the pull between you two, his presence making your skin tingle. You’re surprised that you don’t feel the slightest trace of anger, you expected something to resurface, anything, but all you feel is that magnetic pull between you two. For the past year you felt as if a part of you was missing and now you found it.

Steve looks at you shock written all over his face, to say he looks surprised would be an understatement. He stares at you with disbelief in his eyes, his mouth slightly open.

“Welcome back.” Tearing your eyes away from Steve you look at your director. “Thank you, Sir.”

After hugging everyone, except Steve that is, and everyone telling you how glad they all are that you’re back you finally board the jet. You hate being the center of attention. You spend the entire flight talking to Natasha, who immediately took her usual spot next to you, but you can still feel his eyes on you. They never left you, not for one second, since you entered the conference room.

After several hours journey the Captain hands out the orders, assigning the teams, but he never speaks to you directly, not even once. After the team successfully infiltrated the Hydra base and gathered the information they were after all hell breaks loose. There are way more Hydra soldiers than previously anticipated. You run down the stairs back towards where you’d last seen Tony, Natasha and Steve.

Rounding another corner your eyes land on Steve, who’s currently fighting off five soldiers on his own. He’s too busy to notice the man standing at the top of the stairs on the other side of the room, aiming directly for him. No!

Anticipating what’s about to happen you act on pure instinct. You teleport yourself in front of him, using your own body to shield him. Seconds later the bullet intended for Steve pierces your skin, hitting you straight in the stomach. An ear-shattering scream escapes your lips as you sink to the ground.

“Y/N!” Steve calls your name before an almost animalistic growl erupts from his chest. In his fury he takes down the rest of the men surrounding you, including the shooter, before he falls to his knees beside you.

“Y/N?” He takes your face into his hands, looking at you with shock written all over his face.

“St-Steve…” You’re panting heavily your breathing coming out short and uneven.

“Why? Why did you do that?” He whispers, his hands caressing your face. You simply stare at him, unable to believe that he even has to ask. Doesn’t he know?

“I…” You try to speak, but you can barley form the words. “Don’t talk. You’re going to be fine.” He reaches up to touch his ear, activating his intercom. “Y/N’s down! I need back up! Now!”

“I’m n-not…”

“Don’t you dare say that!” He orders unshed tears shining in his eyes. He knows what you were about to say and he doesn’t want to hear it. “You can’t leave me… not again.”

“Promise me.” You whisper, taking his hand into yours. “Promise me you’ll take care of her.”


“Steve!” You glare at him. “Promise me. She needs you!”

“I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you…” You sigh, gathering all your strength or at least what’s left of it to cup his cheek with your hand. He instinctively leans into your touch. “I never meant to hurt you. Never. I don’t know what happened. I love you so much and I…”

“I know.” You interrupt him. “I know.” You feel the last of your strength leaving you, black spots dancing in your vision. This is it. It doesn’t matter now. You need to say it one last time. “I love you.”

“Hey, hey!” Steve gently shakes you, trying to keep you conscious. “I need you to stay awake. I need you to say awake for me. Don’t you dare close your eyes! Y/N!” Your name is the last thing you hear before the darkness takes you.

You wake up in a white room, the bright lights hurting your eyes. When your eyes finally adjust to the light you look around, taking in your surroundings. You’re in a hospital. You try to sit up, but immediately lie back down when your head starts spinning. “Oh, great.” Your entire body is aching. You feel like got hit by a truck.

Looking beside you, you find Steve asleep on a chair, his head resting on the edge of your bed. Oh, Steve. You carefully raise your hand and gently comb it through his hair. He stirs, immediately reacting to your touch. Realizing what’s happening he sits up suddenly wide awake. “Y/N?”

“What happened?” You sigh and close your eyes, still feeling a bit groggy.

“You saved my life.” Steve explains, pinching the bridge of his nose. “And you almost lost yours in the process.” Now you remember.

“I’m so sorry.” He says looking down on his lap. “I should have protected you and…”

“It’s not your fault.” You interrupt him. “It was my choice and I would do it again if it meant saving your life.”

“Why?” He looks like he’s in pain. “How can you even look me in the eye?” He places his hands on his thighs, gripping the material of his jeans tight in his hands.

“I don’t know what happened that day.” You carefully push yourself up into a sitting position, slower this time to not make your head spin again. “I won’t say it didn’t hurt, because it did.” He closes his eyes for a few moments, unable to hold your gaze, before looking at you again.

“It felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest and set it on fire. I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Steve can’t bear the thought of you thinking it had something to do with you. “It was all me. I was stupid. I thought you changed your mind about getting married. And I…”

“I thought you didn’t love me anymore. That I wasn’t good enough anymore.” Steve feels tears rise in his eyes, your words feeling like daggers to his heart. “I was angry for months, but I’m not anymore.”

“I want you to be part of her life. She needs her father.” You let go of your anger a long time ago, for both your own and your daughter’s sake. You know it seems ridiculous, but your love for him was, in the end, stronger than your anger.

“So, it’s a girl?” He remembers you telling him that ‘she needed him’ but at the time your words didn’t really register.

“Yes.” You smile thinking about your little angel. “Her name is Sarah.” Steve looks at you surprised. “Sarah Grace Rogers.” He can’t help but smile. He hasn’t been able to smile and genuinely mean it in almost twelve months.

“Your daughter, our daughter, needs you.” You repeat. “And I need you too.” You reach out to take his hand into yours, ignoring his shocked expression. Steve feels his breathing hitch at your confession, his heart starting to beat faster and faster.

“I know that we have a lot of work to do. And it will take time for me trust you like I did before, but I love you.” He can’t hold back the tears any longer. “I want to be by your side for the rest of my life, because lord knows it might be shorter than we think.”

“I love you.” He gently raises your hand to his mouth, kissing it softly. “I will spend the rest of my life earning your trust if that’s what it takes. I promise.” You nod, tears brimming in your own eyes now. Unable to hold himself back any longer he leans down and places a searing kiss on your lips. You push your hands into his hair and pull him impossibly closer. You’re finally where you’re supposed to be. You’re home. And as long as Steve and your little girl are by your side you know that you will be alright.


I made a little 3 panel sequel to this… it really only makes sense if you’ve seen it, and plays off of the last line in that sequence. Set hundreds of years later, Legolas finds his father in the same tree he had one hidden in when he was feeling sad. 

The first and third panel have a bit of motion in them, and the last picture shows them all in case the gifs don’t load properly. The rules I made for myself were– I had to stick to three panels (or camera angles). I cheated just a liiiiittle bit by decided it was perfectly with in the rules to add some motion. :) I’m practicing storyboarding. I want to get better at it. I hope you guys like it! 

I’m his ex girlfriend.

I wasn’t his first & I definitely wasn’t his last. Though, I do silently pray that I wasn’t just one of his ex lovers. Just one of many.

I hope that when he hears my name, he thinks of me like I had an effect on him, an effect on his life, his choices. I effected how he treats others, the ones after me.

I hope I helped him figure out that when she’s clingy, it’s something other girls won’t be. Too bad he only found that out after he held on a little too tight with the girl that came after me.

I hope he learned that cheating in a relationship is one of the most distrustful things between two partners you possibly can do. But, he broke my trust in that way and the girl that came after me did the same to him.

I know he already found love;
& I hope I can again too.

Request: imagine Juice cheated on you

Well, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one, but here it is. I think that Juice belongs to that type of guys who won’t cheating without a good reason so I chose a timeline from season 4 of SOA for this. Hope you’ll like it!

* * * * * * *

If someone will ask you to tell something about your Old Man you can describe Juice in a few very simple but at the same time very specific for you only words. Chocolate brown of his eyes, sweetest goofy smile and tribal tattoos which you like to trail with your finger when his head resting on your knees, silly mohawk and strong arms with the scattering of veins, and beautiful voice. A little bit of fear of loss and insecurity – the consequences of his OCD. But first of all, you would say family and home, because home is where he is. Juice is someone who you can always rely on. There is pure and complete trust between you two and sometimes you thought that it’s impossible for human being to be this kind, loving and faithful at once. Despite how silly that could sound you were still falling for him like a teenage girl on the first date. When it’s about Juice, stupidity is not a problem rather the very right way to live, like you’re forever young and have all time in the world.

You made him the centre of your existence and that, probably, was your biggest mistake.

You close your eyes and go back to that bloody day, again and again, becoming a prisoner of your own damn mind, where in the darkness of your house you heard loud moans from your and Juice’s bedroom. You opened the door and found him fucking some random blond croweater and you remembered absolute indifference in his eyes. Like this was nothing, like you were nothing. That night you slept on the couch at Gemma’s office. It took a while to calm you down and when she heard your story she suggested to cut off his dick. And you wanted that, wanted to hurt him so fucking badly but instead, you could only continue to cry quietly, pretending you’re asleep.  He came to the clubhouse early in the morning, trying his best to avoid you, but you needed answers. You bumped into him like a storm, grabbing his kutte

“Tell me you were drunk or stoned or whatever! Tell me it was a mistake! That you didn’t want to…” but simple look into his eyes was enough to understand: he doesn’t care.

“You have to leave. I don’t want you around here anymore, Y/N. You were the only mistake, now I see it”, you shook your head, mumbling that this is bullshit. Slowly you let off his kutte and stepped aside.

“Juan…Please,” you felt like hot tears started to roll down your cheeks.

“I’m done with this stupid drama, Y/N, ” he said and left you to stand alone in the middle of the parking place.  

One, two, three – breathe in.

One, two, three – breathe out.

Before he could disappear inside the clubhouse, you run to his bike and threw it on the ground, screaming from pain and anger.

“Screw you, Ortiz! You hear me? I wish I never met you! ”

“Well, then you can finally become free of me, Y/N”, he said quietly and walked away, fighting his desperate will to turn around and say that all of this was a part of his stupid plan of your protection. That he screwed up, that he’s an idiot and an asshole. But he continued to walk away.

“What the fuck was that with Y/N, Juice?! Are you out of your mind?” shouted Chibs as Juice came in. “Hey! Answer when I’m talking to ya!” Juice turned his head and said blankly:

“It’s none of your business,” he tried to walk away but Telford didn’t let him. He pressed him to the wall and looked straight into his eyes.

“I care about that girl, ya know. And I care about you. So I’m not going to stand here and watch how you destroying everything good you together have built for all these years. I will repeat my question one more time and if you won’t answer I swear to God I’ll make you shit your teeth.”

“Go on then,” was all he said. ‘Cause how Chibs could even possibly understand? He’s no longer the person you think he is. He’s a murderer. A rat. And a traitor. He covered in blood from head to toe and he can’t wash off his sins. You were his salvation but yet he couldn’t risk that much. He didn’t want to become your doom, he couldn’t let that happen. You need to be protected and the only way to do that is to be as far as possible from him and from all of this drugs and club shit.

“You stupid son of a bitch. Want to lose everything – fine, I won’t stop you. But you gonna regret everything you’ve done today. If you still the guy I knew, of course.” Juice looked at the empty place where Chibs just stood and couldn’t believe this was actually happening to him.

“I’m afraid that guy is already dead. I’m afraid he’s not coming back.

For him, it’ll take not much time to find the only right way out. The darkness whispered to sew the sign of his treason, to stain with it his kutte, to take a chain and put it on the neck. To say your name last time in vain and ask forgiveness, knowing that he has no excuse. And jump, like weak. Like coward.

And after all to stay live like the total failure.

The Melody of a Broken Heart

Title: The Melody of a Broken Heart
Characters Featured: Pietro Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T (Teen 13+)
Author’s Note: Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to another Imagine Request! Just want to say that ‘Who Says Three’s A Crowd?’ will be coming out soon, I’m just still trying to figure out how to go about it. I decided to jump ahead and work on another Imagine that was submitted by an Anon. Anon writes: Heya! Can I request a pietro x reader where y/n catches pietro cheating when she gets back early from a mission and he tries to explain but she’s pissed off and she slaps him. We got a little angst going on, woo! This is my first angsty fic, everyone. So I hope you like how the story goes and as always: Enjoy!
Summary: You love Pietro with all your heart. After meeting him on the fall of Sokovia, you never thought you’d fall in love again after the tragic terminations of your former relationships. You believed he understood that, you believed he cared, what you couldn’t believe that the day you returned from your mission, he wouldn’t be alone.

“Hurrying to make it to Speedy, y/n?” Tony said, imagining the smirk on his face from high in the skies. You laughed as you drop kicked one of your opponents and shot the other point blank, “Shut up, Stark. Don’t tell me you’re not dying to get to Pepper.”
“I don’t deny that, like I won’t deny I’m really rushing to get a drink in my system.”
“You have some serious alcohol issues.” You shook your head, throwing Cap’s shield back to him so he ram the men huddling behind him. “Well, you and Rhodie share something in common. You both think I have alcohol issues.” He replied, using his repulsors to destroy the tank that was headed in your direction. “Those aren’t the only issues you have…” You joked.
Several hours had passed and the team managed to infiltrate the enemy’s base. You and the team managed to make it home early, just in time to pick your boyfriend’s gift for your one year anniversary. Stark and Thor teased you on your lovely behavior, saying how come you never got them a gift. You playfully rolled your eyes as you jogged off the elevator to head to the eldest Maximoff’s bedroom. As you flung the door open to greet him a good morning, you noticed a brown head of hair that wasn’t no one you knew of. His broad arm was around them, a soft groan flowed out of his mouth as he and the stranger shuffled under the sheets. Your soul was ripped in pieces the second you saw the stranger was a young woman, a fellow agent you trained with at the academy. The gift you searched high and low for, a childhood toy Pietro believed long forgotten, fell onto the hardwood floor and broke into unmendable pieces, very much like your heart right now. “…Oops,” You said, trying your damnedest to hold back your tears. The speedster woke up in a flash, his head pounding as he noticed your pale face in the doorway. Recollections of last night were a blur, only glimpses of alcohol-driven debauchery, and passionate, lustful night in between his sheets that he imagined he had with you. He turned to his left and noticed that it was not you but someone he had no idea who it was. His head spinned as he tried to stand up to get to you, attempting to explain but the words were beginning to escape him. Steve, Tony, and Thor walked down the hallway to continue their playful insults with you and the male Sokovian, only to observe the dead silence between you two, and the sleeping woman that laid in his bed. “y/n, it is not what you think.” Pietro began, grabbing his jeans that were discarded on the floor. The tears you tried to clutch for dear life began to fall freely down your face, “Oh? Then what is it, Pietro? Did you have to raise her body temperature? Or better yet, did you give her a dress that she just had to try on?”
“I do not even know her!” He rebutted. You went wide eyed, “Well, that just makes it better!” You walked out of his room, the three men watching with fiery glares on the European mutant. “Please y/n, let me explain! I-” Pietro’s face turned to the side as your hand made impact with his cheek hard. A red mark surfaced and pulsed on the same side, his large hand covering it. You, losing all of your strength and ability to contain yourself, began to pound against his chest, “I knew you would do this! I knew it! How could you?! You knew! You knew…!” Steve ran to your side, your arms wrapped around him and sobbed heavily, your knees giving out. He carried you bridal style as he shot daggers at the Avenger. Pietro tried to chase after you but was only held back by Tony and Thor. “I think you’ve done enough, Maximoff.” Stark said, coldly. “I believe it best you leave lady l/n alone. For good, Nike.” Thor added, almost reflecting his Jötunn brother’s tone of voice.

You turned into a shell of your former self. No matter how much the team attempted to feed you and pull you out of the darkness, it was useless. You felt nothing at all. Steve was the last one to try, and everyone knew that he wasn’t the kind of man to give up easily. “y/n…? I brought you some soup, thought you could use something in your system.” He said, slowly pushing your door open with his back as he held a large tray of warm chicken broth and some bread. You turned to look at the Captain, dark circles under your eyes, your cheeks beginning to hollow from the lack of nutrition. “I’m not hungry…” You replied, your throat dry and hoarse from the hours of screaming into your pillow. The only sounds besides you was the melody of an antique music box that you cherished dearly. It was given to you by your grandmother, her great grandmother had it made after the passing of her first love, forever playing the tune of her widowed and broken heart. It felt it was rather appropriate given the circumstances. Rogers sadly sighed, setting down the tray on your desk beside your bed. Your room transformed into an abandoned room, unkempt and disheveled. In one corner, he noticed was ashes in a trash bin, remnants of photos, objects, and trinkets given by your ex. His own heart sank, watching you gaze blankly at the floor. He understood the lost of a loved one, be it in death or the end of the relationship, the pain one endures. However, he could not comprehend why it was affecting you so much. He sat beside you, putting his arm around you which you accepted mindlessly. You cried once again as he held you tighter, “It’s gonna be okay. I promise you, it’s gonna be okay.” He whispered, wiping the tears off your face as you leaned onto his broad chest with his thumb. “Is it? I feel like it’s better if I go but I can’t leave you guys. I love being an Avenger, working together. But I can’t see him, or even think of him without my heart stopping.”
“You won’t have to. Tony and I made sure to give him frequent missions in other places. He won’t be back for a while,” He rubbed your arm’s full length. You softly smiled, though it didn’t reach your eyes, “Thanks, Steve.” You were able to let out a sigh of relief in one area of this situation. Now if you could only mend your broken heart. “y/n, that day, when you said ‘you knew’, what did you mean by that?” The Captain asked, casting his blue eyes to you. You looked up at him, shifting your body to explain to him properly. “The last man I was with cheated on me several times and sometimes in plain sight. He told me that he never wanted to be with me, he was forced by outside influences for they told him I was a good match for him. Mind you, he said this all in voicemail. That should have tipped me off. He was a coward.”
“The one before that was the worst. He always was attending parties or get-togethers without me, telling me he wanted to go alone. My trust in him was broken, he was putting me down, and made me feel so little. We were toxic to each other, escalating from verbal abuse to physical. I felt like I lost all ability to fall in love. Until I met…Pietro.” You paused briefly, your lips stumbling in saying his name. You bowed your head, Steve then wrapping both arms around you as he tilted his head to rest against yours. “I may not know much about break-ups but I do know about dealing with a broken heart. You probably heard this so many times that it plays like a broken record but he won’t be the only man you’ll ever love. There’s a man who’s out there waiting for you. Probably with the wrong girl before he realizes he needs to find you. y/n, don’t give up. I’d hate to lose you.” The Captain solemnly said, holding to both of your hands. You embraced Steve that day, feeling closer to him than ever. Feeling too weak to lift the spoon, he kindly fed you the broth and prayed that it was a sign of recovery.

“You’re cheating!” Steve laughed, as he dodged your punch when you tried to distract him by pointing to something behind him. You giggled jumped back from his grasp. With the help of your friends, most of all Steve, you managed to pick yourself back up and move on step by step. Tony and the Captain were true to their word and kept Pietro as far away from you as possible which helped your healing process go by faster. You just didn’t know how you would feel if you saw him again. The super soldier felt ecstatic that you were getting back to your old self again. He cared for you fondly and deeply, seeing you as a little sister he never had. He hugged you from behind, tingling your sides as you giggled loudly, being lifted off the ground. Steve gave you a tight bear hug, landing you back on the ground to give you a small peck on the cheek. Before his lips could touch your skin, Pietro pulled him by his collar and punched him square in the jaw. It hurt the speedster more than Steve, giving him enough balance to aim for his nose. They fell to the floor, the European was above him as he continued to throw as many hits as he could. Steve protected his face, kicking him in the stomach in order to jump onto the balls of his feet. You screamed for them to stop, trying to pry the white haired man off of Steve but you were no match for his strength, “Pietro, stop! Stop it! Leave him alone!” Pietro panted heavily, turning to you with a look of anguish and anger, “Him?! You would choose him over me?!” He moved towards you, tears welling in his eyes as lightly shook you, “I love you. I made a mistake. I missed you, I have not seen you in weeks, and I tried to drink my sadness away until you returned. One thing led to another and I thought you came back early, I thought I was with you. I did not realize until you were at the door. I have tried to come to you to explain everything but they told me I could not see you but I came back early to tell you that I cannot nor will not let you go. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” He fell to his knees, enveloping your waist in a hug, gripping your body to weigh you down as if you would fly away. As much as you wished to believe him, you couldn’t. You knew that even if you two tried again, you would always remember that day. You still wasn’t ready to let it go. You’re not strong enough to push past it and forgive him so easily. Whatever the case may be, you still loved him. You missed him and the paradise that was your relationship. Were you willing to take the risk of falling in love with him all over again? You stroked his hair, as he cried silently on your stomach. You looked to Steve for guidance and he knew that look of love too well. With one glance, he told you that he knew about that some people are worth fighting for and that maybe, it was your turn to prepare for the battle. A kind smile spread across your face as you looked down at the Sokovian, “Pietro…I’m not with Steve. I…I can’t stop loving you so easily. But I can’t forgive you that easily either. I need time. We need to start over, build the trust that was once destroyed. If you’re willing to take the time, I’m willing to try again.” He looked up, his eyes red from his tears as a smile appeared, “I will not hurt you again, my love. This was the first and last time ever. I swear I will no longer drink. I will do anything for you. I only need you, y/n…Only you.” Pietro declared, still on his knees as he held your hands as if they were precious jewels. He hugged you, the warmth of his body reviving your weakened soul. You sighed in relief the moment you felt it wash over you, like a cleansing of your tainted heart.
Steve smiled at your reconciliation with the eldest Maximoff sibling. He turned to head to the showers, calling your session done for the day. Rogers turned his head towards you again, your e/c eyes met with his sky blue ones. He shined a crooked smile before his figure retreating, remembering of his own love, and wondering if he’ll find one as strong as yours.

anonymous asked:

Helloooo! It's my first time asking wohooo! I hope I did this right. I want to thank you guys for all the hard work. All of you are loved and appreciated♡ I'm wondering if there are any fics where Kai/soo say or do something hurtful to the other and regret it after? Or where they get into an argument and one tries to apologize later? Is it too specific? I'm sorry /walks out awkwardly/

Welcooooome! huu we love u too cutie <3

(previous ask for kyungsoo saying something hurtful: here -y)

-Admin K (sorry for the lack of descriptions fml)


- made me feel so good to know that even someone like Beyonce understands what it’s like to feel worthless or feel like you have to (and actually drastically attempt to) change yourself for the one you love, as well as the anger of ever dealing with it in the first place.

- made me lose so much more hope when it came to men in love cause my nigga…the one mf who married BEYONCE couldn’t even keep his shit together. For BEYONCE. Not just sexy little thing Beyonce, but wife, business woman, got her own shit, knows how to own it, independent and strong yet vulnerable and genius all at the same time, the one woman you will rarely catch a man saying he wouldn’t want, the mother of your children (dead and alive)

Like the fact that I witnessed the truth that is Jay couldn’t be faithful to BEYONCE scares me and makes me feel safer to assume that mfs ain’t shit no matter how phenomenal of a woman you are…damn..like, how bro? how? wtf were you thinking?…AND FOR HER TO FORGIVE. That is a level of womanhood that I cannot touch..