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She pushes back her hood, exposing the points of her ears. It is all of thirty seconds before the humans start to notice—they look at her with surprise, then confusion, then rage. She is undaunted.

Let them see.

Let them know a Dalish elf has come to Wycome.

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Submission from Christina, with a continuation from me :)

Harry and Ron’s relationship undergoes a rocky period when George finally starts to kind of treat Ron as an equal. 

Without Fred, George is able to see that Ron’s wit and imagination is on par with his own. They work together, so they spend the most time together. George stops picking on him so much and they begin to banter and conspire the way he and his twin used to (almost). 

Ron, who’d wanted the twins’ approval his whole life, is thrilled. (Thanks, Christina, I love this and I’m super glad to continue it!) He is finally, as he sees it, an adult in the eyes of his now-favorite brother. 

As an Auror, Ron had spent nearly every day with Harry, but once he began working full time at the Wheezes (and he calls it for short), he and Harry carved out their own time to see each other. Monday nights with all the kids, and Friday nights without, gave them ample time to hang out and talk about their new lives. 

Monday nights, the nights Ron took Rose and Hugo - five and seven - to the Potter house to play with their cousins and to give their Mum a break and a chance to get organized for the week ahead, were the first to go, once George asked Ron to a “collab session” with “the team” every Monday. 

Harry held back his hurt. It seemed so perfect for Ron - finally using his creativity, and working with his hands the way he’d loved as an Auror. How could Harry - who had taken so much from him since they were children - possibly object? He takes his niece and nephew anyway, oversees the playdates by himself, unsure what it is inside of him that hurts. 

He begins to orient his weeks around Friday nights with Ron. The conversation used to flow naturally, a good-natured ribbing about their respective jobs, their respective wives. Real conversation about their kids. Fun stories from work. Reminiscing, still trying to fit pieces from their childhood together. Since he’d gone back to the Wheezes, though, the talk about work became talk about George. The fun stories were always about George. The talk about their childhood was oriented towards Ron’s feelings of inadequacy against his brothers and how that had all changed, now that he was close with George. 

Harry, displaced and untethered without his friendship with his favorite person - finds himself disappearing in their conversation. When Ron invites George along to their favorite Friday night pub, Harry can’t even find the words to object. He feels as if he’s been uprooted from his life - as the man who’s best friends with Ron Weasley - and given some poor substitute for himself. 

It fades, as these things do, and things went more or less back to normal, after Hermione confronted them both and explained to Ron why what he was doing was wrong. But it would be years before Harry felt safe his place in the world again. 

Love you for yourself alone

…and not your yellow hair

Enjoltaire fluff, modern AU, trans Enjolras | 1k

Happy Birthday James! Your prompt reminded me that I still had ideas about the Enjolras and Grantaire in my Faerie AU. No background knowledge needed though, as these two are both human.

Enjolras’ apartment is a nice place to be. Grantaire has always thought so, but nowadays that is extra true. There’s still a little nervousness in his chest though. Luckily he’s not the only one, at least judging from the rather sudden way Enjolras says:

“Do you want something to drink? Or…something?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Grantaire grins.

“Okay,” Enjolras smiles. He grabs the coat he just shrugged off to put it away. “Why do you never wear a coat?” he asks, shaking his head as he ducks into the little hallway.

“Sarcasm keeps me warm,” Grantaire quips. He strolls over to Enjolras’ photo wall. It’s the defining feature of the living room. The pinboard basically covers the whole wall. It looks even more crowded than it did last time. Grantaire glances past the glossy pictures and his eye falls on a photo that is unmistakeably Combeferre and Enjolras…only with braces and backpacks. Grantaire lets out a surprised sound, he has seen a few pictures of Enjolras as a kid, but not many. He always figured Enjolras didn’t want to share them.

“Dad came by with a box of old photos,” Enjolras explains, appearing in the doorway.

Grantaire looks back at him over his shoulder.

The nerves in Enjolras’ eyes are much more obvious now.

“Cute braces,” he smirks. Whatever Enjolras is worried about, Grantaire hopes a little teasing will do away with it.

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Me before Case 5: “god damnit those ouma fanboys are just like those nagito fanboys, loving a character with no redeeming qualities”

Me now: “he ain’t no cinnamon roll but fuck I’m still crying”

Sereda Aeducan

My part for an art trade with @stumblingsbalderdash, thankyou for your patience ! I hope I did her justice ! ;A; She was just a pleasure to draw, sweet Andraste.

It’s the first time for me to try something… like that and I’m a little glad about the way it turned (even if I have a looot to learn) ~

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i filmed this and it took me a week to upload bc i was terrified so theres that lol

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Hoseok just really wants you to forget about your party

Slightly smutty but not really?? A little bit of dirty talk which is kinda my favourite thing

Word count: 732

“Don’t look at me like that Hoseok.” Your tone held the frustration you were feeling but he merely smirked at you from the bed.  
“Look at you like what?” He feigned innocence, watching you run in and out of the room in your underwear frantically.
“You know what!” The next time you enter the room, he’s stood waiting for you, arms outstretched.  
“Come here, baby,” he said with a chuckle. Pouting, you walked towards him, his chest warm against your cheek and his arms a secure warmth that never failed to make you melt into his embrace.  
“Did you hide it?” You asked. “I won’t be mad, but this party is important to me, so if you hid it, could you just tell me where it is?” He squeezed you a little harder at the question, bending and kissing along your shoulder.  
“I didn’t hide your dress, but I can see that it’s on a clothes hanger on the back of the door.”
With a sigh of relief you moved to leave Wonho’s embrace, only for him to pull your back to his chest. Delicate fingers played with the waistband of your black panties. About to voice your exasperation you were quickly cut short when the electric feeling of his soft lips was felt against your neck.  

“Just stay for a little bit, at least long enough for me to go down on you… Twice.” He tongued at your collarbone, the atmosphere slowly getting a little hotter between you two. For a few seconds you were caught, the way your boyfriend was licking and kissing at your skin clouding your mind in the best way possible, all thought of the business party you had to go to out of the window. Heat shot through your body when his hand slid down the front of your underwear and his index finger brushed your clit. You pulled away with hot cheeks.  

“Not right now, Hoseok.” He pouted behind you, watching your ass shake as you walked to the door and pulled your dress down before stepping into the soft material. Graciously, he zipped the back of your dress up, seductively whispering, “You just look so fuckable right now, like you just want to be bent over and fucked until you see stars.” He was used to getting his own way when he used words like that. He could sense your resolve swaying so he continued. “If i unzip this dress and put my hand down your panties, will you be wet? I think you would be. I could sit you on your dresser and eat you out until you’re shaking and sweating,” his wandering hands ran up your sides, cupping your breasts and squeezing them in his palms as his lips kissed your neck between every few words. His voice was low and seductive and everything that made your head spin. The cheeky little shit wasn’t about to let up either.
“I could help you relax. Maybe even a quick fuck if you’re a good girl and do what I say. You know how much you love it when I’m on my knees in front of you, worshipping your pretty pussy like you know I should.” He decided to push his luck and reinforce his point about just how willing he is, how you would both enjoy it, by grinding against your ass and a small gasp escaped your lips before you could think to stop it. He thought he had you. He really thought he had you.

With an elegance he wasn’t even sure you possessed, you slipped from his loosening hold with a cheeky smirk and and unnecessary sway of your hips. His face was a picture of betrayal and thinly veiled lust, his hands reaching to keep your warmth as close as possible. Nothing was going to get in the way of the plans you already had, despite his protestations.  
“I think it’s time you learnt some patience, baby, you can’t always have it your way you know?” He opened his mouth to protest, to get you to reconsider but you had already grabbed your purse. “No having fun while I’m gone okay, no matter how much you think about my pretty pussy. Bye baby.” You called over your shoulder, leaving a pouty, horny, frustrated Hoseok standing in your room, wishing you were with him. He really thought he had you.

Now then…

how will you continue your story

                            Mikaela Hyakuya