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You probably have an unending queue of prompts, because your Barduil is the best there is, but could I suggest something? (I'm going to anyways, sorry). Thranduil is injured/depressed (or both) and Sigrid comforts him. Just some Sigrid and Thranduil moments, with little but strong Sigrid comforting the mighty elvenking. And maybe Bard being super proud of her for it. That would be cool too. Only if you had the time and feel like it, of course! Have a great day and/or night! Greetings! Clara

Sigrid had noticed that something was up with her ada. There were dark circles under his eyes and he wasn’t smiling as much as he usually did. She had already guessed the reason, that arrow he had taken to his leg was taking much longer to heal than he had expected and was stopping him from being able to do things.

He had stayed in Dale since he got injured, not wanting to be parted from his family, and da was more than a little unwilling to let him go as well. But that was a few weeks ago now and ada did have a kingdom of his own to run and couldn’t be away for much longer, even if he really wanted to stay.

Sigrid would bet it was because he didn’t like being by himself when he was hurt, she knew that he was thousands of years old, but no one liked being away from their family when they were hurt, and she didn’t know when Legolas was coming home again next.  

But da couldn’t go with him, even though the thought of ada needing to leave was stressing him out, he was in the middle of plans to start running trade down the Anduin river again and was having to negotiate with a lot of different people and settlements. From his haggard look Sigrid was getting the feeling that it wasn’t going as smoothly as he had hoped.

Da was trying to cheer ada up, and he was succeeding whenever he was around, always managing to coax laughs out of him, but he was busy so much at the moment. And Tilda was always good at making people smile but she was only little still and couldn’t really help with Sigrid’s plan, because she did have a plan to cheer up ada. She would get Bain involved but he was helping da as much as possible, learning about ruling and such like.

So that left her to do something about the fact her ada was sad, but it was okay, she had a plan, one that Tauriel had promised to help her with.

“Ada?” Sigrid asked, poking her head into their little sitting room.

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So I was browsing various DA blogs that I love, and decided to doodle the main inquisitors for some of these lovely people <3 I need to work on drawing people in general, so this is both practice for me, and gifts for those who own these beautiful characters.

This is Maiwe Lavellan, and she belongs to kestrelsansjesses. I hope i didn’t butcher her too much! I enjoyed drawing her, and I hope it was okay to use/draw her <3 (It seems that every Lavellan I choose has this vallaslin, and it’s killing me :c )

Artwork: TheMintMagician

Please do not steal/trace/use. Please do not erase artist comments. Thank you.


The wildling princess was not beloved of her gaolers. She scorned them all as “kneelers,” and had thrice attempted to escape. When one man-at-arms grew careless in her presence she had snatched his dagger from its sheath and stabbed him in the neck. Another inch to the left and he might have died.

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