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positive lady characters meme
catelyn tully, sansa stark and arya stark + mothers and daughters (asked by anonymous)

[Midorima/Akashi] 3 things you said with no space between us

Requested by akashiskuroko.


Akashi Seijurou treated personal space like he would a crime scene protected by a yellowtape screaming ‘Do not cross’.

Therefore, he never crossed.

Midorima counted on him not to.

Having Akashi in his life was a tsunami in and of itself, and Midorima dared not imagine what would happen if Akashi went past his barricades.

Then Akashi decided to tear them down instead.

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chibicheeberson asked:

would you be able to write a kingsman fic melin/harry with merlin whump?

Okay, I do so hope this is what you were looking for. It didn’t do what I wanted it to do, so it became this… Also I hope there isn’t too many dumb typos. I was really bad at focusing on anything today.

Apparently still am, cause it’s taken me a full half hour to get this posted.

He wasn’t even supposed to be in the field. He wasn’t supposed to be anywhere but safe in HQ, and if Harry hadn’t screwed up and gotten shot in the head, he would have been around to have helped Roxy and Eggsy stop Valentine, and Merlin would have been exactly where he was supposed to be. Instead Harry watched the feed on Eggsy’s glasses as the seven of their dozen agents infiltrated—okay, not infiltrated, because the sheer number of explosions and bullets ruled out stealth—the building.

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Parallels between Tyrion Lannister & Sansa Stark (requested by ablueflowergrew)


A Song of Ice and Fire + (some) major themes (requested by viperofsand)


positive lady characters meme
daenerys targaryen + strengths and flaws (asked by viperofsand)