i hope you like giant gifsets

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I am just going to say that, once you see it, you realise how much you've missed Sean, he is so good. And Regina's heart eyes OMG she has all this feelings because its robin but not really the one we left behind. Oq is pulling everyone back in the ship

I saw the gifsets of their reunion on my dash and IT GAVE ME SO MANY FEELINGS, LIKE I WAS NOT PREPARED

but I can’t get into it again and hope for things to go right this time and for them to realise what a giant fuckup they made (I’ve rarely cried as hard over a single episode of TV as I did over 5x21 and CS/OQ) and then for something dumb to happen and she loses him or the EQ kills him again or he vanishes or it’s more emotional torture porn for Regina because they think that’s good writing/serves as a character arc…

like, I can’t take anything less than a happy ending for them, and… I’m wary about getting invested/watching consistently again until I know that happens, and I doubt it does. I want the good things for CS, believe me, but how horribly they handled OQ was a MAJOR reason in me essentially quitting after s5, and… yeah. I’m a fragile fangirl.