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MarkiplierTV presents Resident Enis

(bloopers because Dark needs a few more takes to even say that in a straight sentence)

Dark is usually the Evil Guy TM in most of my portrayals, but sometimes I remember he was claimed to be an evil vampire in his earlier years. Also I was watching Resident Enis so why not


i have 0 excuses okay i just saw @joliemariella‘s tags on my silly drunk Pap animation and 

look at all those friends

c’mon Sans, gotta carry ‘em for SCIENCE (and friendship)

New romantics (Prologue)

A/N: Okay peeps, this is the prologue of my new series. I loved writing the PT Diaries so much that I decided that I wanted to write a new series. This one is going to be based on Charlotte Reed, Mitch’s best friend (yup, expect a loot of Leafs making appearances). Please, let me know what you think of this!

Word count: 949

Warnings: none, I think.

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“Hello Mariam –” I hear my best friend’s voice from my room upstairs and smile.  “– where is she?”

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dudedudedude imagine: remember when shiro said something about the red lion being the only lion to withstand the heat of the stars at marmora hq? so, the team goes to visit the hq again, and this time allura has to go (bring ur leader jazz). bear in mind red paladin lance. this could go either way. one: allura chooses keith to go, and lance realizes it was just an excuse not to take him. or two: allura takes the red lion with lance, but now lance us just another replacement for keith.


I decided to write both scenarios because I love them both! 

I really tried to keep the characters in character 

Allura Chooses Keith 

“I’ll take Keith.” Allura pointed at the male who was staring at the two wormholes, indicating the Marmora headquarters. 

Lance blinked a few times and immediately went into defense mode. “The Black Lion can’t withstand that heat, only the Red Lion can. Newflash I pilot the Red Lion now, so shouldn’t I go with you instead of Keith?” 

Allura was silent for a few moments but eventually spoke “Keith will fly the Red Lion down since he was her paladin before. I understand that you pilot the Red Lion now Lance but Keith still has a very unique bond with her. If anything happens in the headquarters we can rely on Red to keep us safe, because she will do anything to protect Keith.” 

“Also even though Allura is our leader I think we should send the leader of Voltron with her, and this case it’s Keith.” Pidge adjusted her glasses and looked at Lance, “since Shiro went last time it’s only logical.” 

Lance nodded and faced the the screen displaying the two wormholes. He heard the two shuffle out of the room and he tightened his fist in anger? Was that the emotion he was feeling? No it was something different, something heavier than anger. 

Lance walked over to his chair, that was in the room, and slumped down in it. Everything felt heavy and Lance didn’t know why. He watch Pidge, Hunk and Coran talk to Allura and Keith from the Red Lion and he felt the emotion grow stronger. 

Was this an excuse? Did Allura not trust me enough to go with her? That can’t be true, we’ve bonded since Shiro left. Maybe there’s a different reason, maybe she wanted Keith to have another shot at learning about his past. 

Someone asked Lance if he was okay and he gave them a firm nod. Nobody knew what to do and kept him in the corner of their eyes and Lance sat still, thinking. Thinking about why Allura chose Keith over him but no matter how much he thought he never found a solid answer. 

Allura Takes Lance 

“Lance we must go, we only have so many ticks before they close the headquarters off.” Allura spoke as she put on her helmet and made he way down to the Red Lion hanger. 

Lance nodded and quickly approached Red, her particle barrier falling as soon as he entered her hanger. 

After a few minutes Lance and Allura were on their way down to the headquarters. 

Lance felt sweat fall down his back as he maneuvered Red along the path that was displayed before him. 

“So, um princess?” Lance cursed at how shaky his voice was but he was anxious. Anxious that he would mess up and fail this mission.  Keith wouldn’t be anxious. 

Allura turned her gaze towards Lance “Yes Lance, is everything okay?” 

Lance gave her a shaky nod, “yes, but why did you chose me instead of Keith? He is a better pilot after all and his bond is stronger with Red versus me.” 

Allura was quiet for a few ticks, the only noise was the rumble from Reds metal slightly bending under the pressure from the wormholes. 

“Well, I chose you because you are the Red paladin now. Even if your bond isn’t the strongest, Red is your lion now.” Allura gave Lance a small smile. 

Lance nodded. “So if Keith was still the Red paladin you would have taken him?” 

Allura nodded and Lance didn’t say anything else. He focused on flying Red but his eyes kept wandering the more he thought. 

I’m only here because Keith isn’t Red’s paladin anymore. Did I replace Keith? Lance looked at Allura, who gave him another small smile. No, Allura replaced me. I was the Blue paladin now I’m forced to be the Red paladin. I replaced Keith and Allura replaced me. I’m always going to be replaceable aren’t I? Will I ever have a permanent spot in Voltron? 

“LANCE WATCH OUT!” Allura screamed and Lance pulled the controls back. He was heading off the path straight into the wormhole. 

Lance could here’s his team asking what happened and Allura touched his shoulder. “Lance are you alright?” 

Lance nodded, “sorry I was just lost in thought. It won’t happen again.” Lance focus on flying, his thoughts burning in the back of his mind.

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happy 20th anniversary of the wizarding world. this universe has been a light to me in dark times, as i know it has been to many others, and it has a special place in my heart that i know it will keep place for another twenty years and more. also, thank you to all the people who have contributed to the fandom over the years and continue to do so; you have enriched what we were already gifted with. 


Klance head canons (because why not)

Thought I’d do more head canons for you guys before I study. (because I don’t want to study for my final exam)

- When Keith gets sick he tends to be really tired and super cuddly
- If someone next to him on the couch, he’s on them or always touching them in some way
- ironically lance is always next to him
- “no I don’t sit next to him because I like it Pidge, shut up”
- yes, lance will intentionally sit next to Keith for cuddles
- Keith is too sick to care what people think
- Keith often leans on lances shoulder but he’ll slowly slip down to rest his head on lances lap
- lance will run his hands through Keith’s hair when he does this
- Keith loves it, it helps him fall asleep
- lance is also over protective when Keith is sick
- “no Allura, your pushing Keith to hard he’s sick for heavens sake” “lance I’m fine, honestly” “no Keith your not, you need to rest”!
- tbh Keith really does need to rest because Allura is pushy and Keith doesnt like to admit defeat
- lance sometimes stays with Keith during the night when he really isn’t feeling well
- the first few times lance sleeps on the floor
- Keith invites him into bed every time
- lance tells him that he’s only saying that because he’s sick and isn’t in is right mind
- it only takes Keith two more days to convince lance to share a bed
- lance doesn’t know why he didn’t do this sooner
- Keith looks so soft™ when he’s sleeping
- lance just wants to hug him
- lance will initiate cuddling and say that Keith started it
- lance really, really, really wants to kiss those soft lips while Keith is asleep.
- he does one night when Keith and him are snuggled up close
- lance has a silent panic attack when Keith pulls him closer to his chest
- lance thinks Keith was sleeping
- Keith was definitely NOT sleeping
- Keith fucking died™, and pulled lance closer so he wouldn’t see his smile


Best Singing Compilation - Miyano Mamoru: Vocal King (~GENERATING!~ Edition). ♡

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Hey I wondering if you could possibly do a dancer rec? Like either they are both a dancer or one is or something :) I really love that au :) also love you keep being awesome

You’re too sweet! Thank you 💖💖💖. I don’t think I’ve ever read this AU before, but these fics look fun! There’s some fluff and some smut, so whatever you’re in the mood for, it should be covered.

En Pointe by MellytheHun (G 3k)

I got this prompt on tumblr; Derek as a ballet dancer? Him in thights! Like some “Step Up” AU? Stiles is dancer too. And so a ballet academy AU was born. 

If You Want Me To Stay by orphan_account (G 3k)

The one where Derek is a fine arts student and Stiles is a dancer, practicing in the same Beacon Hills Police Department shirt his mom used to wear when he watched her practice in the living room.

I Know You Can Slow Dance by stileskolpath (E 3k)

Stiles quietly let himself into the loft. He knew he wasn’t really supposed to be here. Granted, he felt better knowing that he could just let himself in. Having a key made helps quite a bit. He thought about the potentially painful repercussions that he might experience at Derek’s hands while he sucked down some of the chocolate milkshake he was carrying.

So what if he didn’t get permission from Derek to do it? The dude was constantly climbing in his bedroom window. Stiles figured it was kind of a trade-off.

But what he saw, he did not expect.

Grand Jeté by thekissballad (kkpsigirl) (G 3k)

“I don’t mean to be rude, Dad,” she said toward Stiles before turning back to Derek, “but as you saw, Mr. Hale, he’s not the most graceful person.”

Stiles snorted, turned red and covered his face while his daughter continued. “I don’t want him to perform a grand jeté and hurt himself. He needs to be able to catch all the bad guys. So…” she trailed off, looking between both men.

Dancing Shoes by redhoodedwolf (T 4k)

Derek Hale is the most ruthless ballet instructor in Northern California. Rumor has it that Abby Lee Dance Company along with the show Dance Moms were looking to collaborate, even give him his own show, and he turned them down.

Stiles isn’t so sure about the Dance Moms rumor, but he does know that Derek Hale is a force to be reckoned with, because the man glares at him the entire time Stiles is interviewing for the position of studio receptionist. It’s not the glamorous dance teacher job he’s been dreaming of, but it’s a step up. If he gets hired, he’ll be working alongside the Hale family, one of the most well known names in dance. Just even having that title on his resume will allow him to be a shoe-in anywhere he wants.

He just has to, yanno, not die under the force of Derek Hale’s glare.

Dance Inside by tryslora (T 5k)

Dance has music. It has music similar to what Paige played, and maybe, just maybe, it can lift the darkness from around his heart and give him back the soul that her death took away.


The one where Derek dances in NYC and when life in Beacon Hills calms down, maybe he can dance then, too.

If I Had To by irorn (T 7k)

“What are you doing here so early,” Stiles asks a bit warily as he turns down the stereo, “the place doesn’t open for another three hours.”

Derek walks his way to the stage keeping eye contact with Stiles the whole time. “Dance with me?”

“Dance with you,” Stiles repeats and looks at Derek with a raised eyebrow, “I don’t think…we’d be a good mixture handsome.” He says as he watches Derek get to the stage and then hoists himself onto the stage as well. “Ballet is too technical for my taste.”

“Stiles, dance with me,” Derek repeats and holds a hand out for him.

Fairytales Can Come True by Shewolf_La_Loba (T 8k)

No one knew Stiles could Sing.

No one knew Derek could Dance.

No one knew Fairytales could be so Real.

The Story of Us (By Dancing Steps) by ElStark (G 9k)

People always said that where Stiles was grace, Derek was strength. And he didn’t disagree, there was something in the way that Derek moved through the motions, a boldness and confidence that communicated pure strength. But it also had an elegance to it that always left Stiles staring, completely enraptured whenever he saw him dance. And this time was no different.

Derek gestured him to come closer and he went easily. “You’re Odette.”

“Excuse me?” Stiles arched an eyebrow and Derek rolled his eyes.

“Do you want me to show you, or not?”

Stiles huffed and muttered, “This doesn’t feel emasculating at all.” Under his breath, but put himself in position in front of Derek as asked. He squinted when he saw Derek trying to hold off a grin from his reflection in the mirror. “You’re an asshole.” Stiles told him and Derek gave up all pretenses, grinning widely at him.

Pull Me Down by allyasavedtheday (M 20k)

Lydia preens, giving him an indulgent smile. “I’ve found you the perfect dance partner.”

Stiles brightens, standing up a little straighter. Trying to find a dance partner for the upcoming year’s round of competitions has been an exhausting, unrewarding process so far. “Who is it?”

“Derek Hale,” Lydia beams.

Stiles’ face immediately falls and he sighs. “No.”


Stiles and Derek are both looking for a way to make themselves stand out from the crowd in their last competition before they graduate. Dancing with each other might be just the way to do it.

Tchaikovsky’s Nightmare by fshep (M 30k)

After a week of rehearsal, Stiles is convinced that there’s no way this production is going to end in anything other than misery.

Beacon Hills Classical Ballet Academy performs a variation of Swan Lake where all of the swans are males, forcing Stiles to partner up with Derek Hale. Things go about as well as one would expect.

We Move to the Same Rhythm by samann98 (E 54k)

Derek is the cocky captain of the basketball team with a not-so-secret love of dance and Stiles is the leader of the school’s struggling dance team. With Stiles’ dance team, Spin Cycle, on the verge of being disbanded, Lydia suggests they bring in some new members. Stiles agrees, until she suggests Derek Hale.

Hope you like these! My fic rec requests are always open.