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“Y/N will you quit.” Joe said pushing you away from him. “Please I’m trying to work.” 

“You’ve been working for ages Joe” You pouted, crossing your arms as you looked down at your boyfriend who was hunched over in his chair, laptop propped open on the desk in front of him.

“Yes I know, I have deadlines that need to be met. Just give me a few hours and I’ll be done.” 

“You said that yesterday and here you are, still sat in front of your computer.” 

Joe turned around to look at you, sending an apologetic look your way. “Love I know, I’m sorry.”

“You will be.” You mumbled before leaving the room.

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I’m writing out my feelings for this whole anon situation in this fanfiction. And thanks to comewhatanime for helping me with the ending c: It was suppose to be 10x longer and 10x more angsty, but I don’t have a lot of time to write with graduation coming up.

Setting: Long-distance relationship, AU

Italic: Skype Messages

Bold: Text messages

Bold + Italic: Tumblr message

Pairings: NaLu

Summary: “Lucy felt trapped in her own mind. The more hate that came, the more lonely she felt. With her only solace being one thousand miles away, she had no choice but to rely on mental help she was receiving, but words can only do so much to help a person… and Lucy learns that the hard way.”

“And… finished!” Lucy exclaimed,clasping her hands together and she typed the last word of her newly written fanfiction. The idea had been bothering her for the longest time, but she wasn’t sure if her fandom would enjoy the idea the same way she did. Finally, after late night conversations with Levy and occasionally Erza for the past week, Lucy had finally gotten the courage to put her idea into words.

A little beeping noise brought her out of her thoughts. Looking at her laptop, she seen she had gotten a notification from Skype. She clicked the little button and seen it was the group chat she had joined a little over two years ago.

Natsu: I’m sooooooo bored

Lucy giggled at his message, he was always the icebreaker to start a new conversation everyday between their group of eight. Hearing the alert noise again, she looked down at her computer seeing someone had replied to Natsu.

Gray: No one cares, go entertain yourself.

Now the blonde rolled her eyes, already knowing a fight was about to pursue. Not wanting to get in the middle of their little fit, she just decided to private message her beta to check for the errors in her story.

After sending the message, she went back to her little group seeing that there was already twenty messages she had missed in the two minutes she didn’t pay attention to the chat.

Natsu: I swear the day I meet you Ice Princess is the day you’re gonna regret fuckin’ with me.

Gray: Thats funny Flame Brain, I was thinking the same thing.

The insults came faster than Lucy could keep track of. Their only hope was that the red haired she devil would log on soon to stop the two idiots from their bickering. Lucy would stop them but the last time she tried to get in the middle of things resulted in an even bigger fight than what it was originally. So instead, she just sighed and tried to keep up with the spat waiting for Levy and Erza to log on.

Natsu: Porn star!

Gray: Ash for Brains!

Natsu: Stripper-

Erza: Natsu, Gray do I see fighting on the chat?

Natsu: No ma’am

Gray: What gave you that idea Erza?

Erza: It would be in your best interests to stop this harassment.

Natsu and Gray: Yes Erza…

Erza: Excellent. Are we the only three on currently?

Natsu: Yeah, Luce’s still asleep.

Lucy put a over her mouth, guilt rushing through her. She forgot to text Natsu this morning being too preoccupied with her fanficiton. She was about to type something on the chat when Erza beat her to it.

Erza: Strange, I talked to her earlier this morning.

“Erza…” Lucy groaned out, propping her elbow on her desk so she could rest her cheek in one of her hands.

Natsu: Really? She hasn’t texted me yet…

Gray: Looks like your own girlfriends tired of you now too.

Natsu: Shut up!!

Drowning in the guilt she felt, Lucy heard her phone vibrate already knowing who was texting her.

Natsu: Hey jerk! You didn’t text me this morning :(

Lucy sighed, fingers hurriedly typing a message.

Lucy: I know, I’m sorry!! My mind this morning was set on that fanfiction I was telling you about last night, I finally wrote it.

Natsu: Oh you wrote it? Did you publish it yet, I wanna read it!!

Lucy gave a breathless laugh at Natsu’s eagerness and already forgot anger. He sure was something else.

Lucy: No its not published yet, I’m waiting on Levy-chan to proof read it.

Natsu: Wahhh but Luce I wanna read it now!

Lucy: Oh don’t be such a baby Natsu, you’ll read it in a little bit I just sent Levy-chan the link.

Natsu: … Fine. I bet its perfect just the way it is, just like you are.

Lucy’s face heated up at Natsu’s compliment. That boy could be romantic when he wanted to be. Trying to calm down the butterflies in her stomach, she replied.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu, but I’m farthest from perfect. I’m getting on Skype now so we’ll just talk on there, okay?

Natsu: Well no matter what you say you’re perfect to me. And okay

A smile locked on her lips, Lucy set her phone to the side and decided to greet everyone in the chat.

Lucy: Morning guys!

Levy: Morning Lu-chan!! Just read your fanfiction, looks ready to publish to me! :)

Satisfaction rushed through her at the praise her best friend had just given her.

Lucy: Really?! Okay, posting it now then :)

She quickly went to her tumblr page, doing all the proper copy and pasting as well as putting in the right tags and finally with a shaky hand, she clicked post. She closed out of her tumblr, deciding she would check in a bit to see the feedback. She went back to Skype, deciding to tell everyone it was posted.

Lucy: Hey guys, its posted!!

Natsu: Awesome Luce! I’m going to read it now!

Erza: Same goes for me.

Gray: Reading it now.

Levy: I’ve already read it but it’s so great I’m going to read it again!!

Lucy: You guys are the greatest.

She sighed, a content feeling passing over her. Lucy didn’t know what she would do without the support of her internet friends, even with the distance between them. Its really hard to believe that everything started just by one simple comment on a drawing that Natsu had done two years ago. Now thanks to that comment she had a loving boyfriend and a great support system of friends, its crazy what can happen if you just take a chance.

Since it had been about ten minutes after she had posted her story, she decided to have a quick look to see what others in the fandom thought about her writing. Going to her tumblr page, she seen that she had ten notes on her fanfiction along with 3 new private messages.

Scrolling through the tags on her notes, it was just her Skype friends with the usual ‘Lucy this is so amazing!’ She smiled, instead of thanking them on here she was just going to do so on Skype. Clicking on her messages, she seen it was from three anons.

Anon: Your story was incredible!!!

Anon: You’re going to write a sequel right?!?! I need more of your writing in my life!!!

As she read the third anon message, it made her happy mood turn a bit somber.

Anon: You and your writing are terrible, just quit now before you embarrass yourself even more.

She reread the message over and over again, each time she did it brought her mood down a little more. Not wanting to give the rude anon the satisfaction of seeing her reply, she just deleted the message. Deciding to just reply to the other anons later when she cheered up a bit.

She heard the familiar alert sound from Skype, seeing that it was a private message from Natsu.

Natsu: Luce you know how much I hate reading, but I liked your fanfiction a lot! It was perfect :)

Even though she knew he couldn’t see her, that didn’t stop the blush that was beginning to form on her pale cheeks.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu.

Natsu: You’re welcome, ready for our daily video chat?

Lucy: I’m always ready to see your face.

Natsu: You’re such a weirdo, okay I’m calling now.

She didn’t bother to reply seeing as if Natsu was about to call. She searched all over her desk to find a pair of earbuds so she could hear Natsu better and so her father couldn’t hear the conversation either. The Skype calling sound nearly made her jump out of her skin as it began to play out loud on her laptop. Finally, she found her earbuds and plugged them in so she could begin to video chat with her boyfriend.

She pressed the answer button, and on her screen was the most beautiful man she had laid her eyes on. She saw the tangled mess of his shaggy salmon hair that complimented his tanned skin so perfectly. The black tank top he was wearing accented his toned muscles and matched the black jewelry that were currently in his ear. To top his all off, his onyx eyes were laced with pure happiness as he seen her pop up on the screen, his perfect canine teeth showing just how excited he truly was.

“Hey Luce.” He greeted in the voice she would never get tired of hearing. She loved that his deep and raggy voice was the first voice she heard in the morning and the last one she heard before she went to sleep at night.

“Hey Natsu, you look sleepy.” She commented noticing the bags under his eyes. He waved her off.

“Well, I do stay up until the crack of dawn talking to you miss I live all the way across the country and have a three hour time gap.” He replied with a yawn, adding emphasis to his statement. The blonde puffed out her cheeks.

“No one said you had to stay up all night to talk to me idiot.”

“I know, I just want too.” Lucy’s face heated up, there he goes being romantic again.

“Then stop complaining about it!”

“Who says I’m complaining about losing a little sleep to talk to the most beautiful girl in the world?”

“You sure are being romantic today, whats got you in such a good mood?” She grumbled out, trying to hide the redness adorning her cheeks but she knew she was failing quite miserably.

“Does everyone have to have a reason to be super happy?” Lucy raised a questioning eyebrow, giving the boy an inquiring look. She propped her elbows up on her desk and rested her chin in her hands, giving a more dramatic stare to her boyfriend. Hearing him sigh, she knew her glare had worked.

“I wanted to kind of surprise you but… I got my acceptance letter to Magnolia University today.” Lucy’s eyes widened without conscious thought, bringing one of her hands to cover her mouth trying to relieve the overwhelming sensation her body was going through right now.

“You… acceptance letter? You got in?!” She asked in a whisper, her excitement coursing through her veins the feelings getting stronger with each passing second. Seeing his breathtaking smile accompanied with a nod Lucy felt like crying.

“Yep Lucy, I got in.”

“T-Then that means…”

“We’ll be meeting in less than three months.”

Lucy felt the tears of joy burning the back of her eyes, not truly believing what she was hearing. After two long years of knowing each other and after a year and a half of a long distance relationship… they were finally going to meet.

“Oh my Mavis…” The blonde was so speechless, and Natsu could tell. So he decided to carry on the conversation for them.

“I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” He said in such a gentle voice Lucy swore he was right now to her.

“I can’t wait for you to hold me Natsu.” She stated still in a stage of disbelief. “I just… wow. I know that we’ve been talking about this for over a year but now that it’s actually going to happen…” She trailed off not able to find the words to express the way she was feeling right now.

“Don’t worry Lucy, I feel the same way-” He was interrupting by a banging at his door.

“Natsu! Dinners ready!” They both heard Natsu’s adoptive mother shout. Lucy heard him curse under his breath.

“Okay mom I’ll be right down!” Lucy heard him say rather loudly, eyeing him as he returned his gaze back to her a sad look etched on his handsome features. “Sorry Luce, I gotta go.”

“So I heard.” She said with a soft smile. “Its okay Natsu, we can talk later tonight right?”

“Of course!” His expression turned soft. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied as softly as he said it, as he ended the call. She let out a breathy sigh, still not believing that in less than three months she would be meeting the love of her life in person and not just through a computer screen. A knocking at the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Lucy dear are you busy right now?”

“No daddy, you can come in.” She heard her door open signaling that he had heard her. Lucy was surprised when she seen her fathers eyes glued to her phone.

“So dear, I just got a text message from Natsu.”

Lucy’s face scrunched up, wondering why her boyfriend would text her father. “What did it say?”

“It says ‘yo pops-in-law I got accepted into Lucy’s college!’” Lucy felt like banging her head against the table at the way Natsu worded his message.

“He is such an idiot…” The blonde muttered to herself.

“Yes, well, did he tell you yet?” Lucy nodded, still unbelieving that it really was true. “Ahh, well the move in day is in less than three months.”

“I know… it’s so unbelievable.” A disbelieving tone was in her voice. “I’ve been waiting for this day for so long… and it’s finally coming up.”

“Both of you have been through hell and back trying to keep your relationship going.” Lucy knew what her father was talking about. All the days they couldn’t talk because of school, homework, sports, social life had almost broken the two up. But at the end of the day the two teen realized what they had was real, making them push past all the barriers.

Now all their hard work and sacrifices for each other was going to pay off.

“I’m happy to see you’re happy dear, but I just needed your help on how to reply back to Natsu.” Lucy sweatdropped, of course her socially awkward father needed help talking to her boyfriend.

Erza: Everyone. I was tagged in that twenty beautiful peoples challenge, and I decided to tag all of you. I expect to see your pictures up within an hour.

Levy: Erza! You know Lu-chan and I don’t like posting pictures.

Erza: I am sorry Levy, but you were tagged so you have to do it.

Gajeel: Oi Shrimp, just make sure you’re not wearing anything too revealing.

Natsu: You should be telling Gray that Lug-nut, not your girlfriend.

Gray: Are you talking shit again Natsu?

Natsu: So what if I am?

Lucy: Natsu, Gray please don’t fight. And Erza, I’ll post my picture right now.

Erza: Thank you Lucy. As for you Natsu and Gray, if I see you bicker once more today I will be forced to used dramatic measures.

Natsu: Aye sir…

Rolling her eyes at the conversation, Lucy decided to get her phone out to take a selfie before Erza’s patience wore thin with the group. She smiled, her brown eyes squinting a little bit as she took the picture. She looked at the end result, seeing that it was a decent enough picture to post on the internet. Uploading the photo and putting the proper tags on it she hit post, embarrassed that she posted a selfie on the tumblr since no one knew what she looked like besides her Skype friends.

Five minutes had passed and since the group chat was just Erza scolding Natsu and Gray for their constant fighting, Lucy decided to check her tumblr due to how bored she currently was.

Going through her dashboard, she seen that Natsu had already reblogged her selfie and added the tags wow, my girlfriend is drop dead beautiful and can you believe a girl like her would fall for a man like me? just damn, I’m one lucky bastard. Lucy couldn’t stop the wave of embarrassment that ran through her body. She looked at her private messaging icon to see she had two new messages.

Clicking on them, she noticed that she received two more anon messages.

Anon: Wow, you’re stunning!!! Can I be you please?

Lucy blushed at the compliment, the hotness is her body soon turning cold as she read the next message.

Anon: Wow, ugliest person ever. I don’t think anyone can be as ugly as you are.

Lucy frowned at the message, but tried hard not to let it get her down. Replying to the nice messages she received from her fanfiction and her selfie, deleting the anon hate.

“One more month Lucy!!!” Lucy heard Natsu excitedly say. She looked at her handsome boyfriend on her computer screen.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I can’t wait Natsu.” Lucy sounded tired, which she really was. Ever since that day with the anon telling her she sucked at writing and that she was ugly, they had been sending her constant hate messages telling her she was worthless and a waste of space. This brought down her self-esteem even more on top of her being depressed since it was the 10th anniversary of her mothers passing.

“Lucy, are you okay?” Natsu’s worried tone reached her ears. She looked up with tired eyes due to the crying she’s been doing for the past few weeks. She nodded meekly.

“Yeah Natsu, absolutely dandy.” She replied. She didn’t want to talk, she just wanted to be by herself. “Natsu, I think I’m gonna go. I don’t feel the best.” She could feel the concerned look Natsu was giving her without actually seeing it.

“Okay Lucy, just text me or call me when you’re feeling better alright?”

“I will.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” She answered before immediately ending the call and closing her laptop. She got up from the chair and walked over to her bed, burying herself underneath her warm pink comforter. She grabbed her cell phone, checking her tumblr one last time before she decided to sleep.

She seen she had a new message and casually opened it up, heart sinking as she read the hurtful message.

Anon: Kill yourself please. You’d be doing everyone a great favor. Thank you, goodbye, and good riddance.

Lucy’s mouth dropped open. Out of the numerous amounts of hate she had received over the past few months, she had never read anything this vulgar.

The tears began to rush from her eyes without her permission. Her body starting to shake with unpleasant sobs. Her own mind telling her ‘maybe you should listen, you’ll be with your mother if you do.’ Lucy thought of her mother, the one person who she missed more than anything in the world and knew she was in the afterlife waiting for her precious daughter with open arms. The thought of being with her mother again, made the temptation far too great, but the fear of dying would stop her like it has in the past.  

Lucy couldn’t help it anymore, she was going to reply to this anon hate. Which wasn’t a good idea since she didn’t have a level head.

Anon, I don’t know why you’ve been constantly degrading me for the past two months. When I thought your messages couldn’t get any lower, you send me this. Props to you, you’re actually making me contemplate it.

She replied and posted it without rereading it, she just chucked her phone across the room and turned her face into her pillow and started to cry.

After a few moments, she heard her cell phone start to make noises, alerting her she was receiving new messages. She didn’t have the energy to go walk and get her phone though, but she moved against her body’s will anyways. She walked over and picked the cellular device off the ground, seeing she had twenty missed text messages.

Natsu: Lucy are you okay? Call me right now.

Natsu: Lucy?!?! Please answer me.

Natsu: Don’t do anything stupid Lucy please.

Natsu: Lucy answer me right now! Please!

It was just an assortment of worried text messages from Natsu and the others. She knew she had to talk to someone, get the feelings off of her chest. So clicked on Natsu’s name, pressing the symbol that automatically dialed his number.

After the phone rang for a second, the other line picked up.

“Lucy are you okay?!” Natsu shouted into the phone, his voice hoarse like he had been crying. Lucy pushed the thought to the back of her mind though, her emotionless state getting the better of her.

“I’m fine.”

“Why did you tell me someone has been harassing you for the past few months?!? Igneel’s a cop we would’ve gotten it taken care of!”

“Its not that big of a deal.”

“Not that big of a deal?! Lucy, someone told you to go kill yourself, this is serious!”

“Then how come I don’t care Natsu?! How come I feel like I should do it!?”

“I dont ever wanna hear you say that again Lucy.” His voice was so deadly serious, it almost scared Lucy. “Why would you feel like you should do it?”

“I… I don’t know.” Her sobs starting to resurface. “I just have an image of my mom waiting for me with open arms… I want to see her so badly.”

“Yeah I want to see Zeref too Lucy, but I’m not going to end my life to go see him because he wants me to live my life to the fullest. And instead of being depressed over his death, I’m living my life to the fullest for him. So I know hes watching over me and that hes proud I’m sticking through the tough times.” Lucy froze as she heard the strongest person she knew breakdown talking about his deceased brother.

She had talked to Zeref once or twice, he was such an amazing person and a good influence on Natsu. Then one tragic night Zeref went drove to work and got into a head on collision that killed him instantly. She also remembered Natsu didn’t talk to anyone or leave his room for three weeks or at least that’s what Igneel had told her. He  never really mentioned his death because of how hard it impacted him, but seeing him break down over it now did something to Lucy.

Lucy got on her laptop, opening her Skype app seeing all the messages from her friends worrying about her. She went to her tumblr page, seeing she have twenty new messages from people she’s never even spoken to before giving her nothing but kind words and support. Natsu’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Please don’t kill yourself Lucy… I don’t know what I would do without you.” Natsu’s voice was so weak it tugged at her heart strings almost painfully. Sure she wanted to see her mom again, but seeing all these people not wanting to lose her… made Lucy realize that she did matter in this world. She did have a purpose, and just like Natsu said she needed to live life for the fullest for her, and her mom.

With tears still pouring down her cheeks, she smiled sadly. “I’m not going to Natsu, how would I live with myself knowing that I’m so close to meeting you?”

He gave a hearty chuckle. “Thats my girl.” His voice turned serious again. “We’re all extremely pissed though. Me and Gray are actually working together to find a way to hack this fucker. Thats how pissed we are Luce.”

“Their not worth the effort Natsu, they truly aren’t. They are just some lowlife who has to hide behind a mask, if anything I feel sorry for them.”

He growled trying to let go of some of his anger. “I know they’re not worth it, but no one messes with you and gets away with it.”

Lucy’s smile turned tender. How in the world did she get blessed with friends like them?

“Dad! Do you see him anywhere?” Lucy asked examining the crowd for any pink fluffs of hair. She seen her father shake his head.

“No not yet dear, but his plane just landed. Just be patient.”

“I’ve been waiting for almost two years, I don’t think I can be any more patient daddy.” She seen the smile on her dads face, confusing the girl.

What are you smiling about- eep!” She squealed felt two arms wrap around her waist from behind. She froze, seeing the pink hair from the corner of her eye as a face buried into her neck.

“You’re so much shorter than I thought you’d be.” Lucy couldn’t move, she felt frozen to her spot. After over two years, the man of her dreams was finally holding her in his arms.

“Natsu…” Lucy breathed out, looking in the direction of his face. She seen him unbury his face from her neck a sheepish smile on his face.

“Hey Luce.”

“Natsu!” Lucy shouted before turning in his arms and wrapping them around her neck. She could tell he was caught off guard by her sudden action, but he recollected himself as she felt his strong arms wrap around her tiny waist, burying his face within her golden locks.

This feeling was so surreal. Having someone she met on an internet site was now in her arms, never leaving her again. As he took his face out of her hair, he used his pointer finger and thumb to lift her chin up to look him in his beautiful onyx eyes.

“You don’t understand how long I’ve been wanting to do this Luce.” He said then suddenly dropped his face down, connecting their lips together uncaring if her dad was watching. It took a minute for Lucy to catch up to reality, but she eventually returned the kiss. Their lips molded together perfectly, everything was perfect.

Lucy had thought things would be awkward at first seeing as they had never met in person, but it just felt so natural, like every part of this was meant to happen.

As the two teens stood in the middle of the airport, their lips still locked together Lucy realized something else.

This is where she belonged. Alive, breathing and well living her life to the fullest for everyone that loved her.

The two of them pulled apart, trying to regain a normal breathing pattern. Lucy dropped her arms from his neck, putting her hands at her side as Natsu unwound his arms from her waist, instead intertwining their fingers together. Beginning to walk the direction that her father was leading them.

This wasn’t the end of her life, it was just the beginning. 

anonymous asked:

a hs au where cas is dean's tutor?

No warnings apply, but heed the disclaimer. I pictured Cas’s outfit like the one in linneart’s drawing, which is over here. I tried to cram in a bunch of references to the show’s dialogue. This is really sappy. I have a problem. It’s also 1.6k. 

It’s not that Dean is flunking physics. He’s got a steady D average, which is enough to pass, but his guidance counselor is concerned about his GPA even though Dean assured him he’s not planning on college. They can’t both go, and Sam deserves it. Dean doesn’t want a tutor, especially not some kid his age in a tan sweater with a tie and a freaking button-down, but his mom insisted.

“I don’t want to be here,” Dean gripes during their first session, in the library after school on a Tuesday.

“So leave,” says Castiel. That’s actually his name, Castiel. He regards Dean with a stony expression.

Dean slams open his textbook and decides that Castiel is a dick.

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panicatthefrontdoor  asked:

So, I have another one, I really hope that's okay. Jamilton, prompts 8, 42, and 52 - let's say Alexander writes all his feelings about Thomas in this one file, and leaves his laptop behind, so Thomas reads every word, then Alex comes back. . . Oh boy

A/N: Yesss I’ve been waiting to post this. I’m super busy today but I do plan on posting another fic! Today is going to be ‘Jamilton As Roommates Day’. Enjoy this first one, second one will hopefully be posted this evening! (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“Oh my god!” / “I swear it was like that when I found it!” / “You little shit!”

Thomas glared at the wall, kept awake by Alex’s insistent typing. He had been working on that same essay for days now. Not only was the typing continuous, practically sounding like a drone that Thomas just couldn’t get out of his ears, but Alex also grumbled to himself. As if Thomas didn’t hear enough of his voice already. Having the same classes was one thing (that neither of them had planned). Having to be his roommate was on a whole other level, and Thomas wished he had decided to spoil himself with the suites. Instead they were forced to share one room, and though it was perfectly divided, Thomas was often kept awake when Alexander decided to pull all-nighters. Which was, unfortunately, every night.

He huffed, reaching behind him to grab his phone on his nightstand. He shouted in agony as his elbow roughly collided with the corner of the furniture, eliciting an amused chuckle from his roommate, whose typing speed seemed to only increase. Thomas rolled his eyes, snatching his phone and checking the time. He groaned and turned onto his other side, facing Alex’s back, hunched over his laptop and saving Thomas from the burden of the screen’s light. “Hamilton,” he muttered, exasperatedly draping a hand over his face. “It is fucking two o’clock in the morning.”

“It’s 1:50,” Alex corrected him without missing a beat. If looks could kill, Alex would be a dead man.

“You’ve been working on that dumb essay since you got back from class,” Thomas said. He knew he should have taken a nap as soon as he was finished with his last class, seeing how he finished an hour earlier than Alex. But he enjoyed studying at reasonable times instead of during the middle of the night, unlike a certain insufferable Caribbean.

Alex showed no signs of stopping. “I’ll have you know that this essay is very important to me,” he said indignantly. “I’m almost done with it. Just one more paragraph.”

Thomas sighed, rubbing his eyes with annoyance. How many more times was he going to promise himself that? Probably when the thing was ten pages long. He tried to get a glance of how many pages were already written, but Alex’s profile blocked his view. “At least get up to stretch. Your body’s going to hate you if you sit around all day.”

Alex exhaled a laugh, and Thomas could practically see the smug smile on his face. “Aw, I didn’t know you cared about my well being,” he teased.

Thomas reached under his head and grabbed his pillow, hitting Alex halfheartedly in the back. “Somebody has to. Besides, maybe in the few seconds that you’re gone, I can actually get some sleep.”

Alex sat up and stretched his arms above his head, causing his back to let out a few repulsive cracks. Thomas shuddered and planted his face into his pillow, trying to drown out the sound. He lifted his head when he heard Alex’s chair scuff against the wooden floor and saw that he had finally stood up, still twisting his back. “Fine. I guess I should eat something since I haven’t eaten in,” he scratched his head, “I dunno, twenty four hours?”

“Jesus Christ,” Thomas huffed, propping himself up on his elbows. “Can you try to take care of yourself? If you die in the dorm, I’ll be a suspect.”

Alex laughed, “Good! I’ll go to hell and you’ll go to jail. Seems like a pretty fair trade.” He carefully tiptoed over his bag and practically had to dance to get to the door. “Might want to try to fall asleep now, I’m only going to be gone for a few minutes.” He winked before slipping into the main room, closing the door slightly behind him, only leaving it open a crack. The white light from the kitchenette peered in.

Thomas grumbled as he sat up. He couldn’t go to sleep if he wanted to. Perhaps a few hours ago, but not anymore. Maybe he’d grab a book, whether it be a novel or a textbook. Hopefully reading would put him to sleep.

As he made his way to the bookshelf on his side of the room, he caught a glance of Alex’s essay. It was littered with red marks and blue lines. Thomas rolled his eyes. “You’re losing it, Hamilton,” he muttered, knowing that Alex wouldn’t make as many mistakes if he wasn’t so tired. He sat in his chair, which was still warm from his hours of perching, and glanced over the essay. Maybe it would bore him to sleep, and it would stop Alex from working if he fell asleep at his desk.

But as his eyes scanned the sentences, he realized that this wasn’t a paper for a class but a personal proposal… To him. He couldn’t believe it at first and assumed that it was another person in history with the exact same name, but how many historical figures shared the name Thomas Jefferson? Besides, Alex hadn’t even bothered to put a header, which was essential in all school papers. Thomas continued to read, expecting a string of insults and complaints.

But what he read was a beautiful confession of Alexander’s “undying love” that “blossomed from despise” and “grew into adoration and uncontrollable infatuation.” The only complaints he made were of the close proximities he had to share with him and how he felt he’d go insane if one day he didn’t just blurt his true feelings while they were having a heated debate. “Never have I met someone so capable of keeping up with my thoughts, but you’ve proved me wrong. You’ve made arguments interesting, and perhaps your intellect is what drew me in.” Thomas snorted. Alexander admitting that he was intelligent. That was something he’d never hear from his mouth.

He sat back when he had read the entirety of the paper, his mind and heart racing. “Oh my God,” he whispered, still trying to process if what he read was satire or the truth.


Thomas visibly jumped in the chair, whipping his head towards the door. Alex stood in the now open doorway with a glass of water in hand and a gaping mouth. Thomas gulped, realizing that he had been caught in the act. “I… I swear it was like that when I found it,” he assured, holding up his hands defensively.

Alex sighed, holding his face with exhausting. “You weren’t supposed to read that,” he grumbled. “At least not yet.” He walked over and set his glass down, scanning over his writing with repulsion. “I mean, there’s so many mistakes, and there’s so much more to add. I was hoping to finish it in time for your birthday at the very least.”

“How long have you been working on it?” Thomas asked, not minding that Alex had to practically lean over him to access his laptop.

Alex sucked on his lower lip. “Well…” He picked up his backpack and rummaged inside for a notebook, handing it to Jefferson. “I was planning to handwrite it at first, but I realized that a hundred pages couldn’t contain all of my thoughts. Also, though I hate to admit it, my handwriting isn’t the most legible at times.” He crossed his arms with a defiant pout. “However, it’s nothing compared to your chicken scratch.”

For once, Thomas let the insult slide, focused on the additions he was surprised Alex didn’t add to his digital version. The notebook was at least halfway full and filled with manual edits and crossed out phrases. There was an entire two pages of self-loathing and doubt that Alex had merely crossed out with a side note of “Exclude in final.” But rarely did Alex ever criticize Thomas in his writings, which was surprising considering how free he felt to criticize him verbally.

But what really swept Thomas off his feet were the dates at the top of the pages. Alex had started writing this confession since last semester.

He tossed the notebook aside with a huge grin, unable to contain his joy as he threw his arms around Alex. “You little shit! When were you planning on telling me?”

Alex shrugged, though his eyes were wide from the unpredicted contact. “I don’t know, maybe after graduation or something? Maybe never? You’ve never shown signs of liking me before, so I thought it wasn’t even worth the breath to- Mm!” He was cut off abruptly as Thomas smashed their lips together. It took him half a second to adjust before he was kissing back, nearly melting in Thomas’ arms. “W-worth the breath to tell you,” Alex finished when they pulled away, feeling light-headed. But maybe that was because of the fatigue.

Thomas grinned, pressing their foreheads together. “It was worth the breath,” he assured, kissing him on the lips again, this time more gentle. “It was worth all those nights keeping me up to work on it. Damn it, Alex, you should have told me sooner.” He trailed a line of kisses from his cheek to his neck.

Alex shuddered, his fingers curling around the silk of Jefferson’s nightshirt. Damn him and his expensive tastes. “W-well, I never considered-” He was interrupted by a soft gasp as Jefferson tenderly sucked his skin.

“Considered what?” Thomas hummed teasingly, lifting his head to admire the bliss on Alex’s face.

“C-considered that you’d return the feelings,” Alex finished with a pleasured sigh.

Thomas carefully lifted him and carried him to his personal bed, laying him down on his back. He kissed him deeply, pulling away to look into his deep brown eyes. “I’m gonna make up for it,” he swore, combing his fingers through Alex’s hair. “I’m gonna make up for those countless hours you slaved away at your laptop to please me. I’m gonna make up for all those times you doubted yourself. Damn it, I’m gonna make up for it.”

Alex grinned, letting his eyes close as Thomas passionately pressed his lips to his neck and chest. “What are you waiting for?”

Caged Princess - Yakov POV

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Sitting at his desk, Yakov looks over his work that needed to be done today. His mind often drifting to his beautiful soon-to-be princess and the love that he has for her. Shaking his head, he tries once again to focus. Suddenly the door opens to a guard informing him that ________ was seen running down the hall with tears in her eyes. Before he knew what was happening he was running after her. His mind quickly forming a punishment for the one that dared to hurt her. ________ was his most prized possession. She was his heart, the other half of his soul, his very reason for living. When someone hurts her, they hurt him and he will be damned if they live to do it again.

Pure rage fills him as he opens her door to see his love on her knees holding her head, her screams pierced his spirit and drowned out all voices of reason. The first thing he needed to do was to see if she needed immediate medical attention. His demons scream for revenge and he sees nothing but red, yet he pulls back at his anger so that he does not hurt her unintentionally. He must move her urgently, but gently. He quickly catches her as she pass out. Yakov pulls her into his arms and checks for any visible injuries. Finding none, he looks her over once again and come to the conclusion that she has just passed out. Sighing in relief, Yakov picks her up, he gently lays her on the bed. Hovering over her, Yakov tucks her hair behind her ear and runs his fingers down her cheek, to the nape of her neck, and over her collarbones. His fingers hover just above her breasts, lingering by her cleavage. Yakov pulls his hand away, he will go no further without her consent so as not to disgrace or harm her. He moves his hands back to her jaw, moving her hair from her face. 

“Call for Sergei and a doctor. I want answers and I want them now.” Yakov speaks to a servant standing by in a calm voice, so that he does not wake her. He yearns to punish those responsible for her anguish, but he has learned to keep his temper reigned in around her. Something about her clams his wild side. Gazing at her sleeping form, he confesses his love to her, begging silently for her to wake up.

A servant returns quickly to inform the young prince that Sergei is out in the woods performing his duties. Yakov knows that Sergei is disposing of the body and then will ride around the perimeter checking on the guards and troops before reporting back to him. He continues his work in her room while keeping an eye on her. The next morning, he starts to worry when he finds that ______ is still asleep. The doctor said that there seems to be nothing physically wrong, and that sleep might be the best thing for her. Yakov props himself up beside her, leaning his back against the headboard. He gently runs his fingers through her hair and idly plays with it.

“Only you know how to calm this beast that lives in me. I have been with many women, but none that have melted this frozen heart as you have. I know now that my purpose for being here is to protect you. Someone so pure and gentle, and yet, can face down terrorist on a plane. You captured me right then and there. Please open your eyes, I am begging you…..I love you.”

As Yakov leans down and kisses her gently on her forehead, the servant returns with Sergei. Yakov ignores them at first as Sergei turn to the servant.
“Thats all we need of you, you may go.”
Turning back to his prince, he waits to be addressed.
“I was disturbed from my work because my princess here has been hurt.”
“Your highness, does she need a doctor?”
“She has already seen one, she has just passed out. We will send for another when she wakes up. But for now, she seems to be ok.”
Yakov gets off the bed and stalks over to stand in front of his most trusted friend. “I unfortunately cannot keep my eyes on her, I AM trying to unite my country, which is why I instructed you to watch over her in my stead. Now tell me what has happened.” 

His temper is quickly lost after finding that Sergei was not keeping an eye on her as he had instructed him to do. In his frenzy, Yakov flips the the table between them and throws the chair across the room. Within seconds Yakov has Sergei against the wall. In his bloodlust, his hand tightens on his throat. Yakov cocks he fist back and strikes him in the face. A small gasp cuts though the haze and gives Yakov some clarity as he moves instantly to _______ side. 

“_______, are you awake? Please answer me baby. Wake up for me…just let me see you smile.”
She turns her head slightly away from the the lights and slowly cracks open her eyes. 
“Yakov. Where am I? What happened?” 
“________, you are in your room. When I came in you were crying and holding your head, then you just passed out.” Worry was clear in his eyes as he smiles at her. “Its ok now baby. I’m here, I’ve got you now.”
“How long have I been out for?”
“You were asleep for about a day and half. You really worried me.”

After calming her down, he moves her into his room where he will be able to keep an eye on her. Cementing his conclusion that no one else will be able to protect her but him. ‘I must keep her safe. I brought her into this world of danger, so I am charged with her safety. If I ever lost her, I would loose myself.’
As she sleeps on his bed, Yakov investigated the reasons she could have been upset.
She ran from the west wing. There are not many visitors today. Asher’s sister is in, but reports show a positive interaction. She has already been warned upon her arrival. Sergei was to dispose of the body today….she must have followed Sergei into the tunnels and discovered Asher. I swear he is more trouble dead than he was alive.’

Knowing now, what was troubling her he starts to create a plan to relax her. After sending a message to Sergei that he was to see him first thing in the morning, Yakov crawls into the bed behind ________. Falling into a peaceful sleep surrounded by the rich vanilla scent that follows after her. That peace was short lived and was shattered as _________ jumped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom. Yakov hears her vomit and moves to take care of her. He holds her hair back while running his hand soothingly on her back. When she finished, he places a cool rag against her head while fetching her toothbrush. When she finishes, she desires to sleep again and he takes her back to bed.

After leaving the doctor alone with her Yakov turns his attention to Sergei.
“She knows about Asher. That is why she was so upset yesterday. She knows I lied to her and now she is scared.”
“How does she know? As far as she knows she saw him ‘leave’ here alive.”
“She knows because you were not careful. She must have followed you, there is no other reason for her to be in the west wing.”
“That makes sense. So, what are we to do about her?”
“I want you to find evidence that Asher had plans to kidnap her and kill her. Make sure they are detailed and find evidence of others as well.”
“You want me to create evidence out of thin air? Where am I supposed to find this evidence?”
“How many times do I have to tell you Sergei, use your imagination.”
“Do you think it will work.”
“I know it will work. This will giver her peace of mind. I want to make sure that she is happy and healthy. She cannot be healthy of mind, body, and soul if she thinks that we are monsters.”
“So….we will create monsters and giver her back her knight in shinning armor.”
Just then the door opens to the doctor exclaiming the examination is finished.

Yakov questions the doctor, but receives only vague general answers. His keen senses locking into the doctors hesitation creates doubt in his head. Yakov silently instructs Sergei to hold the doctor for questioning after he dismissed them. When instructing he schedule to be clear, his princess states her desire to visit her family in Oriens.
Her family is on a job overseas. Why is she lying to me? …….Oh, I see. My love plans to run away. I will amuse her. I wonder how far she will make it before I catch her.’
His thoughts run wild for a few moments. He tries to calm her mind by misleading her into thinking that he does not suspect her.

“I know. I know what you are worried about.” He can almost feel heart beat faster. “But, it is going to be okay. I won’t let you go.” He sees her stiffen, she holds her breath as she slowly raises her eyes to his. “I never asked your father for your hand in marriage. Prince Glenn has already told me about this tradition in your culture. But don’t worry, I plan to make it right and ask him for his blessing when we meet with them for dinner.”
His eyes shine bright with desire as she pushes him back and straddles him. Seeing her take control made him hard and he wanted nothing more than to plunge deep into her. Nothing drives him crazier than her need for him. Her desire sparks his passion as he lets her conquer him. 

After their lovemaking, she fell asleep again. Yakov dresses in his loose pants and robe to question the doctor. As he enters the room he sees the doctor arguing with Sergei that they had no right to hold him there and that he has doctor patient privilege. 
“Now doctor, you know that Prince Yakov will get the information he needs. My advice is to be forthcoming.”
The doctor straitness his back and squares his shoulders, “Now you look here you young whipper snapper. I have lived in this gruff country before you were even an itch in your father’s pants. To be frank, I am not afraid of you. I told you once before it is patient/doctor privilege.”
Yakov chuckles at this boldness. He glides over to stand before his desk. Gesturing for the doctor to sit in the provided chair and sits on the edge of his desk. 
“Sergei, two vodkas.” Everyone is silent and tension builds as the drinks are being poured. Sergei hands one to Yakov and then one to the doctor. Yakov takes a small sip looking the older man over.

‘With just Sergei here, this old wolf does not hold back showing his fangs, but he cowers before me….well not cower, but he certainly knows his place. Good, this will make things easier.’ Yakov’s earlier displeasure with the man dissipates a bit. 
He swishes back the cup and downs the rest of the harsh drink with ease. 
“Russo-Baltique vodka, always has a bite at the end. Now doctor, you have excellent credentials and I have welcomed you with open arms to help me unite Sanct Sybil. Why are you fighting so hard to keep the welfare of MY princess away from me?”
The doctor finishes his drink and clears his throat, nerves getting the best of him. “I want what is best for my country, which is why I follow you. I….also..know of your deep attachment to you fiancée. She is a wonderful woman and will make a wonderful princess. But I have taken a vow as a doctor to protect my patience….plus the young lady has asked me to keep it a secret. But I assure you that you have nothing to worry about.”
Yakov grins and moves to sit in his chair behind his desk. Putting both elbows on the desk and resting his chin on his knuckles, he laughs lightly. 
“I like you. You are trying to protect her….from what ever it is….*gets serious and glares at the doctor*…but you are keeping information form me that I need to know. Because you have gained her trust and my gratitude, I am giving you one chance to fill me in. Don’t make me force you.”

The doctor pales and decides to gives in. Informing the prince of the young woman’s pregnancy and how she must have wanted to be the one to tell him. Yakov’s heart burst with pride. A baby, he was going to have a baby with the love of his life. Everything felt like it was falling into place. Dismissing the doctor and informing Sergei to gather _______ medical information and what her needs will be, leaving Yakov alone in his office.

“A baby….a child…..a son….or daughter. I wish that it was not happening so soon, I want more time with it being just us. But, if I am being honest…this is my fault. I cannot keep my hands to myself. Now……she thinks I don’t know, so I will have to make sure that I am surprised.” He walks over to his mirror and practices his surprised face until he is satisfied. Once he finds the perfect expression, he walks briskly back to his room and the soon-to-be mother of his child. He cannot stop himself from grinning. For once the overwhelming compulsion to be the only one in her life….lessens, if only a bit….but the need to protect grows that much more.

The next day as _______ packs for the trip, Yakov confers with Sergei and his security personnel. 
“Prince Yakov, we have broken down her possible routes in which she will run. There is a bus station, not too far from her family home. We believe that she will run out the back door and charter a passage. If we drop her off between 5 and 6 pm, we will ensure that she will board bus 412 for Charles.”
“How do you know that will be the one she takes?”
“It is the only route available for the next hour. She won’t take the chance of sitting idle and getting caught.”
Sergei is looking over the map and asks, “What will stop her just from calling a cab?”
Yakov strokes his long hair, thinking, “When the driver drops her off, make sure he stays out front. That will cut off that avenue of approach and lead her to the first option.”
“Yakov, why don’t you just tell her that you know and stop this foolishness before either of you get hurt?” As Sergei gives the prince a stern look with an annoyed huff, the rest of the security avoid eye contact for fear of the prince’s wrath. 
Yakov laughs out loud earning him an eye roll from his stubborn steward and shocked looks from the security. Only Sergei could get away talking to him like that. Still grinning, Yakov points a pen in Sergei’s direction.
“Because you didn’t do your job properly….and neither did I. If we kept her safer we would not be in this boat. It’s not that she wants to, it is that she thinks she has to. For her own sake, we must play along.”
“Your highness, there has been suspicions, now confirmed, that your travel plans have been compromised. Our enemies will be keeping an eye on you while abroad, if they end up following her they will not hesitate to kill her.”
“Then I want everyone on high alert. We have fought many battles together are not new to possible assassins, but keep in mind that she is. Bring a small sedative for her if needed to keep her calm.”
Sergei nods his acknowledgment, “Knowing her, she will have written a letter to you explaining why. She is not one to leave loose ends. Have the driver collect her belongings from her parents home before heading to the landing strip.” Yakov and Sergei hammered out all of the details necessary to provide safe and adequate travels for their confused princess.

On the plane Yakov held her hand during take off, knowing that she gets jumpy on planes since the time they first met. His heart always melted when he saw her smile. A apart of him chipped away when he saw her look away with a forced smile. As they took separate vehicles, Yakov watched her drive away and his heart felt like breaking. A small part of him was hoping she would turn around and run into his arms. ‘What have I done? Have I truly lost her or can I turn this around? Am I the one harming her…..no. No, I am protecting her. I cannot loose her, I must make sure she and our child are safe.’ He turns to get in his vehicle, canceling his meeting with the young Prince of Oriens. Sergei and Yakov head to the bus station. 

Yakov watched her hide in the shadow of her father’s hoodie. At the station she purchases a one way ticket to Charles. It took all of his strength to not run to her and hold her as he saw her constantly looking around.
She looks so frightened. Don’t worry baby, I am right here. I wont let anyone hurt you.’
Sergei walks quietly next to Yakov
“Its a good thing we had extra security. Turns out you were being watched and they followed her vehicle after leaving the airport. If you didn’t catch on, they would have definitely caught her.”
“If you did not let her out of your sight that day, she would not be here in the first place.” Yakov huffs annoyed. Just as Sergei was about to rebuttal they heard a voice over the loud speaker.
“Attention: Bus 412 leaving for Charles now boarding. Bus 412 to Charles boarding now, departure in 20 minutes.”
He sees her clutch her purse to her chest and head slowly over to the waiting bus. Yakov boards the bus from behind, silently praying that she changes her mind and returns to him. His heart shatters as he sees her get on and head towards him in the back. As the bus lurches forward, he knows now that he needs to get her back to Sybil and fast. Where he can always keep an eye on her. ‘You will be safe and sound once again. I would send anyone to an icy grave if they dared to harm you.’

Yakov reaches out a hand and firmly grabs her shoulder, bringing her back flushed against the seat. He leans down and whispers in her ear.
“Did you really think that it would be that easy?” 
She gasps and turns to face him slowly. His crystal blue eyes bare into hers, just seeing her brings him great joy and he cannot help but smile. He wants to be angry, but the emotion does not rise. Instead he is filled with the overwhelming sense of love.
Her eyes always have a way of pulling my demons apart. She brings me the joy I never thought I deserved to have.’
Without letting go of her shoulder, Yakov sits beside her.  As he sits he embraces her, breathing in her scent while kissing her temple with his soft lips. He can feel her shudder and wait for him to speak first. A moment later he puts two fingers under her chin and lifts her to face him. As she gazes into him, he shows only kindness and love. He realizes that all that anger he felt earlier was misplaced, he was not angry, he was worried.
A stupid stunt like this can get you hurt. Why can’t you see that? Why can’t you see that I just want to protect you?’

“_______, why did you run from me?” Ever so the patient prince, he speaks calmly playing lightly with her hair as he awaits her answer.
“You knew I was going to run?”
“Oh ______, of course I did.” Twirling her hair around his finger.
“W-when….when did you figure it out?” 
“I knew the moment you asked to visit your parents. See, I have been keeping tabs on them, so I knew they were not home.”
“You’ve been keeping tabs on my parents? Why….why would you do that?”
“I needed to learn more about your parents, their likes and dislikes, family traditions, and anything necessary for me to know to ensure their blessing for our marriage. I was leaving nothing to chance. I love you with all of my soul. You must realize that I cannot live without you.”
“How did you know where I was? Or where I was going?”

Yakov chuckles lightly and his grip on her unconsciously tightens.
“My dear _________, I always know where you are, plus with your limited funds available and the surroundings of your family’s home, I figured that the bus station would be your best shot and Charles is where your friends are located. Not to mention the locket that you wear, has a tracking device in it, so that I will be able to find you no matter where you are.”
He speaks nonchalantly lifting the necklace off her chest and turning it over. She losses her temper and yells at him.
“Why do you have a tracking chip on me? Are you monitoring me?”
Yakov has the sensibility to looked shocked at her sudden anger.
“I have many enemies woman, if one of them ever took you, this would ensure that I would be able to find you.” He is confused as to why she would be upset about this. He thought it was genuinely a brilliant idea. Gazing down at the small locket, he is touched that she left behind the ring but kept his locket. 

He pulls her close and hugs her tightly as if to convey he last words to her. Yakov bends his head down to touch hers, closing his eyes he breaths her essence in deeply. His next words were whispered with affection and delight.
“I know about the baby, _______.”
She gasp and jolts away from him.
He laughs as she looks at him with confusion.
“You wonder how I know? I can read you like an open book. First, you have been getting sick in the mornings these past few days. Second, you passed out, probably from hormonal changes and stress. And thirdly, my love, my staff know better than to try to keep something from me.”
Yakov feels anguished as he see the tears she has tried so hard to keep from falling slip down her cheeks. ‘Oh, honey. Its ok to cry. I am here for you. I will always be here for you. Lean on me, let me be the rock you deserve.’
“I…I….I, um…I’m sorr-.”
“Shhhhhh, it’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.” Yakov places two fingers gently against your lips.

He moves both of his hands to her face, holding her still and firm as he shifts closer. His voice and eyes turn hard as steel, his tone conveys no arguments and deepens with emotion, “I will not loose you. If I don’t have you, I have nothing.”
“Yakov you’re hurting me.”
The tears that were trickling slowly from her eyes, now flow freely like a waterfall, cascading down her cheeks. Yakov immediately lets go of her face, but his expression does not change nor does he back away. Sergei walks up behind her and sticks a small needle in the side of her neck. She starts to sway as the sedative numbs her system. She falls into Yakov’s lap, he starts to run his fingers though her hair, smiling at her. 
“Everything is going to be fine now. You’re safe.”
As her eyes close and her breathing evens out, Sergei mumbles loud enough for the devoted prince to hear, “Bothersome woman.”
Yakov chuckles lightly at his friends annoyance and enjoys the ride back to his plane. 

During the plane ride, Yakov kept one eye on ________ and the other on the work he has put aside. Looking over his appointment, he noticed that for the next few weeks there will be plenty of people coming and going from his home…not all of them are friendly. He will have his enemies under the same roof as his woman and his child. Yakov’s nerves are on edge as it is and he must make sure that she is safe, but he cannot ditch his duties. He begins to write feverishly out a roving schedule and plan to keep her 100% safe…this time.

“Your highness, are you sure that you want to implement this new plan right away?”
“Yes. As soon as we land take her there immediately and post the guards.”
“How many do you want posted? To keep others out or just body guards?”
“I want two at all times and make sure to rotate them out. I don’t want anyone to get too close or to gain a deeper attachment than what they already have. She is kind and sweet to a fault and I fear others will allow her to put herself in harms way to make her happy.”
“Understood sir, I will inform them of areas she is to stay away so that she-”
“NO! She is not to leave that room.”
“Your Highness? She is to become a prisoner?”
“How dare you insinuate that she is a prisoner! She will be safest there, no one will be able to harm her there. I want every access to be barred. One entrance, one exit. You and I are the only ones to be alone with her. Anyone else will have to be accompanied only by myself. There will be sever punishments to anyone, and I mean anyone who disobeys my orders.” For the first time in his life, Yakov threatens Sergei with his life. 
“O-of c-course.”
“Now, do you have that information I sent you to gather before we left?”
Before Sergei can speak the both hear a moan and see _______ trying to lift her head. Yakov moves over to her with a very small dosage and gives her another shot.
“Not now ________, we are almost home. Sleep.”  
He watches her fall into a deep slumber with a content smile. Relief washes over him as he sees her sleeping peacefully. He turns to finish his work before they arrives home. 

Yakov ended one of his meetings early when he was notified that ________ had woken up. As he walks briskly to her room, he mentally prepares himself for the scolding he is sure to receive. She may be sweet and kind, but she also has a fierce soul and a strong sense of justice. He cannot help but to admire her for that. Yakov walks into her room and sees her sitting on the floor, clearly upset. He strides over to her and drops to one knee before her. As soon as his knee touched the floor, her hand slaps him hard across the face.

The loud *smack* reverberates in the too quiet room. He turns his head back to look at her, shock and anger cloud his eyes as he battles internally. That fierceness of her brings out a wild side of him. His expression slowly softens, ‘I properly deserved that,’ he thinks bitterly, as he grabs her wrist and plants a small kiss on her palm.
“That, my love, will never happen again.”
His words are sincere, but his tone his gruff as if he is still struggling to control his ire; his eyes sting like ice as he stares her down. She attempts to yank her hand back but his grip on her is too tight.
“Lets me go Yakov! I want you to go away!”
“I am not going anywhere and neither are you. I told you before that I will not lose you.”
“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! You do not own me. You do not get to deiced what I do with my life!”
“On the contrary ________. You are my fiancée and I will devote my life to protecting you, from outside sources as well as yourself.”
He let go of her and she quickly backed away.
“You need some time to calm down. I will have dinner sent here for us tonight and we will talk things through. Be careful not to put too much stress on yourself _________, you don’t want to hurt the baby.”
He walks to the door and lets himself out, just as the door closes he turns to her and smiles.
“I do love you. With all of my heart.” ‘Please know this. Please.’

The days have passed slowly. Yakov cannot wait until all of these peddlers who were once against the idea of him being the next on the throne are gone. They speak with pleasant talk, thrust their daughters at him, and try to gain his favor. This is where he needs _______ the most. Bring on any battlefield and he will bring a ferocious war with a bloody end, but he is lost in the political mine field. With _______ by his side, he is able to keep his cool and think rationally.  Not to mention that it has been weeks since he has touched her and his sexual frustration is causing him anguish and frustration. 

As the night finally arrives, he soon arrives at _______ room for diner. As he enters the room, he looks around the room that has been destroyed. The books have been ripped apart, vases and flowers were shattered on the floor. He chuckles when he sees a book sticking out of the T.V. set. Turing to close the door he finds a pile of shoes thrown against the door. 
“I see you have had a busy day today.”
She takes another sip, refusing to acknowledge him.
“I see, you’re still not speaking to me. That’s alright my love, I am still here for you.”
He comes up behind her and runs his rough hands down the soft skin of her arms. Yakov breathes his hot, moist breath on the nape of her neck, his lips brushing against her ear. She tries to fight it, but Yakov can feel her body push into him as she slowly rocks her hips against his groin. His body begins to quiver and their breaths become heavy. She let out a breathy moan as her eyes roll to the back of her head.
“You might still be upset with me, but I know you still want me. Your body does not lie.”
She struggles out of his grip and turn to face him.
“No, no you don’t get to touch me. You have had me locked up in this god-forsaken room for weeks. The only way you will have me is if you force me!”
Yakov stares at her as she rants, smiling. Unexplainable bliss and amusement fill him as he lets out a happy sigh.
“Finally you speak to me. I have been going crazy missing your voice.”
He slowly approaches her as she back away.
“You tricked me…..you tricked me? You tricked me! Everything is always a trick with you. I can’t trust anything that you say. There is no escape from the trap you put me in.”

Yakov moves to the door and speaks to the guards outside before turning to address her again.
“No, _________, I do not trick you. I am protecting you.”
“Oh yeah, what about Asher? You made me believe that he left here alive! He was dead in your, not quite sealed up, dungeon!”
“Asher got what he deserv-” Yakov stops when he notices something under the bed. He quickly drops to his knees and pulls out the abandoned noose. His chest tightens and he cannot breath. For a split second his worlds crashes down around him. 
A tool of death created by the hands of an angel. No, no this cannot be. I am to protect her, why would she take her own life!’ 

“What is this? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Please tell me you weren’t planning on hurting yourself. Hurting our child?” The sorrow that is wrought on his heart causes him to lash out at her. 
Yakov looks at the noose with anguish, his voice strains with pain. He runs to her and holds her firmly, yet gently to his chest. He can feel his tears falling to the floor. They both fall to the ground clinging to each other. He buries his head into the crook of her neck.
“Please ______, please don’t do this. I am sorry for keeping you in here. I thought it was best. I don’t know how else to keep you safe. I am begging you, please don’t leave me like this.”
He pulls back and looks deep into her eyes. Yakov breaks and grabs her shoulders, forcing her to look at him, shaking her slightly.
“I am protecting you. Why can’t you see that? If only you could see the many dangers that surround us at all times. I have just unified Sanct Sybil. I still have many enemies that target you. And now that you are carrying my child, you are in even more danger. I am a soldier, I have been battling enemies my whole life. Everyone I have ever loved it taken from me and I refuse to loose you too.  I don’t know of any other way to protect you. Please help me keep you safe, tell me what else I can do? 

“I have come to terms with your need to protect me. As any man would for his family, but there has to be a line that you don’t cross. Killing someone for insulting me or for a slap is sooooo crossing the line.”
At this moment there is a loud knock on the door followed by Sergei entering with a large folder in his hand. He stops short and looks at her quickly after noticing the noose, visually scanning her for any injuries or proof of any attempts. When he notices nothing he moves to hand Yakov the folder.
“Your Majesty, this is the information that you requested.”
With that he turns and leaves without another word.

“________, please look at these. Asher’s crime was not just for laying his hands on you, he had plans in place to kidnap and kill you.”
She takes the folder and flip through the many pages detailing the plans for her demise. She drops the folder and starts to shake. 
“Asher was not the first, Boris Viktor was another. There are a few more that involved you, most were for me however.”
Yakov hugs her from behind and holds her tightly.
“I kept this information from you, because I did not want to frighten you. Which in hindsight, did not turn out so well.”
She laughs out at his comment and turns to look at him. He can see her accepting this information. Apart of him knows that she has doubts, but she so desperately wants to see the good in him.
“I thought we said that we were going to be open with each other?”
“________, I know. But I was so scared that if you knew people were planning to hurt you…..that you would leave me. Without you I am nothing. You complete me. What is the point of unifying my kingdom, if not to make it safe for you.”
“Thinking that you were randomly murdering people is what scared me.”
“Seeing this,” he holds up the noose, “frightens me the most.”
“I was not going to go though with it. I have more than just me to think of.”
“It still worries me. Even just the inkling of a thought should be taken seriously. Please, don’t ever hurt yourself like this. It would not end your pain, but pass it on to another. Thinking that this was the only way to escape me, kills me inside. And knowing that I pushed you to this, hurts even more. __________, I am so sorry. Please my love, please forgive me.”

“I will forgive. But this is going to take time for us to build trust again. I love you Yakov, please include me in the future, in our future.”
His lips find hers in a searing kiss that heals and binds their hearts together. His arms wrap around her back as her hands push into his hair. Breaking apart for air, he lowers his head to hers.
“Your room is a mess.”
Laughing, she nods and looks around.
“Yeah, I may have lost my temper this time. But at least I didn’t flip any tables.”
“No, no tables. But I am pretty sure that the T.V. is dead.”
They both start to laugh and feel at peace again.
”_________, you have been in this room long enough. It is warm out tonight, lets go sleep under the stars.”
“You want to sleep outside?”
“Well, maybe not sleep.”
Yakov then carries her outside to reaffirm their love for one another.

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