i hope you know im being sarcastic

Yooo this is my first follow forever, and i finally decided to make one because its my one year anniversary of me having this blog and i really thank you guys for making my dash look v pretty and full of one direction thirst. I’m going with your updated urls, also the one’s that have a ♡ are my fave blogs! Im sorry if i left anyone out, but there are over 250+blogs on here. Im a human so i did get tired, but do know i love all my 2.9k followers!

Dorka (cheshirestyls): omg i love you, you are the most sarcastic person ever. i can tell you anything, and youll hear me out. i love our sexual hour omf, we got some sweet ideas, you can literaly make me laugh. you are truly an amzing friend, and an overall amazing person.

Clarissa (graffitiihaz): my spiritual animal! you are the chillest person ever, i love talking to you and literally being myself. talking about weed and the condoms :’). omg i hope we get to meet one another and ill buy you starbucks and we will go shopping and go live in cali. yes we are gonna be v successful with our style!

Sam: you’re so pretty and really nice and laid back, yet you have your inappropriate moments and I like that about you. Our mothers sound a like, ugh always ignoring our problems.

Brittany(horanyforstylesx): you are a really good smut writer! girl give me some of your talent. youre really pretty, we havent talked in a while and it makes me sad :( i hope your doing good, and keep on writing!

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I love every single one of my v fab swagerific followers! :) ~Mariana

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: where the fuck is the Heathens music video?? The song came out DAYS ago. Some people said it was coming out last friday others said it was coming out last sunday but you know who hasnt seen the video anywhere????? Me motherfuckers, me. Everything is a lie.