i hope you have an awesome holiday season

Happy Holidays everyone! I just hit 26K on tumblr and 1K on instagram a while back, so a big shoutout to all my followers for an awesome year! Hope you all have been enjoying my work, here’s to the rest of 2016 and a new year around the corner! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season :)

Christmas Lucio is my fave winter skin, his hair is the perfect color <3


My Portal Secret Santa for @jovialfire

Merry Christmas! xD You said you liked Chelly and wanted to see what was happening in Eaden after Blue Sky, so here are some pics of Chell and Wheatley from each season (in order: Spring, Summer, Fall “Halloween”, and Winter) post-Blue Sky. Hope you like them :3 Also I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay awesome! :D  

anonymous asked:

Oh, gosh! I can't believe you're back! It took me a MINute to realize what was going on. I can even say I "PLAYed the fool" when I saw the notification. Anyway, this is late, but I hope you had a happy break, an awesome holiday, and a wonderful New Year! ^^

This is the greatest thing anyone has ever said to me. *Clutches chest* QUQ Thank you so much!
Indeed I had a happy break! Well, it wasn’t exactly a ‘break’ per se, but still rewarding nonetheless!
I hope your holiday seasons were just as awesome! Happy belated New Years and have a great day!

Okie dokie I don’t really know how to do this…^^

Howdy @sohotthateveryonedied ! I’m your Secret Santa! Where I live it is December 23rd and since I don’t want to bother you during Christmas, I’m going to give you your Spitfire present now! I’m sorry that I didn’t send you as many nice messages as I would have liked to, this week has been hectic plus I’m socially awkward. But I hope you like this, I had a lot of fun drawing it.^^ This is the first time I have drawn Spitfire so please tell me what you think.     (*゚▽゚*)


Happy Holidays and continue making awesome headcanons!

Squealing Santa 2k14: Asking For It

AO3 link (x)

my fic for poesparakeet’s squealing santa :)

A/N: I find it very fitting that I got the wonderful person who actually helped inspire me to make this blog as my squealing santa recipient. I hope that you have a wonderfully fantastic holiday season and wish you the best. you’re wonderful, an inspiration, a fabulous and awesome human being. and I hope that you enjoy your gift fanficsandfluff!

of all of the prompts you gave, the one that popped out at me screaming “write me write me!!!” was ‘some kind of demon!Dean fic where he is the victim and then gets revenge on his tickler (preferably Sam or Cas)’ because I miss demon!dean and I think we could all use some more of him in out lives, also I have to draw the headcanon from strings that demon!dean is a snarky little shit who pretty much taunts you even if you’re tickling the crap out of him and who feels zero shame about liking tickling. also, kind of a UA where basically the cure didn’t work and Dean is still a demon but more humanish and not so bad. so yes. long introduction, sorry. on with the actual fic.

Words: 1470

Sam was in the kitchen, enjoying a peaceful moment alone as he prepared himself a coffee to keep him company while he worked on research through the late evening. He sighed, running a finger through his hair as he contemplated what things would be like when his brother was finally cured. The mark of Cain had proven formidable, preserving Dean in his demonic state despite the cure being administered. The human blood, to some consolation, had however shown a positive effect; Dean was more like himself. A sort of downgraded level of bad but with a still-twisted demonic soul.

He mixed in one packet of sugar to tone down the bitterness, swirling his spoon a few times around the mug. Tonight would be another long night, he was determined to find some way to return Dean to his former self. Somehow.

Not even two steps out of the kitchen and Sam was drawn from his thoughts by a loud shriek, followed by a few thuds before cackling, hapless laughter broke out.

Oh great.

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Hiiiii!!! *nervous chuckle* Sooooo this has been my first year on Tumblr, and opening this account has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have gotten to know so many of you wonderful people, you brilliant and talented sweethearts, and that alone made my year infinitely better. I have had the opportunity to be friends with you amazing friendly souls, I have made friends with the people I fangirl over - how rad is that!!! And you, mutuals and non-mutuals, have been so nice to me and have blessed my dash and life with a giant bunch of goodness - thank you so much for that! Thank you all for making my experience here so fantastic! I love you so much!

I am overcome with squeeness and Luis-level fangirling, so have a giant virtual cuddle from me!

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday season and I hope all of you will slay in 2017!

All my love

P.S: Eternal gratitude for @leggypeggys for making this crayyyyzy stupid fine gif 💖

P.P.S: Please forgive me if I forgot anybody. Tumblr’s glitchy af.

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Thank you so much to everyone who was able to participate in the 2016 Bamily Secret Santa, whether via creating a gift for a fellow fan, or by sharing/appreciating the fanworks that others created!!

Artists had less than one week to make their creations, and out of a whopping 20 artists, not a single person dropped the ball. Not to mention, all of the art and fic and vids that people posted were just wonderful! How awesome to see the tag so alive and positive!

(We are waiting on one gift to be posted, where the giftee and I were both warned that it would be coming a little late. But outside of that, if you were in the Secret Santa pool and haven’t seen your gift yet, please let me know. According to my notes, everyone else is squared away at this point, so give me a heads up if I’ve overlooked anything.)

So grateful for this talented, creative, generous fandom and for all of your hard work! Hope you are all having an amazing holiday season, and thanks so much, you guys <333

Hello, everyone! First of all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I just wanted to thank everyone for making my dash so awesome throughout the year and let you all know how much I appreciate you all, so here’s my way of doing so!  All of you lil cuties deserve the world and I hope Santa comes and gives you everything you asked for :~) Happy Holidays!

p.s: I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, you all rock

p.p.s: pls excuse the shitty graphic I can’t photoshop 

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My blog turns one today!!

(How has time gone so fast??)

In order to celebrate, as well as to thank all of my awesome followers for helping me reach 500 recently (I love round numbers), and to celebrate the holidays, I decided that I would do a small giveaway. Yay!

This fine giveaway includes the following:

  • One Bastille Bad Blood cd
  • One Ellie Goulding Halcyon cd
  • One The 1975 cd
  • Maybe another small surprise

Some guidelines:

  • MBF me (Come join the party! It is partially to thank my followers after all)
  • Reblogs only - multiple reblogs mean multiple entries yay! (like to bookmark is fine!)
  • Must be willing to send me your address so I can ship it to you if you win (have your ask box open & reply in 48 hours please!)
  • Ends on Friday 12/19 at 11 pm EST
  • Try to get like 50 notes maybe?

I’ll be using a randomizer to select the winner after that time. Maybe I’ll do a promo or something after as well.

Thanks again to all of my lovely followers! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season!!

Since tomorrow is the first day of winter and I also hit 150 followers a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to make another follow forever to give some love to the blogs I follow and my lovely mutuals :) Mutuals, you folks will be bolded. So, first, a special shout-out to the most amazing person I know on here. He was also part of the reason I decided to make a Tumblr!

@clint-ftm-barton: Jed you are so so awesome. It’s so much fun being hopeless Stucky trash with you. You are the longest online friend I’ve ever had and I swear, one day we will meet! Anyway, thanks for always being there for me when I need you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. If anyone deserves it, it’s you <3

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Moving Costs

It would appear that moving had more costs than what was first quoted and that has placed me in quite the pickle.
Even though I paid the original security deposit amount, I am now told I need to pay $450 more because I was misquoted.
Add to that, $86 for rent a center for my computer that is due by Monday.
I am tapped out. My whole paycheck is to rent for the month but I do not have enough to pay these as well. I’m going to be living off ramen as is till my next pay check.

So, Sinsays is offering commissions to raise the funds otherwise, if anyone can spare a bit, it would really help. I could also pay people back if that helps. Otherwise. Please reblog if you would.

Thanks for your time and hope y'all have a great holiday season.

please send all donations to the pay pal of either Jitterbugjive, Jestre, or sinsays Or use squarecash to $AtemuMorrel (squarecash is preferred as it is instant and direct and awesome to use)


Ok ok ok TIME FOR AN ARTIST APPRECIATION POST! I got home today from having a lovely gift-wrapping extravaganza with the fam and LO AND BEHOLD my Christmas present to myself had arrived in the mail!!! The pictures above are of me being a doofus full of happiness and a more grown-up presentation of the art & parcel that said art came in.

Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a. furrylittlepeach is one of my all-time fave artists and I’m a repeat offender of ordering every print she makes available in her Etsy store. Whoops. Anyways, she’s hecka talented and the artwork comes in packaging that’s SO NEATO. like she carves her own stamps from rubber??? and they’re beautiful?¿ and her handwriting is magical??¿?

And as if getting an order from her in the mail isn’t great enough, she was kind enough this time to include a print that I hadn’t even ordered. I mean WOW Sha'an thanks for being an Awesome Human <3 It made me really really happy and I look forward to continuing to add to my furrylittlepeach collection. I hope you have a lovely & wonderful holiday season!!

Everyone, go check her out.

The holiday season is upon us, and I just reached my next hundred followers, so I wanted to do a small follow forever to show how I love and appreciate all you talented and awesome people. (This being my side blog, it makes it a little hard because I have to follow everyone from @odesssey but OH WELL.) Hope everyone has a lovely time this holiday season with family and friends, and it’s filled with love :)) Favourites are bolded xx


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** special mention to @everythingbellarke as well

Update. Sorry for the absence.

Hey everyone. Wow sorry for disappearing. Work and life got a little more demanding and I wasn’t able to post about/work on the scarf. But I’m back to my standard routine so I hope to have a photo update by the end of the month. (or I guess year at this point.) 

I now have an address for physical yarn donations so please message me or something if you would like to donate some of your left over yarn. Also have a safe and happy holiday season.

Again sorry for the vanishing act but I don’t know if I would have been able to get to my scarf even if I had time to work on it.

Keep being super awesome!

Hello guysss!! :D How have you been?? ^^ Now I’m finally on holidays I can be here and enjoy my days with you all and start once again editing and chat with you!! YAYZ! To celebrate my holidays and this awesome anime summer season I made Gangsta theme!! :D Yahooo! The first ep was so damn good I couldnt resist on doing one :D hehe Hope you enjoy it my bbies! <333 Here to announce that a FINALLY made a Tags page and updated my about/FAQ page! :D Love you allll!! <3333333


I have been having fun working on more hoodies, though I wish I had more lollipops. I had some really awesome Jolly Rancher ones, but I’ve finished them now. Oh well, I’ve done about 90 hoodies now! c:

Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and other holiday greetings to all! I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season! c:

I am not accepting anymore hoodie requests this year (I still have hundreds to complete!), but keep watch for whatever holiday special I do next year (possibly Valentines)!

Please check the “pokeholidays” tag for any questions, and watch the tag for your hoodie if you requested one.

Click on images to see them full-sized!

Merry Christmaaaas~!! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with their family and friends! Sorry I’m a bit late, I had some trouble putting together this gif. Better late than never as they say! :P

On another note, I would like to thank all the awesome people that follow me and support my gif making. I would never have thought that I would have as many followers as I do today and it’s kinda overwhelming. I really appreciate the support and love you guys for it! So thank you every single one of you!! Even people that don’t follow me but reblog and like my things, thank you as well! I love you all!!

Gif made by yours truly <3