i hope you have an awesome holiday season

Hiiiii!!! *nervous chuckle* Sooooo this has been my first year on Tumblr, and opening this account has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have gotten to know so many of you wonderful people, you brilliant and talented sweethearts, and that alone made my year infinitely better. I have had the opportunity to be friends with you amazing friendly souls, I have made friends with the people I fangirl over - how rad is that!!! And you, mutuals and non-mutuals, have been so nice to me and have blessed my dash and life with a giant bunch of goodness - thank you so much for that! Thank you all for making my experience here so fantastic! I love you so much!

I am overcome with squeeness and Luis-level fangirling, so have a giant virtual cuddle from me!

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday season and I hope all of you will slay in 2017!

All my love

P.S: Eternal gratitude for @leggypeggys for making this crayyyyzy stupid fine gif 💖

P.P.S: Please forgive me if I forgot anybody. Tumblr’s glitchy af.

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Dear A-spec Beings.

Have super duper amazing holiday season.

Whether its that this is the year your grandma finally stops asking you about when you’ll get a significant other.

Whether its that you finally find a Christmas movie that doesn’t have a cheesy and gross romantic plot.

Whether its that you get some awesome pride stuff.

Whether its that you are finally able to be yourself and feel free and unrestrained during this season.

Or Whether its that you are able to have Christmas in a safe place with people you love.

I hope y’all have a super holiday season, and that you stay safe through all of it.

A little gratitude for my mutuals.

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Because you are all awesome and wonderful, and I’m so glad we follow each other. Also, I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday/winter season.

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i did a follow forever a while ago and i wanted to do another one in time for the holidays! this is to let you all know how much you mean to me and how grateful i am that you’ve stuck around, despite the constant url changes and blog content. you’re all incredible and hope you have a fantastic holiday season because you deserve it!!!!

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Since tomorrow is the first day of winter and I also hit 150 followers a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to make another follow forever to give some love to the blogs I follow and my lovely mutuals :) Mutuals, you folks will be bolded. So, first, a special shout-out to the most amazing person I know on here. He was also part of the reason I decided to make a Tumblr!

@clint-ftm-barton: Jed you are so so awesome. It’s so much fun being hopeless Stucky trash with you. You are the longest online friend I’ve ever had and I swear, one day we will meet! Anyway, thanks for always being there for me when I need you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. If anyone deserves it, it’s you <3

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The holiday season is upon us, and I just reached my next hundred followers, so I wanted to do a small follow forever to show how I love and appreciate all you talented and awesome people. (This being my side blog, it makes it a little hard because I have to follow everyone from @odesssey but OH WELL.) Hope everyone has a lovely time this holiday season with family and friends, and it’s filled with love :)) Favourites are bolded xx


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Hello guysss!! :D How have you been?? ^^ Now I’m finally on holidays I can be here and enjoy my days with you all and start once again editing and chat with you!! YAYZ! To celebrate my holidays and this awesome anime summer season I made Gangsta theme!! :D Yahooo! The first ep was so damn good I couldnt resist on doing one :D hehe Hope you enjoy it my bbies! <333 Here to announce that a FINALLY made a Tags page and updated my about/FAQ page! :D Love you allll!! <3333333

Hello, everyone! First of all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I just wanted to thank everyone for making my dash so awesome throughout the year and let you all know how much I appreciate you all, so here’s my way of doing so!  All of you lil cuties deserve the world and I hope Santa comes and gives you everything you asked for :~) Happy Holidays!

p.s: I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, you all rock

p.p.s: pls excuse the shitty graphic I can’t photoshop 

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