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Friends With Benfits

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Warnings: holy lord, a lot of sin.

Words: 3627

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’ve written that’s actually one of Dyl’s characters, and I love Stuart so I picked him. I got the idea from my best bb Caitlin. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for reading it over, proofreading, and lurking around when I was writing it last night. Hope you all enjoy!

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I’ve known Stuart for literally most of my life and ever since he’s left for college we haven’t had the chance to meet up and see each other. A lot of people don’t really know this, but Stuart was ultimately the one who took my virginity. A few days after that night, we couldn’t stand being away from each other, and managed to find our way into his bed again. That night, he made me cum so many times that I lost count. They way his hands, lips, and tongue felt on my warm skin it easily became addictive, especially that wonderful cock of his. For not having sex that many times he really knows what he’s doing and I’m loving it, so much that he’s ruined it for other guys. After so many times that we had fucked we decided to become friends with benefits, none of us declared the whole “no strings attached” rule, because I’ve honestly had a crush on him since we were kids, I just don’t know how he feels about me. It’s been about four or five months since me and Stuart have fucked and I’m going through major withdrawals.

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#YoungAndRichBamBamDay (may 2nd, 1997)

you may be considered an adult now, but sorry, Bammie, you’ll always be my bb boy 😚💓💓  in all seriousness though, i’m so proud of how much you’ve grown the last few years and of the man you have become.  i’ll always be by your side, Bam, and never ever forget how much i care for you !!!

today a 🐍  evolved into a 🐉

😊Forehead Kisses (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You’ve had a bad day and all you want is for Grayson to 

Warnings: None

A/N: This blurb is for @dolan-twins-fics since she’s had a bad day. Love you bb

You haven’t been feeling very well. You just failed one of you finals so you landed yourself a C in the course. You also just found out your car won’t be fixed until next week and you card was declined at lunch. You honestly just wanted to go home and cry. As your walking you got a text from your boyfriend Grayson.

Gray 💕: Hey baby come home I miss you!

You smiled at your boyfriend’s text as you unlocked your door to see Grayson had a pillow fort built in the living room and Beauty and the Beast was playing on the TV. Grayson also had cookie cake, milk, and chicken strips on kitchen table. Grayson walked in from the living room and he had icing all over his face which caused you to laugh.

“Hey babe. I originally had plans to make a cake, but I can’t bake so I sent E to get you some cookie cake.” He says trying to lick the icing off. You walked up to him and kissed his cheek taking some of the icing off.

“I love you babe. This is perfect. I’ve had such a crappy day and all I want to do is just cuddle you and listen to your voice.”

“Well good because that’s exactly what is going to happen.” Grayson says as he gently kisses my forehead.

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 “I love you too. Come on. I’m hungry and tell me about what got you in such a rotten mood.” He says as he takes your hand in his and you two sit at the table. You start off with professor Aiken’s life science final and how hard it was and how you made a 42%. You then told him about how your car is still in the shop and how you looked dumb at In N Out because your card was denied. He was holding your hand and kissing you every time you got a little tense. After you finished your story he picked you up and walked you into the living room and lied you down on the pillow fort. He pulled you on top his lap as you just stared into each other’s eyes. You started laughing and kissed him which he toppled on top of you and attacked you with kisses.

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You and Grayson started cuddling. You head was on his chest as he would kiss your forehead every so often. You were too happy and couldn’t believe such a wonderful human was all yours.

“Hey Gray?” You asked as he was gently playing with your hair which made your eyes grow droopy.

“Hmm?” He hums.

“Do you think you could tell me a story? I just want to hear your voice.” You said which made him smile.

“Sure Y/N. I’ll tell you my favorite story. Our first kiss.” He starts the story how you two were in the park. You were all nervous and so was he. It was your first real boyfriend. You two had such a great day and decided to watch the sunset. Gray had climbed up in a tree, but you were left on the ground since you didn’t know how to climb. Gray of course picked you up and you two sat down on a branch. It just felt right. His lips were inches from yours. You two were in an intimate position already. Everything was perfect. He leaned in and kissed you which caught you off guard and you fell out of the tree.

“I’m such a dork!” You whined which made him start laughing. 

“And a trip to the emergency room and three stitches later, I gave you plenty more kisses and now here we are.” Grayson says as his kisses your temple. You crossed your arms which Gray decided to give you more scattered kisses which tickled and made you laugh.

After watching an hour of Beauty and the Beast you start to feel tired. Maybe it’s from all the stress from your day or from food. You decided you wanted to nap. You cuddled into Grayson’s chest which he knew what was happening.

“I love you babe.” He says giving you another kiss.

“I love you too Gray. I wouldn’t want anyone else right now and too be honest, you made my day so much better. You’re the best boyfriend ever.” You said as you snuggled into him as you started to drift off to dreamland.

“Glad I can make you happy.” You heard him mumble which made you smile.

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i hit 1k!

so i just noticed the other day that i passed 1000 followers so i felt kinda obligated to do this follow forever and mention a couple of people that have been great to me on this site!!

so whether you knew me when i was plaidoldsam, mininiladd, liljerenemy, or know me as talonva, thanks for making my 3-ish years on this site pretty good. 

some of you are inactive or don’t even follow me anymore but whatever love u guys

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this au is so lovely and I love how expressive your art style is 🌼 though I wanted to ask about the teddy bear we've seen with kookie and tae... whose is it?? how did the other get a hold of it? I hope you have a good day bb~~

ahh finally a teddy ask :’)

Tae had a hard time adjusting to the circus because he lost one thing- his teddy. He took his teddy everywhere but soon after escaping ‘the scary place’ he unfortunately didn’t manage to bring it with him.

That was until Seokjin gifted him with it after a week stay at the circus. 

and thank you very much :’)


jungkook during danger era for @babyhyuna / ©

I want to say I love you (pt. 1)

im sure about 90% of yall have noticed how whipped ive been by valgrace lately so in tribute to my bbs jason and leo ive written this (and aLSO this is dedicated to @nacholeo because i love her and shes my bestest friend online tbh so..happy belated bday charlie!! i hope u had a great day and also sorry this isnt liper lmao)

prompt: cramming until 3 in the morning and having to sleep over at each others house AU

summary: Jason has just very recently come to terms with the fact that he is so, so very not straight, and he’s kind of in love with this guy, but he doesn’t know how to tell him.  At least not without screwing something up.

“Hey Leo,” Jason started, trying to stifle a yawn as he turned a page in his textbook.  “Did you get to number twelve yet?”

Behind him, Leo groaned from his spot on the bed.  Jason didn’t even bother to turn around as he heard his friend shift on the mattress, and the sound of papers sliding off of the bed and down to the floor.

“Nah,” Leo croaked behind him, and from his long pause and jumbled speech, Jason could tell that he had fallen asleep.  “Not yet.”  Jason spun around just in time to see him rub his eyes, his curly hair sticking up all over the place and slightly matted to one side.  “Wha’ time is it?”

“Um.” Jason glanced down at his watch.  “About two.”

Leo scrubbed at his eyes vigorously, his knuckles pale.  “Ugh - okay.  Lemme…lemme get back to work.”

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Do you ever have a good eating day? Like some days I have 0 appetite and others I binge,,, but today I had a coffee (instead of 10), a fruit smoothie and beans on toast. For lunch, veg soup. It will most likely last for like two days but, I thought I should tell someone 💙

i’m so proud of you bb omg!! developing stable eating habits can be a really hard thing to do and any progress is absolutely wonderful, you should be so proud of yourself angel. hopefully it continues! you’re super strong for dealing with it each day and for trying your best, that’s seriously amazing. i hope you’re having a good day love.  💙

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I just saw that you're going to be posting TFA on Tumblr! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am about your decision! I love Ren and Harry and the story you've created for them! Your writing is some of the best I've ever come across, like in my whole life, not just online. BB is, and I imagine will always be my fave fic ever and I hope when (if) 1DFF comes back, so many more people discover your talents because I've read all your stories and my are you gifted! Hope you've had a lovely day!

Okay….. I’ve just had to read this at work, and let me just say, how dare you? Do you know how close I am to tears? I am an emotional mess what have you done to me?
Okay, so this is literally the nicest thing. I can’t believe you feel that way about my writing, I am beyond flattered and fucking honoured that you’ve chosen to read my stuff and you enjoy it so much.
I really hope you enjoy rereading the TFA chapters whilst I start uploading them on here, and thank you so much for being so lovely. You’ve killed me but I’m grateful.

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happy 22nd birthday to the big voice big heart bang minah! we’re always in awe of how you never cease to give it your all no matter the circumstances. congrats to your solo debut and win! here’s to another amazing year full of success and happiness #vitaMINAHday


T H E   L O V E   O F   K I N G S   &   Q U E E N S   {  I S   B E Y O N D   T H E    C O M P A S S   O F   U S   L E S S E R   M O R T A L S  } | (cover art by val) ; a mix for jordan’s birthday

“The king lifted a hand to her cheek and kissed her. It was not a kiss between strangers, not even a kiss between a bride and groom. It was a kiss between a man and his wife, and when it was over, the king closed his eyes and rested his forehead in the hollow of the queen’s shoulder, like a man seeking respite, like a man reaching home at the end of the day.”


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happy birthday scooter!!! i wish u nothing but the best and happiness and good health! i hope u have/had a day as lovely as you 💞💗💝💟💝💌💕💟💝💟 ily - seungcheol anon

IT IS YOU MY BB thank you so much 💖 ;u; the day’s been along those lines 💕 I love you more 😘

Admin Scooter

“Stage lights aren’t the only ones that matter, Megele…”

Happy last day of Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends and followers from the Girys and me <3 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of good food, fellowship and affectionate eemas wanting to make sure you take a rest from ballet once in a while. Ok, so maybe not the last one but you get the point!

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Karrueche Tran Fitness Guide

Karrueche was born with a petite body so ultimately, her genes are the prime reason for her size. Aside from her small frame, Karrueche has a perfectly toned body. That being her arms, legs, and abs. If you keep reading, I will explain how you can achieve this body that Karrueche struts everyday!

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Merry Christmas ! 

Thank you all so much for supporting me in my time here, I really wouldn’t be here without all of you. You all mean so much to me and I wish I could express that more than in a bunch of words. There’s so many of you here, and I wish I could go to you one by one, but because I can’t I’ve made way with a big long bias list like this. I hope we continue to be close for many days to come ! So, to celebrate a happy holiday, and a landmark of 333 followers, onto the read more!

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Hiya. I've been having a couple bad mental health days and I was wondering if you had some happy fics to brighten my day? Or fics where Sterek take care of each other? Just need a smile/hug right about now. Thank you!

Sorry to hear it, bb!  Hope you’re doing better now, and if not, hope these fics brighten your day.  <3  -Emmy

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Temptation by stilinski_wolf 

(1,676 I Mature I Complete)  *married!sterek

Derek gets called into work a few days before his and Stiles’ official honeymoon is over.

If only his husband wasn’t so tempting, then Derek would be able to get to work on time.

But Derek has always had a hard time resisting Stiles.

Raising a White Flag by hazelandglasz 

(1,746 I Mature I Complete)  *married!sterek, parents!sterek

Derek would love to look away from the mirror, and join his family, really, he would.
But he can’t.
Trust Stiles to make him focus on something else ;)

Unexpected Visitor by Cobrilee 

(2,367 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles is sick, and alone on Christmas Eve. Derek shows up to check in on him, and stays. 

Derek and Dessert by Inell 

(2,503 I Teen I Complete)

After an exhausting day, Stiles indulges in a bubble bath with two of his favorite things: Derek and dessert.

Let Me Take Care of You by LillianDeLooney 

(3,434 I Mature I Complete)   *mpreg

Stiles is six months pregnant with Derek’s babies when his mate gets home as a teenager, somehow having gotten de-aged again. Their mate bond is still strong, however, and all Derek wants to do is take care of Stiles…

Tumblr Fic:  Bakery Owner!Derek by yodas-yo-yo

Derek owns a bakery and Stiles comes in wanting something for a broken heart (very over-dramatic about it) but he gets so distracted by the cake (muscles) that he totally forgets alllll about it.

Baby, It’s Valentine’s Day by Siriusstuff 

(4,173 I Mature I Complete)  *married!sterek, parents!sterek

A Valentine’s Day in the life of Stiles, Derek and Teo.

Physical Therapy by dragon_temeraire 

(4,692 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles gets hurt, and discovers that Derek has some special skills.

When the Strings Attached by oblivions172 

(7,309 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek and Stiles were fuckbuddies until they weren’t.

Kiss It Better by Stilienski 

(7,716 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles doesn’t know how to deal with the aftermath of the Nogitsune. Derek tries to help.
By letting Stiles punch his cushion.

Sometimes Love Is Just Crayons by augopher 

(10,404 I Teen I Complete)

With their wedding only days away, Stiles helps Derek get a lot off his chest. The wedding turns out perfect, and Stiles gets a heartfelt gift from Derek.

Gracious in Defeat by yodasyoyo 

(18,136 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles needs to get away from Beacon Hills after the end of his senior year. Derek offers to let him stay with him in São Paulo, and they finally act on the tension that has always simmered between them.

The thing is, when it’s time to go home- Stiles doesn’t want to leave.

DILF by twentysomething 

(30,971 I Explicit I Complete)

“Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.”

Star-Crossed by cloudsarefluffy 

(32,949 I Mature I Complete)

My friend sent this to me on Tumblr: “I officially challenge sunshinexlollipops to write me a fluffy Sterek fic. No angst except for one small paragraph and it can not be major. High school AU. Stiles is a nerd, Derek is a jock. Tutor!Stiles. They fall in love.

Challenge accepted, Krista… Sort of?

Derek clears his throat quietly, resuming his plan on retrieving the boy’s mythology book, “Y-You dropped this…”

“I know, but- thanks.”

The boy snatches the book out of Derek’s hand with his mortification filling the air in a sharp, heady scent that has Derek’s wolf mentally salivating, “You’re welcome… Uh, do you know where the tutor session thing is supposed to be?”

“T-That’s me,” with another addition of pink to his cheeks, the boy rushes to correct himself a little, “I mean, I’m the tutor here and this is supposed to be- oh god, I’m really butchering this, aren’t I?”

A Party Fit For A Queen (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by maryxglz

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Loki

Persona: Female

Word Count: 698

A/N - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY GREATEST INTERNET PALS, HOPE YOU HAVE A LOVELY DAY BB! @floating-balloon WE LOVE YOU - The Uncomfortable Writers <3 (p.s. i suck at writing loki sorry in advance xD)

It was still a mystery to you how he found out, not one of the Avengers knew, not even Fury. You had forced him to keep it off of your file, you hated celebrating your birthday. The others used to be persistent in trying to find your birthday date out until they gave up; they knew you wouldn’t break, so instead they picked a random date each year and held an “Honorary Birthday Party” for you.

It was approaching your actual birthday when Loki started to act strange, more so than usual. Your Asgardian boyfriend always was a bit off considering he wasn’t actually from Earth but it didn’t bother you.

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