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Lazytown Sickfic Part 5 (final) (submission)

Okay listen, this is probably one of my absolute favorite Lazytown fics and I’m so flattered that someone took the time to write it for my blog
y’all, this is perfection.
Disclaimer: not mine. a submission!
And here’s the final part! I’ve had great fun writing this, and I hope you’ve had fun reading it <3

Stephanie peeked into the spare room the next day, and had to clamp her hands over her mouth to keep from squealing in delight. Carefully setting down the supplies she had brought, she tiptoed out of the room and returned, camera in hand.

The occupants of the bed had, at some point in the night, thrown off the blankets. Sportacus, apparently overheated even without the covers, had shrugged off the loose grey sweater as well. He had attached himself to Robbie, arms around his waist, legs entwined, head pillowed on his chest. Robbie, in turn, had folded his arms protectively around Sportacus, and had buried his face in the elf’s messy curls. Both looked utterly content.

Stephanie snapped a few quick photos and quickly tucked the camera into her pocket. Perhaps if Robbie or Sportacus had a bad day, they would need a reminder of the sweet moment. Alternatively, they might need to be blackmailed into staying in bed. Stephanie had learned from Robbie as well as Sportacus, and felt that it was always good to be prepared.

Sportacus stirred as the camera flashed, and groggily opened his eyes. By the time he was aware of his surroundings, Stephanie had hidden the camera and was looking down at him with perfect innocence.

“Good morning, Sportacus,” she whispered, softly enough to leave Robbie undisturbed. “How are you feeling?”

Sportacus gently extracted himself from Robbie’s grip, smiling gently as the villain mumbled in his sleep. He stretched, yawned, and rubbed wearily at his eyes. He still looked bad, Stephanie thought critically. His nose was an angry shade of red that would put Rudolph to shame, and he still looked awfully pale, but his eyes were clear and alert once more.

“Better, I think,” he rasped, wincing and pressing a hand to his throat. “Not as well as I’d like to be, but I don’t feel as sick as I did yesterday.”

Suddenly seeming to realise that he was stripped to the waist, Sportacus blushed and looked away shyly. He reached for the cast-off sweater and pulled it back on. As he did so, his stomach growled, and he grinned sheepishly.

“I guess I didn’t have much to eat yesterday, did I?”

“I’ll get you some breakfast,” Stephanie said, relieved. “I’m glad you’ve got your appetite back. You stay in bed and rest while I get some food. I’ve brought you some more tissues, and there’s some get-well cards from the other kids. And thank you cards for Robbie. I guess you two are really good friends now, huh?”

Blushing to the points of his ears at Stephanie’s gleeful tone, Sportacus looked down at the sleeping villain. As comfortable as he looked, his snores sounded ominously stuffy, and he certainly hadn’t been that pale yesterday.

“I think when he wakes up, he might disagree with that. You might have to teach me how to make cake, Stephanie. I think I’m going to owe Robbie a lot of them.”

As if in agreement, Robbie coughed and began to stir. Sportacus felt his forehead, and when he spoke his tone was apologetic and guilty.

“I’d take him back to his lair to rest, but it’s so cold and damp down there. Stephanie… I know you’ve already done a lot for me, but…”

Stephanie grinned.

“Oh, don’t worry! You’re both staying here under quarantine until you’re better. Just think what good friends you’ll be by then!”

Stephanie left the room, grinning, just as Robbie opened his eyes. The villain groaned and began to twitch his nose, muttering something under his breath. Sportacus leaned in closer, resting a gentle hand on Robbie’s back.

“What is it, Robbie? I can’t hear you.”

“… Sportacus…”

“I’m here. It’s alright. What are you trying to say?”

“… Come closer…”

Sportacus leaned in, until he was only inches from Robbie’s face. Robbie blinked sleepily, gazing into the elf’s worried blue eyes. He took in the expression of concern and affection, the trusting closeness, the comforting hand on his back… And promptly sneezed in his face.

“Robbie!” Sportacus yelped, leaping back and rubbing at his violated face. “That’s disgusting!”

“That’s for getting me sick!” Robbie huffed, sitting up and scowling. “You owe me so much cake!”

“If you ate more sportscandy and less cake, you wouldn’t have got sick so easily!”

“I wouldn’t have got sick at all if you hadn’t spent the night getting snot all over me!”

“You were the one who decided to get into bed with me!”

“You were the one who used me as a tissue!”

Stephanie stood just outside the door, a tray in her hands, shaking her head in exasperation. She listened as the argument degenerated from full sentences, to childish insults, to coughing and sniffling as both patients ran out of breath. By the time Stephanie brought in the breakfast tray, Sportacus and Robbie were lying down with their backs to one another, arms folded, sullen and silent.

“You shouldn’t be wasting your strength on fighting!” she scolded, setting down the tray and tucking the blanket in around them. “You were getting along so well last night!”

“He started it!” Robbie and Sportacus protested in unison.

Robbie glared, face flushing with either fever or irritation. Sportacus sniffled miserably and gazed up at the ceiling, shaking his head in despair. Stephanie ignored them both, taking two new thermometers (digital, courtesy of Pixel – she didn’t want a repeat of yesterday) and poking one into each pouting mouth.  

“Now, be quiet until those beep! You’re both staying in bed, and you’re going to get along, by order of Nurse Pink! Understood?”

Receiving a grudging nod from each patient, Stephanie set down the tray and read each thermometer as it beeped. Judging by the readings, they were all in for a very trying few days. Stephanie left to inform the other children that both hero and villain were indisposed, feeling the camera in her pocket as she did so. Remembering the sweet scene she had captured that morning, she broke into a grin. By the time Sportacus and Robbie were well again, she hoped to capture quite a few more.


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@huxloween final prompts, 29 30 and 31: trick or treat, costumes/costumes party and Rocky Horror Picture Show

Well, I am late to the party but I hope you guys had a great Halloween ! I am officially done with the prompts, even though I missed two… It was a fun trip to hell ! I’m gonna put away my tablet for a little time now (just a week or so) (-。-;

Thanks everyone who sent me nice messages and supported me during the month ~!  


I couldn’t make something in time for Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t forget about it, I swear! D:

I hope you all had a great time by yourself, with friends, or with your special someone!

Here, have a Cartman getting turned down for the 764th time for this amazing occasion. B)


2016.11.27 - Happy birthday my dearest potato! You’ve done so much this past year from your movie (which I didn’t get to add here but honorable mention!) and then your recording and even having one of your songs be in the album! AND being featured in Far East Movement’s song/music video! I’m so proud of you and I hope your birthday is/was very memorable! Your truly one of the ones after my heart. I hope you had a great time at your birthday party! 

Please stay healthy and continue to do what you love – creating music. I look forward to whatever else you do and that I heart you!


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Requested: By myself

Pairings: Leonard McCoy/Bones x Reader

Warnings: A bit of a suggestive ending, but even that is pushing it a bit…

Word Count: 1,059

Summary: Y/N is Bones’ long time girlfriend, except no one on the team has been told yet. When she goes to meet him once the Enterprise is at base, there is a bit of confusion.

A/N: I am really, really happy with this one, and I hope that you guys like it too! Star Trek is one of my favorite franchises of all time, and I am so happy to be able to contribute to such a great fandom on my blog. Feel free to send any requests (Star Trek, or anything else) to my askbox!

You couldn’t believe that the day was finally here. When you had said goodbye to him, you knew that it would be hard to go months without seeing him, but you hadn’t expected it to be so devastating. You were lonely without him. You missed his strong arms around you, you missed his voice, calming you, comforting you when you had a hard day. You missed waking up next to him, day in and day out.

But all of that didn’t matter anymore. Because Leonard McCoy was back, and you were going to hold him in your arms and never let him go again. Well, that is until he had to go back into the cold, unforgiving entity that was space. But that didn’t matter right now. What matters right now is that in a few minutes, your best friend and the love of your life would be in your arms. At least, you had thought that for the better part of an hour.

You were tapping your foot anxiously, glancing at the hallway. You knew that there was a reason that he was running late. The ship might have been delayed while boarding, or someone might have needed medical attention before he could get off of the Enterprise. You tried to comfort yourself with small things that could have kept him, but all of the times that trouble had managed to find him made you doubt that he was fine.

After all of the awful situations that he and the crew had gotten into over the years, the possibility of him getting hurt was always very real for you. You took a deep breath, and stood up, telling yourself that it would be okay if you allowed yourself to pace just a bit.

You could tell that you were starting to worry some people around you when an elderly couple came over and offered you a tissue for the tear that had leaked out of your eye without you realizing what had happened. You thanked her, quickly wiping it away before glancing at the hallway.

You couldn’t help the grin that broke out on your face when you saw a group of crew members making their way towards the atrium. You could barely keep yourself from sprinting towards him. Thankfully, there were a lot of people milling around in the open space. Although you were happy that the new base was successful, you could only wish that they were not standing directly in your path.

You tried to maneuver around the as politely as you could. You were a bit embarrassed to admit it, but you were starting to get frustrated. “Lenny!” you shout, hoping that people might clear the way if they realized what was going on. Thankfully, the people around you seemed to get the message, trying to move out of the way.

The minute that Leonard laid eyes on you, his face broke into your favorite smile in the entire world. You tried to control yourself, but after a few steps you broke out into an honest-to-goodness sprint. Leonard simply shook his head and opened his arms.

You grinned as you launched yourself into his arms, finally feeling whole again as his arms encircled your waist. You threw your arms around his neck, stroking the nape of his neck where his hair ended.

“I missed you.” you said quietly, fighting back happy tears, dreading the moment when you had to let him go. You knew that it was going to happen sooner than you wanted it to.

“I know darlin’,” he said quietly, taking a deep breath, savoring the moment.

Entirely too soon, you felt him pulling away. As much as you hated to admit it, you were glad that he pulled away, because you could have stayed in his arms for the rest of eternity.

“Well, who might this be?” the man you knew as James Kirk asked, leaning forward with a smirk plastered on his face.

“This is my girlfriend, Y/N,” he said, wrapping an arm around your waist, wanting to keep you close.

“What do you mean your girlfriend?” Kirk asked, seeming to come from a genuinely confused place, rather than a hateful place.

“I don’t see what was so hard to understand,” Leonard replied. You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. You weren’t surprised that he hadn’t told anyone about you. You had hardly told your best friend that you were dating. With him being gone for so long, the two of you never knew what was going to happen. But the two of you loved each other, and that was enough.

“I can understand Jim’s confusion, if I may interject,” Mr. Spock said, glancing between the two of you. “While you are a private person, a significant other is something that is a very large secret to come from your crewmates and friends.”

“Well, Mr. Spock, I don’t know what to tell you.” While Leonard sounded calm, you could see him clenching his jaw. His arm was tightening around your waist.

“I have to agree,” Uhura said, stepping up beside Spock. Now, he was angry.

You could feel the anger rolling off of him in waves. As much as you appreciated him standing up for your relationship, whatever it was, you didn’t want to waste time on him explaining everything to his friends.

You rolled your eyes, grabbing Leonard’s collar and capturing his lips with your own. you could feel his surprise melt away, before responding in earnest. You had to force yourself to pull away, holding in a laugh at the bewildered look on his face.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N, Leonard is my boyfriend, and if you will excuse us, we have a lot of catching up to do,” you said, taking Leonard by the hand and turning towards the room that you had acquired while staying on the base.

You allowed yourself a small smile after you turned your back to the group and heard Uhura say, “I like her,” before the group dispersed, each going their separate ways.

“That was a bit dramatic,” Leonard said, glancing down at you.

“What can I say, they were taking entirely too long, and we have a lot to fit into a small window of time,” you said with a grin, before pulling him into the bedroom, locking the door behind you.

Finished FFXV

Will now be reblogging lots of fanart and stuff from the game here, so prepare for spoilers.

Not sure how I feel about the story. It had some massive plotholes and I really didn’t feel very fulfilled at the end. Hoping it rounds out with some DLC, though it’s disappointing that they’d take that route.

All that being said, I had a great time, and I absolutely loved the characters. Currently shipping Promptis and Gladnis pretty hard, so prepare to see lots of that!

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wolf and rabbit (saeranxmc) prologue

Here it finally is! The first part of my Saeran x MC fic series. I worked really hard, so I sincerely hope you all like it. I apologize for the length. And I’m sorry if it’s not that great, my writing pants have been in the closet for quite awhile. I’ve had a few of my friends supporting me, so I was able to run the aforementioned writing pants through the wash and this is the final product. I plan on this being a relatively lengthy project.

So, thank you so much for taking the time to read and if you like it, please let me know and it would mean so much to me if you could reblog so others can see.

And with that, here you go! 

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Tabimatsu: The Sweets Kingdom’s Valentine Story 5

Story 1 | Story 2 | Story 3 | Story 4 | Story 5

EP 005: Okaeshi wa 3 Bai Kaeshi? / お返しは3倍返し?
EP 005: 3 Times the Return Gift?

a sweet and wholesome ending xoxo hope you guys had a great valentine’s day!

Todomatsu: Is this all the chocolate we’ve collected?

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imprints of the words you chose to say

A/N: so here’s a new one-shot! honestly, I’ve been meaning to finish this and put it up but after the election, I had lost a lot of motivation to really write. But, this was a great distraction– hope you guys enjoy it! feedback is always appreciated :)
Word count: 3,304


“Lucas?” She whispers, poking her head into her roommate’s bedroom. It was close to 3AM and she had yet to fall asleep because of that stupid horror movie she saw with Maya a few hours ago. Every time one of her body parts was peaking out of her blanket, she felt as if some sort of horrific clown was going to grab at her and possibly kill her. “Lucas, are you up?” She asks again, tip-toeing to the opposite side of his bed.

The blonde stirs in his sleep, his eyes fluttering open lazily. His vision is somewhat blurry as he makes out a feminine silhouette in the dark. He’s about to fall asleep again until he hears Riley’s soft voice call out to him. “Riley?” He questions, furrowing his brows slightly. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

She ignores the strange feeling in her gut at the sound of how husky his voice sounds from slumber. It’s been 2 years since the two have been roommates and it was something she couldn’t get enough of– not that she’d ever tell him that. “Can I sleep here tonight? I think I might die on my own,” She explains, as if it’s the most logical thing in the world.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Mistletoe Kisses

3.3k words, G rated

All Albus wants is to kiss his boyfriend under some mistletoe, but how is he supposed to do that when Scorpius won’t stay still, and everyone keeps interrupting all the time? 

This one is for @anthonyboyles, and it got a bit long. Sorry about that! I hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks for all the cupcakes and Tom Mackley chat, and here’s to more of the same in 2017! 

Beta’d by @abradystrix.

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This is the first follow forever I’m making for this blog since I had to re make ;-; But I want to thank each one of you. When I created this blog, I never expected to get here, honestly. During my time here, I met lots of great people and found many blogs beautiful, so I decided it was time to make this follow forever!
I thank you so much. Really, I love you. Without you, here would not be as fun as it is now. ♡

Thank you to all those who helped me get this far. It means more than you can imagine! Thanks for the messages, for talking to me, and for being fantastic in general. ♡♡

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Hey, kiddo! Happy sixteenth! Time goes by so fast. I hope you’re having a great day so far!

I heard you’ve been having a rough time of it lately. (Guess I’m a bit of a snoop.) You know, it’s hard to be sixteen! When I was your age I tried to run away from home, but my speeder ran out of fuel and I had to take a shameful walk back to my aunt and uncle’s house. But that’s a different story.

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whuuuut, is it already the end of 2016? what the heckie! this year passed by soooo fast, & i’m still here, trying to catch up to it lmao. anyways! this year has been the weirdest! stupidest! year ever. but it’s ok, i had you guys on my dash to make it so much better. & you did! which is good, you know, because otherwise i’d complain a lot more than i actually do lmfao

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Insecure (Fluff, Smut)

Hey guys I have not posted anything for a quite long time, But here i am. 
I wrote this Jungkook smut under 10 minutes, and it’s really bad so i am sorry for any mistakes. Besides that i hope you guys enjoy it :) 

                                                     2189 words 

You and your boyfriend Jungkook had been dating for about a year now, you guys had a great relationship it was romantic and all, but you never had sex. You were still a virgin and he wasn’t, it’s not such a surprise anyway. Whenever you guys would come into the steamy mood you would end it by pushing him away.  

You were sitting on your bed just watching a movie, with your shorts and one of his shirts. You were so focused in watching your drama that you didn’t even notice jungkook coming in, he saw you with your shorts and his tshirts thinking how cute you look.

- “Hey babe, i’m back. I see you look very hot in my t-shirt” 

Jungkook says finally giving your attention to him your face lit up when you saw him, you immediately stood up from your bed and ran up to hug him.

- “Kookie I didn’t notice you coming in I was really into this new drama that just came out. And the main character is so pretty!”

- “Whatever you say, but I am 100% sure she is not as pretty as you”

- “You flatter me too much.” 

Smiling widely you kissed him slowly making sure not to go deep and to give him expectations that you might not be able to fulfil. Jungkook still managed to hold onto your waist pulling you closer towards him and making the kiss deeper.

- “y/n, babe, please let me, I won’t hurt you. I promise I won’t leave you, i love you, i would never think of hurting you. Please i really want you.”

Jungkook said between the kiss. 

You broke the kiss looking up at him, maybe it was time? You loved jongkook and you knew he loved you, but the only thing that was bothering you was, well, you. Looking at the girls he is always surrounded with and then looking at you, you felt like you were a mouse compared to them. Their curves were beautiful, they were beautiful, they all were. Just looking at them made you feel so small, sometimes you end up wondering why Jungkook would pick you over everyone that was around him. 

You hadnt noticed that you were day dreaming before Jungkook pulled you into a tight hug.

- “I’m sorry y/n. I-i didn’t mean to sound needy. I just want to feel like i have the whole of you and because i want you to know how much i love you and need you, I’m sorry it was a really stupid thing to as-” 

You interrupted him by kissing him even deeper making sure that your tongues were touching. I’m ready you though to yourself. Jungkook continued kissing you roaming his hands around your entire back moving both of you towards the bed he slowly dropped you on the soft mattress. Jungkook hovered over your overwhelmed form with love and hunger showing in his eyes.

- “Are you sure, I don’t want you to feel like you’re being forced. I want to be able to cherris how perfect of an human being you are and how much i love you. We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready” 

You looked up at him with the softest eyes he had ever seen, he immediately felt his stomach turn and flutter. You took his face into your soft hands bringing him close to your face. 

- “Trust me. I am sure. I want this. I trust you. And I love you.” 

You felt butterflies in your stomach, yes you were nervous, yes you felt a bit insecure but you loved him, and you were sure of that. Suddenly Jungkook started to feel just as nervous, yeah he’s not a virgin and he has had experience but he never loved anyone like this. The only thing he did was ‘fuck’ never was it ‘make love’. He felt so nervous he could feel his heart pounding so fast just like the first time he had seen you, the first time he had laid his eyes on you, his heart is beating just as fast. 

- “I love you y/n, i love you so much, I don’t know what deed i have done to deserve you.” 

You smiled widely. 

- “Your vocabulary has gotten very romantic kookie” 

He chuckled at your comment and how you can make a moment so special for him to be in.

-  “seriously. i love you. You’re perfect. So beautiful.” 

He said those words between kisses making you stomach flutter more. He started to kiss you deeper with every second of the minute, Jungkook put his palm on your hips making you come closer, if that was even possible. You could feel Jungkook’s hard member on your clothed womanhood, making you wet. 

Not ever wanting to let your lips go because of how soft they were Jungkook had finally left your lips off of his slowly. 

He started to kiss and lick your jawline, you answered back by letting out a long and soft maon. Jungkook smirked onto your skin pleased with the reaction. 

- “Jungkook i love you”  

You moaned when you felt him grinding on you. 

- “I love you too” 

He said in a husky voice, Jungkook started to kiss the nape of your skin marking you as his.

 He got a hold on the hem of your white t-shirt and pulled it off of you, doing the same to his shirt. He threw both fabrics somewhere in the room, not getting a hold of what he was doing to you.
You just enjoyed him leaving love bites on your neck, moaning every time he would bite into your skin. He carefully took the edge of your black shorts pulling it off of your legs. You being so overwhelmed by the unfamiliar feeling became a moaning mess under him. Jungkook took a hold of your dark red laced bra and started unclipping the hooks. 
You loved the way his hands felt around you, how he was gripping your thighs and how he was touching every part of your exposed skin. 

Suddenly you felt the air hit your breasts when your bra was taken off of your form leaving your chest bare, you covered yourself up scared that he might not like what he is about to see. You felt insecure again, you never liked the way your body was shaped, you never thought your body was ‘wow’

-  “Why are you covering yourself?”

 Jungkook asked with soft eyes, you looked away from him, blushing.

- “I-I don’t know” 

He took a hold of your wrist and pinned them down beside your head, your eyes closing shut at the sudden move. Jungkooks eyes scanned your entire body, while nervousness started to wash over your nerves. 

- “W-what is wrong jungkook? Is there something wrong?”

 His eyes didn’t move, neither did his lips he was dead quiet. 
You felt like someone was about to rip apart your soul… he didn’t like what he saw, that’s what you thought. 

- “J-Jung K-kook, i-is there something wrong with me?” 

You’re still blushing about the foreign feeling, the feeling of being completely exposed in front of him. Concern still roaming in your veins because of him not moving nor saying anything.

-  “Shit. This is too overwhelming. This is too perfect. God, you’re too perfect.” 

Your closed eyes snap open at what he had said, making your insides twist and turn. Looking up at him with soft eyes, Jungkook’s face reached yours and he placed a gentle kiss on your lips and pecking your cheeks, moving on to kissing your lips hard yet lovingly.

- “I love you y/n, i love you so fucking much.” 

Jungkook shifted towards your nipple capturing it in his mouth, making your breath hitch. He tugged on your bud with his teeth and then licking it with his tongue. You were a moaning mess under him, you wanted to touch him so badly but he still had your wrists pinned to the side.

-  “J-jungkook.” 

He let your wrist go understanding what you wanted, once Jungkook let your wrist loose from his hold you instantly touched him on the back, and pull him towards you. He kissed you immediately touching your sides, while you touched his broad back.

- “Tell me when you want to stop, okay?” 

You nod quietly smiling, he returned your smile with a grin making you loosen up a bit. 

Jungkook had started to kiss from your neck down to your chest to your stomach till his face was right in front of your entrance.
You could feel his breath on your woman hood, making you hiss in pleasure. Jungkook took the sides of your laced underwear and started to play around with them. He was kissing close to your entrance making you nervous. He slid your laced panties of off your long legs, making you feel more insecure.

 - “Jungkook, wait. Mayb-  Omg! Jungkook!” 

Your head snapped up when his tongue touched your entrance, making you more wet than you already were. Jungkook started to lick your slit up and down making your hand capture all his hair and tug on the strands, Jungkook hissed at the feeling slowly sending vibrations up your spine. He started to suck and softly tug on your clit, making you moan his name loud.

- “Fuck. Oh my! Jungkook!” 

He licked your womanhood hard for the last time making you arch your back. - “Shit! Jungkook!”

 He reached up to your face kissing you hard and letting you taste yourself from his tongue. Jungkook took His pants and boxers off, letting you have a view of his hard member. You couldn’t help but stare at it, and lowkey feel scared…that thing was big. He noticed your expression and came closer to your vulnerable form. Grabbing your cheeks and caressing it he put his head on yours, noses slightly brushing on top of each others. 

- “It’s okay y/n, it’ll only hurt for a bit, I’ll make sure to go slow, and babe if you want to stop just tell me okay?” 

You couldn’t help but smile at his sweetness, He smiled back. Both of you quietly giggle.

“I love you y/n”

“I love you too kookie”

Jungkook softly started to enter you, making your entrance sting because of the stretch. He started to go in deeper, making it hard for you to breath, It hurt, you could feel tears starting to roll down your cheeks. Jungkook had stopped, meaning that he was completely inside of you. 

- “Shh… i know baby, i know it hurts. It’ll be over soon, i promise.” 

You waited there for about a minute, sobbing into into his chest, he kept throwing comforting words and giving your neck soft kisses trying to distract you from the pain.

- “Move.” 

He looked at you with big doe eyes, the once you always fall for, the once you love so dearly. 

- “Are you sure?” 

you nodded your head and repeating what you had said before 

- “move.” 

Jungkook slowly moved his hips making you whince in slight pain. He kissed you everywhere your skin was exposed to distract you from the foreign feeling in your womanhood. 

- “Oh, fuck. y/n Shit! You’re s-so F-fucking tight!” 

your breath hitched, pain slowly turning to pleasure. 

“jungkook, f- faster please”

 He didn’t hesitate, and he immediately started to pump into you.
Both of you were so overwhelmed, finally being able to give all of your love to each other. You felt jungkook licking on your nipples, making you reach your high faster. 

- “G-god you’re so hot!” 

Jungkook scram while thrusting hard into you. 

After few hard thrusts you came undone, you were a moaning mess, Jungkook drilled into you faster trying to get to his high. 

- “S-shit i’m soon there, y/n” 

Soon after few more deep and hard thrusts he too came undone, falling on your fragile form breathing hard into the crook of your neck. He rolled off of your panting form, and brought you closer to him so that you two were hugging now. Both of you were smiling at each other quietly looking into the others eyes. Jungkook caressed your left cheek. 

- “How can a human being be so perfect?” 

He looked deep in your eyes while saying that, making you smile. 

- “I love you y/n”

 you hugged Jungkook tighter.

-  “I love you too kookie, i love you so much.” 

He kissed you passionately, a kiss that was full with love full with affection. You dropped a slow tear getting emotional because of how beautiful jungkook is, and how special he is to you. Jungkook slowly kissed your tears away.

- “See you’re so perfect, that even your tears taste good” 

You both laughed at his remark. 

-  “I love you Jeon Jungkook”

-  “I love you y/n y/ln ” 

After talking and giggling to each other both of You slowly drifted to sleep. 

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(apologies for the awful graphic omg
EDIT: oh gosh i just realized it says “our” instead of “out” why do i embarrass myself like this !?)

hey loves!! ♥ i haven’t posted any printables in a while, but i had some lying around in my google docs, so here are four great printables that aim to improve different aspects of your life!!

  • daily reflection [ download it here! ]
    sometimes, we’re so busy with school or extracurriculars or part time jobs that we forget to take a step back and just reflect. this is a simple, quick sheet you can print out whenever you want to think about your day. it’s meant to make you think about the positive aspects of your day, as well as how you hope to improve yourself!

  • sweet dreams [ download it here! ]
    one of the problems with working so hard is that you don’t always remember to take that much-needed break. this is a simple sleep tracker you can use for three weeks to make sure you’re meeting your sleep goals. try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night!

  • priorities [ download it here!
    the famous time management quadrants: urgent and important, not urgent and important, urgent and not important, and finally not urgent and not important. this printable allows you to set your daily tasks in order of priority so that you are getting the right things done!

  • make or break [ download it here! ]
    everyone has habits that they want to curate or break. with this simple, 30-day challenge, you can set yourself up for success! mark down every day you complete the habit successfully, and every 5 days you can write an adjective about how you’re feeling. whether it’s “excited” because of your progress or “discouraged” because you seem to be lacking motivation, keeping track of how you feel during your journey is important!

anddd that is it for today!! i hope you like these printables and find them useful! please send me mail with critiques if you have any so that i can offer better printables in the future ♡ aLSO if you post a picture using one of my printables, tag #heyacdemic so that i can reblog it! :)

hannah’s printable terms of use ;; please do note that i make all of these by myself and each one does take a bit of time! i don’t watermark them: please do not claim them as your own or redistribute without permission. ♥ i make these to help you study, and they’re meant for personal use only!