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-Great expectations- (part 6)

Pairing: Alex/reader

Warning: fluff, lots of it. A bit of smut too.

Again, thanks to everyone who read all the previous chapters. Hope you enjoy this one. I know I enjoyed writing it. Kisses! 

tagging: @sliceofparadise @nothingbuthappydays @ivartrash @sugakookiexx @float-autumn-leave @ladymelissastark @meikoila If I forgot someone, I’m sorry. 

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Alex had held to his word over the next few weeks.

We spent a lot of time together getting to know each other, and I grew fond of every little thing I came to know about him. Sometimes we would have a movie night, sometimes we would cook a meal together (I would cook, Alex would eat). Sometimes it was just a walk, or a coffee. They already started filming season 5, so sometimes he would come home too tired for anything.

But he always made time for me. And those times I had with him became everything. He became important to me. I felt like a little school girl in love. I looked forward our dates, because I couldn’t wait to see him. I would read a book, and I would have this urge to hear his opinion about it. I wanted to hear his opinion about everything that surrounded me. I wanted to listen to him talk about things that inspired him. I wanted to listen to him talk about less pretty things that are a part of this horrible thing we call reality. I wanted him to always be there.  

I wanted him. But I never told him that. I never had the courage to. Besides, I think it could be noticed from my behavior that I am head over heels in love with him. He would do me a huge favor if he did notice, so that I won’t have to explain myself, but man can be so stupid sometimes.

Today will be the first day I won’t see Alex. He will come back from work really late, and I have to go out tonight. September was almost over, which means that a new semester is starting in 2 weeks and something. And that meant that all of people I go to UNI with were back in town, and that actually means-there’s going to be a party tonight.

Cassie is coming at my place in fifteen minutes so we can both find something nice to wear.


‘’We look boooomb.’’ Cassie was singing those words while checking her butt in the mirror.

‘’Yes, we do.’’ I couldn’t deny that. This dress looks good on me.

‘’Best friend handshake.’’ She put up her hand in the air with a huge grin on her face.

‘’Cassie, we don’t have a handshake.’’

She was surprised. We never had a handshake, why does she look surprised? She was so weird sometimes.

‘’Oh…then just give me five.’’

‘’You look like you need a hug.’’ I opened my arms for her.

She looked at me with that ‘You stupid?’ face. ‘’I prefer chocolate, thanks. Save your hugs for your boyfriend.’’

‘’He’s not my boyfriend.’’


I rolled my eyes on that. I really hated when someone made comments like these about the two of us.

‘’We should get going, we’re already late.’’

‘’But before we do that, we should take a picture. Alex has to see how good you look.’’

Rolling my eyes again I said: ‘’Are you ever going to stop?’’

‘Nah, probably not.’

We both laughed at that.


‘’Cassie! Y/n! Heyyy! Long time no see girls.’’ the blonde guy named Chris greeted the both of us as soon as we entered the place. When Chris said those words, all the heads turned in our direction.

‘’Well, it was about time. Everyone was waiting from you.’’ a voice behind me was heard. When I turned around, I saw Liam, my favorite person from UNI.

‘’Hey stranger.’’ I said hugging him.

I loved hugging Liam. He was taller than me, so when we hugged, my head would always end up on his chest, and he would lay his head on top of mine.

‘’I missed you.’’he whispered in my hair.

‘’I know you did.’’ He laughed at that.

‘’Liam, please, can you get me something to drink?’’ I asked, pulling away from him.

‘’Of course.’’ and with those words he left.

In that moment Cassie put her phone in front of my face to show me a picture.

‘’Look, you two look so cute.’’

We did, the two us were hugging, my face was hidden behind his arms, but Liams face could be seen. He looked beautiful. His face was so relaxed and so full of love. For once, I thanked Cassie for stalking me with her phone camera.

‘’Is it a bad idea if I post it on Instagram?’’

‘’Why would it be a bad idea? Liam is your friend.’’ Cassie looked confused.

‘’Because of Alex, C. I don’t want him to get the wrong impression.’’

She made that face she had when she was extremely annoyed.

‘’Jesus Y/n. If he makes a problem about it, then just explain. If he doesn’t trust you, then you don’t need him in your life. And, besides, he’s not your boyfriend. You can do anything you want. ’’

I nodded. She was right. I posted the picture with a caption ‘’finally with my favorite person after two months’’.

‘’Here you go.’’ I heard Liam from behind me.

‘’Thank you. You were fast.’’ He smiled.

He reminded me of Alex in that moment. To be honest, every guy around me reminded me of Alex. Especially now, when he was not around.


The following day

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. There was this huge pain in my head, and my stomach felt like it was on fire. Oh wait, I know what this is. It’s a hangover. Bravo Y/n!

I searched for the phone in my bed and found it…under my ass. Okay. This is getting better and better.

‘’Hello.’’ I was shocked at the sound of my own voice. It sounded like I had my voice strings burned.

‘’I can see you had fun last night.’’ it was Jordan.

‘’Oh.my.God. Jordie, not today, please.’’ I begged.

‘’It’s not my fault you got drunk.’’ He played dumb. He was so annoying.

‘’You could be helpful for once in your life and come over with some food.’’

‘’I see you’re not in the mood. Okay, I’ll be there in 20. Love you, and please check if there are some people in your apartment whom are actually not supposed to be there. I don’t want surprises.’’ He teased me. Of course he did. What are brothers for?

‘’Asshole.’’ I hung up.

I sighed in frustration. My head was hurting so bad. But I had to get out of the bed to at least take a shower.

But before I do that, I need to check my phone. I had plenty of notifications on Instagram. Liam commented on the picture I posted saying ‘’I knew you missed me’’. I laughed at that. He always knew what to say. I should check my snapchat story just to make sure that I didn’t make a total fool out of myself.

Okay, a few videos of people dancing with the music in the background. Another video of me and Cassie singing with Liam and Chris jumping in to sing with us. A few group selfies. Okay. I did good.

And then I entered my messages, only to see a few texts messages from Alex.

1st text :’’ Hey little one. Just came home from work. I’m so tired, can’t wait to go to bed. I hope you have fun tonight. I miss you.’’

2nd text:’’Today,Katheryn had to play this scene where while talking she was feeding an owl. I thought of you in that moment because I know how much you like owls.’’  

3rd text:’’ Y/n, you look beautiful on that picture with Cassie. I won’t text you anymore because I assume you’re already drinking and dancing and not thinking about me. Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe. Kisses.’’

How was I supposed to not be in love with him when he was so caring and so kind? I imagine him in a relationship if he is like this now. I wish he was here now. I texted him saying:

‘’Morning sunshine. I didn’t see your text until now, sorry about that. I hope you had a good night sleep. I’ll see you tonight? P.S. I miss you too. ‘’

After locking my phone I got out of bed to go and take a shower. And I did that avoiding the mirror at all costs. I was too scared of my own reflection now.


I heard that overly energetic knock on the door.

‘’I’m coming.’’ I yelled.

After 10 seconds the annoying presence of my brother invaded my apartment. For some reason, he was in a good mood.

‘’You got some last night didn’t you?’’ I tried to guess.

‘’A true gentleman doesn’t reveal this kind of information.’’ he said with a cocky grin on his face.

‘’You definitely got some last night.’’ We both burst in laughter.

He even made me some coffee. Okay, maybe he wasn’t that much of a pain in the ass after all.

‘’Did you, sister, get some last night?’’ He was looking at me. Mostly to see if I would lie to him.

‘’Not that I remember. And there were no strangers in here, so definitely not.’’ I said. He laughed at my response.

‘’It seems like you had fun last night. And I didn’t know Liam was back? I haven’t seen that guy in what seems like ages.’’

‘’I know. I missed having him around.’’

‘’I saw that too.’’ he commented ‘’And just so you know, Alex is not going to be happy about the picture you posted.’’

I wanted to say something, but he interrupted that attempt.

‘’He will not make a big deal about it. But, if he seems colder than usual, you should know it’s because of that.’’

I nodded. I wasn’t in the mood of talking about that. And just like he knew we were talking about him, I got a text from him.

‘’Hope the hangover isn’t that bad. I’ll come at you place with some food tonight at 8 p.m.?’’

I checked the clock. It was 1 p.m. I smiled at the thought of seeing him in a few hours.

‘’Okay. I’ll see you soon then.’’

I locked my phone and started talking with Jordan about some stuff of ours. He didn’t stay long though. He saw that I needed sleep, so he left me to rest. But before he went out, he wanted to talk to me about me and Alex.

‘’These are the facts. First, you’re in love with him, and he is in love with you. Second, You gave each other some time to see how you get along, and from what I see it is working out. Please sister, don’t complicate things when there is no need to. It’s complicated enough to find someone who feels the same way you feel about them. Do him a favor and tell him how you feel. I know it’s scary, and I know the last time you did that it didn’t end well. But Alex isn’t Jacob, and that’s a good enough reason to let yourself have this. And trust me, even if we man act cold sometimes, we still love to hear warm words from the ones we love.’’

He stepped out of the apartment when he finished his little speech, then he turned around to give me a hug.

‘’Have some sleep now, and good luck. Love you!’’ He whispered this in my ear. He let go of me and left.


It was 7:35 p.m. when I woke up again. I jumped off my bed in fury, and started running through my apartment to get everything ready. Thank God I was a tidy person so I did not have to do much. Then I went in the bathroom to get myself ready. I got scared of my own reflection. Damn it! Now I have to even put some make up on.


At 8:05 I heard a knock on my door. While trowing a few quick glances In the mirror I unlocked and opened it.

He was standing there with two pizza boxes in his hand. He was wearing my favorite black t-shirt, with his black jeans. He looked stunning. It took me a moment to process this and get back to reality. And when I did, the emotions hit me.

I threw myself in his arms, and he immediately put his free arm around me. I squeezed him tight around his waist while resting my head under his chin. He planted a soft kiss on my temple, then rested his head on mine.

‘’I missed you.’’ He muttered.

‘’I missed you too.’’ I whispered back.

I let go of him, and when I looked into his eyes I saw something was wrong. ‘’Are you okay?’’ I asked him, sincerely concerned. I don’t like seeing him upset. He must have seen that I was worried, because he smiled at me and said:‘’I am, but I need to talk with you about something later.’’ I opened my mouth to say something but he was faster. ‘’No need to do that right now. Let’s enjoy our meal first.’’

I gave him the last worried look, but he didn’t look at me, he just entered in my apartment with no words.

‘’This isn’t going to be good’’ I thought to myself.


I stood up to get us something to drink. ‘’Give me something very unhealthy, please.’’ Alex begged, and we both laughed. I took two sodas from the fridge and walked up to the place where Alex was sitting on the dinning table. I put the drinks down, and leaned forward to hug him from behind. I put my arms around his neck and shoulders, and he put one of his hands over mine, squeezing it slightly. I rested my face against his hair, breathing him in. God, how I love his smell. I closed my eyes for a second, thinking about how pathetic it was that I’ve missed him so much after just one day of being apart. His sudden laughter was what brought me back from my trance.

He was laughing at something he saw on his phone, he showed me the picture, it was some joke the fans made about Ivar on Instagram. Then he continued scrolling down until he came over the picture I posted last night. He fell silent. I think he was trying to stay calm, but I could feel it was stronger than him. His breathing became deep and heavy, and his grip on the phone hardened. Now, he turned his face to me. I could see the anger in his eyes, and I think this was the first time I saw him angry. But here was something else too. He was…hurt? He opened, and then closed his mouth. I sat on a chair next to him, and I was looking at his face, trying to read him. His face was dead serious, his lips in a sharp line. I could see how his chest moved up and down as he breathed deeply, trying to stay calm.

‘’Say it. I won’t bite.’’ I tried to joke it off, but he didn’t laugh. He was looking at me now with a cold face expression.

‘’Is he the reason you’re having second thoughts about me?’’

What? What is he talking about?

‘’What are you talking about?’’ I said with shock evident on my face.

‘’Is he the reason you asked me to give you some time to consider me as your boyfriend?’’ His face was still cold, unreadable. I was in shock. Why was he saying this?

‘’Why are you silent? Answer me!’’ He stop up now, raising his voice. ‘’How could you do that to me? Let me think that you were capable of falling in love with me if I just gave you some time? How could you/ Why did you do this? Do you not know how I feel about you?’’ He said this last sentence in a lower tone. He looked like a injured puppy, and that killed me on the inside. I never wanted him to get hurt.

‘’Alex, please, let me explain.’’ I stood up to grab onto his hands, trying to make him look me in the eyes.

‘’Liam is my friend. I have known him for three years now. He is one of the few people from UNI that I actually like hanging out with. But he is only a friend. I/’’

‘’Then why didn’t you mention him before?’’’ he interrupted me.

‘’Why didn’t you mention all of your girl friends from work to me? You also posted some pictures with some of those of who I knew nothing about, but still, I always asked you about them, and you would say they are your friends. And I believed you. Why are you not believing me?’’ I asked him, trying to stay calm.

‘’It’s different. They are not that important to me. But he clearly is important to you.’’ His voice was trembling now. I could see that he was really hurt by this. But why?

Then the realization hit me. He didn’t know. He didn’t know, and he didn’t notice. Man are really stupid.

I tried to restrain my mouth from growing into a wide smile, because that would only make this  worse.

‘’Alex,’’ I started ‘’ it is not different. Do you know why?’’ I paused. He wasn’t responding, but I kept going anyway. ‘’Because nobody else is important to me when I am with you. Because you poisoned my mind with yourself, I can’t think of no one else but you. You make me enjoy everything. You broke down the boundaries that I have set for myself. You make me feel alive. You make me feel awake. You make me feel like I can do anything, as long as I have you by my side.’’ I cupped his face with both of my hands.

‘’I’m in love with you Alex Hogh Andersen. ‘’ I brought my face closer to his. ‘’I’m so in love with you even the blind people can see that. And that’s why you should believe me when I say there is no one else in my life, but you.’’

And then I kissed him. He was shocked at first, then he put his hand on my waist and moved his lips against mine. His lips were so soft, softer than I imagined them to be. His grip around my waist tightened as the kiss grew bolder. Then I pulled back to get some air, only to earn a protesting moan from him. But fast enough I moved my head to his neck, leaving open mouthed kisses there. He reacted by moving his hand to my ass, giving it a light squeeze. I moaned against his skin, and I felt he shivered in response.

He put his hand under my chin, moved my face up and kissed me again, closing the space between us. Then he surprised me when he broke the kiss to lower himself, only to grab my tights to pick me up. He carried me to the kitchen counter, while leaving wet open mouthed kisses on my neck. I run my hands trough his hair while a moan escapes from my mouth. He moves his hands on my ass again, now squeezing it harder. I lowered my hands to his core and started pulling up his t-shirt. He moved his hands up in the air and when his chest was finally naked I throw his shirt as far away as possible from us. He was looking at me now with mischief in his eyes. ‘’I thought you liked that shirt?’’. I put my hands on his chest and started moving them up and down, at the same time moving my head closer to his. ‘’I changed my mind. I like it more like that.’’ He smirked and lowered his head to bit down my neck. I moaned again, and then another sound was heard.

My phone was ringing.

‘’Dammit!’’ I cursed, and Alex sighed and moved away. This was irritating the both of us. I reached the phone, and saw it was Jordan. Again.

‘’This better be important.’’ I answered the phone.

‘’Oh, did I interrupt something?’’ I could hear him chuckle on the other side.

‘’You did, actually.’’ I sighed, and I felt Alex coming closer from behind, only to put his hands on my waist and leave a kiss on my neck. I threw my head back, resting it on his shoulder, while putting my free hand in his hair. ‘’Do you need something?’’

‘’I just wanted to know if you two wanted to come over. I’m here with Sophie and Marco.’’ I turned my head to Alex, who heard what Jordan said and made a face that said ‘Do we really have to?’’. I nodded, and he sighed in frustration.

‘’We’ll be there in 20 minutes. Love you!’’

‘’Love/’’ I didn’t hear the rest of it because I hung up on him.

I turned myself to see Alex. He was putting his shirt on.

‘’Can’t you just stay without it?’’ I whined.

He chuckled at my words.

‘’That would be inappropriate.’’ He said, but I saw my words made him shift in his place. I came closer to him, put my arms around his neck and said :’’It would be. Very much. But I wouldn’t mind.’’

He smiled at me, then gave me a short kiss.

‘’We have to go, you told your brother we were coming. Besides, I can’t wait for you to meet Marco.’’ I nodded, then let go of him, and went in my bedroom to change.

He was waiting for me where I left him. He smiled when he saw me, straighting himself up as I got closer to him. I put my hands on his chest, and he in response curled his arms around my waist, bringing me closer. I looked him in the eyes, only to see how happy he was now. And for some reason, it made me happy seeing him like that.

‘’Do you believe me now?’’ I asked him.

He was looking at me with a soft face expression. ‘’Yes.’’ was all he said.

‘’Good.’’ I kissed his temple.

He moved his hands from my waist all the way to my face, leaving them on my checks. He caressed them with his palms, while resting his forehead on mine. We remained like that for a few seconds. Then I moved away from him, hinting him it was time to go. 

“You have a nice butt “~Hayes grier Imagine (Requested)

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:hey! can you do an imagine that is along the lines of the jack gilinsky one “bite my bum” but with hayes? thank you! i hope you had a great vacation!!!!


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You were awaken to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, instantly you pulled the silk white sheet over your face hoping to block the bright sun rays. 

peeking through a little hole you manged to make you found your self amazed by the beach view of Hawaii. Finally you built up the courage to expose your sensitive face to the sun, You instantly began squinting your eyes but found rubbing the built up crust helped you adjust to the sun quicker. 

Hayes moved his long leg to over lap yours you let out a sweet chuckle giving him a gentle kiss on the back of his shoulder “he’s even perfect sleeping” you whispered to your self. 

You decided to lay in bed for just a few more minutes just playing around on social media and taking pictures of Hayes while he was asleep. Hayes began to move quit frequently until he was fully awaken . 

“good morning “ you said your voice still raspy. Hayes gave you a weird look before throwing his head back on the pillow “morning” he eventually replied his voice deep. Hayes removed the cover from his body exposing his underwear “you hot?’ you asked confused “no I just want to feel awake “ he replied “okay” you said in a confused tone.

“do you want coffee or something ?’ you offered as you laid down next to Hayes making contact with his ocean blue eyes. Hayes put his arms over you pulling you in to cuddle his chest . 

You let out a slight giggle “Hayes I want to make some coffee’ you said innocently looking up into his eyes. “and I want you to stay here and keep me warm” he said simply as he let out a slight chuckle. 

You started to attempt and escape from his grip but soon found there was no use. “baby” you begged as you held your hands on each side of his face giving him direct eye contact that almost became awkward “yes” Hayes replied with a smirk “pleas let me be free” you asked ‘nope” Hayes said as he turned you over so you were laying on your stomach you felt your butt exposed to the cool air. 

“Hayes’ you yelled once more.

Hayes started to leave sweet kisses along your spine you couldn’t help but let a slight smile appear. You felt Hayes lift you over sized t-shirt up to expose your black cotton underwear”Hayes” you yelled trying to turn your body but Hayes quickly held your wrist down with his strength.

You let out a slight chuckle and just allowed everything to just happen seeing there was no point in wasting your energy. 

Hayes continued to leave sweet kisses along your back and eventually your butt “your so beautiful” Hayes said sweetly “thank you” you said innocently.

Hayes let out a wide smirk before he bit your right butt cheek, “ah” you screamed as you began to squirm your legs hoping to escape “what was that for?’ you asked turning your neck to look at Hayes who still had your wrist in his grip ‘you have a nice bite’ Hayes said as he allowed his tongue to lick around his bottom lip. 


I hope you enjoyed this Imagine !

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Okay so if we're gonna treat the Sanders Sides vids as a TV series (and tbh it's as good as one if not better), then I reckon there should a musical episode, since 1, it would be hilarious, 2, Thomas can definitely sing. And then I had the idea that it should be in Roman's Room (like maybe they sing to express their feelings while in the room?) Virgil is the first one it happens to and he looms absolutely HORRIFIED afterwards

Great idea and I love it and hope it happens but have you seen the New Years video?

bolininthedeep  asked:

hi! hope you have a great day today!

i have had a happy day, it’s been rainy and i drank apple cinamon & ginger herbal tea and read of ideas for the wiccan celebration for Lammas/Lughnasadh. I also went for a walk in the rain with an umbrella and it made me so happy ! i saw magpies! and one of my cats Shiela slept under the bedside table my altar is on all day hehe.. i Hope you too had a great day ! 🍂

As Keira had suspected, it was the same restaurant that he and Keira had gone to before Hearth’s Warming last year.
Keira: Remember the photo I got Discord for Hearth’s Warming? This is the place where the picture was taken.

Pearl: My, this place is lovely!

Waiter: Greetings. How can I help you tonight?
Discord: Table for three, if you please.
Waiter: Follow me, please.
Keira couldn’t be more proud of Discord. She knew he was doing really well with talking to ponies and all, but there were still lots of ponies around Equestria who didn’t know he had become reformed. She hoped to one day take Discord with her all over with her friends. Not only would other ponies learn the news, but it could be a great chance for her friends to get to know him better! For right now though, the main concerns were how Discord intended to pay for dinner and how she was going to get another report done on about the Element of Special for Princess Celestia.


Zodiac Signs

You asked, i did.
I wanted something god-like and modern(ish) at the same time so here we go.
You can find more information about each character below. Hope you like it.
feel so embarassed everytime i do smth like that help

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Moriartys suits requested by @ambientcrystals

- Silver button -

It arrived at my grandma’s house, I woke up early to go there…and now  it’s in my hands!

This is the first time I get a kind of thing like this one, I mean, a reward for the work I’m currently doing. I must admit this is a wonderful gift from Youtube, but what I appreciate the most is the support from everyone since I started with this, for the amount of people that like my animations, for the amazing people I met and are now great friends of mine, for other artists who inspired me and gave me strong to keep forward. 

This button can have just my name (RIP letter Ñ of my last name lmao) and a number, but in my heart it says the names of each one of you for supporting a small artist who had a second chance to be able to love what she does.

I do really hope to still entertain you with my animations and art in the future, with my original projects and more stuff.

Thank you so much people. Thank you for everything.

Now I’ll make a lil’ video about this to my channel.
Have a nice day/evening/night <3 

Is Nalu canon?

As crunchyroll finally released the last chapter I decided writing my opinion on it. I will make side comments but the main subject will be Nalu since many of you asked me if I think it is canon or not.

First of all we will be starting with the cover page, in which Mashima left some hidden clues.

where have we seen this before? That`s right. 

Natsu`s shirt, which is more manly is more in his style with one long sleeve and a shor one is matching to Lucy`s old outfit from x792. Mashima always made them matchy clothes, didnt matter it was a bracelet, the colors, or a whole outfit.

Moving on… we didn`t have much interaction between NaLu at Lucy`s party

Even so, Mashima brought us a little nostalgia on the good times when Lucy was always screaming at Natsu and he wasn’t bothered by it, morover acting like a child. They are supposed to be 28-29 here right? (excepting the time skip) They remained the same kids they were once.

I have to say that i am really proud of Lucy. She`s such a kind girl, she didn’t care if her novel made her rich or not, but she fullfilled one of her dreams. Isn’t that amazing? I am really proud of my baby ♥

Also I have to say I am happy Anna remained in her timeline. She already lost her parents and she finally has a relative.

There we have a little teasing from Gajeel and also from Mashima himself. 

Anna was the one who sent Natsu n this timeline, Anna made his scarf. He knew her since he was a little boy, he gave him the chill and he is admitting THIS is why he is always so relaxed being around Lucy. She has always been there for him, taking care of him and covering things for him. She was a good friend to him, his best friend and she grew in more.

Gajeel is teasing Natsu in here saying “ you liked her”

What could have Natsu say? “No? I disliked her?” No. Also Gajeel is shocked about his answer. He answered so relaxed and can you see that blushing Lucy? That`s right, she is blushing because Natsu somehow said he likes her. If he likes Anna, Lucy is alike to Anna, he likes Lucy too. so regarding the fact both Lucy and Anna have a similar smell, he is always so relaxed around Lucy, isn’t it the fact that your home has a certain smell, gives you a certain comfort? This is what Lucy is for him. His home. 

In this panel, Lucy is admitting herself she is jealous over Gajevy. Why is she jealous? Because Gajevy managed growing into a mature relationship, Gajeel became a man, while Natsu is still an immature little brat, but he is her brat. We will never see Natsu saying things like Gajeel “ The woman i fell for” “ I wished walking side by side with you” or something like this. No, Natsu has his own way to express his feelings. Let`s remember some of his lines “ I am going to save Lucy” “ Lay one finger on Lucy and I turn you to ashes”  “ Even if it’s just her head, Lucy is still Lucy “ “ From today on, you are mine” “Long time no see, Lucy” and so many others. There are different ways of saying “I love you” Its in your gestures and let’s remember how Natsu was affected by Future Lucy’s death and when they fought with August how he climbed over her to protect her. He is never going to let her die again.

Also Lucy is blushing so hard and is emarassed by the things Gajeel and Levy had done. She is not mature herself to do things a couple should be doing. She is still embarassed about this even if she is 19(or 28)

See? She had the same reaction as Wendy. A reaction a child would have when hearing things.

This doesnt have any link to Nalu but im posting it for gruvians and my gruvia heart

Finally you`ve got a hang of it Gray-sama. @giushia

Going back.

Mashima is giving a tease again. “ the pair im most” the pair. So there are pairings.

Even if they fought Zeref and he put them trough hell, look at her face. She knows that Zeref and Mavis had found their peace they are back being someone else. Her look is saying “ sadness but still happiness” Could this be the love she`s also dreaming of? Even if they had a tragic destiny, they found their way back to each other. 

she, herself is happy for everyone. Every single mage is happy including herself.

Now, let`s start with the Nalu Pages 

there you go, Mashima putting another old scene. “ This is my room” But remember the first time Natsu was in her room? She kicked him out. 

While now she made this cute face, she didnt kick them out and isn’t bothered by it anymore. Yet she still has to say something about it. A girl has to keep her dignity.

The love is in the gestures you do. How I said up. Natsu carried her home, took care of her. Its a little gesture, but what could had happen if he wasn’t there to carry her home while she passed out?

He took her home, he took care of her. He watched over her.

Now, that`s Lucy` way of complaining she will never walk down the aisle, she will never be a bride.

Yet, Natsu finds a way, an open door

“ You can walk out” You can walk out with HIM and join him in his job, like she has always done. Look at her face.He just gave her hope. 

THIS IS NATSU`S WAY OF SAYING “ I wanted to  walk side by side with you”. “ You can walk and take a job with us

Furthermore, she is remembering all the memories the two of them had together. She bursts in tears. 

And hugs him

She hugs him. He is the person who gave her everything. Without Natsu, Lucy would have still been the Heartfilia Princess. she should have married someone she didnt like, she wouldnt have achieved one of her dreams and she wouldnt have been in Fairy Tail. 

She is greatful for having him, for giving her everything she wished for and even if she was rich, he gave her what her parents and their money couldnt afford. Friends and family. Fairy Tail was her family, they had always protected her, they had always been there for her.

Yet, Natsu doesn’t know what to do. He doesnt  want to see her crying even if they are tears of joy. He just want to see her happy.

In these panels, I dont know if i can agree with the others or not, that a panel is missing. Seems it is missing something but at the same time not. Did he kiss her? Why is she so shocked? Or..he didnt kiss her, yet she said “ wait” if hereally didnt kiss her, then her “wait” was “ wait, I am not ready”.

But what are the things you did, Natsu? I dont think in this panel, Lucy is talking about her memories, but something he did.now.  He answers “ what does it matter?” I saw lots of movies and series where the boy, after he kissed the girl and she said something similar to what Lucy said he answered “ why does it matter”. So he really might have kissed her and let`s remember Mashima doesnt know how to draw proper kisses. So a panel could be missing up there because Mashima didnt want to ruin that haha 

They will always be togehter. They are going to a 100 years quest which is a lifetime. Natsu and Lucy will be together forever. Always and forever

My conclusion is that, in a subtle way than Gajevy`s or Gruvia, Nalu is canon and we can finally celebrate.

Seventeen as Things I’ve Heard the Kids I Babysit Say

PREFACE: I babysit for a set of twin boys that are six years old. They don’t know English that well so some of these are translated roughly. They have the most nihilistic sense of humor and it’s great and terrifying at the same time.

S.Coups: “I’m gonna name my first kid wardrobe! Then he’ll sound like a transformer!”

Jeonghan: “Kill me so I can be reborn into a into a caterpillar and sleep for a year.”

Joshua: “God loved me so much he had to make a photocopy.”

Jun: *Sprays brother with hose* “I hope that watermelon seed you ate starts growing and I get to have a tree brother.”

Hoshi: *Drops his popsicle and I offered to grab a new one* “Don’t ever get me a new one. Nothing in the world can make me happy.”

Wonwoo: “Someone called me emo today, I don’t know what that means, but I told them that calling someone names doesn’t get them any closer to their parents love.”

Woozi: “He can learn as much Japanese as he wants. Mom will still love me more.”

DK: *I made him put on pants* “I wish I was a girl so I didn’t have to wear these leg prisons!”

The8: *To the other brother* “I wish I absorbed you when we were in mom.” (This is what made me make this post)

Mingyu: “What does ‘abstinence’ mean?”

Seungkwan: “I think I’m the smartest in my class, these bitches think Santa is real.” *We had to have a talk*

Vernon: “I wanted my English name to be ‘dog,’ but my dad said no.”

Dino: *I asked one boy to stop eating the other’s food* “No, I’m going to grow stronger and defeat him.”



“All I want is to feel the water. With my skin, my eyes, my soul… To never doubt what it makes me feel. Believe in myself. Don’t resist the water. Welcome it. We accept one another.” For the lovely @sekigannn, Happy Beleted Birthday Zimah!

Good Girl (M)

Plot: Good girls always had a bad side to them, and some people just brought that out – whether it be a shitty dorm mate or her boyfriend.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, slight angst(?), highschool au!

Warnings: Being blessed by the Jungcock, cheating, oral (giving), praising, implied masturbation

Notes: I hope this smut will make up how slow I’m becoming. I can’t help it because exams. And I can’t believe It hit 140+ followers???? What the heck???? How?? Thank you so much. I feel so great about that. 2,042 Words

Originally posted by jeonify

You were probably one of the most angelic people in your year. You were always kind, got good grades, did your homework – it was a shame you were stuck with a bitch as a roommate. Kim Jenna was always out partying, high-key manipulative, and just got around a lot. 

It was a surprise people actually liked her more than you.

Maybe it was because she was prettier, You pondered sometimes. Maybe it was because she actually talked to everyone, and didn’t just sit alone during lunch. Insecurity was probably the bane of your existence when you were around Jenna, especially since she teased you.

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N’s Birthday Tweet Compilation

RAVI (@AceRavi):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해 생일이 이제 몇분 후면 끝나네 축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래. 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋다.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가기를 바랄게!

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday After a few minutes your birthday will be over, but congrats, and I hope you had a great day. Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so I’ll pray that you can go have a fun time again!

그래도 늦은 와중에 멤버들 중에서 내가 젤 빨리 축하해줬다.역시 형 생각하는건 나밖에 없나봐.

But even though I’m late, I was still the first one of the members to congratulate you. It really seems like I’m the only one thinking about you, hyung.

Ken’s reply:

@AceRavi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

RAVI’s reply:

@jaehwany0406 웃지말고 빨리 축하해줘 지금해도 2등이야

@jaehwany0406 Don’t laugh, hurry and say happy birthday If you do it now, you’ll be 2nd place

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해 생일이 이제 몇분 후면 끝나네 축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래. 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋다.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가자

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday After a few minutes your birthday will be over, but congrats, and I hope you had a great day. Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so let’s go have a fun time again!

RAVI’s reply:

@RedBeans93 2등 축하한다 근데 넌 지나고 축하해줬어

@RedBeans93 Congrats on 2nd place But you said it after his birthday ended  

Ken (@jaehwany0406):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해 생일이 벌써 끝났는데ㅜ ㅜ축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래!! 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋다.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가자

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday Your birthday is already overㅜ ㅜcongrats, and I hope you had a great day!! Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so let’s go have a fun time again!

Hyuk (@HSangHyuk):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해여 생일이 이미 지났지만 늦었지만 축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래요. 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋네요.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가요!

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday Your birthday is already over and it’s late, but congrats, and I hope you had a great day. Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so let’s go have a fun time again!


@AceRavi @jaehwany0406 @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk 한명한명 대답 안한다고 서운해하지 말았으면 좋겠다^^ 너희들에게 공통 1등으로 답멘하고 싶었어~~ㅋㅋ #귀찮은거아님 #차중진담 🐔🙊🐔🐷

@AceRavi @jaehwany0406 @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk I hope you won’t feel it’s unfair if I don’t answer each of you individually^^ I wanted to reply and give you all 1st place at the same time~~ㅋㅋ #It’sNotANuisance #ChaTruth 🐔🙊🐔🐷

T/N: The “ChaTruth” hashtag is from his name combined with a 4 Chinese character word that I think means telling the truth when drunk, but the drunk part is replaced by his name here.


@CHA_NNNNN:  어제 너무 정신이없었어 미안해 생일 축하했었어…. 내가 너무 했다

@CHA_NNNNN:  I was so busy yesterday Sorry Happy belated birthday…. That wasn’t nice of me


@JUNGTW_LEO 2등이야 임마 #괜찮아

@JUNGTW_LEO You’re 2nd place punk #It’sOkay

T/N: Ravi posted at 11:44pm the night before N’s birthday, and the rest of the members posted on N’s birthday. (No one was actually late.)

Haikyuu!! Fiction Recommendation Master Post

I have been meaning to make this post since a while now. Let’s share some love shall we? I recommend these fictions based on my personal judgment. If you see your work up here that’s cause I loved it to the moon and back! I welcome suggestions too! ^-^ 

♥ - ultimate fav

★ - they do the do

(★) - implied sexual activities 

ロ - unfinished 

■ - finished

✿ - multi chapters

KageHina (Kageyama x Hinata) 

Summary:  Kageyama balanced his cheek on his fist, leaning an elbow on the counter and smiling, “Do your parents know where you are, sweetie?”
“I— what?! Why would they— I’m twenty-three!”
Kageyama gasped sarcastically, “Are you! Well, I’ll be! I’m still gonna need to see some ID, though.”
“Amazing.” The boy laughed, “You really know how to sass someone who’s holding a gun to your face, huh?“

Summary: There he was.The redhead clicked the notification and waited impatiently for the page to load.“hello again, sunshine! working on any new pieces lately? i’d love to see your progress if you want to share! hope today was great for you!” Hinata grinned from ear to ear as he typed his reply, “i started a new piece just for you, blueberry! here’s what i’ve got so far! :)”

 Summary: A smutty, drunken one-shot for ‘Anonymous asked a question’ 

Summary:  Hinata pines.

Summary:  Oh. He’d never seen anyone give him that expression before. Not with so much raw sincerity. And for a moment, Kageyama had to look away, swallowing awkwardly, thinking that maybe he had just looked into the sun itself. 

Note: Part of a series. The continuation: Facing the Sun

Summary: It’s too dark to go over the mountain, he’d said. You might get hurt, he’d said. What will we do if you can’t play in the practice match on Monday, he’d said. Kageyama had said a lot of things and in the end, he’d coaxed Hinata into staying the night because yeah, everything was true, and yeah, maybe he would be better off spending the night at Kageyama’s, but then they’re changing for bed and Hinata is in nothing but boxers and a shirt and Kageyama is cupping his jaw in both hands and kissing like he might fall of the face of the earth if he doesn’t and Hinata thinks that maybe, Kageyama had some ulterior motives.

Summary: 'Kageyama doesn’t know why Hinata’s face rubs him the wrong way—it just does. So one day, in an attempt to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes Hinata’s Shouyou’s fucking face so fucking annoying, he begins to catalogue all the things that really tick him off.This proves to be startlingly revelatory.’–A thought-provoking study and critical analysis of Hinata Shouyou’s stupid face, by Kageyama Tobio.

Summary:  Hinata finds that he likes standing close to Kageyama on buses and trains. It doesn’t mean anything–probably. Maybe.

Summary: When Hinata Shouyou is 13 years old, his village is raided by pirates. Most everything Hinata knows is destroyed in the attack, lost to the flames, but he and his sister are pulled from the wreckage by a boy with eyes the color of a storm. Their lives are saved, but irrevocably altered - their home is lost forever, and there is something strange about the pirates, something blurry and shadowed and wrong. A darkness is rising out of the depths of the ocean. The sea itself is stirring, and nothing can stop it when it wakes.

Summary: Cooking is hard. Even if you have your very attractive, very grumpy neighbor there to help you. In which Hinata’s lack of cooking skills are a danger to him and others. Luckily (or not), Kageyama is willing to teach him, for the sake of avoiding any burned down apartments.

Summary:  Once a year, all the villages that follow the way of the sun offer up one of their own to be taken to the sun god’s divine temple. Kageyama Tobio, an orphan and loner, never wanted to be chosen—and until the sun god appeared, no one ever wanted to choose him, either. All Tobio wants is to find a place he fits in. What he actually gets is another story entirely.

Summary: The rainforest expedition is to last a full year—365 days of living under the lush canopy of trees. Danger looms. Adventure awaits. The jungle calls. Hinata Shouyou has never wanted anything more. Or so he thinks, until he meets a curious stranger there, who shows him what it means to be truly needed. AKA Tarzan au

Note: the art for this fic are gorgeous

Summary:  It was the boots that caught his attention. They looked new and expensive sticking up from the tall grass, visible from the small trail Shoyo was walking on. He cautiously trudged closer, almost against his will.
What Shoyo didn’t notice, however, was the creature watching him; blue eyes following the oblivious human like a prey. AKA creature!Kageyama au

Summary: 'This was how Shouyou, prince of the kingdom on the hill, ended up sitting on the wooden floor in front of the fire, roasting all the different kinds of meats in the crackling flames to eat. When he was done, he flopped over backwards, sprawling over the floor. Kageyama was watching him again. Shouyou rolled lazily onto his stomach and rested his head on his arm, smiling at him. “That was good,” he said. The food had been delicious. Watching Kageyama eat had been more so; the way his throat worked to swallow as he drank down the creamy, white milk, his white teeth as they sank into the succulent, tender meat, the little groans and sighs of pleasure he made as he tasted it. It had all made Shouyou so very, very hungry for more.’

Summary:  Life as a scrap hunter isn’t very eventful. Shoyo travels across the massive wasteland of an electronics dump in Area 5C every day, searching for machines, gadgets and batteries to sell. Stood in his yellow overall, one boot on a broken toaster, his voltage-tracker suddenly goes frantic in his hand. It’s detected something. Something big.

KuroTsuki (Kuroo x Tsukishima)

Summary: “I see you like it Between the Sheets.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Your drink. It’s good stuff but I’m more of a Blowjob kinda guy.”

Summary: Kei types up an unapologetic flyer titled: Are You Missing Your Underwear? It explains his cat’s thievery and gives his address. He prints a few out and half-heartedly puts them up on his street and at the local store on his way to university. Basically, Kei’s cat is trying to hook him up with the neighborhood hottie.

Summary:  Kuroo and Tsukki lie in bed together being cute.

Summary:  Kuroo needs to come clean, for once in his life, and Tsukishima should probably just start trying to be a better person. It’s hard, though, when things are just so easy like this.

Summary:  Tsukishima has never held a boy’s hand before. Kuroo is desperate to learn every line in his palm. This relationship, they begin to realize, might not end in pain after all.

Summary:  Getting up in the middle of the night to pee really shouldn’t have been such a huge commitment.

Summary:  Maybe it was destiny that Kuroo Tetsurou was meant to fall in love with Tsukishima Kei despite the fact that he was a ghoul, humanity’s natural enemy and Kei was one-hundred percent human.

IwaOi (Iwaizumi x Oikawa)

Summary: "Iwaizumi-san is definitely a top.” “I’d say Oikawa. He seems to like being in charge.” Matsukawa laughed at this, surveying the club members. “It’s a shame that we’ll never be able to find out who’s right.” Unfortunately, they do find out.

Summary:  He always got strangely sentimental, the closer he got to his heat. Which is precisely why today, he should not have shown up to the practice match. He knew better. Had always done better.

Summary: “You’re so cruel to me,” Oikawa whined down the line, and Iwaizumi snorted at that. “All I try to do is be nice, and here you are, saying all I want to do is talk shit on Ushiwaka! Which, you know, I do, but that’s beside the point. Do you like Ushiwaka, Iwa-chan?” “Of course I don’t, what are you -,” “Because I could just get him to fuck me instead.” (Oikawa had slipped into a bad habit of teasing him like this, and he’d had enough of it. It was time for Iwaizumi to shut Oikawa up, and to shut him up good.)

Summary:  “The skirt seems like a fantastic idea in Oikawa’s head.” Oikawa tries a new method of seduction on Iwaizumi, and it proves effective, though not as he expected it would be.

Summary: Iwaizumi blinked his gaze over to Oikawa, “Last time was supposed to be a one time thing,” he said, voice low, lacking some conviction.Oikawa’s lips twitched into a smirk and he brought them hovering just over Iwaizumi’s, “One time thing, Two time thing, what’s it matter as long as it’s not a Relationship thing?”

Summary:  In which Oikawa is a demon whose job is contracting humans for their souls, and his next victim is Iwaizumi. Somehow, what is supposed to be a quick case turns into a two year long affair – and then some.

Summary: In which Oikawa Tooru is a prince and Iwaizumi Hajime is his knight. “I want…I want…” Oikawa opened his eyes and for once Iwaizumi wished he couldn’t read them so well. ‘You. I want you,’ they said. Iwaizumi couldn’t let Oikawa say it for real, he couldn’t. It would destroy him. So he crashed his lips against Oikawa’s, silencing him, consoling him. “I know,” he whispered once they finally parted. He didn’t need to say that it didn’t matter what Oikawa wanted – what either of them wanted. They both knew already.

Summary: ‘A gift for you.’ Matsukawa’s voice echoed in his mind as he recalled the way his high school friend had slyly passed him a folded shopping bag under the table while they were in the middle of lunch. Matsukawa had insisted he look at it only when he got home, and feeling foolishly happy about the spur of the moment gift, he agreed. He wished, in hindsight, that he had looked instead. And that he had throttled Matsukawa for even thinking it was an appropriate gift.

Summary:  Oikawa might be a jealous person, but even that is nothing compared to the intrinsic possessiveness that all dragons have.

Summary:  for the “the new handyman’s hot so i’m gonna keep breaking stuff” au. Iwaizumi is the Handsome Handyman, and Oikawa is… Oikawa?

Summary:  There were things they always came back to. Some of those things were each other.
Or, Oikawa gets hit by an early heat, Iwaizumi carries him home. Something changes for the both of them.

Summary:  Despite common belief, making sure you don’t have to work a single day in your life is hard work. Luckily, Oikawa has mastered the skill.
But when his new target is the awfully… practical businessman Iwaizumi Hajime, Oikawa’s skills are put to the test, since Iwaizumi refuses to spend money on him. Yet, the two can’t ignore their mutual attraction, but with such different expectations for the relationship, there’s bound to be trouble.

Summary: This shower will be quick, Oikawa decides, reaching up for his luffa. He then goes to reach for his body wash. His eyes widen when he narrows in on the two objects in his hands. The luffa is white, and the body wash brand says Old Spice, something musky and masculine. Oikawa has never owned Old Spice in his entire life, and his luffa is definitely not white, looking like it came from some cheap dollar store.~AU where Oikawa accidentally stumbles into the wrong apartment