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Protect You || Part 4/?

new part!!! its more of like a filler rn, the next chapter gon be actual stuff about the reader in the story and past stuff and learning to trust peter and stuff. but i hope you guys enjoy this one, and the future ones will get better TRUST ME. oh and WRITERS BLOCK IS A BITCH DBJSXANJKNIBEI I CANT ANYMORE

tags : @running-outta-time @munalisax @i-just-wanna-run-hell

words : 1437

warnings : lil make out scene (its nothing really, but its still kinda there)


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“You guys are actually together now,” Ned asked Peter in disbelief, “Like for real?”

The two friends stood by your locker, waiting for your arrival to greet you.

Peter gave a giddy expression to his friend as he squeaked, “Yeah, for real!” His expression turned into one of a dreamy daze, “And she really said she liked me back. She’s not trying to make me feel better. She’s perfect.”

“Who’s perfect.”

You’d made it to your locker to see the two best friends gushing to each other, beginning to unlock your locker.

Ned smiled stupidly and spoke for his friend, “Peter thinks you’re perfect.”

Peter’s eyes widened like a deer in headlights, punching Ned lightly in the arm as your eyebrow raised at the boy,

“Yeah, and he also thinks Star Wars is the perfect movie; so,”

Peter nodded, “Yeah, see,” his eyebrows began to furrow when you slammed your locker closed, moving around the boys, “Hey…, wait!”

You sniggered as you walked away, throwing your head back dramatically, “Don’t worry, I still have somewhat of feelings for you, my love!”

You continued laughing obnoxiously down the halls as Peter rolled his eyes and laughed along lightly, running to catch up with you.

“Listen,” Peter hushed once your laughter had died down, “So, should we tell everyone that we’re together? Or…,”

You have the boy walking beside you a squinting look, “People already know we’re together, Parker.”

Peter’s mouth shaped into an O when he remembered the way things had really started, “Right, right. Got it.”

You hummed, turning into the first class you had with Peter.

“So,” he grabbed your arm, pulling you back lightly to stand with him, “Are you doing anything after school? Maybe you could come over, or something… I mean you don’t have to, but if you want! It’s your choice really, but it would be great! Not that I’m desperate, no. I mean, for you sure, maybe, but I’m not normally a desperate pers-,”

You snorted, cutting off his rant and making him look at you with big doe eyes, “I’ll see, Parker.”

Peter nodded vigorously, “Okay, yeah, you’ll see. For sure. Got it. Completely; got it-,”

“Hush,” you put your finger to his lips, pausing and leaning forward as his eyes widened, pulling back after squinting after a while, “I have to get to class, child.”

You turned on your heel, head up high, and made your way into the class; leaving Peter an embarrassed and nervous mess outside.

You’re legs were placed on both sides of Peter, straddling the boy as your hands cupped his face, your lips moving slowly against his. You felt his hands waver on your waist, unsure of where exactly to place them. You tightened your hold on him with your legs, one hand moving to play with the soft brown hair at the back of his head, your lips breaking apart from each other slightly only to be reconnected moments after multiple times.

As it had turned, you decided not to go over to the Parker residence. Instead, Peter had shown up at your window after patrolling the city to see you, this time in your normal clothing rather than the first time he’d come unexpectedly.

You disconnected your lips from his, moving to press a light kiss on his cheek, working your way down all over his jaw, and soon to his neck. When you’d begin to nip and suck in certain places, making him squirm underneath you, you looked up slightly from the position you were in to catch a glimpse of his face. His cheeks had been flushed, pupils had grown bigger as his eyes widened, and his breathing had increased into light pants.

You moved your lips back up to his mouth, giving him a small peck as your lips grazed each other. You watched from the close proximity as his eyes close and he breathlessly said the words,

“Oh God, I love you.

Peter’s eyes then shot open in alarm at his words. He couldn’t believe he’d actually voiced the feelings he’d had for months now; words he was ready to say, but ones he didn’t think you wanted him to say.

Your eyebrows shot up high, looking somewhat caught off guard before recollecting yourself and scoffing/laughing at the boy as you stood, moving off his lap and the bed, “No, you don’t, Parker.”

Peter’s head that was down in embarrassment shot up at your words, eyebrows furrowing, “Well… yeah, I do, that’s why I said it.”

You shook your head before looking at the seated boy with an unreadable expression, “Okay, whatever you say.”

Peter squinted his eyes in disbelief. He swung his legs over the bed, standing in the jeans and sweater he’d brought to change from his suit, “What do you mean, ‘Whatever you say’? I-I told you I love you. I thought you knew, that’s what you said the other night.”

You gave him somewhat of an angered look, brushing him off with, “Yeah,” you walked around the bed and began to fix it as your voice grew stronger, “But it’s only been, what, 21 hours since we’ve actually been together? Correct me if I’m wrong, Lover Boy.”

Peter felt tears beginning to gather in frustration and hurt as you mocked him for the words he’d spoken moments before. His voice wavered when he’d said, “Listen, I know that maybe you’re not ready to say it, but I am. Why are you telling me that I don’t love you?”

“Because you don’t,” by that point you hadn’t been looking at the brown eyed boy, avoided eye contact as you sucked a breath in, keeping your face hard as you moved back to where he was, beginning to fix that side of the bed, sighing in defeat, “Just leave it, dude. Doesn’t matter anyway.”

Peter felt his heart clench as you continued to shuffle around the room. He stood in place, frozen, going over the words you’d said, ‘Doesn’t matter anyway.’

He felt his heartbreak turn into one of anger, realizing he wasn’t the one in the wrong, he seethed, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

You shot around to face him, your mouth morphing into a mock smile, saying dangerously slowly the words, “What did you say to me?”

Peter felt himself falter for a moment before saying again, “What’s your problem?” He shook his head at you furiously, “I said I love you and you’re telling me it doesn’t matter.”

“Yeah, because it doesn’t,” you exclaimed, “You think you love me! You don’t know me!”

“Then let me get to know you!” Peter took a step forward, face softening, “You shut everyone out; that’s what you always do, and you gotta stop.”

“Yeah, and maybe there’s a reason for that, penis brain.”

Peter grimaced at the nickname, ‘Ouch,’ after he’d thought about it, ‘Could’ve been worse though.’

“Just because you have a hard time loving people,” his hand moved forward to grasp yours, which you surprisingly let him do, “Doesn’t mean you have to stop people from loving you.”

Your face fell at the comment for a moment before recollecting yourself, face angering once again, “Just get out, Peter.”

Peter’s eyes widened, and his hand tightened his hold on yours, “What?”

“I said get out,” you pulled your hand away from his, “And don’t forget your bag and shit.”

He looked at you in disbelief as you calmly told him off, shaking his head, “You can’t be serious. Y/N, I’m trying to be there for you like you are for everybody else!”

You have him a mock grin before saying, “Yeah, well, I don’t need counseling like everybody else, so… you can take the window out.”

Peter shook his head, “No.”





“Yes, Goddamnit, child!

Peter couldn’t help but laugh at the last word spoken, turning his head to the side as he giggled, trying to hide it from you.

Much to his content, he turned back to find you fighting a smile before you said the words, “You really put up a fight, don’t you, Parker?”

“Yeah,” Peter looked at you with something of love and hopefulness, “Can I stay?”

You clicked your tongue, hitting your hands, that were limp to your side, on your thighs, saying reluctantly, “If you dare tell anyone I said anything remotely human to you, people will wonder what the hell happened to their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.”

Peter grinned, rushing forward to tackle you onto the bed into a hug. You landed with an ‘Oof’, “Come on! I just fixed this!”

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Hey! If requests are still open, any headcanons about how Sasuke, Kakashi and Naruto would react if the person they loved but weren't with yet was being hit on by a creepy guy? Like a random guy starts asking the person they're in love with if they want to go out, starts kissing them on their cheeks and neck, and hugs them and insists on getting their number while they're clearly uncomfortable? And starts claiming they're "the most beautiful girl" and won't stop? This just happened to me 😢

Anon, I sincerely hope you’re feeling better now! I don’t know how uncomfortable you must have felt, but I really do hope you’re feeling better. Also, I’m so sorry for the delay. I hope you’ll like this! I also made these into scenarios + headcanon, I hope you wouldn’t mind! More will be under the cut because it’s pretty long and I don’t want to take over your dash.

–– Admin Vann

Uchiha Sasuke:

  • Sasuke would give the guy a small warning, telling him to back away from you. But you know, in the inside, he’s holding back to slam the guy’s face against the rock hard cement a hundred times until he loses all his teeth (Probably one slam would make the man lose all his teeth). So he shows passive aggressiveness only for a short period of time before he actually snaps and gives the man a huge beating he deserves. He’s probably going to tell you he’d walk you home from now on.

Sasuke’s breath was steadied and calm, his expression showed no emotion as he walked his way through the empty villages late in the night. The village was so silent, except, he heard the sudden plea for help from someone in the corner of the restaurant.

Sasuke froze in his tracks, his breathing stopped for a moment once he recognized the voice crying out desperately for help. It was you. He ran to the voice and his eyes showed rage, not towards you but rather, the man pressing you against the wall as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear and kissed you all over the face; tears flowed on your cheeks as you tried fighting, getting away from his disgusting touch but he was too strong. “Get off of [Name],” Sasuke demanded– his voice showing no passiveness towards the man; his eyes showed disgust and rage, “now.”

The man ignored him, he sent a smug smirk as he pressed himself closer to you, “Are you her boyfriend or something?” That’s not the case, Sasuke thought, his brows furrowed at the smirking man before him. Sasuke first decided to give this man a small punishment but that stopped when he saw the man leaning closer to your lips; your eyes widening in pure fear as you struggled to escape from his vice and powerful grip.

Sasuke snapped, he kicked the man down on your feet, you swore you heard the cracks coming from the man and the cement. You stood there, against the wall as your body trembled; tears prickling into the corners of your eyes. “Sasuke… Thank you…”

“I’ll walk you home from now on,” Sasuke said, he noticed you were shivering from both the shock and the temperature outside, his draped his cape over your shoulders and he looked down at you with a gaze so soft, a gaze that was so rare to find from Sasuke. You nodded your head in agreement, the soft breeze brushed against your hair as you pulled his cape closer to you, feeling yourself getting warm in his cape.

“Thank you so much.”

Hatake Kakashi:

  • Kakashi wouldn’t be so passive at this, at all. He’d straight up confront that guy and beat him up into a bloody pulp. He quickly noticed how uncomfortable and scared you were, you felt so vulnerable against the man’s touch and Kakashi was pissed. He wouldn’t let you, or anyone go through this. 

Kakashi was simply reading a book on the benches during the late evening, he has always read on the benches and he felt comfortable sitting onto the wooden seat. A relaxed sigh escaped from his lips, his fingers turning pages as he began to read the lewd book in silence; he let out a few giggles while doing so but he stopped. He heard something odd, it sounded like cries. It wasn’t close to a dog’s cry or a wolf’s howl. But it sounded more human.

His ears perked up at the sound of fearful cries from the forest, within a second he knew it was you. His eyes widened in pure worry, he hurried himself to where you were and Kakashi’s blood boiled in rage, his fists were ready to punch him and his gaze was so hateful toward the man. You looked at him from afar, your eyes teared up and you tried kicking the man in the groin but that only made the man holding onto you even more tighter; a pained cry escaped from your aching throat.

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How You Make Me Feel - AlfieXReader

Oh my god I can’t believe I’m finally back with something new guys. :D And again and again I am so, so sorry for letting you wait so long but my life has gotton so stressful that it was and still sometimes is very hard to find the time for all the writings I wanna do. I hope you can understand that and from now on I’ll try to post some One Shots or maybe even a few longer stories again more often. :))) I also would like to thank you all for staying on my blog and supporting me and asking me stuff or whatever you guys left me in my message box even though I as so unactive! <3<3<3 You are the best followers ever and I’m so glad to have you! <3 I hope you’ll like the little topic changes on my blog (which I will also update now as well ofc) and that you like my new stories as much as my old ones. :* This is by the way my first Peaky Blinders One Shot since I started watching the series and I really hope I did well. :) Now have fun reading this and leave me feedback if you like. More stories will follow from now on again, love you all guys. <3  


Imagine you as Tommy’s right hand fell in love with Alfie and try to bake something for him even though you can’t cook or bake and you end up with Ada teaching you how to do it right.

Frowning you stood in the kitchen of Ada’s house trying to get wiser from the baking instruction you held in your hands.

Now you really regretted rather spending time with the Shelby boys on shootings and other criminal activities instead of learning how to cook or bake something right.

For a young woman at the age of twenty it was a bit embarrassing that you actually knew more about guns and stuff than about working in the kitchen.

People who didn’t know you would think you were the perfect little kitchen princess, since you never looked like as if you could shoot five men alone, but that was also why you were actually Tommy’s right hand, people didn’t expect you to be dangerous.

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The First-Timer (Chapter Three)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Romance / Smut 

Stauts: On-Going

Previous Chapter: https://aplagueuponthesehoes.tumblr.com/post/165135848765/the-first-timer-chapter-two-pt-2

Author’s Note: It’s finally finished! Ugh, this chapter definitely felt like work, but it establishes a few things that will definitely be important later! I hope you guys enjoy it!

     Jongdae is gone before I wake up. The sheets, somehow, still feel cold against my skin as I rise from the mattress and change clothes, folding his shirt and placing it on the bed after remaking it. I didn’t notice it last night, but his apartment–or, penthouse, rather–is incredibly quiet. He isn’t too loud himself, either, as he was able to leave without my having heard him. In fact, as I stand in the middle of this grandiose spare bedroom, amidst an unbearable silence, it becomes glaringly apparent that I very well could have made a terrible mistake.

     My cell phone, though running low on battery life, displays a screen filled not only with alarm reminders but text messages from my roommate, Lauren.

     You coming home? Received: 11:15pm

     Hey, are you okay? Received: 12:27am

     Fucking answer me! Received: 1:03am

      _______, I’m gonna call the fucking cops if you aren’t home by morning. Received: 3:57am


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temporary hiatus

hey guys, i know you probably weren’t expecting this. I just really need a break from everything. My mental health has only gotten worse since I started my simblr. I’m always getting anxiety over if my posts are good enough, ect. I think it would be best for me to take a break. If, I’m being honest, I don’t even find joy in playing the sims anymore. I don’t really find joy in anything. So that’s why aI’m taking a break. I don’t know for how long. Maybe only a few days for me to recoup, maybe a week, or maybe a few weeks. I might still be lurking looking at things, and I might post some update posts if I’m feeling up to it. I love you guys and I’m sorry. I hope you’ll stick around. I still have like 2 posts in my que so expect those sometime tonight. 

Dadzawa/Student!Reader- Savior pt 4

I feel like this a cute, but overall shitty chapter??? Feedback and critiques would be much appreciated for this one guys! Still, I hope you enjoy!

Also no dance happens in canon, but I decided to do one because of this photo! I thought they all looked so good, and I really enjoy the thought of a school dance.

Aizawa entered his classroom, sighing at the rowdiness of his students. As much as they were good, they were incredibly..incredibly..loud; save for a select few of course. “Ok, ok, quiet down. We have business to attend to. You all have to think about where you’re heading for your internships, and even if might be a while, you do have your finals coming up, so don’t wait until the last minute to study–” His speech was interrupted by the sound of the door sliding open.

The entirety of class 1-A turned and looked at the door, where you stood, staring back at them. You stood there for a moment, starting to feel a bit awkward. “Uh…Hey, guys.” You greeted, waving and smiling slightly.

They all laughed happily and stood up. “Y/N!” They shouted, all running towards you. Before you knew it, everyone had surrounded you. This made your heart swell up in happiness, a warm feeling spreading through every inch of your being. You missed them..God, did you miss them,and now you knew just how much they had missed you too. You squeaked a bit as you were suddenly lifted up in the air into a big bear hug by no one other than Kirishima.

“Y/N! Dude, we all missed you so much! We were so worried you’d never get back to class!” He said, nearly crying. “We’re so relieved you’re ok!” He said. You laughed and hugged him back, grinning as he put you down.

“Please, Kirishima, as if I’d leave you guys here all by yourselves. You’d be miserable without me.” You teased, nudging him a bit. He laughed a bit, patting your back.

“Yeah we would!” Denki said, throwing his arm over your shoulder. “Although, the thought of you not returning to us would be quite…” He started, raising his hand and emitting sparks. “..Shocking.” He said, grinning at his own pun.

“Oh Denki!” You laughed. “I so did not miss any of your godawful puns.” You said, gently pushing his arm off your shoulder.

“Hey, at least you got a break from them.” Jirou said, smiling slightly. “Unfortunately, we had no such luck.” She sighed, crossing her arms. “Somehow, I think he was a bigger idiot then then when he short circuits.” She chuckled. You laughed at Jirou’s joke, humming happily as you both hugged. As everyone greeted and hugged you, you realized there was one person who hadn’t. You looked over at Bakugo, who just glared at you.

“You are the biggest fucking idiot on the planet. You realize that, right Y/N?” He asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets. You simply smiled and shook your head. “I’ve missed you, Bakugo.” You grinned. “Oh fuck off!” He said, his cheeks glowing a slight red from embarrassment. “As if I’d miss your sorry ass!” He shouted at you. You just laughed, feeling yourself become the happiest you’ve been in a while. You really did miss your friends.

“Um, excuse me?! Did everyone forget I exist?!” Sidonie frowned, floating above you. “Ugh, you’re gone for a few weeks and suddenly it’s like you’re a ghost– oh wait.” Your spirit friend frowned.

As the day passed, and you caught up with your friends, you packed up your things to leave. The whole day, you had talked to every person in your class. Every person, that is, except for Aizawa. After you had accidentally called him ‘dad’, you did everything in your power to avoid him. You had been lucky this entire day.

Your luck had to run out sooner or later right?

“Y/N.” Aizawa called. You flinched and looked down the hall, seeing him standing there. “O-Oh, hi, Mr. Aizawa.” You greeted. He walked towards you, and you wanted to do nothing more than run far, far away. “I’m surprised to see you back. I didn’t expect you to arrive until next week.” He told you. He had the same bored expression on his face, and his monotone voice made you angry. You never knew just what he was thinking.

You cleared your throat before answering. “I..I was gonna come next week as planned, but I felt ready enough to come today.” You answered him. He gave no expression. “If that’s how you feel, then that’s how you feel. You know yourself better than anyone, so only you get to make that decision.” He told you. You sighed inwardly, deciding to discuss the elephant in the room. Better to do it now than let it get any more awkward.

“Listen, Sensei, about that who ‘dad’ incident–”
“Don’t worry about it.” He interrupted. “I don’t care either way. You grew up without parents, so it’s only natural you’d develop some sort of parental care about someone. Besides, you need someone to mentor you. As far as I know, I’m the only one who’s tried to.” He explained. “Feel free to call me whatever you want. I don’t care.” He said, turning to leave.

“I’m calling him ‘daddy’” Sidonie grinned, making you frown. “Shut up, Sid.” You whispered to them. You turned back to Aizawa. “It was a mistake, I swear! It won’t happen again..Sensei..”

Aizawa gave you one final look before shrugging. “Suit yourself.”

“You called him dad?” Hitoshi asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It was an accident!” You said, frowning. You were currently in your living room with your best friend, Hitoshi Shinsou. “I mean it was the heat of the moment, he bought me free food– in my defense he was very fatherly!”

“Then why does it matter?” He asked you, leaning back on the couch and looking over the scattered mess of homework on the coffee table. “You said that he told you it didn’t matter and to not worry about it. So, problem solved.” He shrugged.

“Problem not solved. Problem ten times bigger.” You frowned, sitting on your knees. “When a person says ‘Don’t worry about it’ They don’t really mean it! They just say that to make you shut up about the problem, it doesn’t actually get resolved, then things just become more and more awkward until you have to change names and move to another country!” You cried.

“..You are being way too over dramatic.” Shinsou muttered. “Listen, this is Aizawa we’re talking about. He doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean. If he says that it doesn’t matter, and that you don’t have to worry about it, then it doesn’t matter, and you don’t have to worry about it.” He told you.

You sighed and slinked back, your back hitting the couch. “Yeah..Yeah you’re right. This is fine, this is completely fine. Man, where would I be without you, Toshi?” You grinned.

“Probably drowning in your own tears.” He replied. “Hey by the way, is anyone taking you to the school dance?”

“She called you dad?!” Present Mic laughed loudly, slapping his knee. “Oh man, that is rich!” He wheezed.

“Shut up, Hizashi.”Aizawa muttered. “This is serious. A student needs to know that if they need such a figure in their life, then we can be that figure.” He replied. “Y/N needs a father figure.” He replied.

“Well maybe–” Present Mic started, only to be cut off by Aizawa.

“Not you. Definitely not you. One of you is enough.” Aizawa stated, sighing. “I guess it’s just weird for me to have a student think so highly of me.” He murmured. “I just..want to live up to their expectations. They need it.”

“Shouta.” Hizashi started, smiling slightly. “You’re a good guy, and under all that scruff and tiredness, you genuinely care for people. You’ll do fine. Now come on, we have a dance to prepare.”

Hey guys...

I’m really sorry I’ve been inactive the past few days everyone but I’m likely going to actually go on hiatus for a bit with this blog. I’m having some trouble with enthusiasm to write as Darkiplier which I want everyone to understand is not because of you guys but just because I’m not fully immersed in the role at the moment. Personally, I’ve spent the last two days making OC’s and learning to fill roles that are different to Darkiplier, I really hope everyone is okay but until further notice, I’m going to be out sorry. Still, I love you all and I will try to be back as soon as possible, thank you so much for understanding. :)

oh man thanks you guys for all the asks! It’s a little overwhelming, and it might take me a bit to finish them all (especially w/ all the homework I have this weekend) but still I’m really glad I have so many! And I hope you all like the content I’ll put out. And thank you so much to @vldandyou for telling people about my blog ^_^

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Are you still doing weird confessions? Because my weird confession is that I can't watch fireworks without crying because it reminds me of when I got stood up by this guy I liked who promised me he'd spend New Year's Eve with me

Aw I’m so sorry :( Maybe one day they will represent another special occasion and things will actually work out! I hope so anyway :D


Originally, this was gonna be a regular sixteen page comic but it would’ve been this setup played out over and over again. Him getting on the news and coming up with whatever inflammatory thing that could be thought of. Instead of that it’s just five pages. Hope you like it.

I really like these characters, Zulu and the goblins are for wholesome family fun and these guys are for when I wanna be super edgy. Yeah, I’m a rebel man, bucking up the system and sticking it to the powers that be. Can ya dig it homie?

Also, since you’re still reading this, my birthday is this Sunday! 24! I’ll be 24 I mean.

I just realized i never posted the finished version of this!! I hope you guys still like dream daddy👽👉👆👉👆👉👆👉 

I saw this meme on Twitter that said “okay ladies now let’s gentrification” and y’all…it stuck with  me hard.  I’m trash, yes, but I really be entertaining myself.

*sing with me!*

Y'all Negroes corny with all that anti-protest mess
Get some sheetcake, yell into it if you feel stressed
This statue drama ain’t important, let’s do what’s best
These guys aren’t racist, they’re just proud of their heritage

My daddy drives a tractor, Mamma can’t stand those rappers,
You mix that pumpkin with that spice and get some All Lives Matter

I don’t like spicy just give me some avocados
A venti skim latte with double shots espresso
Earned all this money but to sing on key is far beyond me
I got mayonnaise in my bag, swag

I see it, I want it
Forreal tho, I want it
You dreamed it, I stole it, appropriate til I own it
My single sounds like Peaches, but y'all still hope it reaches
The top spot, to cockblock that Bieber snot from achievin

Got my pussyhat (pussyhat), safety pin (safety pin),
Marching ‘cause (marching 'cause), Hill ain’t win (Hill ain’t win)

And I’m stale (stale), I’m stale (well), I’m stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell)
Big Fail (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell)
We so stale (stale), so stale (oh hell), we stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell)
I’m stale (oh hell), oh hell (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell), Oh hell, oh hell, oh hell, oh hell

Okay Harlem, here’s some gentrification, cause I’m stale
Okay Oakland, here’s some gentrification, cause I’m stale
Woodridge DC here go some gentrification, cause I’m stale
Raise rents cause of gentrification

When the fuck is decent we go get some Panera
When I almost came it’s cool, he tried, he’ll get better
If he make me come, just once, I'ma call a win for that session
Hasn’t happened yet, but I pray one day, it’ll get better

You gon hear my song played on the radio station
You gon wanna die cause it’ll be on rotation
My song is whack but y'all don’t care cause I’m Taylor
You’re gonna buy my album just cause I’m Taylor

I see it, I want it
Forreal tho, I want it
You dreamed it, I stole it, appropriate til I own it
My single sounds like Peaches, but y'all still hope it reaches
The top spot, to cockblock that Bieber snot from achievin

Got my pussyhat (pussyhat), safety pin (safety pin),
Marching 'cause (marching 'cause), Hill ain’t win (Hill ain’t win)

And I’m stale (stale), I’m stale (well), I’m stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell)
Big Fail (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell)
We so stale (stale), so stale (oh hell), we stale (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell)
I’m stale (oh hell), oh hell (oh hell), I’m stale (oh hell), Oh hell, oh hell, oh hell, oh hell

Okay Harlem, here’s some gentrification, cause I’m stale
Okay Oakland, here’s some gentrification, cause I’m stale
Woodridge DC here go some gentrification, cause I’m stale
Raise rents cause of gentrification

Okay Harlem, here’s some gentrification, I’m stale
Okay Oakland, here’s some gentrification
You know you so whack when you cause all these scornful memes
The whackest pop star music has ever seen

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IT IS OFFICIALLY MY SEMESTER BREAK!!!!!! ajfhdajkhfdajh this is the best prompt EVER let me have this self-indulgent headcanon

  • the foxes, because they like a.) challenges and b.) making money out of these challenges, get the idea to play Andreil Trope Bingo
  • nicky starts it, purely out of boredom, as well as out of the desire to spite kevin for being too exy-focused even if the season’s over
  • he creates a card with things like “andrew buying food for neil” “neil smiling behind andrew’s back” “one talking about the other when the other is not there” “andrew hurting someone for neil” “rooftop date” “andreil going late to practice together”
  • after the whole team making edits to the bingo card, a copy is given to everyone
  • word gets around, but as andrew and neil are two of the most oblivious people in the world, they don’t catch wind of it
  • eventually, everybody (including wymack and bee) gets in on it, because the pot rises to be two grand (can you guys believe? two fucking grand for a couple’s trope bingo)
  • they make it a race of sorts - as andrew and neil aren’t normally affectionate in public (neil being the more touchy of the two, but still severely lacking in comparison to the stereotype of Normal Couples), they all have to be there at certain times of the day
  • dan clearly established the “no fishing rule” at the start but some of them can’t help themselves - they’re just really lucky sometimes
  • renee is the first to check “andrew wearing one of neil’s shirts” after she notices at their weekly sparring session
  • aaron (unluckily enough) gets the first shot at “andreil making out by the lockers” after his shift to tidy up the court
  • nicky is first witness at “one being lowkey possessive over the other” when he catches a glimpse of andrew frowning down someone at the bar for checking out neil
  • at the end of it all, they’re all left with one box blank
  • “andrew calling neil cute”
  • and everybody is just ??????
  • because andrew would never do that. not in a million years
  • only neil seems like the type to do so - but even neil hasn’t said anything of the sort
  • everybody’s panicking because they’re all so close yet so far away
  • fast forward; it’s been a little over a month since everyone’s only got that last box blank, and they’ve all been fishing
  • matt has asked, on multiple occasions, what andrew thought of neil when he smiled
  • allison has pointed out how good neil looked when she gave him her last haircut
  • bee even got ahold of neil’s baby pictures and showed them to andrew on a visit of his
  • wymack, at some point, tried asking if “cute” was really the specific word they all needed to hear (”What if he says ‘adorable’? You know Minyard gets all wordy at some point.”)
  • they all flail around for another week until the foxes’ weekly movie night
  • it happens on a thursday at neil and andrew’s room, because it was their turn
  • everyone is seated around the television, either on armchairs, the sofa, or on beanbags
  • neil coughs and pounds his chest
  • andrew gets up from the sofa so fast and gets neil a glass of water
  • upon getting the glass, neil goes “Ah.That was just a test. Thanks for putting in the effort.”
  • neil is smirking and all, thinking he’s so clever, the cheeky bastard
  • and no one is prepared for andrew’s “Mmm. That’s cute. Move over.”
  • everybody is suddenly scrambling for their cards in their pockets
  • nicky is like “Shit shit shit shit shit shit–”
  • kevin frustratingly goes “Where the fuck is my pen–”
  • bee is like “That’s unfair, I didn’t bring my card!”
  • it’s dan-the-legend-wilds that gets to cross out the box first and she yells (half-drunkenly) “BingobingobingobingoBINGO MOTHERFUCKERS!!”
  • matt’s like “Babe we’re going halfsies on that right–” while allison yells “THAT”S GOING INTO OUR NAIL POLISH FUND!”
  • wymack is in the moment and is like “Dan, you’re sharing with me, or you’re out of the fucking team.”
  • renee is groaning and shaking her head while aaron is just shrugging and texting katelyn he lost
  • in the midst of the chaos and debating-who-got-it-first is andrew and neil, clueless as fuck, staring at them all and at one another
  • neil is blinking in confusion while andrew is stony-faced
  • they go out of the room and leave the madness that is the foxes coming up with another bet and searching for money in their wallets

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