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Sine, Sine! I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have any good tips for writing 616 Tony! I just love your characterization so much :)

Oh, boy, an opportunity to talk about my fave! I was actually sitting here thinking, gosh, I hope someone asks me to write meta about my favorite characters sometime soon! And then you did, so thank you, anon! (And thank you, I’m glad you like my characterization.)

Uh. This got long.

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Love to Hate You (part 6)

Words: 2.8k

Summary: Lucifer is back and offered a deal.

Warnings: Super cheesy fluff. Lots of angst and feels.

A/N: Sorry this took so long to get out. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, just send me and ask or DM.


“Luci?” Your own voice betrayed you as it wavered. You had wanted to seem indifferent or even unhappy to see him; but he could sense you felt differently.

“I know, Sweetheart. I missed you too.” His wide smile and saccharine tone set you on edge immediately. You knew he was off his leash now that Chuck had skipped town again.

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Hi! uhhhh idk if you're still accepting prompts but I'd figure I'd send one your way because I LOVE your writing and the way you write character interactions is spot on! Uhhh anyways! #23 or #25 for Gency!

Well since i already covered 25 in this ask I’ll do 23! Also thank you! I’m glad you like them!

23. Pining

Note: This one takes place Pre-Fall of Overwatch

“I don’t know what to tell you, Doc,” said Jack, folding his arms and looking out the window of his office, “With the completion of the Orochi assignment, Genji’s contract with Overwatch is completed. He’s free, so to speak.”

“Well yes, I understand that, but he wouldn’t just leave,” said Mercy, running a hand through her hair, “Security didn’t pick up anything unusual last night?”

“Nothing,” said Jack with a shrug.

“But there was the post-mission diagnostics–the follow-ups—Possible de-weaponization procedures to discuss—” Mercy was thumbing through an armful of files she was holding.

“Formalities mostly, more suggested than required,” said Jack, turning on his heel away from the window towards her, “You were never cleared for discussing those de-weaponization procedures.”

“Well–he wouldn’t be a part of Overwatch anyway….so would it really matter?” said Mercy.

“It’s best if he’s ready if Overwatch has need of his skills again.”

“But you don’t even know where he is!” snapped Mercy.

“Well yeah, but that’s mine and Gabe’s concern, not yours,” said Jack.

Her mouth tightened and she dropped her armful of manila folders onto Jack’s desk with an unusual amount of fury, “You let Torbjörn craft that–that awful rifle with my technology but you won’t even let me help him!?”

“All due respect Doc, but I think he’s the one not letting you help him,” said Jack, calmly gathering her files back up into a neat stack.

Mercy blanched and her brow crinkled and let out a short, sharp exhale. Jack looked up from the files as Mercy turned on her heel and walked briskly toward the door.

“Doc–your files–Doc?” Jack spoke after her but she shut the door behind her a bit harder than usual and he was left standing dumbly with a pile of her folders on the desk.

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Return To Me.

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Authors Note: As always thank you all so much for all the support, it means more than I can ever say so I shall post this chapter early for you guys. This is a beast of a chapter at over 7,000 words! But hopefully it has some of the answers you’re all looking for. As always this story is painful but I hope you do enjoy…

Chapter 10: The Past Truth.

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Break Part Three

Lance Tucker

Break Part Three

Warnings: sex, unprotected sex, oral, swearing, dry humping

Tags:  @littlevelvethearts@hoepalace@anitavalija@jesslovesfandom@dokuroskull23@angelsdeadromance@potterhead7656@breakingsupernaturlbad101@sebastian-stans-thighs@buckysteetime@sexyvixen7​​ @thatbandchick39@insickopedia@carabarnes13@petals-overdaisies@canadiancoven​ @laurenxyz @hoopluh@cassandralallorona@spiritassassins@kinqshley@lol-you-thought@6ftunderdoublechins​ 

Part One

Part Two

Part Four

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You Idiots

* Hamilsquad X reader
* 172: I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it - more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was
* Modern

A/N: I loved this prompt but couldn’t work it well into a pairing so this is just the reader and the squad all being buddies. And thanks to @do-i-look-ok for liking stuff and inspiring me to actually write and finish this.

When deciding on a place to live it seemed smart to split the rent on a large home with your friends. Your parents were appalled you wanted to live with four men and tried to talk you out of it. In the end they ask to meet the guys and relented. You just wish you thought about their wild tendencies.

More often then not one person said or suggested something that ended badly. And more often then not you joined in too. Thinking back, most of these things were stupid ideas or plans, usually suggested by Alexander or John. Like tonight.

“Why isn’t it a good idea?” John questioned.

“Because John, knowing us, a few drinks will spiral out of control. Someone will get hurt or something will get broken, and need I remind you we’re renting this place?” You argued back.

“Y/N, I know we’re renting. I haven’t ruined anything. Except that one time, are you ever gonna let that one time down?”

“John, you almost burned down the kitchen!”

“Yeah almost, but I didn’t.” He responded smirking.

“No drinks John.” You said sternly.

“That might be a bit difficult…” He said quietly.

“Please tell me you’re not already drunk.” You really hoped he was still sober.

“He’s sober as a stone.” Alexander spoke up from his spot on the couch, where he and Lafayette were racing in Mario Kart. “But he texted Herc and told him to pick up drinks on the way home.”

Just then Hercules walked in with the drinks. “Got what you asked for John.” He said holding it up. You just groaned. You could not believe these boys.

Like usual, against your better judgement, you joined the boys in drinking. And now you had a horrible hangover. The light coming in through the window was tourture. You looked to your bedside table to check the time. Instead you saw a glass of water, some medicine for you headache and a note. All it said was “sorry, it was a dumb idea. -John” You chuckled and down the medicine and water.

You needed to find a way to keep those boys under control. While scrolling through Pintrest you found your solution. You needed some paper, a marker, tape, and a jar.

Later that evening, when all the boys were in the living room you displayed your creation.

“What the hell is that?” John asked.

You pointed to the paper you taped to the side. “This clearly says idiot jar.” you said.

“I think what he means is what the enfer if an idiot jar?” Lafayette asked. He had a tendency to curse in French, as it was apparently more proper.

“ I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it - more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was.” you told them.

“Seriously?” Alexander asked. “And who decides the level of stupidity?” He asked.

“I guess the whole gang can.” You shrugged. You hadn’t thought of specifics yet.

“Well I vote Y/N puts a dollar in as this whole idea is stupid.” John voiced.

“John, you should have to put in a dollar just for that statement.” Hercules said.

“Yeah it’s kind of contradicting.” Alexander agreed.

“Guys listen, let’s just try this ok?” You pleaded.

“Fine.” They all said in unison. So you put it on the coffee table. And you all lost a dollar to the jar that night.

You could happily say the idiot jar was helping. That doesn’t mean the boys were less wild but they thought through things more then that usually did. Even so, the jar was quickly filling. You had discussed what to do when the jar was full but you haven’t decided yet, but you needed to.

You walked into the living room to try and figure out how much money was in it. But the jar was gone. Either this was an honest mistake or one of the guys really didn’t like giving up their cash. You decided to ask Lafayette if he knew who took the jar. Only he wasn’t in his room. Ok…maybe Hercules knew. No sign of him either.

This was strange. It was Saturday so none of the boys were working and you guys usually hung out all together. Even Alexander wasn’t in his room writing like he usually was on Saturday mornings. That left John’s room.

Again the room was empty. Among the mess on the floor, however, was the jar. And it was empty. Did they seriously take all the cash from it? You heard the front door open. Oh they were so in trouble. You grabbed the jar and walked out to meet them.

They all froze when they saw you there. You were holding the jar up and giving them what Hercules had dubbed your ‘mom glare.’ “You found the jar then.” John said.

“Yeah I did. In your room. And it’s empty.” You said.

“Mon amie. Please calm down.” Lafayette said.

“Yeah we still have the money.” Alexander said.

“Then where is it? We still haven’t decided what we were using it for.” You argued.

“Right here.” Hercules said. He took a few bills out of his pockets. You looked and noticed they were bigger bills. “We took it to the bank to get it put into more normal amounts.”

“We were thinking when the jar filled up we could take the cash in, get normal bills, and then one person gets to decide what to do with it.” John said. “We’d take turns and since you started this jar thing you get to go first.”

You considered this and nodded. “Alright I think that’s fair.” You grabbed your purse and the cash and walked out. “See you guys soon.” And shut the door. The boys stared after you.

“Huh. I didn’t think she’d take the money and run.” John said.

“Here we were thinking she’d spend it on something we could do that wasn’t wild or stupid like we usually plan.” Alexander said dropping to the couch.

“We did fail to mention we took the money.” Lafayette voiced. “Peut-être (perhaps) this is, how you say, payback.”

“Told ya we should’ve said something.” Hercules said.

You hoped the boys weren’t too mad. You just wished they’d told you about taking the money, plus you wanted to surprise them.

You had gone to Walmart and picked up some movies all of you had talked about seeing. Including a new horror movie as the boys claimed they wanted to see how you reacted to it, even though you knew you’d hate it. Next you got some chips, a six pack (just enough for everyone to fairly have one, you decided) and some pizza.

You got back home and found no one in the living room. Wanting to surprise them as much as possible you stopped by their rooms and listened. You could hear some noise from each one confirming they were all home. Perfect.

You quietly went to the kitchen to make the pizza. Sure it was frozen pizza, but pizza is pizza. You put the pizza on the coffee table along with the drinks. You set up the movie and skipped through all the adds to the title screen. Then it was matter of getting the boys together. You had an idea. You went opened the door and slammed it as loud as you could.

That worked. The effect was actually a bit surprising. You heard noise from each room and all the doors opened. The boys came running in, already apologizing. They all froze for the second time that day. You laughed at their expressions.

“Sorry for acting mad you guys. In fact I was a little, but not that much. I wanted to surprise you guys. So I grabbed some movies, food, and drinks. This way we could stay in and watch some movies.” You said.

“We thought you took the cash and just decided to say ‘screw you’ and do something alone.” Alexander admitted.

“A foolish thought clearly.” Lafayette said.

“Thanks Y/N. You had every right to do whatever you wanted with the cash.” Hercules.

“What are we standing here for?” John said. “Let’s get this party started!” He ran over and jumped in the couch. “Y/N sits by me!” He said. You laughed but took the spot next to him anyway. Alexander sat on the other side, Hercules sat in the recline chair and Lafayette sat on the floor. You started the movie and grabbed a slice of pizza and Alexander opened your drink for you. “Hey thanks Y/N.” John said suddenly. “We should’ve told you, thanks for planning this for us.”

“Of course. But you know what?” You questioned.

“What?” Hercules asked.

“You should all put a dollar in the jar.” They all looked at you surprised. “You’re all idiots for thinking I could ever be mad at you.”

BTS Teacher!Au- Jimin (part 1)

Part 2

You ran around the court, already on your third lap, while some of your fellow classmates were barely on their second one. You liked sports, you liked exercising, it made you feel free, and liberated. You felt a little more comfortable with yourself after you had let some energy out.

But most of all, you had to admit you liked your gym teacher. Mr. Park was stupidly and ridiculously handsome. Someone with that face and body should be illegal, it was tempting beyond measure. You were usually a good girl, you respected your teachers, you did your homework, you were always on time, but Mr. Park made you have very naughty thoughts. You couldn’t help yourself, when you saw him run at the head of the group, with those loose-fitting sweatpants that barely held onto his hips, and showed off his precious butt, and that sweaty muscle tee that clung onto his body showing off all his bumps and creases. What was a girl to do?

You often got distracted by him during class, watching every part of his body, but what entranced you most, was his eye-smile. You loved the way his eyes became all small when he smiled, almost invisible. It made your heart flutter more than any compliment ever had done.

You felt kind of stupid in all fairness, multiple hot guys from your class, and many other classes had asked you out on dates, and dances, and the lot, but you had rejected all of them, because of a stupid crush you had on a teacher. You knew it was impossible, but you knew that neither of them could compete with Mr. Park.

You tried your hardest to keep up with the man as he ran ahead of you with unnerving ease, he didn’t even seem to be struggling, and he was running faster than everyone else, he had actually overlapped a few people, but you were hot on his trail. You felt your tank top stick to you, and you had to fight the urge to rip it off.

You ran straight on ahead, not noticing your classmates around you. You took your gym classes seriously, you didn’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of your teacher, but your other classmates didn’t think the same way you did, and took the opportunity to mess around. That’s why you should have expected it when two of the guys began play-fighting while they ran, bumping into you, and knocking you over, falling on top of you.

You felt an excruciating amount of pain rippling up your leg. You let out a scream, as the two guys stumbled off you. Your hands darted towards your now swelling ankle. Your nose crinkled at the sight of it in a slightly unnatural position.

“Oh my God! Y/N are you okay?” You heard Mr. Park yell at you, running towards you at full speed. You almost blushed at the proximity when he knelt down beside you. He inspected your leg, before yelling at the rest of the class to continue running while he took you to the infirmary.

Before you could even reply, you felt his arms pick you up bridal style, so effortlessly anyone would have thought you didn’t weigh anything at all. You blushed furiously as your face stuck to his sweaty chest. You suddenly felt a little self-conscious. You hoped you didn’t smell too bad from running.

He jogged towards the infirmary, constantly reassuring you that it would all be okay, that it was probably just a sprain, and that you didn’t have to worry. His brow was creased with worry, and you couldn’t help but think how adorable he looked. You were flattered, he seemed so worried about you, it made you believe he cared, even if it was just a little bit.

He opened the door to the infirmary with one of his hands while he supported your body with the other, surprisingly well. He looked inside, and sighed heavily when he realized there was no one there.

“Typical” He mumbled, as he made his way towards the bed-thing, placing you on top of it carefully, before sitting down on the stool beside it. He automatically grabbed your hand, his thumb rubbing against the back of it in a soothing manner.

“It will all be okay Y/N. Don’t worry. Does it hurt?” He asked you, his eyes telling you everything you needed to know. You groaned, before turning to him.

“Why do you care so much Mr. Park? I’m sorry if I sound rude, but you seem very upset over this.” You asked him, looking him dead in the eyes. You noticed him blushing, as he let go of your hand quickly and brought it onto his lap.

“You’re just a good student, that’s all. It would be a shame to lose you in the lessons. You are probably the only one that listens. Yeah. That’s it. That’s why.” He stumbled over his words, quickly coming up with what you could tell was obviously a poor excuse for his behavior. You didn’t know if it was the unbearable pain, or the fact that you were finally alone with the man of your dreams, but you felt yourself becoming more bold than ever.

“Oh? Really? Shame… I thought it was because you liked me.” You chuckled looking at him, giving him a sneaky smirk. His eyes opened wide at your statement.

“L-Like you?” He asked, his eyes checking to see that you really were alone in the room. You could tell he was becoming nervous.

“Yeah. It would be nice if you liked me, since, well, I like you” You told him with a shy smile, placing your palm on your cheek, trying to hide the blush that was beginning to creep up on it. He smiled shyly, before leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss on your cheek.

“That’s all I get for my confession?” You asked him teasingly, poking his chest. He let out his beautiful laugh, the one that made his teeth visible, and his eyes go all small, the one that had you falling for him all over again. He leaned over again, and gently brushed his lips against yours, his hand finding its way to the back of your head, bringing you closer to him. His lips ravished yours, his tongue sliding along your bottom lip, begging for entrance, which you gladly granted.  His tongue explored every inch of your mouth, and you relished in his taste, finally feeling your dreams becoming true. The butterflies in your stomach were going wild.

He pulled away for air, and looked straight into your eyes, which had full blown pupils in them. You grinned at him, wondering if this was all a wonderful dream, but it wasn’t, the throbbing pain in your ankle gave it all away.

“Will you… go out with me this weekend?” he shyly asked, rubbing the back of his neck. You let out a laugh.

“Are you asking me out on a date Mr. Park?” You asked him teasingly, poking his firm chest once again.

“Call me Jimin please, and yes, I guess I am” he told you with a shy smile and a small shrug. You smiled at him.

“Then Jimin, I guess I should give you my number” You told him with a smile, but you were quickly interrupted by the school nurse opening the door noisily, rushing towards you to check your ankle, and make sure it wasn’t something you needed to go to the hospital for. Jimin gave you a cheeky smile behind her back, making your heart flutter.

New Dawn - Chapter One

Pairing: Ivar x OC

Words: 3.776

Warnings: slavery; bad language; blood; fight; magic;

Notes: So, guys, now I will post this one one chapter at time. This is the biggest fanfiction I wrote until now and I hope you enjoy it. Also, I am still learning greek, any mistakes, please forgive me!


She stood frozen in the moment they stepped in the docks, like a marble statue, cold by the icy weather. Her wrists were throbbing because of the thick ropes that tied her up to the main beam of the boat. The sight of the village was terrifying to a young heart used to the copious sun from her lands in the south.

“A slave, nothing but a miserable slave!” she thought to herself closing her hands in fists, angry mad for have been betrayed by her own flesh and blood.

She frown in a deep look, shirring her lips like an animal ready to bite and rip apart anything that appears ahead. The other girls close to her started to tremble in fear for her breath was like of a beast just waiting for the right moment to attack.

“What is this?” asked one of the men noticing the state of fury that the young lady was on.

“May the gods deem me capable of massacring any man who finds himself entitled to subjugate me!” she said in greek, her mother tongue.

The other slaves began to scream in the moment they saw her eyes turn into solid black.

“Isa, stop!” the nearest girl said almost in a whisper with tears in her eyes.

“I will fight for my freedom and I will die if I must to!” she said through her teeth like a growl.

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Nothing Like The Rain

Summary: “And I know that I’m drunk but I’ll say the words and she’ll listen this time even though they’re slurred so I, dialed her number and confessed to her I’m still in love but all I heard was nothing”

A/N: I haven’t written in forever! But I’m back and here’s this! Pretty angsty if I’m honest, but I hope you guys like it. Contains frequent flashbacks which are marked with italics. You know the drill, if you want a part two pls request. Thanks dolls:)

Approx. 3.4k words


The burning liquid went down his throat easier than it ever had before, the frosted glass icy to his fingers but he couldn’t feel a thing. The numbness had long since taken over and the alcohol helped blur his memories of days he wished more than anything he could go back to. But those days were over now and he had no one to blame but himself. He had wanted the fame so bad; the fame and everything that came with it in all of its bright and shining glory. But if he had known what he would be losing, if he had known what the emptiness would feel like without the one person in the world who could turn his dark days into a summer’s dream then he would have turned his back on all of it.

“Another one.” He waved his empty glass at the bartender, but his bloodshot eyes and his slurred speech gave him away.

“I think you’ve had enough tonight son.”

Calum scoffed. “I’ve had enough when I can’t see her face and I can’t hear her laugh anymore and unfortunately for the both of us I still can so pour me another fucking drink.”

He was angry when he got drunk now. He used to be fun and cuddly, or at least that’s what you would tell him when he stumbled home after midnight and wrapped his arms around you, snuggling his face into the crook of your neck. But not anymore. Now the memories of you had hardened him, the good with the bad blending together so that it was hard to determine which was which anymore. But he knew one thing. He was still in love with you, just like he had been the first time he saw you and no amount of burning alcohol tainting his system could change that.


“Just go talk to her mate. It’s not like she hasn’t seen you staring at her for the last hour and a half. At least if you talk to her it might make up for all the creepy.” Michael snickered as he took a sip of his beer.

“No way man. A guy like me does not just go up and talk to a girl like that. Snagging a girl like that require a six step plan and I am not fully prepared to-”

“Oh shut up you moron and go talk to her before I do.” Michael gave Calum’s shoulder a little shove, pushing him off the wall he was previously leaning on. Calum strutted over to where you were leaning against the bar, your bright eyes surveying the dimly lit nightclub but your posture straightened the moment you saw the tall, dark skinned boy walking towards you.

He stood next to you for a few moments, silently joining you in the onlooking before speaking.

“So how well do pickup lines work on a girl like you?”

“A girl like me?”

“A girl who’s clearly the most beautiful in the room.” He smiled, the crinkles by his eyes melting your heart.

“Oh well in that case I don’t know if they’ll work at all.” You teased.

“Good, because I prefer getting straight to the point. Do you wanna get out of here?”

“With you?” I don’t know, I was looking forward to a pick up line.”

“Well I was looking forward to telling you that this shirt is made of boyfriend material, but if the most beautiful woman here says I can’t then I guess I’ll just have to settle with taking you to dinner.”

“I can live with that.”


It took six phone calls for Calum to be able to drag Ashton out of bed to pick him up. Ever since that night, he had unofficially moved back in with Ash who had unofficially been tasked with keeping Calum out of the bars, a task in which he had obviously been slacking in recently. With a scowl and a shaking head, Ashton dragged Calum into his flat.

“This needs to stop Cal. You’re going to drink yourself to death and I am not going to let that happen. It’s not fair to yourself and it’s not fair to the band.”

“The band is what got me into this mess in the first place.”

“Jesus Cal, you’re so ready to blame everyone but yourself. Maybe that’s why she’s gone.” Calum was silent, clutching a pillow from the couch and trying not to throw up. “You’re better off without her anyway. Now you can go on tour without needing to take a skype break every forty five minutes. Maybe you can pick a girl from the crowd, help you forget or something.” He chuckled. Ashton was trying to make light of the situation, but Calum was in too much pain for any of his attempts at cheering him up to have an affect.

“You also thought taking me to a bar to forget her would work too and look where we are now.” Calum growled, standing up from the couch and heading to the liquor cabinet. He grabbed the first bottle he saw and went to take a drink, but not before Ashton could snatch it right back from him.

“You’re spiraling out of control Calum. You need help.”

“I need her!” He shouted, his hands gripping his hair and tugging at the roots as he slid down the wall and landed in a pile on the floor. “I need her.” His last statement came out in a whimper, your name a ghost across his lips as he whispered it to himself.

Ashton sighed, unable to come up with the right words to comfort his heartbroken friend. “Get some sleep mate, you need it.” He mumbled before turning back and heading to his room.

The flat was silent, before the buzz in his pocket jolted him. He fumbled for his phone, squinting to read the notification.


He remembered when you had stolen his phone to write that message in his calendar so that he would never forget your birthday. Ironic how now the idea of forgetting you seemed absurd to him, like the possibility of ever being able to forget was lost on him. He was stuck with you, the memory of the night everything went wrong permanently stamped on his brain.

With a soft smile, he remembered the day just one year ago when he had thrown you a surprise party, the look of joy on your face as your closest friends yelled your name. You had rushed into his arms, thanking him profusely with kisses and giggles exclaiming how you were the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like him. He would give anything to hear you say that now. To even hear you speak his name would be better than the silence. He needed to hear you. With the alcohol clouding his brain, he scrolled down to your contact and clicked.

It felt like it was ringing forever. Maybe you were already asleep, or maybe you had already deleted his number. If he was you he would have. Or maybe you just wouldn’t pick up at all. He was wrong on all accounts.

The ringing stopped, but your voice did not greet him.

He could hear the faint sound of your breathing on the other line and if he was sober maybe he would have hung up, but drunk Calum had no filter and he was going to say whatever he had to.

“Hey baby.”


“God I miss you so much. I was a fool. An absolute fool baby and I want you back. I need you back in my life Y/N. It’s only been a couple months but it feels like a lifetime and I’m going crazy without you. I still love you and I always will, I just need you to know that; you have to know that. I can’t bear the idea of you thinking those things I said were true. You’re perfect and you’re too fucking good for me. I love you. I love you so much.” His words were slurred, almost incoherent to his own ears as he babbled into the speaker. He could have sworn he heard you hold back a sniffle, but still your voice did not grace him.


The line went dead before he could even get a syllable of your name out of his mouth.


“I can’t believe you didn’t even think to bring an umbrella!” You whined, clutching onto your boyfriend’s arm as cold rain poured down on the two of you.

“I did bring an umbrella. It’s locked in the car just like everything else.”

“You really test my love for you when you do dumb shit like this Cal.” You laughed, giving his bicep a loving squeeze.

“Everyone has to lock their keys in their car at least once Y/N.”

“And you had to do it during a downpour didn’t you babe.” You shook your head. You should be annoyed that he had made a stupid mistake like this, especially when he had not only locked the keys in, but locked in both your cellphones, the umbrella, your coat, and the picnic basket on what was supposed to be your one year anniversary date. But that was just Calum and you loved him no matter what. Besides, you could make the best of getting caught in the rain with your overtly sexy boyfriend. Especially when he looked this good in his singlet and wet hair that was sticking to his forehead.

“At least I did it in summer and not in the dead of winter though right? I mean, you like the summer rain, I sing about liking the summer rain, so this really isn’t as bad as it could be right?” He leaned his head down to kiss you on the cheek, water droplets from his hair falling down onto your face. You reached around his neck, pulling him down to you again and attaching your lips to his. Every time you kissed him you felt the same butterflies in your stomach as the first time he had kissed you.

The two of you continued walking down the sidewalk, his arm protectively wrapped around your shoulders. He was silent for a while, his face telling you he was deep in thought. The rain had died down, a few stray droplets falling from the trees and landing on the pavement the only evidence of the previous showers.

“Can I ask you something?” Calum’s soft voice broke the silence, his eyes were shining as he smiled sheepishly at you.

“Of course Cal.” You nudged his shoulder.

He was quiet for a second more before blurting out, “I think we should move into together.”

“Move in?”

He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “Yeah, I mean I just think it would be a good idea and stuff I guess because I just want to be able to wake up next to you in the morning and come home after a long day and crash on the couch with the woman I love more than anything. I just think that would be great.” His brown eyes were filled with adoration as he stared at you, awaiting your answer.


“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea.”

“Do you know how much I love you right now?”

“Yeah I think I do.”


“Maybe if go I over there right now, then she’ll take me back!” Calum stumbled getting up from his spot on the floor.

“Cal, don’t. This is just hurting both of you.” Ashton groaned. This is how it was every night. Calum would make an elaborate plan to get you back after a few too many drinks and then Ashton would calm him down and bring him to his senses. But tonight he was serious. Tonight was going to be the night he finally got off his ass and did something to get you back instead of bitching to the boys about what an idiot he was.

“No I have to see her. Maybe if she knows how sorry I am and how much this is hurting me too then she’ll take me back.” He mumbled, mainly to himself. He wasn’t thinking straight. How could he, when the love of his life hated him. And how could he blame you? He was the sole cause of this. He was the one who had said all those things, the one who rashly jumped to conclusions. You were the one that walked away, but he was the one that let you go.

He was out the door in a flash, hailing a cab and repeating your address to the driver. He needed you to take him back. You were the best part about him, the part that made him happy. And without you in his life he wasn’t sure how to be happy anymore.

The taxi rolled to a stop in front of your house and slowly he got out of the car, a flood of memories rushing in. The last time he had been here was the night everything fell apart. Oh, how he would give anything to go back and fix it.


The moment he walked through the door you were on your feet, a large smile plastered on your face as he strolled into the kitchen to grab a can of beer. You followed him to the refrigerator, unable to contain your excitement.

“Calum I have something amazing to tell you.” You gushed, stepping closer to him.

“Can it wait babe? I’ve had a long day at the studio and I really just need to take a shower and go to bed.” He brushed you off but you ignored his flippant tone, too excited for what you had to say to sense his readiness to pick a fight.

“Trust me, you’ll want to hear this.” You grinned but he only sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose as he took a long swig from his drink.

“Alright shoot.”

“James and Callie are getting married, and guess where they’re having their wedding?” You didn’t wait for him to guess before continuing. “Maui! And she asked me to be maid of honor which means that me and my lovely boyfriend of course get to accompany her to the beautiful Hawaiian island no expense to us! Her dad’s paying for the whole thing! We’d get a suite to ourselves for a whole week! A week, me and you in Hawaii together! We leave in six days.” You shouted gleefully, grabbing his hands in excitement. You practically already had your bags packed and you had been searching online for the perfect swimsuit to bring along with you. Now all you needed was for him to be excited as you.

“The AMA’s are next week I can’t go.” He deadpanned and just like that your once joyous smile faded.

“But you do those every year, you can’t skip it this year?” You asked hopefully.

Calum snorted, “5 Seconds of Summer isn’t 5 Seconds of Summer without a bass player Y/N. I have to go.”

“Artists back out of award shows all the time, you couldn’t maybe just do that once for me?”

“I am not backing out of the AMA’s Y/N.”

“Calum please, this really means a lot to me. I have to sacrifice things for your music career all the time and you can’t sacrifice this for me?”

Calum glared at you. “My music career is what’s paying for this nice apartment you live in. My fucking music career is what lets you live the lifestyle you live, don’t pretend like you would be anything without it. You do not get to tell me what to do when you don’t know anything about the life I’m living.” He growled, slamming his beer can on the countertop.

“Is that what you think of me? You think I’m some gold digger who’s just in this for your money? Jesus Cal, is that what you really think?” You sniffled, shocked at his sudden outburst.

“You said it not me.”

“Calum what’s gotten into you?” You furrowed your brows. This was not where you thought this conversation would go. There had to be something else bothering him, because he rarely picked a fight with you unless something big was eating at him. “What’s going on Cal? Just tell me what your problem is and we can talk this out.”

“What am I to you Y/N? A fling on the other side that you can gossip with your friends about, maybe sell a couple stories to the tabloids once you’ve had your fun?” He shouted, his face red with this rage that took you so off guard.

You were silent, unable to process what was happening. Sure you didn’t have a whole lot of money. You were still in school, struggling to get by when you had met him. But it wasn’t his status that had attracted you to him that’s for sure and it wasn’t his money that made you stay. You were in love with him and right now he was breaking your heart.

“I saw the pictures.” He growled. “You and that guy, yeah I saw the pictures. I guess being with a famous person isn’t as great when you have paparazzi stalking your every move. Or maybe you love it, I don’t know. All I know is that we are done.”

“Show me the picture.”


“Show me the fucking picture Calum.”

He pulled out his phone, flicking through the pictures before he landed on one of you sitting on another boy’s lap in a dim night club. You recognized it immediately.

“That’s not what you think it is.” You said calmly.

“Oh really? It’s not my whore of an ex girlfriend cheating on me with another fucking guy?

“No Calum. It’s your ex girlfriend hanging out with her cousin who she is very close with and hasn’t seen in awhile which you would know maybe if you asked about my life a little more often!” You yelled at him, your voice cracking as you watched your relationship crumble before your very eyes. “How do you want me to prove it to you? I’ll call my fucking aunt and have her fax over a birth certificate. Fuck you.” You turned to leave, ready to be anywhere but with him.

“Baby, c’mon how was I supposed to know.”

“BY ASKING ME!” Jesus christ Calum, you could’ve just asked me! Or trusted that I would never, ever in a million years cheat on you. Anything other than assuming I was sleeping with him. How many girls are you photographed with every day Cal? And how many times do I sit here wondering if you’re fucking any of them? Never, because I trust that you wouldn’t do that.” Tears flooded your eyes and ran down your cheeks like two rivers polluted with mascara.

He reached for your hand but you pulled away. “No you don’t get to touch me anymore. We’re done remember?”

“Y/N don’t be like that, it was a mistake anyone would have made!” He protested.

“Not anyone. Not me.”

“This is stupid, let’s just go get in our comfy clothes and watch movies and forget this ever happened.”

“A gold digger, a whore, and now I’m stupid. Nice.”

“Babe that’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“No, I don’t know Cal. But I do know that you just fucked up one of the best things you’ve ever had.”

“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes in an attempt to save his ego.

“Whatever.” You echoed quietly. You stared at him for a moment, as if you were expecting to wake up from this nightmare. But you didn’t. And those brown eyes that once felt like home now felt more like a warzone than anything else and you weren’t going to fight anymore. Without a word you turned and walked out of the apartment and out of his life for good. And he let you.


He didn’t know what made him act that way. Maybe it was the stress of the new album, or the couple drinks he had had earlier to offset the idea of you with another man. Whatever it was, it the cost was more than he could bear.

His shaking hand formed a fist, his knuckles wrapping on the door. He could hear you roaming around inside. The love of his life was so close to him but you had never felt so far away. The door creaked open.


“Hi baby.”


Part 2


Green & Yellow : part 2

Summary : TMR AU in Hogwarts. Reader is in Slytherin, Newt is in Hufflepuff. The reader has a huge crush on Newt but is too embarrassed to do anything about it, but one evening she offers to help him with his homework. read part 1

Character pairing: Newt x Reader 

Warnings: None 

 Disclaimer: don’t own anything, just the story line I guess, not the characters or Hogwarts or anything harry potter related stuff  mentioned here.

You quickly washed your face, brushed your hair, and put on a little tinted lip balm. Your eyes lingered on your little make up kit, which didn’t really have much. “For Merlin’s sake, we’re going to study” you said to your self as you grabbed your notes and the left the room. You walked to the library, your tummy bubbling with anticipation, and sure enough you found him standing by the entrance. You were about to call out to him but then you saw him talking to pretty blonde girl from your class. Her name was Sonya, she was in Hufflepuff, and was considered quite a beauty in her house. Pessimistic thoughts started swirling in your mind “what if he likes her, should I interrupt? Would that be rude? Are they a thing?” But your train of thoughts were broken when you heard Newt call out to you. 

“Y/n! What are you standing there for love? I’ve been waiting for you! Come on let’s go” he walked towards you leaving Sonya. She looked at you curiously, but said nothing and left. 

“Um sorry, I just wasn’t sure if I should have interrupted or not.” You replied sheepishly.

 "Well you bloody well should’ve, since you’re the one I’ve been waiting for not her.“. Something about the way he said that made your heart flutter a bit. He seemed to realize it too, and he blushed and looked away. 

“So uh, shall we?” He asked, you nodded and the two of you walked in.

Newt led you to a slightly secluded area of the library which were meant for study sessions. The two of you took a seat and y'all immediately began. You discussed the topics with Newt, and explained whatever difficulties he had. In the beginning it was a little awkward but soon the two of you got comfortable around each other and it became kind of fun.

 "You’re smiling y/n” Newt commented 

“yea well, I was just thinking about how much easier it is teaching you than it is teaching Minho. ” Newt gave half a smile 

“ Oh that Shank must be a handful, I’ve tried to help him too with a few subjects but all he does is mock me and throw sass at me” you laughed as you fully understood what Newt had gone through 

“I know right! He’s smart! He’s just lazy and feels like he has better things to do in life, you’re so much easier to help. You’re sweet and you listen.” Newt grinned,

 "Well you’re a great teacher as well, speaking of which, could you explain this paragraph over here? “ you took the book from him and started going through it. When you looked up to explain it to him you realized Newt had been gazing at you. You blushed 

“what is it?“ 

“Nothing love, just thinking the expressions you make are so cartoon like, they’re very cute.”

 "Cartoons?You mean the moving drawings they show on television in the muggle world?“

 Newt nodded "Yep, I loved watching them as a kid. Still do when I go back visiting. You should come with me some day, I mean, when Minho comes over, you’ll like them.” You smiled at him, 

“ I think that’d be lovely. Then you guys can come over to my place too, it is literally bang opposite Minho’s place anyway" 

"Wait a minute” Newt replied shocked, his chocolate orbs going wide “You mean to say you’re the one who lives in the mansion across Minho’s house?” You laughed 

“Yea, that’s me. So you have been to Minho’s before?” Newt nodded 

“Well yea, one Christmas week when my family had gone for a wedding to another city and Tommy’s mom was busy too, we crashed at Minho’s” he continued “wow you’re parents are quite rich!” You shook your head 

“ Oh not really, we just have a lot of ancestral wealth”

Yes your family blood line was a well known one. It was one of the purest lines from your region, but your parents had never felt such things were important. You had been brought up to value discipline, hard work, and a certain amount of pride of course. Sometimes you wondered why you were in Slytherin. You hadn’t gotten a very good impression of the house after hearing what happened during the battle against the Dark Lord. You knew half the school considered Slytherins to be no-good snotty, selfish, over smart bratts. To some extent it was true, but to be fair every house had their no good losers, it’s just that in Slytherin there were a few more. In the beginning you felt that you had been sorted into Slytherin only because of your blood line, but then you met people like Brenda who try to be hard core and non-chalant but they were all softies inside. 

“Y/n? Are you listening to me?” You broke out of your trance 

“Yea sorry! What were you saying?”

 Newt laughed “ Tired? We’ve been here for a long time" 

You looked at your pocket watch ” Holy shit, you’re right! I didn’t even realize! Time just flew by with you!“ Newt smirked "I’ll take that as a compliment love” You slapped his shoulder “oh shut up!” The two of you sighed.

 ” Hey y/n”

 "Yes Newt?“

 "I’m almost done with this. I just need to try out a few spells and write the conclusion, and I can’t do it here anyway so I’ll do it tomorrow morning, but for now do you want to grab a bite to eat?”

 You looked around the library, it was empty 

“ But where Newt? I’m pretty sure the Hall is closed now. We pretty much missed dinner!” Newt got up assembling his sheets “Not to worry love, the ivy trio has their ways, so are you coming or not”  after thinking for a second you gathered your stuff as well “Yea sure, why not?”

 You paced up and down the corridor keeping an eye out for Newt, hoping he’d appear soon. The corridor was empty and the few paintings gave you odd glances. “Where the hell are you Newt?” you sighed remembering what he had told you fifteen minutes ago  *flash back*

“Wait for me at the left corridor on the seventh floor love, and don’t attract any attention.”

“Okay but you are you going?”

“Don’t worry about that, just go,I’ll meet you soon. Oh and take my scarf and homework along with you please.”

*flash back end*

You held on to his scarf and his study homework along with yours was in your bag. 

“I bet he’s doing some rule breaking” you thought as you shamelessly sniffed his scarf, taking in his scent, it smelled like cinnamon.

 “Y/N!” heard a voice call out. It was Newt, he was running towards you with holding his bag which appeared to be full. 

“Newt, why are you running? or should I say who are you running from?” 

He walked up and down three times not saying anything to you and then suddenly a door appeared. “Is that-” you gasped but Newt pulled you in before you could finish and as he shut the door you could have sworn you heard something similar to an elf yell out “COME BACK THIEF!” 

The room was dark at first and you couldn’t see much, but then Newt walked ahead and waved his wand and a dozen lamps lit up the room.”It’s beautiful!” you gasped. The room was small but it had a carpet a small round ivory table in the center with a few chairs. The table had been arranged with plates,glasses and cutlery and even napkins and in the center was a decorated candle lit up. You walked around surveying the room 

“I-is this the room of requirement?” 

“Yep” said Newt as he placed food on to the plates and bowls from his bag.

”This is the first time I’ve been here! I always tried but I could never find it!” you were thrilled. You had always prayed that you wouldn’t graduate from Hogwarts without ever finding the room.

 “Are you serious? me and the shanks always make use of the room, has saved our arses from that bloody Jansen way too many times.”

 You looked at the food he had placed on the table, he was now pouring some grape juice into the glasses. 

“Did you steal them from the kitchens?” 

 “I wouldn’t go as far to say ‘steal’ love, considering the fact the food is meant for us. We just didn’t eat it at the right time.” He pulled a chair and gestured to you “Shall we milady?” you giggled at his antics but sat down happily. He sat opposite you and the two of you began your meal. 

 “This is great!” you exclaimed “I thought it would be cold food, but it’s still warm! and I have never managed to get myself such a good piece of chicken before!” Newt munched on his food happily “

“Do you think a gentleman like me would serve cold food to a kind lady who dedicated her time to help me finish my work? I’m offended Y/N”. You laughed and then took a sip from your glass, as soon as you did you almost spat it out. “I-is this wine?” 

Newt took a sip of this “Of course it is, what’s the point of taking things from the kitchen, if you don’t grab the goodies? What did you think it was? grape juice?” 

You coughed in embarrassment but continued to take small sips from your glass. Suddenly you became very aware about your situation, you were secretly having a candle night dinner with Newt. The only way this could get any more romantic was if y’all had some music, and as if he Newt read your thoughts he brought out a small device and started playing some slow jazz music. 

“Is that a cell phone?” you asked as you glanced at it curiously. Newt grinned proudly “Yep, and a bloody model. I see someone still remembers her muggle studies.” You nodded

 “Can I have a look at it?” Newt gave it to you and you looked at in awe “Where are the buttons? I see only one.”

 “It’s a touch screen phone, so just touch the screen and no, don’t try calling people y/n we’re out of range”.

 You found the device very interesting and continued exploring the options 

“This can do quite a bit, I’m impressed!” Newt nodded as he stuffed his face with garlic bread 

“Yea, they’re pretty neat, In the muggle world every teenager is hooked on it” The two of you continued talking about the cellphone for a while and then Newt told you about other devices in the muggle world and you listened with full interest. He then started talking about his family, his parents, his younger sister and his dog. 

“My sister thought it was some sort of neat trick when I made him float, she was commenting about how the two of us could join the circus! but then my mom walked in and told me to put the floating dog down, she was not very impressed.”

 The two of you were now sitting on a small sofa together as y’all ate caramel custard for dessert. “So wait” you said 

“Your mother is a muggle, but she wasn’t surprised to see that?”

 Newt shook his head “ She knew about the wizarding world because dad’s elder brother was a wizard too. My dad had told her, you know just in case something like this happened.” 

“Was she happy about it?” you asked

 “Well, she wasn’t sad, but she wasn’t thrilled either. She was very worried, but my dad and sister were happy and excited for me so, she didn’t say much. I guess she always hoped I’d end up pursuing a career in Science, hence the name”

 You had almost forgotten, his real name was Isaac Newton, but ever since he came to Hogwarts he had told everyone to call him Newt. Only the teachers addressed him as Mr Newton. 

“Who was Isaac Newton?” you asked “A great physicist, but forget about that, are you done with dessert?” You looked at your empty bowl “Oh, yes long back! Thank you so much! I loved it and I am so full!” Newt took your bowl and his and placed it on the table. 

 Newt then changed the song on his phone to something a little more upbeat and walked to you with a childish grin. 

“Shall we dance?” You scoffed 

“What? Are you serious?”

 “Quite serious! do you not dance?” he asked and your face went red 

“I do, I mean not this kind of dancing though, just the more wild, jumping all over the place type. I’m not good at dancing with a partner”

 Newt grabbed your hand and pulled you up.”Come on, its easy if I can do it, so can you.”  and with that the two of you began swaying to the beat.

You tried your best to follow Newt steps, but both of you were horribly clumsy, Newt because of his limp and you were a clutz in general. You still enjoyed it though, he spun you around and sometimes you twirled him around just for laughs, he showed you dance steps that were popular currently among the muggles and you followed him finding it rather fun. Soon the song changed though and it turned into a slow love song. You bit your lip nervously and looked into his eyes, his chocolate brown orbs gazed into your (y/e/c) ones and he smiled. He slowly and cautiously placed one hand on your waist giving you time to step away if you wanted to but you relaxed into his touch, you placed one hand on his shoulder and on your other hand his long slender fingers entwined with yours. You didn’t really have small hands, but they were still completely enveloped by his. Then Newt started swaying to the rhythm and you followed. By the time the song reached the chorus  you found yourself leaning into the crook of his neck while his arms were completely draped around you while yours held on to his back. You could feel your heart beat increase and you could’ve sworn you felt his too. His warm breath fell on you ear and all you could think of was of how comfortable you felt right then.

“Do you remember the first time we danced like this?” he whispered into your ear.

You leaned back a little confused “Not really, wait was it in our third year, during our project?”

Newt shook his head “It was actually a little before our project, we had all gone to Hogs head and someone started playing music over there, so all the shanks started dancing.”

You still couldn’t remember so he continued “I was sitting there in a corner alone, watching everyone fooling around and that’s when you came upto me asking me to dance.”

“I did?”

“Yep” he nodded “ And at first I told you no, but then you said you’d dance with me and lead me, and that although you weren’t very good at dancing with a partner you were sure I would have more fun than just sitting there alone.”

“And we danced?” you asked

“Well, yes, you were very persuasive”

“I hope I didn’t injure you” you joked.

“No, in fact I think you healed me a little” Newt replied with his jaw clenched, that’s when you remembered it. It was right after his accident, right after Newt had got his limp.

“Oh Newt” you said feeling ashamed about not remembering at first.

“No it’s alright, thank you y/n”

He looked into your eyes and time stopped, the song was reaching its end and Newt’s face was inching closer. You were suddenly very aware about how handsome his face looked against the light and you found yourself leaning in. Your lips were a hair length away from touching when suddenly a loud buzzing sound made the two of jump back. 

“What is that?” you asked, your face flushed because of what almost happened. New went to his phone “Sorry, its my bugging alarm”

“Alarm? at this hour? for what reason?”

“To warn me that Jansen will be making his rounds now.”

Jansen was the school’s caretaker, he went on rounds after bed time to make sure the students were tucked in.

“Newt, what time is it?”

“A half past midnight love”


“What? what’s wrong?”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong Mr Newton , if we’re found sneaking around the corridors now by Mr Jansen we’re screwed! I don’t want detention, not only that if anyone finds out-” you bit your tongue from continuing.

“If anyone finds out what?” 

“Nothing, I mean if Professor Slughorn finds out I’ll be uninvited from his tea parties”

Newt chuckled “And that’s a bad thing because?”

“Oh shut up you shuckface” you said as you whacked his shoulder.

“Using our slang against me love? now I’m intimidated Okay, lets go then” Newt gathered his stuff and so did you. The two of you exited the room and began sneaking down towards the common rooms.

“You know y/n, you should hang out with Minho, Thomas and I more, It’d be nice to have one more level headed person around, plus you’re a lot of fun”

You blushed “Oh , I don’t know it might be awkward.”

“Why you know Minho, and now you know me, maybe not as well as Minho, but still, you could get to know me better”

“I’d like that Newt, but it’s kinda weird, I mean only Teresa can hang out with you, y’all are like the next generation heads of houses”

“That’s a load of crap, the only reason Teresa hangs out with us, is because she and Tommy have some strange complicated romance thing going on”

“Yea well, so she hangs out with y’all because Thomas has feelings for her, that makes a lot of difference you know”

“How is it any different?” Newt replied his voice a little raised.

“Is any one there”

“Bloody hell” Newt cursed ”It’s Rat man” 

“Rat man?” you questioned

“Yea that’s what we call Jansen, lets go now before he finds us” Newt grabbed your hand and ran. Y’all ran towards the dungeon and once you reached it you stopped.

“I’ll manage from here, you should head back”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, now go before you get into trouble!” Newt nodded and pulled you into a quick hug

“Thanks for everything, and I had a lot of fun really. If you’d like, and if you’re free maybe tomorrow we could uhm, hang out together? grab a few butter beers, alone? when everyone heads to Hogsmeade?”

You were internally screaming, if you hadn’t known any better, Newt was asking you on a date. You stood shocked, your mind still processing his request, you didn’t realize that his face was leaning towards yours again, but when you did you thought you saw a shadow pass by the entrance you quickly pushed him away, afraid that someone would notice you. 

“Sorry” said Newt awkwardly,he was clearly hut and you internally smacked your head at your stupidity.

“No, it’s just-” but Newt turned around to leave you quickly caught hold of his hand though and whispered into his ear “ Tomorrow, noon, I’ll meet you at Honeydukes. Don’t forget to finish you assignment and submit it before you come and  don’t ditch okay?” and you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran to your common room entrance. Newt stood frozen for a moment and then slowly smiled his cheeks glowing red. He brushed his fingers against his cheek you kissed him on and mumbled “ I’ll be there love, even if a griever chases me”

A/N: Heyyy hope y’all liked it! liked it enough to read part 3 at least? :P

Waiting Game

Characters: Dean, Sam, reader

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: arguing, fluff

Word count: 1775

Summary: when you want to start a family and give up the hunter life, you’re not sure you’re ready to ask Dean to give up hunting for you so you can start a family together.

A/N: this didn’t go how I expected it to and I’ve never written anything like this before so I hope it’s okay

You loved Dean with your whole heart, but things between you were always hard. You both grew up as hunters, being brought up in the life affected you both differently. Dean decided to make it his profession, you however decided that the hunter life was not for you. Your parents died when you were 16, and you decided enough was enough, you decided to give up hunting. Of course, getting out of the life is never easy, you have monsters coming at you left, right and centre. Sometimes you find cases, and instead of calling some other hunters to get them in on the job, you would just take care of it yourself. On one hunt, you met the love of your life, Dean Winchester.

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Originally posted by livetalskare

Pairing: Sam x best friend!reader
Word count: 4,853
Warnings: Slight angst
A/N: The new series I’m writing with @nerdflash

Part 1 of Time Changes Things

Laying on your back, you popped your gum and read your book. You were home from college for your winter break. It was your senior year, and you were looking forward to graduating. You were bored while you waited for your best friend, Sam, to get home. His family had gone out to look for a Christmas tree, and that meant ‘family’ time together. Well, somewhat. It was just him, Dean, and their father, John. Mary, their mother, had died well before you could remember her. You and Sam were only a few months apart, and he’d only been 6 months at the time.

You’d had a crush on John that just got stronger the older you got. The way he smiled, the sparkle he got in his eye, his laugh, how he’d always been there to talk if you needed someone that wasn’t actually your own dad… By now, you would dare say you loved the man. Seeing him was part of the reason you were so excited. Not that he’d ever look at you that way.

When you heard car doors shut, you jumped off the bed and ran to the window. Seeing the tall silhouette of your best friend, you grinned. Grabbing your boots, you pulled them on while hopping to the door. You ran down the stairs and grabbed your coat off the coat hook. “Bye, mom! Bye, Dad! Going to the Winchesters’!” You hollered before running out the door while slipping on your coat.

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Lighten Up

Request: Hi! Can you do a Dean X reader where the reader acts like she hates Dean and Dean does the same? And they are always arguing with each other cause they want to hide their feelings for each other? And one day the reader or Dean shouts in the middle of an argument “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” and it’s just fluffy and adorable and a kissing part? Thank you!

A/N: Hey guys!  I know I haven’t written in a while.  A few weeks I think.  Sorry, it’s been busy and complicated and just far too adult and blah to go into.  But I’m hoping to go back to updating and writing at least once a week.  I do still have a bunch of requests to address which are being done (in no particular order other than what I feel inspired to write each night).  Sorry again!

Words: 1452

 Five months.  It had been five months since I had met the Winchester’s.  Five months, three days, sixteen hours and some odd minutes since I had run into the brother’s who had annoyingly saved my life.  Though I’d never admit it to them and I’d deny it if anyone asked, I would have been dead if they hadn’t shown up that night. Sure, I could have taken the Vetala down on my own.  I already had one down for the night.  But the first fight had done a decent amount of damage and I’d already lost more than my fair share of blood by the time the second came into my sights.  If Dean hadn’t shown up when he did, I would’ve been snake food within seconds.  

  The problem was that he knew it.  He knew he’d saved my hide and held that fact over me whenever he could.  The cocky bastard.  I’d pitch a case, eager to go after it on my own, and within seconds, he’d be reminding me that I’d needed help at least once and that going it alone wasn’t in my best interests.  He’d wink, call me sweetheart, give me a smirk, and I’d begin picturing the various ways that I was going to kick his ass.  I’d fantasize about decking him.  About wrapping my hands around his far too muscular throat, taking him down to his knees, and showing him what I was capable of.  Granted, for the last three months, the things that I was capable of doing to him in my dreams were X-Rated and lascivious and entirely secret.  

  Sam was telling us about a ghost a couple of states over.  A simple salt and burn that I was aggressively wanting to take care of on my own.  “Oh, come on now, Y/N.”  Dean said, each word dripping with condescension and insult.  “We wouldn’t want you to break a nail.” He winked at me as he always did and I glared at him in return.

  “Hey,” I took a step forward, uncrossing my arms and opening them out to the sides, inviting him to challenge me. “I may break a nail, but at least I won’t break one of Lucifer’s seals.”  His eyes turned instantly cold, all traces of joking gone.  

  “That’s enough,” Sam exclaimed, slamming his hands down on the table in front of him.  His eyes darted back and forth between his brother and I as his jaw clenched and his irritation visibly grow.  “You two bicker more than old men.  Stow your shit for once and let’s just get the job done.”  Sam stood up abruptly, putting an end to any and all discussion as he slammed his laptop shut and walked out of the room.  I folded my arms across my chest and glared at the floor, determined not to look up at Dean.

  “You’re staying here,” Dean decreed as he pushed his chair back, his hands still firmly set on the table as he got to his feet.  He stood there, leaning over, his eyes boring holes into the wood finish and his jaw set as if it were stone.

  “Not a chance,” I retorted with a hint of a laugh.  His eyes darted up to my own then, locking me in his sites.

  “Maybe you didn’t hear me,” he spat out the words, laced with the same arrogance as usual.  “You’re staying here.”  He enunciated each word as if I were hard of hearing and slow to boot.

  “No, I heard you just find, Dean.  I’m just not going to listen to you.”  I could almost see the flames flickering in his eyes as he shot daggers at me.  

  “Damnit, Y/N,” he breathed out as he dropped his head.  “Just stay here.”  His voice took on a gravely and raspy baritone as he yelled. I continued glaring at him.  “You’re an idiot, Dean,” I muttered as I shook my head and turned to walk away.  

  I heard his fist contact the hard surface of the table as expletives began pouring from his lips. “Why can’t you just let me protect you,” he paused.  “Just once?”  

  Spinning around, my eyes locked on his and bulged, surprised by his statement and utterly taken aback by his declaration.  “Protect me?  Dean, you haven’t been trying to protect me!  You’ve been trying to one up me and prove that you’re a better hunter than me at every turn! Insulting me and protecting me are not at all the same thing.”  I could hear and feel my voice raising in pitch as I became more and more incredulous with each word that was said.

  “Oh come on,” he began.

  “Stuff it, Dean.  Don’t pretend to care now.  Don’t try to make this any more than it is.  It’s a freaking pissing contest only I’m not playing!” My temper had begun to get the best of me as I was now gesticulating wildly.

  He laughed sarcastically shaking his head and rubbing his cheeks and mouth with his hands in frustration.  “And you say I’m an idiot,” he chuckled.

  “What’s so funny, Winchester?” I asked, all anger and indignation.

  “You,” he answered quickly and matter-of-factly.

  “Me? I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where this was all a big joke.  Care to clue me in?”

  “Oh sweetheart,” he said with that same cocky kink in his smile.  “You just don’t get it, do you?”  He pushed himself away from the table and took a few steps closer to me.  I remained quiet, keeping my eyes glared at him as I held my ground, squaring my stance.  He leaned in close to me until his lips were blowing warm and scintillating breaths against my cheek.  “Even if you were in this contest,” he began.  “You’d still be losing.”

  My emotions got the better of me.  My fantasies began to overwhelm me and even though, at the moment, I wanted nothing more than to rear back and punch him in his perfect and chiseled jaw, I found myself reaching for the nape of his neck, pulling his face closer to mine as I crashed my lips into his.  Within moments, he was responding in kind and his strong, capable arms were wrapping around me, pulling me closer to him.  His lips were hurried and hungry and I nibbled at his bottom lip with a wanton ferocity that I hadn’t ever dreamed of actually exploring.  

  I dropped my hands to his hips, hooking my fingers through his belt loops as I pulled him towards me.  His hands were in my hair now, yanking at the roots as I moaned in satisfaction.  My fingers traced the outline of his hips, dipping below the waistline of his jeans as I angrily began tugging them downwards.  Our breathing was rapid and charged.  I felt the back of my knees bump against the table as he steered me through the room, pushing at my t-shirt hem as he went.  His lips stayed on my mouth as if we had been glued together.  My breathing was erratic and the air seemed to be charging as it hummed around us, fueling the raging passion.

  Doing my best to reengage my brain, I pushed him abruptly away from me, finding my feet again and stepping away from the table.  I pulled my hair back into a neat ponytail as I smoothed my fingers down my face, attempting to pull my concentration back to the job.  I sighed, hazarding a glance back up at him.  He seemed overwhelmed and yet very visibly aroused.  “You’re an idiot,” I laughed, turning away again.  I heard him catch his breath quickly.  “Remind me how that is?” Anger threatened its return again his voice as I paced.

  “Because I love you!” I screamed the words at him as if they were obvious.  He stared at me bewildered for a moment before adapting that same old smile.  The one that made me crazy in both good and bad ways.  I glared at him again.  “Don’t you dare,” I threatened.

   “Of course you do, sweetheart.  But you’re still staying here.”  I rolled my eyes, sighing dramatically as I turned around and walked back towards my bedroom.  I stopped just before turning the corner and looked back over my shoulder towards him.  “Come on.”  

  I could almost hear him smiling.  “Sam can probably handle this one on his own, I think.”

  I rolled my eyes yet again.  “Are you coming or not?” I asked him, exasperated.

  I felt his hands grab me sternly around the waist.  “Not yet,” he whispered in my ear as shivers made their way down my back and I walked determinedly to my bedroom with Dean in tow.  

anonymous asked:

/stalking your blog now like.why not?Senpai's sugoi/ Vongola+Varia+Byakuran+Giotto, what will they do when their s/o was drunk. Their s/o keeps on saying funny, dramatic, and really talkative side mode on? What will they do? *anoniswatchingyou.*

Oooh, you guys are too sweet.  Honestly, you can’t compliment me like this, I have no idea how to handle stuff like this.  But I hope you guys are happy with how it came out.

Tsuna:  When he had first realized that you were completely and utterly drunk, he was taken aback.  Still, as he listened to you, he was a mixture of amused and embarrassed.  Amused because you really were adorable, slurring your words and giggling cutely - making horrible jokes.  Embarrassed on your behalf - not sure if you would really want him to see you this way.

Gokudera:  Was scowling at anybody who even thought about looking at you strangely.  He couldn’t believe that you had gotten yourself in such a situation; and was already planning on what to say in his lecture to you the following day.  Still, he was forced to admit - if only to himself - that you were pretty adorable as you drunkenly clung to him as he walked you home. 

Yamamoto:  While he was laughing with you and enjoying the good times, Yamamoto was also slightly preoccupied with who he was going to take care of you.  He was planning on how he could get you to leave the bar, not liking the looks your antics were drawing from the people in the crowd.  Still, he was getting a fair amount of amusement by listening you as you planned a “fool-proof” way of surprising Reborn.

Ryohei:  Ryohei laughed as you continued your story, helping steady you when your flailing hands upset your delicate sense of balance.  He did give apologies to the other people who you managed to disturb as you left the bar.  He grinned down at you as you finished your story - not laughing so much about the humorous story but rather about the drunken antics you had deemed necessary to telling the story. 

Lambo:  Lambo did not hesitate to mock you, even as he was secretly thinking that you were the cutest thing he had ever seen.  He made sure to point out that he, the “Great Lambo-chan” would never act in such a demeaning manner but then he would tease you to where you would drunkenly try to argue with him so that his source of entertainment kept going. 

Hibari:  Hibari made sure that you knew how ridiculously he thought you were acting.  He also made sure that you knew he was planning on “biting you to death” the following day for disturbing the peace with your antics.  Still, he had one of his men make sure you got home safely - and didn’t actually follow through on his threats from the night before. 

Mukuro:  Out of the Vongola, Mukuro was enjoying this situation the most, and taking the most advantage of it.  He asked you to say words that you would clearly screw up in your drunken state.  He also used his illusions to play with you a bit, presenting you with beautiful flowers that would than turn into sparkles.  And while he did this when you were sober as well, he loved the pure awe on your face when you saw his illusions drunk.

Xanxus:  While making multiple comments about your inability to “hold your liquor,” Xanxus was also getting a kick out of the fact that while drunk, you saw him completely differently.  He made sure to take advantage of the awe in your face when you looked at him - flattered by the amount of positive attention that you positively showered on you. 

Squalo:  Squalo was at a complete loss of what to do with you.  How you could do such a 180 turn was beyond him, still he did his best to take care of you, een though you were making it rather difficult.  Sighing, he headed after you as you shouted your intention to go see yet another Varia member to share the joke you had just come up with.

Levi:  Levi had absolutely no idea of how to handle the drunken you.  You being drunken was completely different from Xanxus being drunk.  Now, he was stuck staring helplessly at you as you carefully investigated the room.  Levi was sure that at some point during your babbling you had told him, but he hadn’t been able to discern one slurred sentence from the next. 

Lus:  Found you absolutely adorable.  As he took care of you and kept you from doing anything that would be to humiliating for you the next day, he kept cooing over how cute and perfect you were.

Bel:  Bel was determined to take advantage of this state.  He had you doing everything he asked for - running errands and the like.  He would follow you partly to watch out for you and partly to laugh at how your mind would change the errands, and the comments you would make to the people who passed by.  He made sure to keep track of all the times he “saved” you so that you would be able to pay him back in full.

Fran:   Fran didn’t seem to get that you weren’t in a position to truly appreciate his witty commentary.  After a while, he ended up getting frustrated by your incessant giggling and inability to be normal.  In the end, Fran did use his illusions to keep you occupied until you fell asleep. 

Byakuran:  Byakuran had his camera out and was recording all of your adorable drunken behavior.  He could not get over how cute you were acting and just gave in completely to anything that you wanted.  He was fiercely possessive when it came to who got to see you that way though, taking you to his private rooms and locking the doors in an effort to keep you to himself. 

Giotto:  Giotto was totally taken in by how cute you were acting, laughing at everything you said and showing you off to his guardians.  Beyond those six though, he was pretty protective of you - but he thought that you were just so adorable that the others had to see you as well.  The next day, he would take complete care of you to make sure you weren’t in too much pain.

Enemies (J-Hope X Reader) (Happy ending)

Anonymous asked: Can I get a Jhope scenario where you and him are long time enemies and one day you guys get in trouble and have to clean the whole school and Jhope starts developing feelings for you and you too? Fluff also. Thank you!!!!

A/N: I kinda forgot about the ‘getting in trouble part’ So sorry!!  Hope you enjoy it anyways..

Genre: Fluff/Angst (I’m not good at angst scenarios so forgive me) 

    In school, you were never the most popular person ever. If anything, it was the exact opposite. You didn’t talk to too many people. They tried to converse with you but you just didn’t open up. There were a few particular people that you spent most of your time with, seven to be exact. Specifically, there was one you were fond of, his name is Jung Hoseok, or as you called him, Hobi. Since you don’t really talk to people, you don’t know how to relationship. You would say you liked Hobi more than just a friend, but when you try to be assertive and cute, and maybe even flirty if you were up to it, you would totally fail and it would always make you look like you were mad at him. Your other classmates caught on pretty quickly and they would always say things like, “Why are they so mad at each other all the time?” and “Did something happen between them?”. It was none of those. You just didn’t know how to express your feelings except through some amounts of pain and physical contact. Of course Hoseok figured it out, and he would always ask you if you had something against him. No matter what you would give his arm a punch and blurt out a no as if being sarcastic.

     This feud between you guys carried on for a while and you thought about confessing several times, but you never had the guts too. Hobi and the other boys were probably the most popular guys in your school. They were nice, attractive, and good at singing, dancing, and rapping. Girls surrounded them all the time. They were like brothers to you, they would protect you at whatever costs and would make sure no guy would touch you other than them. You were happy when you were with them, but of course, other girls were pretty jealous of you. It has been 7 months into the school year and you were totally done with studying. The sessions Namjoon tried helping you with, didn’t really work out too well. You still had a “Crush” on Hobi, and you still weren’t good at showing it. But today, you were going to Confess. You knew he would be staying after school to practice his dance routine he spent days on. That was until-


You glared at the figure in front of you. The person was leaning on a broom and waving his hands in front of your face, “Y/n??!! Hello??? Did you come back from dream land yet?”

“What?” Your eyes adjusted to the atmosphere and the figure in front of you became more, clear. It was none other than Hoseok.
“You’re not going to leave me here cleaning the whole classroom myself, are you?”
You looked down at your hands and noticed a mop in one of them. Then it clicked. You and Hobi were on cleaning duty. The two of you were assigned for the week to clean. You noticed him dancing around while brushing and sweeping the floor, humming a little tune to himself.

“Hey Hobi..” you say blankly

“What is it?”

“I…think…” You saw him perk up at what you said, since it sounded like a confession. He walked closer to you, “you.. think?”

“I think… You’re really bad at cleaning” you laugh. It totally throws him off and you’re practically dying “I’m the best cleaner out of the other guys, y/n! You don’t even know how messy the boys are.”

“Well, I think you’re pretty bad.” You mop over his footprints “Why do you hate me so much??” His words made your stomach flip. You didn’t hate him at all. It was the exact opposite. “Hobi I-“

“You know what? You have been treating me really badly ever since I met you. Do you have any idea how I felt? I thought we would be able to be good friends. But no. You hit me and insult me every day y/n! It’s not fair! You hardly do it to the other boys! So why me?”

“Hobi… I’m sorry.. I didn’t know”

“You did. Don’t lie to me y/n.”

“I can assure you that I have my reasons for that.”

“Oh? And what reason would you have for me to want to talk to you again? Huh?”

“Well… You see.. I’m not very good at expressing myself verbally.. or even physically! I tried really hard because I realized I liked you so much back then, but it always failed because I’m so ‘aggressive’. Well. I’m sorry for not being able to talk and look like all the other pretty girls that chase you around. Sorry that when I try to impress you, it ends up with me hitting you. Sorry that I’m not pretty and I don’t do my makeup every day. Sorry for being just another ‘average’ girl that wants to have a chance to be with you.” You let everything in your mind out, tears were forming in your eyes. You ranted and all Hobi did was watch and listen, his mouth partly open, amazed at the words that just came out of your mouth. You realize that the whole room is dead quiet before you speak again, “ah… S-Sorry. Just ignore all of that”

“you, like me, y/n?”


“you said that you liked me a lot.. Do you, have a crush on me?” You stood there silent. He looked straight into your eyes, waiting for you to choke up an answer. He got nothing. You were embarrassed, to say the least. You planned to confess, but not like this. You slowly started mopping the floor again but Hobi took the mop out of your hand at let it fall to the ground with a bang. He held up your hand, “You didn’t answer me. Do you like me?” You shyly nodded at him and he instantly pulled you into an embrace.
“I thought I was the only one! I was just about to give up because I thought you hated me.” He let go of your hand and pulled up his sleeve, bruises covered his arm. You gawked at the sight, “I-I did this?” He slowly nodded, “Don’t worry though y/n! I’m okay-” You gently touched his arm and he winced at first from the pain, but looked at you, eyes ablaze. You examined his arm and you kissed each one of his bruises unintentionally. You let go of his arm before you felt the tears in your eyes again, “I’m so sorry Hobi.. I didn’t think I was being so rough. Ahh. I’m a terrible person…” He lifted up your chin so it was facing him, “You’re not a terrible person y/n. You’re the person I fell for, you’re the person I couldn’t control myself to like. You’re the only one that can move my heart and make my stomach flip a million times over. Sure you may not be good at expressing your feelings. Sure they may hurt a bit, but it’s all worth it if you could gratefully accept my offer as to being my girlfriend..” your eyes sparkled as you looked up at him, “Really? Even after all I put you through?”

“Only if it’s you, then yes.”

You smiled at him, “Of course I will. But let me treat you today. I think you’ve suffered far enough from me. I need to make sure that I can please you and make up for all the times I’ve hurt you.”

“Trust me, you did already when you kissed my arm all over. That was so fucking cute I didn’t think I would be able to contain myself.”
The two of you walked out of the room, hand in hand, leaving the broom and mop abandoned on the floor

Hope you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun writing this O3O
~Admin Luna

The Demons Apprentice 7


so ive caught up a little, turns out that i had writers block haha. I’m at a breakthrough now, more exciting parts so I’m probably going to be more on target. Ive even got a little ahead. Though that may not last long…


[part 7]

Mystery Shack:

“Symbols that relate to a person. That is the most interesting way to hide your weakness.” Stanley bit the end of his pen. “It does make sense though. If you hide something it’s more than likely to catch attention. Wave it around arms no one pays any attention to the details underneath. Rather smart.” Stanley frowned.

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Show Me the Money 4 Pt. 4 (You X ???)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

“You should never knock down a lady.” Snoop Dogg said, after helping you up. “Thank you, at least someone cares.” You said in English, straightening your shirt that riled up when you got knocked down. “I’ll be fine, you can go sit down.” You said before you left to try and grab the mic.

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52. “I’m drunk,” is a bad answer to the question, “Why would you do that Black?” when posed by my Head of House or any other figure of authority. Even if I was joking.

A/N: This is dedicated to @ihavetogetoutofhere. I hope it’s as good as you were hoping!

Whistling to himself, Sirius winked at the fourth year standing in front of the Gryffindor Common Room entrance, smirking when she giggled in return with glee.

He still had it.

He told the fat lady the password, stepping inside of the opening and paused in his step at the sight.

A large banner had been hung from the ceiling, with the word “Intervention” written in bold, red letters across the white fabric. Beneath the banner, there was a group of people standing there, facing the doorway where he was standing.

Among the group were his three best friends: James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.

Glancing at some of the other people in the room, like Marlene McKinnon, Lily Evans, the one kid he’d tried to give a tattoo to, and – what was McGonagall doing here? – Sirius turned to look at James, raising one eyebrow.

“Wish you would have told me we were doing an intervention. I would’ve worn my intervention robes. Who’s the poor sod we’re going after?”

James and Remus glanced at each other, before Peter bravely stepped forward, “It’s you, Sirius. We’re here to talk about you.”

Both of his eyebrows shot up.

“Me? Why the hell would we need to – Wait. This is a joke, isn’t it,” Sirius huffed under his breath, his eyes lightening, “This is funny. Good joke, guys.”

Peter frowned, “It’s not a joke.”

Sure it’s not,” Sirius winked, smirking as he folded his arms and leaned against the still open entrance.

“Just,” Peter paused, looking around at the others, frowning when no one appeared to want to step in to help, “Why don’t you have a seat.”

“I’m fine here,” Sirius assured his friend, shrugging his shoulders carelessly.

“Have a seat, Mr. Black,” Professor McGonagall barked, causing the three closest students to here to flinch.

Sirius, who was used to McGonagall’s raised voice by now, rolled his eyes and walked over to a chair placed in front of the fireplace. He plopped down into the seat and looked around, appreciating the strategic placement of the chair. His back was towards a wall and everyone in the group was standing in front of them. He could see every one of their faces.

They all stood silent, staring intensely at Sirius.

Uncomfortable, he shifted in his chair and waved his hand, “C’mon then. Get started. What is this intervention for?”

“Your drinking problem,” Peter replied nervously.

“My – “, Sirius blinked, his brain faltering as he tried to understand what his friend was referring to, “My what?”

“Your drinking problem,” Peter repeated, answering with a little more confidence than he’d had before.

“I don’t have a drinking problem,” Sirius replied flatly.

Peter smiled smugly, “That’s what someone with a drinking problem would say.”

Sirius groaned, shooting a look over at James and Remus, hoping that they’d step forward to help him out.

Remus had a frown on his face as though he were seriously concerned about the outcome of this conversation.

James had his hand covering his mouth and he looked as though he were trying to hold back his laughter.


“Mr. Black,” Professor McGonagall spoke, drawing his attention away from James and towards her, “Your friends here are concerned for you, and quite frankly I am as well. The amount of times you have admitted to being drunk as an excuse for why you’ve broken a rule or acted out is astounding.”

Groaning, Sirius rubbed his eyes as he admitted, “I was just joking. I thought you knew that, Professor. I’m not actually drunk all the time, just stupid, apparently.”

“Be that as it may,” she continued, “I invite you to listen to the concerns of your friends and classmates and think long and hard about what they have to say.”

She stepped forward, “I look forward to hearing from you how it turned out. I want you in my office after dinner this evening so we can discuss it.”

Sirius grumbled to himself, muttering under his breath, “Jeeze, I need a drink.”

Overhearing him as she passed by, McGonagall reached down and smacked the back of Sirius’ head, causing him to yelp out in more surprise than in pain.

Rubbing the tender spot, Sirius glared at McGonagall’s retreating figure as she left the common room. Turning back to the others, and realizing that his fate had been sealed – no thanks to James who was sniggering behind his fingers – Sirius slumped in his seat and waved for the first person to go.

It was the small kid he’d tried giving a tattoo to several months before.

“Hi,” he said nervously, looking down from a little white notecard he held tightly in his hands, “My name is Michael. A few months ago, I went to you to get a tattoo, but when I arrived you were completely drunk. This was unprofessional and frightening. If you would like to continue on with your career as a tattoo artist, and get more clients, you must do something about your drinking problem.”

“Oh, I don’t want to be a tattoo artist anymore,” Sirius commented off-handedly.

“You – you don’t?” Michael stuttered, looking a mix in between disbelief and relieved.

“Nah,” Sirius answered, leaning his head back to rest against the head, “That was so three months ago.”

“Not to mention he sucks at drawing,” James chimed in, grunting when Remus smacked him in his gut.

“Well, this can still affect any future employment you may have – “

“Boring!” Sirius yelled out, cutting Michael off in the middle of his sentence, “You’ve made your point. No need to continue on. Now, who’s next?”

Sirius smiled when a girl from their year stepped forward, a frown etched onto her face, and her arms folded tightly in front of her chest.

“Ah, Marlene, what a joy it is to see you.”

“Can’t say the same, Black,” Marlene replied with a huff, “You need to quit it with the drinking. You’re obnoxious and overly touchy, not to mention you constantly try and attack my cat.”

“Well, if your cat wasn’t such an a-hole, maybe I wouldn’t have to,” he retorted.

“What has my cat ever done to you?” Marlene growled.

“What hasn’t she done?” Sirius replied, just as passionately.

“Guys, guys,” James said stepping forward, holding his hands up in between them as though he were ready to hold both of them back if push came to shove, “Let’s not get into this now. Marlene, Sirius hates your cat, but when he drinks, he actually gets overly affectionate with it.”

Sirius gasped in outrage, “How dare you tell her my secrets.”

Marlene blinked surprised as James ignored his friend and continued, “All those crappy stunts he’s pulled were when he was sober. And, honestly, he’s kind of overly touchy on a normal day, drinking doesn’t change that. And really, when is he not obnoxious?”

“Okay,” Sirius interjected, holding his finger up, “I know you’re trying to defend me here, but that’s just hurtful.”

“Shut up, Sirius,” both Remus and James spoke at the same time.

Sirius sunk back into his seat, his pout becoming more prominent. Marlene thought through James points before nodding her head and conceding, “Alright, you make a good point.”

She turned to Sirius and pointed her index finger directly in his face, “I don’t care if you’re sober or not, you stay away from my cat.”

“I will if she does,” Sirius answered petulantly, watching as Marlene turned and walked away.

“Alright? Who’s next?” James prompted, smiling eagerly when Lily stepped forward.

Sirius rolled his eyes as Lily completely ignored the star struck James, instead favoring to shoot a glare at him.

“You need to stop pulling pranks so much for the next few weeks.”

“I thought we were here about my ‘drinking problem’,” Sirius retorted, “Not about pranking.”

Lily waved her hand, as though she were shooing Sirius’ comment away and said unconcernedly, “Yeah, yeah. Drinking is bad. You’re young and full of hope with much life to give. For your own self-worth, please stop drinking.”

She folded her arms and continued, “But, we’ve got our exams coming up soon, and I cannot be constantly worried about what you’re going to be doing next. I need to focus on my studies. So, please, just step back with the major pranks.”

“You think about me often?” Sirius asked with a wink, raising his eyebrows suggestively as he ignore the glare James was shooting his way, “Besides, why am I the only one getting a lecture?”

“Because we all know most of the pranks are your idea,” Lily shot back immediately.

Sirius snuck a glance over at the other three who shrugged unconcerned. Sure, they each came up with a fair amount of prank ideas on their own, but they didn’t mind if Sirius took most of the credit, or in this case, the blame.

“Well, I will certainly take that into consideration,” Sirius responded with a salute.

Lily grumbled, nodding over at Marlene who followed behind her, and left the room, mumbling under her breath at how this was a waste of time and she could have been doing something actually productive instead.

Sirius watched the two girls go, before turning to another kid who he’d never met before and was munching on some nuts.

“So, what do you have to say?” Sirius asked him with a nod, “Why’re you here?”

The kid shrugged, “Oh, I’m just here for the snacks.”

“Nice,” Sirius answered back with a nod of approval, turning back to his friends.

Peter, seeming to realize that this intervention had not gone the way he’d planned, stepped forward and quickly said, “Sirius, you are one of my best friends. In fact, I feel we’re more than friends. As James always says, we’re brothers. And when I see you drink in an attempt to wash away your sorrows, it makes me sad. We just want to help you.”

Remus nodded and added, “We love you, Sirius. We’re here for you. Anything you need, you let us know, and we’ll be right here. But, please, for everyone’s sake, you really don’t need the bottle as much as you think you do.”

Sirius glanced over at James, “What do you think?”

He didn’t think he had a drinking problem. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a drink. He did know that he blamed drinking on his actions just the night before, but that wasn’t really the same thing.

James shrugged, “Drinking never solved anyone’s problems. Not long-term, anyway. Besides, we just want our brother back.”

Sirius nodded as James stepped forward, pulling him into a hug.

The room broke out into applause, many of the girls letting out coos and sighs of happiness at the tender display of affection between the two best friends.

Beside James pulled away, he whispered in Sirius’ ear, so no one else could hear him, “I know you don’t actually have a drinking problem. But, perhaps you put aside the alcohol jokes for just a little while. Peter was very insistent despite mine and Remus’ protests.”

Sirius pulled back and squinted suspiciously, “So, there were protests?”

James smirked, clapping Sirius on the back, before responding in a slightly mocking tone, “What do you think?”

Sirius whipped over to look at Remus who still looked concerned.

He scanned h is body language for any sign of betrayal, feeling a sense of victory when he saw Remus’ hand twitch slightly. 

He caught Remus’ gaze and wasn’t surprised to see a slight twinkle of mischief resting in the back.

Feeling proud of his best friends, he turned and smiled at the group of people still surrounding him and spoke in a confident voice, “Thank you all for coming and being here as a support to me. It warms my heart to know there are so many who are invested in my well-being. I promise from here on out, I will try to do better!”

Another round of applause filled the room.

Sirius waited for everyone to settle down and the room was nearly silent before he nodded at James, winked exaggeratedly at Remus (who rolled his eyes in response) and announced proudly, “Well, this feels like a success. Let’s pull out some drinks to celebrate. Who’s with me?”

He smirked when the room let out a collective groan.

Clarke is a barista. Bellamy is a security guard who works with Over Protective!Lincoln. That’s basically it. 

honestly idk what this is and I’m not 100% happy with it yet, but here ya go. 


           It happens on a Wednesday, which just so happens to be Clarke’s least favorite day of the week. Wednesdays are her earliest and longest day class wise, and she barely has time to pee between class and her closing shift at the coffee kiosk in the hospital. On those days, she lives off of muffins and scones, which isn’t entirely nutritious, but she manages not to have hunger migraines so that’s something. The only bright side of having such a long day is that Wednesdays were some of the few days she was able to see Lincoln. Granted, they’re both working (he was a security guard for the hospital, she a lonely barista), and it was only for a half hour while she closed and while he walked her back to her car, but. She’s still able to see one of her best friends and that counts towards something.

           So you can imagine her shock – and extreme disappointment – when Lincoln doesn’t show up. She serves her last customer of the night, hanging the We Are Closed sign on the register, and removing everything from the display case and wiping down the counters. She figures he got caught up with Mrs. Calhoun, the elderly lady that works nearly every shift at the gift shop. Still, she places his large black southern blueberry roast on the counter assuming he would eventually show up.

           But then those first few minutes turn into fifteen minutes and then thirty and then forty-five, and when she was doing the final touches before she could clock out and go home and his coffee was still waiting for him on the counter, she knows he wasn’t coming. She’s about to grab her phone from the cabinet where she kept it and her wallet, when a young security guard ambled up and glanced curiously at the lone cup of coffee on the counter.

           He looks around, eyes landing on Clarke before quickly darting elsewhere. They land on Lincoln’s cup, and he nods at it, “Is this mine?”

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Things I have learnt as a revert in the past 6 years

I took my shahdah at 17 and entered the beautiful world of Islam. I have grown and learnt so much since then, and have so much that I look forward to learning yet. Here are some things I noticed that may or may not be of help to someone. (I am not the perfect muslim, you may not agree with me on everything).

1. The grey area.

When you revert, some of us have an urge to want to know/do everything perfectly. It doesn’t help that some people like to throw information at you and expect you to automatically do all your fasts, cover up etc. I call it the beautiful grey area. If you rush into everything it may be overwhelming. I’ve seen fellow sisters find it too much and leave Islam due to it. Take comfortable baby steps. Its not a race, do what you can and don’t compare yourself to others. What I personally found was the more you learn and fall in love with Islam, your outwards appearance and actions will reflect it. So read, listen and pray.

2. People won’t always understand.

You will find a ton of people who mean well and want to help. My mum once screamed to me in a rage of fit that no-one will accept me because I won’t fit in. Now this isn’t true. I’m sure people will accept me, my beautiful friends have. But I won’t fit in, not fully. It’s a feeling of being an outsider to your own and to other muslims sometimes. Find a good base of people, friends, reverts. People with whom you don’t need to fit in but will accept you anyway. At the end of it don’t rely on people too much, you have been chosen by your Lord- who better do you have to turn to?

3. Don’t answer any questions you don’t want to.

Muslims are beautiful and accepting and I cannot tell you how much help I have received by beautiful Muslims around me, But don’t feel the need to answer everything. People are curious, they find revert stories as a source of inspiration and love to help. A question I get a lot is “how did your family react?” I hate it. Personally it fills me with dread to have to explain to this stranger how my life is falling apart, I tend to laugh and say “not great” and change the subject. I’ve had a lot of invasive and more personal questions thrown at me which looking back I shouldn’t have been pressured into answering. Some people want to help; others just want an entertaining story. It is not your duty to give them that or share anything that you don’t want to.

4. You don’t have to tell your family straight away.

I personally struggled with the guilt of hiding it from my parents. I’ve been doing it for 6 years now and it has become easier. I wouldn’t suggest doing it as long as me but I have my reasons. But you don’t have to deal with it all straight away. It’s a bit overwhelming to revert and then have to deal with the reaction of others. I’d say take your time; tell people when you are comfortable enough with it. (I am aware that not all families will react badly)

5. The guilt.

Now I’m from a Hindu family where Islam is taboo and doing what I’ve done makes your family socially outcast. This plus the guilt of hurting the people I love can be a bit much. I have caused unbearable amounts of pain to my parents by accepting Islam and in turn hurt them more then any child should and the guilt of that weighed on me for a very long time. The way I had to see it and the way I hope others would is that by accepting Islam and unleashing this pain onto them. I have introduced them to Islam. Now whether they hate it or not, they are aware of it, and time changes things in ways we can’t imagine. Yes I’ve hurt them but if it turns out they learn a little about Islam and accept it one day and then it will be worth it.

6. The fear.

One thing I struggle with as a Muslim is the fear that my parents will die without Islam. Knowing the punishment of the hellfire, no –one could ever want this for their parents. I’m sorry I can’t offer advice here, all I can say is Allah knows best. Make dua for your parents every day. Make your actions be the best dawah possible, and the rest is left to your Lord.

7. Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is a beautiful and daunting time for a new Muslim. What I would advise is don’t try and do everything at once. Do a few fasts before so you are prepared. Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t manage to fast all of your fasts for the month. Do what you can and take the time to learn and enjoy the peace that comes with this blessed month. A tip a fellow revert gave me to was to eat slim fast bars and have nourishment for sehri. Now it sounds odd and can be sickening. But it releases energy through out the day and curbs your cravings, I found it helped for me but it may not for everyone. Also it is an easy thing to have snuck in your room and quietly munch!

8. The creeps

Now I wish there wasn’t but there a few guys who will take advantage of a revert sister. You are new to this world and at your most vulnerable, just be on a look out. Not all brothers have bad intentions but a fair few might. Don’t believe anything you are told without checking it out and do not feel pressured into something.

9. Good Vibes.

I keep a tiny (miniature) Quran hidden on my top shelf in my doll house. I feel like having it in the house protects me. In the past while I sleep I have got a Quran app on my phone and played it out all night. I plugged my headphones in and kept volume low and just left it on my bed. It soothes me to just know it is being played and there even if I am not listening to me.

10. Pray.

I know it isn’t easy for everyone. I hide behind the door and pray, half listening out to people approaching. But pray, and talk to your Lord it helps everything. If you can find a local mosque or uni prayer rooms but make sure you keep praying or at least trying to.

I wish I could say it is going to be easy, it’s not. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, and it really does test you. But you’ve been chosen for this path and if Allah thinks you can do it then no-one can tell you that you can’t. Learn, ask questions and just enjoy it. It is so beautiful if you let it be. I am nowhere near being the perfect Muslim, I mess up and sin so much. Repent and don’t feel like you’ve ever done something so bad that you can’t repent. He forgives all. This is such a beautiful gift that you have been blessed with. It will be your own journey, your own experiences, probably very different from what mine has been so far. But I hope that maybe this helps at least one person out there.

I’m here if anyone wants to message me and if I’ve said something that offends you or you disagree with then please accept my sincere apologies!