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Guess who just got rejected for not one, not two, but three jobs!

That’s right. All of the workplaces I applied to have officially turned me down.

Starbucks ran out of space, which I totally understand.

My local pool turned me down, as they were only accepting people who were certified to teach lessons. Again, I can’t help that, totally forgiveable.

But then… a small Halloween Store officially turned me down for being trans. Like, seriously? This is 20-heckin-17, people. They wanted me to use my birthname and wear the female uniform (which happens to be a form-fitting dress). So I told them no, and they immediately said there was no chance of having a trans worker in their crew. How messed up is that?

I dunno guys… I wish I could live off commissions but the income isn’t steady enough… If you get a chance, could you maybe take a look over on that page? I’m officially between jobs for who knows how long, and I hate being so desperate.

Cassandra’s Life [HCs]

Request: I was wondering if you could write a headcanon about Cass’ daily life excluding her nightly activities? If you don’t mind and have time. ~@tinyfandomblogger

A/N: This was also in my inbox since forever…Sorry once again! Whelp I hope this is good…Hehe! So umm…Yeah. I’m so worried about this ahh!! I hope I got Cass right and everything.

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  • Wakes up with an alarm set at 7 am
  • Early stretches to start the day
  • Coffee but not that strong
  • Maybe a book as she drinks it
  • A nice, hot and relaxing shower 
  • Finishes book as she lays on the bed
  • Jogging around the neighborhood and saying Goodmorning to everyone


  • Get ready to go out
  • Meet her girls Barbara and Stephanie
  • Maybe go shopping?
  • “50% on sale! Cass we have to!” Probably Stephanie
  • Cassandra would just sigh and  shrug
  • Barbara just does whatever they want
  • Cassandra would drop them off the head back home
  • Enter her house and put whatever she got in her room
  • Start working out maybe
  • Running on the treadmill 
  • Workout and train herself in her own training room


  • Sitting on the couch watching some movies or shows
  • Popcorn!
  • Invites some friends over or maybe the Batboys will join
  • The boys will make comments about the movie as Cass just watches
  • She’ll probably just say yes or no if she agrees or doesn’t
  • Jason would tell them all to shut up
  • Cassandra would just laugh as she watches them all fight then ignores them because of the movie
  • She never regrets inviting the boys even if one of them somehow break their nose or some other body part or get a nosebleed.

Night/Patrol Time

  • Changes into her costume in her house then jumps out of her window
  • Meets up with Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin, and Batgirl.
  • “Some prisoners from Arkham Asylum have escaped.”
  • Cassandra would pair up with Dick and Damian 
  • Jumping building from building
  • Dick would take that as a challenge
  • Damian, “TT. Grayson.”
  • Cassandra would continue and win without even realizing it
  • Dick would be out of breath and Damian would just be laughing
  • Cassandra just stops confused and shrugs
  • They finally find the prisoners and kick their butts
  • Sends them back to the Arkham Asylum and meets up with everyone
  • “Good job, everyone.” 
  • Officially announced a night.
  • Cassandra goes home and changes out of her costume and takes another shower
  • Finally, goes to bed

survived my first day of work!

just maybe by scholarlyzelda

Zelda lets out a shaky breath, stands up a little straighter. Here goes nothing. What is she so nervous for, anyway? She hasn’t even talked to Mipha, let alone been rejected, so what is she getting so worked up over—

“Hello, Princess.”

Mipha’s voice is as soft as butter and twice as sweet, and Zelda nearly sinks to her knees to plead Hylia answer her prayers as to what she ever did to deserve this kind of torture.

(…a.k.a. the one where Zelda is a useless lesbian.)


Ok, people, it’s finally done! Wanted to make sure I got this posted before season 4 starts up tonight!!! : ) This is mainly Nygmobblepot, but I tried to switch it up a little bit here and there.

And if you’re possibly interested in a bonus clip of some Will Arnett commentary on the Nygmobblepot reunion scene after being captured by the Court of Owls, allow me to direct you in this direction… ; ) It’s a little long, so I thought I’d just separate it from the full vid.

The feeling of your spark racing was never a fun one to wake up to. It stung, and hurt, and lasted what seems like forever.

It felt like waking up in war, when a split second between waking and recharged could scrub your life away. But before Rodimus unshuttered his optics he knew. He knew that nothing was wrong and he’d awaken in the same room he had for two years now. He rubbed his optics like he could run the terrible dreams away with it. A particularly loud outvent made its way through his systems.

No point in pretending he could go back to sleep now. He could leave the room and see if he was needed on the bridge, but going through another Ultra Magnus questioning might give him even worse nightmares. He already hears enough about not ever recharging no need to make it worse. Those particular speeches lasted even longer then the regular ones usually ending with the threat of being ‘written up’. Or put in the brig, or whatever other ridiculous punishment Magnus thought would scare him into health that day. Whatever.

Might as well shower and see if he can beat his latest high score. Except… When his optics unshuttered he wasn’t alone in his room.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see it. That same white plating that had been haunting him for months. He scrambled. Everything in him having trouble at the sudden fluxation of emotions that ran their course through his entire being.

“Drift? How did you-?”

“Come on Rodimus! We’re going to be late!”

Drift started to walk towards the door. It gave Rodimus a great view of the great sword on his back. One of the last things he had seen of his best friend… One of the worst memories of his functioning.

The one thing he needed to stop right now.

He jumped off his recharge slab quicker then he’d ever moved in his life before.

“Drift, slow down. Where are you going? Please I know I messed up-”

“If you stay in the berth all day who knows? Maybe they’ll start to wish they had Megatron as a captain instead”

Drift stop moving so suddenly Rodimus knocks right into his back and hits the floor. Drift doesn’t even seem to notice. And that’s when he hears it. His own voice ringing in his head.

“Like that’ll ever happen, the day Megatron decides he wants to captain a ship of Autobots is the day the world ends. Besides, last I heard he had crushed Bumblebee face in and destroyed whatever’s left of Cybertron”

“Don’t be so quick to judge, people can change. I did and you liked me enough to make me third in command”

Dream, Rodimus was trapped in a dream. One of the first days. A speech day, he had given a lot of speeches in the beginning. He wasn’t even running that late, Drift was just stuck up about showing up on time. Said it was a sign of respect or something, it didn’t really matter now. Primus how oblivious he was back then.

“You’re different, besides, how were we not supposed to like you with those cute finials and killer thighs?” Drift sticks out his glossa at the comment. “You better put that back before it gets bitten”

“Why? Are you offering?”

“Are you?”

Drift laughs at the comment. It’s such a carefree sound that mixes with the final memories of his friends face. The one Drift only made when he was trying to make something terrible not seem so bad. It used to be comforting, the smile so watery it constantly wavered. It looked more like he was in pain then actually serious. But he always was, and always tried his hardest to comfort. Now it just sits like a painful lump in his spark every time he thinks about it.

“I think I’d rather keep it actually. Now that you’re up though, you can go address your crew. I’m sure they’re excited about your speech, and remember if you forget anything I left you pointers in your inbox. I know you’ll do great!”

“What would I do without you Drift?”

“Probably crash and burn, now come on. Ultra Magnus is probably already on his way” Drift visibly shivers. “Don’t need anymore of his lectures anytime soon”

Then Drift walks towards the exit again, stopping at the entrance. He sends a soft look back at the empty bed, and walks through the solid door.

Rodimus curls up on the floor and tries not to cry.

Reality slowly seeps in. He can feel hands shaking him awake. It’s not a dream this time. He can feel the heat from the hands pushing at his frame. He opens his optics the the angry stare of the one person he wants to see the absolute least right now.

Megatron’s red stare runs over him. Disappointed obvious in his optics.

“Just because Magnus has given you your last shift off does not mean you can sleep through this one. Get Up. I don’t even know why he tries with you. All you do is take every chance your given-”

Rodimus tunes him out. He thought Magnus would’ve been bad. He completely forgot how terrible Megatron could get if he felt like being a pain.

“Rodimus are you even listening to me?”


“ …You look sickly, are you alright?”

“I’m fine”

And if he saw Drift out of the corner of his eye in the windows. Or heard his laugh walking down the hall. Well, it wasn’t something he was going to take to Rung.

what's a fire and how does it - what's the word? - burn

so i have this disney playlist i listen to usually when i’m driving and i was blasting poor unfortunate souls this morning and i was thinking

what if ariel didn’t sign the scroll?

because she’s about to, okay, and she looks at the paper. the parchment made of seaweed, the ones that’s specially treated to survive underwater. and she thinks of her cave of treasures, her books that remain perfectly preserved underwater. “no thank you,” she says slowly, becoming keenly aware of air of this place, of the not-people she’d seen who hadn’t been able to pay the price for sea witch’s bargain. “i – no. thank you. but no.”

ursula tries to convince her otherwise, but ariel runs. she goes back to her cave, destroyed as it was by her father’s anger, and thinks.

she’s the daughter of triton. her books never got wet, though she lives in the ocean. she feels a pull inside her, to the land, to somewhere else, but what if – what if –

what if she doesn’t need the sea witch or her father to perform magic for her? what if she has her own?

ursula had wanted her voice because that’s how she performed her magic. singing in this cave had given it powers and protection, and when she saved her prince from the sea – she sang then too, to keep him safe, to guide him back to life and away from death.

so she has magic. she only needs to figure out how to use it.

so that’s what ariel does now. she’s quiet and keeps to herself, and her father and sisters think that it’s because she’s upset with her father, that she’s busy licking her wounds. she’s moved on from that. she has no trident, and is uninterested with fueling her magic with the souls of the damned like ursula has. so she needs to figure something else out.

she does what she’s not supposed to do, and goes where she’s not supposed to go, slipping past the guards and patrols to the one place in the sea that is forbidden to all of them.

the crevice in the earth where what remains of her grandmother lives.

ariel goes to amphitrite, and the sea goddess is so much bigger than ariel, the size of great whale as she curls at the bottom of the sea floor, too old and too tired to do anything more than sleep. “granddaughter,” the great being croaks, opening an eye as blue and as unfathomable as the sea, “you look like me.”

“they say i look like my mother,” she says, and to herself adds: that’s why father can barely stand to look at me.

“you have more of me in you than your mother,” she says, and she shifts and pulls her mass of red hair over her shoulder. “more of me in you than your father does, even.”

“i have magic,” she says, pulling her bravery to the fore as she swims closer to her grandmother, “i want you to teach me how to use it.” amphitrite pushes herself up, and it’s the first time she’s moved in a millennia, and ariel notices for the first time that her grandmother isn’t a mermaid – she has legs.

she has legs.

“you have power,” amphitrite corrects fiercely, “and i will teach you to wield it.”

and so she does. ariel spends her nights by her grandmother, learning to harness the power of the sea that runs in her veins, and sleeps her days away while her sisters and flounder and sebastian grow more and more concerned, but she refuses to tell them why. she refuses to be stopped.

but her heart still aches. she fell in love with her prince, and she wants him still. so she swims to the edge, goes to the beach where his castle resides in the dead of night when her lessons with her grandmother are complete, and sings

. she’s careful not to let any magic leak through, only her voice. she does not want to enchant him. she wants him to love her as she is. so she sings, her voice clear and powerful and cutting through the air. she hopes he can hear it.

then one day a figure walks to the beach, and it’s him, her prince. “hello?” he calls out, “are you out there? are you – please, it was you that saved me, wasn’t it? won’t you come out and let me see you?”

so she does, waves her tail at him until he catches sight of her and takes hesitant, disbelieving steps closer.

“you’re a mermaid,” he says, eyes wide, “i thought i saw – but it couldn’t be.”

“i am, and it can,” she says, heart beating wildly in her chest. he’s just as handsome as she remembered, and she wants him just as much. “my name is ariel.”

“ariel,” he repeats, and pulls off his boots and goes wading into the water, watching her to see if she flinches away from him. she doesn’t, and his strides grow bolder. “my name is eric.”

“eric,” she whispers, and when he’s close enough he touches her, trailing fingers across the bare skin of her shoulder and tangling them in her hair.

when he kisses her, she feels powerful enough to undo the world.

so there’s that now, spending her nights with her grandmother and her prince, and she knows how to make her own legs now, could walk onto land and be made a queen among the two legged men.

but she’s a princess here first, and before she can do that she needs to take care of something.


the rotten sea witch with her rotten sea magic won’t be allowed to torment her people any longer.

she tells her grandmother, and amphitrite smiles and says, “an excellent decision, child. i’ve enjoyed our time together, but i think it’s time for me to sleep once more. i’ve taught you everything i can.”

and tears prick ariel’s eyes, but she holds them back. she knew that it couldn’t be forever, that her grandmother can’t die but no longer desires to live and this is the in-between.

“you’ll be an amazing queen,” amphitrite murmurs, and closes her eyes for a millennia more.

this isn’t something to be done in the dead of night, although it would be easier to do it then.

she will make a spectacle of it, she will remind the sea that her people are not to be trifled with.

once upon a time they feared a blue eyed, red haired sea queen with the power to destroy them all. it’s time for them to do so again.

so she drives ursula to the center of the city. her sisters cower and people hide, and her father comes rushing forward to save her.

“you’ve committed great crimes against my people,” she says, not flinching as lightning gathers in the sea witch’s hands, “so now shall a great crime be committed against you.”

“foolish girl,” the sea witch snarls.

triton is yelling. he won’t get there in time.

he doesn’t have to.

she doesn’t need to sing anymore. instead she lifts her hands and pulls ursula apart without ever touching her, not only renders flesh from bone but also sets free the souls she’s been hoarding, reverses the magic done to those who’d fallen into the sea witch’s trap.

they all stare at her, her people, her father, and her sisters. she looks to triton and says, “i’m not a little girl anymore.”

he opens his mouth, closes it again, then says, “i can see that.”

all at once everyone’s perceptions are turned sideways about their youngest princess. she commands a power that even her father doesn’t have access to, she’s not depressed and dreamy – she’s powerful young woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

so she does what she wanted to do, she gives herself legs and steps onto the sand and launches herself into eric’s arms. she becomes his bride, and the rumors run rampant of what she is, of where she came from, but they can’t prove anything and so they rule.

they live long, happy lives. ariel is his consort, his advisor, his wife, his tactician, and his best friend. all those years reading drowned books have certainly paid off. she ages herself along with her husband, bears his children and then teaches them they ways of her – their – people.

her husband dies, and she disappears, like the stories of selkie women that everyone whispers around her. their children give their father a sea burial, and vow to see him again one day. what they know and none of their subjects do is this – their father’s body isn’t in that casket.

she returns to her ocean, her legs form into her glittering green tail, and she goes home. she uses her terribly powerful magic, and brings her husband with her. she went from princess ariel of the sea to queen ariel of the land, and now she’s back again.

she’s not quite a teenager, but neither is she the old woman she pretended to be on land. she’s returned her and her husband to the prime of their life, and as she gained legs to be with him, he now gives his up to be with her.

eric becomes a merman, and a prince by virtue of being ariel’s husband.

she returns to her family and her world without missing a beat, and they all welcome her as if she never left, treat her husband with kindness and respect.

because they all know.

it doesn’t matter that she’s the youngest. when, far in the future, triton’s reign ends –

ariel’s reign will begin.


I know I’m a couple of days late (Irma knocked out my Internet!), but I really wanted to post a doodle celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Kingdom Hearts game’s release in the US.

Celebrating 15 years of my favorite sunshine dorkupine in his many forms! 

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