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Favorite Color? (Soulmate Au)

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Request: A soulmate Au where you see grey until you meet your soulmate.

The world had always been grey for (Y/n), and it would probably be grey for the rest of her life. You see (Y/n) was raised by a pure-blood family, and being a pure-blood came at a cost. They never meet their soulmate. Sure on occasions, if you were lucky, they’re betrothed was their soulmate but most of the time it never happened.

She was only 7 when she found out that most people could see in color. Which surprised her, considering her parents also only saw grey. That’s when (Y/n)’s parents explained about soulmates and how if she met hers then the world became colorful. Even then she still was okay with seeing grey for the rest of her  life.

That was until (Y/n) arrived in Illvermorny. Sure for awhile all the kids saw grey but by 5th year almost all of them could see in color. All except the pure-bloods. She tried to ignore the taunts of being called “Soulless.” or the taunts of “Hey pure-blood are you sure there’s even someone for you out there?” That’s when the hatred for grey bubbled inside her. 

It was that very blasted color that kept her from being normal. That one color. The bullying was extremely worse one day and that’s when she met the Goldsteins. 

“Hey Pure-blood you do know what color this is right?” A boy taunted waving a grey fabric in her face. No matter how hard she concentrated (Y/n) couldn’t tell, but she knew what happened if she got it wrong. Tears gathered in her eyes as she grew more and more frustrated. “Hey pure-blood I don’t hear an answer!”

“Leave her alone! She’s not bothering anyone” A voice cried out catching the group off guard. Another student, a girl, stood with her arms cross. She was a fairly tall girl with short wavy hair and a frown was on her face.

The boy huffed slightly. “Aw come on Queenie it’s just a little fun!” (Y/n) watched cautiously as the girl made her way over with a sweet smile on her face. It honestly scared (Y/n).

Queenie let out a giggle and replied,”Oh I’m sure it is, but do you want me to tell your soulmate about your other fun?” The boy’s face seemed to get paler and Queenie smirked. “That’s what I thought now run along.” Tina plopped down beside (Y/n) as the boy quickly made his get away. “Are you alright sweetie?”

(Y/n) shifted slightly and gave Queenie a thankful look. “Yea it’s pretty normal…” She mumbled fiddling with her hands.

Queenie huffed slightly shaking her head causing her curls to bounce in every direction. “Well it shouldn’t!” She turned to (Y/n) and smiled. “I’m Queenie Goldstein by the way.”

(Y/n) smiled slightly. “(Y/n) (L/n)… It’s nice to meet you…”

It seemed after that day (Y/n) no longer cared about colors. Cause when she met the Goldstein sisters she found out that not only pure-bloods got stuck seeing grey. That in fact sometimes other people met their soulmates later on in life. In fact, she had accepted that she might not meet her soulmate and decided that grey was her favorite color. That was until she met her soulmate.

(Y/n) had been slightly fidgety all day. Queenie was bringing her soulmate over to meet her along with his friend. She would have been glad for it, but this was not the week. You see (Y/n) and her parents had struck a deal a long time ago. She had 1 year to find her soul mate or else she would be married off. This was her last week to find him, but she knew that no matter what she couldn’t say no to Queenie.

So here she was in one of her nice dresses waiting for Queenie to show up. She glanced around making sure that her apartment was all set. Her great horned owl, Athena, was perched in her cage sleeping. All her papers were neatly organized on the coffee table in the living room. The flames in her fireplace were going steady and she glanced into the kitchen. the table was all set for everyone and the food was still cooking.

A small knock sounded on the door and (Y/n) was instantly at the door. “Queenie!” She exclaimed hugging the girl tightly. 

Queenie let out a laugh and pulled out of the hug. She grinned widely at the girl. “(Y/n)! It’s so good to see you!” She stepped inside and pulled a short man in with her. “(Y/n) meet Jacob my soulmate!” Queenie leaned in and whispered excitedly,”He’s also a no-maj so let’s try to keep this quiet.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened slightly at the word “No-maj” but kept her mouth shut. She and Queenie knew the consequence of being caught… But if Queenie was happy that was all that mattered. She smiled at Jacob and held out her hand. “Nice to meet you Jacob.”

He smiled slightly. “It’s nice to meet you as well  (Y/n). Queenie speaks fondly about you…”

(Y/n) smiled slightly at the thought. She suddenly remembered something and frowned. “Hey wasn’t there supposed someone else?”

Queenie giggled and replied,”He’s outside the door… He’s just a little shy” She took Jacob’s hand and sang, “Come on Newt. She won’t bite.”

(Y/n) watched as a tall man came into view. His curly hair covering his eyes as he stared at the ground. He was carrying a slightly beat up suitcase as well. “Hello I’m-.” The moment his eyes met hers a pain shot through her skull.

That’s when she saw it. At first she didn’t know how to describe it. It was the most beautiful color she had ever seen and almost immediately the name clicked. She was staring into his green eyes. That moment she decided at that very moment that green was her favorite color. His eyes were wide in shock.

“Newt? (Y/n)?” Jacob’s voice pulled the two back from their moment. ‘Are you two alright?”

(Y/n) let out a small laugh and turned to them again. Queenie instantly noticed the sparkle in her eyes. (Y/n) grinned and replied, “Yea Jacob perfectly fine.”

Newt stepped beside her and hesitantly took her hand. “I guess I should introduce you to my Soulmate,” Newt joked sending a flutter of butterflies through (Y/n).

Soulmate…. (Y/n) smiled softly at the word. I could love this….

HEY GUYS I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD! That’s right I’m back I have finally been inspired and it’s about time! Also any valentines day ideas would be awesome! Anyways this is my longest one I’m pretty sure so I hope you like it!s

Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤ 

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊 

Warnings: Swearing. Graphic sex. Semi-public sex. Fluffiness. Bucky’s just having a good time.

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How about A3 with Chase? :3

Well, look! That was a great idea! C: 

I mean, just look at him C: This little ball of joy >u< He deserve more happiness dammit :v xD
Hope you like it and I didn’t destroy it too much for you! :D Also thank you so much for your patience! :D


i don’t know it you know guys but there is a new really well made new blog dedicated for Dreamtale! it’s called: @dreamtale-au (by Joku). and tomorrow will be the anniversary! :D

i wanted post it tomorrow but i will be really busy so i have to post it today :’D.

Girl keep working you are awesome<3 i hope that everything will going better for you! sorry for horrible english<3 

more in those liks <3:

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you must come back home ❖ yixing

anon requested: Hey you guys!!! Hope your having an amazing day! Keep up the awesome work!!💕 I wanted to request a Yixing smut. He comes home after a bussiness trip (cuz he is a ceo :’) ) and you greet him with nothing just a silk robe. And then yixing fucks against everybsurface of the house. And he would be so animalistic and raw. You would be screaming for pleasure. Good thing taht you guys have your own house ;) thank you babes💖 - 🐙🐙🐙 anon

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

4390 words | smut, sugar daddy, daddy kink, ceo! au pretty raw tbh, dirty talk | velvet

✎ After a long trip away from home, from you and your body, finally Yixing comes back home and you can remind him how good it feels being in your presence.

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Considering the incredible artists in this fandom I’m almost hesitant to show this, but since I have spent the last month in TFC hell, I kind of find it right that this goes to the one person that made me pick up the books in the first place. 

So this is a kind of thank you for making me aware of this awesome series and all that it entails :) I hope all your days are filled with sunshine, even though you kind of made me check ‘On the impossibility of reality’ around 10 times today :D

Oh my gosh guys, look at this amazing thing someone called agathe sent me and said I could post! I’m like… 90% sure it’s pixel art??

Hey. Hey you. Yeah, you. You’re scrolling again aren’t ya ?

Then stop right there. I’ve got something REALLY important to tell all of you. Do you think about how we are blessed by such amazing, beautiful, inspiring and the cutest human beings sometimes? Cause I sure do. Every single day of my life. I mean look. At. It.

Don’t you love those guys ? I 100% do. I love those rays of sunshine ☀️

Well, I hope you’re having an awesome day now. 😊😘❤️❤️❤️

(That was random and I don’t care. I needed to express some love ❤️)

Thank you so much for staying! You guys are wonderful <3

For all over the years that I’ve been in Tumblr, I never felt so grateful that you guys are there, supporting me and became my friends so as a token of my appreciation, I’ll be doing an Art Raffle!

First Prize: Colored Chibi Drawing

Second Prize: Sketch Chibi Drawing

For those who want to enter the Art Raffle:

You have to be a Follower and Reblog this post 8D

Raffle will end in August 19, Saturday. Best of luck to you guys!

So… I have been seeing @the-vampire-inside-me and @thelostmoongazer talk about who would win in a fight all day and.. well, I got inspired. I drew this with a calligraphy pen using black ink for Bendy and blue for Abel! I really hope you like it!

The mob boss bendy au belongs to @thelostmoongazer and Abel the Angel belongs to @the-vampire-inside-me! Check these guys out, they have awesome art!

Trans* Positivity & Advice

Advice for trans* guys and male-aligned non-binaries!

-use men’s deodorant and cleaning products

-bind! Buy a binder. If unable to, use sports bras. (One normal. One backwards.)

- pack! Buy a packer. If unable to, use socks. (Make sure it doesn’t look like you have an erection.)

-if comfortable with, don’t shave (legs, underarms, etc.)

-try shaving your face.

-wear clothes that you feel masculine in

-wear boxers! If unable to, wear women’s boy shorts.

-get a haircut. If unable to, beanies or pin your hair. 

- try naturally deepening your voice. (Humming as low as you can moving you head up, etc.)

- you can even try using makeup to make your face have more masculine features!

I hope this helped my trans guy and male-aligned non-binary peeps!

Advice for trans women or female-aligned  non-binaries!

-use feminine deodorant or cleaning products.

-wear more feminine clothing. If unable to, wear clothes that you are comfortable with but won’t out you.

-shave your legs or underarms if that is feminine to you.

- let your hair grow out. 

-try make-up, if you want.

-maybe try feminine underwear. If you are unable to, get boxer briefs and cut them to your preferred length.

-bras. Try maybe using fake breasts if you want and wearing bras.

I hope this helps my trans* women or female-aligned non-binary peeps!

Some positivity!:

Dear trans* men or male-aligned non-binary people, 

You look absolutely handsome! You are rocking those clothes and you are awesome! If dysphoria is getting you down, then relax and try to drink a warm beverage. You are many/a man. No matter what others may think. If you’re a little more feminine, then you are fucking awesome, too! You rock those clothes or that make-up. You look amazing and are no less of a man/masculine person.

Dear trans* women and female-aligned people, 

You look beautiful! I love your hair. You are rocking those clothes. You are an amazing person! If dysphoria is getting you down, then relax. Try to drink a warm drink and calm yourself. You are a women/feminine person. No matter the words of others. If you are a bit more masculine, you look fucking awesome! I love that on you. 

Androgynous peeps, 

You look amazing! You are no less of whatever gender you identify with. You are perfect the way you are. You are absolutely fabulous!

I hope all of you are doing well! You guys are awesome! You are valid! I hope you have a great day. 

(Share to, maybe, help someone out.)

For all of you guys, I hope that you had a nice New Years eve and that you’re having a great start of the year.

Thank you all for the New Year wishes and for sure I’ll try my best to make this year that’s just starting a very good year.

As you can see, I’m not very active lately as I’m spending time with family and friends. Hope you’re having a good time in the way you like the most.

For those people asking for the updates, I’ll resume my activities these days ^ ^

And well, after all this, all I have to say is Happy New Year for everyone. You’re awesome guys. Love ya all!

Inktober ‘17 Day 4: Lunatic Mode!!!

Cuphead looks and sounds absolutely astounding. From what I’ve seen, this boss is probably my favourite design. It’s equal measures awesome and terrifying-looking. I hope I can play the game sometime… but right now I don’t have the cash.

…On an unrelated note, did you all know commissions are open on my Tumblr? I’m doing ink drawings every day now anyw- No wait, please come back guys

Loop’s Commission List

Hello again everyone!

I’m open for commissions again and I’m saving up for college you see, and I hope you guys would help me out. You see, the college I have my eyes on is like new in the country and its Game Art Design. Sadly though, the college is too pricey, too far away from where I’m from and since I don’t have any scholarship(since I’m not that smart) it’s going to be hard ;;

if you guys are interested, you can chat me in tumblr or email me on:


Thank you so much guys for considering, I hope you all have a good and awesome day ;v;

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I was wondering, since Christmas has passed, if you guys knew of any New Years Eve fics? Also y’all are super sweet and awesome and I hope you have a nice day! :D


here goes, lovelies! <3
- Vallie

And It Was All Purple by lemoninagin (1/1 | 3,485 | Teen and Up)

“I’m sorry, it’s just kind of cute,” Keith muses to the crisp air after a minute of pleasant silence, lifting his face to the sky and relishing in the light streaming through the thick of his lashes, “Maybe a little sweet, even.”

“I’ll show you sweet, alright,” Lance grumbles, stuffing his hands into his pockets and slouching while he picks up his pace to step in front of Keith to lead the way.

(alternatively titled, in the style of an Always Sunny in Philadelphia title card drop, ‘Lance Shows Keith Something Sweet’)

How To Start The New Year Off Right by Aurore214 (1/1 | 5,209 | Teen and Up)

Keith Kogane, cryptid loving disaster, had somehow made Lance fall for him. An easy feat really. Lance just seemed to have a thing for brooding, meme-loving conspiracy theorists. When Lance gets invited to his ex’s New Year’s Eve party he decides to ask Keith to be his date. Except that he chickens out at the last minute and asks him to pretend to be his date. Will he ever ask Keith out for real? How does Keith feel about him? Will they have a Happy new year?

Happy New Year my love by GrumpyHellion (1/1 | 3,835 | Not Rated)

Picture the scene. It’s New Years Eve and for the first time Keith agreed to stay up all night, to watch the fireworks and countdown and all that crap. Yeah it was never special to him. A new year to fuck up and make mistakes in. A new year to be angry and sad and scared and hurt. A new fucking year. Happy fucking New fucking Year. Fucking fuck.


Not Entirely Horrible by angel_fromthe_darkside (1/1 | 6,181 | Not Rated)

Keith has a problem. It’s been months since he realized that maybe - just maybe - hanging out with Lance wasn’t as unbearable as he had previously thought. But it’s not like he would ever TELL him that.

Lance had a plan. Keyword: HAD. He had a whole romantic set up all ready to go - what he would say, what he would wear, where and how he would stand when the clock stroke midnight. It was going to be perfect. But… things did not go according to said plan. Though, that doesn’t mean the mission was a total failure…

Meet Me Halfway by sleapyGazelle (1/1 | 1,248 | General)

New Year’s Eve under the stars. Written for klancemas week day 6 - New Year’s Eve / stars