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Our True Love - Chapter 8

A/N: Doopdidoo! Eight chapter of my series. I hope you guys enjoy this one as well! Let me know what you think. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to message me or ask me! Thank you and enjoy! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,341
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

It has been two weeks since I last spoke to Bucky or Richard.

I was still angry at them for using me as a source of their fight when the problem really is among both of them. I ignored their calls and texts and even avoiding them if they try to approach me out in person, despite what Bucky said to me before he left. They still need to work things out by themselves.

I lay back on my couch, flipping through the channels of the TV. Wanda is snacking on the animal biscuits I bought earlier. She looks over at me.

“Talk to me.” She says simply. When I didn’t respond, she uses her power to take the remote away from my hand.

“Hey!” I look at her. She looks at me while chewing on a biscuit. I let out a sigh.

“It’s just work. I’m tired of managing files when really I should be helping you guys out with your missions. Not sit in an office and fix some grammar errors.” I say while staring at the screen. A romantic comedy movie is playing.

“Missions are dangerous, Y/N. You know that. You don’t have experience with combat strategy or weapons, do you?” She continues before sipping on a can of soda.

“Yeah, but at least I can help you put together files or information about the mission. Help you guys lead through a building or place like Maria does. It’s more fun.” I pout.

“I suppose. Now tell me what’s really bothering you.” She adds. I look at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Come on. I know it’s not the files that really bothers you.” I let out a sigh. She is right, but do I really need to talk about it?

“Yes you do.” She answers my thought. I stare at her.


“I know, I know, your privacy. Yada yada yada. Now talk to me.” She continues without even taking her eyes off the TV screen. I sigh out in defeat.

“It’s just Bucky and Richard. They drove me nuts the other night.”

“Mm. Bucky did tell Steve about it. I heard them.” She says as she glances over. I rest my head on the back of the couch. Right, and Steve texted me right after asking me if I wanted to talk about it. I declined politely.

“I just need a break.” I stare blankly at the TV screen, thinking about the things Richard and Bucky said that night.

“You are surrounded by a negative energy that is from within your own mind. You’re overthinking things too much.” She says switching the channel into another movie. I run my fingers through my hair.

“Maybe. It’s nothing big anyways. I can handle it on my own.” I say as I take some of the biscuits myself. I can feel Wanda’s eyes on me.

“That’s the problem.” I look at her while raising an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

“You say you can handle it on your own when you really can’t.” A flash of nostalgia brushes through me. She pops another biscuit into her mouth.

“You, Steve and Bucky are all like that. Want to help others, but put yourselves last. Which is why the three of you are always so messed up. But Steve’s mind has gotten a lot clearer after he married Sharon. But you and Bucky?” She shakes her head. I sit up on my couch looking at her intensely.

“What do you mean?” I really haven’t thought about myself at all. All I knew is I wanted to make Bucky happy. She picks up a biscuit and throws it at my face.

“Ow! Wanda!” I yelp rubbing the crumbs off my face.

“Both of you like to keep things to yourselves. Locking things away in your mind without pouring it out on someone. When was the last time you came to someone to talk about your problems and seek comfort?” She asks me. I blink.

“I… don’t need to, really.” I say. But the truth is, I have always done that with Bucky. Minus the talking part. Though, I stopped after I moved out of the Stark tower because of work. She shakes her head again.

“You’re wrong. You do. You don’t like talking to others about your problems because you think it makes you look weak. You cry to yourself every time and refuse to let anyone help you sort your problems out.” She says nonchalantly.

Even if she is right, I haven’t really noticed that that’s what I’ve been doing to myself. I know I tend to put my feelings last, but to hear it from another person’s mouth feels like they literally just slapped me right in the face.

“What can I do? I need to help Bucky sort out his mind first, really.” I say as I cross my arms over my chest.

“You can’t help others if your own mind is troubled.” She says switching the channels again.

“Besides, both of your minds are clear when you are together.” She says. I look at her.

“What?” She lets out an angry sigh before pulling my whole body to face her.

“Listen. You and Bucky need each other, all right? Bucky is comfortable with you and you are with him. You know stories of his past and he trusts you. And you like to seek comfort from him because he knows just the right things to say to help clear your mind out. You’d think Bucky’s mind is a mess when really yours is just the same!” She lets her grip loose on me before sitting back down properly. I blink at her, a little mesmerized at what she just said.

I rest myself on the couch again, staring blankly at the screen. There are about twenty different emotions I am feeling about that, but I couldn’t settle on a single one.

“Stop it with your thinking fumes. You’re distracting me from the movie.” She says at me. I look over at her. My scoff turns into laughter, followed by her own laughter. I take a deep breath before crossing my legs on the couch.

Maybe this is what I really needed. Talking to someone else about my thoughts and feelings to clear out my own mind. Apparently, Wanda knew how troubled I am for a while and she doesn’t say anything about it. She knows that I wouldn’t listen to her. But she told me about it at the right time. I suppose my mind is such a mess to the point even she can’t stand it. I look over at Wanda as she laughs at the movie. I give her a genuine smile.

“Y/N. Really, you’re killing me with your thinking fumes.” She says again looking at me. I smile before taking a deep breath. As I exhale it out, I feel my mind getting clearer. Wanda looks over at me and smiles.

“Takes someone to point out your own wrongs to clear that head of yours, huh?” She says slipping the biscuit into her mouth. I nod.

“Not everyone see the errors in their own actions.” I say. I pop another animal biscuit into my mouth.

“Thank you, Wanda.” She smiles and throws another biscuit at my face. I laugh and brush the crumbs away simply.

It feels good to feel this light again.

“Things are okay between us now. I promise.” Richard says while holding his hands up. I finally have given him the chance to speak. He pulls out his phone to show pictures of him getting handcuffed to Bucky and the things they did together. I cover my hand over my mouth.

“We decided to actually do it. Well, I decided to. Bucky was against it. We ended up bonding quite well after that. He could have simply ripped off that cuff, but I reminded him that we are doing it for you.” Richard says as he laughs. In the pictures, Bucky’s face lightens up little by little. I smile satisfyingly.

“Good. I forgive you then.” I say while tapping his shoulder. He sighs out in relief. I sip onto my drink while looking around.

“You seem very cheery. Did something happen while we were out from your life temporarily?” He asks swirling his drink in his hand. I shake my head.

“No. Nothing really. I just had time to clear my own head.” I say finishing up the last drop of the drink. He raises an eyebrow.

“So, we were troubling you?” He asks. I smile.

“Yes, you both were, very much.” I say while looking at him with the corner of my eyes. He rubs the back of his head.

“Aha. I’m sorry about that.” I smile and shake my head.

“Don’t worry about it. So how are things with Harry?” I ask nonchalantly. The way his face turns red was too adorable.

“Wh… what do you mean? I… I mean, he’s my photographer, so he’s… he’s been doing well.” He stutters a little. I grin at him.

“Yup. A photographer and your crush~ tell me if I’m wrong.” I wink at him. I can feel the steam coming from his red face. Too adorable. I can’t keep torturing him like that.

“H…How did you know??” He asks. I smile.

“Honey, I knew you were a homosexual ever since I met you. But because you are hot, I still feel shy and jittery around you nonetheless. When you introduced me to Harry and the way you talk and look at him tells me a lot.” I say waving the empty glass in front of him.

I swear, Richard can be mistaken for a tomato at this point. He lets out a quiet sigh before running his hands through his hair.

“Oooohhh, Y/N. I wish you could have told me earlier.” He says embarrassed. I pat his back gently.

“Where’s the fun in that? I still like to flirt around with you.” I say jokingly. Richard gives me a look like a crocodile would when he’s watching you. I merely poke my tongue out at him as a response.

“You are still such a gentleman, though. Doing all the things that even straight guys don’t normally do to girls.” I say remembering all the sweet things he did for me.

“Also, you should tell him.” I say while nudging his arm. He blushes before smiling sadly.

“I don’t know if he’s gay too. I mean… most of the guys I had a crush on are straight. I’m afraid of rejection so I always just kept it in.” He stares down at the table as his fingers draw out small circles on it.

“It does hurt to be rejected, but… if you don’t tell them, it’ll eat you alive. It’s better to be straightforward than to keep it in.” I say. He looks up at me.

“And live with the shame and regret if he did reject me? He’s my photographer. Every time I work with him, it’ll be a painful reminder of the rejection. How can I live with that for the rest of my life?” I sit quietly before grabbing on his shoulder.

“You come to terms with the rejection sooner or later. Things like that always takes time. But when you realize that your partnership as co-workers would mean the success for both of you, then it’ll be easier for you to deal with it. You can help each other to become the best at what you do.” Richard looks up at me.

“Pain can fade away because you can finally see the reason behind the pain. A lesson that makes you realize a particular mistake within your life.” I say while petting his shoulder. He raises an eyebrow.

“And that means?”

“Just take the leap of faith. If you never try, then you’ll never know if you’re going to succeed. If you fail, try again. It will break down your confidence at first, but in the end, you’ll be able to find the strength in your pain.” I grin. He chuckles before tousling my hair.

“You are something else, Cherry.” I fix my hair back, looking at him.

“What do you mean?” I ask. He sips on his drink.

“You probably should also follow your own advice too from time to time.” I blink.

“Well, then again, you haven’t been giving up at all. No matter how many times you hurt yourself, you never give up when others have.” He continues.

“Again, what do you mean?” I ask, still confused. He chuckles. The caramel candy voice comes up.

“You have a brain, Cherry Princess. Figure it out yourself.”

I open up the door to my apartment, tossing the keys into the basket. I take off my jacket and hang it on the stand coat rack behind my door. When I look at my living room, my heart jumps out of my chest and I nearly screamed.

“Bucky! Geez louise! You need to stop breaking into my apartment when I’m not home!” I shout at him angrily. Bucky is sitting on the couch while looking at me, not saying a word. He had an expression on his face. A kind where you’d have on when you find out your loved one is going to be fine after a terrible accident. I cross my arms on my chest.

“Are you listening to me?” I ask him, still furious. He simply got up and approach me. The next thing I know is his arms wrapping around me tightly with my face buried in his chest. I let out a surprised gasp.

“Bucky?” I ask him while looking up.

“I missed you…” He says simply. He pulls me up a little to bury his face into my neck. His breath tickling my skin. I move my arms to wrap around him. My anger before completely melted away into Bucky’s embrace. I close my eyes and breathe him in. I catch a bit of lavender scent on his shirt.

“I missed you too…”

★ ★ ★

A/N: Yay for Wanda in this chapter. <3 And one of you guys had suspected Richard’s sexuality (at least asked me about it), well here’s the confirmation. Hehe. Thanks for reading guys! I hope you liked it. Please let me know what you think and I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the series! If you want to be tagged on the next few chapters, please let me know!  Much love. <3

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Solace (Part 4): REPOST

Series: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Pairing: Baekhyun x You (ft. Jongdae O.O)

Genre: Fluff/Smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Word Count: 3.5k

A/n: Yeet, here’s part four guys, (I had to repost this since i deleted it thinking that no one liked it but that was really stupid and dumb bc solace is getting a lot of love from you guys <3) I hope you guys will continue supporting moi and our exo addiction. Feel free to leave me a Lil ol’ message on the toombler, Oh yea, here’s some PG smut for all of y’all pervs. 

The scent of coffee beans wafted through the air as you entered the café to meet your friends. The gentle murmur of voices could be heard above the churning sound of the coffee machine as it worked to produce the hot steaming liquid beloved of the customers. From afar, you could hear the effortlessly professional and melodious voice of Baekhyun taking orders at the storefront. You looked at him, only to find him furiously typing away the customer’s order into the cash register.  

The coffee shop had become your regular hangout ever since Baekhyun entered your friend circle. As you took your seat, you were immediately bombarded with questions by Chanyeol and Jongin. Both endlessly pestering you with questions about if you were going to their fraternity’s “end of the semester” party. You were annoyed at how insistent they were every single semester, even though you rarely went.

Every semester, the frat holds a party for around 200 drunken underage students, all of whom, are crammed into a dance floor taking shots of cheap liquor while EDM or hip hop plays in the background. Everyone is doing one out of the following four things: grinding, playing beer pong, smoking weed, or getting laid upstairs. Outside of the frat house, a pledge stands outside making sure that everyone who enters is either an attractive female or a friend of one of the brothers.

“I just don’t understand why I have to come,” you said as you rolled your eyes at Chanyeol who was still trying to convince you to come.

“Because you need to loosen up and get over Sehun,“ Jongin said as he glared at you, “I’m being serious, Y/N. You need to get back out there.”

Hyojin reached across the table and held onto your hand that was fiddling with the menu sensing your discomfort. You felt a sudden rush of tears and mentally cursed yourself for being too weak.

“It’s just really hard, you know? It’s not easy to just get over it,” you saw your vision become blurry as you furiously blinked to get rid of any tears threatening to come out. Sehun was really a dickhead and all of your friends knew that he didn’t deserve you.

“I understand that it’s not easy but you have to at least try,” Hyojin gently reminded you. She had been there for you when Sehun cheated on you. The two of you had been together for a year and she found out he was cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend, Irene. That was 3 months ago and you were still hung up over it.

“What about Baekhyun?” Chanyeol pointed his chin towards Baekhyun with an allusive smile, “I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy your company.”

Jongin hummed in agreement, “wasn’t he the one who saved you from that creep a few days ago?”

“Ooooh, Y/N! How did it feel getting a checkup from Dr. Byun?” Chanyeol wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“First of all, he saw me bleeding in front of the café. Any decent human being would come to help me in that situation.  Second of all, he’s a med student. Of course he’s going to jump at the opportunity to stich someone up,” you argued although you felt a nagging sensation in your brain telling you otherwise.

“Okay, point taken. But, how many med students risk losing their part time job TWICE for the same girl,” Chanyeol leaned back into the chair with a smug grin, knowing how he had trapped you in your own game.

Unable to come up with an answer, you huffed and reverted your attention to the menu in front of you.

“Okay Y/N, I’m not going to sugar coat this for you. You need to move on from Sehun. Period. The best way to do that is by coming to the party with us. It’s going to be a lot of fun since I’ll be there, obviously,” she joked as she flipped her hair, “but also because you and I will get fucking wasted. Plus, there’s no class tomorrow so we can be hungover in peace…if that’s possible.”

“Fine,” you succumbed, “but only if you guys buy me lunch. I’m sad and broke so you guys have to cheer me and my wallet up,” you said.

As Chanyeol got up to go and order for everyone, you found yourself watching Baekhyun brewing some coffee from behind the counter. As if sensing your gaze, Baekhyun’s eyes found yours. Embarrassed, you ripped your sight from his and turned your head to face the window overlooking the street. You liked Baekhyun, but to be honest with yourself, you were avoiding finding someone new. You didn’t want to get hurt again; you knew that you wouldn’t be able to handle it. The pain from Sehun was too much for you.


“You’re a dickhead." Jongin let out a loud laugh as you threw a plastic cup at him. He caught it and poured some whiskey knowing that you didn’t particularly like the sensation of alcohol burning your throat.

"I know but you’re clearly my best friend for a reason, Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes before walking over to Jongin and grabbing the drink gulping down the whole cup. You sat on the counter as you watched Jongin hide behind the counter from one of his one night stands.

"At least help me, gosh,” Jongin sighed.

“Nah, I’m good here. Just be glad with my presence, dickhead.” you said as you poured yourself more alcohol. You were here because Jongin forced you. At least that’s what you tried convincing yourself. You were truly here to see Baekhyun.

“You want to be here because there's Whiskey and Baekhyun”

You let out a chuckle before sighing and taking another sip watching Jongin try to fit himself into one of the cabinets under the sink. From the corner of your eye, you saw Chanyeol walk up beside you.

“You ok?” He asked as he stood standing against the doorway with folded arms.

“I’m fine.”

Chanyeol gave you a knowing look and slowly walked over to you leaning against the counter next to you.

“Answer it again, this time be honest with me,” he told you.

You looked up and bit your bottom lip. You were trying to hold back your tears. It happened months ago yet it still hurt like a bitch whenever you thought about it. You sighed and took a sip of alcohol before you offered Chanyeol your cup of whiskey. Chanyeol reluctantly took the cup from you, seeing how you weren’t going to answer him but before he could take a sip, his face broke out into his infamous toothy smile.

“JONGDAE!” Chanyeol exclaimed as he hurriedly pushed the cup into your hand as he rushed out to embrace Jongdae.

Before you could register the reality of the situation, you felt a familiar pair of arms as they wrapped around your waist and brought you down from the counter before they enveloped you into a tight hug, the familiar scent of laundry detergent and musk invaded your senses and immediately relaxed your nerves.

“Y/n,” Jongdae smiled into your hair, “did you miss me?” he asked before he pulled away.

“J-Jongdae? S-since when did you come?” you tried to wrap your head around everything that was happening. You called Jongdae about a week ago and he told you he would be coming soon, but you didn’t expect him to come this soon.

“I wanted to surprise you, but you don’t look so happy…” the smile quickly fading from Jongdae’s face.

“No! No, of course I’m happy to see you, Dae!” feeling slightly more like yourself, you felt yourself smile happily. “How was it there? Was everything to your standards? I know it takes a lot to satisfy you,” you teased him.

“Oh, it was okay I guess. But you never really answered my question,” Jongdae nudged your shoulder.

“Obviously I missed you, I had to cook and clean the entire the apartment by myself!” you jokingly said, with your arms crossed. Both of you aware of what you really meant. Without Jongdae at home, you were lonely. You missed how he sang you to sleep during nights you couldn’t get any rest. He helped you calm down during the nights when you were especially stressed out. You missed him and the comfort he gave you.

“Okay, that’s enough for Y/N,” Chanyeol pulled Jongdae from you. “Jongdae, the guys are asking where you are. Aren’t you going to go home with y/n after the party? That should be enough time to catch up.” Chanyeol decided to himself as he dragged Jongdae away from you.  

You both gave each other a knowing look before you waved at Jongdae as he walked with Chanyeol to see the rest of his friends upstairs. You found yourself alone again and took the red solo cup into your hand. You were curious as to see if this was your cup of whiskey or a cup of an unholy alcohol combination normal at the frat house. Taking a whiff from it, you immediately retracted from the cup and felt yourself grimace at the intensity of the drink’s smell.  

Definitely not mine, you thought to yourself as you scrunched your nose in disgust.

“Not a fan of alcohol?” felt heard a familiar velvety smooth voice ask from behind you.

You turned around and met Baekhyun standing inches away from you. In front of you, Baekhyun was wearing a grey drawstring hoodie and a light blue jean jacket paired on top of it. The combo was matched with a pair of black ripped jeans and black sneakers with pristine white laces. Looking upwards, you saw that Baekhyun wasn’t smiling the way he always did when he talked to you.

“Uh, I am, but not this particular drink. I’m guessing it’s one of the frat’s famous combinations. You know, the one that gets everyone wasted with like two sips. To be honest, I’ve never really enjoyed the feeling of my throat deteriorating from alcohol, but I still drink it,” you retorted feeling a bit nervous and confident around Baekhyun.

An eyebrow shot up questionably, as he glanced at the cup and then back at you. You saw the corner of his mouth turn upwards but only slightly as if asking why you would have it in your hand if you didn’t like it.

“Oh, this? This isn’t mine. I think that this was my friend’s but he left it here and hasn’t come back to get it,” you looked away from Baekhyun. “…I also wanted to smell it, but only to see why everyone was so addicted to it,” you said sheepishly.

“What does it smell like?” he asked with his curious eyes and his teasing smile.

“It smells like Satan’s asshole chugged a pint of asparagus piss.”

Your response immediately made Baekhyun burst out into a fit of hysterical laughter. You found yourself beginning to get lost in his laughter when all of a sudden, you didn’t know how you found yourself laughing so hard, but you couldn’t stop. Your breath came in quick gasps between your unstoppable giggles. Tears gathered in the corners of your eyes, threatening to spill over. You looked at Baekhyun and saw him in a similar state. His shoulders were shaking in silent laughter as he started to calm down. In a flash, you forgot about Sehun and everything’s he has done. In this moment, all you felt was pure joy and happiness. You forgot all of your worries and just focused on Baekhyun and his deep, boisterous laughter.

This is the effect Baekhyun had on you.

Wiping away the stray tears lingering on his cheeks, he sat down on the hard, wooden floor in a criss-cross manner. You followed him, and felt yourself the most relaxed in the past couple of days.

As if Baekhyun had completed a deep personal goal, a sense of satisfaction appeared on his face that was expressed by the curve at the corner of his mouth. A confidence exuded from Baekhyun through the slight raise of his eyebrow. Baekhyun looked pleased. He was pleased.

“Ah, y/n… I’ve never met anyone like you before,” he mused.

“Unfortunately for you, Baekhyun, I’ve met plenty of people like you. You’re just like everyone else. Just ordinary,” you teased him, suddenly feeling a rush of confidence, most likely because of the cups of whiskey you had earlier.

The two of you were sitting on the floor, enjoying each other’s presence. The music was as loud as thunder. It made the solo cups on the tabletops rattle. Neon lights flashed everywhere the wondrous fireworks crackling through the night sky, but much more colourful.

Leaning against the sofa, you took a good look at Baekhyun.

Really, you had enough dignity to avoid gawking at random strangers. But this boy before you, radiating with nothing but grace, had you enthralled. He was mesmerizing in every way. The faint glimmer of the party lights ghosted over his pale skin and eyes as deep as the molten chocolate. And when those very eyes shifted and met your gaze, a surge of understanding had calmed and further mystified you at the same time. From the moment you first laid her eyes on him, you knew that he is someone you can trust wholeheartedly.


“What the Fuck, Y/N?” Hyojin exclaimed as she pulled you from the floor. “Fuck, get that out of your mouth,” she said as you quickly spat out the Cheetos into a nearby plant.

“I-I a-am n-not drunk,” you slurred, pointing up a finger in your defense. “I promise!”

“Mm-hmm, that’s why you kept telling everyone how playing beer pong with a used ball is unsanitary while you ate Cheetos off the god damn kitchen floor,” Hyojin retorted with her hands crossed in obvious disgust and anger as she wiped her hand on the side of the counter.

“You need to go home, where’s Jongdae?” she said as she tried searching for your roommate. “Oh, Baekhyun!” Hyojin waved him to where you two were. “Did you see Jongdae? He needs to take y/n home, she’s completely shitfaced.”

“Oh shit, I think Jongdae’s knocked out upstairs. The guys were playing some drinking game,” Baekhyun laughed to himself, “the prize was a half an empty bottle of vodka.”

“Shit,” Hyojin groaned to herself.  

“Jinnee? Who’s this? He keeps looking at me, tell him to stop. He’s making me shy,” you tugged on Hyojin’s arm and hid your face into your friend’s shoulder.

“Jesus, she really is shitfaced,” Baekhyun said with a hint of amusement lacing his voice.

“I’ve never see her like this before, well maybe once back in freshman year,” She sighed. “Hey Baekhyun? If it’s not an issue, can you, uh, maybe… drop her off? I would but I’ve been following her drunk ass to make sure she doesn’t get hurt, and I don’t want to go home yet.”

“Yea, sure. She doesn’t live too far from here, we can just walk,” Baekhyun went to place his arms around your waist, but you quickly dashed to the other side of the kitchen.

“Wait! Let’s see what’s in this cabinet! What the fuck is in this cabinet?! There’s nothing interesting in this cabinet! I’m going to slam this cabinet shut now! Let’s move on to the next cabinet,“ you tried moving to the next cabinet before Baekhyun sighs heavily and he tugs you upwards, placing one of your arms across his shoulder.

“Y/n, I never knew you had this side to you,” He huffs.

You perked your head up and smiled at him dizzily before pecking him on the cheek. Baekhyun froze in mild confusion and excitement as he stared at your retreating form.

“I want to touch your hair,” You say as you very softly caress his hair lightly before giggling to yourself, “Omo it’s just as soft as I imagined it to be,” you shied away.

Baekhyun walked you to your dorm, while you tried not to stumble and appear as sober as possible.

"Please don’t think bad about me, ‘cause I’m drunk. I’ll be a good wife, I know where to buy good tomatoes and chocolates,” you tried to convince Baekhyun as he opened the door to your apartment.

Baekhyun went to go remove your heels when you suddenly doubled over and gagged. “Oh, I think I’m going to be sick,” you quickly gasped. Baekhyun wasted no time in hurrying you to your washroom and positioning you over your toilet. With one violent contraction the congealed contents of your stomach emerged in the early morning light, nothing digested since the evening party before. Baekhyun held your hair behind your face and wiped your mouth with a piece of toilet paper before flushing it away with your vomit. Quickly, you brushed your teeth, unable to stand the stench emitting from your own mouth.

Immediately, you felt a sense of fatigue wash over you as you sank down to lean against the bathtub. Your eyes began to close by themselves when you quickly opened them, curious as to where Baekhyun was.

“Baek?” you called out for him. “Baek? Where are you?

You didn’t hear anything, so you got up and walked over to your bed. There, you slipped out of your clothes and into an over-sized white t-shirt that belonged to Jongdae. You heard a voice come from behind you and you immediately turned around.

“U-um, I j-just w-went to fetch y-you a glass of water,” he cleared his throat,” and some pills for tomorrow.” He said with a light blush dusting his cheeks.

You walked over to him and took the glass of water and gulped down the contents in one shot. You gave him the cup back and noticed how he was avoiding making eye contact with you. Annoyed, you tugged his sleeve and forced him to look down at you.

“Baekkie, are you going to leave me?” you sweetly asked him.

“U-um, yes, I was going to leave after I put you to bed,” he tugged at the neckline of his hoodie.

“Oh Baekhyunnie, aren’t you hot?” you giggled to yourself, “You’re very hot. You should take off your jacket,” you said as you pulled the jean jacket off of his frame.

“Actually, you should take off your hoodie too. I want to see your muscles,” you giggled again as you sneaked your hands underneath his top, tracing the outlines of his firm abs.

“Don’t,” he said, halting your hands from moving any further.

“Hmph, fine” you gave in “you can keep your shirt on. But, if you’re going to stay tonight then you cannot wear pants,” you leaned into him and whispered, “It’s the law.”

Your hands trailed down his hoodie and toward his zipper, pulling it downward. 

“Stop,” he laughed as his hands stopped yours from moving once again.

“Why?” You whined.  ”I think your voice is really sexy and I really want to make out with you right now,” you said as you pounced on him, attacking his lips with your own.  It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breaths mingled. You ran your fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between you two and you could feel the beating of his heart against your chest. Pulling Baekhyun to your bed, you pushed him onto the mattress and straddled his waist. Starting from the sweet spot underneath the earlobe, you trailed down his neck with a mess of butterfly kisses. You stopped at his collarbone, sucking and licking on it hard enough to leave a mark.

Baekhyun couldn’t think straight as you kept attacking him with your lips. When he finally got to his senses, he stopped you from going any further.

Baekhyun pulled away and stared into your eyes, “You’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” hie said as his eyes twinkled with mischief.

“I am most definitely not drunk, you’re just a bit blurry,” you argued.

“Y/N, if you do this now then you’re going to regret this tomorrow. And frankly, I have morals, so I am not going to let you take advantage of me while you’re drunk,” he dramatically placed his arms over his chest in a protective manner. 

You huffed in annoyance and turned around to face the opposite direction from Baekhyun. After a few minutes, you felt Baekhyun’s strong arms pull you into his chest and rest his chin on top of your head. You brought your own arms and wrapped them around his waist, twisting to lie on your stomach as you brought your leg to rest between his. You closed your eyes and took in the smell of his musky citric scent, with a mixture of alcohol exuding from his clothes. Or was it yours? You didn’t care. Underneath the blanket of shining stars, you were here in Baekhyun’s arms without a care in the world.

Feeling yourself close to losing consciousness, you heard a faint whisper from Baekhyun before everything faded away.  

“Sweet dreams, my love.” 

playingmybonglikeasax  asked:

It makes me so happy to see hash brown is doing well and eggs is getting lots of praise and love and sweets. Good boys deserve the best things in life

Honestly, when we thought she wasn’t going to make it my husband and I just sat in the waiting room crying like babies. She sleeps between our heads every single night and we couldn’t imagine losing her. I made the first post in part because I was just so scared and needed someone else to hope with me that it’d turn out okay. 

You guys were all so, so amazing and sent us so many wonderful messages. It was legitimately a massive help knowing all these people care about our her just like we do. My personality is the type where I immediately beat myself up for anything bad that happens, and this time was no different. I kept thinking if I could have done something differently to prevent her accident or find her sooner. But between the vet telling me that it was 100% not our fault and all of you being so supportive, I was able to calm down and just focus on doing what I needed to for Hash Brown.

So, to everyone who messaged me: Thank you so much. YOU deserve all the best things in life, too. People talk about the hate you see on the internet a lot, and even though that’s a very real thing there are also so many wonderful people that do things like support my silly dreams on Patreon and send prayers to my cats when they’re hurt. Thank you for being wonderful.

Hey my dudes

I’m kinda finding my way to the drawing tablet and my sketchbooks again! It’s been so busy lately. I’ve been having animation classes and uni in general and a lot of personal stuff and I was just generally tired of everything. All I had time for was uni and getting a couple of hours of sleep. I miss drawing for you all.

Thank you all for the support and the love you give me. It means so much to me when I get a message, a positive tag or just any kind of love and encouragement. I truly love you all. I hope I’ll be able to have some more time to interact with you guys on here again. I miss you.


Hello! Sorry I’ve been inactive for the past week – I’ve been coming home tired and feeling sluggish and I don’t know why ;;v;; I think I should try getting some proper sleep this weekend (usually I only get 3-5 hours a night) ;;v;;

I’ve received recent asks about the Zen Feels Train – please know that it will be updated after the holidays ^o^ Thank you for your interest ♥ I’m also working on some holiday artworks that I hope to finish before the month ends :D ((It’s super fun I hope you guys will like it ^__^))

I’m sorry for letting the messages pile up – I’m trying my best replying privately to some and I’m compiling the others for posting • v •;;; Feel free to resend your ask && tell me if you want a reply right away! I really appreciate all your messages and I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to brighten up my day ♥ ♥ ♥ Please give me a bit more time! Thank you!

02.10.16 // 4:24 PM With love, from Princeton -Kat  

((Happy Holidays everyone!!! <3
i’m so sorry for the hiatus in ask-soriel! >< i’m still not dead and really wanna get back to updating here… sadly i’ve been very busy with commissions recently, and i really need the money to help at home right now (it’s pratically my job now, and has been helping A LOT!)
i’m very happy to be getting so many commission requests. thank you so much! i know this blog has been immensely important for my popularity as an artist increasing so much this year. i’d like to thank you guys for all the love and all the nice messages i’ve ever received, for bearing with the slow updates and the fashiontale posts…
once again, i’m so sorry for the ask box been closed for such a long time, and i sure hope i can open it again soon~!))


Haven’t updated here in ages, sorry @ those people who send me messages but I never reply! :p Anyway, here are just some posts from my insta hehe, also congrats to those who recently finished exams, hope you guys get deserving grades!

ig: @studeying


Alright, hi guys. I know, I don’t want to get serious on this blog, but I kinda feel like I have to for today. And I just want to say I know things are looking super bad right now, honestly, I’ve been feeling anxiety for everyone over there for the entire day! 

But I just want to remind you that this isn’t the end. You’ll all get through this, you might think that there’s no point but please don’t give up! Don’t stop fighting! 

But also please remember to take care of yourselves and take care of each other. 

I know it’s easy for me to say this as someone who’s not from America, but I just want you all to know that I’m here rooting for you and I hope that my words and work would provide some form of comfort.

Take care and be safe. 

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Hi, sci! I uh, have a bit of a favor to ask. I'm kinda homeless at the moment, but I have a chance to move in with my partner if I can pay off my car before my friend (whose couch I'm surfing on) moves out with her family this year. I'm selling things to raise money, and I have the Spider-Man/Deadpool issue1&2 variants. #1 is the GameStop variant (one of three thousand) and #2 is the purple variant. I was hoping that I could ask you to put this out there for your followers to see? I'm

(cont.) currently taking offers, so anyone who would like to discuss can message me here. Sorry if this interrupts your usual content, I don’t want to intrude or anything, but I’m getting desperate. Best wishes!–Vei

Hey, guys, anyone interested, please message @veituriel! I know all of you are after that GameStop variant. It isn’t easy to get your hands on that baby. 


Hey guys, how are you all? I hope you’re all doing well. The holidays are almost here and this year is finally ending. My blog is four years old now and I wanted to make a follow forever for this occasion. I guess I just wanted to make this to thank you all. 2016 was a shitty year for me and I’m really glad it’s ending but you all made it a little easier and I’m grateful for that. I made many incredible and sweet friends on here and I love them to bits.

Followers: thank you for sticking and putting up with me during these four years, I love every message I get from you guys even though I suck at replying on time. If you recently followed me, then I hope you enjoy my blog. You’re all amazing and I appreciate every single one of you ♥

Mutuals: tumblr wouldn’t be fun without you guys, thank you for making my tumblr experience wonderful. I don’t really talk much but I enjoy seeing every one of you on my dash and secretly wish we could be friends.

Happy holidays ★ I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends and that 2017 treats you well!

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Drunk (Joe Sugg Imagine)


A/N: I came up with this when I watched Alfie’s vlog, ‘TWO SUGGS IN MY BED.’ (link below - I do not own the video at all, just the idea for this imagine) tbf, I don’t really know where the idea came from, but I do hope you guys like it! Let me know if you do! Enjoy!

Link to Alfie’s vlog - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFBmiXt7VbY&t=42s

You rubbed your eyes as you looked at the time on your phone.


Who the hell was texting you at 4 in the morning?

You opened your text messages and saw that you had a text from Zoe.

‘Come get your boyfriend. He’s third wheeling Zalfie!’

You frowned and sent a quick text back.

'He’s not my boyfriend, Zo. But I’ll be there in a min.’

You slowly got up from the bed that you shared with Joe, your best friend. You both didn’t mind sharing. You always did so it wasn’t weird or awkward.

You slipped your shoes on, and grabbed your phone and key card and left the room.

You made your way to Zalfies floor and to their room. You knocked on the door and waited patiently.

“Oh, that must be room service,” Alfie said from inside the room. “I’ll go get that.” He jumped up from bed and ran down the stairs. He opened the door and saw you there. “Oh, hey, Y/N!” Alfie exclaimed and hugged you.

“Hey, Alfie,” you said, pulling away from him. Alfie moved to the side and you walked into the hotel room. “Zoe said that Joe was third wheeling and I had to come get him,” you explained, chuckling lightly.

Alfie laughed and said, “I wouldn’t say he’s third wheeling.”

I raised an eyebrow at him to say 'really?’

“Okay, maybe he is third wheeling a bit.”

“Well, I’m here now to take him off your hands,” you said, laughing. Alfie started going upstairs and you followed behind him.

“Joe!” Alfie sang. “You’ve got a visiter!” Alfie jumped back into bed while you stood near the end of the bed.

“Hi, Y/N!” Zoe exclaimed from her position in the bed. You smiled at her and Joe turned around from where he was stood near Zoe’s side of the bed.

“Y/N!” Joe shouted and ran-more like stumbled-to hug you.

“Joe, be quiet! It’s nearly 5 in the morning!” You scowled and lightly sat him down on the bed. He laid down on the bed, his head in between Zoe and Alfie’s legs.

“You should’ve been there, Y/N,” Alfie started, laughing. “Joe was off his nut at the party. It was pretty funny. Except for that one part where he bumped into the waiter and made him drop the dishes.”

You gasped and covered your mouth with your hand. “I knew I shouldn’t have left. Joe can never be on his own when drunk.” You saw Joe slowly get up and make his way to lie down next to his sister. Alfie had his camera out as he filmed Joe talk about a date he went on.

“I went on a double date to Winter Wonderland,” Joe started. You frowned as you listened to the conversation.

“No you didn’t. With who?” Alfie asked.

“I can’t say, of course. I’m being filmed.”

“Wait, but with who?”

“Two girls.”

“Just you and two girls?” Alfie questioned. Joe nodded. A weird feeling came into your stomach as you heard that.

Joe and two girls? You thought to yourself. You knew it shouldn’t have bothered you much but it did. Maybe it had to do with the fact that you were madly in love with him and have been for the past 16 years.

You lightly shook your head rid of the thought and looked back at the trio. You saw that they were all looking at you.

“Why’d you shake your head, Y/N?” Alfie asked you. His camera was facing you.

“Err…no reason. I was just thinking,” you quickly replied. Before anyone could question you anymore, you said, “right, well I think it’s time for me and Joe to go now. Come on, Joe.” You went over to Joe and lightly tugged him to stand up. He got up but suddenly fell into you. You quickly balanced yourself and him as he leaned into you. You made him throw his arm over your shoulder so that you could help him to your room. You slid your arm around his waist as you went over to the stairs.

“Bye, Y/N. Bye, Broseph,” Zoe said. “Don’t get up to anything naughty!” She winked and you rolled your eyes.

“Shut up, Zoe,” you scowled and helped Joe down the stairs. “We’ll see you guys in the morning. Goodnight!” You said as you got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Thank you for helping me, Y/N,” Joe exclaimed, grinning. “I don’t know where I’d be without my beautiful best friend!” Your stomach flipped when he called you beautiful but all feelings subsided when he called you his best friend.

Best friend, you thought. That’s all I’ll ever be to you, Joseph Sugg.

You made your way to the elevator with Joe stuck to your hip. You pressed the button to your floor as you waited. Joe’s head slowly started dropping and you quickly shook him.

“Joe, we’re nearly to our room. Stay awake a little while longer, will ya?” You uttered as the door to the elevator opened. You pulled Joe inside and made him lean against the wall for support. You let go of him and pressed the button to your floor. You stood next to him as the elevator chugged to a start.

“You’re looking hot in that outfit, Y/N,” you heard Joe say from beside you. You could tell he had a cheeky smirk on his face. You blushed as you remembered what you were wearing.

It was a white crop top with a pair of sports shorts. There wasn’t anything 'hot’ about it; it’s literally just what you wear to bed.

“Erm, thank you?” You replied, nervously. Joe laughed, deeply and you just blushed even more and looked away.

After a few seconds of a calm, yet awkward, silence, you heard Joe shuffling. From the corner of your eye, you could see Joe reposition himself. He pushed his weight off the wall so that he was standing alone.

“Joe, are you sure you’ll be okay standing alone?” You asked him. He ignored you and suddenly pushed the 'Emergency Stop’ button. The elevator halted and you spun around quickly to face Joe. “What the fuck, Joe? What do you think you’re doing?” You half-shouted at him. He still didn’t answer you. Instead, he turned to face you.

He had a look in his eye that you couldn’t decipher. You’ve never really seen that look before. It was scary, somewhat.

“Joe,” you started off, “are yo-” he grabbed your waist and pushed you against the elevator wall. Your breath hitched in your throat as your brain tried to wrap around what was happening. His face was millimeters away from yours. His eyes looked in between your eyes and your lips. “Joe, what are you do-” he never let you finish your sentence. His lips smashed into yours and you froze.

A few seconds went by and you realised what was happening. You don’t know how it happened, but you somehow found yourself kissing him back. His hands stayed put on your waist while yours managed to find themselves tangled in his hair. Joe bit your lower lip, as if asking for permission to enter, and you opened your mouth slightly. You both fought for dominance but in the end, Joe won.

After that heated make out session, you both pulled away from each other, but still in each other’s arms.

“Joe, you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re doing,” you quickly said and slid out of his arms. You turned around so your back was to him.

“I’m not drunk pshh,” he said and you could tell he was swaying in his steps. “And I do know what I’m doing, I’m kissing the girl I love.”

Your heart started to beat really fast when he said that. But you shook it off as just Joe saying things because he’s drunk.

The elevator started up again and next thing you knew, you were on your floor.

“Well, come on, we’re here,” you said and pulled Joe out of the lift and to your room. You pushed him in, lightly, and he stumbled a bit but soon regained his composure. He went over to the bed and flopped down on one side. You went over to the other side and laid down as well. You shifted so that you were facing away from him and turned the lights off so the room was dark.

“Night, Y/N,” Joe uttered, softly, from his side.

“Goodnight, Joe,” you replied back. It was silent for the next few minutes so you thought Joe had passed out. You decided to try sleep again. But you couldn’t.

After another minute, you felt Joe shift behind you and next thing you knew, his arm was wrapped around your waist and his face was nuzzled into your hair.

You didn’t mind.

Something did catch you off guard though. It’s what Joe said next,

“I do really love you, Y/N, more than a friend.” He kissed your head.

You heart stopped beating at that and you didn’t reply. You pretended you were asleep.

Joe obviously doesn’t mean it, he’s drunk, you thought.

Or does he?

It was 11:32am and you were awoken to the sound of banging on your hotel room door.

You groaned and slid out of bed and answered the door. “What?” You said, grumpily.

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Marcus said as him, Alfie, Jim and Jim’s brother, John, walked into your room. They all took a seat on the couch.

“Yeah, sure, just come in, why don’t ya?” You replied, shooting daggers at them.

“We came to wake you and Joe up as lunch is being served in less than half an hour. We would’ve woken you up at breakfast but we didn’t know what you were doing,” Jim said, adding a wink to the end of his sentence. You fake laughed and flipped him the finger. He chuckled.

“Shut up, nothing happened,” you voiced and sat on the edge of the bed.

They ignored you and Alfie asked, “is he still asleep?” You nodded. The boys looked at each other and grinned. You raised your eyebrows, unaware of their plan. “I’d move out of the way, Y/N,” Alfie said. You quickly jump up from the bed and moved aside.

All the boys jumped up from their seats on the couch and ran to the bed. One by one they all belly flopped on Joe, piling on top of him. From beneath the pile, you could hear Joe groaning.

You laughed from the sidelines and watched as Joe tried pushing all of them off of him. He was losing by far.

Soon enough, they all got off of him. “There we go, now he’s awake,” Marcus said with a smile. “We’ll leave you to it.” And then they all walked out of our room like nothing happened.

“That was probably one of the best things I’ve seen this whole trip,” you voiced with a laugh. Joe grunted from his position on the bed; he was laying on his stomach, sprawled out. You went over and laid down next to him on your back. You pushed his hair away from his eyes and said, “it’s okay, love, a nice shower will help you.”

Suddenly, everything from last night came back to you. You were about to get up but Joe grabbed your wrist and said, “can we just lay here for a bit? We can be late to lunch.” You chuckled and nodded. You laid back down but this time you laid down on your side so you could face Joe.

It was silent, just consisted of you and Joe looking into each other’s eyes. It wasn’t awkward but you broke the silence by asking, “do you remember anything from last night?”

“Yeah,” was Joe’s simple reply.

“Oh. What do you remember?”

“A lot of things. Some things I regret,” he started saying. Your heart broke. Did he regret the elevator incident? Or did he regret admitting he loved you? “Some things I don’t regret,” he finished saying. He lifted one hand and stroked your cheek. You closed your eye and nuzzled your face into his hand.

“What don’t you regret?” You asked and opened your eyes to look at him.

“Well, I don’t regret getting so drunk that you had to come get me from Zalfie’s room. I don’t regret what happened in the elevator…and I don’t regret my confession,” he stated with a soft smile on his gorgeous face. “I really do love you, Y/N, more than a friend. Heck, I’m in love with you!”

You closed the gap in between you by capturing his lips with yours. It didn’t take him long to respond and soon he pulled you over him so that you were straddling him. You pulled away from the kiss and ran your hands down his chest.

“I’m in love with you too, Joseph,” you replied with a grin. You leaned back in and kissed him. His hands slid from your back down your sides to your thighs.

“You need to wear this outfit more often,” he mumbled into your lips. You smiled and you could feel him smile into the kiss as well.

Chibi Yoosung bae <3 I can’t stop loving this cinnamon roll ///// Ignore the simple background please haha I’m so gonna fix it soon ; v ;

It’s a special request for jessichiii~ Hope you like it ^^

At first I thought I’m just gonna draw him but then I got the concept for the rest of the guys, including V and Saeran :)) Wondering… if I made this Halloween MM as a keychain/buttons, are you interested in getting one? Which one do you prefer (keychain/buttons)? I’ll open an International Shipping Order if you do ^^

Please leave comments/message me if you’re interested or have any questions or just simply wanna say hi and share the love of MM with me haha > v < /

Yohoo Mina Fay is here!! How are you doing guys ? I hope all of you doing all right ^^ 

Anyway did you miss me ? Hehe I’m just joking xD *ignore me* So this’s my new blog, I deleted my previous blog “katsokis” Cuz some reasons and i want to start a new beginning and forget everything happened in my previous blog :D 

I’m thankful to all those who helped me get this far. It means more than you can imagine! Thanks for the messages, For talking to me, And being fantastic in general <33 I love all of you 

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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 7)

Hey guys! Here’s Chapter 7! I hope you like it! Chapter 8 is on the way not to worry! Thank you to all the love and support! I’ve gotten some great messages and I’m so happy that you guys are enjoying the story! It’s nearing the end but please enjoy!

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!




When Lance confesses every bad thought he’s had to the team, and it doesn’t go well. Lance has to get out . The team has to come to terms with what Lance said and figure out how they can make it right.

Chapter 7: Well, Mierda.

Lance ran as fast as he could. He could feel Blue calling out to him, she could feel his fear, his panic, his pain and she wanted to help. So when he made it to the hangar she was ready and waiting, mouth open ready to protect him. He ran inside.

I need to get out of here I feel like I can’t breathe. Lance said to her, through their bond like so many times before.

I understand. She replied.

Lance sat heavily in his chair, console lighting up. He leaned his head back and let Blue into his mind. Then he was seeing through her eyes. She looked at the hangar door, ramming it trying to get out. She was desperate or maybe that was Lance it was hard to tell when they were like this.

Her attention was drawn to a voice, Shiro looking panicked and worried, running into Blue’s hangar.

“LANCE!” Shiro shouted, “PLEASE STOP!” Shiro begged.

Blue looked at him and turned back ramming the hangar door again. Lance needed to get out. They had to get out.

Shiro was still shouting but Lance couldn’t hear him.

“LANCE PLEASE! DON’T GO!” SHiro shouted. Suddenly Hunk appeared next to him, dragging Shiro out of the hangar.

“HUNK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Shiro shouted at him with anger.

“Shiro. Stop. Let him go.” Hunk said seriously.

What?” Shiro asked incredulously.

Hunk let the tears that he had been stopping slide down his face.

“Please. You have to let Lance go. He won’t stop when he’s like this.” Hunk said, another bang came from the hangar, Blue desperately trying to escape.

“Lance just confessed a bunch of stuff that we know he didn’t really mean, his emotions are off the wall. He needs time to gather himself, then we go after him.” Hunk said wiping tears from his face.

Everyone had joined them outside of the hangar door, crashing sounds becoming more frequent.

“If we try to talk to him now…” Hunk said shaking his head, “He’ll just become more panicked and we’ll make it worse. Please just… wait.” Hunk said.

Shiro’s whole body seemed to sag, like all the energy had been drained. Finally there was a huge crash and an alarm sounded.

“Lance and Blue have left the hangar.” Coran said finally.

So they all stood in the noise of the alarm, completely silent.

Lance and Blue went out into space, dark and quiet. They need to go someplace, some place with a breeze and water. But they were too far from Earth so another planet would have to do. Images floated across Lance’s mind, a beach with pink sand and green water. A yellow sky with purple clouds, a planet similar to Earth and it was close.

Let’s go. Lance and Blue said together and they did.

They flew for a long while passing stars and planets of beautiful and terrifying color and shape. Lance couldn’t believe that he had gotten used to space, something he could only dream about when he was younger. Here he was floating among the stars and he felt nothing.

Then the planet was in front of them, a colorful version of Earth. They descended. Blue landing on the beach. Lance slowly opened his eyes coming back to himself. He felt empty, like he had left everything back on the Castle and maybe he did.

He got out of Blue, a breeze whipping his brown hair around. The beach was similar to Varadero beach, where he spent his childhood. The sand was pink instead of the beautiful white, the water a vibrant green framed by a light yellow sky. Lance went to a spot next to the water and sat. He let the breeze wash over him and watched the water come in and out in a constant beat.

Before he realized hot and heavy tears streaked down his face, what had he done? He curled in on himself, bring his knees up, arms wrapped around them.

“They must hate me now.” He said with such raw sadness.  

No, they do not. Blue said.

“But how do you know? Blue, I-I said horrible things to them. Every passing thought I had, everything I’ve thought bad about them I sa-said.” Lance said the breaths hitching in his throat, tight and hot. “They didn’t deserve that, it was cruel. How could I…” Lance said not able to finish because sobs were racking his body shaking him to his very core. He couldn’t remember the last time he cried like this.

They do not hate you. I can feel it. The lions are connected. They are confused and sad but they do not hate my Lance.  Blue said, they know my Lance is kind and they know my Lance is hurt and they didn’t notice. That’s how they feel.

Lance just tried to breathe, tried to calm down but his heart hurt so much and it wouldn’t stop. It was like he had lost all control of his emotions.

You know she lies to you, right?

Lance looked up hesitantly, it was Lotor not the real one but the one in his head.

They hate you now. They won’t come for you. Just stay on this beach, it’s nice here.

Lance shook his head, this wasn’t real. He wasn’t going to continue to let this hallucination walk all over him. Lance stood, Lotor watching.

Shut up.” Lance said.

Oh he speaks.

Lance set his jaw, “Leave me alone. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” Lance said.

Lotor looked shocked and then smiled, his face began to change and Lance was once again staring at himself, the self without the scars, the way he was before.

I can’t leave Lance. I’m you. There’s no escape.

Lance paused and suddenly something clicked, the steel that had covered his emotions cracked and began to fall apart. The thing that was created on Lotor’s ship. The steel fell away, but he didn’t need it anymore, he didn’t need to hide anymore. He realized that now, he was allowed to feel afraid, he was allowed to feel jealous, he was allowed to feel.

No you’re right.” Lanced breathed, understanding.

“I can’t get you out. You’re me, the part of me I wish I didn’t have. You’re my doubt, my sadness, my anger, jealousy, fear and every other crappy emotion. You’re all of it in one.” Lance took a breath, looking himself in his own blue eyes, “But I need to accept that you’re a part of me, not separate from me. Just like me and Blue when we fly, we have to accept one another. I’m sorry I keep pushing you out, that I keep ignoring you.” Lance said.

His hallucination looked afraid, and he backed up.

“I accept you, okay? And I forgive you. You’re the part of me that… makes me human. I’m sorry.” Lance said, tears streaming down his face.

His hallucination shook his head and slowly, little by little he began to fade. Lance knew that his wasn’t a normal thing, talking to your own hallucination or accepting yourself in this weird way. But if it was what it took to move on and to accept what had happened to him. To accept the new him then that’s what he would do.

And Lance was left on the beach with Blue.


“Better.” Lance said.

The team had gathered in the lounge on the couches and they didn’t say anything for a long time. Hunk was worried, they all were. He was the one to suggest waiting but they could at least productive.

“We have to talk about what Lance said.” Hunk stated.

Everyone remained silence but began to straighten, Shiro nodded and although everyone still looked pale and a little shocked they looked determined.

After a pause Keith started, “Do you guys know why he said um… why Lance kept calling me perfect and the stuff he said about Shiro.” Keith asked.

To their surprise Pidge answered.

“Well Shiro pays a lot of extra attention to you.” Pidge said, like it was obvious.

Shiro blinked a little shocked, “What?” He asked.

Hunk nodded, “You do. Like when Keith held a sword to that one guy when we were trying to rescue? And when you chose him for the Blade of Marmora mission. Lance had a point that Keith can be a hot head. No offense Keith. But despite all that you seem to trust Keith the most out of all of us.” Hunk said.

Shiro looked shocked.

“But you and Keith have a past so I guess it makes sense. But still you seem to pay extra attention to him. I think maybe Lance felt useless. I can only count on one hand the amount of time you’ve complimented or even talked to Lance just the two of you. Mostly you just tell him to focus and stuff. And Lance looks up to you, you’re his hero so it must have hurt. But we kind of all hurt Lance.” Hunk said, looking disappointed.

There was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry.” Allura said, they all looked at her, “I um… I forget how young you, I mean we are. I try to treat you like soldiers. But that’s just a part of who were are. I forget that sometimes and I think that really hurt Lance.” She swallowed.

“Every time he opened his mouth and said a joke it was just to get us out of that serious mindset. To get us to act our age. And every time I tried to get him to stop when all he was trying to do was help us in his own way. But no matter how many times I told him to stop, or ignored him, he would always check on me after a hard mission. Give me a compliment, make sure I was okay and I always felt better. But I never did the same for him and I should have.” Allura finished.

More silence.

“I’m also sorry.” Coran said, “I think I saw something wrong, a long time ago but I failed to notice in time to help Lance.” He said.

“What do you mean?” Keith asked.

Coran looked at them all with sad eyes.

“After the explosion where Lance saved me, I went to thank him personally after he recovered. After I thanked him he said, don’t worry Coran you’re important so of course I’d save you, don’t worry about it. That silly boy has a way of making you feel at ease and I didn’t think about it. But today when he said he wasn’t important, that he doesn’t deserve to be here… It made me think of that moment. Like he was implying that because he wasn’t important, then of course he’d save me someone he considers important.” Coran finished.

Thoughts ran through everyone’s mind, thinking back on what Lance has said before.


Why? There’s nothing you or the rest of the team can do. It’s not important.

Maybe I don’t have a thing.

Don’t worry about it.


Please stop.

Pretend you didn’t see this.

Everyone quickly realized that they really hadn’t noticed and Lance had been right all along. They had ignored him, treated him horribly for a long time. Lance was supposed to be their brother, their buddy and they treated him like trash.

“Without realizing it, we’ve been hurting Lance this entire time. And he just kept it down, didn’t confront us. He just took it. Maybe it was little things but it’s obvious that it affected him and we just continued to do it. Even when Lance was tried to tell us how he felt the entire time. He feels like he not a part of this team but despite that he protected us with everything he had.” Shiro said feeling shame and guilt growing in his chest.

“He lost his eye saving us.” Pidge said in a whisper.

“He’s been trying so hard to catch up with the rest of us, not realizing that he’s actually the best out of all of us.” Keith said.

“We have to make him feel like he is a part of this team because he is. He keeps us together, makes us laugh. We need Lance back.” Allura said.

There was a long silence.

Hunk smiled, “Then let’s go get him!” Hunk said.

Everyone smiled.

“Yeah!” Shiro said.

The team got in the black lion, since they didn’t need to take all of them for this. Allura’s face popped up on the screen.

“Lance has landed his lion on a planet not too far from here. It’s atmosphere and gravity is similar to your Earth. I sent you the exact coordinates of the signal.” She paused, “When you find Lance, we’d like to hear what you’re saying to him or if he has anything to say to us. So if you could keep your comms on…” Allura trailed off.

Shiro smiled, “Of course Princess.” He said.

Allura smiled, her face disappearing from the screen. So they flew. It would take about fifteen minutes to get there.

“What do we do once we get there?” Pidge asked quietly.

“Just follow my lead.” Hunk said smiling, “Just do what I do!” Hunk said.

“Okay.” Shiro said hesitantly.

They arrived at the planet, it really was similar to Earth and after locating the coordinates they descended. They landed down the beach from the blue lion. They got out and Hunk led the way walking along the beach. As they got closer they saw Lance, sitting just before the water staring at the Technicolor scenery with a serene expression on his face.

Hunk sat just behind Lance, not speaking and the rest of the team did the same. The pink sand was warm under their fingers and they joined Lance in staring at the ocean before them. They were silent for a long time until Lance spoke. They looked at his back focused on his form against the scenery.

“I grew up near a beach like this one. I always went there when I needed space to think. I grew up in a house of seven kids and although I loved it ninety-nine percent of the time I sometimes needed to clear my head so I would go to the beach. Something about the moment of the water always calmed me down and put things in perspective.” Lance took a breath before continuing, “Although my family was big I was always showered with a lot of love and attention because my mom is that kind of woman. She’s the best, a single parent since my dad died after my youngest sister was born. But my mom always makes sure that we know we’re loved and important.” Lance said. They couldn’t see his face because he sounded like he was smiling causing the rest of them to smile.

“It was because of her that I joined the Garrison. She said to me once, Lance if you ever have a chance to go get your dreams then go, family never leaves you but dreams can. So go and we’ll be here when you come back. It because of that that I took that ridiculous test and joined the Garrison with a new American name and three months of English under my belt. So I went, I wanted to learn about space and explore and everything. But when I got to the Garrison it wasn’t what I imagined. I was at the bottom of the pecking order again in terms of smarts and skill. So I worked hard really hard. Really hard. I got to the top of the cargo pilot class and when I was upgraded to fighter class I thought my hard work had paid off.” Lance said, his voice falling a little bit.

“But I only got in because Keith dropped.” Lance said.

Keith felt a pang in his heart, he could feel where this was going.

“And believe me they really liked to remind me of that. Every time I fucked up they would remind me that I was just a replacement for the best pilot of our generation. Maybe that’s where it all started, I don’t know.” Lance took a breath, “And when we got Shiro and I actually met Keith and actually talked to him, I had already made this competition in my mind. Because in the Garrison I was already competing against you Keith, even if you weren’t there… I honestly hated you. I don’t anymore but I was jealous and mad and I didn’t even know you. I’m sorry about that.” Lance said.

He curled his legs up to his chest, resting his head on his knees.

“And when I met Blue I thought, this is what I was meant to do, all the stuff I went through before was all leading to this. Finally I would belong to something greater, something I could do to help people. I was happy.” Lance took another breath, “But in the end I was compared to Keith, constantly. Told to focus, to be better. I fell behind. That wasn’t anyone’s fault really and the more time that passed the more I realized how ordinary I am compared to everyone. Shiro is the great leader and pilot in his own right. Pidge is super super smart for her age. Hunk is the best person and the best engineer. Keith’s the best pilot of his generation and just really cool. Allura’s the super awesome and pretty space princess and Coran keeps us all running in top shape. And I’m…” Lance paused, “I’m just a boy from Cuba fighting a space war I’ll never win, a cheap replacement for someone who you all deserve more. That feeling kept growing and growing and when I decided to blow up the ship…” Lance took a breath, “There was a small part of me that wished that I died, because at least I would have been important then. I would the blue paladin that helped his team escape an enemy by sacrificing himself. That would have made a great story.” Lance paused.

The team let that sink in but it was hard to absorb. Shiro wanted to speak, to Lance he was wrong but Hunk shook his head, Lance wasn’t done yet.

“But I didn’t. And I don’t think that way anymore. But I got captured on Lotor’s ship and was tortured. But there was this moment that I was so so scared. I was terrified of dying, of being hurt and I wanted to give up. But something clicked like my emotions just disappeared for a bit. I didn’t feel afraid. I didn’t feel much of anything. I thought that I had a job to do, to protect you guys because you guys are the important protectors of the universe. It was the only way I could cope and when you rescued me it didn’t go away. Neither did Lotor.” Lance said, “I see him sometimes, when I was captured he would say things to me. Not the real thing, just my mind. He’d say things I didn’t want to hear. Sometimes he would change into other people, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Allura, Coran, my mom, siblings and sometimes he turned into me. But those hallucinations, I thought they were because of the pain or some weird Druid thing. But when I woke up from the healing pod… he hadn’t gone away. He was standing right there but I couldn’t say anything.” Lance said, his voice becoming tight.

“I thought that if I said anything then you would doubt my ability as a pilot. I thought you would send me back to Earth. I thought you’d tell me that you didn’t need me and no matter how much I want to go back to Earth, I know that I want to belong here. But I always felt like I was never quite part of the team. When we form Voltron it’s the only time I feel like I belong. But outside of that, I just…” Lance trailed off.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry for everything I said. I didn’t mean any of it, not a word. I love you guys, I love Voltron, I love helping people and I’m so sorry that I said that stuff. I wish I could take it back. I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Lance put his head in his hands, tears flowing freely in quiet sobs.

They were silent and Hunk moved and so did the rest of the team. Hunk put a gentle hand on Lance’s knee, Pidge a hand on the other. Shiro stroked Lance’s hair. Keith had a hand on his shoulder. They were all so warm and the feeling made Lance cry harder.

“Lance…” Shiro began, “You have nothing to be sorry about. We’re sorry. We’ve been hurting you this entire time and we didn’t know. I’m sorry we didn’t notice sooner.” Shiro said.

“Yeah you’re a part of this team. The entire time you were gone we were going crazy without you keeping us grounded. The castle, the lions, nothing felt the same without you man.” Hunk said.

“Lance I love you, a lot. You remind me a lot of my brother Matt, always helping me out and checking up on me, making me laugh. I don’t know how I’d be here without you.” Pidge said.

“Listen, Lance. You’re a part of this team and we’re sorry we haven’t treated you that way. But we’ll get better. We’ll try to be better.” Keith said.

They stayed like that, holding onto Lance as he cried. They stayed like that for a long time and Lance finally felt like he finally belonged.

Road to Schkeuditz [Part 21]

Word Count: 530
Warnings: Bucky overthinking ever single one of his actions towards you.
Summary: So much has changed with the Sokovian Accords. The team is divided in half, and you’re not sure where you stand. You know you should sign the Accords, but it doesn’t feel right. After a conversation with Sharon, Steve, and Sam at the prison, you realize that you don’t want to sign them. Now you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky are on a mission to get to the Leipzig airport…in the tiniest car imaginable…so you can clear Bucky’s name.
A/N: *Non-Canonical story line.*  Dear god, guys. There’s only 3 parts left. How is this real life? Thank you guys for always sending me such sweet messages about my story!! I hope you guys like this part! <3
Please send me feedback, it makes my day!

[Road to Schkeuditz Masterlist]

19 Hours, 5 Minutes

The sun was bright and high in the sky. The shadows cast by the buildings and clouds made everything look picturesque. You’re feeling a bit nostalgic and purposeful. You decided you wanted to come back to this city, back to Germany, when this was all over. You wanted to travel more. Take more vacations. Make more Good Will trips. You chew on your lips and contemplate it all.

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“We hope you get well soon, Tanaka-sensei!”

Cover art for the Get Well Soon Message for Tanaka-sensei project organized by @kairei-chan and @xpeppermin (you guys are angels +。゚☆ )

Thanks for entrusting me with the task of making the cover :’)

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I’m trying to study! Part 1

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Bucky x Reader College AU Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8(coming soon!)


Hey guys! Here’s a brand new Bucky story for you, I hope you enjoy. This will be about ten parts long altogether :)

Word count: 1122

Warnings: nothing really

The shrill sound of the alarm made you lurch from the comfortable position on your soft and warm bed and, tangled up in the soft sheets, you barely managed to stop yourself from falling onto the wooden floor. Grumbling to yourself, you switch off blaring alarm from your phone just as Natasha bursts through your door.

“Get up! You don’t want to be late again!”

“I’m up”, you mumble, almost ripping the sheets in a feeble attempt to untangle yourself. Nat snickers.

“You don’t want to make Bucky worry again, come on. You made him wait twenty minutes last time and he almost broke down the door because he was so worried.”

Your cheeks turn a rosy color as you recall the event…and the one before that…and the one before that. “Whatever”, you shrug. “He should know me by now. Actually, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that I love my zs.”

Nat smirked. “Don’t you think it’s cute how he’s so protective of you, (Y/n)? Are you sure there isn’t something going on between you two?”

Fighting the massive blush that’s making its way up your cheeks, you turn over to your dresser in order to avoid Natasha’s gaze. “Come on, Nat. He’s my best friend. Why would you think there’s something going on?”

Your friend snorted slightly. “You’re never good at hiding your feelings, (Y/n). Not to mention you talk in your sleep. Oh, the things I’ve heard from you…”

Eyes widening, you turn around immediately to face her. “Don’t ever tell anyone about the stuff of my dreams. ESPECIALLY not Bucky.”

Nat let out a short laugh, before pushing herself off the doorframe. “Whatever you say, darling. Now get ready and try not to be late.” With that, she walked out of your room, leaving you slightly flustered and with thoughts of Bucky running around your mind.

Half an hour later, you’re finally ready, with your (h/c) hair up in a messy bun and your best clothes hugging your curves nicely. As you walk down the stairs into the kitchen, Nat whistles at the sight of you.

“Who are you planning on seducing today, hmm?” She smirks.

You roll your eyes. “Can’t I look pretty for once, Natasha?”

The redhead laughs and shakes her head. “Since when do you actually want to look pretty? You usually don’t give a damn about how you look. What’s the special occasion today?”

With a huff, you pour yourself some coffee into your favourite Supernatural mug. “I’m going with a few friends to a café after class so we can complete a group assignment. No big deal.”

Nat’s smirk is dangerously wide. “And those friends are?”

“Steve and…Bucky.” You mumble without looking at her. Natasha lets out a peal of laughter while you groan, pinching your nose.

“Group assignment, eh?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of it”, you say, sipping your coffee. Natasha wiggles her eyebrows, the smirk never leaving her face.

As you’re about to reply, a knock on the door saves you from Natasha’s burning curiosity. Without looking at her, you quickly walk over to the door, pulling it open and smiling at the person on the other side, immediately feeling your heart speed up when you see who it is. “Hi, Bucky.”
Bucky smiles back at you. “Hey, doll. You ready to go?”

With a nod, you grab your bag and drain your mug of coffee, leaving it on the table situated next to the door. Grabbing your keys, you call out a “Later, Nat!” and close the door behind you, ignoring the feeling of your redheaded friend smirking.

Walking to campus, Bucky tells you about the dreadful assignment he’s been given by one of his teachers, Professor Fury. “He expects me to write about a program that could help improve world peace, in two days! How on earth am I supposed to do that?”

You laugh slightly, putting your hand on his arm. “Come on, Bucky. You’re excellent with those types of essays. I don’t get why you’re so worried.”

Bucky brushes his hand through his hair in frustration. “I’ve never written about something like this. Plus we have that huge group assignment to deal with. Um, what was it about again?”

“Ways to make our campus more eco-friendly, I think. It’ll be easy.”

Bucky nods, just as you arrive at the entrance to the school. “I’ll see you later, then? We’ll meet up in the café with Steve, like we said.”

You hum in confirmation. “Don’t forget”, you tell Bucky, giving him a quick hug. He hugs you back, smirking slightly when you pull away.

“Hey, (Y/n)?”


“Try not to forget about it, okay?”
Your cheeks burn red when you nod and quickly walk to class, Bucky’s melodic laugh sounding after you, causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach and a huge grin to appear on your face.

The day seems to go by in a flash and before you know it, the professor is dismissing you home and your phone vibrates with a text from Bucky, reminding you about the meet up in the café. Grabbing your bag, you nearly dash out of the classroom and run across the street, into the café. When you arrive, Steve and Bucky are already there, waiting for you. You quickly check how you look in the glass of the café door and push it open, the familiar feeling of butterflies returning to your stomach at full force. You send a small smile to your friends as you squeeze into the booth beside them.

“Hi”, you say breathlessly, pulling the notes for your project out of your bag.

“Hello, (Y/n)”, Steve smiles at you moving over slightly to make more room and pulling his own notes out onto the table. Bucky, however, seems a little bit out of it, as he hasn’t even acknowledged your presence yet.

“Earth to Bucky!” You laugh, waving a hand in his face. Bucky snaps his eyes to you with a bashful look.

“Sorry, (Y/n).”

Steve chuckles, putting both his hands onto the table. “What’s gotten into ya, Buck?”

“I’m uhh…just thinking about that assignment Fury gave me. No clue what to write for it.”

You and Steve share a look, before laughing. Bucky joins in, and it takes a while for the three of you to calm down.

“Alright then, let’s get this thing started”, Steve chuckles, putting both of his hands onto the table.

Bucky gives you a fond look before turning to work on the project, while your heart stutters at an irregular pace as you hide your blush and join the boys’ discussion.

Damn it, I’m screwed.

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