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F.U. Part 2

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Part 2 of this was highly requested a while back, so here it is and it’s officially my debut piece in writing for the first time in a while! I hope you guys are appeased with it and if you aren’t, then don’t read it? lol

Word Count: 1,817

Part one > here


It was only the third week.

The last three weeks have been a blur of ice cream, tears, friends and declining his calls.

Whenever he called, he would leave a message, always.

Whenever he left a message, you would listen, always.

Was it healthy? Of course it fucking wasn’t, but what the hell were you to do?

Your eyes burned from the tears that left your tear ducts, staring at the little red notification by the phone icon. You knew you shouldn’t, but you always did.

Delicately raising the phone to your ear, his voice deafened you with regret.

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Head canons that go with this fic that aren’t really coherent enough to be written into a proper sequel

  • The text message says ‘I really hope you didn’t give me a wrong number because I’m taking you for coffee when these auditions are over. Waiting outside, don’t care how long you’ll be so stay and do your job, whatever that is – Jack x’
  • Davey reads it as soon as the auditions are over and he tries to surreptitiously sneak out of the room but Katherine yells after him to tell him to have fun with cute actor guy and he wants to die
  • Jack’s outside like he said he would be, drawing passersby in a sketchbook and he lights up when Davey appears
  • They go for coffee and Davey apologises for leaving that morning and says he’d never have done it if it wasn’t for the audition. Then he has to explain that, whilst he’s not directly involved in the show he’s got enough input that it probably wouldn’t be the best press for him to be seeing the leading man in case they got accused of favouritism. So whilst he really likes Jack, they shouldn’t date
  • Jack reasons that he hadn’t even got a callback, let alone the role, so they shouldn’t let a hypothetical future dictate the present. Davey likes him too much to disagree.
  • They start dating and Davey removes himself from the casting process because there’s no way for him not to be biased, and he trusts Katherine and the others. He doesn’t even go to the callbacks but it’s Davey’s apartment Jack goes back to after he’s just done his and he hears all about it that way
  • Davey gets a phone call from Katherine a week later telling him Jack’s got the part and that Sarah’s on the other line telling his agent that moment. It’s way too hard for Davey to resist telling Jack himself, since he’s curled up beside him on the sofa still paying attention to the movie they were watching
  • When Medda (Jack’s agent) phones five minutes later to tell him the good news he’s not quite good enough at acting surprised, ironically, and she grills him on how he already knew. She disapproves of the potential bad publicity but she can hear how much Jack likes this guy just in his voice, so whilst she refuses to tell him it’s a good idea she doesn’t try too much to talk him out of it
  • Davey doesn’t go to many run throughs or tech rehearsals because he’s busy writing another book but he makes it to the sitzprobe, the dress rehearsal, and to opening night and he has tears in his eyes at all three because not only is Jack amazing but the entire show is better than he could have dreamed
  • It gets out pretty quickly that he’s dating the leading man. As the show’s popularity increases so does Jack’s social media following. No one recognises Davey in the Instagram posts and snapchat videos for a couple of weeks but then there’s a press photo of the show that he’s in and he’s named in the caption and suddenly people make the link
  • There’s a lot of ‘he’s essentially dating the main character in his book, that’s weird’ but he ignores it since Jack is hardly exactly the same on stage and off. There’s some cries of favouritism but Katherine shoots them and explains that Davey wasn’t very involved in the casting process. The majority of comments are telling them how cute they are, though, which is a huge relief
  • Davey likes Jack’s job. They get to spend most of the day together, when there’s not a matinee, and he has the evenings alone to write (Jack continues in his talent of being a major fucking distraction) until Jack comes home and climbs into bed with him, closing his laptop and greeting him with a kiss before telling him all about the show that night

Prompt: Jungkook wants to get back together with you {Part 2 of Jungkook cheating on you}

Read {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}

Requests your own Text “Here” <—–

Kpop Text Masterlist <—–

I hope you all enjoyed this second part to Jungkook cheating on you. It was still a happy ending even if you two aren’t officially back together. I can also make a Part 3 to this if you guys want, like a scenario where you do end up dating him again. But I don’t know, if you guys want it I will do it!

P.S. Credit goes to the owner of the last pic

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Hello! I'm very new to using tumblr, but I wanted to send a nice message to those who are running this show (: Should I have sent this as fan mail? I have no idea what I'm doing geez- Sorry if this is a nuisance to you guys! I've read that you get a lot of requests here and it's probably really overwhelming- I hope I'm not adding to that! Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I really like your writings! You're all very talented at it! I love reading it all! So thank you for doing this for us!

Oh, by fanmail or asks are fine when sending messages that aren’t requests! Thank you so much! That means a lot to us!

If You Only Believe / Peter Pan (OUAT) Fanfiction

PART 2 (Part 1 is here)

So, this will be a five part fanfiction about you and Pan (as in readerxpan). I will upload when I feel like it and have a competed part. I hope you enjoy this, let me know if you do; I apologize for spelling or grammar mistakes, gifs aren’t mine. You will find the other parts on my page if they’re out, don’t worry!

Word count: 1037

Warnings: Fluff, smut, violence, self hate, possessive/obsessive!pan


„Do you mind?“ You don’t understand how this guy just… sits there! Reads your personal diary?! He shouldn’t even be a real person, how have you not noticed?!

„I don’t understand, Y/N…“ He sits there, looking at you now. His eyes glimmer a little and you notice he cocks an eyebrow. Still, there is something apologetic about the way he looks at you. „I saw this book just lying there and I have never seen it in your shelf before. I soon noticed it is your book; Y/N, you live an interesting life!“

„Just put that book down, please. This is a personal thing, that’s why I usually keep it locked up…“ An awkward silence follows, which you soon choose to end. „What are you doing in my bedroom anyways? I only have seen you in dreams, or so I thought…“

„Nope!“ He jumps to his feet. „No dreams. I thought you knew that! I came here to see you again; didn’t want to wake you up though, so I decided to wait.“

You don’t know what to ask, how to handle the entire situation. There are too many questions you would want to ask him, but it still seems ridiculous to you. How did he get into your bedroom? Why does he visit you at nights? Why does he want to see you again but at another timing? Generally, who is he? You decide to just lie back down in your bed, trying not to show much interest. The boy sits back down in the armchair, obviously confused by your actions.

„Now. You need to explain this to me now.“ You start talking lowly. „Why do you visit me? And, first of all, who are you?“

He tries to talk his way out of the question, his voice getting low.

„Y/N, it is not that easy…“

„No!“ You practically jump to your feet. „Don’t talk yourself around of this! All of this, it’s crazy enough! You will answer my question!“ You walk up to him, getting into his personal space. You try your best to look serious. The boy quickly stands up again, his face inches from yours. You see a look you have never seen in his eyes before, anger.

„Fine, Y/N. My name is Peter. Peter Pan.“ You scoff at his stupid answer. „You wanted to find out my name, that is my name. Take the answer or don’t.“

„That sounds insane…“ You don’t know whether to believehi or not. You smirk, which confuses him. „So, you are the Peter Pan? Show me.“

His only answer is a cocky smirk. You raise an eyebrow and give him a sly look.

„You have fire, Y/N. I like fire.“ Again, you scoff.

„Are you hitting on me, Pan?“ His smirk breaks for a second but quickly returns.

„Y/N, I saw your diary.“ He full on ignores your question, if there is an actual answer to give. „I read a lot; you slept for quite a while. I saw that you like to get in trouble. I saw you crave freedom like I have seen nobody do before. I saw your hateful remarks on your parents for not letting you have it… Grown ups, huh?“

Your eyes widen. Those hateful words you wrote down… do you mean them? You are not sure. Within a minute of silence and looking at smirking Pan, your mysterious visitor, you find the answer. You mean every single word you wrote.

Pan inches closer to you, his nose touching yours lightly. He doesn’t break eye contact, if not to blink.

„I can get you away from here, Y/N.“ He takes your left hand and puts a tiny little jar into it. There is a cord tied to it. „I can take you to Neverland with me. If you only believe.“ His voice quivers during the last part. You nod and whisper a winced „Yes.“ As you feel the need to close the distance between the two of you, Pan backs away and goes to your window, opens it.

„Y/N, you need to believe to make it work. You need to trust me. Just take some of the dust, the pixie dust – don’t take too much, there is none left other than that – and take my hand. We will instantly be off to Neverland.“ He looks you in the eyes as he holds his hand out for you to hold on to. „Please.“

You take Pan’s hand after putting the jar around your neck and sprinkle pixie dust onto yourself.

„I do believe, Peter Pan. I trust you.“

You don’t remember the journey. You only remember how you jumped out of your bedroom window with Pan’s hand holding your own. The next thing you remember is flying through midair, your arrival to Neverland. It is not the way you pictured it in your early childhood, it’s way more quiet and somewhat scary.

„Peter, where exactly are we?“ You haven’t faced him since first seeing the island. As you look to face him again you don’t see what you expect. His face, his eyes became darker. Yet another look you have never seen on him. You let go of his hand quickly.

„For you, Y/N, it is ‘Pan’.

You get even more scared as he steps closer to you. Your instinct is to back away, which you very slowly do.

„Y/N I took you here because I know what you are.“ A bunch of boys appears, most of them wearing big, black robes. You feel discomfort rising in your stomach. You are surprised you don’t feel a tingle of fear. „You know, you are strong, Y/N. Yes, you are smart. You are of use for me. You believe – more than I have felt anyone believe in a long time.“

„Pan, what is this? You said you wanted to help me be free. Free from authority, people pushing me around…“

„Here I am your authority, Y/N.“

You don’t feel like you’re able to process the happenings. You only hope that this is a dream, a dream you’ll wake up from to your boring life again. Pan and the boys walk closer to you. Still devilishly grinning, Pan barks at you.



Part 3

Sam’s Hope (a 12x23 coda of sorts)

Some time ago, someone requested I write “Sam’s Hope” as a drabble.  I’ve been stewing on it, not sure what to write about.  I finally do.  Please enjoy Sam’s Hope.  (And I’m sorry in advance)

I’m putting the whole thing below the cut because it’s pretty emotional. I needed to write this guys.  I needed to get it out of me. 

Please don’t read it if you aren’t ready yet.  The finale was harsh.

Warnings: major character death, Dean angst, Dean sobbing, Sam facing a fear of his

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Okay guys, if you subscribe to either the ‘Chauffeur Red’ or the more inclusive ‘Imposter Red’ theories, then would you agree that Kat (almost certainly) didn’t have affairs with both of them? If so, then read on…

Disclaimer: If you aren’t on board with the above, this post is gonna mean absolutely nothing to you)

TBH, one of the reasons that the ‘Chauffeur Theory’ is so appealing to me is that it allows ‘Our Red’ to be close to Katarina without fucking her. I’ve been clinging to the hope that because Red never explicitly stated that it happened, it would turn out to be a total misdirect… hell, maybe even one of TPTB’s more successful attempts at it.

What we do know for sure:
–Kat had an affair (and may have been in love) with an American named Raymond.
–Liz’s nanny, Kate/Katya, was aware of this affair.
-Kat ran off to the states after ‘Raymond’ (a man who believed he was Masha’s father) took her and fled there.
–According to 'Our Red’, Kat was hopeful that after reuniting, they could become a family.

… but Kate’s above line, 'Please, do what your mother never had the courage to do until it was too late. Walk away from Raymond.’ … To me, if it can’t be both, then it seems to STRONGLY suggest that she thinks Kat was in love with (and couldn’t walk away from) not just any ol’ Ray, but with 'Our Red’, specifically… which would mean that she doesn’t know that 'Our Red’ isn’t the 'Real Raymond Reddington’.

So… if Kate doesn’t know that 'Our Red’ isn’t 'RRR’, then does she believe that Liz is 'Our Red’s’ daughter? I honestly can’t think of anything that would prove or disprove it. BUT wouldn’t it be interesting for Red to reveal his true identity during his & Kate’s inevitable face-to-face reunion? Even better if he proves it by leading her to 'RRR’s’ body. That could be very interesting.

But if she does already know, then her endgame could be leading the FBI to 'RRR’s’ body. I have no idea what kind of buzz/consequences that would create.

Ugh, sorry, that was rambly. I guess it’s always rambly when you have to back up every thought with the relevant canon that lead you there. You guys know how it is.

This is Us

I’ll keep it short so, here it is! Chapter 2! I hope you guys like and as always feed back is appreciated. If you’d like to read the first chapter just go in the tag #This is Us fic. Also thank you guys so much for over 200 followers!


Chapter 2, unexpected

People can be jerks. They can say things about others that aren’t true or aren’t kind. They can be there one minute and then leave the next. They say they won’t tell anyone your secrets but, of course they will. Those aren’t true friends. So why did those people seem to seep into others lives anyway. That’s what the boy who laid in bed thought about, but the jerk he was thinking about wasn’t really a jerk. This said jerk just confused him was all.

The room was faded with light and dark blues that clung to the walls. The window was right across from the door to the back of the room. The sun wasn’t even up all the way. Dim light peaked through the dusty window that crawled into the inky room.

The boys skin was fare looking under the ill lighted glow. Although his skin pigment didn’t change much anyway in most lights. He laid on his bed staring at the ceiling with dreary river colored eyes. His short messy dark chestnut hair formed a small widows peak. The features of his face were thin but, had a fullness to his dusted cheeks. To the left of his forehead was a small scar that was right below his hair line. His lips were thin and lightly rose colored.

He swallowed smoothly, closing his tired eyes that had a slight shaded color under them. He reopened them hesitantly, turning on his side to face the open room. His slightly wide formed chest felt heavy and empty. Like something or rather, many things had been weighing on him for a while. His eyes flicked to the desk that sat under the window that was right beside his bed. A phone rested on the area his ocean eyes looked to. He stared at it for a second. His dark, half unkept brows furrowed lightly. He reached out to it, grabbing it but, not looking at it just yet. The fare skinned teen rested the phone on his bed, facing the smooth objects screen down. His thin hand laid on top of it loosely, smoothing over the phone with his thumb as his eyes searched the opposing wall for something. Maybe a sign of answer. He glanced down at it. A look on his face that read worries couldn’t be fixed easily.

The anxious boy took a breath as he turned to lay on his back, sitting up. He turned the cool phone over in his thin hands to look at the black screen. He clicked it open, blueish soft light flooding into the lucid room, making his skin a white rose like shade.

6:10 am.


A signal notification displayed on the fragile glass screen.

Tony: I’ll be there soon
Sent 5:46 am

He breathed deeply as he read the message that he had been waiting for since 1 in the morning. His blood stopped, heart drumming in his ears as he felt his heart beat flood into his fingers and chest, beating with every pulse. He read that message a hundred more times before his body could finally warm again. A stirring sensation danced in his stomach. It was light, and fluttery with this warmth that wrapped around his chest like flowers blooming in the current spring air. His shoulders laid more relaxed than before, like the heaviness his chest bared before was some what lifted. He sank in the cool sheets as he closed his dim eyes, letting the phone fall onto his chest.

The rooms air was warm and light but, slightly dry. Birds sang with the rising morning. A signal cricket chirped lowly.

He set the phone on the side of his bed.

The relieved boy sat up slowly, arching his back letting the knots crack and unfold. He threw over his moderately sized legs over his bed side, connecting his feet to the cool hardwood floor. The sleepy junior grabbed a pair of whatever jeans he could find in the “clean” pile on the floor. He slipped them on, a bit clumsily, tripping when one of the legs wouldn’t quite go through the pant leg. He caught himself on the door before he could fall to his “death.” The unexpected excitement that ran through his body cooled at a moderate pace. The stunned teen grabbed a dark grey looking jacket from his door hanger, throwing it on quickly. He glanced down at his shirt for a moment.

He showered yesterday, right? He brought the navy blue shirt to his nose smelling it swiftly, concluding it was up to pare. He walked back over to the messy but, extremely comfortable bed to grab the important object that was his phone. He stuffed the rectangular object in his jacket pocket as he walked to the door. He grabbed the handle but, stopped before he turned it. The hesitant boy looked back to the desk under the window.

A small cassette player rested on the old piece of furniture. His eyes glazed over for a moment as his face morphed into that of slight pain. He turned away quickly, walking out the door without looking back this time. From the top of the stairs the junior could see through the wide kitchen window draped with thin off white curtains. To the outside he could see what was the front end of an old, faded cherry dusted mustang partly masked by a low growing tree. A small smile crept on his fare features. The glaze in his eyes from before was washed away with a transparent bright glow. The teen jogged down the stairs carelessly, not caring if he made any noise. His parents were going to be gone for a month and a half. The teen floated over the main floor to the front door eagerly.

He hesitated for moment but, shook it off easily. Although, the soft butterfly feeling he felt in his stomach didn’t seem to want to shake off. He strode out the front door onto the front porch, closing the door behind him. The clumsy boy jerked backwards, accidentally getting his jacket caught in the door. He huffed in irritation and slight embarrassment as he reopened the door, pulling out the jammed fabric and quickly staggering around while slamming the door shut. He could hear distant laughter from the car that sat parked a little ways down beside his house. The huffing teen jammed his beating hands in his pockets as he walked to the mustang that was waiting for him. When he reached the skittle red car he stood on the outside passenger door as he eyed the driver on the inside. The driver had one hand loosely gripped on the wheel and the other over his mouth, blatantly trying to hide his obvious smile, shoulders bouncing with a light chuckle. The fare skinned young man on the out side of the car rolled his eyes, roughly grabbing the door handle and swinging it open as he slide in the passenger seat.

“Hey, clay.” The Latino teen nudged the other playfully. A small smirk trying its hardest not to spread on Tony’s face.

“Bye, Tony.” Clay half heartedly went to grab the door handle to leave but, of course he actually wouldn’t. He stopped when he heard a ‘click’ sound reverberate in the car. Clay turned back to Tony sharply, brows furrowed and his mouth in a lopsided downward frown.

“Did you just lock the car.”

“I most certainly did.” The smug slightly older male lazily rolled his head in the direction of a half irritated, but also half amused Clay.

The taller or rather the lighter skinned boy scoffed in response.

“This is kid napping.” The flustered teen threw his hands half way in the air as he gestured to the lock that was now clicked down. He looked out the window then back to Tony as a small smirk was etching into existence on the blue eyed boys face.

“You’re the one who got in me car willingly.” Tony couldn’t help but, lower his head and look up at the fellow junior beside him. Clay returned the gaze back at the gold flaky eyed Latino.

The air was much cooler than before. The sun was finally stretched across the low horizon. It’s warm orangey red drops of light seeped into the car, touching the faces of the two young men who stared at each other for a few long moments. The light ran over Tonys face in such a way his eyes seemed even more golden and vibrant. His skin even more inviting and bright looking. Clay looked back out the window as he teared his eyes from away from the other.

“Alright, but if my parents wonder where I am, and they call the cops, I’m blaming you.” He extended a lazy thin finger towards the so called kid napper. He turned his gaze towards the window shield.

“Your parents aren’t even going to be back until next month.” Tony tried to half defend himself as he rose a hand in the direction of the other teens house that was missing the usual car in the driveway. He let himself take in Clays profile. The sun washed over his fine features as the the light bounced through his transparent but, bright icy blue orbs. Clay turned back to the other, catching Tony staring. The caramel skinned boys eyes didn’t avert right away but, rather lingered for a moment before breaking his gaze. The bronze eyed male flicked his eyes to the windshield as he turned the ignition. The purr of the engine warmed and filled the Mustang. He pressed the gas, revving it up as the car roared but, of course staying in place.

“I’ve been in this car how many times and you still wanna be a show off?” Clay squinted his eyes at the other, cocking his head to the right, rolling his eyes as he thought about all the countless other times Tony had done that.

“And you’ve known me for how long and you still don’t know how fun it is to do that?” The Latino retorted back playfully as he pressed the gas another time but this time a little harder, revving the engine a few times before being sastifyid. Clay tried his best to keep the smile off his face as he lowerd his head to his chest, shaking it.

“Lets just go before you wake up the rest of the neighborhood.”

“Alright but, with me in this car I can’t make any promises.” He sprawled the hand that rested on the wheel out, emphasizing the ‘can’t’ in the sentence.

“Oh, just drive.” The Caucasian male shoved the other on the shoulder while the shoved one chuckled in response. Tony changed the gear from parked to drive and started to drift down the road. Clay glanced at the other man. Admiring his profile. He shook his head as a thin smile painted on his face. He thought Tony didn’t notice him looking but, of course the driver did.


Cheers to my first “official” post on my newly revamped blog.

I wanted to create a space where I could creatively express myself and share with you guys a little bit of everything. Extra outfit posts + links to everything, pictures/reviews of my endless food adventures, a sneak peak into my personal life, and much more exclusive content.

Most importantly; I want to treat this as a legit personal blog. Where I talk about the things I enjoy / how I’m feeling, in hopes to inspire you guys in some small sort of way. 

If you’re here reading this, thank you so much. For it truly means the world to me knowing you guys support what I do. Don’t want to ramble on too much but expect some awesome stuff happening here and if you aren’t already; be sure to follow me on all my other social media platforms (linked below).

& until next time, much love. 


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re-reading part 3 for the fifth time in like three days idec it's my favourite I might as well have it tattooed on my forehead I seriously cannot thank you enough dude also I was wondering whether you were going to do a pt.4 just so I can prepare myself for another smut related breakdown

ohhhhh my gosh, how can you bear to read it so many times??? aren’t you tired of it yet?? give your eyes and your brain a rest, pls, sincerely, from me. rest.

also, about part four… yes. 😰 as of right now, i do plan to write a part four. 

but, honestly, i’m trying to let my brain recuperate for a while, because part three was kind of stressful for me to write? so it’ll probably be a while before i can get it written, unfortunately. i hope you guys don’t hate me. :///

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giving book to a girl or someone isn't really boring at all. huhu me wanted to receive book from someone, too, since forever. you the man, bruh!

really? actually this is the first book I read back in 2007. and it taught me a lot so I hope whoever will receive this will benefit from the lessons it will teach.

aren’t guys who read boring? diba girls swoon over dancers and swagg. hahaha damn I forgot to water my plants (im this boring) 😂😂

A Note to My Readers

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To my darling readers,

First and foremost: yes, I am alive. And second and foremost (?): no, I did not  stop writing. I am still working on all the imagines, one-shots, requests and other extra pieces I promised all of my wonderful darlings and am very adamant about getting them published. 

That being said though, I do apologize for the four/five-month long hiatus that I unexpectedly took and I hope you guys aren’t too mad about it. If your are, I’m sorry. But I will make it up to you :)


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Hey can I have a ship please? I'm 5'5 and bi (tho preference for guys). Brown hair and eyes with abnormally long eyelashes. I'm quite shy and quiet until you get to know me, then I'm just slightly crazy. I spend most of my time reading and drawing. I care a lot about others, maybe too much, generally meaning I forget to look after myself. I am VERY awkward around people I have crushes on, but friends aren't really a problem. Hope this is okay? Thank you so much!!!

I ship you with Jughead!

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Hey guys! Pines-Ghosts here…..emmm…OK i usually hate to post shit like this but im really annoyed about this person-especificaly-  this f*cking anon…..i think is the same of the other day,…..i really hope this anon read this….ejem..


im really sorry for this F*cking post….thats all .. thanks <3