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Ruki and Reita discussing eyeball licking


so ruki read this one and before he began reading it, he and rei couldn’t figure out how to read the word “iris.” rei is like “i think it’s kousai” and ruki is like ehhh idk….eventually rei looks it up and it is in fact “kousai”

rei like “SEE i told u smh” and ruki’s like “…that was dumb luck”

they read this one as a scary story so there’s creepy bgm and ruki’s voice has an echo effect on it

Ruki: “Reita-san, Ruki-san. It’s very hot and humid, I hope you guys aren’t melting.”

(Reita snorts in background)

Ruki: “My ‘first time’ story is, a few years ago I licked someone’s iris – brackets – the part with the pupil.”

Reita: Yes.

Ruki: “Apparently if you fli– …if you fl– (trying not to laugh) if you flick your tongue on it it feels good, and I was pre….pre–(laughing)” (*there was some kind of typo here)

(Reita has been laughing in bg this whole time)

Ruki: “Pressured into doing it. I didn’t really want to do it because it freaked me out, but when I actually did it, it had a sweet taste and I was really surprised.”

Reita: Yes.

Ruki: “Have you two ever licked an eye before? Reita, if you haven’t, you should try it and let me know what you think!”

Reita: Okay. (nervous laughter)

Ruki: Bruh I just shed a tear.

Reita: Okay wait a second. (takes paper) So someone…told her to do it.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: They were like, hey lick my iris.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: And then she did it.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: …And it was kinda sweet.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: ……..Can I –

Ruki: (closes eyes) I knew you were gonna say that smh  

Reita: Open ur eyes

Ruki: (He either said ‘shinisou’ [I’m gonna die] or ‘shimisou’ [somethings gonna ooze out idk??????])

Reita: (laughing at own joke what else is new) …Damn so eye-licking kink is a real thing eh

Ruki: Yeah well I mean I’m not really surprised…it’s sweet though?

Reita: Is this a common fetish?

Ruki: Um obviously not

(both laugh)

Ruki: But like…the other person wanted her to do it, right? I wonder how she felt though…like at the end she says ‘it tastes pretty sweet’ but…even that kinda seems like [she wasn’t down]

Reita: Yeahh it’s kinda…


Reita: Doesn’t it kinda…smell like murder?

And my ass is sitting here and listening to it over and over again like WTF DOES THIS MEAN AM I MISSING SOMETHING and then

Ruki: Ah– ……..

(Reita laughs nervously)

(very long pause)

Reita: Shall we play a song?

Ruki: What? I thought you were good at this.

Reita: Ye I’m a natural

Ruki: Mhmm (showing Rei how it’s done now) We were having a pretty lit conversation just now…I got an equally lit song for u

Reita: (laughing ) O please

Ruki: This is like around the time you get tired right

Reita: Oh yeah cause it would be after two now right

Ruki: Yeah. Well I’ve listened to all the shows so far…and I gotta say some of you don’t play very fitting songs for the mood.

Reita: Oh, like songs that make you tired?

Ruki: Yeah or like they’re too noisy…but this one…this one is just right

Reita: Oh really?

Ruki: Yes

Reita: Oh I’d love to hear it

Ruki: Ok here it is… “Murder” by ROSSO

Like this idiot was trying to work the name of the song into the conversation and it made no fucking sense

And Ruki thinks the way he introduced it is better like

I quit the fandom

Check, Please

Would you mind doing an imagine or a one shot with either Rossi, Hotch or Reid where the reader and them are getting married and she wants to keep her last name and she ends up keeping her last name even though everyone else is against it except the guy you choose? Also I absolutely love your writing it makes me so happy to find someone that writes absolutely everything. I also get so excited when I finally have enough time to sit an read your work.

I can do this!  I hope that you enjoy it, because here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“You aren’t taking his last name?”

“She isn’t taking your last name?”

“Have you talked to her about it?  I bet if you did, she would.”

“What about hyphenation?”

“It’s just tradition, it doesn’t mean anything.”

The two of you had heard it all.  Ever since you entrusted parts of your wedding to Spencer with the team, you knew it was only a matter of time before they found out that you weren’t taking Spencer’s last name.

And they were trying everything in their power to change it.

“I’m sorry that that they keep bringing it up,” Spencer would murmur lowly in your ear.

But never did he outright say that he was alright with it.

“Spencer?” you ask one evening as you mindlessly twirl your pasta.

“Yes?” he asks as he takes a sip of his drink and smiles at you.

“Does it bother you that I’m not taking your last name?”

You watched his reaction closely.  You had picked up a few tips on how to read people better since you had been with Spencer, and it served you well sometimes.

But this time you had a really hard time reading him, and you were concerned.

“Has someone said something to you again?” he asks.

You didn’t want to tell him that Garcia had asked if you had asked him.  You didn’t want to tell him that she felt it wasn’t right that you hadn’t.

But it had gotten your cogs turning, even though you had stormed out of her office lair angry.

“No,” you state.

“You’re lying,” Spencer calls you out.

“It doesn’t matter,” you shrug.

“It does,” Spencer emphasizes.

“Answer the question,” you ask pointedly.

The two of you looked at each other for a while.  The restaurant faded away, and details of the wedding became obscure as panic began to flood your mind.

But Spencer’s voice pierced through the stress and the worry, and reached down to the scared little girl who was afraid of making someone she loved angry.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Spencer says.

You read his expression, looking for indications that he was lying.

But he knew what you were doing, and it caused him to smile.

“Really,” he lulls lowly as he takes your hand across the table, “it doesn’t bother me at all.”

His fingers began to play with your engagement ring.  The two of you looked down and smiled at it, thinking back to that beautiful morning where you had rolled over and he had been holding it between his fingers, his hair mussed from sleep and his eyes clouded over with anxiousness.

It had been so simple, and so heartfelt, and you had pulled him into your arms and covered his entire body with kisses that morning as the word “yes” tumbled from not your lips, but Spencer’s, time and time again.

“Taking a man’s last name is a very old tradition that took the place of a written deed,” Spencer began. “Taking a man’s last name after the dowry for the woman was exchanged was a way for him to imprint upon her that she was his property, quite literally.”

You looked up into his eyes to find him staring at you.

“You are not my property, Y/N,” Spencer says earnestly.  “You are my partner.  My equal.  Our last names…they don’t have to match for me to know you love me.”

Your eyes were beginning to mist over as Spencer lets go of your hand and brings it up to cup your cheek.

“You marrying me says all of that,” he says lightly.

And as you nuzzle your cheek into his warm, smooth skin, the waitress comes back around with fresh drinks as the smell of your food begins to waft up through your nostrils.

“Wanna finish dinner and get dessert at home?” you ask sultrily.

You giggled as Spencer licked his lips and darted his eyes up to the waitress.

“To go containers, please?” he asks quickly.

And you threw your head back in laughter as the waitress scampered off quickly.

"Did You Know..."

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 376
Warnings ~ Non
Summary ~ Annoying friends is fun.
I like how I complain about being tired and how I couldn’t think of anything to write, then suddenly get about seven ideas for stories XD I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of me tonight :P

“Did you know…” Que and Shawn groaned as they mentally prepared themselves for yet another useless fact I was about to throw at them, “…that kissing strengthens the immune system.”

“Everyone knows that.” Que mumbled not lifting her eyes from the magazine she was reading. She was getting annoyed, I could tell by the way she squinted her eyes whenever I made the smallest sound.

“I didn’t know that.” Shawn grinned up at me with his head resting on my lap, clearly lying to make me feel better, but mostly to annoy Que even more. Both worked. God their relationship was amusing; they didn’t hate each other per se, but they also didn’t like being in each other’s company either.

“Want to test it out.” I joked as I ran my fingers through his hair again, pushing the loose strands away from his face. I didn’t actually expect him to take that horrible excuse of a pick up line seriously.

“Sure.” He winked at me before grabbing the back of my neck somewhat forcefully, pulling me down until our lips crashed together. The kiss was surprisingly slow and controlled, full of lingering pauses, which was odd considering Que was in the room. Normally when Shawn was trying to gross her out by kissing me, the kiss would be quicker and more heated than this.

Que let out another groan when she saw us, “Guys, seriously? I’m right here!”

I giggled at her comments and broke away. Shawn’s lips chased after mine, only to quickly capturing them a few seconds later. My neck was already starting to hurt from the awkward angle he held me in. Shawn must have sensed this as he rose up on one arm, taking away some of the strain.

Shawn slipped his tongue against mine, smirking as if he knew Que had reached breaking point. Grabbing the pillow from the back of the computer chair she sat on, she lobbed it in our general direction, hitting the back of my boyfriend’s head with a loud thump.

He pulled away and turned to look at her, “What the hell was that for?”

Que muttered some incomprehensible response under her breath before walking out the room, probably to go downstairs and eat my food.

“Alright then.” Shawn shrugged, cutting off my laughter by bringing me back for another round of kisses.

100 120 Followers Gift - 21 Base Game Recolours

OMG, this took soooo long, but here we are finally!.I’m so over editing thumbnails it’s unreal..

This was supposed to be a 100 Followers Gift, but you guys are too amazing! I’ve recoloured 21 CAS items from the Base Game. (There are 2 recolours that aren’t shown on the picture, because I forgot to include them, sorry!)

I chose to do only base game, so you can all download everything without needing a mesh or EA pack. I hope you guys like it, and thank you for the amazing support you have shown me over the past week!

All items come in @soaringsparrows‘ fab colour palette.

Before you download anything, please take a few seconds to read my TOU, which you can find HERE.

Also, if there are any problems, please let me know.

Downloads are below the cut

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Lucy/Wyatt fanfic; Friction

Sooo I did a thing based on THAT spoiler pic of the finale. Whatever that picture means, even if it means nothing. I don’t care because I love it.  That just ARRRRGMYGOD made me so obsessed and stupidly happy lol  I know it’s probably a stunt BUT I DON’T CARE, IT JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY. I’m so stupid in love with these two idiots GAH.

Title: Friction.
Summary: Somewhere along the way the lightening bolt hit for a second time.
Notes:  I wrote this super quick right now because it was supposed to be a flash fic for @maereed. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this little piece and I’ll try to update the other fanfic soon.

READ HERE ON AO3 or under the cut.

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For the anon who requested Saihara+s/o sleeping hc’s. Mod Amami did this, as well, with all the ndrv3 guys, which you can read here:


Anyway, I wanted to make some of my own for Saihara, I hope you don’t mind!~

Ahhh~ I hope these aren’t too similar to Mod Amami’s or anything…


-Saihara goes to sleep pretty late most of the time.

-He likes to sit in bed and read books before bed.

-However, “before bed” becomes all night.

-He’s a pretty light sleeper.

-He doesn’t cuddle with you too much when he’s conscious, but when he falls asleep, he tends to curl up next to you.

-Depending on how much you move at night, you guys wake up tangled up together.

-If he wakes up first and notices, he’ll be extremely flustered but he doesn’t want to wake you up so he’ll try to go back to sleep.

-Spoiler alert… it doesn’t work.

-You wake up and see him pretending to be asleep, his face as red as a tomato.

-“saihara…uh…you okay?”

-“I-I-I’m fine! Um…no offense…b-but do you mind moving?”

-You notice your situation, and apologize while you both reposition yourselves.

-He says that it’s fine, and that it was nice to cuddle with you, all while his face is still very red.

Man Face Monday - Face Invasion Edition

Hello Gorgeous! 

I hope you are having a good Monday, or whatever day you happen to be reading this on. Because I want you to have a great week. And when you aren’t having a great one, I hope you will reminisce about some of these images and they will take away the harsh and replace it with pretty. Because, you. 

Some terrific face in last week’s episode, so I went to town capturing the gamut. I hope you enjoy.

First, how amazing is this guy? Oliver Queen relaxed and happy is a rare face, indeed. I know it was a dream and everything, but geez. ::sigh::

Man. What a face that is. Being all serious and whatnot. I could also just run my fingers through the hair above his ear for about three hours. I bet it’s nice. 

Perfect mountains of pillow. What else can be said, really?

But I like worried. Worried does things to me. Must fix the sad for him.

This is an older gif, but it’s delicious face. Thanks @the-oliverqueen for capturing this great gamut of face. 

Originally posted by the-oliverqueen

Because smiling Oliver Queen is always a precious cupcake. 

And that f#$@ing dimple. I would say we could write tomes about the dimple, but I suspect if one were to compile all of the fanfiction about Oliver Queen’s stupid face, we would learn it has already been done. 

Also, MVJ props to that leather jacket. It was nice. I like to think that Oliver’s subconscious has better taste than the wardrobe person that put him in that puffy grey trainwreck of a Michelin Man jacket last season. He looked delicious last week. 

Finally, a little black and white. For the art. 

Well, there we have it. I do hope you enjoy this collection of pretty and angsty and so rarely happy. I hope you have a great week ahead. 

Tagging the following folks. If there is anyone you know who might like to see this who is not included in the distribution, please pass along. Thanks!! @scu11y22, @tinaday3w, @dettiot, @mel-loves-all, @andjustforthismoment, @aussieforgood, @florence-bubbles, @flailykermit, @lerayon, @diggo26, @olicityaddicted, @thewidowpazzy, @melsanfo, @emilybettqueen, @yourviewingparty, @lynslogic, @tanyaslogic, @angelalafan, @coal000, @triciaolicity, @choiceofluthien, @emilybuttrickards, @seaolicity, @supersillyanddorky06, @swordandarrow, @watsoncroft, @jsevick, @readerkas, @yespleasehawkeye, @geniewithwifi, @bluemorgana, @befitandchase, @caedmonfaith, @myhauntedblacksoul, @casydee, @jamyfan-blog, @awesomeziziblr, @bigdeesmallworld, @alemap74, @angelicmisskitty, @almondblossomme, @callistawolf, @miriam1779, @imusuallyobsessed, @vaelisamaza, @mochababychristy, @juliesioux, @pjcmfalcon, @josephine-in-mirkwood, @i-m-a-fan-world, @ms-mags, @red-devilkin, @lyricalarrow, @ah-maa-zing, @itshandledd, @olicityandsteroline, @turn-thy-paige, @wildirish23, @nlh03, @alanna-the-lionheart, @charlinert, @amytosh, @stygian-omada-fan, @multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl, @machawicket ,  @biermank, @i-am-wordaholic, @hope-for-olicity, @memcjo, @jaspertown, @itchiygo, @oliverfel4, @tolivers, @ccdimples88, @ap-n, @pleasantfanandstudent, @emmilynestill,  @kainesbitt77,  @anthfan, @lyricalarrow, @laurabelle2930, @ellefraser17, @ireland1733, @mammashof

Unnecessarily Jealous

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Anon: Hi! I really like the way you write,I dont know if request are open, but can I ask for one in which Pietro is jealous and mad because saw the reader doing something with another avenger, and use his power to have sex with her? SMUTTTTT, Thanks if you read this! kisses :)

A/N: (In honor of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Birthday Hellooo and thank you so much that’s so sweet of you xox Requests aren’t really open but I can’t say no to nice people and I really really hope you like it! Feel free to message me what you thought! And omg you don’t have to thank me for reading this thank you for being such a nice person and existing! And also for future smut requests (if any) you guys can request visuals too.

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Language

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Hey guys! I’ve FINALLY opened up commissions! Now that I have a reliable way to receive money, I’m able to take them. :’) I’m hoping this can help pay for some of my expenses (gas, food, art supplies, etc), as well as cover some of my fees for band!

Please read all of the information below before purchasing! (Prices listed above are in USD)

Will Draw

- Fan Art
- Real people (celebrities, youtubers, etc)
- OCs (so long as they aren’t incredibly complicated)
- Ships (canon, non canon, self insert, etc)

Will Not Draw

- Blood, gore, or extreme violence
- NSFW of any kind
- Anything offending another person, user, group of people, etc
- Animals that aren’t ponies (I’m not comfortable with my skill level there yet)
- Furries
- Robots/Mechs
- Full bodied humans

Ask Me About

- Anything else not listed here

You can scroll through more examples of my art here!

Ordering/Payment Process

- Email me at kaypxz@gmail.com or private message me on Tumblr requesting what you want.
- Please please please; if you want something specific, I need details. I can’t read your mind.
- If you’re asking for an OC, please provide references and (this is optional but helpful to me) a short description of their personality
- If you’re asking for a self-insert, please provide references or selfies and (this is optional but helpful to me) a short description of your personality
- Payment is through Paypal only
- Once the price has been confirmed, I’ll send you an invoice through Paypal
- Commissions under $15 require payment in full
- Commissions over $15; You’ll pay half up front, I’ll send you a WIP/Finalized Sketch, and once you’ve approved it, you send the rest of the payment over. I’ll finish the picture once the payment is received.

Canceling a Commission/Refunds

- Sketch commissions cannot be refunded
- If you need to cancel a commission, I need to know as soon as possible. Depending on how far I am in the process, I may not be able to refund you.
- If you ordered something over $15, sent the first half, but decided you wanted to cancel, I will refund the first half as well as send whatever I’ve already started
- However, if you ordered something over $15, paid both halves and approved the sketch, I will not accept refunds; you’ve already committed to the commission.
- If the circumstances are necessary where you absolutely need your money back, we can talk about it

Things To Note

- High quality, un-watermarked pieces will be sent to you once I’ve finished them
- I won’t post anything to social media without asking for your permission first
- You are allowed to repost the commission as long as you give proper credit/don’t claim it as your own
- My canvas sizes tend to vary depending on the subject, but if you need/want specific dimensions, let me know
- Please only order one drawing at a time
- I’m still in high school, mind you, so please be patient with me. I aim for quality, but I’ll try and get them done as quickly as I can
- Progress shots can be sent upon request

If you have any other questions, or need clarification, please don’t be afraid to send me a message!

If you can’t commission, reblogs are always appreciated! Thanks guys! ♡♡♡

French Fries Heaven

Author: deanwinchester-af

Words: 1k

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language. 

Summary: No matter the feelings between them; ‘best friends before soulmates’ has always been the deal… Or at least that’s what they thought.

Beta by: @20secspnfam4 & @waywardlullabies

Day 1 of Countdown to Halloween Collab

Prompt: Cafes + Sweaters

A/N: I am so excited to finally be posting this! @waywardlullabies and @loveitsallineed have been working none stop to make this. You guys have to check their fics as well! In other notes: I turned the entire countdown into a series! Really hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please don’t forget to leave feedback to the three of us <3 This is a tattoo soulmate AU where Dean and his family aren’t hunters. And also this fic is first person from the reader’s point of view.


It’s been a really long day and night. I need something more than alcohol in my system. I sighed harshly to the lack of response from the other side of the wooden door. Why did I leave my keys at my dorm? My knuckles banged on the door a couple more times, getting the response from everyone except his.

“What’s with the noise?!” One dude shouted.

Seconds before I shouted ‘fuck off’ Dean finally opened his door. He had sleepy green eyes, bed hair and pretty impressive shirtless torso. I smirked at his lack of sleep and clothes. Storming into his room, my body dropped onto his uncomfortable bed.

“Do you know what time it is, Y/N?” Dean’s sleepy voice filled the dark room.

I grabbed the shirt on his night stand and threw it to him. Dean catch it quickly, giving me an annoyed and sleepy glance. “It’s 2am, I’m half drunk, starving and I need some goddamn french fries.”  

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Distancing Yourself (Woozi)

Summary: Jihoon is tired of you distancing yourself from him. (>>WARNING<< Self-harm, attempted suicide, and a mention of domestic abuse. Please, please, pleeeease don’t read if you are triggered by these. I love you guys and I don’t want you to do anything bad to yourself.)

Genre: Hurt//Angst//Friendship

Words: 3216

Ah, this was a request from the lovely inthemoodfortaekook~ Thank you so much for requesting and I’m sorry if this wasn’t really what you were expecting >< but I hope you like it anyways!

“Aren’t you coming, (Y/N)?” Your best friend, Jihoon, asked with a raised eyebrow. Staring forward, you didn’t respond. “(Y/N).” Jihoon sighed, snapping in front your face.

You jumped and looked up at the boy, startled. “Huh…?”

Another sigh, shaking his head. “Are you coming with us to get coffee?” He basically growled.

Looking down at your desk, you shook your head slowly. “Oh, no… You guys go ahead…” You almost whispered.

“Again, (Y/N)? You never come with us anymore!” He spat. Shaking your head again, albeit this time a little more annoyed, you continued to just sit there. Jihoon gave you another frustrated sigh before walking away, grumbling as he walked alongside Seungcheol and Soonyoung.

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[Hi guys! If you didn’t know yet, I’m now on Instagram!! So you should definitely go follow me at @ georgiasbooks ! 🙏🏻 I’d really appreciate it!❤️]
Happy Friday everyone! 👋🏻
I hope you’re all having a lovely day today! I’ve officially finished my 3rd semester of university thank gosh! 💜🙌🏻 Now I have so much time to read and binge watch t.v.! It’s so exciting! 💕
These pins are from the lovely @bookwormboutique 💗 I received them in an @owlcrate box a few months ago! Aren’t they gorgeous?!
#QOTP 📓: What’s your favourite genre to read? Fantasy? Romance? Contemporary?

Dark Paradise: Part 1

A/N: okaaaayyyy, so, I’m back with another dark story. I hope you guys aren’t too mad. ): it was requested and I hate to let people down! Hopefully you all understand. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it for your own sake. I decided to break this down into two parts, so here is part one. I realize this is short but this would have been super long with the other part. Anyway, enjoy!

Requested by: Anonymous.

Warnings: swearing, sexual abuse.

Summary: Y/N and Mr. J have been together for a while. They’ve always been happy. Not for long though, when a scumbag decides to kidnap her and rape her. It causes problems for them as a couple.


Mr. J made y/n happy. she was in love with him. they’ve been together for what seemed like forever and she wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. she was the only family he had and he was hers. everything was great. they always had their moments but that’s because J always liked to play his sick games with her. they were already basically married ever since the chemical wedding of theirs happened. y/n has always wanted a baby but she knew their lifestyle wasn’t good for a baby. Mr. J knew this. he would’ve happily given her a baby but he knew he wouldn’t be a good father either. she didn’t know this though. she just thought J didn’t want a baby. they just decided that when it was their time to start a family, they would. y/n wasn’t very patient but she was willing to do anything for J. she didn’t want to lose him. like she would.

J had a business meeting in one of his clubs. just the usual. he always took y/n with him. he always wanted her on his lap or just by his sight. except for tonight. she was on his lap, kissing his neck while he was talking to the business associates.

“y/n, darling, I need some space. why don’t you go dance or something?” he said, annoyed.

“oh, uh, okay.” she says, smiling at him as she gets off his lap and walks towards the bar. she ordered herself a vodka shot.

‘that’s weird. he never wants me out of his sight.’ she thinks to herself as she gulps down the shot.

she shrugged it off and danced by herself. a couple of guys approached but she blew them off. there was one guy in particular though. he kept asking her if he can buy her a drink or dance with her but she didn’t want to make Mr. J mad by dancing with someone other than him. he never danced with her but still. she danced for what seemed like hours. she goes by the bar to order another drink; this time she got whiskey. she glanced over to J’s booth to see what he was up to. she does a double take as she see two girls sitting on his lap, kissing his neck. one of the girls get up to get on her knees and starts unbutton his pants. she could tell that he was purring. she started shaking with rage. J scans the club to see where y/n was at. he grins when they make eye contact. she knew he just wanted to get her jealous. she was so pissed. she wanted to go up to them and shoot both of the girls. instead, she waited to see how far J would go. he went as far letting the girl touch his member, but as soon as she did, he pushed them off and signaled them to go away. he whistled for y/n but she ignored him and stormed out of the club. he went too far with his game. she felt her eyes fill up with tears. she starts walking away from the club as fast as she could before J can catch up to her. she decided to start walking home since she was already close by. she was cold, crying, and tired. she was so hurt. she felt like J cheated on her but technically, he didn’t. or did he? she was super confused. she was so upset. a car pulled up beside her. it was the guy from the club.

“Hey, want a ride?” he asked with a smile.

she hesitated for a second but she decided to get in the car. the car was surprisingly warm. she shivered.

“thanks.” she says, flashing a fake smile.

“I’m Brandon, by the way. where to?” he says, as he starts driving.

she began giving him directions. she sensed a weird vibe from him but she ignored it.

“so.. why the tears, beautiful?” he asks, making small talk.

“I got into a fight with my boyfriend.” she says, wiping them away.

“oh, that’s why you rejected me at the club. I thought it was because you thought I wasn’t good looking or something.” he chuckled.

“no, you’re actually quite cute.” she says, chuckling as well.

she stops as soon as she realizes that he’s going a different way.

“um, do you want me to tell you where I live again?” she says looking out of her window. they were in the middle of nowhere.

“no, I got it.” he reassured her as he smirked.

he suddenly stopped the car. he takes his seat beat off and leans over to her to kiss her. she pushes him away.

“what the fuck are you doing?”

“well, you’re single now so let’s hook up.” he smirked. he tried to kiss her one more time. she pushed him away once again.

“what? I didn’t say I was single! stop!” she sternly says.

she gets out of the car and starts running. Brandon gets out to chase her. she was in heels so he got her. she yelled for help but no one was around. it was hopeless. he shoved her back into his car, but in the backseat this time. he threw her so she would lie on her back and he crawled on top of her. he forcefully takes off her panties from under her dress and starts unbuckling his belt and pants. as soon as she realized what he was trying to do she panicked.

“no— NO! I don’t want to! please! please, leave me alone, LET ME GO!” she screamed.

“shut the fuck up!” he says, as he slapped her in the face. she cried.

“please, don’t do this..” she sobbed.

she tried to push him off but he held her arms down with his hands, as he slammed himself into her. she cried out in pain. she kept trying to fight him but he was so much stronger. she screamed as he kept going in back and forth. he was grunting and panting. she felt disgusted. he started getting annoyed by her screaming and crying so he decided to grab her throat. he held it tight enough for it to bruise. her arms were bruised too. her screaming turned into whimpering and silent sobs as she realized there was nothing she could do.

“aw, don’t cry, I know you like it.” he pants, kissing her breasts. “come on, tell me how cute I am, moan for me.” he says, going in harder and faster. she kept crying. he seemed to be getting off on it.

he kept going until he finally finished inside her. he got off of her and sat up, trying to catch his breath. she just laid there, lifeless with tears rolling down her face. Brandon got out of his car and dragged y/n out with him. she screamed as she tried pushing and kicking him away but she was weak. he got her out, and pushed her to the ground. he beat her until she passed out. he left her on the side of the road. she had bruises all over her body and face. if anyone found her, they would’ve thought she was dead. he drove away when he was done setting her up there.

Mr. J’s POV———————————

as soon as he saw y/n walk towards the bar, he called over two strippers to sit on his lap. they were lesbian. they went with his game since they couldn’t really refuse. he saw her glance at his booth. he chuckles as she does a double take. he can feel her anger. he begins to purr which was totally fake because he only purred when y/n pleasured him. one of the girls take it one step further and get on their knees. he decides to make eye contact with her and to piss her off even more, he grins. he started feeling himself tense up a bit and pushed them away. he sees y/n’s eyes starting to water so he called her over. she ignored him. he went after her but it was hard to go through the crowd. it was packed. as soon as he gets to the door, he looks around for y/n. she’s nowhere to be found. he starts getting angry and stressed. she was in a small dress walking by herself at this time of night? he didn’t think so. he went back into his club and called out for Frost.


“yes?” he attended him immediately.

“get as many henchmen as you can looking for y/n. she left walking and she’s all alone. if you don’t come back with her, you’re all dying a very painful death, GOT IT?” he growled. Frost nodded. “make sure they know that.”

he storms out of his club and into his Lamborghini. he takes off and starts going to places where she’d normally be after they’ve had an argument. she wouldn’t be shopping at this of hour, or at a friends house. he ran out of places to look and got very frustrated.

“you’re not getting away that easy, doll.” he says to himself.

he drove around for hours before he gave up and drove home. he walked upstairs to the bedroom and tried to fall asleep but he couldn’t. he needed y/n in his arms or at least by his side. he decided to stay up that night.

he gets a call hours later. it’s Frost.

“what? did you find her?”

“well yes but—”

“good! bring her back here so I can punish her for leaving.”

“I don’t think you want to do that, boss, she—”

“oh, I would love to. bring her back now.” he almost hung up.

“wait! she’s not in a very good condition, boss..” he hesitantly says.

“what do you mean?” he started getting worried.

“she’s unconscious. I’m driving her to you. I was calling you to tell you about it and ask if you wanted me to take her to your own doctor.”

he stood quiet. he didn’t know what to say or think.

“just bring her back, I’ll figure it out.” he hung up.

he was very concerned. he started blaming himself. he had to wait hours before they arrived. he started getting impatient. he was pacing back and forth in front of the front door. they finally arrived.

“FINALLY! where the hell is Frost?” he asked his henchman, Troy.

“He’s with Evan, helping him bring y/n.” he says with a straight face.

he walks out to the car y/n was in after Troy responded to him. she looks dead. he looks at her with emotional pain.

“what the hell happened to her?” he says, helping Frost get her inside.

“I’m not sure yet, boss, but I called the doctor. he’s on his way.”

they set her on the couch instead of going all the way upstairs.

“you’re dismissed. all of you are!” he shouts at his henchmen. they all leave in a heart beat.

“God, what happened to you?” he says, observing her bruises.

he felt horrible. he felt like it was his fault. if he hadn’t called the strippers over to him, she would have been in his arms, wide awake. he felt an empty feeling at the pit of his stomach. he’s never felt that before.

y/n started to move around on the couch. she wasn’t breathing very well and she was whimpering. tears started streaming down her face. Mr. J noticed.

“sh, sh, doll. you’re with me now. you’re safe. I’m gonna find the asshole that did this to you and I’ll make him pay.” he whispers, as he caresses her.

she calmed down a bit but she’s still not fully awake. the door bell rings. it’s the doctor. he went to y/n as fast as he could and started getting to work. Mr. J wasn’t allowed to be around for any of it so he went upstairs to his office. he impatiently waited, pacing in front of his office door. the doctor came in an hour later.

“she’s fine.”

J sighed in relief.

“she had a bit of a concussion but she should be good now. she was beaten. I ran some tests to see if she was drugged but she wasn’t. since the concussion wasn’t severe, she should remember everything that happened in the last 24 hours. as for her bruises and scratches, I think she’s going to need a full body massage with some ointment to cure them. I figured I’d leave that to you.” he tosses the ointment to J. he catches it. “she’s just sleeping in the bedroom now. she should be awake in a few hours.”

“a few hours?!” J groaned.

the doctor nodded. “look, the most important thing is that she’s fine. this could’ve gone a lot worse—”

“yeah, yeah, yeah, you can go now.” J interrupts as he walks out of his office into their bedroom.

he just watched her. he felt like he wanted to cry but he really didn’t. he just felt horrible about the whole situation. he was very tired though. it around 9 pm. he decided to lay down beside her. his goal wasn’t to sleep but he did anyway. he was just happy to have her by his side.



@foodtracer and I have no real excuse for these other than that he can’t read for shit. He misread "Schwert Platzen” as “Sweet Pretzel” and these were born.

Please note that the first edit is his that he made with this app he just recently downloaded on his phone while the others were made by me in Photoshop for the first time in my life within a span of 4 hours.


“You and I aren’t that different after all. We have something in common, besides the time we’ve been together, we have a similar past. We are not alone, for we have each other now.” Excerpt from ‘Of Cold Appearances and Warm Hearts’, written by cleareyes95.

marvelsglow  asked:

hi! i just found your blog and i love it so far:)) i saw that you did ships and was wondering if you could ship me? im 5'4, brown hair that's normally always up, i love nature and food, and writing is one of my favorite things to do:) if you aren't doing ships so sorry to bother you, hope you have a good day!! xx

Hello! Glad you love the blog! Quick note to any of the followers reading this; I’m just cleaning out my inbox and I didn’t want to delete people’s requests so I’m not taking in any more ship requests (unless you guys really still want me to do it, if so, send me a lil’ inbox and if I get enough of them I may still do these). Also, requests for one shots are open.

I ship you with… SAM! You and him would wake up together, early, to go to the park or simply just to be out of the bunker and enjoy nature together. Your height difference would be adorable and he would have to constantly bend down to kiss or hug you. I have a feeling you both would adopt a dog together which you convince Dean to let you keep. Also, whenever you write something, whether its a little 100 words story or a books worth of writing, Sam would always pester you to let him read it as he adores your writing.

the feel of the rush

A/N: I want to declare that I am back, but my muse is so spotty as shit that I can’t promise. However, here is this. I love you guys and I hope you guys love this. I really want to thank Travel Bug for her endless support as I just randomly send her blurbs cause I am stuck or just need to make sure I make sense. Thank you so much, my dear. Thanks to everyone, really. You guys have been supportive these past few months. Wow. This sounds like a goodbye… It isn’t. I am hoping it is more of a hello. Oh well. You aren’t here to read my rambles. This isn’t a request, cause I am shit and stopped working on those. Although I get a LOT of jealous ones, so maybe? PS: Lady Gaga kicked me in my muse with her “Very Gaga Thanksgiving” version of Edge of Glory. I probably wouldn’t have finished without that song. So. 

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff & Reader 

Warnings: Smut. Like WTF. A lot. A lot of swearing. I have a potty mouth. 

Summary: Um jelly quicksilver? 

—- —- —-

“Are you trying to piss me off?”

Seven words had never brought such a rush of emotion to her before. With him she always felt new emotional rushes that she hadn’t expected or ever really imagined. She never thought there was someone who could wind her up like he did. These seven words didn’t bring the emotional rush of lust though. This time she was confused. She looked over her shoulder to where she heard the voice but all she saw was the night sky and nobody in sight.

That didn’t surprise her at all. She would have been more surprised if he was still standing there actually. She knew his eyes would be on her, but he moved around so much and so fast that she wasn’t sure where he ever was. It was actually kind of fun as they made a game of it.

She didn’t skip a beat though as she sipped from her red cup before talking to Sam again. She had a sinking feeling on what he was talking about too. It was like him to get worked up with jealously when she paid attention to others at these parties. He hated coming to these anyway and she knew that. She knew he hated the crowds and he hated seeing Wanda and Vision together. He was trying to accept it but she knew he still struggled with it. She never really let him complain about his sister and her romantic life. Wanda was an adult and was allowed to be involved with someone. Y/N was close to the girl and was glad that there was someone in her life that made her happy. Pietro still held grudges on the idea.

“You seem distracted,” Sam pointed out and she had to shake herself back to reality.

“A bit, I apologize,” she said but the man just laughed before throwing an arm around her.

“Go find the sourpuss,” he said before chuckling again. She nodded her head as she turned around to find him, eyes searching the crowd.

“Glad to see you are finally done flirting,” a voice said in her ear. She turned quickly to see him standing there, an angry expression covering his face. She loved the man but he was overly jealous all of the time. It was frustrating that she couldn’t talk with a friend without him being pissed off about it.

“I wasn’t flirting,” she mumbled as she finished the liquor in her cup before reaching for his. He just raised an eyebrow at her movements.

“His hands are always all over you,” Pietro said in a low voice and Y/N could hear the warning in his tone. She stood on the tips of her toes to place a soft kiss against his lips.

“I assure you it isn’t like that,” she said softly. His hands roughly grabbed her hips as he held her in place. His mouth can crashing against hers in a hot kiss that left her grabbing at his shoulders. He claimed complete control over the kiss as his tongue moved inside of her mouth with ease. One of the hands on her hips slowly moved as it grabbed her ass, causing her to whine into his mouth.

“Get a fucking room,” a voice said and Y/N heard a growl leave Pietro as they turned to see Clint standing there, shaking his head. She was about to say something when two hands grabbed her and lifted her with ease.

“Hang on,” he whispered in her ear as he started to run through the streets. She hated traveling like this. Two years together hadn’t changed anything. There were so many other ways to travel that she preferred. Sure, they were a lot slower but she wasn’t almost sick to her stomach due to traveling that way. It was only a matter of moments before they stopped moving and she knew she was in their bedroom.

Of course he took them to their room. It was absolutely and completely like him. His mouth was against hers again, reclaiming it like they hadn’t been interrupted. His hands roamed her body before squeezing her ass again, causing her to whine for the second time that night. She could feel the vibrations of his chuckle as he pulled away from the kiss.

“I hate watching him flirt with you,” he said in a low tone again. She could see a mix of anger and lust in his eyes. She had to admit she kind of loved when he had that look in his eyes. Pietro could be a gentle lover, which he was most of the time. The times that he was jealous though we’re different as he was rough and almost barbaric as he felt the need to claim her over and over again.

She absolutely fucking loved it.

“You’re mine, Princess.” He spoke in that same tone as he pressed his mouth against her neck. He peppered the skin with soft kisses as his fingers grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it off. His touch danced along the exposed skin of her stomach, causing her eyes to close as she was starting to get lost under the sensations.

His teeth sunk into her neck and all she could do was cry out as she ran her nails down his back. She liked to think of herself as rather mild, but there was something about being bitten that made her feel more wanton. She wasn’t sure why she liked it so much but she loved his teeth against her skin.

“Maybe you’ve forgotten,” he whispered in her ear. “Maybe a good fucking will remind you that you are mine.” She whimpered at those words. They were a warning that they only had started. She wasn’t prepared for that. She was already wild, wet and wanting. She knew his words meant he was going to tease and toy with her to the point she thought she’d break.

Out of all the games they played, this was his favorite.

“Pietro please,” she panted as his teeth sunk into her skin again. She knew she’d be bruised tomorrow. She also knew that was why he did it. It was his way of reminding her and anyone that looked at her that she was already claimed. She found it rather caveman of him to mark her as dibs, but she never complained. It was hard to complain when his teeth grazed her skin.

He ran his tongue over her skin and she shuddered under his touch. She knew he was probably smirking. He found some amusement out of how she reacted to him. It was natural though, just like breathing.

“Mmmm,” he whispered against her skin. “Already asking for mercy?” His fingertips played over the skin of her stomach. He kept his touch light and it was starting to drive her mad. His touch was gentle and soft and absolutely cruel. She ran her fingers down his chest causing a growl to leave him. He grabbed both of her hands with one of his before quickly removing his belt from his jeans and wrapping the leather around her wrists. She moaned as he tightened it, making it impossible to move her hands.

“You don’t get to touch tonight,” he taunted as he dropped her bound hands. His hands went to her hips, his thumb tracing a circular pattern on her skin. A soft cry left her lips and she could see a smirk plastered on his face.

All of this came with trust. There was no way she would be able to surrender control unless she did fully trust someone. It was hard for her at first to give up the control, and that was even after she trusted and loved him. Placing herself in his hands and control was hard and she hated the loss of power. It was a double edged sword, simply stated because she hated the loss of power but she loved it. With trust came a new experience and a new way for them to connect. While she never imagined the fact her hands being bound and him roughly teasing and tormenting her body was something she enjoyed, it was. It was anything and everything beyond her imagination.

His hands danced back up her bare skin of her stomach until they reached the red lace bra. His hands fumbled with the back as she heard him swearing under his breath. Her wonderful man was skilled in many things, but quickly unclasping her bra was not among one of his main skills. She usually found humor in the fumbling fingers, but tonight she was impatient. Each little misstep only further added to her waiting, and she didn’t want to have to wait anymore. She wanted him and she wanted him now.

Of course he was going to make her wait. She knew that was guaranteed. She wouldn’t have minded if he was only really touching her and not teasing her with light strokes. Her body was wound tight, near a breaking point and she had nothing to help catch her and ease her down. Hell, she had nothing to push her over the edge in the first place.

“It’s about time,” she remarked when her bra finally hit the ground. She caught a look at him as he raised his eyebrow at her words.

“You really want to sass me now?” He asked in a low voice that sent a rush of chills down her spine. His voice was so hot that it only added to the pooling ache between her thighs.

“I-” she started “I am only saying that it took you long enough,” her voice was now airy as she was panting. His lips quickly found their way to her nipple and the way his tongue swirled around cause her to see stars behind closed eyes. His fingers teased the nipple not in his mouth as he pinched and rolled it between the tips of his fingers, earning loud cries to fall from her kiss-swollen lips.

“I plan on taking my sweet time with you tonight, Princess.” He warned and she swore under her breath. Of course he would. She already knew that. Hearing the words were of no help to her whatsoever.

“Ugh,” she whined and she felt and heard his chuckle against her. She knew this was his jealous side and a reminder, but she never forgot. She loved him and only him. He didn’t need to tease her to a babbling mess of need and desire for that to be true.

She was convinced he was the only one for her.

His mouth continued the sweet assault against her as he took the other nipple in his mouth, his fingers now teasing the hard, damp nipple that was just in his mouth. A loud cry fell from her as he bit down, the sting of pain and pleasure rushing through her. She wanted nothing more than to run her fingers through his soft hair, but her binds had prevented that.

“Please,” she called out, but nothing changed as he ran his tongue over the newly sensitive bud. He pulled back slightly before blowing cool air against it, causing her to moan and rock her hips forward, as they started to seek out friction or anything to help tame the raging inferno between her legs.  

She was once told to find a man that was equally a gentleman as he was a good lover. Her mother had never had the best of luck with men, all of them falling short in so many ways. Dating had been something Y/N stayed away from for that reason. She didn’t want line after line of disappointments with handsome features. Suddenly her world changed in a whirlwind of a moment as he had entered her life, finally showing her men could be more than just decent lovers. Hell, he was the best lover she had ever had, and the best man she knew.

He was absolutely the perfect mix of good and bad, or even hot and cold. He was the best of both, and somehow he had loved her.

It still boggled her to think that the amazing Quicksilver had fallen for her of all people. It wasn’t low self-esteem, just knowledge that he was a man that could have any girl he wanted. She never figured why he wanted her. She didn’t dare turn her nose up it though. He loved her and she was quite happy about that. It was just right really, seeing as she was head over heels in love with him.

“Mmmmm,” his hot breath was against her skin as she started to kiss back up to her neck. “You taste absolutely delicious,” he said his voice low and something of a growl. It had cracked, which just made her head spin. It was the voice that was the result of him being turned on. The voice had always been something that had an effect on her. She loved hearing his voice change and his eyes darken with desire. It was nice to see the effect she had on him sometimes.

“Kiss me,” she said in a breathless tone. She knew he was in charge of the night, but at least he listened to her request. He pressed his mouth against hers and moaned as she took a moment to explore both the kiss and his mouth. He brought a hand up to her throat and moved to the back of her head and grabbing a handful of her messy hair.

It only took him seconds before he demanded and won control of the kiss. His mouth was roughly pressed against hers, kissing her to the point that she felt like her lungs may both collapse and explode all at once. His free hand had started to unbutton her jeans before tugging them down slightly, leaving her exposed in her red lace panties. His fingers cupped her other the thin fabric, earning him a loud whine that was swallowed by his kiss.

She saw stars the second he started to move his fingers against her. The fabric wasn’t much of a barrier, but it was enough to drive her insane with want. She wanted nothing more than those rough fingers against her bare skin.

It was almost as if he read her mind as he pulled at the thin fabric of her panties, leaving her bare to him. His fingers cupped her again as a moan left her. She bit her lip as her eyes fell shut in pleasure. His fingers started a slow and torturous pattern against her, his touch always light. He was dragging her over the coals close enough to feel the heat, but not close enough to burn.

She just fucking wanted to burn.

“Please,” she finally whispered in a breathy tone as his fingers danced over her folds. He smirked at her desire.

“I don’t think so,” he said drawing his words out as she exploded in a fit of whining and complaints. “Hush Princess,” he whispered in her ear before slowly kissing down to her collarbone where he started to nip at the skin there.

“Then do something,” she said and he just smirked.

“You are the most impatient woman I have ever met,” he said as if that would have any effect on her.

“Yeah yeah,” she mumbled as he chuckled against her skin. He may have laughed, but at least he listened as he began to increase the pressure and speed against her. She cried out as a finger slipped inside of her with ease.

“Don’t come,” he warned as she cried out. She was already close. There was no fucking way she could hold off the storm that was threatening to crash through.

“Pietrooo,” she whined as she dragged his name out in a breathy voice. He just raised his eyebrow, a look of authority washing over his handsome features.

“I said don’t come, Princess.” His voice was low and firm and all she could do was clamp her mouth shut and nod her head. She wouldn’t dare try to promise anything, but she would sure as shit try not to disobey.

She wanted to sob when he added in a second finger. Usually she would be lost in the pleasure but now all she could think about was trying to hold off the orgasm that was only strokes away.

“Please please please please,” she whispered as her hips began to buck.

“No,” he said his tone till firm. God she wanted to scream and maybe throw something against the wall. She was frustrated beyond belief and it was his fucking fault.

“I can’t, I just– I can’t,” she sobbed as she felt her resolve breaking. He just stared at her for a few moments before pulling his hand away, leaving her sobbing and so close to the edge. “No!” She cried but he just chuckled.

“I want to watch,” he said looking at her with dark eyes. She gulped at his words. She wasn’t a stranger to her own hand between her thighs, but that was in private. It wasn’t when he was watching her each movement.  “I want to watch,” he repeated his voice now nothing but a low growl. The animalistic tone in his voice was enough to snap her to attention. She nodded her head as she took steps over to the bed, trying to take as many calming breaths as possible. Growing up she had stage fright, while this wasn’t the high school play of Hairspray, this gave her the same butterflies in her stomach.

Although she wasn’t nearly as excited when she played Penny in Hairspray as she was now.

The mattress was pressed against her legs as she fell against it, trusting it to catch her. She didn’t dare look away from him. He had slipped his shirt off, and was now standing there with messy hair and dark eyes that followed her each movement. She still wasn’t sure to make of this, but she knew she was past thinking anything. Her mind was a puddle and all that was left was desire and want. She wanted this man and bad.

“I don’t have all day,” his voice was even deeper now and she just bit down on her lip as she slowly nodded her head before spreading open her thighs, her hand slowly moving down her stomach. She closed her eyes shut trying not to focus on his hard glare. It was no help. She could feel his hot gaze on her. Part of it left her terrified, but she would be lying if she said there wasn’t adrenaline pumping through her right now.  A soft gasp left her lips as she parted herself before slowly circling her clit with her fingers.

“Fuck,” she said in a breathless voice. She opened her eyes to see him watching her hand in between her legs. His hair was a tangled mess, and though the room was poorly lit, she could see the darkened desire in his eyes. He didn’t say anything as she picked up the pace and using her other hand to enter a finger inside of her.

“Stop,” he barked just as she got close. A loud cry left her lips as she stilled her hands, not daring to disobey him tonight. There were times she’d never just submit to him like this. She wasn’t really one for orders, but learned to take them for work. This wasn’t work and she didn’t have to take his orders. She was enjoying this though. She wanted to ride this out without pressing all of her luck. Besides, she was just too turned on and wanted him.

“Pietro,” she begged and he just raised her eyebrow.

“Am i pissing you off yet?” he asked and suddenly his seven words from the party rang in her head. He was jealous and pissed and now he was going to piss her off. Fucking wonderful.

“Maybe,” she said as she started to move her hand, but she was no match for his speed as he grabbed her wrist, stilling her.

“I said stop,” he said before sitting next to her on the bed. She just whined as he let go of her. “Go,” he said barking another order. She didn’t need to be told twice as she quickly started moving her hand again.

“Fuck,” she mumbled as she rolled her hips. She was close again.

“Stop,” he ordered and she wanted to sob out of frustration. Her hands froze as she looked at him with wide eyes.

“Please.” she whispered rolling her hips, hoping he’d have some mercy on her.

“Go,” he whispered and she just slowly nodded her head as she moved her fingers again.

“Please,” she begged again. He just shook his head.

“Stop,” he ordered when he sensed she was close. A loud sob left her as her thighs fell open.  She threw her arm over her face trying to calm her breathing. He was such a fucking asshole sometimes.  She felt his hands on her thighs as the bed shifted. Before she could even process what was happening, she felt him blow air against her.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned as her lips lifted off the mattress. Part of her feared this was another cruel trick of him bringing her to the brink to make her suffer. She wanted to care. but as soon as his mouth was pressed against her, she was only able to process the feeling of how his hot mouth felt. He was always a mix of tongue and teeth and it left her a desperate mess of moans. She was close again and she was ready for him to pull away and tell her to stop. She braced herself, but he didn’t stop. Instead he slipped two fingers inside of her, moving them at a rapid pace that finally had her spilling over the edge. She cried out his name over and over again as she trashed against him, riding out one of the best orgasms in her life.

She felt the mattress shift and opened her eyes to see him tugging his belt off before throwing it on the ground. His pants came off next, in just a fraction of a second due to his increased speed. There were times he liked to savor sex, and draw it out. She was just really thankful tonight was a night that he didn’t want to take his time undressing. She had just came, but she wanted more. She wanted him.

He pressed his mouth against hers in a sweet kiss that didn’t match the tempo of their night. She didn’t care though. After all of it, the sweet gesture was more than welcomed. The sweetness didn’t last though as he took complete control of the kiss, dominating her mouth.

“Next time I am just going to just put your mouth to good use.” he said that low and demanding tone back in his voice. She didn’t try hiding the shivers that crept down her spine. He used his hand to pump himself a few times. “Flip over and get on all fours.” he ordered and she didn’t think twice before rolling on her stomach and getting on her hands and knees.

A loud moan slipped as he smacked her ass. She heard his chuckle as his rough palm ran over the stinging skin. He entered her in one movement, causing them both to moan out. His movements started out quick and rough, and she was more than fine with that. A gasp left her as he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her back slightly. She knew that she had to make him jealous more often. The end result was absolutely amazing.

“Fuck. You feel so good, Princess.” he grunted as his hands slipped between her legs, his rough fingers circling her clit.

“Pietro,” she moaned as she circled her hips.

“Come for me, Princess.” he whispered as he increased his speed. She hadn’t disobeyed him yet, and she wasn’t about to start there. A loud moan left her as she started to grind against him, riding out her second orgasm.

“Oh fuck,” he grunted as he kept his speed before a loud growl ripped through him before he came. She heard him take several deep breaths before slowly pushing down on her hips. She got the message as she relaxed before laying on her back. A small laugh left her as he just collasped on the mattress next to her.

“Well then,” she spoke finally. He just chuckled as he reached over to push hair out of her face.

“I hope I didn’t push you too far.” he said and she shook her head.

“No,” she said and meant it. “There is no reason to be jealous though.”

“I know, but I still hate it. One of these days you are going to realize you deserve so much more than me.” he said and she shook her head before silencing him with her mouth pressed against his.

“Stop that,” she said before kissing him again. “I don’t believe that and neither should you. I want this, and I want you. I don’t care about anyone else.”

“I do love you, Princess. Even if I get jealous sometimes.” he said and she just laughed.

“You’re lucky I love you.” she said before curling up against him.

They always said home was where the heart was. She knew that no matter what city, state or country they were in, she would always be home as long as he was beside her.


Daryl Dixon Imagine

I hope you guys like it. Lately I feel like I’ve lost my spirit, the stories and my writing aren’t as good as they used to be and no matter how hard I try to get back to my usual style… I really wonder what’s wrong lately. Maybe I’ve been reading and writing too much in my mother tongue..xD’‘‘‘

Running for your life you jump off a cliff to save yourself. As it dawns to you that you should have listened to Daryl, your vision goes black.

word count: 1308

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

Running. Why always running?! I clenched my teeth and forced my legs to go on. They were burning like hell fire for the second day in a row but the bullets hitting trees and branches left and right kept me on track. I couldn’t even think about stopping or hiding or anything else but running. My lungs started to feel sore as well, the fresh air, the clear breeze I would have enjoyed under normal circumstances felt like needles. Every breath I took was heavier than the one before.
Daryl had warned me not to steal. He had told me to stay back and wait for him to come back with another squirrel or two but I had been too tired of the same old squirrel meat every day. That was why I had decided to do this on my own. My own risk. He couldn’t say anything about it if I did it on my own, could he?! I was old enough and I was starving. Yeah, that did justify me running off alone.
They’re gonna hunt ya down… just like we would, Daryl’s voice echoed in my head. For fuck’s sake, yes, they did. Why the hell didn’t I listen to Daryl!?
I crossed another clear-out with walkers all over it hoping that my attackers would get distracted by them while I could just run through when I noticed something in front of me. Just another ten or twenty meters. Clear blue sky, the sound of water falling into a pit without a bottom and no more trees.

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anonymous asked:

How was your weekend, lovely? Hope it didn't suck (blood). Speaking of which... 📝🔍 asdfghjkl truly though, hope it was well! Do you think you will post another drabble before publishing? (Also hoping these fic asks aren't annoying or pushy!)

If people want me to, I’ll try to post another drabble this week! I know I’m taking forever and I feel bad so if you guys want one, I’ll give you one. Probably not til late this week though. 😊 The asks about it don’t bother me. I like being reminded that people want to read the fic because it keeps me motivated!! Thanks, bub.