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The Long Way Home (7/10)

I am so, so sorry this chapter is coming out this late in the day, guys. Real life has been very hectic this week between work and lecture slide prep and doctor’s appointments and car issues and mommyhood. I’m pretty physically and mentally exhausted right now, so I hope my last-minute editing choices for this chapter aren’t terrible, LOL. We’ll see. Anyway, thank you all for your wonderful feedback and your serial reblogs and your flailing tags. I really hope you continue to enjoy! Please remember the nautical terms glossary linked below - it’s newly updated for the events of this chapter! Happy reading.

As always, thanks to my beta, @captainstudmuffin, and to @lifeinahole27, @clockadile, and @ladyciaramiggles for their additional feedback.  Additional thanks to my wonderful CSBB artists, @waiting-for-autumn and @giraffes-ride-swordfishes for providing some gorgeous artwork to accompany this fic!  Links to their illustrations of certain scenes (*) will be in the text - go show them some love!

Find it on AO3.  Nautical term glossary here.

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Summary:  After an unnaturally long life fraught with personal tragedy, Killian Jones has become known throughout the realms as the infamous Captain Hook, an opportunistic ne’er-do-well and one of the most formidable pirates to ride the waves.  When he crosses paths with a mysterious young woman with no memory of who she is or how she arrived there, he recognizes the chance to claim a monetary reward that will constitute his biggest score yet.  But a journey across the world to get her home leads to a series of adventures that reveal that her value lies in far more than gold and jewels.  A Captain Swan Anastasia AU - sort of.  (Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance, Adventure, & Eventual Smut.  Rated E.)

Warning: Brief but graphic depictions of violence, peripheral character death, and smut.

The Jolly alters course to make for the nearest port large enough to have a surgeon in residence. Swan begins to devote a couple hours a day to reading to Alec, and Hook even allows her to assume some of the waylaid sailor’s responsibilities, including his shifts as lookout high up on the fore-mast.

Despite the seriousness of the circumstances, she has to admit she enjoys being useful and trusted aboard ship, and though Hook continues to insist she wear the tether, she doesn’t miss the proud light in his eye each time he watches her scamper up the rigging.

“To your post, Swan,” he says with a smile one morning as he reaches out in passing and gives the knot on her harness a playful tug.

She flashes him a grin over her shoulder and swings up onto the shroud.  “Aye aye, Captain.”

Her hours spent perched upon the top and staring out at the horizon from between the sails are largely uneventful, but they afford her more time to enjoy the view and to be alone with her thoughts.  She’s disconcerted to find, however, that most of those thoughts seem to center around Hook, and the more she tries to focus other subjects, the more annoyed she is each time her brain finds a way to wander back to him.  

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Ego Asks Tags

Hi, cutie pies!

So, the blog has become very centered around asks lately! This isn’t a bad thing, obviously. I’m still very happy with the stories that I’m putting out there for you guys to read, and I feel like (I sincerely hope) that you guys are still enjoying them. But it’s also really hard for you guys to keep up with them if you aren’t there to read them in the moment.

To fix that, I’ve added tags for each story thread (going back a little ways in the blog) that you guys can search and then go through whenever. I’m still working on it. I’m going to attempt to go back as far as when we brought back Walter (yes, many eons ago), but right now, the more recent things that I’ve completed are:

Google 2.0–MadPat repairs Oliver after he was damaged by Anti.

Split–Host’s cabin reappears, and so does the Author.

Question of Redemption–Dark has to make a change.

So far they’re in order from newest to oldest. There are also a few asks included with Advocates for Chaos (Peevils and Mare becoming friends) and Monster Inside (Schneeple’s recovery).

That’s all for now. I know that I haven’t posted just a whole lot lately, but I’ve been giving myself some personal time and de-stressing (I’ve been so stressed, like “anxiety attack” levels of stressed). I painted today! I never get to paint anymore, and it was great. But thanks a bunch for all the crazy times we’ve been having recently; thanks for not rioting and knocking on my door with pitchforks and torches yet. I promise things will calm down a bit for a while!

I mean I’ve got to save something for Halloween, right? XD

But anyway, you’re all awesome. Stay gold, cutie pies!

Bait- Part 3

Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Word Count: 1215

Warnings: date-rape drug, guns

A/N: I think the beginning might be a bit confusing, so it starts off in Y/N’s POV as she’s just waking up in the car, and is pretty disoriented still from the effects of the roofies. I hope y’all like it, and I’m sorry the updates aren’t super regular and quick. I’m prepping for a final exam right now and really pressed for time. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to message me with your reactions! They’re so fun to read and really put a smile on my face :)

P.S. @winchesters-favorite-girl READ MY SHIT ASS STORY OH MY GOD

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Seventeen All Unit Reaction: “S/O Caught in a Disaster”

Anon: Okay so, can you do a full group reaction where basically there was a disaster somewhere where their S/O was supposed to be, yet they don’t know if they’re alright or not since they aren’t answering any calls or texts? Sorry if this is complicated 😅

Hey! I had like a creative block halfway through this so hopefully it’s what you were asking for!! I kinda generalised disaster as well so there’s a few different bits in here! <3 Hope you like it!

WARNING - If you guys are sensitive to mentions of disaster (earthquakes stuff like that) and incidents of stress etc…please do not read on!! Also strong language…?

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


*gif by me*

“Coups! Did you hear about the earthquake?” Vernon shouted, sprinting into the room and turning the TV on. 

“What?” Seungcheol grumbled rolling upright on the sofa. “What are you on about?” 

Vernon stepped backwards almost tripping over the coffee table. “There was an earthquake where you said Y/N is on holiday…” That was when the images appeared on screen. He felt his whole body tremble as he grabbed his phone.

“It’s going straight to answer phone…” he managed, the tears forming in his eyes as the panic became overwhelming. “When was this?” 

Vernon shrugged his shoulders. “I think they said at like 3a.m. I’m sure Y/N’s okay! I mean Y/N’s friends are there too, they probably heard the warning…And anyway, the news said nobody was injured it was just a shock since there’s never earthquakes in that area.”

Seuncheol knew Vernon was just trying to make him feel better, but he couldn’t help but panic when you weren’t answering the phone. “That’s it I’m booking a flight.”

“NO! Why don’t you just call Y/N’s friend?” 

Seungcheol immediately phoned your friend. “Hello?” your friend’s voice was a breath of fresh air in that moment. 

“Hello!” Seungcheol said far too enthusiastically. 

“Y/N it’s Seungcheol…” Seungcheol could hear you in the background and suddenly felt the relief pouring over him.  

“Hey, sorry my phone died…don’t worry we’re all safe. Well I’m sure you heard that…”


*gif by me*

Jeonghan had heard about the fire on the radio. A fire in the apartment building you were currently at for a house party with your friends. He was already on his way there to pick you up, except now the drive had a different meaning.

He floored it. Jeonghan saw the flashing lights, police cars just in the distance. A whir of sirens came from nowhere as he pulled up the car just behind a crowd of people. “Y/N!” he bellowed, his heart thumping in his chest. “Y/N!” 

With no answer but a crowd of people staring at him he pulled out his phone. No answer. Answer me. R u safe?! Jeonghan, hurried through the crowd when he phoned you for the fifth time, before phoning your friend.

“Jeonghan!?” your voice came from nowhere as he spun around. “Jeonghan!!”

You were sitting in the back of the ambulance a grin on your slightly drunken face. “Are you okay!? What happened?” 

Jeonghan brushed his hands all over your face turning you to look at him. “Don’t Jeonghan, it’s nothing. Benny set the toaster on fire and the whole building was evacuated. There isn’t actually a fire can you believe it? All this fuss for nothing?”

He felt the relief pour from his body as he kissed your cheek. “I’m just so glad your safe. Why are you in an ambulance?”

“Oh, Benny fell down the stairs running out. She’s such an idiot, but now she’s trying to hook up with the paramedic.”


*gif by me*

“Soonyoung! Will you try calling Y/N?” Woozi called from the door of his studio, phone in hand. 

Soonyoung was slightly taken aback by the paleness to his face, the slight shake to his hands. “Yeah sure, what’s wrong?” Hoshi asked, pulling out his phone and the dial tone ringing out. “No answer.” 

Jihoon didn’t hesitate as he hurried back into the studio grabbing his keys. “I just saw on the news that there’s been a crash in the subway. Y/N said they’d be here an hour ago…What if something happened?”

Hoshi jumped up following Jihoon to the door. “I’m sure Y/N’s okay, look if there’s a backup on the train there’s going to be traffic…”

Jihoon shrugged his shoulders, his whole body sighing in defeat. “I can’t just sit here…” 

“Look, I’ll go look for Y/N. You stay here and wait just in case she turns up keep trying their phone.” 

Woozi sank to the floor his phone battery slowly dying as he kept calling, and calling, and calling. There was a rattle of keys. Jihoon shot to his feet hurrying to the open the door only to stare straight into Hoshi’s face.

“Did you find Y/N?” Woozi stammered, only just noticing the fact Hoshi was carrying your bag. “Y/N!?” he hurried out into the hallway pulling you to him immediately. “I’m so glad you’re okay! What happened?”

“Don’t worry babe,” you said quickly, a little shook up since if you had caught the earlier train you could have been in the crash. “It was the train before mine, I was just caught in the aftermath…” 

He hugged you closer for a moment his breath against your neck. That was when the shock hit you and you allowed yourself to cry. “I know Y/N, its scary, but you’re okay. You’re okay,” he kept repeating that over and over again late into the night.


*gif by me*

You had bought an apartment on the coast. For the area it was cheap deal. You had been so excited. But, neither of you had expected the weather warning that cam in on moving day. Hoshi was on his way to yours when the radio kicked in warning of the evacuation. 

Winds had picked up. Rain thundering down. The impact of the two together meant waves were crashing over the defence wall flooding the area. Hoshi pulled over, calling you immediately. “Hey, Y/N give me a call back. I’m stuck just a streets over…call me.” He sent a number of texts. Y/N answer me. Jagi are you okay? Are they evacuating you? HELLOO UR WORRYING ME. But still no answer. Then the lightening started. 

Hoshi couldn’t just sit there anymore, not when you weren’t answering. So he sprinted the distance to your apartment. The door had been open when he finally got there. He was dripping wet, cold and panicked. “Y/N!?” he called through the door, except the rain had found its way inside.

“Y/N!” he bellowed louder through the wind that poured through a smashed window. Glass was everywhere. Rain flooding the living area as he jumped over the soaked moving boxes to the bedroom where you were huddled on the floor.

“Why does bad shit always happen to me?” you whispered quietly pulling the duvet around your head and crying into the fabric. 

“Come on, you need to get out of here. You can stay at the dorm with me okay?”

“But what about the…”

“The guys won’t mind Y/N. We’ll come back and sort this out later…” 

He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to your feet. “Thank you,” you managed as he pecked your lips lightly. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“We don’t have time for this Y/N, thank me later.”


*gif by me*

“I’ll call you when I land okay?” you promised Joshua as you were on your flight to meet him in LA. Your flight was already rescheduled and Joshua was busy keeping an eye on changes on his end.

But, that was when he saw the news report talking about a hurricane about to hit the airport you were at. He didn’t know if you were on the flight, or if you were still in the airport. All he knew was he couldn’t get through to you.
When you get this Y/N CALL ME!! 

He wasn’t panicking as much as you would have thought, especially since he freaked out about the bug in the shower once. Joshua knew the only thing he could do was wait, which is why he wasn’t panicky. 

Instead he had dragged Jeonghan to sit in the airport lobby with him until he saw you. “Y/N could still be in the airport Jisoo.”

Jeonghan grumbled laying across the seats, his eyes closed as he tried to fall asleep. 

“Yes, but if we’re here then we know…”

“What do we know Joshua?” Jeonghan moaned, shaking his head in an attempt to get comfy. “If you ask that receptionist one more question we’re going to get thrown out. Now chill your shit.”

Joshua was trying to remain calm. But, with the updates of the hurricane coming through on his phone it wasn’t looking too good. Then his phone buzzed, your face appearing on the screen. 

“Hey Jisoo, I just landed! Where are you this airport’s a goddam maze!!” 

He felt his stomach drop, he was just so happy you were okay. “What about the hurricane?”

“What hurricane? What is that smell? Oh shit they have doughnuts! Will you buy me food Josh I’m starving!”


*gif by me*

Jun hadn’t been aware of the flood until he got back after practice. Social media was buzzing with news about the flood in your hometown. You’d gone back home for a month since Jun was on tour, and you had time off work. It was a good way to distract yourself from being without him.

But, neither of you had expected the flood. Jun called you so many times and got no reply. He sent texts, he even called your parent’s home and did not even manage to get through. 

“What if Y/N’s injured or something?” Jun panicked, going straight to Minghao for advice. Jun felt physically sick, completely at a loss and simply confused on how to help you. He just wanted to be there and he couldn’t. 

Except he wasn’t the best one for such things. “Can Y/N swim?” Minghao asked not even looking up from his phone as he said it. 

Jun shook his head. “I don’t know! Why is that important?!” 

“Well now is a good time to learn,” Minghao joked, looking up at Jun as he said it. But the response he got wasn’t good. “I’m joking!! Look, Y/N’ll be fine Jun. By the sound of it these things happen all the time there. Flood defences are shit apparently, so just wait Y/N will phone. 

As if on command the phone rang. “Y/N! I heard about the flood! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah we’re all fine. Dad’s put up a new defence thing in the house so we haven’t been affected. We had a power cut though which isn’t fun…” 

“Thank god you’re okay! I was so worried.”

“It’s only a bit of water Jun,” you laughed. “And, I can swim so no biggie.”

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You ready, Luv? (Part 3) - [Eggsy Unwin X Reader]

[Oh man guys! You all have been so kind and amazing and I AM SO NERVOUS NOW. But I hope you enjoy this!! I had never intended on stretching this out, but I have so many plans now so I hope you like it!! THANKS GUYS!! <3

Pairing: Eggsy X Reader 

Words: 2.7k

Summary: You and your boyfriend Eggsy are on a mission together where your limits are tested. Just how far are you willing to go for the man you love?

CH 3 – Are you dreaming? Are you awake and hallucinating from that fuckin gas? You really aren’t sure to be honest, but one thing you do know is that something isn’t right. Will you finally have the chance to tell Eggsy just how you feel or will your time finally run out?

— Read on Ao3 here! or below the cut :3  

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Hope you guys enjoy this. I really love David, he’s a bean!

WARNING(s): Foul language, sexual situations



“Come on guys! Look at those beautiful stars!” Everyone except Max looked up at the sky. The children were aw-ing and oo-ing. Daivd was right, the stars were absolutely gorgeous this night! You were pretty upset Gwen couldn’t be here. She got sick and had to go home for the week. Your eyes went from the night sky to Max.

“Max, why aren’t you looking?” You scooted a bit closer to Max which resulted in him just scooting further away from you. David snapped his attention to you as you sighed deeply in slight frustration.

“Oh don’t mind Max, Y/N. He’ll come around” David plopped himself right next to you, his guitar in hand. The sound of the faint crackling of the fire was pleasant along with the soothing cricket chirps. You gave a small smile to David and then looked at the children around you. Neil was looking closely in the sky to find some sort of constellation, Nikki was playing around with some of the other kids, and Max… Oh! He was looking at the stars!

“Told you!” David gave you a slight bump with his elbow. You laughed and rubbed your arm. It didn’t hurt, you just felt the need to. Your heart thumped loudly as David scooched even closer to you. Yes, you had a small crush, scratch that, a huge crush on David. He was just an adorable human being who need protecting. Too bad he probably didn’t like you back. He most likely thought of you as a friend. Yeah.. Was David a virgin? Hehe, one of your random thoughts..

Your eyes shot open in alarm at the sound of David clapping his hands together. Were you taking a nap or something?

“Alright campers, time to get ready for bed! I’ll be checking up on all of you later” Everyone groaned, except Neil. Neil wanted to go to bed. The kids walked to their cabins, chattering and giggling.

“Don’t worry about checking up on them, I’ll be more than glad to do that” You had the slightest blush on your cheeks. Hopefully it wasn’t visible to David.

“Oh no! I’ll be more than glad to check up on the kids” You nodded and headed to the cabin where you, Gwen, and David shared. It wasn’t too cramped. Two bunk-beds and a bathroom. Your body sunk into the stiff mattress and with a deep sigh, you tossed to your side.

“I hate you David, for making me feel these emotions towards you..” You nuzzled into your pillow. If this was like one of those fanfictions you read, David should be looking at you wide eyed by the door. Hesitantly, you turned your body around and luckily saw nobody. Though you were a 21 year old, you did hate the feeling of being alone in a cabin late at night. Every horror movie that took place in the woods had that one girl being stabbed, chainsawed, or beat to death.

You hoped David would come back soon.

To kill some time, you decided to read the rule book of Camp Campbell. It was the only option besides masturbating. *Snort*.

Page after page, rule after rule you still weren’t sleepy and David still wasn’t here.

“What the hell is taking him so long?” Your tone clearly showed you were worried. Having enough of anxiety eating you up, you stood up and walked to the door. To your surprise and liking, David was there! Quickly, you ran back to your bunk and covered your face with the rule book. David’s footsteps were heard.

“Reading the good ol’ rule book, huh? One of my favorites!” David said while picking up some of his clean pajamas to change into. You eyed him from behind your book, peeking out a bit. He headed to the bathroom to go change. Damn it! You wanted him to change in front of you!

You heard the sound of a zipper. He was taking his shorts off. The thought of David in his underwear with his shirt rolled up, panting, made heat grow between your legs.

“Shit” You muttered to yourself quietly. David was humming to himself. Unaware that you were having a horny attack outside the freaking door (Yes I did just said horny attack). All the strength you had left in you was being wasted on trying to not just barge through that door right now and suck his- Wow, wow! Calm down..

David walked out in some pajama pants and t-shirt. Gosh I know they’re just pajamas but he looked hella hot in them..

“Well Y/N, it’s time to get to bed. Sleep is one of the most important things for you” David reached over to the lamp and turned it off. The cabin was dark and the sound of ruffling of bed sheets was heard. The heat between your legs only grew at the small grunt David made when trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

You couldn’t just go at it right there! That’s off the list. Maybe you could just.. NO! You can’t do that.. What if he rejects you? Oh god that would be SO awkward!

‘Should I take the risk?’ You mentally asked yourself. Yeah, you were going to do this! Goodbye friendship with David.

You turned your body and saw David laying in his bed, softly snoring. He looked so pure and sweet. Quietly, you rolled out of your bed and sneaked towards his. David’s back was against the mattress and the front of his body was exposed to you. His head was tilted to the side and his mouth was slightly ajar. You straddled him, your crotch accidentally rubbing against his. David grunted and struggled to move. Your body on top of him was making it hard for him.

You had the evil idea to lift his shirt up. He wasn’t ripped but he had a small set of abs. You found him perfect. David shivered at the sudden contact of his bare skin and the cold air. Wow, you can’t believe he hasn’t woken up yet. You dipped your head down and kissed his stomach.

David giggled, his eyes fluttering open to see you kissing his bare stomach.

“What?! Y-Y/N! What are you doing!” David sat up, a heavy blushed printed on his cheeks. You were still straddling him which made the situating even more awkward. Fuck it.

“Please just let this happen David..” Your lips continued to peck at his soft stomach until you were kissing right above his pajama bottoms. David wriggled around.

“Do you want me to stop?” You said while looking up at the green-eyed man.

“I-I don’t know! Part of me says no but another part says yes. Thi-” You cut David off by kissing his forehead.

“Have you ever done anything like this?” David drooped his head in embarrassment.

“N-no, I haven’t..” You gently grabbed David’s head and lifted it up so his beautiful green orbs could meet with your E/C ones.

“It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed, David. I’ll take care of you” You gave David a sweet kiss. He returned the kiss and leaned in to deepen it. Slowly, you climbed onto David so his back would be against the mattress once again. Your hands combed through his reddish-brown locks that you always wanted to touch.

“Mmph..” David muffled into the kiss. This earned a small laugh from you. Being a bit brave, you decided to take things a bit higher and began kissing David’s neck. David’s breath hitched. His own hands were playing with his shirt, lifting it up just enough for you to see his stomach and a bit of his chest. You moved from his neck and down back to his stomach.

David giggled just like before.

“Ticklish?” You asked, David nodded shyly.

“Cute~” You gave the spot right above his belly button and good kiss. One of your fingers tugged at David’s snug PJ bottoms. Your eyes shifted to his direction, as if asking for permission. David gave you a hesitant nod. His shirt went back in normal place, covering all his upper body now. The male counselor’s breath was getting heavier and heavier as your pulled his bottoms down until they were off.

You continued to kiss down his body. Your lips caressing the tent in his boxers.

“G-ahah!” David bucked his hips upward. You gave him an amused looked.

“If you don’t want me to be embarrassed please stop giving me those looks!” His chest rose up and down quickly.

“Alright Davey~ But only because you said please..” You pulled your bottoms off and discarded them to the corner of David’s bed. David’s blush somehow got even darker when he saw you in your panties.

“W-what are you going to do?” He asked, trying his hardest to sound sexy.

“This” You simply answer. You ground your hips into his.

“Mm-ah! Y-you feel so-mph!” Your lips muffled David’s words. The both of you were having a heated make-out session while your hips ground into each other. You couldn’t help but moan into the kiss. The feeling of David’s hard-on against your clothed entrance felt amazing and you could tell David felt the same way by the way his eyes were shut tight.

“Enjoying yourself?” David nodded and whimpered.

“You really are making me wet David.. Those noises you make are so cute and so hot” You said in between kisses. Each time pulling apart a new string of saliva appearing. You were going to dirty talked the shit out of this poor boy.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me” You ground harder but slower at the same time.

“I want you to plunge deep inside m-me” Now you were going at a deadly slow pace.

“And then I want you to release deep inside me” And then.. you stopped. You got off of David’s lap. He was confused. You teasingly slid your panties off with your legs spread open for David’s view. Your hot core was displayed all for David. It glistened in the moonlight that was peeking through the window. David gulped thickly.

“Y-you can touch..” You blushed. David nodded and gave your opening a slight touch with his finger.

“Ahh..” You moaned quietly. David breathed in and rubbed his thumb over your bud. You could feel him shake from how nervous he was.

“Don’t be so worried David, you’re doing ama-aH!-z-zing” You gasped in the middle of your sentence because David pushed a bit too hard on your core. You decided this wasn’t going to work so you instructed David to take his underwear off.

“W-why?” He was afraid. Afraid you would want to stop if you didn’t like how it looked.

“Please David” You whined. He paused for a while but nodded. O H. SWEET MOTHER TERESA HE- I mean, David shouldn’t have been so worried. He was perfect fine! In fact, he was more than fine. He wasn’t that thick but he made up in length. This is where it got a bit awkward for you.

“Uh.. r-rub it against m-me” David was taken a bit back.

“O-okay Y/N” He grabbed his member and set it on your heat. He slowly began to rub it in between your folds. David moaned loudly. You got his cock wet from all the juices that were dripping from your entrance. David rubbed harder and harder.

“Y/N you feel so wet. I can’t believe I made y-you like this” You got a hold of David’s cock, making him whimper.

“Put it in” You stated. David got excited and roughly plunged into you. You arched your back until it hurt.

“Oh god! David!” You moaned out a bit too loud.

“Y-Y/N, quiet down. We don’t want the kids to hear..” David still hasn’t moved even though he was fighting the urge not to just begin tearing you apart. You grabbed David’s shirt and violently pulled him towards you.

“I want you to do whatever David. Just let me cum” David blushed darkly at your stern words, but he understood. David felt your tight, slick walls get even tighter every time he moved into you.

“Y/N.. Y/N..Y/N!” David moaned your name. Oh god was it hot!

“David you’re doing such a good job! Please keep going!” David rammed into you. His hips met with yours as his love muscle tightly squeezed in and out of you. He was loosing his mind. The pleasure was all to great. You could tell David was getting close. He was whining loudly and his thrusts were getting hard and slow. Every thrust made your body scoot up from how hard they were.

“Oh my fucking god!” David moaned out loudly following along with him shooting his seed while inside of you. You shortly released right after. David pulled out of you, some of his cum dripping out of you as he did.

“That was-” You cut him off.



“-My first time..” He blushed pink and turned to you to give you a quick peck on the cheek.

“And I got to do it with the person I love the most” Your heart melted at David’s kind words.

“Aw, David I-”


fucking M a X.


oh my god Im cringing ;;

Hope and Gabe practically grew up together.   Hope has been crazy about the basketball loving Gabe since they were both children.  He had remained clueless till suddenly he wasn’t anymore.

One moment she was Hope, the girl with the cyborg eyes.

The next?  The next she was this beautiful girl with stunning eyes.

Funny how things could change so quickly between friends as Hope gets her guy and Gabe finds something that interests him more than basketball…. Hope!

Note:  It may seem as if they jumped right into sex together but remember that they have been close friends for 8 years and who their parents are.  Luna and Keahi were having sex at this age and so where Paisley and Dante.  There aren’t any sort of sexual hangups in these families and if anything, I’d say they’re pretty free-spirited about it (but incredibly loyal to their partners).

If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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Let Me Love, Let Me Love You - Chapter 1 - authorskookies - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Let Me Love, Let Me Love You
Pairing: Jikook (Jimin/Jungkook), side!Namjin (Namjoon/Seokjin)
Rating: T (For now)
Summary: Jimin falls hard and fast for Jungkook, a single father who doesn’t really give him the time of day. Jungkook doesn’t think Jimin can handle all of the baggage that comes with being involved with him, but Jimin’s determined to show him that they aren’t completely different after all.

Here’s the fic I’ve started on ao3 guys! It’s a single parent Jikook au and I hope you all really like it, chapter 3 has just been updated so give it a read! (feed backs appreciated too!)

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Ever since I found one of your monster boyfriend stories a few days ago I've not been able to think of much else. Your stories are so awesome that I can't help but binge-read and reread them into the night and early morn; which results in me having to pry myself from my phone before I end up reading til my alarm clock goes off. Imo your stories are a godsend, there aren't enough stories like yours in the world. P.S.Your drawings are bomb AF and yer selfies are hella adorable

Don’t let my stories keep you from getting a good night’s sleep! They’ll be here when you wake up. A healthy sleep schedule is important (my god I sound like a parent) But anyways! Thanks for liking my stories enough to risk your health (yikes) I hope to keep working hard for you guys!

please read!!!

hey guys, long time no see. I just wanted to let y'all know that scenarios aren’t going to be done for a while, and I’ve decided to go on hiatus.

I’m having family things to deal with, school, SATs studying, and no internet. I’m also extremely sad and stressed, and I can’t write because of no internet so that doesn’t help. I really hope you guys understand, and I will be back as soon as possible.

goodnight/morning/afternoon to you all, love you guys. I’ll be back soon.

-shay 🍃

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I’m happy, you’re reading my post. It will be the last sims-related post. I have decided to quit sims, because I don’t have time. I want different things. I still adore the many simblrs here on tumblr, but for me it’s time to go on.
Sims 2 was my save heaven and the other world, which helped me to get through the real world. But now I feel like I’m able to shape my life the way I want, not just a virtual one.

I hope, you guys aren’t mad or disappointed, when this blog will change. (I don’t know, what to post yet. Or if I’m going to post any stuff at all.)
I wish all of you happy simming and the best life possible.

Dag Dag :)

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I was tagged by sweet angel baby @indiepoptime to list the last 6 albums Ive listened to. I listen to Day6 everyday but I have a Day6 playlist so I decided to leave out their albums (-: As you can probably tell by the list of albums I listen to  a lot of KHH. Down below Im going to talk a lil about the albums and tell you guys my fave songs from them. I hope you guys read about the albums down below and check them out if you haven’t already. 

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I just wanted to confess that I read some of your monster bf stories in the perspective of my ocs- and tbh I really enjoyed reading your lizardman bf story pretending it's one of my shy-er characters!!! Sorry if this bothered you, keep up the good work!❤️

You aren’t being a bother at all! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my stories. I love that you’re picturing your OCs. That’s part of the reason I leave the reader nondescript. So everyone can imagine themselves or anyone! Thank you again. I hope to keep making you guys happy.

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Hahahaha another CSer thinking Neal is somehow worse than Hook, you know, the guy who has a history of violence against women. Pretty sure thats the real demon spawn here. They're just salty we aren't making blankies and rattles for mini demon spawn.

That’s just Gollum/Clown Queen. She’s a piece of shit of a human being. And her arguments are worthless. Don’t pay her any mind. 

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I hope she’s stalking my blog and reading this. I truly do. I want her to know what I really think of her. 

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I’m so glad you decided not to stop writing tonight! When I seen that tag I was so sad! also please don’t take that as “you BETTER not stop writing” thing- your life your choose- I really hope that’s coming out right lol You’re not only an amazing writer but such an amazing person!!! You guys (writers) are already giving us (readers) something. Stories. But not only that. The time it takes to write, edit, formant, post , etc.

It definitely does take time. A lot more than some readers who aren’t writers realize. Even my 500-800 word fics take a day or two to write, and more if I’m editing to perfection. And that’s in between having a life outside of fandom.
It may take an hour or two to read a story, and five to ten minutes to reply to it, and that’s great - but it takes DAYS to format and post and edit. Especially if you’re on a deadline or in an event.
I sometimes wish folks that think writers don’t do everything they can would sit down and try to write a (good) story with the lives many of us have. Get a beta and try to make things work with them. Format and crosspost and tag 30-100 people in each fic. Do it for a week, a month, while still maintaining enough sleep and socialization and work and family time. — THEN AND ONLY THEN come at writers about us not doing enough.
I know you understand, you’ve tried writing. You know how it feels to juggle it all. When you have people who’re not writers saying they are just as busy — idk. It’s certainly disheartening. Why bother working so hard on things if folks think it’s easy and not time consuming?
Idk, that’s my little rant - I wanted to be done but ended up getting hit with that excuse this morning about the busy life of a reader and I just got grumpy all over again. >.

Just a random update....

So, thanks again for reading; I love you all. 

I have planned this story out, and it’s gonna be about 40 chapters, more or less. My plans aren’t that detailed, as I tend to switch minor details around at the last minute, yet Chris and Lourdes’ story will be long. I hope you guys’ interest won’t die out anytime soon. I just wanted y’all to know that tidbit. Anyways, love you & appreciate you!

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Mods I think the anon said you guys were 'hoping for the antis to die' maybe because some of your followers went to slash shippers in tg fandom and shit on them. They twisted the things you said and being homophobic about it. There aren't a lot of them though. But the slash shippers that got the hates don't even hate touken or touka. Maybe that anon saw it too?

Mod K:

I do remember that, but we reprimanded all of those people and don’t agree with those idiots at all. We can’t be responsible for everyone who reads this blog. I can only ask that people who do read what WE are saying and now how other people are twisting our message.

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I do this thing when I read really cute/ good writing I curl my toes from excitement. And let me just say when I read ur stuff I literally scream *from delight* bc my toes aren't doing all of its work keeping my excitement in. I hope this makes sense and I'm not just writing the weirdest thing ever in my life

This is adorable???? Also I’m so flattered???!?! That’s amazing 😍😍 you guys have no idea how happy it makes me to hear these things

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Guys... I'm sorry to say this but I feel like your OOC chat needs to be more welcoming. It feels dry and it seems like a lot of people are just posting and ignoring one another's post, most importantly new member's. It's lit so easy to just say 'welcome' or 'hello' to make them feel encouraged to be here. We're not around just to write but interact with the muns too. I know you guys aren't cliquey but I hope you can work on this still.

Hello, lovely! I’m really sorry if we’ve made you feel unwelcomed and such, I’d really like to think it’s not any of our members’ intention to make you feel that way and it truly saddens me to hear this because I want this place to be as comfortable and as welcoming as possible. Please know that perhaps, the OOC can seem to be a bit vacant sometimes because a few of members aren’t able to get online at that precise moment and / or they haven’t seen the post yet, things are really hectic with their lives, or they’re doing it through IMs instead. That being said, know that your message has been clearly heard and we’ll try our best to do better.

We’d like members who’ve stumbled upon this to also try and help us with this as well. We’re all in this together and we won’t be able to make any differences without your participation. We’re not asking or forcing you to reply to every OOC post there but try your best to not just scroll past them, particularly when it comes to the people who’re newly joining or rejoining – it’s a very terrible feeling to be left out, and we really, really wouldn’t anyone to feel like that here. We have wonderful writers behind these wonderful characters; you’re not obligated to come up with long OOC replies or immediate plot ideas but trust me when I say a simple greeting or two can do wonders. If anyone would like to step up and talk to an admin about this, our main is again, always open for all of you.

A porn blog that wasn’t a bot wanted to sext with me and I politely declined and he felt bad bc he thought that I thought he was a weird pornbot but I told him no, I’m just trans and those aren’t really tiddies that he liked, and he was really chill like he was like woah I gotta process this what the fuck at first but then he’s like I thought you were bitching me but I just really hope you have a bright future you’re just super cool, and then I said you too mate, and we parted ways with this weird bond and understanding as two sexual beings and tbh? Yeah.

I’m doing alright.

Things are rough, but I got this. 

So porn blog guy, if you ever read this, thanks. I don’t know, I just really needed that faith restored in humanity moment you gave me. /Bless