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Never Again

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Summary: A feyrhys acowar reunion

Rating: T

Tags: canon, future!fic, Feyre POV

AN: I hope you like it! Thank you for @merflk for being a lovely beta, and to @rileylefae for keeping me sane.

I had done many things since infiltrating the Spring Court. I had winnowed to and from Tamlin’s meetings with the King of Hybern with neither the High Lord nor his servants or subjects any the wiser. I had sat in on Spring Court-organized meetings with the other High Lords under the guise of wanting to be included, a guise that allowed me to spend the entire time watching Tamlin lovingly as I listened to the other High Lords lay their reservations and aspirations towards joining Tamlin and Hybern, information which I then sent through Azriel’s eyes and ears to be brought back to the Night Court. To the Inner Circle. To Rhys. I had done these things willingly, happily even, and done them well. But there was nothing harder than this.

“Feyre,” Tamlin said from outside my bedroom door a moment before he entered. I was reading, a book on war strategy I had quickly glamoured to look like a novel instead. “Feyre, I’ve missed you.”

He had been gone for two weeks, him and Lucien and a good number of my sentries, off on another errand to Hybern. They hadn’t known I had been there with them the entire time, had only gotten back with enough time to convince the servants and sentries I had never left in the first place.

I glanced up from my book to give him a small smile, then looked quickly back down. With any luck, he would be too tired to do anything more than sleep, tonight. With any luck…

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“I’d always hoped that when I finally said ‘I love you’ to a girl, she’d say ‘I know’ back, like Leia did to Han in Return of the Jedi.”

- Simon Lewis, City of Bones

“It doesn’t matter if I get my memories back or not,” Simon said. “It doesn’t matter if another demon gives me amnesia tomorrow. I know you: You’ll come find me again, you’ll rescue me no matter what happens. You’ll come for me, and I’ll discover you all over again. I love you. I love you without the memories. I love you right now.” […]

Isabelle said in a calm voice: “I know.”

- Born to Endless Night

elizabeththirds  asked:

okay but mikey would totally be the kind to write you little songs about anything and everything and even though you kind of expected him to write you a snippet of a song for Valentine's Day, you didn't expect him to go full out and write you an entire song about how much you mean to him (!!!!)

You’d heard random chords and random strings of words for weeks. The mystery surrounding this new song was killing you- Michael refused to give any details. You were sure it was for the new album, so you couldn’t figure out why it was such a big secret.

You normally left Michael’s music room alone- it was his safe space after all. But even a casual walk through while under the guise of cleaning didn’t reveal anything to you. 

So it was to your utter shock when he called in you in after dinner on Valentines day, a shy smile playing on his face and his favorite guitar on his lap. “I, uh, I hope you like it. It was terrible to keep this from you.” He grinned, strumming lightly before moving into a song that brought tears to your eyes.

lmao remember when i had to make a post about how if you’re defending FUCKING NAZIS under the guise of ‘free speech’ and literally the only person that unfollowed me was earlgraytay. this was after they had an argument with my partner about whether nazis deserve a platform for their disgusting eugenicist pure race views (becus, um, everyone deserves to be heard,)

and now look where we are. i hope they feel like a jackass (they probably dont)

pedrostacosystem  asked:

What does terf stand for?

Trans exclusionary radical feminist, which basically means that under the guise of feminism, TERFs claim that trans women are ‘really just men’ who are trying to invade female spaces. (There are reams and reams of posts about TERFs and their various evil actions, I’m just trying to summarize!)

It’s worth pointing out here that people hate them not just for their evil beliefs (which you might be able to chalk up to ‘confused indifference’ if you were feeling charitable), but there’s TERFs out there like Cathy Brennan who hunt down trans women under the guise of ‘helping’ them, and dox/publicly out them in addition to harassing them with transphobic attacks online/IRL. So this isn’t any kind of purely academic exercise, TERFs are actually hurting real people in the real world with real actions, which is why so many people are militantly anti-TERF with their posts.

I hope that gives you a good start!

A Funny Thing Happened... (Part One)

Description: Dean x reader. After being contacted about a hunt, Sam, Dean and the reader go to investigate. As information is gathered, it becomes clear that this case is a little more than their normal vengeful spirit and they have a dangerous and elusive murderer on their hands in the guise of a familiar face from the big screen.
Words: 3,275
Warnings: Normal violence levels
Author’s Note: I’m nervous but I think you guys will like how this! Still 100% a supernatural fanfic in that world so no randomly colliding AUs, however if you’re into Marvel, particularly Bucky/the Winter Solider there’s salutes you might like ;) I had to make it long because I wanted to properly set up the hunt rather than rush it, so here’s part 1! Probably 2 parts, we’ll see how it goes! Really hope you guys like this one! If it seems short on mobile, keep reading has bugged out so just click the post!

Request: Do you think you could do a supernatural fanfic where Sebastian Stan is the big bad and he is obsessed with the reader? The reader is included as a hunter with sam and dean? it could be dean x reader pairing and dean is protecting her from Sebastian. I think Sebastian Stan would be really cool as a villain! Sebastian could have like mind controlling powers?

Finding blood on your clothes wasn’t exactly unusual when on a hunt, however, what was unusual was finding blood on your clothes when they’d been in your bag the entire time. It wasn’t much, just a few small specks on the shoulder of the sleeve but even so, it was infuriating because it seemed there could only be one answer.

“Who’s been in my bag while bleeding?” You said, walking out of the little motel bathroom with shirt in hand to confront the Winchesters.

“What do you-?” Dean’s head shot up from where he was looking at the laptop screen from over Sam’s shoulder, before he grimaced, “Ah, that shirt.”

You screwed up your nose and held it up, “Do I want to know?”

“That werewolf got me good at the weekend, nose bleed decided to randomly restart yesterday.”

“And you thought my shirt was the answer?” You scoffed, screwing it up in a ball and chucking it at him, “Well volunteered, you’re doing the washing today.”

Dean rolled his eyes as he picked the shirt up before he smirked, “Only if I can make you dirty first.”

“Dude,” Sam groaned, closing his eyes in an attempt to block out the comment. You did feel for him having to be around you and Dean all hours of the day, Sam very much saw you as a little sister and had made it quite clear he didn’t need mental images of you and his brother. “Can we get back to the case, please?”

You pulled a face and wandered over to look over at the laptop, “Only because you asked so nice… what are we looking at?”

“I’m not too sure yet, but Jody was right to tell us, it definitely looks like our sort of thing,” Sam said, flicking back a few screens on his browser.

“You always say that,” Dean mumbled, subconsciously leaning in closer to you now that you were next to him. You smiled but didn’t have time to dwell on it as Sam pulled up a page and carried on.

“So I managed to remotely hack into this,” Sam said clicking on what looked like CCTV footage, “Watch carefully.”

“What am I looking for?” You muttered as he pressed play. Your eyes flicked to Sam’s face expectantly, but his eyes were fixed on the screen so you kept watching, you were about to talk again when the main event began. You were rarely one to be shocked, hunting had slowly taken that out of you over the years but still all you could manage was a small and withered, “oh…”

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How about one that tells us about Shamy going to see The Force Awakens. We know they went together after ~ after their love making. So how did that come about and what happened while they were there. :)

I got three requests for a Star Wars date…. It took me a week to write… Hope you like it.

Sheldon waits for Amy to arrive for their Sunday outing together. He tries not to be disappointed that it is her turn to pick their activity. Last week he had chosen to go to the model train expo. Now it was Amy’s turn and he was sure she was plotting revenge in the guise of the craft fair or perhaps the farmers market.

What he really wanted to do was finally go see Star Wars. Which he still had not had the opportunity to see. If he had known that he was not going to see Star Wars on Thursday night then he might of let Amy have her pick last week. But he was determined not to make the same mistakes again so he would go along with whatever boring activity she had chosen.

When Amy knocks on the door she has a mischievous look on her face that makes him smile. He knows that look and he wonders what the fair Dr. Fowler has up her sleeve. Whatever she is planning is a doozy.

“Hello Amy.” He tells her letting her inside. “What girly activity do you have planned for us today? Quilting museum? Poetry reading? Dragging me to the farmers market?”

“You love the farmers market.” She tells him.

“I do love getting those little samples.” He tells her.

“None of those things, I thought we could go to the movies.” She tells him smiling. His relief is instant but he is still cautious.

“What movie? Are they playing Pride and Prejudice at the theater down town again?” He asks cautiously. He had already had to hear Amy wax poetic about Mr. Darcy once.

“You tell me what movie I want to see.” She asks as she begins unbuttoning her sweater. Sheldon gulps nervously as he fingers undo the buttons. What is she doing? He has turned her into a sex fiend. Though as he watches her slowly unbutton her sweater he wonders if it is the other way around. Then she pulls the sweater open to reveal a Star Wars t shirt beaming at him.

“Amy what’s this?” He asks her happily he does not think he has ever seen her in a shirt like this. She looks, well sexy. It was not an adjective he had never used before. Yet there was no denying that was she was as she stood before him her face split into a beautiful smile holding her sweater open like a superhero revealing her costume. He wanted to grab her and wrap her up in a kiss. But he restrains himself, they might not leave the house if he did.

“I bought it when I went shopping with the girls. I was thinking that we could go to the movie today? If you would like?”

“You want to use your turn to go see Star Wars?” He asks. “You don’t have to do it. I can see it next week, after everyone has spoiled it for me.” He says already annoyed at tbe few hints of the movie’s plot Leonard let slip.

“No I want too, I mean you gave up your chance to see it on premiere night for my birthday.”

“I suppose that is true. I have not had a chance to even check movie times.” He says worried. It was nearly lunch time if he did not eat before he might not be able to pay proper attention to the movie. But if there was not a theater close to where they wanted to eat then they might have to see the movie late and he did not like to stay out late on Sundays.

“You think I have not thought of that?” She tells him smiling. “First we can go eat at Big Boy because I know that won’t fill you up to much. Then we can go to the theater on Colorado Avenue for the 3:30 showing. I know that theater has both red vines and blue icees.” She says impressively and he is speechless. As usual Amy has thought of everything without him having to ask. This time he can’t help himself, after six months without her he is done holding back. He steps in closer to her grabs her lightly around the waist and kisses her softly.

“You’re wonderful.” He tells her as he breaks away.

“I know.” She tells him laughing. “ Now come on we don’t want to be late.” She says taping her hands against his chest and walking away from him. He follows her out the door still stunned with how perfect she was.

All through lunch Amy talks and Sheldon listens. Before he used to get annoyed sometimes at her insistent chatter. After six months without it he would that was one of the things he missed most. How she could fill a conversational void. Draw him out when he was trying to withdraw into his own world. He found himself fascinated by her face as she talked. How when she laughed her eyes and nose had an adorable way of crinkling up. How wide her eyes got when she was excited.

“We had to go to a store called Hot Topics to buy this shirt. I have never been so out of place in my life! And that is saying something!” She tells him and something about his gaze must look far away because she asks. “Sheldon are you okay?”

“Fine why do you ask?”

“You looked kind of dreamy there for a minute. Thinking about a work problem?” She aaks and a hint of a frown tugs at her features.

“I was just thinking about how much I missed this. Just you and I talking.” He tells her and she ducks her head blushing.

“Aww Sheldon.” She says and checks her watch. “Come on time to head to the theater.” She tells him getting up.


As Sheldon extends his hand to her when they are settled in their seats, Amy can’t help but beam at him. She gladly takes his hand enjoying the solid warmth of it in her own. Amy had been worried about how he would take her wearing the shirt and taking him to the movies. Worried that it might backfire and end up with him accusing her of trying to get into his pants… Again.

So far it had all worked out wonderfully. Sheldon had been very attentive, almost on the verge of doting on her. Which was almost scary. Sheldon did not dote.

Amy was not doing all this to get him to dote on her. She honestly wanted to show him that she appreciated him. That she took interest in the things that he liked. In the past she may of watched the movies with him. But not without an eye roll or a sarcastic comment. Now she wanted to show him that she was all in. That she would seriously try to take part in his interests. Their time apart had taught her that Sheldon was more to her than just her significant other. Sheldon was her best friend, and she needed to work on being a better friend to him.

How could she not when he looked so adorable watching the movie. His eyes alight like a child at christmas as he watched his favorite characters on screen. His hand grips hers tighter during intense scenes. Amy finds that she is enjoying it too.When the final credits roll Sheldon let’s go of her hand.

“What did you think?” He asks anxiously as they make their way out of the theater.

“I loved it.” She tells confirms. “I liked the little rolling ball guy.”

“BB-8, yes he was kind of cute.”

“I also found it quite empowering that Captain Phasma was female.”

“I thought you might like that part.” He says smirking at her as they make their way to tbe car.

“So what did you think about the movie. Did this movie uphold your expectations for your beloved classic.”

“Well the original’s are hard to top. Then anything is better than the Phantom Menace. So all in all I thought it was very good. I think JJ Abrams was a perfect choice to helm it.”

“Well he brought Star Trek back from the dead. Why wouldn’t he be able to do the same with Star Wars?” Sheldon looks at her impressed and she smiles.

“What? Surprised I knew that? I listen to you when you talk.” She tells him as they get in the car. They spend the rest of the car ride happily discussing the movie. When they pull into a parking space near Sheldon’s building Amy turns off the car.

“This was fun, thank you for going to the movie with me.”

“No problem, I wanted to see it. My shirt is proof right?” Amy laughs pulling open her sweater again and laughing. Sheldon chuckles then surprises her by raising his hand and running it across the letters on her chest. The action is intimate and sends her libido from zero to sixty.

“You really do look sexy in this.” He says his voice husky. Amy gasps he has never to her knowledge ever used that word before.

“Thank you.” She tells him nervously licking her lips as she looks into his eyes. His eyes are both soft and intense at the same time as he lowers his face to hers to kiss her again. They kiss for a while lost in each other before Amy breaks away. “I guess I should let you go now. I know how you feel about being out too late on Sunday’s.”

“Do you want to come up?” He asks her.

“Sure I can come up for a little bit.” She tells him unbuckling her seatbelt.

“Or you could stay. You know I found the rest of your preparedness kits.” He tells her as they walk into the building together.

“Oh?” She asks.

“I left them where they were.”

“Are you asking me to stay the night?” She asks stunned.

“Well now that you are a Star Wars superfan you might want to rewatch the movies again.”

“Won’t that take a long time? We have to work tomorrow.”

“We could always take a sick day tomorrow?”

“You are asking me to play hooky with you so I can watch Star Wars with you?” Amy asks confused.

“You’re right, it’s silly.”he tells her ducking his head down.

“Silly? It sounds awesome! You know what we should do?” Amy says excited.


“You up for building another blanket fort?” She asks.

“Race you up the stairs!” Sheldon says.