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Any Omega!Alfred fics I should read? Do you guys know some?

Mod Con: I found a few and unfortunately I haven’t had time to read most of them yet, but Looking Forward to Tomorrow is complete and by one of my favourite authors, so I’m almost certain it’s good quality.

Mod Purp: Yes, that’s a really good one Con!

Here are some more fics you might like that have Omega!Alfred

Looking Forward to Tomorrow by snowyfoxpaws (NSFW)
Summary: After waking from a cryogenic freeze, Arthur is now the only living alpha in a future where he’s held as the key to saving the human race. His mate has been selected for him: Alfred, the reluctant omega prince of a land heavy with political turmoil.Despite their circumstances, the two try to make the best of a bad situation. *completed*

Let’s play house by MissLiveByThePen (NSFW)
They were young, carefree, and too drunk to tell each other ‘no’. Their journey wouldn’t be easy, but maybe they would learn to lean on each other. *completed* (One of Mod Purp’s fave fics)

Twos by AllTheFandoms96
Alfred, a pregnant Omega, has news for his mate. *completed*

Love at First Slight by AllTheFandoms96 
Omega Alfred reflects on some of his earliest interactions with his mate. Victorian-style Omegaverse AU.*completed*

9 Hours by bucketmouse (NSFW)
APH Kink meme fill, originally posted February 14th 2015: The worst time to go into heat.Alfred is returning home from university in England. Due to a mix-up, he is on the flight when his heat sets in. And oh, there happens to be a very handsome Alpha sitting next to him. Arthur was really just trying to be polite… *completed*

Beyond the Sky by teaandcharcoal (NSFW)
Your Nature doesn’t define you. The trick is surrounding yourself with people who understand that.warning for discussions of sexuality and masturbation beginning at the age of 12, but nothing is explicit until both parties are adults. *completed*

Walking the Edge of a Blade by Ahro (NSFW)
Male Omegas and female Alphas have been seen as dregs on society, and one powerful force called, The Company, has seen to eradicating this gene pool from the population. Yet, one young researcher named Alfred F. Jones is out to stop this, but his progress may be hindered by his new research partner, Arthur Kirkland. Will Alfred be able to put an end to The Company? Will Arthur see past his own bias and help Alfred? *incomplete*

The Changing Tides by MissLiveByThePen (Slight NSFW)
At twenty-two, Alfred is quickly becoming Boston’s oldest, unmarried Omega. To his mother’s chagrin, it appears that the strong-willed Omega spends more time chasing Alphas off than getting to know them. With his brother unable to take his mate before the firstborn son is married, Alfred’s time is running out. Good thing Arthur Kirkland has returned from the Caribbean. Their paths are soon to cross and the result will be a love story that defies all odds. *incomplete*

For the Company by Fire_Bear
Alfred doesn’t want an arranged marriage to any of the alphas his father brings to his omega son. The new salaryman isn’t going to change that… *completed*

One Fine Day by flybynight (NSFW)
Alfred is not your typical omega, a fact he used to be proud of– until he fell for the wrong person. *completed*

Save a Horse, Ride an Airplane by outtogarden (NSFW)
Alfred’s heat starts in the middle of a long flight due to his inability to responsibly pay attention to his own body. Good thing there happens to be a ridiculously attractive Alpha by the name of Arthur sitting next to him. *completed*

The Awkward Engagement by AzureFrost (NSFW)
Arthur and Alfred have been together for a while now and the alpha wants to take things to the next level. Arthur had it all planned out and was going to sweep Alfred off his feet. The only thing he messed up was remembering when Al goes into heat. This is going to be an awkward engagement. Sequel to ‘Bottom to the Top’. UKUS Boys Love! Don’t like, move along. You are warned! *completed*

Beyond a Doubt by goldshard
Pre-law student Alfred F. Jones has high goals as (hopefully) one of the first few omegas to ever be an attorney. His hopes feel slightly dashed when all his attempts to secure a summer internship at the largest firms in the city are rejected.His favorite professor manages to secure him an internship, at his friend’s small law firm specializing in divorces.This could be merely insulting to Alfred, but instead it becomes tortuous when he accidentally becomes attuned to his boss’ scent on his first day. *incomplete*

The Hard Road to the Top by Missykay25
Summary: Alfred hated being an Omega. He wanted to rise to the top and become a scientist. However, with society’s restrictions, that almost seems impossible. Luckily, a certain Alpha named Arthur is willing to help out. Omegaverse, UkUs *incomplete*