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Baby Bumps - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: pregnancy, miscarriage scare 

Request: hi!!!!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is having Jughead’s kid (they’re maybe still in high and you can decide whether he was involved with helping the reader through her pregnancy or not and whether they’re a couple) and jughead gets a call or is told something’s wrong but it ends up being a false alarm and everything is okay and just fluff ok that’s really all (that’s a lot I’m sorry…) thank you! 

Summary: Jughead and the reader are having a baby together during their senior year after a heated moment 7 months earlier. The readers falls down the stairs while at home and Jughead gets a phone call in the middle of class. 

A/N: I really liked this idea, thanks anon. I hope its everything you wanted and more :) 

Your POV 

You can’t see your ankles. Well, if you spread your legs out wide enough you could see where your ankles should be, but aren’t. Pregnancy is sooo annoying, first you need to pee all the time, then the baby decides to play soccer in the middle of the night and now your ankles have swelled to non existence. Its not that you not happy you’re pregnant, you’re actually really happy that you’re having a baby. Especially with my devoted boyfriend of 2 years, but you just can’t see your ankles. Well, now your ankles match the size of your feet you try to reason with yourself humorously. You move you ankles out again. Nope. Still too big and non existent. 

You spend about half an hour focusing in your enlarged ankles. You contemplate getting up before your baby decides to make that choice for you. Sighing, you try to sit up but even in your bored, distracted state you know it’s fruitless without Jughead. Manoeuvring yourself to the edge of the bed, taking up a total of 10 minutes (you were counting), you move your legs off the bed. 

Making sure your swollen feet are stable and you roll off the bed, falling into a kneeled position on the floor and pushing yourself up with your knee. ‘Well that’s my daily workout done for today’ you sarcastically think as you waddle your way into the bathroom. After doing your business and again using unusual methods that resulted in you feeling like you ran another marathon, you sit onto the bed and position yourself so you can get up again without exerting yourself anymore than you need to. 

After watching a couple of episodes of Jane the Virgin you start to get really hungry and crave burrito. You’ve never actually had a burrito but you love Mexican food and you you’re really craving one so you decide to get up and go downstairs to call around and try to find a place that makes burritos. As you’re waddling your way through your house, about halfway down the stairs you trip over your enlarged feet and nonexistent ankles and fall down the rest of the way. Grabbing your phone from your bra, you quickly text Jughead. 

Fell down stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

Jughead’s POV 

Jughead’s in the middle of his maths class when he feels his phone buzz in his pocket. When pulls it out he sees a text from you and quickly unlocks his phone, worrying that something is wrong. 

Fell down the stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

His senses go into overdrive fearing the worst for you and the baby. 

Babe, I’m gonna go call. Please hold on. 

After seeing no immediate reply he quickly gets up in the middle of class, asking if he can leave early because he doesn’t feel well, he packs up his stuff and races out of the school and to his and your shared house. After calling the ambulance, while sprinting to you from the school, he barges into the house and sees you lying on the floor, knocked out cold. Milliseconds later, he hears sirens and 2 nurses carrying a stretcher enter the house. In what felt like the slowest minute in his life, Jughead finally enters the ambulance with you, grasping onto your hand tight. 

“I’m here (Y/N), I’m so sorry I wasn’t with you to being with,“ he mumbles to you while he strokes your hair. He keeps apologising the whole way to the hospital. Once they reach it, they escort him to the waiting room while they run you into the ER, making sure everything with you and the baby are fine. 

Jughead can’t help but pace in the waiting room, worry overcoming him, only making him pace even more. He knows worrying won’t help, but he doesn’t want to lose the only things in the world that matter the most to him. Half an hour later Archie, Veronica and Betty run into the waiting room and sit down, watching Jughead as he loses his grip on his usually calm and level mind. 

“(Y/N)(L/N)” a voice loudly calls as the room falls silent. Jughead races over to the doctor, Archie, Veronica, and Betty all hang back knowing that Jughead should have some alone time with his girlfriend before they start fretting over her. 

“Doctor, is everything alright? With her and the baby?“ Jughead uncharacteristically rambles out, too worried to care. 

“Everything is fine, she nearly lost the baby, but we managed to keep them in and so she’ll have to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy." 

“Yes, of course. Is she awake? Can I see her?" 

“Yes she is, she’s in room 118," 

“Thank you doctor,” and he rapidly walks over to 118 and barges into your room, not caring about how loud he was being. 

“(Y/N),“ he breathes. 

Your POV 

“(Y/N),” you look up at the sound of your name and smile at you boyfriend whose disheveled hair peaks from his beanie, revealing to you his worried state. 

“Juggy,“ you sigh opening your arms for him. He doesn’t hesitate and walks straight into them holding you tightly too him, almost afraid that if he let’s go he’ll lose you. 

“I was so worried about you both,” he mumbles into your hair, kissing it between sentences, “we nearly lost them." 

“But we didn’t, and everything is fine with me and the baby. All that happened was that I tripped down the stairs. There was nothing to fear,” you try reassuring. Your words comfort him a little but he’s not so desperate as to believe everything you said. 

“(Y/N) your “little” fall could’ve cost you the baby and possibly you,“  

“You wouldn’t have lost me,” “No, but you could have been badly injured," 

“True, but let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the fact that our little family is alive and well- ow! and and still kicking. jeez,” chuckling at your statement, Jughead reaches down and places his hand on your stomach, starting to rub circles. 

“I know you’re glad I’m here too little one, but there is no need to keep hurting your mama,“ he says smiling at you. You smile back and realise that despite everything, nothing could ruin your little family. Almost as if he was reading your mind, Jughead leans towards you and kisses your lips. 

“I love you beautiful,” he mumbles against your lips. 

“I love you more,“ 

“Not even possible." 

A/N: Y/N = your name 

I hope I did your idea justice!!! Let me know what you thought of it!!

Sirius x Reader: Mo & Pa

Warnings: mentions death and pregnancy

Requested: Yes

A/N: it took me a while to get into this but when i did, i really did :) Hope you enjoy and send me requests (they make me happy) xx


“SIRIUS HE’S ABOUT TO WALK!” You screamed so that your boyfriend could hear you on the top floor. In about 2 seconds you could hear what sounded like someone falling down the stairs and your boyfriend burst into the room. You both watched the infant, that looked so painfully like your best friends, intently. 

“You can’t just call me down every time he stands up Y/N.” Sirius smiled, as he picked Harry up. 

“I thought he was…” You said feebly, taking Harry from him. 

“It’s ok, I get it.” He kissed you on the cheek, “I need to go talk to Dumbledore- I’ll be back for dinner.” 

“I’m not cooking tonight.”

“I’ll bring back dinner.” He shouted, as he walked out of the door. 

It had been 3 months since Lily and James had been murdered, 3 months since you took Harry into your care, 3 months exactly from that nightmare day. 

 You put Harry on his quidditch patterned play rug and started tidying up his toys, thinking about all the days to come. When you and Sirius took Harry into your care, you promised to each other that you would raise him exactly how Lily and James would have. 

“And who’s ready to go to the park?” You asked, swinging Harry up into the air the next day. 

He giggled, “Me momo.” 

 You and Sirius had decided neither of you would be ‘mum’ or ‘dad’- you would be momo and papa-it was popo but you had to change it- (whilst he was little at least) so that he would never forget his true parents. 

“BABE!” You shouted. 

“Yes I’m here.” He said, running out of the living room, holding a bobbly hat. “Here we are.” He put the hat on Harry’s head. 

10 minutes later you were back in the house, “I didn’t realise it was going to rain.” 

“You said you checked the weather forecast.” 

“Paaaaads.” You whined. 

“I’m sorry, it’s just normally me that messes up.” He joked, getting Harry’s toy broomstick out. “I’ll get the door.” He said, after hearing the knock. 

You were sat watching Harry fly around, occasionally using your wand to stop him falling off, when Remus walked in, “I have chocolate.” 

“Of course you do, no don’t give Harry any before dinner!” You moaned. 

“It’s Uncle Moony treat day!” He said, looking offended. 

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You trip and fall on him(friend) (BTS)

Namjoon: -the boys tease you and when you were walking by Namjoon someone pushed you straight into him. He caught you quickly and held you up so you wouldn’t fall- “You ok there Y/N? I didn’t think you’d ever fall for me this hard. Do you get it cause you tripped”

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Jin: -he was the best friend and someone pushed you without the ability to catch yourself you landed head first into his crotch. Everything happened to fast after you feel you had something cold and wet hit your head causing you to shoot up even faster- *gif*

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Suga: -as soon as your face made connection with his chest you let out a painful groan and he pulled you away as fast as he could to inspect the damaged- “Oh my gosh are you ok?! I mean your noise is bleeding but other than that are you fine?” 

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J-Hope: -Joking around you went to push him but before you could even get there you tripped on nothing and he caught you and began teasing- “I didn’t expect you to fall this hard for me sweetheart. But since you did give your Hope a kiss”

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Jimin: -you were rushing down the stairs when you tripped you didn’t fall and hit the ground because you were caught by a solid body. Jimin looked over at the boys before looking down at you- “you gotta be more careful hun don’t need you hurting that cute little face of yours”

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V: -it was a really weird you tripped and your lips connected with his it was hard yet hard. You both stood still for a second processing it before you pulled away looking at him with a blushy face- “well hello to you too”

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Jungkook: -you shoe came undone and you accidentally stepped on it expecting to land hard on the ground. Another body caught you and made sure you were balanced before he let go.- “Hey are you ok? That may have ended worse if I wasn’t here”

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SHINee (gif) reaction to their gf tripping and falling down a small flight of stairs req by anon!

So, by small flight of stairs…I’m thinking about four steps. Not a lot, but still - hope you enjoy~ 

(Also, for the record, no one is going to be seriously hurt from falling down these stairs, so these reactions are more humorous.)


Onew: *he was facing the other way when you fell, but heard a noise* *turns around* Jagi -? *sees you getting up, apparently unhurt*

*still laughing, he comes down to stairs to confirm that you’re OK*


Jonghyun: Be careful - because of the rain the steps are slippery.

Y/N: *hopping up and down to prove him wrong* It’s not slippery. 

Jonghyun: Babe, seriously, stop jumping around. You’re going to fall.

Y/N: I am not~! *jumps close to top stair, then falls and slides down the stairs on your butt*

Jonghyun: Told you.

Y/N: *totally OK, for the record* Shut up



Y/N: Kibum, really. You don’t need another bag.

Key: Shhh. What color do you think - blue or red?

Y/N: *throws hands up and turns to the door of the shop* I’m going outside. If you’re not out here in five minutes I’m leaving.

Key: *hasn’t processed your words* Mmhmm…

*door opens, closes*

Key: *realization - looks up just as you ever so gracefully fall down the stairs*

Key: *runs outside, blue bag in hand* Are you OK?

Y/N: Luckily for you I am. Just shows how much you love me - if you’d agreed to leave the stupid store I wouldn’t have fallen. Do you still have a bag in your hand?!

Key: *internally* Oh god not this crap


Minho: *as he approaches your house, he sees you slip and fall down the stairs*

Minho: *runs over and helps you up* Are you okay? Did you slip?

Y/N: *dripping sarcasm* No, I dove off the steps. *smacks his arm* What do you think?

Minho: Why’re you mad? *tries to do aegyo but only embarrasses himself*

Y/N: *can’t stay mad and cracks a smile* Sorry. Just…don’t do that again please.


Taemin: *he’s walking in front of you as you exit the company building*

Y/N: *trips over your own foot and falls on his back, making him stagger* 

Taemin: Babe, seriously. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to teach such a clumsy person to dance. *at the bottom of the stairs, he turns, grinning, to see you glaring*

Taemin: *internally* Don’t make eye contact don’t make eye contact she’ll stop being mad just don’t look

Hope you enjoy it, anon!

~Admin R


Romano had been starting to feel somewhat ill earlier that week, that was nothing new since it was wintertime, but it was rather annoying and troublesome. It annoyed him so much that he was thinking and grumbling about it as he was climbing a set of stairs and since he was so distracted he ended up missing a step and falling down, right at someone else feet. However he was too surprised by the fall to notice that for now.

anonymous asked:

Exo reaction when you fall down the stairs on accident and hurt yourself really bad ㅋㅋㅋ

You wanna see them cry don’t you? I recieved a smilar ask “Exo reaction with gifs and words (if you want ) when you fall down the stairs and hurt yourself really badly” (maybe it was you?)

To make it easier for me I’d make their reactions when they wait for/with you at the hospital (I hope you’re ok with that).


Baekhyun; Makes dumb faces to make you laugh so you forget about the pain

Chanyeol; Tries to stay cool but he’s dead worried

Chen; Impatiently waits

D.O.; Doesn’t know what to do *helpless*

Kai; Dramatically exaggerated facepalm because doctors are too slow

Kris; Cries for you

Lay; Cries for you

Luhan; Tries not to cry (cuz he’s manly)

Sehun; Does gwiyomi to cheer you up

Suho; Cries for you

Tao; Cries for you

Xiumin; Does cute faces to make you smile


I hope you enjoyed it I’m sorry this is probably the crappiest I’ve ever made

Olicity Secret Santa Gift for @sass-and-caffeine

This fic is for Victoria aka sass-and-caffeine.  I hope you love it.  I love your blog and now that you know my identity I can follow you.  Wishing you the best of the best this holiday and here’s to the moment all of our Olicity dreams come true. xoxo -purselover2

Holiday Wishes

As Oliver came down the stairs he noticed the look of sadness on Felicity’s face as she spoke with someone on the phone.

“I’m so sorry. But I’m glad you did it. She needed to know. It’s better than always wondering what if."  She closed her eyes after the last part listening to the person on the other end. "I want to tell you it gets better. That the feeling of rejection goes away. But I’m still there."  Suddenly as if realizing she’s not helping the other person cheer up, she forces a smile and finishes "but hey. Their loss right? We’ll be fine. And who knows, maybe someday. There’s always hope."  She stops and listens to their reply. "Yeah I gotta go too. Oliver is due back any minute. I’ll talk to you soon. Promise…..ok. Bye Barry. And for what it’s worth, it’s her loss."  With that she ends the call and closes her eyes to try and normalize herself.

"Barry ok?"  Oliver asks stepping out from the shadows.

Felicity’s eyes fly open and she grabs for her phone as it almost falls. “God Oliver! You have to stop doing that.”

"Felicity I wasn’t that quiet coming down the stairs."  He smiles at her trying to lighten the moment. "So is Barry ok?”

She rounds her desk and sits down. “No. Not really. He finally told Iris he was in love with her.”

Oliver walked over to put away his bow. Not really wanting to know what happened. Not wanting to know that Barry got his girl. “And what happened?”

“She moved in with Eddie."  Felicity tried to not sound as sad and angry as she felt.

"Well it’s for the best."  He looked away wanting her to drop it, but knowing she wouldn’t.

"Excuse me?"  She’s was not going to let him get away without explaining what that meant. 

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