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Today, another unusual art appeared on the subject of Zootopia.
As you noticed, I did this piece by piece:
I drew details to the character, made a scene and added a mini-spotlight.
Is this work, which I spent almost all day, does not deserve your likes?)
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Drake Phone Home

Hey peeps IM SORRY for keep you waiting so long (if you were actually waiting, that is😭) I just really can’t grasp Drake’s persona, me and Maxwell connect in a certain way fight me, and so I keep on pushing back on finishing this 😂

So yup it’s pretty much the same stuff as Maxwell’s, but this one is a lot worse, I KNOW I SAID I was confident in this one but man I realized how much it sucks after a day…

Anyway I hope you enjoy this and ayyyyy I love y'all for your support!! Seriously y'all are the best I’m so happy 💕

Ps. The face claim I chose for Drake is Ian Somerhalder (tho he’s a lil old I KNOW), but at certain angle he just gives me the Drake vibe, plus he LOVES horses.

Maxwell Phone Home Part I
Maxwell Phone Home Part II

At the Library

Originally posted by sexy-stan

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

Request: can you do a peter x reader drabble where the reader wears glasses and always has her nose stuck in a book when one day peter uses his spider skills to distract you from your book during school and asks you out in a flustered mess also reader is clumsy hehe thanks (anonymous)

Word count: 1132

A/N: I’m sorry I have been quiet for the past few days. I have been sick and hadn’t had much energy to write. I have pretty much been binge-watching Supernatural for three days straight and starting to get a bit obsessed with Jensen… Oops! Anyhow I hope that you’ll enjoy this :)


You were sitting at the school library reading a book. The library had a nice, peaceful corner where you loved to read your books. It was one of the few places where you could relax and you spent a lot of time there. Peter had also noticed that. He had had the biggest crush on you for a year now. Not that he had ever really spoken to you. He had tried to start a conversation with you so many times but every time he could just and just stutter a “Hello” out of his mouth before something stopped his intentions. The first time he had lost his courage when you looked into his eyes and he ran away. The next time your friends interrupted him. When he was interrupted the fifth time he started to lose hope. Instead he just settled for watching you from afar. Not in a creepy way of course, he wasn’t stalking you or so he told himself.

Peter walked into the library to study for a test. When he walked in he saw you in the corner extremely focused on your book. He sat down few tables away from you and opened his books. He tried to concentrate on his book but he couldn’t help gazing at you every other minute. After fifteen minutes of trying he lost the fight. He sat at his seat, elbow on the table holding his face up looking at you. He looked at how your expression changed as you read the book and it felt like he could read every emotion on you face. At one page, you were smiling widely and at the next page your expression changes to shocked. He could see the plot thicken when you sat up a bit and started pushing your glasses up more frequently. You clearly didn’t want to miss a word.

After watching you for way too long Peter he looked around and realized that no one was there. That obviously meant that no one could interrupt him this time. He cleared his throat loudly hoping that it would get your attention. He was worried that you would get annoyed if he just walked to you and interrupted your reading so he tried to think of a way to get your attention away from your book. He tried coughing and dropping his book but nothing seemed to snap you out of your book. Then he had an idea.

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Wake Me Up (Peter Parker Imagine)

Originally posted by sqiderling

Prompt: “We catch the same bus home and I always fall asleep, but you always wake me up at my stop.” 

Word count: 800+

Warnings: None.

A/N: This imagine is based off of the idea of the prompt (i.e I made the prompt my own). I hope you guys enjoy this.

Waking up early in the morning to go to school was no easy feat. Mornings have always been difficult for you and the only thing that made the mornings bearable was being able to dose off on the train ride to school. During those rides, you managed to never fall asleep hard enough to miss the stop to school and today was going to be like every other day. Even with your eyes closed as you leaned your head against the window of the bustling train, you made sure to keep track of the number of times the train stopped. Five more stops and you would walk to Midtown High to start another day at school. Five more stops. Five more stops. Five more. Five…

It was no secret that Peter Parker was awkward, especially when it came to confronting or initiating conversation with people that he didn’t know too well. Peter had known you ever since the first day of junior high when you sat on the same table for Earth Science class. Although you and Peter were just acquaintances, that didn’t stop him from having a crush on you. It wasn’t like love at first; his crush on you had been a slow and gradual process, and he never really knew when it began. Perhaps it had started when he had seen you rescue a sick cat on your way back home from school. Perhaps it had begun when you were assigned to work on a project with him and he saw how hard of a worker you were. Peter’s crush on you seemed to have no clear beginning and he was certain that it had no end.

Today, like every other school day, Peter watched as yo closed your eyes, leaned your head against the window, and let yourself rest. The first time he had seen you do this, he panicked and worried that you wouldn’t wake up on time, but everyday without fail you would wake up one stop before the train reached Midtown High. Despite following your typical routine today, Peter could see that you were more exhausted than usual. 

As the train reached the next to last stop, Peter turned to look at you to see if you would open your eyes. He waited and waited, you made no sign of waking up. Although he sat across from you, Peter could hear your steady and calm heartbeat – he knew that you wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. 

Peter’s heartbeat quickened as he tried to think of what to do. Obviously, he knew that he needed to wake you up, but he had no idea how to do that. He wasn’t sure he should shake you or quietly whisper to you so that you would be eased away from your slumber. Both ideas brought a warm blush to Peter’s cheeks.

The train started to slow down and Peter knew that it was now or never. With clumsy movements, Peter moved to sit next to you and as he slide in the seat next to you he accidentally bumped into you, which caused you to jolt from your deep sleep.

“Peter?” You incredulously asked as you rubbed the sleep away from your eyes. 

“H-hey, Y/N,” Peter stuttered. “Sorry about t-that.”

“It’s all good. I’m glad you bumped into me,” you playfully said as you bumped your shoulder into his shoulder. “I think I would’ve missed our stop if you didn’t bump me.”

Peter laughed and before he could anything else, the train came to a full stop and you started to get up. 

“You know, we should we hang out sometime,” you said as Peter began to get up. 

“Hang out?” 

“Yeah!!! We live in the same neighborhood and stuff. Maybe after school today we can grab a bit at Delmar’s.”

“Y-yeah. Sure. T-that would be great,” Peter said after you got off the train. 

“Awesome! Let’s meet at the front of school when class gets out,” you said as you walked with Peter to Midtown High. 

“Yeah! Sounds great,” Peter said. He couldn’t believe this was happening, he was actually going to hang out with you and it wasn’t something forced. 

“Cool. I’m excited that we get to hang out,” you replied. Peter’s heart skipped a beat as he smiled with you. “I need to go run to a friend to ask about homework in French. I’ll see you later, Peter.”

“Yeah. See you later.” Peter waved to you as you went to your friend who was frantically searching for you.

“Hey, Peter! What’s up with Y/N?” Ned casually said. 

“I’m hanging out her after school today,” Peter replied. 

“Dude!!! That’s so cool,” Ned exclaimed. 

Peter nodded his head and smiled. They continued to talk together as they walked towards the crowded halls of Midtown High. There was no doubt that Peter was excited to hang out with you after school. Today, Peter felt like his future was looking bright. All was good. 

Take a Sick day

Summary: You wake up feeling awful and your boyfriend, Bucky, stays home to take care of you. 

Warnings: It’s short but fluffy!

A/N: I was actually recently sick, so this kind of got me thinking! I hope you enjoy! I also like to pretend that Bucky had a love interest after winter solider and before all the shit that went down during Civil war.

Originally posted by shiteimagines

You roll over, sighing, before opening your eyes to see that the clock reads at 6 am. You groan before pushing yourself up off of the bed. Your head is spinning as a cold sweat instantly forms all over your body. You shiver as you trudge across the floor towards your bathroom. You stop at your side of the sinks, looking up into the mirror. The color in your face was completely gone. You groan once again as you feel your stomach protest against all of your movements. It drags you towards the trash can, emptying all of it’s belongs in it.

You sigh as you think your stomach is finally empty. You sit down on the cool floor, your back towards the door. You hear the door open faintly, revealing a sleepy Bucky. He rubs the sleep from his eyes as they adjust to your small body curled up next to the trash can.

“Oh sweet girl.” He mumbles as he makes his way over to you. You shiver in response

as your stomach finally fails to hid the rest of its belongings. Bucky helps by holding your hair out of your way. You groan once again as you finally put the trash can down, looking at Bucky with pathetically sick eyes. Tears start to form as the pain from convulsing starts to take over your weakened muscles. Bucky helps you up and then leans you against the sink. He wets a washcloth and rubs your mouth gently. Once you are cleaned up, he wets your toothbrush and places a bit of toothpaste on it.

“Thank you,” You try to smile weakly as you take your toothbrush and brush away the terrible taste. You spit out into the sink and place your toothbrush in it’s place. Bucky picks you up and carries you swiftly but gently to the bed.

“I will be right back. I am gonna go call Steve and tell him i won’t be able to make it in. then i will go throw your fuzzy blanket in the drier, go make soup, and get medicine. Here’s the tv remote, i am gonna go take jasper out to use the bathroom. I can call him in here if you would like once i am done.” Bucky explains as he tucks you in under the blankets and places the tv remote next to you. He runs into the bathroom and fills up a glass with water and grabs the trash can. He reappears with the items and places them next to you as well.

“He can come in here once he’s done.” You reply, your eyes weighing heavy, but the pain in your stomach keeping you unfortunately aware of all that Bucky is saying. He rubs your back softly before he heads towards the door and sets out to do his tasks.

25 minutes pass and Bucky makes his way down the hall with a tray of soup and medicine, Jasper close behind. Bucky pushes the bedroom door open when his foot and walks straight to the dresser. Jasper hops happily onto the bed, taking his rightful spot, right next to you the bed. Bucky turns around to be met with the sweetest picture, You fast asleep with Jaspers head laying lovingly on your hip. He smiles to himself as he grabs the now empty glass, that once held water, and goes back to the bathroom and fills it with water once again. He goes back to the dresser, grabs the medicine and walks slowly towards the bed. He kneels down to your face and strokes your hair softly.

“Babe, i got your medicine,” Bucky whispers as you slowly look up at him. He smiles sweetly as your eyes adjust to the light around his head. You sit up and take the medicine and water from his hands. You swallow both quickly and set the glass on the bedside table. Bucky gets up off of the floor and makes his way towards the soup bowls and goes to his side of the bed. He climbs into the bed slowly, making sure not to spill any of the warm liquid. Once he is comfortable, you take your bowl and settle in for a FRIENDS marathon.

“This feels great. Thank you so much for being here for my sick butt.” You say before you take another sip of soup.

“Anything for my best girl. It’s good to take a sick day. I am just happy you are able to eat something.” Bucky replies as he finishes his soup. You smile and look up at him. He returns the smile then places his bowl on the tray. You finish yours up, causing him to take your bowl as well then getting up to go place them in the kitchen. You sigh as sleep tries to consume you once again. You struggle against it long enough for Bucky to return. When he does, he notices your sleepy eyes slip behind your lids once again, causing him to smile and then instinctively get in the bed and under the covers.

“You’re so warm. I won’t need that blanket after all.” You mumble as you scoot closer to his body. He wraps his arms around your body, engulfing you in all the heat he had to offer you. “Maybe we should take sick days more often.” You hum as sleep finally wins, causing you to fall into a decently blissful sleep.

Guilt - Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon, I hope you enjoy it!

Request: Can I request SherlockxReader with prompt sentences 167 and 200? Like reader still angry with him for something from the past, but Sherlock feeling overprotective over them, though he can’t understand why. I’d be eternally grateful, I love your writing already :D

Prompt 167: “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”
Prompt 200: “I’m doing this to protect you.”

Word Count: 2069 (oops)

Warnings: kidnapping, unrelated creepy guy being creepy

It had been six days since you’d spoken to Sherlock, and for good reason. This was the longest you’d gone without speaking since the day you met him two years ago, but when you wanted to give someone the silent treatment, you could certainly do it properly. After all, he deserved it.

- seven days ago -

Standing in the rain, you waited for Sherlock by the entrance to Piccadilly Circus station. He had told you to meet him there at 11pm, telling you he needed your help with a case.

You loved it when he let you tag along on his cases, and you were getting to go with him more and more frequently as time progressed. You occasionally asked him why he wanted you there, it’s not as though it was often you could actually offer any advice, but he would just wave you off or mutter “you’re just helpful” under his breath without bothering to look at you.

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Another birthday present to my bab @dream-exo-fantasy !! I love you so much even though we haven’t been talking too long- I guess you’re just a person that’s easy to love hehe ! You’ve always been a writer and person I have looked up to, and I was ecstatic when we became mutuals- and even more so when you messaged me after my 2am-binge-reading of LDE! Thank you, love and happy birthday!! I hope you enjoy this present from me to you ♥♥

❀ Reader x Sehun

in a domestic love story about a boy’s hopeless tries to confess and a birthday girl.

The sun was bright this August day, shining down onto the campus ground, illuminating the strands of hairs upon students’ heads and painting their forms against the cement as shadows. It was crowded; sleepy students along with wide awake students all mingling around─ or minding their own business, trying to get to class. You were doing both, as it was your birthday and you couldn’t avoid the well-wishes from friends, acquaintances and even a few strangers that happened to overhear it being your birthday. 

As you waved to your best friend a few meters away, watching her face go from neutral to ecstatic before she started jogging over to you, you just hoped you would survive all this attention for a day. When you best friend turned a corner, or actually it was a group of people, you noticed her dragging a boy by his wrist and another one following the pair. The poor boy she was dragging was your other friend Sehun and the second boy following them was Jongin. Jongin was smiling, and he had his hands in his pockets as he reached you, but Sehun was almost frowning, seeming quite nervous as he too reached you. You didn’t have more time to wonder about Sehun’s troubled facial expression when your best friend jumped on you, placing her arms around your neck and pressing her cheek into yours.

“Happy birthday!” She exclaimed loudly, and you chuckled, hugging her back. “Thank you so much.”

“Happy birthday, Y/N.” Jongin grinned and joined the hug for a couple of seconds. Both your best friend and Jongin then pulled away and moved to the side to reveal Sehun. He had his hands in front of him, playing with his own fingers as he gulped, preparing to speak when─

“Happy birthday.” A stranger grinned to you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N.” Yixing smiled as he moved past you.

Sehun almost jolted in surprise and awkwardly moved his hand behind his neck. As a few seconds passed, he prepared to speak again. 

“Happy birthday, you!” Another stranger grinned. You thanked him with a smile and a nod, before looking over at Sehun. The poor boy opened his mouth yet again only to be interrupted by a pair of girls that came over to congratulate you. You smiled, thanking them too but when you looked back at Sehun again, eager to hear what he would say, he was gone.

While you could have gone without all this attention, you couldn’t truthfully say you despised the positivity, the extra smiles, and the teachers being a little more nice in your classes. You felt special, and you suppose that’s what everyone should be able to feel at least one day a year. 

You were now seated at a table on campus after Jongin had suggested you all had your lunch outside as this was one of the only times your whole group of friends was free at the same time. You had a birthday muffin in front of you, courtesy of Chanyeol, and your lunch beside it. Seated next to your best friend and Chanyeol, you had Jongin opposite to you.

“Hey,” you started. “where’s Sehun and Baekhyun? They’re free now too, aren’t they?”

Jongin hummed, his cheeks not being able to conceal the amount of food he was chewing. He mumbled something incoherent, and Chanyeol decided to be more helpful; 

“They’re coming now.” He pointed to the two boys walking over. You noticed Sehun with his bright orange head of hair, light colored clothes that looked perfect on his lean and tall form, and was that a rose in his hand? You smiled gleefully up at the tall boy as he came over, something inside of your chest fluttering wildly. You lifted your arms to accept his rose only for Baekhyun to jog over and seize the single rose straight out of Sehun’s hands and presenting it to you with a twirl and a mischevious grin.

“Happy birthday, baby.” He grinned. You frowned in surprise, disappointment, but took the rose out of his hands nonetheless. You shot a kind look over to Sehun, hoping that he would read your eyes as “Let’s talk later.”

You followed Sehun into the classroom, trying, with longer steps than normal, to catch up with him. You hoped to catch him before he sat down next to someone else. The only people you knew in this class was him and Yixing, and you’d rather sit with Sehun so that he could finally ask you what he had been trying to ask. The fluttering in your chest hadn’t paused since you spotted the single rose in his calloused hand just a bit earlier, and deep inside you knew and hoped that Sehun was going to ask you exactly what you had in mind. Maybe more “hoped” than “knew”. Finally, you caught up with him and placed your hand on his shoulder.

He turned, and you watched his eyes widen with excitement once he noticed that it was you. He smiled and opened his mouth to speak when─

“Happy birthday to you,” Yixing’s wonderful singing voice started, slowly and carefully, quickly drowning into the sea of voice that then continued the song;

“Happy birthday to you,”

You grinned embarrassedly, staring out into the crowd of faces that sung, some whom you knew, some whom you didn’t, some who knew you and some who didn’t. Yixing was standing in the middle of the classroom, happily directing the whole class.

“happy birthday to you dear Y/N,”

You were oblivious to Sehun’s annoyed scowl as his words once again died on the very tip of his tongue. He watched your beautiful smile, excited yet out of your mind humiliated, and wished to just take your hand and run out of here. 

“happy birthday to you.”

When the singing faded, you thanked them all and placed your palms over your red cheeks. Then you faced Sehun, in hopes of laughing the whole incident off and move on, only to be faced with his dissatisfied scowl. 

“Sehun?” You started, your face falling. Said boy tried to swallow the stinging feeling inside him as your face fell and decided before anything else came to interrupt, he would voice his feelings;

“I like you!” He exclaimed, louder than planned. Your mouth fell agape, and so did the rest of the class’. There was a pregnant silence in the room, and in your glee yet surprise, you couldn’t help but notice the red color grow under Sehun’s skin. Finally, you smiled.

“I like you too, Sehun.”


You nodded, giggling, ignorant of the other people observing the scene. Sehun couldn’t get any more words out, he just smiled─ he beamed, placing his arms around you and moved to shyly place his lips against yours in a birthday kiss.

“Happy birthday,” He whispered once you parted, tightening his arms around, staring down at you with loving eyes─ he too, ignorant of the observers. For now, it was impossible to notice them at all. 

“baby.” He finished in the same tone Baekhyun had used earlier. You giggled.

“Thank you so much, baby.”

Happy birthday Inooooo ( >o>)~!
aka @ino-fujiwara / @miss-arlert-orihara-watanuki

It’s one of the SakuMoms birthday today o3o) ! INOOOOO
so today have your son cutting the birthday for you ~
protect the son :M !!
You also draw him with a ponytail and piercings/earings a lot ( HE’S GODDAMN HOT WITH IT JFC 💚 ) and so I did the same today :>
ahhhh it feels so good to draw him again… ❤️

so now enjoy the day =v=)b
hope u like iiiiiiittttt~~~~

Vegan for a year!

Hi guys! As of august 9th I’ve been vegan for a year! Now I am going to be writing a post about ten things I’ve learned from being vegan for a year! I hope you enjoy <3
1. Always have a plan
Always make sure you know what options you have to eat in a day. It is always a good idea to plan out meals, so you won’t be lost in what to cook yourself for dinner. If your going out to a restaurant try to call them before you go and see what vegan option they have then. It will make it less of a struggle once you go to a restaurant. Also never forget to pack snacks! You never know when you might get hungry and they’re no vegan options around.
2. Don’t care what people think
When I first became vegan many people would try and tell me how unhealthy it is and they would always make fun of me for being vegan. People do things like this because they’re scared of thing they don’t know. When people try to argue with you about veganism back up your facts with evidence so they can’t deny what you have to say.
3. Don’t be afraid to talk about veganism
I notice many vegans (including myself) are afraid to talk about they’re veganism. They’re are many jokes about vegans and some vegans don’t want to be made fun of. But in all honesty I think is great to talk about veganism! It spreads the message and it inspires others! Just make sure not to talk about it to excessively and make sure it’s an appropriate time to talk about it.
4. No vegan is perfect
I feel like this is something many people are afraid to admit. Many times on YouTube and social media you see all these vegans who seem to have perfect healthy life’s and perfect meals, but in reality no one can be like this. Every vegan makes a mistake especially at the beginning of their journey, and this is completely OK. Just remember everyone makes mistakes. Even I do.
5. Try to include yourself in the vegan community
What I mean by this is support veganism as much as possible. Like posts on social media accounts and follow them. Make accounts like this more popular spreads the message about veganism and it’s a good thing you can do. Also read articles about veganism on the peta website so you can understand what is going on in the vegan community at the moment.
6. Inspire others!
Throughout my vegan journey I’ve had atleast 3 people that came up to me telling me they want to go vegan! And this is great! The sad thing is, is that all of them weren’t successful as vegans. Try to encourage these people to stay strong but don’t push them to hard and scare them away from veganism. Let these people understand veganism is something most people can’t do overnight, and try to really educate them on veganism.
7. Break the vegan stereotypes
Prove to people that vegans aren’t salad eating weaklings! We are strong-willed and smart people who are making a difference in our health, the planet, and the animals! Post pictures of what you eat on social media like delicious vegan cookies, fruit, and things lien pasta!
8. Don’t judge others
Just because you are vegan, don’t judge others diets! They may not have been taught how to eat healthy, and they may not even know about veganism all together. Just because you are vegan don’t act like this makes you better than everyone. Remover not everyone can follow this diet.
9. Cooking is key
I’ve learned that cooking is extremely necessary as a vegan. It will become very expensive really fast if you buy all your meals. Try to teach yourself how to cook. Becoming vegan definitely made me cook more, and this is a good thing. Keeping simple things on hand to cook like frozen veggies, rice, pasta, and potatos. These things makes it very easy to whip up something quick if you aren’t in the mood to cook a 5 course meal.
This is a verrry important step! Be proud of yourself! You are healing yourself, the planet, and the animals, by just keep animals products of the plate! Just because other may not agree what with you do, know what your re doing is right, and even though I may not even know you, I’m extremely proud of all vegans! Just know you have made the right decision.
I hope you enjoyed my post! Please like, reblog and follow

~Celebration~Match Ups~

Hello my lovelies~! So I just checked my follower count and I’ve reached 334 followers! When did that happen? X’D Y'all are all so fantastic and I want to thank you for being apart of this blog and giving me something wonderful to hold on to.

So I’ve decided to open up Match Ups! :D

It’s a celebration and I hope everyone will enjoy participating!
So here’s the deal. For three days I am going to open match ups for everyone on my blog (and anyone coming in too). I’m only keeping it open for three days because I don’t want to get so many match ups that I’m overwhelmed. I might extend that time period if I don’t get a lot but in my experience, people are usually pretty into match ups.

I’ve got some rules for this little celebration and these are important, so please read them over!

Rules For Match-Up Requests:

1.) Below I am going to list what the requirements are for the requests. Please follow these requirements or I WILL delete your request without hesitation! I’m not kidding. I’m not going to do a match up for someone who doesn’t even care enough to follow my rules.

2.) Match ups are only going to be open for three days, they won’t be a regular thing! That means you can send in match ups today 8/19/2017 (though technically I’m not gonna start the three day time period until tomorrow because I’m posting this late) until 8/22/17 at  midnight EST. If you send in requests after that, I’ll just delete them.

3.) Don’t badger me please! On a previous blog I ran, I had to shut down match ups because people would resend them or constantly ask if I got them, etc etc. If you send in a match up request, it will get done as long as it follows the rules & requirements! If you DON’T see it by the time I’ve completed them all (and I’ll make a post saying there aren’t any more in the inbox), yours was probably deleted for not doing as I asked.

Requirements For Match-Up Requests:


I will only do match ups for the continuities I accept on my blog! That means Transformers Prime, Transformers Animated, MTMTE/Lost Light, RID2015. When you send in your match up request, please make it clear which continuity you want - you can only do up to two. So you could say ‘can I get a match up for TFA and TFP please?’ and that would be okay.


You can send in the requests either through asks (multiple asks are fine as long as you do something that tells me they are from the same person), message or submission, whatever works best for ya!


For requests, if you want me to complete it, I need certain things in your ask/message/submission. If you don’t include these or give me barely any information, I’ll delete your ask/message/submission.

Here’s what I NEED to be included in your request.

  • Which continuity you want for your match up - I will only do two at the most.


  • Your sexual preference/who you’re comfortable being matched with - I know that in the comics they don’t really care about that stuff and there aren’t a lot of females across the board. But I still would like to know because if you’re uncomfortable being matched with a male transformer for example, I won’t match you with one! If you don’t care, state that. Or if you’re ace, let me know and I’ll make sure not to include anything NSFW in your match up that could possibly upset you.

  • Your sun zodiac sign - This is more just for me because I am a huge astrology nerd. Please feel free to include your moon sign or other astrology information if you want but I only need your sun sign. And please don’t say “I’m a Taurus but I don’t think I really am, I feel more like a Capricorn”. The reasons people often don’t connect with their sun sign is because the sun sign is only one aspect of their personality. I’m going off the sun sign because it gives me a tiny bit of extra insight into who you are so I don’t want to be told what you think your sun sign should be, but what your sun sign actually IS.

  • At least five likes AND five dislikes - So ten all together.

  • At least five personality traits - But please, the more you give me for your personality, the better I can match you up. Feel free to write as much as you want here. And the traits you do send in, try to make them something I can work with. By this I mean, if you tell me you’re good with animals great but if you just say you have a cat? Okay? What am I supposed to do with that?

  • At least three hobbies or skills - This can be anything you enjoy doing that’s more than ‘smelling flowers’ or ‘playing with your bunny’. Reading, writing, drawing, dancing, skiing, singing, anything that is a real hobby or skill.

Here’s what you can include but don’t have to! These will help me give you a better match up though so even including one of these could help!

  • Your Myers Briggs personality type

  • What you want to do for a living (or currently do) - This could include going to college for a certaine degree, being in the military, etc.

  • Who your favorite character is and why - This doesn’t mean I’ll choose that character but it helps me understand you better.

  • Any random tidbits about you that you wanna add!


Here’s what you should NOT INCLUDE in your asks! I don’t want or need these and your ask could be potentially deleted!

  • Your age

  • Your looks - Seriously, I don’t care, this isn’t going to help at all so why does everyone do this?? How is telling me you have brown hair and green eyes going to help me decide which character to match you with? It doesn’t, not at all so don’t tell me anything related to your looks unless it’s something you’re highly insecure about & find relevant.

  • Your height or weight or body description

And that’s all for the requirements and rules! 

Here’s what you can expect from me on your match up AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW EVERYTHING ABOVE!

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And depending on how much information you give me, I might include some backups! So if I give you your top romantic choice, I might also say so-and-so is a possible second choice for you.

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承:the undertaking; l.d.h

a/n; pt 2 of my 起承转合 series, i hope you guys enjoy it,, read pt 1 here

starting line: “Please be alright, you’re too important to me to do this.”

synopsis: loosely based off BTS’ highlight reel. In this chapter, the reunion of Y/N and Daehwi on his last day as a trainee.

warnings: prepare your tissues if needed, and a stuffed toy to squeeze the cringe

genre: fluff, slight angst, heartbreak

length: | a paragraph | drabble length | a short story | your average essay of less than 10,000 words | a fic too long but too short for a part 2|

Originally posted by hyunhyohwi

16 June 2017

“#0011, you are only allowed to vote once per mobile phone, please vote wisely!” BoA’s voice sounded through your laptop, as you sent a message to the number, “Lee Daehwi”. 

“Please let him debut, please.” You prayed as you interlocked your hands together, uttering a silent mantra.

“In third place, we have…”

Please let him debut, please.

“Lee Daehwi trainee!”

Your eyes brimmed with tears of joy as you proudly watched your best friend walk in distraught to the stage, tears soon fell on your pink cheeks.

You were happy that your best friend was finally an idol, but a sense of guilt was holding you back. You weren’t sure what it was, you decided to ignore it, going to bed with your tear-stained cheeks.

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the-tempus-eatass-rerum  asked:

Honestly your blog is fantastic! I'm so happy you exist and are making such awesome content! It makes me less sad that the show is over (nevermind that I own it and have watched it constantly for the last 2 years ahem) but yeah! Hope you're having a great day, thanks for existing!

Aw thank you, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I really enjoy putting out content, so I’m glad you’re all around to see it! Thanks so much!

anonymous asked:

I don't know if your accepting prompts but if you are- “There’s a perfectly good reason for all of these kittens.” ❤️

Here you are lovely anon! So Sorry it took a few days but I do hope you enjoy this little bit of fluff. *pun intended*




“There’s a perfectly good reason for all of these kittens.” Klaus drones as he enters their shared bedroom not quite believing his eyes as he mentally counts them all, eight. “Right, Love?”

Caroline tilts her head off to the side as she squints holding two of the little monsters in her arms as she sits on the plush carpet, “So remember, you love me,” she points out significantly.

“We’re certainly testing that today,” Klaus nearly sings as he keeps to the wall not enjoying their scents, sounds, overall presence in his bedroom near his girlfriend.

“Shush, I’m talking,” Caroline retorts as she begins her explanation of why the little fluffs are in their home enjoying the way that Klaus responds to them which was entirely expected but far more delightful to witness.

Klaus shuts his mouth eager to have this encounter over with, “I was just out at the farmers market,” Klaus sighs knowing that’s the nail in the coffin for him as Caroline babbles on.

“For those cheeses you like to pair with the wine from a hundred years ago so really it’s your fault,” she tells him as she reaches for another kitten that’s been clawing at silk bedsheets under the duvet.

Klaus screams on the inside as he tries to remain as passive as possible on the outside, “Caroline, what’s the punchline,” he urges her to end his anguish.

“I found them in a box on street,” Caroline justifies herself and Klaus knows it’s that human conscious thing at work in her mind again producing the circumstances.

He draws a deep breath only to catch their scent further into his being exasperating his wolf, “My hybrids cannot have approved this,” Klaus asserts.

That draws her attention from the kittens and Caroline sets them down observing Klaus as she clasps her hands together, “Okay, two things,” she replies with a dead face.

Klaus winces bracing himself, “They,” she waves at the wolves in the hallway listening and the ones outside her window keeping watch, “Are so not the boss of me and also I went alone.”

“You know that isn’t safe,” he rumbles and Caroline can catch the yellow of his eyes flickering as he finally takes a step away from the wall ready to lecture her again about safety.

“Look at me,” she cuts him off as he gets to her knees still not fully trusting he won’t go off, “Safe here, with kittens,” she reminds him in a calm voice.

“They’re not safe,” Klaus responds losing his cool as he also motions to the men he put in charge of her, “These vermin are surrounded by wolves.”

Caroline stands up looking him directly in the eye, “Were-wolves,” she corrects him reminding him of their human tendencies as well.

Klaus huffs, “And be nice. Becky is hissing at you,” she warns him as Klaus looks down at the little creature tugging on the lace of his boot and growls in response.

“Rebekah is going to eat you first,” he delights in tormenting the kitten as it runs back to its litter leaving his boot and self alone to deliberate with Caroline.

“Klaus, that is not nice,” she insists as Klaus pulls her into him having missed her while he was conferring with the witches even if she did smell of cats.

His lips brush hers in greeting, mildly causing them to smile as he reminds her, “I’m not nice, Love,” feeling her body press into his as she wraps her arms over his shoulders.

“Shush, I’m still explaining,” Caroline hums as she feels him rock on his feet from side to side swaying their bodies, “The animal shelter is packed this weekend so I volunteered to keep them meanwhile.”

His hands glide down her back rubbing softly until Caroline practically purrs her response, “So first thing Monday morning,” he asserts feeling her fingers tug at the curls surrounding the nape of his neck.

“Providing they have room,” she states and Klaus knows he was being conned by her delight at being in his arms just by her tone, sometimes she really was clever.

“Caroline,” he groans releasing her from his grasp as he feels delicate claws dig into his jeans scratching at the skin of his legs.

“You love me,” she stresses with a sing song tone as she reaches down to grab the nuisance climbing his thigh, “Awe, look Klausy loves you.”

Lesson Learned (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Warnings: smut, cussing, and a possible daddy kink?

Word count: 502

A/N: This might be some terrible writing, but I hope you enjoy! Send in fic requests!

It was finally Study Hall, your last class of the day. You were at your wit’s end trying to deal with annoying people. You plopped down at your desk and felt someone kicking the back of your chair. You turned around to see one of your friends, Jared Kleinman.

    “Ow! Stop it Jared!” You yelled.

    “That’s what you’ll be saying tonight when I make you scream.” He joked with an exaggerated wink.

    “What did you just say, Kleinman?” A voice said. You turned around to see none other than your boyfriend, Connor Murphy.

    “Perfect timing, Murphy!” Jared greeted, “If you ever want to make it happen, you know where I live.” He said now directing his attention to you.

    “Well–” you started noticing Connor getting jealous, “that sounds like an offer I can’t resist.”

    And with that, Connor took a seat next to you without saying a word. This went on for the rest of the hour, which was unusual because you and Connor chatted about your days and what not. He stayed silent until the final bell rang, then he spoke.

    “You’re in trouble now.” He whispered into your ear, which sent chills down your spine. You drove over to Connor’s house after school to study with him like you normally did. It was quiet the whole time until he slammed his book shut, which startled you.

“Would you like to explain yourself?”

“About?” You asked.

“Don’t act so innocent, you know what I’m talking about.” He growled.

“I’m afraid not.” You teased seeing how far you could push him. Suddenly, Connor pinned you down on the couch.

“Maybe this will show you not to flirt with Jared.” He said as slid his hands into your panties immediately sliding two fingers into your already warm heat. He began to pump very fast, taking his anger out.

“Connor please, I’m going to cum.” You begged.

“What was that?” He added another finger, “You said you wanted to fuck Jared?”

“No, oh god Daddy. I need you, please!” He continued to finger you until you couldn’t take it any longer. As a result, you came–hard.

“I didn’t tell you that you could cum yet, princess. You’ve been a bad girl today.”

“I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean it.”

“Maybe this will teach you not to misbehave next time.” Connor said matter-of-factly as he aligned himself up with you. Without a plea, he thrusted into you, which caused both you you to moan.

“God, I’m so in love with you, y/n.” He moaned. It didn’t take more than a few hard thrusts to find yourself cumming again, you screamed his name as you rode out your orgasm. You could tell he was on the edge too, he twitched inside you and his thrusts became sporadic. Finally, he came moaning your name and kissing your neck.

Connor spooned you on the couch after you two finished.

“Do I need to teach you another lesson?” Connor asked.

“We will have to wait and see tomorrow.”


anonymous asked:

I hope you settle into uni well!! Day hasn't gone great over here but that's life, anyways. Make sure to take breaks between packing to eat and do things you enjoy so you don't overwhelm yourself. Stay healthy as always and have a nice few days as you settle in!!! You can do it I believe in you! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

Thank you so much! (This really means a lot to me!!! 💖💕💖💕) I’m sorry to hear that things aren’t too great on your end but I hope everything starts getting better soon! And I’ll make sure to take care of myself while settling into uni ^_^

fiery-candlemaker  asked:

(I found this blog and read everything there is to read) How about a scene where the reader comes back home after a horrible family reunion and they're feeling the absolute worst of themselves. Jack comforts them after a long day of work.

thank you for reading through my blog!! it means a lot! this is a great request, i hardly ever get anything for jack. i hope you enjoy, tysm!!

Family Reunion

If you had enough fingers to count how many times one of your distant family members made a jab at you today, you’d be a mutant. From your weight (on either spectrum, skinny or chubby), to your height, to your hair to your clothes to your personal life.

Your uncle Adam ended up prodding at you for twenty minutes straight about “that boyfriend of yours” and when you’re having kids (six months into dating, of course). Joey, your cousin, asked why Jack wasn’t here with you. Everyone seemed offended that you were late and had a day job, and even more offended about the fact that Jack had a job and although he really wanted to come, he cared so much about his schedule that he stayed home. Working was a sin, who knew.

Alexandra made special care to tell you how your hair looked unnatural and like you were “trying too hard to get attention, are you cheating?” To top it off, she said that your clothes looked like you were choking yourself in a collar. But it was still “an improvement from last year’s” when you wore something equally modest and normal. Passive aggressive realtives that don’t know how to actually be passive aggressive drive you up the wall.

Adam and Alexandra are married for good reason, it seems. At least little Joey didn’t know much better, and you almost longed to take care of the small kids that were brought here over eating with your judgemental relatives.

You were desperate to get in your car the minute it seemed appropriate to leave. Of course, your mom and dad and grandparents were overly sweet and told you to try to get Jack out of the house next time. You said that you’d try, but the workaholic in him probably wouldn’t let up. He almost seems jittery when he stops working after getting into a groove. You admire his consistency, and envy his drive, but pity his need to be busy. If you had a dollar for every time he relaxed, you’d be really, really broke.

The drive home was long and filled with traffic and overexcited texts from the family who’d forced you to give over your phone number. At least it’s better than all of your social medias exploding. Jack mentioned offhandedly that having personal accounts is damn near impossible when you get popular in a rant one night. The boy needs sleep, and you need him to give you a long hug and watch a movie next to you. If you can drag him from his computer chair, that is.

You love him, and he’s busy, and you’re busy, but what’s important is you make time for each other. You go on walks and talk and stay in the same room, reading while he edits and making conversation. You cook together.

When you walk into the house, Jack is leaning in the kitchen doorway, drinking from a mug. You drop your bag on the floor with a loud clatter, and a big sigh escapes from the wells of your lungs. Your brain has gone absolutely numb. Jack raises an eyebrow with an uncontained giggle. You return it with a very tired smile.

“My family basically just played the game of ‘what’s everything we hate about Y/N this year’? And I swear, my aunt can be so rude about what I look like. Everybody seemed like they wanted to meet you instead of see me, and overall, I took the child protection duty over the actual family chatting duty. I’m spent.”

Sean’s smile turns to one of empathy. He sets his glass down and goes to give you a hug.

“Sorry you had to deal with that. It’s so shit of people to make anyone, especially their own family, feel like that. I don’t even really care how you look. You can do that thing where you wake up and walk around like that in public, and I’ll still be happy.”

“Really? You’re being honest?” You ask, breathing him in and holding him, because he feels like the only real affection you’ve gotten all day.

“Why would I lie? I’m pretty sure you’re one of the only people who make me smile when I’m not overwhelmed with work. You make me want to take time off so I can spend it with you.”

“God, you’re the best, Sean.”

Holding him is enough.

Reduction (Cas x Reader)

• For @demigirl-journey, I hope you enjoy it!• “You’re getting…a what?” You let a smile play at the edge of your lips.
“A breast reduction, Cas.” He narrowed his eyes. “Why would you need them…reduced. They are the perfect size for a human woman such as yourself.” You snorted. “T-thanks Cas. B-but I personally think they get in the way sometimes. Plus when I have my period they ache like a bitch. I would appreciate it though if you came to the surgery with me. I’m gonna need somebody with me. I’ll be in the hospital for a few days afterwards.” He nodded. “Of course (y/n).” You sighed gratefully. “Thank goodness. I didn’t want to tell Sam or Dean until after the surgery.” Cas shook his head with a laugh. “I’m happy to, (y/n). Really.” A few days went by and you stood outside the hospital. You were grinding your teeth as you made up yet another excuse not to go in “I think I left something in the car….” Cas grabbed onto your wrist. “(Y/n). You’re stalling.” You rolled your eyes. “Me? Stalling? Please! I’m not stalling, if anything I’m just rambling! There is quite the difference between the two.” Cas put a finger to your lips. “(Y/n).” He leaned in, his breath washing over your face, pressing his lips against yours. “You’ll be fine. I’m here for you.” You followed Cas into the hospital in a daze. When the doctors put you under that kiss was all you could think about. You woke up in a hospital room, Cas stood in the corner with a smirk. “Good evening (y/n).” You chuckled. “Hey Cas. How’d it go?” “The doctor said it went as smooth as it can go. I’ve told Sam and Dean that you went to see a long time friend for a few days, until you’re ready to tell them about this yourself.” Your eyes softened as you continued to look at the angel. “Why did you do all this stuff for me Cas?” He came over and ran a hand through your hair. “I love you, (y/n). I always will.”

p00ch  asked:

-cries in adorable art- i absolutely adore your style and as for you bnha character, he's so frigging cute i l o v e him,, you like many other are really inspiring me to make my own bnha ocs but i have no clue where to even start,, anyway!! i love you and your art so much and i hope you have a wonderful day/life :"0

Thank you and thaNK YOUUU for liking my baby boy Hiiragi!! I always get super happy and emotional when people enjoy my ocs AAA;;//// ♥

Like I’ve mentioned in another ask, I encourange you to make one! Knowing where to start can be tough, maybe try thinking up a fun quirk and design your char based off of that instead of doing it the other way around?? IDK! which ever way you will have fun and enjoy it the most, since that’s the most important part!