i hope you enjoyed the spam! :d

this is my valentines gift for my lovely @maumauxmau

Aaah I said i am satisfied but i struggle with judars shoulder and hakuryuus strange face a lot. (what are proportions and where have they gone??) >_< But I hope you like it anyway! 

So that’s how judar and hakuryuu gonna enjoy valentine’s day. Naked cuddling under a fluffy blanket <3  >D (do i need to tag this pic as nsfw?????)

I LOVE YOU MAU ! SORRY FOR SPAMMING AND TALKING SO MUCH OKAY? please tell me if i am a bother q-q I wish you to be happy and healthy and everything. you deserve it because you are a very precious and good human and I treasure you for that ! The world needs more people like you. 

And thank you for listening to me even though I am a blablabla and thank you for always asking how I am !! ^0^ and yeah… sorry (for what??) I don’t know. I always feel guilty no matter what I do. It’s part of my personality lol. :<

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im glad to see you back into the "spamming you with 1343746533 more kidge content in an hour because me and jay made another theory and we have more hope for this to be cannon so we are fangirling and apologizing about it yet we are so happy" :D

Wait do you guys like that? I mean I personally enjoy it a lot but holy shit yall like it when i spam you??? !!!


🎃That spooky time is upon us once more!  Merry Samhain~!🎃

I hope everyone had a safe and fun month of october, full of spooky goodness.   I’m glad everyone enjoyed my little Outlast AU art spam and put up with my craziness~ I really wanted to draw a lot more for it, but sadly this month got crazy with shit.  I definitely have to revisit again sometime~  

As for Fictober… today is the last day! YOU’RE FREE! :D

 We got some pretty awesome fics this year, from some very talented writers.  Though, I have something to address first before I list the submissions.  I had a lot, like a lot, of people messaging me with apologizes for being unable to participate.  Don’t be sorry!!  This was all for fun and life happens!  You come first!  I’m not going anywhere and if you guys are really liking these fanfic contests, I will definitely do more.  So no worries, and I’m sending you all free hugs <3  I got yo backs

On to the fics!

E/R October Drabbles by inlaterdays

(Holy cow, you actually did the drabble-a-day challenge. That is beyond impressive!)

By the Light of a Votive by ConvenientAlias


Bloodless Doll by ConvenientAlias


I seriously love all of these and oh you know imma draw fanart for all of them~ (Okay… maybe not every drabble, i’m going to do future Daisy’s sanity a service and only pick a few to do ._.; sorry inlaterdays! Forgive meee!)  Thank you so much to everyone who participated and I hope you all have fun this spooky holiday! You rock! 

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Sorry for the little spam, I discovered your blog a long time ago but apparently I wasn't following you anymore? (damn u tumblr) So I had some catching up to do. I just fell in love with your medic and then your pyro and you're the reason I sort of ship them :'D

Thank you!!! I’m glad I could introduce you to this ship ;w; its so rare. Glad you like my Pyro headcanon hope you enjoy your stay on my blog!

Hey everybody! I hope you’re enjoying the art spam.

I’d like to know if anyone would be interested in brief tutorials? I’m considering doing one for ruffles, would anyone be interested?


Love Live! Doujin

Starry Sky [part 1]

=Read from right to left=

[Part 2] » http://eulyin.tumblr.com/post/115159490854/love-live-doujin-starry-sky-part-2-part-1

Please kindly not remove the credit Thank you ^_^

Then… Let’s move to the real reason of this doujin
Dear ultrajacket, I’m really really sorry that I made your gift soooo late >_< my excuse is I’m moving house, hard to hold my pen properly T_T)

Happy late White Day ms/mr Jacket /o/
Hope you enjoy this doujin, which I’ve made for you :D . Your idea about stargazer drove me to create this doujin, I also would like to thank for this >_<)/


So, I’ve gained some new followers lately! First of all, I want to say welcome and thanks for the follow!

I know my blog is 90% me reblogging other people’s stuff, and I know that it can annoy people when their dashboard is suddenly filled with double the posts. If you followed me for my art and/or fanfics and you don’t want your dashboard spammed, you can follow me over at @cyberflows-art where I’ll only post my own creations and reblog only art memes and prompts!

Either way, I’m glad you decided to check out my blog and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! :D

Happy Father’s Day to my favorite Daddy!

LOL IM KMS kink shame me

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All jokes aside I hope you guys have a Wonderful Father’s Day and enjoy today with your Fathers! Or just enjoy the day in general no context whatsoever :) And remember to love and appreciate our cute lovable Hyung Kim Minseok!

Love all of EXO :D Order their album and buy their digital album today!

Okay, so that’s it for today’s cosplay spam. Geez, there were so many amazing cosplayers, I couldn’t help but share a ton of them. Every so often, I’d have to stop myself and say, “Wait, stop, try another fandom now, don’t get too crazy.” I hope you all enjoyed it, I hope this type of thing was something you were looking forward to. I tried to include a lot of different things in all of this, even when there were fandoms I wasn’t familiar with at all. (For example, I’d never even heard of Steam Powered Giraffe before this, but the outfits were super cool!) Let me know what you guys thought, let me know if this is something you’d like to see again in the future. c: And I also hope you all have a lovely night!



Happy birthday to the sunshine of GOT7 Mr. Jackson Wang σ(≧ε≦o)

As always, I’m treating you with some gif spam

*gifs are not mine, full credit to the owners*


How is he 22 years old

oh… right






now we all know what dat rice can do



Imma take whatever rice you eat away bc





Dear Jackson stans, if you ever feel attacked by Jackson, remember:

Happy birthday to the most adorable, kindhearted, sweet, daddy af  creature Jackson Wang. I love him to pieces and I hope that he enjoys his special day because he honestly deserves the best. I wish him loads of success and amazing moments with GOT7. 



Former Inspector Howard Link is next for my Katsucon 2016 picture spam! Thanks to @areyouokaypanda for drawing on my hand tattoo and taking these shots for us. This is the first time I’ve gotten to do this with my lovely hobo Allen @lotusblossom7. Hopefully we can get more shots at Anime Boston that don’t have to be directly in front of a window… oops.

Anyway, hope you enjoy us being terrible DGM dorks! ;D

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It seems as if the Luhan-biased are finally coming to your blog/becoming active so I'm gonna join too. Would you mind spamming me with Luhan from his cute to his creepy and to his pervy side, not forgetting the sexy one? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

YES!! I’m so happy about this! I can torture Myun with Luhan now :D I hope you enjoy this, Admin A~

None of these images are mine

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10 pics/gifs of my bias: Jimin

I was tagged by the lovely @suga-ft-jimin to post 10 pics/gifs of my bias.  I’ve decided to do this twice (once for each of my two ultimate biases) and I am going to only use gifs/pics that I made myself cos it gives me an excuse to look through my collection.  This first post will be all Jimin

I tag: @ygbiases @bibimkpop @lovekck @dibidibidismynameisjhope @greenjimin @j-mintrash @bootyjimin @yoonmino @vcute @jimins-taesty-kookie @jimiknee @taetaetastic @parkjiminsfineass @parkjizzmin @chim-chimii @chim-chiminee @jihyped and anyone else who wants to (i’ll tag more people in the second post I make about Jongin).

So here we go:

1. Two pics from his solo butterfly stage which was perfection (i’m counting two pics as one because i say so lol).

2.  Jimin being perfect in their stage performing ‘Perfect Man’

3. Squishy Jimin looking like a lil honeybee and eating because Jimin eating happily warms my heart, and I am weak for boys in sweaters.

4.  Another set of 2 that I am countoing as one, when the maknaes were playing hide n seek because holy jithighs and jibooty and then adorable maknae line with their bare faces.

5.  Jihope because although i love all Jimin pairings, these two are just pure sunshine, look at those glorious eyesmiles XD

6. Fluffy playful Jimin in bed after showing us his satoori is everything I ever wanted.  Vmin were so cute in that video, I always look forward to their satoori teaching videos.

7. Butterfly is a song that I will never get sick of listening to, and hearing Jimin sing it just melts me.  Also look he is in a cozy sweater again. perfect :)

8. Oh look another cuddly sweater, also I love his cute little smile while he dances for a fan in their house after surprising them by showing up at their door.

9. One of the first gifs I ever made of Jimin, firstly i love his high notes and secondly I love that instense stare he gives while swooping down after it.

10. Last of all, a gif perfectly illustrating the gorgeousness of Jimins eyesmile and his adorable, excitable self.  Honestly he is the cutest.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini Jimin spam :D turns out I have a huge number of Jimin gifs made now so if looks like i have enough material for many different jimin spams in the future :D