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Happy birthday @keilattes!! You don’t know me but I love you and zeph throwing memes at each other, and since one of your followers basically encouraged sending you phone drawings for your bday, I thought I’d do that too (although I’m not an artist and haven’t actually drawn anything in years). Anyway, enough stupid babbling, I just wanted to wish you the best birthday ever and express my love for your art~

this alone is enough

AN: Merry Christmas @ming85, for I am your secret santa!! Here’s some post-reveal Adrinette and Ladynoir with all the emotional vulnerability and witty banter and fluffy endings that I could muster. I used a few of your stunning works of art as inspiration :D I hope you enjoy this! @mlsecretsanta

(P.S:  When presented to a man, a white camellia is thought to bring luck!)

( AO3 )

Wakefulness comes not in a slow and gentle gradation, but in a sudden intake of breath, leaving awareness blindly catching up from the depths of the subconscious and trailing like an afterthought.

A smothered gasp catches in Adrien’s throat as he opens his eyes to greet the dark. It takes him a few dizzying moments to ground himself.

His head rolls over. His phone tells him it’s 2:14, but he already instinctively knows that. He’s woken up at odd hours for almost a decade, long enough to establish the habit of waking up during the witching hours in preparation for a fight no matter how tired he may be.

Somewhere near the top of his head, Plagg’s snores tickle through his hair. No deviation from Plagg’s breathing pattern indicates that anything might be wrong, but Adrien knows that nothing short of an apocalypse or the crinkle of a camembert wrapper will wake the kwami up. It’s easy enough to tune out the snores; this, too, is age-old habit.

Filtering through the large windows of the apartment is an undercurrent of cars rumbling, wind whistling, lights humming. A city breathing as it peacefully slumbers on through the dead hours of the nights.

“Adrien?” By his side, a blanketed lump rolls over and shifts until eyelashes flutter against his bare arm as Marinette peers up at him. “‘s’matter?”

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My secret santa gift for the @fullmetalpositivity-secretsanta event:

A Royai fanart for @halfbakedbagel ❤!!

I hope you enjoy your present, and Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa 🎄🎁 :P ^^

(I hope this time I tagged the right fma secret santa blog omg I’m so sorry)


DEMO COMPLETE! Merry early Christmas!

A mysterious little German town, a priceless treasure… and a gentleman thief? Abigail Fortune, phantom thief extraordinaire, arrives at a small German town called Rotberg. There, a treasure like no other awaits her… but what other mysteries wait to be solved…?

This rather short demo represents a work in progress; certain art assets won’t be present, and the pacing of the game will be much different from the final game. Nontheless, I hope you enjoy this (very) early demo of my game!

(P.S.: For optimal font quality, install the for Gorditas to your computer (font included with game folder).)


Help...Part 2

This is the second part of this story with this request plot-line wrapped up in it: Can you do a ReidxReader where the reader starts thinking that Spencer is cheating on her with JJ, but he’s not, so Spencer now has to convince reader that he’s not. P.s I love your writing, I’m always anxious for when you post something new😁

I hope you all enjoy it, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 3)

Ever since Derek had made it home, things had changed.

Spencer was taking phone calls he wouldn’t talk about.  He was sending more text messages than normal.  You had even caught him using your laptop at one point at 3 in the morning, no doubt with the help of Penelope to get past your password.

It was worrying you, especially since he wasn’t always present during your free time together.

“Sorry, I gotta go to the bank.”

“I’ll be home soon, just gotta finish this paperwork.”

“Just going out to a movie with Derek.  You know, ever since he got hurt, and all…”

And yet, he was never at the bank, or staying late for work, or even at the movies with Derek.

Hell, you had even called Derek and talked to him about it.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, sweet cheeks.  That boy is head over heels for you,” he would reassure you.

But even the intimacy had fled your relationship.

Even when the two of you were sloshing through lows in the physical department, Spencer always had his own way of being romantic: bringing you your cup of coffee in the morning, or popping up at your work with your favorite pastry, or sending you flowers in apology for having to stay longer than usual on cases.

But it stopped.

All of it.

You knew it was irrational to think he was cheating.  It has taken him almost a year to become comfortable enough with the idea of being physically vulnerable with you…what with all of his bullying in high school…much less him feeling comfortable enough to do it with a stranger.

But maybe it wasn’t a stranger.

Fearing the worst run through your head as you toss and turn in bed, you finally get up and go to your window, parting the curtain and looking down to the street below.

Spencer had messaged, saying he was 10 minutes out, and you were anxious to get him in your arms.

Maybe now was the time to open up physically.

So, in a rush, you ripped out a pantie and bra set you had purchased months ago and threw it on before pulling one of his shirts over his head.

Derek had given you some ideas, and one was that wearing his clothes could be a wonderful turn-on.

But when you went to peek out the window again, you saw Spencer walk up.

With J.J.

They talked.  They laughed.  J.J. put her hand on Spencer’s arm, letting it linger as he watched her intently.

He never looked at you that way anymore.

So you pulled on your pajama bottoms and faked being asleep as he slipped inside and fell into bed with you.

The suspicions with J.J. continued to grow.

You went to surprise him at work with coffee one afternoon that you got off early, only to see J.J. hovering over Spencer’s shoulder, smiling and looking at him as he turned his head and smile back.

You had convinced yourself that the only reason they didn’t kiss was because he caught you standing there watching them.

Many times he would come home from a case, his neck laden with her perfume and her blonde hairs wafting in strands from his coat.

She even began calling more than usual, ringing his phone three separate times before you picked up and chewed her out, stating that he was busy with his life and that he would call her back when he had time.

That spurred a fight between the two of you that night, sending you storming out of the house and spending the weekend with your best friend.

But the icing on the cake was when the two of you had decided to meet for lunch, and you had showed up to J.J. sitting across from him.

He hadn’t even had the decency to remember to cancel with you before taking his mistress out instead.

So, you walked into the restaurant, your cheeks red with anger-fueled heat as you stop just shy of the table.

“I know you’re cheating on me with J.J.” you state.

The shocked look that rolled over his face caused his leg to begin jiggling underneath the table.

“No no no.  Y/N, it’s nothing-”

Holding your hand up to J.J., you slowly roll your gaze over to her as Spencer’s anxious eyes dart between the two of you.

You could hear him swallow, trying to formulate his thoughts as his anxiety grew in hi stomach.

“I know your history with him,” was all you said to her.

“I see her walk you home at night.  I smell her on your coat when you tell me you’ve been working late.  She calls incessantly and I know that it’s who you’re texting whenever we are watching movies or eating out.”

“Spencer?” J.J. questions.

“Shut up,” you seethe towards her.

“Y/N, p-…please.  I-I-I…realize now…h-…how this looks-”

“Do you really?  I mean, I know we’re in a dry spell, but jesus, Reid…her?  Your married colleague!?”

“R-R-…Reid?” he squeaks, his hand turning in the excess fabric of his pants as he goes to stand.

“Y/N, really, this-…it isn’t-…it’s not-…I hav-…”

You stared at him, your stance defeated and your heart breaking as the love of your life flounders in his own emotions.

“I think what he means to say is-”

“No, thanks,” you say as you hold up your hand to J.J., “he’s a big boy.  He can take care of a simple sentence.”

You knew you were being unfair.  You watched as his eyes darted around the room.  You saw how tightly his hands were winding into his pants.  You saw him continue to swallow, as well as incessantly blink, in an attempt to gather his swirling thoughts.

“He just needs help in saying-”

“I know when he needs help!” you roar as you turn your body towards J.J., seeing Spencer visibly flinch as your heart shatters at your toes, “I’m the one who’s been helping him!”

The manager of the restaurant was beginning to make his way towards the three of you.

“Please…” Spencer breathes, his eyes pleading with you as his long, slightly-greasy hair begins to fall in his eyes.

He wasn’t showering as often.

Why wasn’t he showering as often if he was sleeping with J.J.?

“Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” the manager says lowly, his hand dipping onto the small of your back as your jaw clenches shut.

“My apologies,” you whisper as you sniffle your tears back, wanting to keep your stance strong as Spencer’s ticks began to crumble him back into his seat, his anxiety crippling him to a point that not even you had seen him in.

His leg was jiggling so hard the table was wobbling, and his knuckles were white and losing circulation as he clung to his pants.

“I think you should leave,” J.J. manages to say.

“Not a problem,” you breathe as you turn your gaze to Spencer one last time.

How you would miss those beautiful eyes of his.

“I hope she leaves her husband for you, too, Spencer.”

Then, as you leave your heart on the ground underneath the table, you turn your back on them both as you allowed the manager to escort you out, your head craning back one last time to take him in as you see his body lightly rocking back and forth in his chair.  You watched J.J. crouch down in front of him, her fingertips dancing lightly along his forehead as she pushes his hair back behind his ear, guiding him in his breathing as his eyes raise to connect with yours.

You turned to walk away before you saw him push her back, his mind finally stabilizing enough to put together everything that had been thrown his way as his trembling hands reach for his wallet to pay.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAM! (+ snippet)

Happy happpppppy birthday, Sam!!

As requested, your usual snippet! Also as hinted at, we get to see the stunning Caro Evans in action. Because who wouldn’t want a little Mrs Evans as a birthday present? Looks like everyone gets to meet the parents…(sort of =P)

Hope it’s been a fab birthday and a million wishes for many more–enjoy!

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mikes-and-mias-nsfw-playroom  asked:

A naked tied up and gagged Mia was presented at the front door of Ravenna and makonas house, there was also a note that read 'this is a gift from me to you. I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on your marriage yet or congratulate you on your kids being born. She's not drugged, in fact she wished for this to happen. So I hope you guys and your children enjoy her, she's yours forever! Love Maria! P.s send me nudes. I need some pics to masturbate to.

“Oh dear maria, why does she do this?”

EXO's reaction when you give him his picture you paint/draw as a birthday present.

This is officially my longest reaction ever. This was so~ long but so funny to write. I really don’t know how short (art first) reaction has become such a large but I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.
P.S.: 41 (!!!!) GIF’s x~x


And you were saying that you can’t paint? Who told you such a lie?


Present? Where? Oh the… Wait.

It’s your painting? REALLY?


You: You don’t like it?

L: Baobei, I didn’t said that. How can I not like something that was done by you?


Okay! Then I’ll draw something for you.

*grabs random thing he sees*

*struggle to draw it*

Well, I admit that you’re better in this than me.


Thank you, Jagi. This’d is the best birthday present I’ve ever received.


I can’t believe that you have painted this…

It’s just so realistic. It really does look like a photo. Very good photo.


Whoa~ This is just amazing! So beautiful.

But not prettier than me.

Actualy nothing and no one is prettier than me.


OMG! *impressed*

*can’t stop looking at it*

You: I’m so happy you like it ‘cause other member didn’t liked.

C: What? Who?

Y: Kyungsoo. He said it’s..

C: *doesn’t listen anymore* You’ll regret that…

*finishes drinking his milk before killing one squishy evil*



Oh wow! *doesn’t has other words*

I just can’t believe. I though you are talented but you’re not. You’re just genius.


That’s one more reason for me to love you, Jagi. *proud oppa/hyung*


But… Why are you giving me my photo? I have plenty of them.

You: Think.

T: I don’t know. Maybe you want me to sign it? *stupid little panda*

Y: This it’s you’re present, ZiTao.

T: Sorry, Jagi, but I still don’t understand why you are giving me this as a gift…

Y: *facepalm* This isn’t a photo. This is drawing. My drawing of you, little kid.

T: What? This? No!

Ahaha~ Baobei, this is amazing!!


You: Jongin!

K: What?

Y: Can you please come with me? I have a surprise for you.
K: Surprise? Sure I can.

*when two of you enter the room and your painting is lying on the floor ‘cause it’s too big so you couldn’t hang it on the wall* Woah~

K: My Jagi is the best. I love you.

And I have something for you too.


It’s me? But what is with my nose?

Do I really look like that all the time?

*you start to get sad*
I’m sorry, Jagi. It was just stupid joke. I really like it - it’s gorgeous.

Am I that handsome?

What a stupid question - sure I am.


That’s all and I’m really hope that you liked it. If something is wrong or you just want me to change something in my reactions - please message me, okay? 
Pease read the announcement about new groups and tell me what you think- it’s very important for me. 감사합니다 

Feel free to request EXO/SHINee/VIXX (for now) scenarios/reactions after reading the rules and checking request-box status! My Request Box is waiting for your reqursts for new and ‘coming soon’ groups so please send your ideas in!  If you want to talk to me or just ask anything - I’m always here for you ^~^

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~ Your Prince

I Hope So

Characters: Teen!Sam x Reader

Words: 1213

Request from Anon: “Can you do a teen!sam and teen reader and they meet at high school (as freshmans) only to find out that they’re both hunters. P.S. Can Mr Flufferson from fluffy fluff town be in this one-shot”

Here we go! I want to write a second part to this, let me know if you guys would like one. And I tried my best to get Mr Flufferson from fluffy fluff town to come in, I hope he is present enough! Enjoy! :)

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