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Happy birthday! I hope you had lots of *enter favorite cake, present or birthday activity here ;P*! Enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully very nice new year of your life!

You’re so incredibly sweet!!!! Thank you so much! I’m hoping to stuff my face with a slice of cheesecake once I get home! 😘😘😙


For @blueberrynedesu

Ahem… So, how do I start this? It’s been three months since we first chatted in AO3, then in Tumblr, and then in Twitter… and I got to say, we’ve been friends pretty quick, Destiny. I honestly never imagined us to be this close because of the gap between us, but here we are; as friends and RP partners in only a span of three months.

You are very easy to talk to and fun to be with even if I was half way across the world doing collabs with you and making you wait for like 8 hours for my replies. :P So, to show my appreciation for you, I’m giving you these as your birthday gifts. I hope you’ll enjoy it along with the one that I wrote.

Never stop being an awesome person, friend and RP partner, Destiny. I love you and I wish you a good life.

-Althea (LavenRose96)

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Hello, I was wondering if you could write about what it would be like being married to Neville and about him having kids. I love Neville so any cute fluffy stories or imagines about him are awesome!

Of course!! Neville is my favourite so any excuse to write about him is great ! sorry it’s taken a while, i wrote it all out this morning but it deleted -_-


-Him waking up before you so he can make your favourite drink to wake up to

- Naming your children after flowers such as Lilly and William (apparently William counts :P ) 

- Playing chefs with your children and laughing at Neville when your daughter plates up a mud pie for him

-”But mummy said I could stay up to stargaze too”

- “Will this plant eat our children?” being a frequently asked question.

-Baking with your son whilst your daughter and Neville pot plants. 

-Telling amazing bedtime stories where you take turns to make the noises. The children always preferred when you told the stories instead of reading them.

- Neville leaving you little notes reminding you he loves you loads. When you’re down he’ll leave little jokes on them.

-Your home is covered with artwork your children have created.

-Having “Messy days” where you and Neville lay down a huge white sheet for the children to paint and draw all over whilst the two of you join in.

-Neville trying to give advice to your daughter while you’re away only to muck up completely but luckily him trying was enough to put a smile on her face.

- Neville telling you all the gossip within the walls of Hogwarts

- Neville ALWAYS holding your hand , especially when you’re scared.

-Him always kissing your cheek or forehead as it reminds him of your first kiss.

-Fast and slow dances in the kitchen

-Cuddling up to watch muggle telly

- Having music around the whole house to make the place seem lively.

-Him finding it adorable when you tiredly rub your eyes and yawn after telling him “I can stay up, next episode” 

- Taking your children to see Nevilles parents and they also keep the wrappers Alice gives them

-Neville crying on fathers day when they present him a scrapbook of everyone with the front decorated with these wrappers.

I hope you liked this, It’s the first thing I’ve done like this and i really enjoyed it ! Your other request will be posted soon :D Thank you for requesting, There are a lot more things i wish i could include but didn’t want to make it too long :P xx

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My secret santa gift for the @fullmetalpositivity-secretsanta event:

A Royai fanart for @halfbakedbagel ❤!!

I hope you enjoy your present, and Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa 🎄🎁 :P ^^

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Livin’ On A Prayer

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,462

Request: Hi!! I noticed your requests were open, and I was wondering, could you write one where the reader and her brother Dean are on a long, long drive back to the bunker, and reader is the one who’s driving back. But on the way back they’re suddenly attacked on the road- and a prayer is sent out to Cas and he saves them right before they die? (Cas x reader)

Warnings: Near death experience (?)

A/N: As with most of my fics, sorry for the title. Experimenting with present tense again, idk if y’all even notice. Hope you enjoy!

For @supernaturalsuniverseinwriting

Your name: submit What is this?

“Can I change it now?” Dean whines, his hand hovering over the cassette eject button as he taps his foot impatiently.

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When The War Is Over - Captain America (Steve Rogers aka Captain America)

Pairing: Steve x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Could you do a Marvel imagine (based in the Captain America: The First Avenger and present day Avengers eras) where you’re Howard Stark’s little sister and you meet Steve when he participates in Operation Rebirth? You and him start dating but then everything happens and he gets frozen in the ice. Fast forward to present day and you’re still alive because shortly after the end of the war you became immortal and you see Steve again in present day. Thanks xx

Warnings: None

A/N: Since it’s the premiere of Captain America Civil War in a lot of countries today (not here, since we got it April 27th ;p), so here is a little tribute to that! I hope you all like it and ENJOY! 

Marvel request are open and being prioritized at the moment! Wonder why, check out THIS post. 

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*gif not mine* 

«What are you thinking about?» Tony walked into the room, two cups in his hand. He placed the tea cup in front of you, while he sat down with the other, most likely containing coffee. 

 «The old times.» You pointed your cup to the news paper on the table, a picture of Steve awake and in present day filling the front page.

He gently caressed your cheek, a warm smile on his face. 

«When all of this is over, will you marry me?» He whispered down at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back. 

«Only if you go down on one knee when the time comes, Rogers.» You whispered back, leaning up a little bit, so your lips were only inches apart. 

«That wouldn’t be a problem. I would get on my knees any time for you, Y/n Stark.» He winked at you, before stealing a quick kiss. 

Bucky had definitely thought Steve that, there was no way your very careful Steve would have come up with something like that himself. You giggled as you pulled him down to you for another kiss. 

«Oh, good luck with fixing that relationship up again, my dear aunt. Even for a Stark that seems like quiet a challenge.» Tony whistled, setting his coffee cup down on the table in exchange for the newspaper. 

 «A challenge, yes, but not a impossible one.» You smirked back at Tony, who just shook his head smiling at you.

 After Howard had died over 20 years ago, you had stayed with Tony, seeing you were his only living relative left after your brother and Maria’s death. Tony seemed to be very aware of that himself, being very overprotective and giving you everything you wanted, much like his father, Howard had been. Who had been one of the factors why you had ended up immortal and forever looking like you were in your 20’s, only months after Steve disappeared in the ice. 

 Steve have always been everywhere, at every turn for you after his disappearance. 

Either in a comic, some kind of merchandise or a museum. Sometimes just in your own memories. 


Tony had become one of the Avengers. Steve had also joined the team. The tower, which had been renamed the avengers tower had become their head quarters. The place which Tony had you living whenever you were in New York, so it was only a matter of time before you would run into Steve again. 

You were in the kitchen, making something you had come across on your latest travels. This being one of the things you always became completely absorbed by, you didn’t even hear YARVIS telling you the avengers were back from a mission. 

 «What are you cooking?» Tony came up by your side, startling you as you didn’t even hear him enter the room. 

 «Something new.» You just answered, offering him a spoon of the soup you were woking on. 

«Taste good.» He said as he gave back the empty spoon. 

 «How did the mission go?» 

 «Alright, although your knight in shining armor is really getting on my nerves.» You chuckled at that, continuing to work on your soup. 

 «It was pure reflex, Tony.» Steve entered the room, and you stiffened where you stood by the stove. He had most likely heard some of your conversation with Tony, not really noticing Tony’s special choice of words. 

 «Language, cap.» Tony teased back, before he cleared his throat and turned to you again. 

 «Well, my favorite aunt, I hope you’ve made a lot of that soup, because we are hungry.» Tony gave you a gently clap on the shoulder, meeting your eye. «And dirty, which is why I’m off to the shower.» He added, leaving  you alone with Steve, who still hadn’t realized who you were. 

 You heard him open the fridge as you continued to stir in the soup, your body still stiff as you heard him sit down at the bar stool. 

 «You’re Tony’s aunt? You look a bit young to be his aunt.» Steve asked as you heard him open a water bottle. 

 You didn’t say anything. 

Instead you turned off the stove, pulling the soup aside so it wouldn’t get burned, before you turned around to face Steve who was sitting with his gaze on the counter in front of him. 

 «One doesn’t always look ones age, wouldn’t you agree…Steve?» When you spoke he lifted his gaze, only to freeze.

«Y/n?» He managed to stutter out, his eyes wide in shock. 

 «Hi Rogers.» You gave him a smile, and he slowly rose from his seat walking around the counter towards you. 

 «How-?» He let the question hang in the air, as he stopped in front of you, gently taking your hand in his, giving it a squeeze as if to check if you really were here. 

 «Accidents happen.» You whispered, as he raised his hand to cup your cheek, stepping closer to you. 

 «For once I’m happy for a accident.» He whispered back, letting go of your hand and placing his hand on your waist instead. 

 You were only inches apart when the flash went off, momentarily shocking the both of you.

 «Woops, I forgot about the flash.» Came Tony’s voice and you groaned, resting your head on Steve’s chest as you felt him chuckle. 

 «Please don’t mind me. Continue whatever you were doing.» Tony quickly said as you heard the click of the camera once more, without any flash this time, followed by Tony’s retreating steps. 

 «He reminds me of Howard.» You heard Steve said above you, as he ran his hands up and down your back calmly, a habit of his whenever he was nervous. 

«He’s like him in a lot of ways.» You whispered back as you looked up at Steve again. «But more importantly, where were we?» You smirked, sneaking your hands up around the back of his neck. 

 «Right here.» Steve whispered as he leaned down, right before his lips met yours, for the first time in 70 years.


Some weeks later

The wind was gently tugging at your hair as you stood with Steve at the rooftop of the avengers tower. He had his arm around your shoulders, keeping you flush against his side. 

 «Remember when I asked you if you would marry me when the war was over?» He asked, and you nodded in reply. 

 «And I told you only if you got down on one knee.» You smiled at the memory, looking down at the ground. 

 «Well, the war is over.» Steve whispered as he dropped his arms from your shoulders, turning to stand in front of you instead. Slowly he got down on one knee, pulling out a little box from his pocket. 

 «Y/n Y/m/n Stark, will you do me the honor and marry me?» Steve smiled up at you with the hope and happiness shining from his eyes as he opened the box in his hand, revealing a beautiful ring. 

 You couldn’t help but smile widely down at the man who you thought had been dead for so many years. The love of your life, the one you could never forget. 

«Of course I will, Steven.» You whispered, throwing yourself at him as he rose up from his position, hugging him tightly.

 «I thought I would never hear you ask.» You half joked as you pulled apart. 

«I wouldn’t miss it for the world.» He whispered back, as he slipped the ring onto your finger, pulling you in for a kiss. 

Marking the start of a life with Steve as you always had dreamed of.  

Run With Me


Peter Maximoff x Reader

Author: Jen

Hey guys ! I’m actually really happy with how this turned out and I have so many different ideas for this story. I hope you all enjoy it ! I’m sorry for the lack of Peter in this part though. I had to maintain some sort of introduction. Also it is important to note that this is set post Days of Futures Past and pre Apocalypse!! (Also please ignore how I keep jumping from past and present tense. Thats something I have to work on :P ) 

side note: the mother in this story is inspired by vernon and petunia dursley. in no way am i trying to make fun of the religion in any way :) 

Enjoy !

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Lookbook 2.13.15 (Part One: FEM)

Models: Sara (Left) and Eileen (Right)

1) Hair | Dress | Rose

2) Hair | Sweater | Sweats

3) Hair | Dress 

4) Top and Shorts | Converse

Skins used: Sara’s from S-Club; Eileen’s from s4models​

Thank you dalisims and pandarak for your poses! (Dali’s and Pandarak’s)

Ahhh first lookbook (well the first part of it) and I’m happy with how it turned out!! For the gals, you can rock either the sweet girlfriend look; the chilling at home & don’t need no valentine outfit like myself :P; the late night “gonna break some hearts” look, or the pleasantly sultry look. 

I hope you all enjoy the CC presented!!