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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) a/b/o Pt. 3

A/N: So this chapter isn’t as smutty as it should’ve been because I wanted it to be a slow burn haha. (Pls dont hate me guys!) but next chapter is going to be pretty much pure s m u t. Imma need lots of warnings lol. I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah  ❤️

Warnings: Sexual intercourse (briefly), masturbation, slight prostitution lol, swearing. NSFW. 

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Okay so I have no clue if this sent earlier and if it did u can just ignore this but can I get headcanons on Eren and Jean with an S/O who is always touching them in someway like subconciously grabbing their arms, standing super close to them, etc. Thanks so much yall blog is awesome and I can't wait to read more of what u post !!!! <3

Thank-you so much for the kind words, anon! I’m really sorry this took so long to post but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 


Considering he is the king of platonic hand-holding and strikes me as a pretty physical person in his romantic relationships, I think Eren would really enjoy having a touchy-feeling s/o. It’s one thing to constantly be the one initiating physical contact but, when his s/o does it, a small piece of him can’t help but get a little flustered or embarrassed. He’s definitely not the type to mind PDA as long as his s/o isn’t constantly mother-henning him or doing something to aggravate him in terms of coddling. The amount of attention that he and his s/o expend on one another probably makes Eren’s friends gag because the both of them are just so into one another. When they are home alone is a totally different story, however. If they aren’t cuddling, they are either talking or doing other things. Basically, they can’t keep their hands off of one another.


Jean Kirstein is a man of all talk and no action at least when it regards to someone he is genuinely interested in. He may act haughty around others, but he turns into a shy, stammering boy whenever his s/o is around and they are acting bold. At the very beginning of their relationship, it’s mostly his s/o who initiates everything from hand-holding to kissing, which only further serves to stamp on Jean’s ego. Eventually, he’ll settle into the relationship and finds himself reaching out for his s/o’s hand and bringing them closer just so he can taste them on his lips because he can’t resist anymore. He’d have no qualms wrapping his arm around his s/o’s waist in public because it sends a message to everyone looking on that they are his and he’s incredibly luck to have them by his side. 

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i really hope u enjoy maintaining ur blog! if it's ok, could i request headcanons of katsuki bakugou reacting to sparring against his future s/o with a water quirk who is always winning their matches? (i imagine a water quirk can "muffle" the explosions ohoohoo kacchan)

So far I’m really enjoying ruling the blog, yep! Oh, and this turned out to be a little scenario-like, with so much dialogue, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Word count: 507.

Bakugō Katsuki:

  • It’s not unknown to the public that Katsuki enormously hates losing. This situation is no exception. The first times he spars against them, and loses, he is going to leave so quietly, frustration bubbling up inside him.
  • The next times he is going to be much more ferocious, barely holding back from blowing his poor sparring mate away. And he isn’t even sorry if they end up hurt. But, still, he keeps on losing, and he seriously can’t see the pattern.
  • Well, he does; he knows being drenched in water doesn’t help him sweat as much as he would want and need to activate more powerful explosions, but still he doesn’t want to admit they are a natural enemy for him because he is definitely going to end up finding a weak spot in their strategy.
  • When he has his ass handed to him, the thing he hates them most is the concern in their eyes as they offer a hand for him to stand up. He doesn’t need their help, he doesn’t need anyone’s help. Pushing them into the ground while he gets up, he is going to stomp away in a childish tantrum.
  • However, even after his harsh reaction towards them, they still act kind to him, asking about his wounds and bruises. He brushes them off him every time they ask, becoming angrier with each attempt of theirs to be nice at him.
  • That’s when the apology small notes start appearing on his desk, and falling from his locker when he opens it, and in his notebook. Apologies become small statements, such as how clear the sky was that day, or that he did do great in their sparring session earlier (even though he still lost).
  • One day he gets tired, and decides to pin them to the nearest wall when he sees them walking next to him. “Are you mocking me?” He would grip them so tight it hurt, but their reaction, instead of crying for help, would surprise him.
  • They made a small bubble of water appear above him and explode, soaking him thoroughly. And they stood their ground even when his face screamed “murder.”
  • “Do me a favor and stay calm for a moment.” They breathed in. “You constantly act like a child in denial, so could it mean that you like me?”
  • He paused. He was so not expecting something like that. Of course he didn’t like them, did he? They were an unbearable little shit who was only standing in his way, so why should he have developed feelings towards them. Deep in thought, he hadn’t answered when they spoke again. “Would you like to go out someday?”
  • “Why the hell would I-?”
  • “Only,” they smirked slightly, “if you win todays match against me.” He flinched, and a switch seemed to flick inside him. He didn’t know if it was because of the heat of the challenge, or because of the alluring way their lips suggested that not-so-unpleasant idea.
  • But you know what? He won the match that day.

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Oh lol completely forgot. So I do have like a request as always take your time 😌. No rush. Bad boy Jungkook who always gets into fights (he kicks ass though 😆) and his cute little boyfriend Park Jimin who always worries for him.

hello lil sunshine!!! keke im so sorry i like…. got carried away i meant for this to be short but i couldn’t bear to leave it at like 600words so congrats on a 2.8k fic (*´꒳`*) idk if i deviated from the plot(?) its not that violent but nonetheless i still hope u like it precious one!! hehe @berry-happy-tokki i hope u enjoy black widow as much as i do;-)
Kill Your Darlings

there’s nothing but silence, besides the occasional creak of jeongguk’s mattress as their weight shifts, the occasional wince, a few sighs here and there.

“jeongguk… i thought i told you to stay safe for me,” jimin chides softly, dabbing a ball of cotton soaked with alcohol on bruised knuckles, thumb brushing against a strikingly unmarred right cheek in contrast to the deep gash on his left, a split lip, a bloody nose. these things always happen, somehow- jeongguk says it’s instinct, he’s a magnet for fights one way or another- and every time jimin scolds him, he promises no more next time; but they both know it’s a lie.

nonetheless, jimin’s always there to patch him back up, as good as new, and he feels guilty the way the raven haired boy fusses over him, lip jutted out in pain too, eyes sloped down in worry.

“he called you a midget, hyung! he- he insulted you and called you such awful things and i just lost it so i-” jeongguk rages, blood boiling, veins on his arm flaring and bulging as well. jimin soothes him to calm down with gentle words, shaking his head, “i don’t care what they say, jeongguk- but i care about you.”

the instant jeongguk’s widened eyes meet jimin’s watery ones, he knows he’s lost, as always, and looks at the parquet floor as he bites on his lower lip, only to hiss in pain forgetting about the cut at the corner of his mouth. “easy there, bun, here- lemme just put some cream-”

“‘m sorry hyung,” jeongguk mumbles, jimin almost done with the bandages and gauges and antiseptic creams. “sorry that you always have to worry about me. i really try to stop fighting so much, ya know? but it just- it just happens and-”

jimin cuts him off by kissing his cheek in reply, “i like you all the same, guk-ah,” but jeongguk shakes his head vehemently. “no- this isn’t right- hyung, i’m really a bad boy.”

and jimin smiles, that bright blinding smile that had jeongguk tripping over his own feet the moment he saw it. “oh really now,” he laughs, “getting multiple bruises or having a jawline that could cut someone’s throat or a double helix piercing doesn’t make you any more a bad boy, jeongguk. you’ll always be my baby boy.”

“no, listen, hyung! i- i cross the road without looking left and right,” jeongguk confesses, and jimin gasps. “jeon jeongguk! stop that at once! you could die, you idiot- don’t you ever do that again i swear you’re looking all sides and crossing the damn road when it’s green and you very well cross-” but jeongguk kisses him to shut up, and interrupts. “sometimes when i’m hungry i break the bro code and i eat first, sometimes i skip classes just to be cool. sometimes i seduce people to maintain that image- jimin hyung, please tell me you like bad boys,”

the way jeongguk says it so earnestly it almost seems like he’s earning bruises, cuts and gashes as badges and medals to make jimin proud, the way his doe eyes widen, slender hands gripping jimin’s smaller ones tenderly. it’s oddly romantic, the way they’ve fallen into such an unconventional way of doing things.

“i don’t like bad boys, jeongguk. i like you,

and that was when they were still schooling. they’ve both graduated, bought themselves a decent apartment to live in, call home.

it’s complicated, jimin was what jeongguk had said the first night he came home all battered, old scar beneath that left cheekbone reopened, knuckles all bloody and a black eye.

“jeon jeongguk! what’s all this about!” jimin shouts in alarm, grabbing the first aid kit and pushing the younger down in his white dress shirt and slacks, black tie loosened and askew to breathe.

it’s only jeongguk’s second week of work, a job that’s restricted and classified, but it pays well and jimin doesn’t probe, with due faith and respect in his partner’s career and life choices. as such, they work and sleep in separate rooms, although sometimes they creep in to the other’s bed, craving warmth and attention and everything the other had to offer. anything and everything.

“i’m sorry, jimin-ah.” is all he utters shamefully, as jimin cleans and patches him up, lips quivering under his crooked pretty front teeth, hands clammy. “jeongguk, you said this job was good,” jimin wails, “and now you come home like this- what am i supposed to think, baby? do your colleagues not like you? or did you do something silly again-”

“no, no! it’s not like that, i just- my job requires slight physical activity as well,” he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “i can’t say more than that though- but i swear i’m not hiding anything else, jimin- i love you to death and you know i would tell if i could right?”

jeongguk’s looking at him like he were a wounded puppy, and jimin resigns to how trusting he’ll always be, gives in grudgingly. “yeah yeah- i love you too.”

“til death do us part, then.”

jeongguk comes back now and then all damaged, but jimin unyieldingly stays till the end, wraps him up with utmost care, like he’s fragile and delicate. the way jimin holds a sinner like him is literally the epitome of never ending love, and he hopes the kisses he pampers jimin with is enough to show. jeongguk hopes the gifts he brings back as surprises are enough of a compensation for all that worry and concern, hopes all those nights he secretly snuggles into jimin’s blanket burrito is enough a testimony for his unwavering faith.

jimin works at a small company as a secretary, looking all cute with the prescription glasses he wears there sometimes, and jeongguk’s really afraid that one day those people might come for his super cute lover, with that cute pout and poised masculinity; so he never mentions his job to jimin, lest he get implicated.

as much as jimin would like to remain as jeongguk’s cute squishy rice cake of a boyfriend, he’s not that dull either- his senses have heightened over the years, keen sense of movement from all that dance practice and figure skating. he’s even learned (from jeongguk’s guidance and firm insistance that he knows) how to hold a gun and basic martial arts to protect himself.

jeongguk gets carried away sometimes, eager to tell his one true love about his new friends, his colleagues, his little team at work; and so far jimin has gathered that jeongguk works as JK, and his team leader is someone by the name of namjoon hyung who goes by the alias RM- and also there’s this guy whom jeongguk’s really fond of working with, V, real name kim taehyung. they work for this unknown man named JIN, who’s rumoured to be the most handsome, wealthy and powerful man in the whole of south korea. nobody’s seen him before- but his display of prowess is something to be reckoned with.

(jeongguk’s honestly a kid at heart, and even though he delicately tries to alternate names and drop subtleties, jimin’s still as sharp as a tack and catches all the implications anyway.)

jeongguk’s one sole error, after about a year of intricately woven hidden secrets, is when he takes jimin to the arcade, and they play a 1v1 game of shooting- the kinds similar to overwatch. jeongguk hits all the targets deadshot, all-kill, with a wickedly sharp accuracy. and when jimin turns his head he sees his lover’s eyes slitted with concentration, tongue peeking out to lick his lips and poke the inside of his cheek- something he does when he’s dead serious, or after he’s done hand to hand combat and wins. the glint in his eyes isn’t something that’s normal, jimin realises.

(no wonder why jeongguk had vehemently insisted on him knowing the basics of pulling a trigger, asked him to keep some self protection weapons close to him at night.)

jimin realises, it’s the look of a killer.

of course jeongguk’s work is classified- he’s working as a hitman.

their superficial façade over vocation continues, a little tango between the two of them, albeit blindfolded. a danse macabre. a duel to the death. who’s fooling who? is the question they both should be asking.

and then, in the middle of the night, jeongguk’s phone buzzes. repeatedly, and really loudly. jeongguk groans, checking the time on his alarm clock, and boy is it an ungodly hour of the night, 4:03am. thinking it’s just his alarm to remind himself to get the anniversary bouquet and gift for jimin, jeongguk turns off his phone, flipping on his side and pressing into the comfort of his soft pillow, pulling his duvet over his mousy ruffled hair. suddenly he hears a thump, a rustling inside his room-

shit, he’s forgotten to close the damned windows after installing those protective invisible lasers on jimin’s, which he had to climb outside and install while jimin was at work. god damn this- the phone was buzzing to alert him of intruders. by now the alarms in his house have gone off- to a frequency only he can hear so no one else knows. he reaches for the gun under his pillow- but it’s too late. the moment he rips open his blanket, there’s the sharp tip of a blade a millimetre away from his face.

jimin’s phone starts vibrating like crazy, and when he whines to check it, eyes squinting at the bright screen, he realises they’re coming. he’s not the cute secretary jeongguk thinks he is- his glasses? they’re designed to look for specified targets; they have small poisoned darts lodged in its legs.

his boss, that goes by the codename SUGA, has sent him a text- they’re on the way, min. and his boyfriend, HOPE, has shot him a message of time to protect your man, jiminie~ yes, he is a secretary, but he works for an intel company. classified as well, but well guised as a normal tax and insurance company, flooded with files and papers of criminal minds. and right now, he isn’t jeongguk’s beloved park jimin- he’s JM.

he presses the link yoongi (his boss’s real name) has sent after thanking him, and he sees the blinking red of the moving van marching across the gps, towards their house. damn it, he hadn’t thought they’d move so fast- he knows jeongguk has shot down their gang leader yesterday, and he had only stuck on that bug to track their coordinates one hour after the death, knowing they’d be hot on their heels, but this!

immediately, he presses a few buttons on the laptop besides him, looking at jeongguk’s sleeping figure through the night vision cameras he secretly installed in the core of his jarvis and iron man figurines on the shelves. a good masquerade, he had acclaimed, smiling softly as he brushed his fingers across the screen where his baby was sleeping. the motion sensors in his room was going crazy, courtesy of yoongi’s genius in hacking and hoseok’s (his boss’s boyfriend) nimble fingers and honeyed tongue that easily manipulated- those gangsters were only two streets away from their apartment, according to the national security cameras they had tapped on.

sighing, jimin pushed all his hangers in his wardrobe aside, pushing some hidden buttons for his bodysuit to be revealed. he had gone blonde some time after the arcade incident, jeongguk saying he would look extremely hot. he was, actually, in that skin tight suit to outline his killer figure (pun intended). lacing up his boots, jimin put on his rings next, hoisting up the mattress to reveal abundant arms stashed below, taking out a silencer and a pistol, some arrows and a crossbow.

pushing his hair back, he sighed again. anything to keep jeongguk safe.

the first thing that flashed through jeongguk’s mind was jimin. should he wake the elder up? no, jimin would definitely be outnumbered, even if he knew how to fight- there were about nine men in his spacious room that now looked too crammed. if jimin was still sleeping then there might be hope that he would make it. jeongguk would willingly take the bullet for him anyday. it was his created mess, so he would end it. swallowing, he closed his eyes, waited for the blade to deliver the excruciating pain.

but it never came.

instead, he heard the groans of those masked assailants, the sound of six shots and the firing of darts whizzing, another black figure was lithely cascading through the confined space, and jeongguk had no idea who the hell that was, or how that person could still manage to back flip and cartwheel while slicing someone’s head off with the heel of his boots. before he knew it, the man holding the dagger above is face had fallen onto his stomach, along with his entire army.

it felt like seconds where there were nine men coming for him, and now there were nine bodies on his floor piled up and waiting to be disposed.

then the night mode light flipped on, a warm orange light flitting in. “jeongguk!” a voice panted, “you alright, babe?” wait- what? that sounded exactly like-

“oh my god- honey, you never told me you-” jeongguk spluttered, seeing jimin sit on his lap, blonde bangs matted with sweat and sticking to his forehead like he had just danced for hours to perfection. “jimin, honey, darling- you could fight?”

“shut up, guk. i asked if you were okay first,”

“i-i’m good, holy shit jimin, you never told me you were my very own black widow- since when- how didn’t i know-”

“like you ever told me you were a hitman,” jimin huffed, pushing back his hair, smirking coyly. “why, jeongguk? like what you see?”

“jimin this- this is ridiculous- how could someone like you be this hot and cute at the same time- what even is this suit, oh my god-” jeongguk blubbered, tracing the mix of leather and latex lookalike material, actually bulletproof. “i had it custom made, since you were a marvel dork,” jimin laughs, moving in to kiss him. a moan came from the edge of jeongguk’s bed, the sign of one of the ruffians rousing from the taser. “so much for being kind and using a tranquilizer first,” jimin mumbling under his breath sourly, but still cupping jeongguk’s jaw and going in for a languid kiss, cocking the gun in jeongguk’s hand, aiming his non-dominant hand backward and shooting the assailant straight through the heart without even turning to look at his target.

“what the actual fu-”

“shush,” jimin says, pressing a finger to his lips. “you’re safe and that’s all that matters to me.”

“you have blades on your shoes?” jeongguk gapes, as jimin undoes the laces, tugging them off to snuggle next to jeongguk comfortably. and jimin pinkens. “um, well, they function as normal ones but like, do you remember that stupid dance with the fancy footwork you did to make me laugh- was it called begin?- if i do that then the stilletoes become knives. sharp enough to kill.” he breathes into jeongguk’s ear, emphasizing on the last four words as a careless whisper.

“i don’t think i’ve loved you more,” jeongguk whispers back, still in shock but body taut like a livewire. oh wow, he’s been blessed even though he’s a dirty sinner that takes lives and kicks ass for a living. jimin only giggles as jeongguk spoons him, mumbling sweet everythings into the nape of his neck, bodysuit off but boyfriend’s shirt on.

“now that we know each other’s secrets, why don’t we work together? as a team?”

“what do you mean? like we’re what, natasha romanoff and tony stark?”

“kinda, but mainly i mean that i’ll be your scene stealer, and you go for your direct kill.”

“but what if i hurt you-”

“till death do us part, sweetheart.”

Welcome to the Industry: Lee Chan (Dino)- Seventeen

Originally posted by tekukii

marogochii asked: aaaa could I request a dino scenario wherein you debut with your group and met seventeen on show champion ( so like seventeen is the sunbae ) plus they watched your group’s performance but dino was focused on you ?? thank u!!

Hello Hello~ Thank you for sending in this request! I’m sorry both admins have gotten caught up in their school work [one of us is a freshman in college, while the other is a senior in high school] so we had to put off on writing/ posting this~ but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed!

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:1209

~Admin ☆

“Finally! the Hot Debut of the week! Here is G-Fire!”

This was it. You were finally debuting, after years of training and months upon months of preparing. You were making your debut on Show Champion with your group G-Fire. Your debut song was called Fight and it was a hard hitting dance number showcasing your talents as the groups main dancer.

“This has been, F.I.R.E G-Fire-imnida. Thank you.” after finishing the pre-recording the 5 members of your group began to walk back to your dressing room. Before you could reach the designated era you ran into a person.

“Oh my I’m so sorry-” you looked up only to have your breath hitch in your throat, pausing you took in the features before bowing your head and apologizing more.

“It’s okay, your group just filmed your debut stage right? We were watching it in our dressing room. I’m Mingyu from Seventeen.” You bowed taking his outstretched hand before replying.

“Hello I’m (Y/N) the main dancer and sub-vocalist of G-Fire.” the rest of your group introduced themselves after you.

“Uh, excuse me. Sunbae.” Your leader, Jiyun spoke up catching Mingyu’s attention.

“Do you think. If you guys have time, could we bring you a copy of our debut album before you leave for the next schedule.” Mingyu smiled and nodded,

“Of course. Our dressing room is the third door on the right, just pop in and come say hi.” he said before saying his farewell and walking off. Your members turned to each other before squealing softly.

“Do you guys wanna go now or we-”

“Girls girls, come we need you to do an interview really quickly.” The 5 of you turned to see the Music Program’s PD running up to you.

Your group followed the PD into a room and they sat you down in some chairs that were lined up.

“Okay this is gonna be really simple so don’t worry too much and answer with what you’re comfortable with saying okay?” You nodded with the rest of your members as the staff smiled at started to record.

“Favorite Song at the moment?” “Hidden talents that a member has.” “Express your feelings about debut with your body.” questions and requests similar to this started out the interview, your group was having fun and you were enjoying yourselves.

“Alright, what is a senior group you guys look up to?” Your leader took the mic and began to answer,

“As a group musically we look up to every senior group, we learn so much from every group out there and we are proud to be able to stand on the same stage as people we’ve idolized ever since entering the company. Personally one of my favorite groups is Topp Dogg.” You were at the end of the line so you would be answering last.

Heaving a sigh of relief you began to think of what group you would choose, there was so many and you couldn’t just choose.

“I personally really look up to HOTSHOT and NU’EST they inspire me so much and I always love to watch them.” Your group member passed the mic on to you and you froze muttering the first words that came to your mind.

“Dino Sunbaenim ah-  I mean Seventeen sunbaenims I’ve been a fan for a while and I especially like Dino Sunbae’s dancing and I take inspiration from all of them.” Your members chuckled discreetly at your attempt of a cover-up

“Would you say Dino is your ideal type?” The PD asked causing your members to burst into laughter, you followed awkwardly as your face flushed red.

“Uhh.. I guess so? I wouldn’t really say I have an ideal type though, if I like someone I like someone I guess.”

The interview went on as you guys answered more questions about being the first girl group from your company and what is was like to have the males in your company be so protective over your group.

“You’ve worked hard. Thank you.” You bowed to all the staff as your group slipped out the door.

“If we hurry now we can probably still catch Seventeen’s stage and then we can give them a signed album or something.” Your leader said as you all rushed to your dressing room.

“Are you gonna write Dino sunbae a love letter Y/N?” You scoffed shoving her playfully and turning your head to hide your blush from your members.

“Shut up!” You exclaimed while your members continued to tease you.

Upon entering your dressing room your group gasped in shock.

“Say the name. Seventeen!” The 13 boys greeted the 5 of you and you hurriedly looked to your leader to start your own greeting in return.

“Hi you guys were probably startled. I’m Sorry, Mingyu told us about running into you guys so we came to talk to you guys ourselves, but when we got here your managers said that you guys were in an interview and they let us in.” S.Coups explained as the group chuckled.

“Oh no! of course! Thank you guys for coming to us. We wanted to give you a signed album and if it’s alright with you do you think you guys could give us some advice about the industry?” Jiyun asked sheepishly and the boys smiled and nodded eagerly,

“Of course!” Jeonghan smiled and you rushed to grab an album for the group.

“Here you guys are..” You trailed off as the person that came to claim the album from you smiled,

“Thank you! Vernon hyung and I watched your Music Video and we wanted to buy the album because we liked it so much! we were really looking forward to your debut stage and now we have a signed album too!” Dino’s eyes smiled as he spoke and you felt your knees get weak.

“Well you could always buy another album and help us in the charts.” You mumbled but froze upon realizing that you were thinking out loud. The boys chuckled and Seungkwan patted your shoulder,

“That right there is what get’s you far in variety! You’re a natural.” You bowed and said thank you while your members giggled at how flustered you were.

The members began to mingle and make small talk between themselves. As you were going to sneak away to the corner you felt your arm being tugged and soon you were face to face with Dino.

“I really enjoyed your debut. I kept finding myself looking for you on stage.” Your cheeks heated up at his voice and he smiled too.

“Do you think we could maybe get together and dance sometime? I’d love to collab” At a loss for words all you could do was nod silently causing Dino to chuckle. He grabbed your arm before scribbling something onto it.

“Chan come on we gotta get going.” Dino looked at you one last time and winked before running out the door.

Quickly you glanced at your arm to see Dino’s Kakao, Line, and phone number along with some words: Welcome to the industry - Chan

wow wow wow I’m so sorry that took literally forever (I think it was like longer than a month) I seriously apologize! I’ve been really busy with school and prep for college. I graduate in 2 days so everything has been really stressful and overwhelming but with summer approaching quickly I should be back. I’m so so so sorry again and I hope you enjoyed this even though it was centuries late!

~Admin ☆

TXT TLK; chris x oc (?)

my take on the prompt phrase, “that was fun, let’s do it again sometime!” set in a canon-divergent version of the freshman, where a wrong number text turns into something more.

author’s note: i wanted to try something a little out of my comfort zone, so here’s a “fic” written entirely in texts. this is pretty self-indulgent tbh, and written with an OC instead of the MC (since being roommates wouldn’t quite work with this concept), but i hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless? thanks @hollyashton and @zigisbisexual for hosting!

     Chris P.      9:57 AM
hey do u remember which hall prof atiyah’s class was moved to?

     Chris P.      - 9:57 AM
im gonna be late

     xxx-xx73:   - 9:58 AM
Assuming you mean her gen ed class in two minutes, we’re in Block G, second floor. The room next to the vending machine outside.

     Chris P.:     - 9:58 AM
thanks zack. why r u typing funny?

     xxx-xx73:   - 9:59 AM
Are you implying typing with proper capitalisation is funny, or just that my typing style is unusual to you?

     xxx-xx73:   - 9:59 AM
Also, not Zack. That might explain it.

     Chris P.:     - 10:00 AM
…not zack?

     xxx-xx73:   - 10:00 AM
Nope. Delilah.

     xxx-xx73:   - 10:02 AM
Atiyah just walked in. You might want to speed up a bit.

     Chris P.:    - 10:02 AM
damn it

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making of a movie - evak drabble

hi i wrote another drabble, i hope you all like it!! pretty long, longer than normal, but nonetheless i am super proud of it!! enjoy and thank u for reading <33

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Isak wasn’t expecting it. At all. Even never talked about it. But it happened anyway with no warning. Even had bought a video camera. His reason? Isak had no clue. Not one. Sure, Even had told him he was going out for a while, but for this?

He was standing near the kitchen sink in their flat putting away dishes when Even happily (almost) skipped into the room, grinning, holding the camera in front of Isak’s face. 

“What the hell are you doing?” Isak asks as he finishes putting away the dishes.

“Filming my movie, of course,” Even answers, still keeping the camera panned on Isak, the camera recording - but Isak doesn’t know that. Yet.

“And just what movie would that be?” Isak replies, turning to face Even, crossing his arms.

“How do you not know? It’s all about you! ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Under Water’. It’s going to be award-winning,” says Even as Isak walks away laughing, pushing the camera away from his face.

“And are you filming me right now?”


“You’ve got to be kidding me I look TERRIBLE,” Isak moans, ducking into their bedroom.

“It’s a documentary of your life, Isak, you don’t have to try and look good. That comes natural to you,” Isak blushes, shaking his head, sitting on their bed.

“So you’re just planning of documenting everything I do?”


“Do I need to do anything special?”

“Just be you.”

And thus, it began.

Day 1 – Fredag, 17:24 (Friday, 5:24 PM)

It was quiet, a usual in the Valtersen/Næsheim household on a Friday, with Isak working on Biology homework and Even studying romantic films - the same old routine. But today, Even decided to film his boyfriend working on his homework. So that’s exactly what he did. He picked up his video camera, turned it on, and began filming. He walked into the living room where he saw his love concentrating over a review assignment, his eyebrows furrowing as he chews on the very end of his pen.

“Isak Valtersen, the star of this movie, goes on a quest to complete his biology homework on time,” Even jokes lightly, laughing as Isak gives him a dirty look.

“So you’re going to make a movie, and you want it to be award winning, but you’re going to film me doing homework?”

“Of course! Everything you do you make it interesting because you look so fucking hot doing absolutely everything,” Even states, squatting next to Isak as he rolls his eyes, staring his boyfriend down.

"Is that so?”


“How good to know,” Isak says. “I never knew I could do that.” He laughs, kissing Even lightly on his head before returning back to the worksheet.

“Are you almost done with that?” Even grumbles, sitting across from Isak at the table as he turns off the camera, setting it next to him.

“Almost, I have one more question and then we can do whatever,” Isak answers as he quickly writes down an answer, his leg bouncing up and down from anticipation. He knows that if he doesn’t finish and kisses Even right now, he won’t ever get to finish it.

Even smirks, watching Isak’s face flush with impatience as he quickly stuffs the paper into his folder, throwing it into his school bag and looking straight forward at him. “So,” Isak starts. “What do you want to do?”

“I was thinking coffee? You’re getting antsy because you forgot to get your coffee this morning,” Even notes, raising an eyebrow.

“Coffee sounds really good right now,” Isak considers. “Okay. Lets go.”

Even smiles, secretly putting the video camera in his jacket as Isak puts on his own and they quickly leave the house, heading towards their favorite coffee shop, Kaffebrenneriet.

“Even!” Isak whispers/yells, “I cannot believe you brought the camera I cannot believe you,” he says as they stand, waiting for their drinks to be called out.

“What? I had to keep myself entertained somehow, and it’s good for a documentary to show the person up and out of the house!” Isak grumbles as they get their drinks and pick a table by the window, looking out it the whole time as he sips from his coffee. “Are you mad at me? I know you have a lot more love than hate in that grumpy teenage boy body of yours.”

“Yes, I’m a bit mad! It’s.. embarrassing..” Isak mutters, looking down at the table.

Even chuckles, taking the camera out of his pocket, flipping it on and he starts recording Isak, “Don’t be mad at me, baby. I wanna keep every memory of you forever,” he frowns, giving Isak puppy dog eyes.

Isak smiles, shaking his head, taking another sip of his coffee as he stares into the camera lens, “You’re such a smooth talker, I hope you know that.”

“Yes, I very much know,” Even replies, turning off the camera as they get up to leave the shop.

As they get home, Isak decides that he wants what he wanted earlier, and that was Even’s lips connected with his. As soon as they walk into the apartment, Isak grips to Even and kisses him with passion and anticipation and Even obliges, because he knew it was coming. Somehow, they make their way into the kitchen and Even has Isak on the kitchen counter before he can object, and they just lose each other in their thoughts of one another and Isak gasps between kisses, “Just don’t get this on camera.” Even laughs, reconnecting their lips as a way to say “obviously”.

Day 2 – Lørdag, 12:37 (Saturday, 12:37 PM)

As Isak opens his foggy eyes, he notices somehow he made it to his and Evens room. He smiles to himself, remembering last night, and as he rolls on his side he’s greeted by Even and his video camera. He groans, pulling the duvet over his head as he hears Even chuckle deeply, peeking under the duvet with the camera.

“Well, there he is. Sleepy little boy. I thought you would never wake up, it’s noon. Don’t worry, I made lunch. It’s still warm,” Even says softly, playing with Isak’s messy hair with his free hand. Isak smiles.

“Thank you, you’re the best,” Isak replies, sitting up slowly, bringing up his knees to his chest looking back down at Even as he lies down, the camera focused on Isak. “What time did you wake up?”

“About 9:30. You looked so peaceful so after I made lunch and ate, I came in here and filmed you for a while,” Even tells him, smiling as Isak looks completely baffled and confused.

“You’re joking, right?”


“Jesus Christ,” Isak mumbles, grabbing his pants from the end of the bed and slipping them on, looking back at Even, raising an eyebrow. “Are you getting this on camera? Because if so, I hope you don’t plan on inviting friends and family over to watch it.”

Even laughs as he gets up from their bed, leading Isak into the kitchen and making his plate of cheese toasties (not with the kardamomme) and smiles contently as Isak eats, scrolling through his notifications on his phone. As Isak finishes and cleans his plate and places it in the strainer, he smiles, standing next to Even. “So what are we going to do today?” Even ponders.

“Hm, I was thinking maybe watch some movies?”

“That sounds like a good plan. Romeo and Juliet first and then maybe Dirty Dancing after?”

Isak smiles, nodding, “Whatever you want.”

About half an hour into Dirty Dancing, Isak is out like a light. Even smiles, taking the video camera from the cushion next to him and starts filming Isak. His steady breathing, the way his mouth hangs open slightly showing his beautiful teeth, his heartbeat thrumming in his chest, his eye lids fluttering from time to time. Even captures it all, he captures every beautiful feature of his boyfriend so he can hold it close to him forever. He smiles, the movie droning in the background of the video as he turns off the video camera, setting it back next to him, staying awake to finish the movie.

After another 30 minutes, Isak stirs around a bit and Even doesn’t even notice when Isak says something.

“You filmed me again, didn’t you?” Isak whispers, almost impossible for Even to hear the second time.

“I did,” Even replied softly, kissing his boyfriends cheek.

“Hm,” Isak hums, letting out a small yawn as Even smiles.

“Oh, I slept through most of Dirty Dancing. I’m sorry,” Isak frowns, looking down at his phone noticing the time is almost 5 PM.

“That’s okay, love, we have all day tomorrow,” Even reassures, kissing Isak’s cheek again.

“That’s good,” Isak replies, smiling lightly, getting up from the couch to stretch.

“I didn’t film much of you,” Even says, getting up and folding the duvet at the end of the couch. “Just a few minutes of you sleeping. You’re so perfect when you’re sleeping. That’s why I never get much sleep because you just lie there, looking so fucking hot and gorgeous.”

Isak blushes, turning to hide his face in his boyfriends chest, “You always say that!”

“Because I’m right,” Even notes, chuckling, and Isak can feel it rumble through his whole body.

Day 3 – Søndag, 10:56 (Sunday, 10:56 AM)

“Even!” Isak calls from the bathroom as he’s brushing his teeth, his hair a curly mess. He prays that Even doesn’t bring the camera, but he didn’t pray hard enough.

“Yes?” Even asks, holding up the camera to Isak. Isak quickly covers his mouth, the toothpaste surrounding his lips.

“Can you get me a shirt?” He asks, trying his best to avoid the camera.

“Of course, lovely,” Even obliges, giving Isak a quick peck on his lips for one of his favorite toothpaste kisses. Isak smiles as Even brings in his 'I AM ILLUMINATI’ t-shirt, quickly pulling it over his head, wiping the remaining toothpaste with a towel and kissing Even lightly on the lips.

“Thank you, you’re the best,” Isak praises, running his fingers through his hair to make it look decent.

“I know. I know everything.”

“Clearly,” Isak and Even laugh, making their way into their kitchen where Even has prepared a breakfast of what seems could feed the British and American army. “You made scrambled eggs with sour cream, didn’t you?”

Even nods, gesturing to the huge plate of eggs, “You know me.” He says, shutting of the camera and putting it into his school bag.

“You never cease to amaze me, baby,” Isak says as he takes a big scoop of the eggs, digging into the beautiful feast.

After breakfast, they decide to invite Sana over to talk about what will be going on next week during school, but they know the answer will be nothing. Just homework.

“Halla!” Sana greets as Isak opens the door, inviting Sana in. “Your apartment looks so nice! You did a great job with it!”

“Thank you, Sana,” Isak laughs as Even walks in from the kitchen with his camera, filming already.

“What’s all this about?” Sana questions as she sits on the sofa.

“Even is making a movie,” Isak answers, taking a drink from his energy drink.

“About what?”

“Isak, of course!” Even says before Isak gets to answer, but Isak hides his face as he blushes.

“You guys are too much..” Sana laughs, shaking her head, leaning back on the couch.

Even laughs, focusing the camera on all three of them while they joke around, laughing, watching TV off and on, and eventually Sana gets a text from Mama Bakkoush telling her it’s time for dinner and that she needs to be home.

“I’m sorry, guys, but I have to go now in order to catch the next tram car to my place,” Sana excuses herself, smiling as Isak and Even walk her to the door.

“Thank you for coming,” Even says, shutting off the camera and putting it in his denim jacket pocket.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!” Sana says as she disappears down the hall.

Isak sighs, shutting the door and glaring at Even, “You know, Sana might not have appreciated that.”

“Yes she did,” Even counters.

“How do you know?!”

“I told her about it,” Even grins.

“What? Then why did she act completely clueless!”

“Because I asked her to do that.”

“You are so… sneaky!” Isak mutters, stomping off into the kitchen. Even follows, pulling the camera out again and starts filming once he gets into the kitchen. “You really think FILMING is a good idea right now?”

“Why not?! You’re cute when you’re mad!”

“I cannot believe this..” Isak exclaims, putting his face in his hands.

“Please don’t be mad with me! You’re going to love the end result, I promise!”

Isak sighs, bringing his hands down and looks at Even, “Promise me that tomorrow that you’re done filming.”

“How about Tuesday?”

“Fine!” Isak agrees, sulking as he walks into their bedroom and flops onto the bed face down. Even turns off the camera and sets it on the kitchen counter and follows, lying down next to him.

“I’m sorry that this is making you upset. I- I just thought that it would be nice for us. I thought it would make you happy. The end result, anyway,” Even confesses.

Isak rolls on his side, “It does make me happy, baby, you just do it out of no where,” Isak whispers, placing his hand on Even’s cheek. “And I promise that I will love the end result, no matter what.”

Even smiles, kissing his boyfriend gently, “Thank you, it means a lot.”

Day 4 – Mandag, 15:47 (Monday, 3:47)

“Even, we just got back from school and you’re already starting to film?” Isak complains as he sprawls out on the loveseat, his school bag thrown askew.

“It wouldn’t be a documentary without some stress in the main character,” Even adds, smiling, as he zooms in on Isak’s face as he smiles.

“I’m excited that tomorrow is the last day and that it’ll be done and I can see the final product!”

“It will be perfect, I promise,” Even says reassuringly.


“Good, indeed.”

“You will adore it.”

“I know.”

Day 5 – Tirsdag, 21:21 (Tuesday, 9:21)

“Isak!” Even calls from the office, grinning.

“What?” Isak answers as he walks into the room.

“It’s done.”

“You’re kidding.”


“Oh, my God move over let me see it!”

Even laughs as he presses play, watching Isaks face the whole time as the whole video plays through - especially his eyes. He frowns as he sees tears forming at the border of his boyfriends eyes, and he waits patiently until the video is over to ask Isak what’s wrong.

“Isak? Are you okay?”

Isak stays quiet for a minute, wiping away the tears and he looks at Even, smiling as Even wipes away a stray tear with a soft look on his face.

“Oh, it’s nothing. That was just.. so beautiful, Even. It was beautiful,” Isak laughs lightly, wiping his eyes again as Even pulls him into a tight hug, kissing his cheek, smiling.

“I’m glad you liked it, baby.”

“Oh, Even, I loved it. So so much. And I love you, too. So much.”

“I love you, too, Isak,” Even says softly, kissing Isak on his damp lips.

“I think this may be award-winning,” Isak says, laughing, sitting on Even’s lap.

“I told you it would be,” Even agrees as Isak lays his head on Even’s shoulder.

“You’re always right.”

“I always am.”

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MONTY: Now onto questions!

MONTY: Nope, never heard of it. Might be interesting to sell.
MONTY: But Monstermon cards can fit in your pocket.. same difference, right?

MONTY: Who wouldn’t? You’re literally getting someone else’s insides poured onto you, but like.. liquid mode. Meaning it soaks into your clothes and everything. Imagine how hard it’d be to wash that off..

MONTY: Well- thank you!
MONTY: Second, I’m nearsighted, I believe?

((yes good, one of us
Twenty bucks; that’s all my dad let me have.

MONTY: Never heard of it. It’s about roses or something, according to Google images.

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Holy hell that bakugou x dom!male!reader was great. Okay can I get one now with deku involving semi-public bangin ? thank u in advanced

Here you go! I’m sorry for the delay, but my online summer classes have been eating me alive! I hope you enjoy this as much as the last one I wrote. I feel like it was a bit rushed, but nonetheless, here you go!

+ + +

“M-maybe we shouldn’t- “

Midoryia Izuku was cut off by pair of hungry lips, ones that always seemed to steal the air out his lungs and the words out his mouth. His widened as he felt you French kiss him – using your tongue to the best of its ability. You pulled away from the green haired male in front of you, licking your lips in a seductive manner.

Your boyfriend was currently blushing a dark red, one that rival your own as you pinned him against the wall of the men’s bathroom. He let out a tiny squeak, one that made the blood rush towards your dick. You could feel him too, the outlining his member clearly seen through his uniform pants.

You reached down and grabbed him, hearing a small groan erupt from his lips. You slowly palmed him and kissed him again. He was like putty in your hands when you finally released him from his confines, slowly pumping him.

Midoryia felt him heart race and the room get at least 10 degrees hotter. You hand was pumping him, moving up and down and smearing his precum over the slit. He gulped and watched as you undid your own pants. Your member was already fully erect as you stopped pumping him. He watched as you slowly slid on a condom that had materialized from your pocket.

He didn’t really realize what was going on as he his thoughts were currently still preoccupied by the fact you hadn’t finished him off. Those were quickly pushed aside as he felt something cold near his asshole. Your fingers slowly entered as he took in a sharp breath.

He shifted uncomfortably as you did you work, your fingers stretching him as it prepared him for your member. You member stretched his walls, the hand that had been busy with with his opening, now moving up and down his shaft as you trust into him.

“Shut it hair-for-brains.”

“Just admit it, you totally got#4 wrong.”


“Careful Kirishima, Bakugou might blow a fuse.”

Midoryia let out a muffled groan at the sound of childhood friend’s voice entering the bathroom. More voices were heard after his, all of them his fellow male classmates as you thrust into him. Your hand squeezed him. You leaned down and whispered into his ear.

“Ne, don’t get embarrassed now. I’m not done with you yet. “



“The name’s Kirkland. Arthur Kirkland. And what’s yours?”

“… My name is Ludwig.”

“Uh, Ludwig, was it? The chaps and I were wondering if you and your friends would like to join us for a bit of football.”


“Yes. Football. You have it in Germany, don’t you?”

“G-Germany, yes.”

“So, yes?”

“… Yes. Let’s play football.”

Gift art for people who are super nice, part 2! This one goes out to romano-is-crying. Whether I’ve deserved it or not, her compliments on my art always made my day. ;u;

After creeping on your tumblr, I decided on drawing a little comic thing about the Christmas Truce since it was your favorite Hetalia scene. Please excuse the historical/grammatical/dialectal/etc. inaccuracies due to my laziness, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


“Stop. I Know What You’re Doing.” (Soulmate!A.U.) (Destiel)

TAGS: (Artist!Cas) (Soulmate!A.U.) (Nurse!Cas) (Destiel)

BONUS CONTENT: (Tickler!Cas) (Ticklish!Dean) (Artist!Cas)

A.N., I know this is random, but I really needed it. I hope you enjoy nonetheless!


A.N. 2.0, in this soulmate A.U., the other soulmate can feel your self-inflicted pain, but not your other pain. It’s confusing. I know. I apologize sincerely.

WARNNGS*** ideas of swearing, and possibly triggering content of self-harm.

TO READ WITHOUT GRAPHIC CONTENT*** in case you find self-harm triggering, **DO NOT READ INDENTED AREA**. That is the only area that goes into detail.

DESCRIPTION: When Dean is depressed and feels like there’s no-one who can help him, he quickly learns that that’s not necessarily the case.

You’re told about your soulmate when you’re younger. Around five or six, maybe. At that age, you can’t really comprehend the whole idea of having a connection with someone who was made for you, and said connection manifesting showing itself upon human skin. Because of this, they usually just tell you something along the lines of “There’s somebody veeery special out there for you!” or “Don’t worry, everybody has someone.”

Once you get to be eleven or twelve though, they explain the most of it, but not all. You’re parents either pull you aside and explain, or you hear it from a friend. 

“and so when you write on yourself, it appears on them too!” The enthusiastic little boy finished, gaze darting around between all of his friends’ intrigued faces. He had gotten ‘the talk’ from his parents on his eleventh birthday, and couldn’t wait to tell his friends. They had yet to have ‘the talk’, but now they have.

Wow..” Little Dean Winchester exclaimed, trailing off into thought. “So that’s why they never had let us draw on our skin!”

Keep reading

6 New Year's Kiss

Dan: He was feeling rather cuddly all evening, as he usually did when he’d had a few drinks, and this party was certainly not lacking in alcohol. Your neck probably looked like it’d had a beating, since it was Dan’s favorite destination. To be quite honest, teasing a drunken Dan was one of your favorite things to do. He could be so whiny, but so warm and cheesy at the same time. Definitely the flirty drunk.

“I really, really love you,” he would say, hands all over you, “you look so good.“ If it were anyone else, it would have been creepy, but you knew Dan could get a little sentimental, in a word. And he was all yours.

When the clocks showed 11:59, Dan held you closer. His hands held your waist with a loving grip, as if he feared you’d float away. As your fellow party-goers counted down to the new year, Dan’s touchy hands made their way up to your face. At the stroke of midnight, Dan’s champagne-flavoured lips met yours for more than a few moments. You felt him smile a dopey smile against your mouth, as if boasting about you to himself. “Happy New Year, baby.”

Phil: Phil was never one for heavy petting or public displays, but if the time was right he’d make sure everyone knew that you were his and his alone. And for whatever reason, his party locale of choice was the upscale club a few blocks east. It was loud and dark and hectic, but cleared out as midnight began to approach, couples hurrying home for their own New Year celebrations.

“Three more minutes, folks!” The DJ shouted over a song transition, the atmosphere calming immediately with the introduction of a slower, more romantic song.

“May I have this dance?” Phil asked, his breath warm and ticklish on your ear. He grabbed your hand and walked you to the floor among the other slow-dancers. It wasn’t much of a dance as it was swaying with your bodies against each other, but you cherished it nonetheless. You weren’t sure when midnight made its appearance, but knew that your luck was certain. Phil’s lips were on yours until confetti fell to the dance floor, pecking and kissing and holding you through the new year. And you welcomed 2017 with open arms.

    The Slytherin common room’s inhospitality was a constant sticking point for Daphne. For a house so often populated by the offspring of the rich and famous - who were expected to demand the very best - the living conditions of Slytherin’s students were cold, damp, and uncomfortable. It lay deep in the dungeons and was bordered by the lake on one side, with porthole-like windows in the dormitories that iced over in winter. And chilblains do not a happy student make. 

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happy dinomas + holidays to @spiceypumpkins / @peppermintdelights!!!

this lil troodon/maniraptor/floofy SOMETHING is getting in the holiday spirit with a warm seasonal getup, oh and also a red sweater :p

i hope you enjoy it!! happy holidays ^u^

also tagging @a-dinosaur-a-day!

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Hey I just wanted to let you know that I love you're writings so much!!!😍😍I was wondering if you can write a drabble on CastielxCandy in the future if they were to have a kid. If you're busy then don't worry about it or waste your time on it. I❤U!

(Love ya too, @uniquewithwings , thank you!)

I have quite a few other requests for various boy x candy and their kid – it’s a fairly popular request actually. Kentin isn’t necessarily ‘play’, but it is a cute family scene nonetheless. I hope you enjoy the drabble(s)!


Long hours at work payed the bills, but it took more of a toll on Nathaniel that he didn’t quite want to admit. He knew that the soreness and tiredness was showing more and more no matter how hard he tried to hide it from Candy and their daughter. He could feel the bags under his eyes grow more and more from the little sleep he was able to get at night.

He rubbed his neck as he sluggish walked up the steps to the front door of his house – their house. The wedding ring on his finger lightly scrapped on the back of his neck from rubbing it. Not that he minded. If anything, it made the weight on his shoulders a bit lighter knowing that he had a beautiful wife and daughter to come home to.

He took a deep breath, popped his back, and set down his briefcase before he opened the front door. Even being tired and sore, the smile on his face was genuine as a small four year old came running up to him. Her pigtails swung behind her and the grin on her face rivaled his own.

“Daddy,” the girl cheered as she made a leap into his arms.

He caught her easily and swung her around, trying his best to ignore the pain that flared up in his back from doing so. The girl laughed at the antics, cheering him on to swing her around faster, but in the end, he had to set her down gently.

A shrill whistle cut through the air and Nathaniel looked up to see Candy standing there, her arms crossed in a stern stance. Her eyes shined with mirth and there was a warm smile on her face despite the strict pose.

“Let Daddy rest for a bit,” Candy lightly scolded their daughter, “And then we can all play together, okay?”

“Yes momma,” the girl nodded obediently before running off through the house to go play somewhere else.

Nathaniel’s eyes shined with relief at Candy’s suggestion. While he adored his daughter, rest was something that was much needed at the moment. He shot his wife a thankful smile, but his expression changed into guilt and confusion as he saw the concerned expression on Candy’s face.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, forcing himself to stand a bit straighter to place a chaste kiss on her lips, “Don’t worry.”

Her arms lightly wrapped around his waist as she stared up at him with big, tired, yet loving eyes.

“I’m your wife, it’s my job to worry.”


Candy hummed softly as she cleaned up the kitchen of their two story home. It was a small chore that she planned on completely much sooner, but it seemed impossible when she had a small daughter that was always at her heels. She adored her daughter, but there were times that she wished for a few moments of time to herself. At least Cas is finally back home from his tour, she noted with relief and love.

With him back, their daughter now had a different source of all of her entertainment, thus leaving Candy with more free time to get things done. The kitchen was only the first of the many things she had listed on her To Do list.

A small bang from upstairs drew her attention for a moment, her brows furrowing in confusion before she slowly made her way up the stairs to check. A small sinking feeling in her gut formed and she prayed that nothing was broken. It seemed that every time she left Cas and their daughter alone to play, something always ends up broken – such as the window from their impromptu baseball game in the living room.

She was drawn to the light coming in through the crack of the door of their daughter’s room. She lingered in the doorway, slowly creaking it open to get a better view of what was happening inside.

Castiel sat on the floor of the overly pink bedroom, the remains of a small child chair were scattered around him – his weight was never meant to be put on the small kid’s decorative chair. His hair was swept up in various directions, many clips and barrettes held them there. Glitter was scattered across his cheeks and gleamed in the light. A pink wand hung from his belt.

Their daughter, dressed in a much too large princess dress with fairy wings, laughed hysterically, clutching her sides. The light, innocent laughter made Candy smile as she leaned against the doorway, a loving, fond expression on her face.

“What’s our number one rule,” he asked their daughter, a mischievous smirk graced his lips that matched the gleam in his eyes.

“If something breaks, don’t tell mom,” their daughter recited easily, though her eyes briefly glanced toward the doorway. Upon noticing her mother’s presence, she flushed and shied away with a sheepish smile.

Candy’s smile seemed much more devious as she crossed her arms. Her eyes playfully narrowing at Castiel.

“Really,” Candy mused causing Castiel to freeze at getting caught, “I thought the first rule was to always put up dirty dishes.”


Lysander gracefully danced across their living room with an ease that many could only hope to possess. His arms swept through the air as he spun his wife around playfully before pulling her closer to him, holding her close as the dance slowed. Candy rested her head gently on his chest, a content smile on her face as her eyes shined with love and mirth.

A little tiny clap interrupted the dance, causing them to pull apart slowly to give a small dramatic bow to the small five year old that watched them with awe.

“Me next, me next,” their daughter cheered as she gently pushed her mother away from Lysander so that he may dance with her.

Candy laughed with joy as she humbly stepped away for the two to have room to dance. Lysander couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped his own lips as he reached his hand toward their daughter; the gesture was accepted as the tiny hand grasped a few of his fingers with determination. Her tiny feet stepped onto his feet, allowing him the lead of the dance.

It took a moment for him to adjust to the small weight on his feet, but he recovered quickly with a smile.

“1, 2, 3, and 1,2,3,” he counted off the beats gently and softly as he began to move.

The little girl had a crooked, yet happy smile as she found herself dancing with her father. She looked up at her father with big eyes as they moved them across the floor in a simple, sweet dance. He smiled warmly at her, but never lost count of the beat.

After a beat was established, the number count changed into a soft, baritone voice that sang a sweet, loving tune through the air. He sang of the love that every father cherished with their daughter – a message that his own daughter didn’t understand completely, but it didn’t stop her innocent heart from growing with love and warmth for her both of her parents.


If they had more than two controllers (as their previous third one broke), Candy would have joined them in playing video games. Instead, she opted for simply watching from a spot on the couch. She cheered them on – favoring their son a bit more than Armin.

“You can do it! Beat his butt,” she cheered on their son, clapping and whistling for more encouragement.

Armin shot her a dirty look over his shoulder, causing her to stick out her tongue in return. He quickly turned his attention back to the game, only to see his son far too ahead of him with no chance of catching up. His son passed the finished line and the word Winner Player One flashed across the screen on his son’s side of the screen.

Armin gaped for a brief moment before pushing down any and all frustration. He put an overly dramatic expression on his face – a face he saw Alexy pull more than once.

“Oh no,” Armin cried out, collapsing backward, landing on his back on their floor, “You beat me!”

The sheer excitement from their son as he grinned brightly at them caused any frustration Armin had swallowed down to vanish completely. His expression softened as he playfully took his son in his arms, ruffling his son’s hair with his knuckles.

“You’re not a champion yet, you knucklehead,” Armin teased, “You still have to beat Mom.”

The grin on their boy’s face faltered. Candy grinned impishly,

“Don’t worry I’ll go easy on you… Maybe.”


Kentin grinned at the small breeze that flowed past him – it was refreshing and reminded him why spring was his favorite season. The sun wasn’t too hot and even it was, the breeze did a good job at keeping it cool enough to be bearable. The sky was littered with a few puffy, white clouds. Every flower he saw in the park was in full bloom and smelled sweet.

It was all very refreshing. It was energizing. It was perfect. Especially for a morning picnic with his family. He glanced toward his wife, who glanced at him with tired irritation as she held the hand of their six year old daughter. A picnic basket full of supplies hung from her other hand. She was sitting down at a picnic bench in the shade – their perfect picnic spot that he apparently missed previously. His grin turned sheepish, a flush spreading across his cheeks as he slowed down and headed back for them.

“Sorry, I guess I got a bit too eager,” he apologized with a kiss to her cheek as he set down the supplies that he had been carrying.

He briefly glanced toward her almost noticeable baby bump and his heart swelled at the thought of their future second child. Candy grinned, if a bit tiredly, and gave him a kiss in return.

“Come on sweetie,” Kentin picked up their daughter and swung around, “Why don’t we set the table together so your momma can rest?”    

Candy gave him a thankful smile that made his heart swell before she leaned her head back and shut her eyes, enjoying the comfortable weather with peace. With her eyes shut, she couldn’t see what happened, but she could hear everything.

“Wait,” Kentin cried, “Don’t-”

Her daughter shrieked and she could hear what she just knew where the food containers hit the ground, likely splitting open and spilling the food everywhere.

Candy let out a deep, tired sigh.

Boueibu Puzzle Game Kinshiro Hot Spring Ending

And I finished Kinshiro’s since I can’t get enough of those tsunderes lol

At at the Kusatsu hot spring resort (Hahaha) Yes for those who don’t know, all of the Boueibu boys, including the Student Council’s last names are all famous hot spring resorts in Japan!

Out in the town to check out the local goods!

Now here from what I got, you wanted to go in together (I can’t be too sure since there was no audio) But of course he freaked out in an embarrassed rage saying that it was a big NO! xD

Little Tsundere, still a flustered blushy mess haha 

You of course understood, but who can resist getting him all worked up xD

Back to firm orders and statements!


Surprise surprise, guess who you ran into!

SOOO cute ;u; 

Then we get this romantic stuff thrown at us! I wish I could translate properly …

But something about him lighting up when he sees you >.< (Or when you got it in you light up more then the moon) I wish I could copy and paste the kanji to translate them OTL

Anyway I hope that you guys enjoyed this nonetheless!

Anyone is welcome to translate these, I will send all of the images!

anonymous asked:

HELLO ! I hope you good luck for this new blog. What kind of boyfriend would Ten be ?

  • greaseball alert!!! greaseball alert!!!
  • im jus sayin, ten + romance = more grease than a mcdonalds grill
  • ten fell in love like people fell down unexpected rollercoaster drops: it was hard and fast, and seemingly out of nowhere
  • you guys had been friends for a while, routinely going cafe hopping and then one day it just changed???
  • like he was so surprised; all that happened was that some icing from your cake had gotten on the corner of your lip and all of a sudden he was like:
  • they’re… so…. cute!1!! what!?!?!?!?
  • literally the only thing he could focus on was the rly cute confused expression on your face and the way you kept licking your lips 
  • (lets just say it took a hell of a lot of self-restraint for him to not kiss you right then and there)
  • it didn’t take him long to ask you out after that lOL 
  • he was so nonchalant about it too; 
  • you guys were just chilling on his couch, mAy or MAy not be cuddling, when all of a sudden he looked at you with this expression
  • and tbh you were so confused like??? ten??? water u doin??
  • but then you saw the look in his eyes and you could swear it was like he saw the entire galaxy and stars just within your eyes
  • ndgkaekfjn iT wAS jUSt ;; soooo cUTE
  • anyways…. 
  • most of your dates consisted of really fun and adventurous things! he really loved taking you out to new restaurants or food joints or taking you to theme parks
  • but on those days where he just gets home from practice and is tired all he really loves is holding you in his arms
  • and when he does, you guys are almost always face to face, his nose barely skimming yours and his lips just hovering. his eyes are always closed and you always get a look of his lashes and its just??? chittaphon could you get any more perfect?
  • when he catches you staring, you just can’t help but blush because he always gets this really sweet smile on his face and its just.. the sun seems to shine brighter, all your worries go away, and it becomes glaringly obvious that the most precious thing in the world is right there in front of you
  • sometimes when he’s bored at music stations he’ll send you pics / snapchats of whats going on like how the stylists did his hair or funny pics of the members sleeping bcs they never compare to how cute you are when you sleep
  • whenever you’re around it seems like he just can’t control himself lOL
  • like whether its reaching for something high up, he’s there right away, or even if you guys are walking down the street his hands are automatically interlaced with yours swinging lightly
  • and like everyone around you is just:
  • “acTUaLLY gOAls”
  • and like sometimes when you guys are just lying down together, he likes to think about the future…
  • and you’re just like uMMM wHaT dO yOU MEan FutURE>??
  • and he always just dreams about bringing you home one day and showing him all the things he’s grown to love and misses and how he wishes he could take you there
  • and the entire thing is kinda overwhelming but when he says his next words you’re just dazed
  • “my parents would be proud of me for finding someone so great”
  • !!!!!!!
  • (spoiler alert: his parents are proud)
  • he’s honestly so happy to date someone so wonderful, like whenever someone asks about how you are it’s almost impossible to get him to shut up about you
  • the boy is seriously not afraid of bragging about how great his s/o is
  • lets just say that boyfriend ten would be a rlllllyyyy great boyfriend :-)

heeyyaa guys, admin kay here! hope you like this ;; sorry it was so long, i coulda gone longer but idk if you guys wanted me to TTOTT (maybe ill make a longer vers if i have the time?) our requests are open soo feel free to drop by! also to the anon who requested the jaehyun scenario; i’m working on it so dw  :-) my internet was just down for a while so i got jack shit done… nonetheless enjoy guys!!!

#197: kisses

Mark: His arm slung was around you sloppily yet securely and you wished you could stay in them forever, but you knew that he had to go. You feel him tugging you closer to him, just enough so his mouth was next to your ear. “See you later,” he says, hearing a bit of his smile. Familiar, soft lips meet your cheek, and then him and his voice and his warm arm are gone, and he’s already halfway across the street, waving back at you.

Junior: There’s a bit of light from the bright moon outside peering through the sheer curtains on the windows — it’s just enough light to see him. His hair was a mess and his glasses were on the night stand on top of a book and his shirt was at the bottom of the bed and his eyes were looking into yours. “Go to sleep,” you whisper, even though it was just you two. He smiles, glancing down at your lips then back to your eyes. “Okay,” he says back quietly. “One more thing, though,” he says. And even with just a bit of light you can see his eyes glazing over, then closing slowly as his lips met yours.

JB: He knew it was you, even a crowd of people. You were coming closer, and closer, and with every step he could see the smile on your face growing. He cleared his throat. Had it only been a month? Somehow you looked even better than he remembered… And now he’s running because he couldn’t wait any more to be with you, and you’re running because you felt the same, and now you feel hands on your waist, and now there’s lips on yours and your hands are around his neck. And now he’s letting go, because he needs to see you. “God, I love you,” he breathes.

Jackson: The air is cold but he’s warm, and he’s hugging you so tight right now that you don’t think it’s possible to ever feel cold ever again… so that’s a bit better. Okay, a lot better. The tip of his nose is a little red and his cheeks and flushing pink, but he still holds you as you burry your face into his chest. “Why is the bus so late,” you mumble. You can feel him laughing, so you look up, scrunching up your face as he looks down at you. “It’s not even late,” he says, “You’re just impatient.” You raise your eyebrow, but he kisses them. His lips are still warm.

BamBam: Laughter fills the room as pictures spread across the bed. “You were a just okay baby,” you joke, and he nearly pushes you off the bed. “I was cute,” he protests, “You were just okay, too..” And now it’s your turn to push him off the bed (except this time he actually falls). Pouncing back onto the bed, he scowls at you jokingly as you raise your hands in defense. “This is why you have to be nice,” you say. “Whatever,” he says, laughing. You think he’s going to try and push you off again, but he doesn’t. Instead he grabs your head as you resist, laughing, and he kisses you over and over. “You were the cutest baby,” he says.

Youngjae: You weren’t supposed to be out, but you wanted to see him. The night was a little chilly, but you were warm because your heart was racing. His backpack slung over one shoulder as he leaned against the side of the wall of the convenience store he worked at and just got off of. “Hey,” you say, approaching him. His face lights up. “Hey,” he says. “Did you wait long?” you ask. “Not too long,” he says, but then he laughs, “Maybe a little.” He drop his backpack as he leans his in closer and closer toward yours, and now the wait was suddenly worth it.

Yugyeom: You could see him at the end of the hallway before you even got there. Hands were shoved into his pockets as he leaned against your locker, until he finally saw you coming. The tie was loose on his uniform, like it always was, and you couldn’t help yourself from straightening it for him as you got there. “There’s videos online to show you how to tie a tie properly, you know,” you joke. He scoffs, turning away from you but he can’t for long. “Maybe I just like it better when you fix it,” he says. “Whatever,” you say in a sing-song voice — “There.” He kisses your forehead, and you think that’s all, but now his hands are on your face and he kisses the lips he had been thinking about.

My Romeo (BTS Jungkook Scenario)
jimins–jams said:Oh, Hi ^^ Can you please write a senario where Jungkook is you best friend who has a crush on you and tries to make a move? (BTW, have you watched To The Beautiful You yet? It’s so perf right? ;A;) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! C:okay no words can describe how late this is I’m so sorry omg. nonetheless, I hope this is what you were hoping for! 



“So…homecoming is coming up.” You said as you caught up to your best friend, Jungkook, in the hallway.

“Yup.” He responded, not looking at you. You stared at him, waiting for him to say anything else. “Well…are you gonna ask anyone?” You asked, hoping he would get the hint.

“I don’t think so. I’ll probably just go to your house so we can have a movie night,” he answered, “that is…unless you’re going to ask someone?”

Your eyes widened, “What? U-Uh no…I wasn’t planning on it. In all honesty, I was hoping someone would ask me.” You said, hoping he would get the hint this time. “Really? Who?” He asked, completely oblivious.

You let out a small sigh, “No one. I’ll see you in class.” You said and waved goodbye to him.

– – – – – – –

“And that is how you find x.” Your math teacher concluded. You, along with the rest of the class, were struggling to keep your eyes open. “Since it’s homecoming week, however, I won’t assign any homework.” Your teacher said, before someone walked in. “Did someone say homecoming?” Jungkook’s friend, Taehyung, asked as he walked with Jungkook’s other friend, Jimin, pushing a cart full of goody bags.

“Mister Kim and Mister Park, are you two skipping class again?” Your teacher asked, making the class laugh. Jimin chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, “No sir. We’re here to deliver the homecoming treat bags.” He said as Taehyung held one up. Your teacher eyed them suspiciously. “Alright, go ahead.” He finally said.

The room was soon filled with laughs and giggles as people received treat bags. With none on your desk, you turned to face Jungkook, who was across the room, and made a gagging face at him. He chuckled and pointed at his desk before shrugging, signalling that he didn’t have any bags either.

You giggled silently until you felt someone tap your shoulder. You quickly turned around to see Taehyung, “Here you go! Courtesy of anonymous!” He said as he handed you a treat bag. You held up your hand and shook your head, “Oh no, it’s probably not for me. It must be a mistake.” You said.

Taehyung pursed his lips and furrowed his brows, “Well, you are ____, aren’t you?” He asked. You nodded your head. “Then there’s no mistake here! Enjoy!” He said and quickly walked away to hand out other bags.

You turned to Jungkook and held up the small bag, furrowing your brows. He simply shrugged, and you turned back around, contemplating who would send you a gift.

You noticed a paper heart attached to the curled ribbon. It read:

“Roses are red

Violets are, well, violet.

If you come with me to homecoming,

I’ll be your heart’s pilot!

Okay, that didn’t really make sense at all. Please forget I said that.

But don’t forget I said this: Will you come to homecoming with me? :)”

You giggled at the short yet sweet note. You looked around the room, trying to find anyone who seemed like they had sent you the note, but sadly, you couldn’t find anyone.

– – – – – – –

Once class was dismissed, Jungkook caught up to you as you walked to your locker. “So, did you find out who gave you that treat bag?” He asked. You shook your head with a sigh, “Not yet, but maybe this note will give me a hint.” You said as you gave him the note that was attached to your bag.

“I’ll be your heart’s pilot? What a loser.” Jungkook said as he handed the note back to you. “Oh shut up! I think it’s cute!” You said and walked off to your locker, missing the blush that appeared on Jungkook’s face.

Once you approached your locker, you saw another heart on it, with the letter J written on it. “J? What’s this?” You asked as you took the small heart off of your locker. “Maybe it’s another hint?” Jungkook said. You pouted slightly, “Maybe it is.” You said and put it in your pocket as the bell rang.

“Come on, you don’t wanna be late for third period.” He said and you quickly gathered your books for your next class.

– – – – – – –

As the day went on, you had gathered more and more hearts with letters on them. So far, you had collected the letters  J, U, G, K, and O.

Finally, it was lunch, and you got in line to get your lunch. “Here you go, it was made specifically for you.” The lunch lady said as she handed you a tray. You gave her a curious look, but took your tray. You quickly found your table, where Jungkook was already sitting at.

“Hey.” You said as you sat down. “Hey.” He greeted. You picked up your spoon, about to eat your soup, when you noticed another paper heart on your tray. You picked it up while you put your spoon down, “O.” You said aloud. Jungkook looked up, “What?”

“The heart, it has an O. I’m getting closer and closer to finding out who gave me the treat bag!” You said, excitedly. “Oh yeah? And what are you gonna say when they ask you to ‘be mine’?” He joked. “I’m gonna say ‘of course, my Romeo.’” You laughed.

“Well, what if it’s not the person you want it to be? What if you’re disappointed when you find out who it is?” He asked, somewhat nervously. “Trust me, anyone willing to go through this much trouble just to make me happy, won’t make me disappointed.” You said with a smile.

– – – – – – –

By the end of the day, you had collected the letters:  J, U, N, G, K, O, and O.

“Who could it be? And what order do they even go in?” You said as you walked to your locker, thinking off all the boys in your grade. As you opened your locker, one final heart fell out. You quickly picked it up and saw a K on it, with a small arrow underneath it. You turned the note over and saw a message on the back.

“Now, it seems,

That you’ve found the last letter.

Now gather the hearts,

and put them together!

Once you’ve done that,

and solved the rhyme,

meet me on the roof top,

to (hopefully) be mine!”

Now you were beyond excited. Your secret admirer was waiting for you on the rooftop, whoever he may be.

Without wasting any time trying to put the name together, you ran up the stairs to the roof. Once you finally got there, you couldn’t see anyone. It was only you and the environment club’s plants. “Maybe I read it wrong?” You asked aloud, “But who could it be?” You looked at the heart’s once more. “KookJugn? Is that even a name?” You asked yourself. Then, you heard a small chuckle come from behind you.

“How about Jungkook?” The voice said. You turned around and saw him. Your secret admirer and best friend, Jeon Jungkook. “Jungkook? It was you this whole time?” You asked. He nodded as he walked up to you. “Are you disappointed?” He asked. You shook your head. “Not at all.” You smiled. He smiled back, “Then I have another question.” He said. You nodded.

“Will you be mine?” He asked.

“Of course, my Romeo.” You smiled.